by Michael Topper

from Zelator Website


An extensive and thorough review of a book called "The Montauk Project" written by Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon. The book’s non-fiction story takes off where the ill-fated "Philadelphia Project" ended (which was a top-secret project from the U.S. navy in order to create optical invisibility for their ships).


The Montauk Project’s aim were first revolving around the possibilities of mind control using radar equipment; however, the Montauk Project suddenly delved deeper into the "unknown" realms when they were successfully able to materialize, dematerialize, and even travel through time!


The technology they used is rumored to have alien origin - and the Orion aliens had their own reason why they gave away such a good technology. And indeed, Topper knows their motives and tells you why the aliens gave away their tools! Equip yourself with the most exhaustive book review you’ve seen for a while, and study it’s implications.

This preposterous pig of a world, its farrow that so solid seem/Must vanish on an instant, did the mind but change its theme.
W.B. Yeats


Over the Rainbow (Way Over)

"...The man recognized me, but I had no idea who he was or what he was talking about. I did listen to his story. He said he had been a technician at the base and that he’d been AWOL. He had deserted the project just before the base had been abandoned. He spoke about a big beast appearing and frightening everyone away. He told me a lot about the technical details of the machinery and how things worked. He also said something that was very strange. He told me that he remembered me well. In fact, I had been his boss on the project. Of course, I thought it was pure nonsense." H. G. Wells?

"Six different people said that it had snowed in the middle of August. There were listings of hurricane force winds that came out of nowhere. Thunderstorms, lightning and hail were also reported under unusual circumstances. They would appear when previously there had been no meteorological evidence to expect such." Flash Gordon?

"There were... stories of animals coming into town en masse and sometimes crashing through the windows." Bram Stoker’s Dracula ?

While reading with the kind of compelling fascination that might make one feel in possession of a great movie-script, the above excerpts are actually drawn from the non-fiction book The Montauk Project, Experiment in Time, by Preston B. Nichols (with Peter Moon, appropriately enough - cf. Kiko LP review, this issue). Preston B. Nichols, in the "real time" world people insist - on as a normative reference point despite almost three decades of Carlos Castaneda and Seth - is a self-described "specialist in electromagnetic phenomena" with a degree in electrical engineering who, beginning in 1971, worked for a defense contractor on Long Island.


As he came procedurally to find out, through grant-subsidized studies in the research of psi phenomena and mental telepathy, he was "at the same time" working the technical operations for radio frequencies and transmitter of a top secret project located at Montauk Point on the easternmost end of Long Island.

As the reader progressively discovers along with Nichols’ narrative sleuthing, this project was launched with the prodigious task of making decisive experiments in time-travel, mind control and apport/materializations! It was conducted during a period from 1971 to 1983, and Nichols came to the project in 1973.


Its point-of-departure was an exhaustive investigation into the secrets of the electromagnetic "bottle" effect generated during the ill-fated 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, in which a specially rigged ship and crew attempting to achieve radar invisibility in an autonomous envelope of coils and generators, actually disappeared for a disconcerting interval from their own harbor, and upon reappearing exhibited not only mysterious physical damage but, more incredibly, a strange "displacement" in the time-locks of the crew members which found some fading in and out of visibility, some actually embedded in the steel bulwarks, and some smoldering in a kind of slow-burning fire of flesh!

The initial "problem" was discovered to be that of a disjunction between the "spirit" or "soul" and the body of the living subject, the "essential" being having an independent electromagnetic or energy-composition distinct from that of the physical time EM frame-of-reference, which becomes coupled to that reference through birth (this indeed comprises a description of what "birth" is).

Thus did the military and U.S. intelligence become secretly introduced to the metaphysics of reality so that, unbeknownst to the general public (actually conditioned to block such recognition) the government or significant "classified" portions thereof from ’43 on had set up shop in the Spirituality Business.

The Montauk Project was not Congress approved. Its actual instigators were a "mystery" although CIA/NSA influence seemed integral; the military had been persuaded to participate and extend its facilities (the abandoned base with its coveted Sage radar antenna) because of the tremendous potentials involved in the possible achievement of mind control. Financing for the project was ultimately traced to the 50 billion dollar nazi gold shipment that disappeared in transport through France during a troop-train explosion in ’44, famously investigated by General George Patton; and to ITT through control of the Krupp family, late of WW’s I and II for which the Krupp ownership of German munitions factories brought a Nuremberg "censure", and release on their own recognizance.


The Sage Gets the Chair (As Usual)

Using a 425 to 450 MegaHertz frequency as radiosonde "window" into the mind, psycho-actively enhanced by pulse-modulated frequency hopping with variable mixes and timings, the Montauk experimentors collected an enormous data-base on mental and emotional patterns, experimentally verified in their ability to entrain human psychic functioning by actually turning the transmitter on unsuspecting personnel stationed at the base, or on the vicinity’s civilian population.

This period of experimentation accounts also for the peculiar influence which compelled the environment’s animal population to converge en masse upon the Montauk streets, as well as for odd fluxes in the area’s crime rate during the designated interval.

During the early/mid-period of the ’70s the Sage transmitter was hooked up to the Montauk Chair, basically a mind-reading machine developed from ITT sensor technology of the ’50s, and allegedly expedited by alien technological input from the Sirius star system. The Chair consisted of sets of pickup coils pyramidally distributed, which transmitted the EM signature of the seated subject into three corresponding radio receivers (the latter eventually redesigned to be fitted with Tesla "Delta Time" coil structures in order to insulate the energy-field from unwanted feedback disturbance-with attendant "time-glitches"-front the broadcast antenna; and the former eventually made as special phase-integrated Helmholtz coils, generating a constant internal field without external effect to similarly shield the apparatus from EM echo).

The Delta-T receivers were provided with outputs from an independent sideband detector, equipped with oscillator and floating carrier reference system. In sideband-oscillation above and below the carrier signal, the detectors would lock on to a signal from the subject which was not itself a carrier wave but became identified as a phantom or "etheric" noise-peak common to the sets of frequencies picked up from the pyramidal coils by the tuned receivers. Such discharge discriminated changing thought-signals from the human aura, as Nichols describes it, and this information was fed into a Cray 1 computer through a digital converter. Eventually, digitally coded "interior monologues" of the subject’s thought-patterns as well as 3-dimensional audio-visual representations could be printed-out. The Cray 1 computer was interfaced with an IBM 360 computer, which was in turn interfaced with the Montauk transmitter in order to regulate the Sage’s frequency-hopping modulations. This adapted the receiving system coding psychic patterns generated by the seated subject, into a transmitting system.

A person "brought in" at this point according to Nichols, usable for his acquired expertise in the metaphysical ramifications of human/transmitter interface and employed specifically to link operations between the Cray and IBM 360, was Al Bielek. The chief subject employed by the Montauk experiment to generate select thought-forms amplified and broadcast out the Sage transmitter, was Duncan Cameron.

These names may be familiar by now to those with reading interest in the general UFO field, or who attend the UFO expo/lecture circuit. T-Bird readers may recall (Vol. 2, No. 3, "T-Bird Meets the Phoenix") that the abrupt surfacing of Mr. Bielek at the 1990 Beckley Space-alien Conference was cited as one of the chief reasons for drawing the Southern Crown adepts and T-Bird Parents AAA and MT, into attendance there. Mr. Bielek and Mr. Cameron were purportedly naval control-room operators on the Eldridge during the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment. Their respective stories, dovetailing with that of Preston Nichols and indeed supplying mutual pieces to the fractionated puzzle of teleportation and time-warping, confirm that they were -at the time- the Cameron brothers, Duncan and Edward. The story of how Edward Cameron became Al Bielek, and both came to be displaced in chronological age from either of those personalities, is the bizarre and often doubted story of the Philadelphia Experiment itself.

The metaphysical thread linking the Camerons to the present story of mind control at the Montauk Phoenix Project, contains within it the secret purpose of the whole experiment not-necessarily-even known in all its ramifications to its efficient instigators at that time.

The EM "bottle" created by the Eldridge, generated a spatiotemporal displacement. It opened up a hole in space-time. Similar to the "fictionalized" portrayal in the movie The Philadelphia Experiment, the Cameron brothers were shielded by steel bulkheads in the generator room, from the radio-frequency traumas experienced by the on-deck crew. Unable to turn off the equipment (unbeknownst to them, it was locked in to the generator equipment at Montauk, on the other end of an artificially closed time-loop from ’43 to ’83) the Cameron brothers jumped overboard, landing in hyperspace rather than the waters of either the Philadelphia Naval Yard or Norfolk to which the EIdridge itself had been displaced. Through hyperspace they were summarily sucked down a time-tunnel and netted "immediately" at the other end of the space-time loop at Montauk where, in the instantaneous forty year interval the Project Rainbow of the Philadelphia Experiment had metamorphosed into the Phoenix Project, of enormous metaphysical ambition.

And how were the Cameron brothers caught in this spatiotemporal anastomosis? They were snared through an addition to that very psychic transmissions-system on which we last left brothers Al and Duncan separately working!


Be Now Here, Be Now here, Be Nowhere...

In experimenting with thought-form projection certain stabilizing processes were established making the effects, influences and materializations more reliable and steadily focused. A technique identified as Reichian, and very parallel certain tantrik or sexo-magickal formulae of Western occultism known as comatose lucidity or the Death Posture, was introduced to distract Duncan’s fluxing rational mind with prolonged pre-orgastic intensities temporarily liberating the trance-concentrated "primitive" (or atavistic) strata of the subconscious sensitive to inculcated impressions, commands or programs, and able to absorb as well as reflect them much more completely. With the greater efficacy in mind-control broadcasts and psychic materializations came more acute and consequential problems in any slippage from precision-timing or focus. "Glitches" arose, in which effects would pop up at times and places that varied from the specified times and places, and this could have serious repercussion.

One reason discovered for this contretemps, was Duncan Cameron’s "secret" background as the hyperspatial timetraveler from the Eldridge of 1943, who owing to the event had been sensitized to zero-time (or the common reference point through which all space-time fields and universes coincide, and from which they revolvingly polarize). This connection to the wildcard variable of zero-time was identified as a potential boon, if that factor could be brought under control. And indeed it was, by introducing the Orion Delta T antenna, a large octahedronal device installed underground beneath the Montauk Chair establishing a null-point of zero-interference for the Chair between it and the RF antenna above. (The device was called an Orion antenna owing to its rumored origin.)

The Delta-T antenna was driven by amplitron pulse modulators of the existing transmitters, and an audio amplifier white-noise source that correlated the frequency oscillations of the entire setup; this latter feature was important since white-noise amplitude-modulation of the oscillators made the etheric components coherent. Coupled to the other "new" feature, the Tesla-designed zero-time generator which phase-adjusted the white-noise amplifier and computer-synchronized/digitally-fed timing functions, it was now possible to generate a stable psychic portal opening operative wormholes in time from one point to another through Duncan’s concentration on a target date. The discovered natural 20 year biorhythms of the Earth were used as reference integrals, and indeed the 1943 Philadelphia-experiment date was recognized as no accident but the upshot of an influence carefully seeded at the time from space-alien sources with their own agendas.

In this way a time-tunnel vortex could be opened directly through the Delta-T antenna; the ’43, ’63, ’83 intervals generated the master vortices through which subvortexial time-tangents could be sprouted like secondary shoots off the main branch.

The coherent transmission-system properly calibrated to time phase was operative by 1979 (a date having significance with respect to the Southern Crown teaching altogether, as do the other dates associated with the Phoenix Project-a curious circumstance we’ll return to). The time-tunnel process was subsequently used to project teams (as well as occasional shanghaied derelicts and kidnapped children) to times and places from ’43 to the extreme limit of 10,000 A.D. (this figure is derived from an interview in Matrix III with an "anonymous" source easily identified as Duncan Cameron). Using the optimum master-vortex target date of August ’83, and shielding the ’83-version Duncan from any paradoxicalty-calamitous encounter with his oncoming ’43 version self, the hyperspatial coupling between Project Rainbow and the Phoenix Project was made. Edward and Duncan Cameron were "netted" at ’83 Montauk, sent back to forcibly smash the Eldridge equipment to prevent possible time-space gobbling of Earth by a runaway vortex lockup, then separated for a several-decades interim as Edward remained in ’43, Duncan jumped overboard again returning to ’83.

Edward was employed for a time in sensitive government research projects, then-for apparent "security" reasons-was forcibly regressed through alien technology by displacing his own coordinate timelocks, reduced to infancy with potential memory intact, and placed into a properly brainwashed family as "their own" child. Off and on up to the Phoenix Project, as he "grew up again", he was "used" by strategically placed operatives (functioning surreptitiously at points in the timewarp webwork) in retrieval of that subliminal expertise stored away in his condensed nucleic memory-codes, shunted onto time-tunnel sidetracks for various purposes and then folded back to within a near seamless millimeter on the time-tangent from which he’d been borrowed-Owing to fatally-rapid aging from time-travel displacement of his time-locks, Duncan had to be soul-transferred to another body "prepared" in 1951 with cooperation of his own father! (apparently privy to certain of these anomalies owing to Intelligence-connections) and took up incarnation therein circa 1963-displacing whatever "soul" had obligingly inhabited the Cameron-vehicle meanwhile.


Tricking the Time-tenses, Orion Style

Now - does all of this sound properly preposterous? Why has Monty taken you through this - virtually exhaustive - recapitulation of the event-outline detailed in the Montauk Project? Surely, so as to give the readership some of the real flavor of exactly how preposterous-sounding the whole Bielek/Cameron/Duncan/Nichols spiel actually is when laid out in full-convoluted splendor. How disconcerting it must certainly be, then, when Monty in the very next moment assures the readership that SC adepts AAA and MT have independent reason to accept the whole Rainbow/Phoenix story as essentially true!


One would think that a complex time-shuffling and alternative coordinate-lockup of eras and events would fall within the realm-of-notice of someone outside these main high-profile propagators of the basic tale-and in fact, that happens to be the case. Although, as we all ought to know from our new-age-alternative-readers, a shift from one time track to an alternative probable time track isn’t necessarily noticeable owing to the simultaneous adjustment of major mnemonic references and corroborative details, one might certainly suspect that those functioning on a higher-dimensional alignment of initiated faculties and perceptions would register some impression of the subtle discrepancy.


It’s for this reason that AAA and MT traveled to the seminal 1990 Space-alien Convention in Phoenix to interview the likes of Al Bielek and Betty Andreasson in the first place. And especially in the case of Mr. Bielek, it was already perceived that here would be a helpful repository of many relevant details pertaining to that overall Strange Displacement through which the adepts had been functioning - it was not necessarily appreciated at the time just how many additional kinks in the space-time fabric would be forced out of that fateful, face-to-face meeting! - but then, that’s a whole other "book review", hmmm?

Suffice to say that Southern Crown adepts AAA and MT have been, by virtue of their spiritual Function, subtly synchronized through many key features of their own initiatory saga with the specific dates and governing symbol-typologies belonging to contrapuntal processes of the Phoenix/Rainbow projects paralleling, on another level, the great Events of the Conscious Process (indeed with which those processes interact, as smaller secondary ratchet-systems in a gigantic Timekeeping device of incalculably-large/interlocking Wheels).

With this expressed, the reader who may previously have approached such Bielek-type material with interest but some trepidation as to what or how much (if any) of it should be accepted, yet who has some respect for the T-Bird/Southern Crown teaching or at least an increased confidence in additional corroboration, may now approach such matter as is presented in the Montauk Project with keener interest-level and less ambiguity so as to absorb more of the actual sense of what’s contained there. Distractors who mock the "nonsense" of the material or who might occasionally be found calling Bielek "a liar", are simply unqualified to judge the subject, haven’t sufficient background even to be suitably "intrigued" by the very plausible and complexly-interrelated explanations given both scientific and metaphysical principles by the parties concerned. Such souls must be left to their own remedial growth, amongst the snails and slugs in the outer garden.

Now however, having gathered together a sufficiently "open" cluster of curiosity-seekers on this time-warp expedition, we may profitably ask "for what reason was this time-tunnel hookup-loop between ’83 Montauk and the ’43 Eldridge invisibility-experiment made?" The ultimate ulterior purpose, as Nichols suggests in the book, seems to belong to negative "UFO" beings of Orion origin whose full intent may have been masked from nearly all the actual participants working through their own respective agendas.

"...Not only was an alternate time loop created but that this loop enabled a vast influx of alien UFOs to come to this planet. UFOs have always been around, but there is no denying the sudden frequency of reports in the 1940s"

(p. 151, The Montauk Project).

Independent corroboration of an alien presence surreptitiously associated with Project Rainbow may be found in the Wurlitzer-authored Philadelphia Experiment, wherein interviewed survivors recall a foggy limbo-like state while in hyperspace suspension, through the mists of which alien beings appeared of description suspiciously-familiar to later contacteé/abductee reports.

Yet, we’ve heard this "explanation" given frequently-enough in the many interviews with the parties involved (chiefly as printed or reprinted in the Matrix volumes); there is some clarification given as to why such an artificial timeloop, efficiently generated at the human end of it (though psychically-influenced from "outside", perhaps) had to be created in order for UFO-beings to "enter" in large quantities, in the consideration involving density levels of being.


The hierarchies of both positively-polarized and negatively-polarized density levels above the admixed prepschool-level of 3rd density, functioning on the effective energy-relationships of Psychic law valuing conservation of the free-will variable in either the "tricked" or knowledgeably-informed sense, have been historically "screened" from direct-disproportionate influence on the evolving Earth-psyche - no matter how malevolently or benignly motivated - by a strategic planetary energy-grid established expressly for the purpose of keeping the planes separate, so that any transdimensional relationships or links overtly established must be by explicit or implicit invitation of Earth-planetary consciousness; requirements for higher-dimensional knowledge in conducting "invisibility" and "timetravel" experiments generate just such implicit or explicit kinds of invitation, and the linkages are secured according to overall compatibility-of-disposition between the earthside implorer-scout and the positive or negative density-hierarchies technically able to respond.

This explanation is offered in one form or another, when the question arises as to why a timeloop seems to have been required for the incursion of higher density negative forces; such an artificial warping of the probability-timeline generates distortions in the enveloping EM protection-grid of the planet, since the energies of that grid are composed of the units out of which regulatory time-tensors and standardized spatiotemporal patterns are polarized; in this way an initial small and locally-confined invitation can be parlayed by negative predatory powers into an increasingly large and unrestricted ingress, a kind of "hole" in the fine meshwork of the space-time grid that can be continuously enlarged with the addition of sideloops or ancillary spacetime manifolds grafted to the initial time-loop distortion.


Yet this "explanation" only partially answers the question as to why the negative Orion minions would wish to enter into more direct influential relationship through a time-distortion as opposed to the many other modes, previously catalogued here and elsewhere, which similarly disrupt the planetary protection-grid by disturbing the underlying sea of primary scalar (or time/space) units with nuclear radiation, eloptic energy-tampering etc.

Though the correct answer for this has never been approached by any of the extant commentators on the subject, leaving them with many unnoticed anomalies and not a few internal contradictions upon which the skeptics all-too-readily prey, ol’ Monty sees by the sands in the hourglass that Time is just about up for any answers from the classroom; therefore the SC adeptship, courtesy of your present pixilated book-reviewer, shall read the proper pixels from the granulated computer-screen and inscribe the actual answer in those piling sands at the bottom of the glass.

There they may be read, by who or whatever remains.


I Am That I’m-probable

The purpose of using a timeloop in order to more closely approach interaction with invitational Earth-consciousness, has to do with our very Back-to-the-Future theme; the specific use of a time-loop involves the requirement for changing the overall potential of the timeline, by altering certain circumstances "naturally" occurring in the chronology of that line thereby forcing a mutual adjustment and realignment of events across the whole span of the given timeloop - in this case, from ’43 to the furthest "window" upon futuretime the experimenters opened-out, and walked through.


As Nichols correctly explains it:

"...the past and future can be changed."


"It will help to consider the idea of a chessboard [cf. MT’s explanations in the "Crack of Doom" article, also using the chessboard analogy without reference to this present text at all]. In chess, there might be thirty moves in a game. Each one of these moves will create a different layout of the chessboard. If one were to ’go back in time’ and change a move that had been made, it would consequently change all the other board layouts subsequent to that change."


"When someone is able to manipulate a change in time, they are also manipulating our subconscious considerations and experiences. Therefore, if time is changed, one wouldn’t necessarily realize it."

Here we must interject a supplemental explanation about probability-potentials and timelines, chiefly in clarification of a certain amount of mud generated by recent misinformation of a source sufficiently-read by a joint readership to necessitate sweeping the ground before continuing.


No need to name the source; the window for its typical misperceptions has been discussed enough-times in this paper ere now, that citing by name would serve no further purpose; suffice to say its habitual rationale for getting things manifestly wrong within the range of the aforesaid window hangs on the sad little channeler’s thesis about fatigued receivers and tired tunings.


Any "information" the reader may have read, however, of the type which self-contradictorily asserts that an entity from the power-point of present-time can steer the direction of the future yet an entity "returning" to a sensitive point in the timeline’s "past" can’t change the "future" of that line in any substantial way affecting the "society or historical culture" en masse, since that "history line has already been written" by the party of the first part, can only be considered "information" advanced along a very knotted line of communication.


While the time elements of all individual and collective components along a given probability trajectory are "quantized" so that changing an individual’s "past" to affect his "future" doesn’t necessarily modify the line as a whole for all others (in the manner suggested by the beating butterfly-wing hypothesis in chaos theory), nonetheless the butterfly effect is always potentially operative; the critical factor has always to do with the specific crunching-power in the focusing of energy bearing "new" information upon the time-point chosen as the Archimedes fulcrum, and has nothing to do with whether-from any given "now" perspective-that history is "already written".

This latter consideration similarly has to do with the "quantization" of time; any present action, generating currents of probability that align events of a "future" point, pivots in a sea of probability-potential through which innumerable switches in alignment are constantly possible, and indeed enacted, owing to the inherent non-finality in the organization of variable event manifolds. Only the strength of the given probability-stream (its ratio of probability, in physics terms) establishes its net "status" in the sifting-out of overall developments within a density framework.


The importance is the net tensile strength of the given probability, not its alleged exclusivity or preemptive finalism; this should only be apparent to a modicum of reasoning on the subject.

Let the average reader immerse himself, or dive back again, into the corpus of the Seth material - any grasp of the general principles there will surely prevent the kinds of frequent errors in both elementary probability-logic and deeper deduction constantly surfacing from latter day "channeled" sources which seem ill-versed in the rudiments of 3rd-stage reasoning, let alone "higher dimensional" concerns.

How difficult is it to perceive that the "written history" of our present is only provisionally so? since, if we were to return to a former time point in the "past" of that history we would be ipso fact at a now point as pivotally-elastic as the now-point of the personalities organically integrated to that juncture of time; if that "already written history" of our "present" spreads out before such personalities, from their now-point, as a sea of probability-variables synthetically subject to the direction they presently impart, then our time-traveling self returned to that "past" now-point would occupy the same void-variable juncture they did, having efficacy from precisely the same "distance" (where the "written history" of our "present", so apparently crystallized and irrevocable, exists as fluxing probability-waves "still" subject to modification and alternative linkages gauged from the distance-interval of the respective time-points).

Again, we return to the idea cited above, which is not to be found in any other materials including those of Seth or Ra etc., yet which is eminently compatible with the philosophies expressed in both and represents an advance teaching-extension of each: the idea that,

"only the strength of the given probability-stream (its ratio of probability) establishes its net ’status’ in the sifting-out of overall developments within a density framework."

It is precisely this net strength in the sifting-out of overall developments within a density framework that is ultimately significant to the soul-entity; for according to the net-strength of the probability fields in overall density-development at the convergence-time where such weighing takes place, the soul-entity associated by lock-in/incarnative identification with such fields throws the balance of its destiny, as determined in those rounds.


An Underfinanced Mass-Transit System

This is critically important to an understanding of the otherwise perplexing prospect of "probability-development".


While the field of a given density as a whole may be viewed as a boundless but finite loop wherein all the probability-variables contributing to provisional, relative "time-lines" in that loop constantly shift and adjust through simultaneous realignments, mutually modifying all comparative "pasts", "presents" and "futures", the soul-entity focused into that probability field as a projection of "reincarnative" identification-facets undergoes a process of actual development. Incessant mutual modification within the framework of a loop doesn’t seem in itself to "go anywhere"; this is why the soul or consciousness-unit, while apparently projected in faceted distribution about the loop as a simultaneous rainbow-diffraction of incarnative selves, subjectively experiences the process as a temporal sequence with "past lives", "present identities" and "future probable selves".


Through stylized filter of such an owpattern, the soul may seem to progress around the loop according to the general alignment of directional arrows given by the polarized time-units. The internal space of the loop, saturated with probability-variables, may appear to flux in aimlessly incessant shuffling of overall components like the rattling of a cistern; but those same fluctuations and mutual "temporalized" modifications organize themselves with respect to the superposed soul-pattern, in a kind of purposive linear convergence the net resultant of which is focused toward a particular series of transition personalities in the "incarnational flowline".

Those transition-personalities represent the progressive integrations which are (ideally) made with respect to the overall mind-body harmony of the soul-unit; they come into progressively clearer focus, through the overall pattern, as the soul shifts its beam of concern from one probability-complex in the development of a personality expression to another, this single-focus intensity manifesting within the framework of the probability loop as the one-at-a-time linear sequence or temporal progression from a single incarnative event to another. Thus as the soul unit focuses into physical expression it lives "one-at-a-time" the multitude of probable selves shed all at once over the given density field, by its greater Aspect-self, as a burst of creative potential "in the Beginning" suggesting all the ramifications to which that Aspect could be adapted and its fullness increased, or drawn forward, according to the unique quality of the probability-medium.

Thus though the field as a whole may seem to flux in probable time-signatures without end, it comes to a progressive culmination as far as the projective soul-entity focusing into that field is concerned. According to the net-resultant in the ratio of probability-intensity collected through the locus of the critical transition-personality, that overall soul-potential has the opportunity (or not) of making a qualitative shift in alignment.


This qualitative shift in alignment is vertical, or mutually perpendicular, to the dimensions in which the given (3rd stage) density-medium conjugates. Thus, according to the net ratio in the probability intensities converging upon the key transition-personality at the moment overall soul-focus from the Aspect self lights up the now-point of the personality’s probability-complex, that soul* may realize a type of permanent value-amplification.


*Or nuclear self, in Jane Roberts’ helpful probability-terminology

The permanence of such value-amplification, as qualitative acceleration of the soul-potential, is the actual fixed magnitude that may ultimately be derived from the fluxing field of probability-events, for which a frozen-indelible "history-line" is only the displaced reflection of that principle cast on the shadow-wall of the 3rd stage medium itself. Such a value-amplification at this juncture may resolve itself in a permanent shift of focus away from the 3rd density probability-field, where mutual spatiotemporal modifications involving the various probable/incarnational personalities goes on "forever".

According to the net ratio of probability intensities characterizing the overall "way" in which the soul-entity sifts out through convergence-locus of the Transition personality (summing all which the mutual modifications of the 3rd density field amount to), the reincarnational soul-entity may polarize to a higher-density framework (4th, 5th or even 6th depending on aggregate quality of alignments at this juncture). It may polarize to positive higher density framework or it may polarize to negative higher density framework or, if the overall net ratio of probability intensity is insufficient in either direction, the soul-entity may have to "jump off’ from its probable transition-personality to another 3rd density field for remedial work in another overall set of probability variables karmically resonant with the former field.

What is true of the "individual" Transition personality and its informing soul-unit, is true of the collective. At a transition-juncture in which the whole 3rd density field is scheduled, through factors of cosmic timing, to make a 4th density transition, there are two probability-currents to be taken into account, interrelated but distinct. The overall probability-value or ratio-of-intensity for the field as a whole is the determinant, through focus of the transition-juncture, as to whether the field will polarize 4th density positive, 4th density negative or fail to so polarize altogether (in which case it generally self-destructs, or is left barren as an "uninhabitable" matrix). There is the related but independent variable of. personal probability, or ratio-of-intensity, for the given soul alignment (i.e. whether "you" personally are functioning through a sufficient intensity of integrative ratios in your probability-fields to warrant polarization positive or negative, or no polarization at all).

Generally, the statistical "average" in the (possible) transition personalities coupled to the event-moment of density transition, depends deeply on the aggregate value or ratio-of-intensity characterizing the overall field at that point. As the field goes, so they go.

Few are of sufficient development to transcend the aggregate influence of the field’s probability-value. And not all during that time-period can be considered even potential transition-personalities.

This has direct bearing on the hidden purpose for higher-density negative incursion through generation of an artificial time-loop, tampering with the probability streams of that anastomosed period between ’43 and a point in the remote "future".


Some (Alternative) Day Over the Rainbow...

In order to understand this more clearly, let’s look at the initial date of the timeloop’s origin: 1943. This is close to, but before, the official close of World War II. Let us consider something now which is specifically mentioned in the Montauk Project itself: it has been estimated by qualified insider-sources that, had "the war" proceeded another thirty days, the Germans would have been able to implement advanced technologies long in development making a reverse outcome highly probable.


As the "anonymous interviewee" states in the Cameron-style dialogue reprinted from the Sovereign Scribe (Matrix III):

"The parallel time stream also exists where the Germans overtly won the second world war."

Herein is an explanation never before given, which distills Initiated Wisdom on the subject and weaves together several clues previously salted through these T-Bird pages.

In order to grasp this explanation (having to do with a field relatively abstruse to the general readership and so complexly-subtle in its ramifications that ostensibly "higher-dimensional" agencies often seem hopelessly to tangle in their own explanatory cords) let’s return again to the important idea that, in the overall density-picture, it’s the net ratio in the sifted upshot of probability-intensities which ultimately weighs upon the disposition of the density as a whole through its convergent transition-juncture, and upon the individuated soul-units-participating in the fields of that incarnational framework-through their transition-personalities.


In this light we may submit that the initial intensity-value in the ratio of probabilities clustering around the outcome of WWII, was highly in favor of Allied victory despite the objective, thirty-day differential cited above; this is owing to the fact that, as we’ve indicated in "Revenge of the Fake Quakes", T-Bird Vol. 3, No. 2, the positive Spiritual Hierarchy had for the first time in history thrown its Influence behind a specific party in the field of contention due to the perceived participation of Negative-hierarchy influence concertedly behind the Axis powers.

With such polarized participation, outcome of the overt confrontation necessarily weighed much more favorably on the side of the Allies/positive Spiritual Hierarchy, since that Hierarchy aligns with Whole-values of the higher-densities much less ambiguously, and without the entropic internal contradiction characterizing the Negative spiritual hierarchy.

But the latter works best and scores its greatest successes anyway by indirect or surreptitious means, a mode which by its very nature tends to be obscured from either direct scrutiny or accurate appraisal by the Positive Hierarchy. Thus if the initial ratio of probabilities pans out 75/25 in favor of "the Allies" (backed by the positive Hierarchy), the resultant Influence focused toward the density transition-period of 2011-13 favors positive planetary-polarization by a large margin.


If the negative Hierarchy is going to do anything about that, it is going to have to change the odds, utilizing everything it knows about crossing timelines, amplifying and diminishing the energies injected into given timeperiods (cf. article on the transformation-covariance of Energy and Time ["Coupling of Parallel Universes"] page 0371-A of "Matrix III" wherein a rather rare exposition of that arcane relationship is given, dovetailing with the T-Bird/Mother Terasu explanation of the same principle in terms of metaphysical values and origins, page 0538-B-6, same volume).

Keeping this in mind, let’s return to a few years after Armistice, 1947. From our present, recently "informed" position, we "know" that the Four Corners weather-balloon crashes at Aztec and Roswell New Mexico were "really" coverup UFO crashes, and that this period inaugurated an intensified if covert interrelation between various spacealien presences and black-project programs of the shadow government.


We "know" from our perspective that, for instance, all the rash of ’50s Sci-Fi movies wasn’t just a fad of fanciful futurism, but reflected the hidden relationships that were actually congealing during that timeperiod including the Eisenhower meeting with alien ambassadors at Holloman etc. We "know" that all of our aggressively middleclass conditioning during the interval between ’47 and now, was an intentional smokescreen meant to mask progressive alien abductions of the population, the tensions and fluxing fortunes in an escalating power-alignment between Intelligence, Military and UFO personnel with concomitant underground buildup of space-alien presences etc.

We "know" that there is a considerable post-war nazi overtone to these furtive proceedings owing to the outsize presence of expatriate Germans in U.S. Intelligence, banking and industry positions.


We "know" all this now, in combing the ragged ridges of evidence in retrospect, fitting them together through gargantuan research-help of such agencies as Nevada Aerial Research Group (Leading Edge) etc., and perceiving how our restructured picture coincides so perfectly and with such timeliness to current/emerging events, just in sync for us to be able to catch them as if on cue. - e.g. the NASA-released (but officially-abjured!) satellite videotapes surfacing on Sighlings, Hard Copy etc. showing a UFO hovering over Earth being fired on by a beam-source from below...


Didn’t They Forget To Give an Armsignal?

We know all these things now... But let’s have a little "fun", shall we? Let’s play "what if." What if, in returning to the Aztec/Roswell of 1947 we thought we knew, we discovered that, at the time and along the time arc we were traveling, the point-incident in question was actually the crash of a weather-balloon, mistaken by some for a "UFO". Forget temporarily that now, circa late ’SOs-early ’90s, surviving family members of military eyewitnesses testify to the presence of crashed saucers and alien bodies.


Let’s say "what if the original timeline on which the point-event occurred, carried off the point-event as a simple case of mistaken identity. Let’s say, furthermore, "what if all the UFO movies of the ’50s etc. were just speculative science fiction, drawing perhaps through dreaming of the collective unconscious upon alternative realities, conditions existing in closer congruence to the "fictive" form through probable timelines that weren’t really being lived by us, by Ike, by the scriptwriters, the actors etc. on our timeline...

Let’s say "what if the intensified antigravity and time-travel work being done relatively above-ground in the ’50s and wholly in covert form thereafter, had not really been done or at least carried out so extensively as we "know" now it was, on the initial timeline...

Huh? Then what happened? You mean, Monty, all this spacealien/nazi/secret government/UFO/New World Order stuff hasn’t really happened?

No, Monty means that yes it has "really" happened. As far as we’re concerned at our present place and time it has happened. But-consider the roadsign for merging traffic lanes: first we see two parallel lines, one of which moves closer to or seems to be "drawn toward" the other, until they blend into a single line. The line which was bent into conformance with the other, may still be traced as a parallel straightline from that convergence-point in our imagination.


But its imagined continued trajectory will have much less reality for us than the perceived "event" of the sign where the one merges into reinforcement of the straightline trajectory of the other as a single continuous "traffic lane". This, we may say, is what happened in the case of our present consideration of probable timelines; for, as the Duncan-like anonymous Source in the Matrix/Sovereign Scribe interview declares, "They did succeed in changing the past".

That is, by influencing the free-will variable of Earth-scientists and intelligence personnel over the time-span between 1933 (a resonance sub-harmonic or branch-projection from the key timeloop of major planetary biorhythms, counted in twenty year intervals from ’43) and 1983, the higher-density Orion Empire was able to establish a critical time-stress bending the "initial" timeline into closer congruence with an alternative probable timeline based upon a harmonic interval nearer the "reality" in which the Germans won WWII!

If the "initial" timeline, the "safe insular" timeline we always thought we knew but have recently been disabused of, represents the more balanced/benign post-War reality planned by the Positive Hierarchy, to lead (along its high-probability trajectory) toward the Millennium of 4th density transition, then the timeline upon which we ride now - whereon we’re disabused of the "misleading" official memory of those earlier years - is a timewarp onto a trajectory un-planned by the Hierarchy and progressively unlike Its positive-optimum design.


This current trajectory resonates to a much deeper affinity with the probability-stream, still a few lateral jumps away, upon which the Nazis achieved WWII victory (isn’t it curious how a recent "fiction" book reviewed in Time, deals with speculation on exactly this "what if" theme, as if to indicate via the mass-unconscious that we’re growing closer toward mergence with that probability-loop?).

Therefore we might see what the real difference is, entering upon Earth-events in "ordinary" present-time through the planetary envelope suitably shredded by scalar/atomic means, and coming in the "side door" through an induced distortion in time. The (largely) negative UFO minions have entered in this side door then, not so much from their origination-point in outer space but from their probable temporal victory and consequent overt Earth-alliance with the Nazis of WWII. They skip over to us on the artificial timeloop from an Earth staging zone.


They beam in upon and consequently warp our initial timeline (taking its point-of-departure from Positive-hierarchy/Allied victory) from a parallel probability-field where they are already far into the establishment of Negative Empire on a solid Earth base, toward 4th density transition.

Let’s also say that the two master probability timelines, our "initial" one and the "WWII/Nazi victory" one, are too far apart in qualitative polarization to effect the imperceptible warp of the one directly into the other; let’s say it’s "as if the original parallel lanes on the 'merging traffic' sign were separated by several parallel dotted lines representing intervening transition-lanes."


So also there is a gradation of intervening probability-lines between the harshly contrasted master timelines, so that the bending of one into overlapping congruence or indistinguishable mergence with the other must be accomplished in stages, just as, in "merging far left", you must carefully cut across all intervening lanes occupying each in turn.

This is what’s happening now. There’s a "struggle" between the Negative hierarchy and the revised outlook of the Positive Hierarchy, as to whether successive ancillary sub-loops on the initial Phoenix/Montauk timeloop will draw our "present" position closer toward the ultimate Negative probability, in which fascist totalitarianism dominates the planet polarizing it 4th density negative, or whether the induced time-jumps accomplished during this last interval will draw our "present" position back into closer conformance with the initial, Promising point-of-departure toward a Positive future (higher density) outcome.

For, as of now, the merging of the initial timeline (promising 75% toward positive polarization/alignment) into a probability stream closer in quality-congruence with the negative master time-stream, draws the latter into a revised ratio of probability-intensity leaning much more in its favor; our "initial" time-stream exists now like the fading dotted-line that might be drawn in the imagination as a hypothetical straight-line continuation of the lane which, by visible depiction, is bent and blended indistinguishably into the merging-lane.

Thus the Orion time-benders draw probability - loops together, toward the Negative - biased direction, like the twining of strands of string. With each successive collection or "gathering" of the next-adjacent strand of the probability-timelines, the braid wound ’round the master strand of Negative 4th density polarization becomes progressively thicker and tougher, making it increasingly less probable that it can be broken. At the same time, by joining the initially-more benign strands to the master negative timeline it depotentiates them by just that much as probabilities, from feasible influence or impact.


By the time the ultimate, cosmic "collapse of the state-vector" occurs in denouement of the century’s-end 4th density transition, the probability ratio will have-at this rate-shifted to 75% negative probability-intensity. This leads us to some interesting questions, doesn’t it?


For instance, we might wonder whether some such event as Clinton’s presidency represents a preponderantly negative or preponderantly positive gain, a move "back" to the more positively-inflected future, or a move "back" even closer to the negative master time-current for a negatively-ensured future?


Guph-in’ On Schroedinger’s Cat

Those not understanding probabilities well enough as yet, may object on the basis of "naive realism" that: surely there is or isn’t presently existing a maggot-brood of nazis overflowing the military-intelligence networks, and surely there is or isn’t a vipers’ nest of Orion-legions to be found when lifting the lid of the black box-Surety knowledge of the "actual" numbers is presently in someone’s consciousness, existing as a fact and not a speculative probability so that it is or isn’t secured as an unalterably fixed thing...

However, it must be understood that "switching timelines" causes to bleed into your very electrochemistry and biophysiology those synaptic patterns and ethero-magnetic template codes carrying engrams of alternate memories, divergent keys of "knowledge" etc. that superpose so suavely, conforming common edges of shared point-events so smoothly, that only in little side-flutter anomalies at the corner of the mind is any suspicion ever possibly kindled, is anything ever "noticed" even subliminally.


Except for awakened adept-consciousness which overtly notices the anomalies and claims information directly from the connective Dream-mind in which all probability-fields float, no consciousness will perceive the "break" or the almost-seamless weld without much intentional scrutiny. Try it; think back on your life and memories, as far back as they’ll go - try to remember when you first heard of UFOs, try to remember moments in the acquisition of your "knowledge" about how things "really are"... you may find some unaccounted ambiguity fluttering at the margins of daylight apprehension after all.

You know "Schroedinger’s cat?" This original Probability thought problem shows that, until an actual observation of the results is made (called "collapse of the state vector") reality has not yet "finalized" the fate of a hypothetical cat placed in a box closed off to external perception, and awaiting its 50-50 chance as to whether a decaying isotope will/or won’t trigger, in that enclosed time-interval, a poison gas.


Similarly, then, it isn’t just a matter of our personally perceiving what’s "realty already there", when once the ultimate Revelatory Lid is taken off this particular density-box altogether, at the Century’s-end juncture of Cosmic State-vector collapse (crystallizing once-and-for-all, on the settled probability-basis of net-intensity for the whole, just which way the people-and-planet will polarize); it will not be a matter of perceiving what’s "already there", but rather a matter of finalizing the sum of factors "let in" to one’s reality-framework on the net strength of one’s intent, on the ultimate balance of one’s will. This is true of the individual, and true of the planet.

And how do you throw effectively into the determination of the balance, how do you "ensure" alliance of personal behavior with positive intent toward a benign outcome?


Beside the many positive-polarization things we’ve already enumerated in these pages, why don’t you observe the Negative’s mode, tendency and intent as clearly outlined across the Bird’s publication wingspan, in the Matrix volumes and in the current work under consideration, the Montauk Project. Do you find yourself sharing still an affinity for certain of the "values" demonstrated there?


Then change, while you still can.