The Stonewalling of High Strangeness
by George Andrews

A large crack appeared in the stonewalling of high strangeness on October 14, 1988. On that date, there was a semi-official admission of extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs, in the guise of a two-hour TV special entitled UFO COVER-UP?... LIVE!


Participation by U.S. and Soviet officials was so extensive that the broadcast could not have occurred without the consent of both governments.

The program was presented to the public simultaneously in the United States and the Soviet Union, the first time in history that any TV program had received such preferential treatment. However, in spite of this clearly implied U.S.-U.S.S.R. seal of approval (or perhaps because of it?), the program contained a clever mix of information and disinformation.

The valid information was that we are not alone, and that the government has made a hitherto secret agreement with short gray humanoids (the "Grays") who say they are from Zeta Reticuli.

Although it was not specifically stated that the Grays were the only E.T. group our government has made contact with, that implication was made. To the extent the implication was made, it was a falsehood.

UFO COVER-UP?... LIVE!, hosted by Mike Farrell, implied that Uncle Sam had made a smart deal. However, the truth of the matter is that this deal was the most disastrous mistake, not only in the history of our nation, but in the history of our entire civilization. There were other E.T. groups that we could have made incomparably better arrangements with. Although this scandal is similar in nature to the Iran-Contra deal, it is a tragedy on a scale of such unprecedented magnitude that in comparison Iran-Contra seems like very small change indeed.

The case of contactee Edouard "Billy" Meier in Switzerland, which Mike Farrell stigmatized as "an obvious hoax," is not without its ambiguities, absurdities and contradictions. Nevertheless, the physical evidence is so strong that this is one of the best substantiated cases on record.


Dr. James Deardorff has speculated that the E.T.s may be making deliberate use of absurdity as a form of strategic camouflage, in order to ensure gradual rather than sudden realization of their presence. By cloaking their activities in an aura of absurdity, they repel serious investigation and make people hesitate to endorse the reality of the phenomena, keeping it all borderline and marginal, which distracts human attention from their presence.

If this is the game that is going on, the E.T.s may be feeding Meier a mixture of truth and falsehood, which he relays to the public in the sincere belief that it is all true.

For example, Meier believes himself to be the only genuine UFO contactee, an obvious absurdity, because there have been thousands of genuine human-alien contact cases during recent years. He also states that the many thousands of abduction and crop circle incidents reported during recent years were all hoaxes, another obvious absurdity. I concur with Deardorff that Meier is sincere in his beliefs, but that he is being fed information mixed with disinformation.

One of the most curious aspects of the Meier case is the veritable obsession displayed by the government's plainclothes media agents (such as William Moore who has publicly admitted his links with government agencies) in over-zealous attempts to discredit the evidence. An all-out media vendetta has been waged against the Meier case that seems totally out of proportion with the investigation of any one single UFO case.


Is this because Meier's contact was not with the Zeta Grays but with a rival E.T. group that in appearance is almost indistinguishable from us, and which shares a common ancestry with us, known among researchers as the Blonds or Swedes? This is the same group that was known in antiquity to the Scandinavians as the Aesir, to the Irish as the Tuatha De Danaan, and by other names in other cultures.


One of the modern Soviet cases mentioned on the Mike Farrell program, in which the UFO opened up like a flower, was an encounter with the Blonds, a group with whom I think we could work out a valid alliance.

Dr. Jean Mundy is a Professor Emeritus in Psychology at Long Island University and has been in private practice in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for over twenty years. She is a member of a long list of professional and honorary societies, and she has published articles on a wide variety of subjects in both the academic and the popular press. During recent years, she has focused her expertise on the subject of UFO phenomena.


Dr. Mundy has written the following analysis of the public reaction to the 1988 TV program especially for this book:

The most astonishing UFO TV documentary aired to date, on October 14, 1988, with Mike Farrell as the host, had all the ingredients of a blockbuster.

Note just some of the cast of characters:

  1. A Russian scientist, revealing that aliens have landed in Russia and contacted their military personnel.

  2. Two CIA agents, identities disguised, revealing that extra-terrestrial aliens are now the "guests of the U.S. Government."

  3. About a hundred residents of Gulf Breeze, Florida, who have witnessed and photographed the extensive UFO activity in their home town.

  4. Abductees telling their own stories under hypnosis.

  5. Expert witnesses from the military saying that sightings they reported while in service 'disappeared' from the records.

  6. A psychiatrist reporting that abductees she has treated were sane and suffering from trauma as a result of their contact with aliens.

  7. Evidence by investigators of crashed UFO sites.

  8. Testimony from Budd Hopkins, who has investigated hundreds of abductee cases for over 12 years, that genetic experiments are being performed by aliens on humans on a large scale.

  9. Other witnesses, each expert in his/her own field, testifying to the validity of photographic or other tangible documentation of UFOs.

  10. Paintings of aliens drawn by artists from the testimony of witnesses.

Surely, even by Hollywood standards, here are all the ingredients of a box-office hit. Was it a hit?


Well, during the two-hour show, 75,000 viewers did pay one dollar each to have their phone-in vote about their belief in human-alien contact recorded. What other signs of success made the front page? Not a one! The show was a flop in terms of arousing public interest. How can this be? How could such a carefully concocted combination of ingredients, culminating in the most newsworthy disclosure in history, not elicit a bang, nor even a whimper?

I played a videotape of the show to my adult education class on alien-human contact. I watched the reactions of my class members. Thanks to the review/playback capability, I was able to conduct some experiments.

The adult students who signed up for this course were believers in the possibility of human-alien contact. Some even had personal experience of contact, yet after the screening they were more doubtful than before! I then recognized that UFO COVER-UP? . . . LIVE! made brilliant use of the best propaganda techniques. If you have a tape of the show, watch it again, and listen carefully to the soundtrack. Look at the painted back-drops and, most important, look at Mike Farrell's reactions.

You will see and hear some interesting contradictions. The astute viewer cannot dismiss these contradictions as sloppy production. The production had a huge budget and was planned many months in advance. In fact, Budd Hopkins reported to me that each witness was interviewed at length before the show, then certain words of that interview were selected to be used.

  1. The words were put on cue cards, and on the nights of the show, the witnesses were allowed to say only what was on the cards. UFO COVER-UP? . . . LIVE! was carefully rehearsed. Reading from cue cards, unless one is experienced in doing so, gives words a stilted sound that many listeners take as phony. Score one for not believing the witnesses.

  2. Score two: When words are spoken over background music, the music makes an unconscious impression that flavors the emotional impact of the words. For example, the relentless "approach," louder and louder in intensity, of the orchestration of the Jaws soundtrack as the shark nears its victim builds up a feeling of dread even before any action takes place. The background music for UFO COVER-UP? . . . LIVE! is light, pleasant dance music. While the Russian is speaking of terrifying abductions, the music is a rousing polka!

  3. Score three: When the Russian says,

    • "The aliens communicated with the terrified soldiers by mental telepathy," Mike Farrell responds, "Oh, they used music, just like in the movie Close Encounters."

    We depend very much on the reaction of others to set our own reaction. Obviously, if someone tells you a story and they are laughing, you think the story is funny. If they are in a panic state while telling it to you, you think of it as tragic. Throughout of the entire show, Mike Farrell reacted to all the UFO information with puzzlement, but in an amused and light-hearted manner. So, for the most part, the audience did too.

  4. Score four: Through the skillful but unobtrusive use of another media technique, the painted backdrop against which the alien Grays are portrayed is a bright sunny room overlooking a garden! Nothing to take seriously there, certainly nothing to worry about.

    Also the depictions of the Grays were idealized and did not conform to witness descriptions, giving the impression of benign Disneyesque animated characters.

  5. Score five: Another powerful media technique is to trivialize something important by focusing on a tiny detail. For example, telling the audience that the aliens "prefer strawberry ice cream" reduces these mysterious life forms to a childish format.

  6. Score six: We are so accustomed to Hollywood movies that we are entertained by a "historical" film, but never for a moment truly believe that the "action" taking place on the screen is real. We know it is rehearsed and played by actors. When Mike Farell puts the UFO reports in the same category as the movie Close Encounters, the audience automatically thinks of the TV documentary UFO COVER-UP? ... LIVE! as just another Hollywood movie. No one writes a letter to the editor of their local newspaper or phones their Congressman to demand action about a crime committed in a Hollywood movie.

There is more. One of the women presented in the documentary who has been abducted by aliens is an acquaintance of mine. Her entire life has been affected by her terrifying alien contact. The one and only comment highlighted on the cue card for her to use on the supposedly "LIVE!" Mike Farrell show was, "Oh, he's so ugly." When my students heard this, they giggled! They took it to be comical.

Neither my students nor the majority of the viewing audience took the UFO COVER-UP!... LIVE! program seriously. That is why there was no audience response. One of my students said he thought,

"The man portraying the Russian couldn't have been a real Russian, because he spoke English too well."

No doubt he was trying to account for why the show did not have the ring of truth to it.

The question remains: were the producers of the show, whoever they really are, pleased that their show was a "flop," in that few viewers took the reality of alien-human contact (or invasion) seriously? Or were they disappointed by the lack of audience response? What, indeed, was the real purpose of this carefully staged show?

The format in which UFO COVER-UP? ... LIVE! was presented tranquilized the general public, as did the movies E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, in the comfortable belief that there is absolutely nothing to worry about, as far as any reports of alleged "aliens" are concerned.

As Dr. Mundy has pointed out, this comfortable belief system—so assiduously maintained by the authorities through their constant insistence on relegating the subject of alien intervention in human affairs to the realm of media trivia—relies for its support on some very thin ice indeed.

This ice is so thin that it can be shattered by featherweight random events, such as the arrival in my mailbox of a letter from Rev. John E. Schroeder of the UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis, saying:

You mentioned William Moore's TV program hosted by Mike Farrell. Is it any surprise that the November 1989 issue of prestigious Millimeter magazine for film and TV producers listed the CIA as paying producer for that show? I wonder what happened to the response requests? Who effectively collected whose paying phone numbers? Why? How are they to be used? Was any data ever given congressional members? The plot thickens!

The plot does indeed thicken.


A search of the November 1989 issue of Millimeter magazine did not locate the item which Rev. Schroeder is nevertheless sure that he and his wife saw in Millimeter, though he may have been mistaken as to the issue. This does not necessarily mean that the item does not exist, but as we go to press the question remains unresolved. In spite of this uncertainty, the item seems worth retaining, because both the possibility and the questions raised by Rev. Schroeder remain relevant, even if neither confirmed nor invalidated.

The ability to face phenomena of high strangeness with an open mind is a rare trait, not shared by the vast majority of contemporary humanity. The average person feels threatened or terrified by any unprecedented divergence from conventionally accepted norms of reality, and may react with dangerous violence.

Let us consider the case of Herbert Schirmer, who in 1967 held the distinction of being the youngest Chief of Police in Nebraska, and who was one of the most prominent citizens in his home town of Ashland, Nebraska. One night while on duty in his patrol car, he encountered a large disc-shaped UFO, which had landed not far from the highway. When a glowing humanoid figure appeared in his headlights, he tried to draw his gun, but found himself inexplicably paralyzed.


When the humanoid opened the door of his car, Schirmer felt a cold hard instrument being applied to the back of his neck, and he blacked out. Upon regaining consciousness, he drove straight back to the police station and reported the incident to his fellow officers, who noticed that he was unable to account for about half an hour. There was an unusual welt on the back of his neck, which later left a permanent scar.


A qualified hypnotist, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, was brought in to regress him back to the period of missing time. Under hypnosis, the regression indicated that he had been taken aboard the UFO and had communicated with a group of alien humanoids during the period of missing time. A search of the location where the incident occurred revealed physical landing traces.

How did Chief of Police Schirmer's old friends react to his adventure?


By firing him from his job, dynamiting his car, and hanging and burning him in effigy in the town square. His wife divorced him, and he was driven out of town. He has since moved frequently, contacting various UFO investigators, trying to make sense of his dilemma.

There is a remarkable resemblance between Herbert Schirmer's ordeal and the Jeff Greenhaw case. In 1973, Jeff Greenhaw was the youngest Chief of Police in Alabama, and was one of the most prominent citizens in his home town of Falkville, Alabama. One night he received an anonymous phone call from a woman who said that a UFO had just landed in a field not far from town. Greenhaw got into his patrol car and drove toward that area.


As he approached the field, he encountered a humanoid about six feet tall, covered from head to foot in metallic clothing, standing in the middle of the road. Greenhaw pulled up near him and said:

"Howdy, stranger."

There was no response. Greenhaw reached for a Polaroid camera he happened to have with him and took four pictures. Then he turned on the flashing blue light on the top of his patrol car. The humanoid began to run, but not in normal fashion, moving sideways instead of forward, taking large leaps of about ten feet at a time very quickly, traveling at extraordinary speed. Greenhaw began to pursue him, but his patrol car suddenly went out of control and into a spin as he reached 45 miles per hour, obliging him to give up the chase. He returned to town and reported the incident.

How did Chief of Police Greenhaw's old friends react to his adventure?


By firing him from his job, dynamiting his car, and burning down the trailer in which he lived. His wife divorced him, and he was driven out of town. He has since disappeared.

These two cases are not isolated. One could easily fill a book with the many cases of UFO contactees who have been obliged to leave their homes and change their names because of hostile social pressures. As our history clearly indicates, such witch hunts are nothing new. The average citizen's tolerance of diversity has increased only minimally since medieval times. What sets the Schirmer and Greenhaw cases apart from the hundreds, if not thousands, of other cases of contactee harassment is the secure social position they both enjoyed, until they reported their UFO encounters.

Being the Chief of Police in a small town one has grown up in implies widespread respect and trust from a closely knit group of people who have known you since childhood, and is about as secure a social position in the hierarchy of the American system as it is possible to attain. The fact that one encounter with the unknown could in one day transform the role model for an entire community into a despised outcast demonstrates the extreme extent to which the average citizen feels insecure, and therefore fears the unknown.

This is true on the national level as well as on the individual level. The thousands of documents that the government has been obliged to release under the Freedom of Information Act demonstrate that its internal policy concerning UFOs and extra-terrestrials is extremely different from its publicly stated policy. To put it bluntly, our government has been lying to its citizens about UFOs and extra-terrestrials for over 40 years.

To point out merely one example of this duplicity: Air Force Regulation 200-2, JANAP-146 * provides a penalty often years in prison plus a $10,000 fine and a forfeiture of pay and pension for any member of the Armed Forces who makes an unauthorized statement about UFOs.


* Joint-Army-Navy-Air Force Publication

If you write to the Library of Congress and ask for a copy of this regulation, you will get an answer stating that no such regulation exists. Air Force spokesmen blandly deny that any such regulation exists. However, if you write to the Library of Congress and ask for a copy of The UFO Enigma by Marcia Smith and David Havas, which was published by none other than the Library of Congress itself in 1983, you will find in it a statement that Major Donald Keyhoe was the first to make public reference to the previously secret JANAP-146.

Further details are to be found in a book by a well-known French researcher, Aime Michel, published in 1969. The preface to a previous book by Michel was written by General L. M. Chassin, General Air Defense Coordinator, Allied Air Forces, Central Europe, NATO. General Chassin commends Michel's ability and integrity in strong terms.


The statement Michael made in 1969 translates as follows:

"However, if it is so certain that for the American authorities this subject is no more than crazy stories that are completely without interest, how does one explain the extraordinary precautions in Air Force Regulation 200-2, and the ten years in prison plus $10,000 fine of JANAP-146, all of which are still being enforced fifteen years later, and more vigorously than ever?"

Since Michel stated in 1969 that the regulation had been enforced for fifteen years, it must have originated in 1954, which just happens to have been a year during which an exceptional amount of UFO activity took place.

According to Ralph and Judy Blum, who received assistance from government sources while compiling their excellent book Beyond Earth (Bantam, 1974), the text of JANAP-146 is contained in an official publication of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, entitled Canadian-United States Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings (CIR-VIS/MERINT, JANAP 146).

As the vast majority of UFO incidents get coverage only in local news-papers, if they even get that, there is no general awareness of the persistent UFO activity occurring in other parts of the country and other parts of the world. Some stories in the media even state that UFO activity is now almost non-existent and was just a passing fad of the 50s and 60s, when the truth is that there are just as many incidents as there ever were, but that the covert censorship is being enforced more effectively.

Major wire services operate in collusion with governmental intelligence agencies in perpetrating this devious form of camouflaged censorship for one basic reason, as clearly expressed by nuclear physicist Stanton Fried-man:

"No government of Earth would want its citizens to pledge allegiance to the planet rather than to itself, and to think of themselves first as Earthlings, rather than as Americans, Canadians, Russians, etc."

On pages 188-191 of Extra-Terrestrials Among Us, I described the adventures of an officer using the pseudonym of "Toulinet," who had been assigned to write an analysis of the top secret "Grudge 13" report, after which he has been summarily discharged from military service. During the summer of 1989, this man took the courageous step of publicly identifying himself as former Captain William English of the Green Berets, who had been working at the RAF Security Services Command, RAF Chicksands, England, at the time that he was assigned to write the analysis of "Grudge 13."


I have been unable to either confirm or invalidate the rumor that no sooner had he publicly identified himself than his residence was firebombed, as had been the residences of police chiefs Schirmer and Greenhaw in 1967 and 1973.

Attempts have been made to destroy English's credibility, such as the U.S. Army stating that it has no military records concerning him. However, it is standard operating procedure for military commanders to delete, either partially or in totality, the service records of subordinate personnel who have become security risks, as is exemplified in "The Cutolo Affidavit," published in Erase and Forget by Paragon Research, P.O. Box 981, Orlando FL 32802, in 1991.

Records are also systematically destroyed by the highly paid defense contractors engaged by the Pentagon for secret projects. In November 1989, physicist Robert Lazar went public with disclosures concerning alien discs and related activities at Area 51 of the Nevada Test Site. From one day to the next, all records of his previous employment, his education, and even of his birth, vanished as if by magic. This would have effectively destroyed his credibility, if there had not been certain items that survived the onslaught of the modern Inquisitors.


For example, Lazar stated that he had worked as a physicist for Los Alamos National Laboratories, whose representatives denied that he had ever been employed by them. However, independent investigators found a copy of the telephone directory issued by the Los Alamos Lab in 1982, which listed Robert Lazar among the scientists employed by them. An article in the Los Alamos paper during that same year, 1982, described Lazar's interest in jet cars, mentioning his employment at the Los Alamos Lab as a physicist.


Finding themselves unable to destroy Lazar's credibility in any other way, the authorities resorted to a crude but time-tested technique and tarnished his reputation with a sex scandal, which Lazar's lifestyle unfortunately made possible.

Some people have taken issue with my statement that we are about to experience direct confrontation with non-human intelligent beings from elsewhere in the cosmos in the near future, pointing out that UFO intervention in human affairs has been minimal during the last forty years, so why shouldn't that pattern continue indefinitely? I have answered that question at length in my previous book, but would like to extend my response by describing some major incidents that occurred since its publication, which clearly indicate that we have entered a new phase of UFO activity, a phase characterized by deliberate and ostentatious UFO displays over heavily populated areas on an unprecedented scale.

There was a flurry of significant UFO activity both before and after August 12, 1986, but it was on the night of August 12-13 that the climax of the first incident occurred. During that night, reports came flooding in from Lake Huron to Nova Scotia in Canada, and in the United States from Maine, New York, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Florida, as well as from the town of Leongatha in the province of Victoria in Australia.


There had also been multi-witness sightings of a large UFO in Pennsylvania. Both of the Pennsylvania sightings appeared to involve the same object, described as bright silver and elliptical, the size of three buses in length. On the night of August 12-13, the reports from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky described a large cloud-like ball of fire. In Clark County, Kentucky, the appearance of an enormous ball of fire that lit up the whole sky was accompanied by a sonic boom that made houses shake, along with an odor described as similar to gunpowder.


From Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ontario came a flood of reports about "a spiral cloud with a star-like object beside it." An air traffic controller, Tim Jones, saw it both visually and on his radar screen, and stated that the way it was behaving was unlike any aircraft he had ever seen. On the same night in Leongatha, Victoria Province, Australia, an English teacher and a science teacher at the local high school reported that a UFO with flashing lights had hovered and maneuvered above them for about forty minutes.

On the following day, the scramble for explanations began. Both NASA and NORAD * denied any involvement in the phenomena, and further specified that it did not correspond with any known Soviet space activity. Speculation that a new Japanese satellite might have exploded was squelched by a statement from Japan's Tanageshima Space Center that their satellite was functioning normally.


* North American Air Defense Command

At this point, as it usually does whenever a UFO incident occurs that is difficult to explain away in conventional terms, the U.S. government brought NASA expert (or establishment hatchet man, according to your point of view) James Oberg into the controversy to make a statement. Mr. Oberg stated authoritatively that what everyone had seen was fuel being dumped from a rocket on the Japanese satellite, as the rocket boosted the satellite into orbit, and that was that. Although this explanation left many questions unanswered (in particular, concerning the incidents in Clark County, Kentucky, and Syracuse, New York), it was accepted tamely without protest by the entire news media of this great nation as the final solution to the mystery of the night.

A lady named Lorraine Whitaker in Lanesboro, Pennsylvania, got a clear photograph of what had been visible in the sky over her area on the night of August 12, which depicts a sharply defined, intensely bright cigar shape, emitting a swirling cloud of luminous gas.

Paul Oles, who is the Planetarium Director at the Buhl Science Center in Pittsburgh, made the following statement:

"We know what it wasn't, but we have no idea what it was. Our most logical explanations have been totally ruled out. It now falls into the category of an unidentified sighting."

However, only one newspaper even mentioned the statement by Mr. Oles. Every other newspaper nationwide that carried the story featured the statement by Mr. Oberg of NASA as definitive.

On the night of August 15, 1986, three days after the incidents I have just described, Angelo and Grazia Ricci of Verona, Italy, were abducted while on a summer vacation camping trip near Belluno, Italy. They were taken aboard a UFO by two humanoids, each about six feet, six inches tall, who were dressed in gray coveralls that left only their heads exposed. Their heads were long and hairless and had very pale skin. Their eyes were phosphorescent. They had pointed ears, a normal nose, and a narrow slit where the mouth should be. Mr. and Mrs. Ricci were subjected to medical examinations and various tests for about three hours before being released.

A series of events comparable in importance to those of August 12 occurred on September 23, 1986. They began at daybreak, when two brothers fishing on a lake near Daventry, England, reported that shortly after dawn they had seen six UFOs flying in formation behind a large UFO. Within the next few hours, thousands of people (including police) reported UFOs flying in formation and performing maneuvers, during which they left behind multi-colored vapor trails over West Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France.


In Paris, whole crowds of people driving to work during the morning rush witnessed a fleet of fifteen UFOs flying in formation. Simultaneously a ball of fire was seen over Amsterdam; what was described as a "flying machine" was reported by a staff member of the Royal Observatory in Belgium,

"a very luminous object shaped like a rocket, three times as large as an airplane" as well as "a cluster of five or six luminous green objects" were reported from Luxembourg; and "a bright flying object with a luminous tail" was reported from West Germany.

There were also similar reports from Derbyshire and Leicestershire in England.

The fifteen UFOs seen over the Montreuil region of Paris were described as silver-colored, but over the Chatelet region of Paris witnesses perceived them as intensely luminous green and turquoise blue, some of them emitting green flame. Over Paris they were traveling at a leisurely pace, about the speed of an airplane during an air show.

The nearly simultaneous occurrence of such phenomena over six of the nations of Western Europe on the morning of September 23, 1986, has all the characteristics of a carefully orchestrated and deliberately ostentatious display, obviously intended to bring about widespread recognition of the reality represented by UFOs among the intelligent citizens of these key countries.

What was the result?

It is hard to know whether to laugh or cry over the incorrigible hypocrisy with which the news media handled this story. How did the journalists deal with this unprecedented manifestation of high strangeness in the skies of Europe? They understandably requested an explanation from NORAD.


However, when NORAD explained that what everyone had seen was debris from a Soviet booster rocket, an explanation that was directly contradicted by the observations the journalists had themselves recorded, this implausible explanation was instantly and uncritically accepted by the news media, which abdicated all pretense of independent reasoning and parroted it ad nauseam as the only rational solution to the enigma of what had happened that morning throughout six nations of Western Europe.

The next example of a deliberate and ostentatious UFO display did not occur over a heavily populated area, but northeastern Alaska is certainly a sensitive military zone. The report did not reach the U.S. news media until January 1, 1987, though the incident happened on November 17, 1986. The time lag between the date of the incident and the date the report was made public supports the hypothesis of covert censorship of the news media.

This case bears a remarkable resemblance to the case officially announced by the Soviet Academy of Sciences in 1985, in which a Soviet airliner was followed by a UFO for approximately 800 miles.

The case of November 17, 1986, involved the pilot, co-pilot, and flight engineer of a Japan Air Lines cargo jet that was making a return trip from Iceland to Anchorage, Alaska. The crew members first became aware of the three UFOs in the vicinity of their jet while over northeastern Alaska. Two of the UFOs were small, but the third was enormous, twice the size of an aircraft carrier.


The UFOs followed the cargo jet for about 400 miles, during nearly an hour. They emitted flashing amber, green, and yellow lights. They played games with the jet: disappearing, reappearing, moving at incredible speeds, and hovering. At one point, the two smaller UFOs maintained positions directly in front of the cockpit of the cargo jet at close range, pacing the jet for several minutes at a distance of only a few feet in front of the cockpit, although the jet was traveling at 570 miles per hour at the time.

The large object appeared on the radar screens of Federal Aviation Administration flight controllers, who gave the Japan Air Lines pilot per-mission to attempt evasive action. Veteran pilot Captain Terauchi carried out evasive maneuvers, but was not able to shake off his pursuers. The UFOs later abandoned the pursuit of their own accord, without having taken any hostile action.

FAA officials interviewed the crew members upon their arrival at Anchorage and issued a statement saying that the crew was "normal, professional, rational, and had no drug or alcohol involvement."

At first the FAA confirmed the sighting, then a few days later decided that one air traffic controller had mistakenly interpreted a split image of the cargo plane as a separate object. Establishment hatchet man Phil Klass was then called in to kill the story by announcing that Captain Terauchi, despite twenty-nine years of experience as a pilot and a hitherto impeccable record, had mistaken the planet Jupiter for a UFO.


The fact that the large UFO had been witnessed not only visually by all crew members, but also on the jet's radar screen, and that neither Jupiter nor any other planet appears on radar screens, was ignored by Philip Klass. Hal Bernton, a reporter for the Daily News of Anchorage, Alaska, conducted an interview with the air traffic controller in question, Sam Rich, which was printed on January 9, 1987. Sam Rich's testimony contradicted the FAA's version of the event in several important ways.

Rich, who has worked with the FAA for over a decade, denied categorically that he was the only air traffic controller to have seen the radar track of the UFO. The two other controllers who were working that shift also saw it. The track was not very strong, but neither he nor his two colleagues thought that it could be a split image, a possibility they considered at the time. Right after spotting the track, Rich phoned the Military Regional Operations Control Center, and "they informed me that they had the same radar track."

Rich confirmed that double images often occur on the FAA radar screen but said that the JAL plane was not in the area where these split images usually occur. Also, over the past decade there have been about half a dozen reports by pilots of unidentified lights in the region where the JAL plane sighted the UFOs.

To all this, I can now add the fact that there have been several sightings from the area of the JAL encounter since the incident took place, reported both by airplane pilots and by people on the ground. So who are we to believe—the air traffic controller who was actually on the job at the time of the incident, or the professional disinformation agents?

Another interesting aspect of the Japan Air Lines story is that although the incident occurred over Alaska on November 17, 1986, no U.S. media coverage of it took place until January 1987. When this six-week delay in making the story public was investigated, it turned out that the story never would have been made public at all in the United States if a family member of one of the JAL crew had not leaked the news to journalists in Japan. Once the story had entered the public domain in Japan, the U.S. authorities could no longer pretend that nothing had happened.

Yet another major development in the story of this case, which apparently just refuses to die, occurred at the end of August 1987 when MUFON * researcher T. Scott Crain Jr. revealed (in an article entitled "New JAL Sighting Information," California UFO, vol. 2, no. 3) that there were indications that the images on the radar tapes had been tampered with.

* Mutual UFO Network

The FAA officials in Anchorage, Alaska, had sent the radar tapes to the main FAA office in Washington, D.C.—but they had not sent them directly. The tapes had traveled an indirect route, making an unexplained detour via the FAA Technical Center at Atlantic City, New Jersey. Researchers suspect that it was during this brief sojourn at the FAA Technical Center that the images on the tapes were altered. The Freedom of Information Act request that Mr. Crain sent to the FAA Technical Center was answered evasively.

So once again, the story of the way this case has been handled by the authorities provides a detailed demonstration of how the covert censor-ship enforces the UFO cover-up.

What this prolonged series of deliberate ostentatious displays appears to add up to is a reinforcement schedule, discreetly but firmly making the presence of extra-terrestrials undeniably obvious, puncturing the balloon of the big lie that has been foisted on U.S. citizens and the world for over 40 years, deflating it gradually in a manner that is calculated to oblige public recognition while avoiding public panic.

Another important case that just refuses to die is that of the "Westchester Wing," which was described in the Appendix of my previous book and which continues to be persistently reported. A major incident occurred on March 17, 1988, when hundreds of reports came in from northern New Jersey, New York City, and up the Hudson River Valley past Ossining to Mahopac, New York. As usual, the same old implausible explanation was spewed forth by the authorities: pranksters in ultra-light aircraft. Attempts have been made, presumably by the authorities, to bolster the acceptability of this nonsense by sending up a fleet of ultra-lights now and then to imitate the Westchester Wing, but the imitations are so obviously different from the genuine sightings that this desperate ploy has been a complete flop.

Scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, who examined a videotape of the Westchester Wing made in 1984, gave their "unofficial" opinion in the form of a letter that the lights are on a single, solid object—thereby ruling out formations of ultra-light aircraft.


They would not, of course, go on record with an official opinion, being employees of the same authorities who continue to maintain, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that what huge numbers of people in greater New York have been seeing for the last ten years is pranksters in ultra-light aircraft. This unprecedented series of sightings over the same area, the first of which took place on December 31, 1982, remains ongoing.

According to UFO researcher Rosemary Decker:

In pointing out that the vast majority of contemporary humanity feels threatened or terrified by any unprecedented divergence from conventionally accepted norms of reality, you are presenting a powerful argument in favor of governmental silence and media low-profiling. In view of the fact that government agencies are already acutely aware of the fear problem, we should be willing to see that some degree of reserve and silence is appropriate. There is no good reason why everyone should be entitled to know all there is to know on an immediate and widespread scale, as most of the population could not handle it, though it would be unwise to try to tell them so directly.

The behavior patterns of our visitors indicate that they also must be aware of the dangers of sudden wide-spread publicity concerning their presence. Otherwise why would they consistently manifest in waves within specific limited areas for specific periods of time, build gradually to peaks, and then withdraw from these areas for long periods?

Discriminating reserve and caution on the part of officialdom are appropriate. However, blatant lying, deceit, and silencing of witnesses by ridicule or personal threats are deplorable. Such tactics are under-mining both national and international security. The population of the entire world has by now received absurd explanations and outright lies from their respective governments for so many years that distrust of governments has reached epidemic proportions on a global scale.

If, during the 1940s or early 1950s, the official agencies had agreed among themselves on a policy of gradual and cautious, but honest presentation of the facts known to them, with the humility to be able to say 'We don't know' at times, the situation would not have gotten so completely out of hand, as it now is. Ever since 1947, officialdom has suffered from disagreements between agencies, between individuals within a given agency, and from differences in direction as key UFO policy personnel were toppled from office and replaced. Part of the problem of inconsistency in policy has been due to varying degrees of fear of public reaction, but is also due to the individual fears of those in office, as office-holders.

What government wants to admit that it does not know everything? Researchers who have been studying this subject full-time for as long as forty years admit that they don't know everything about it, and that there are frequently extreme differences of opinion between even the best informed of the experts.

What government wants its citizens to begin to think of themselves as citizens of the planet rather than as French, Russian, American, etc.? To give their allegiance primarily to the planet and only secondarily to the nation to which they belong? With every year that passes, many more millions of people all over the world are becoming aware that we Earth-folk are being visited from elsewhere, irrespective of our national borders.

With sightings and abductions having escalated to unprecedented and ever-increasing levels, the situation is now completely out of control. The lid of secrecy imposed on the subject by the government for over 40 years is about to blow, no matter how desperately the government may attempt to continue to stonewall the high strangeness. The most effective way to avoid a sudden explosion, traumatic for all concerned, is to decrease the pressure by releasing as much information as possible in forms that the public can assimilate without being excessively traumatized, such as through this and other books and unbiased media coverage, so that there is no longer such a gross disparity between what the public has been conditioned to believe and what is actually going on.

A major development in the release of previously secret information has been the publication of the briefing papers for President Eisenhower by William Moore, Stanton Friedman, and Jaime Shandera in the spring of the 1987. There has been considerable debate over the authenticity of these documents, which describe the circumstances under which President Truman created the top secret Majestic-12 group in order to investigate the national security implications of UFO phenomena.


One of the original members of MJ-12 was Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, who was head of the CIA at the time that the incoming Eisenhower administration was installed, and whose signature was appended to one of the controversial documents, dated November 18, 1952.

Critics bent on disparaging the authenticity of the documents were dealt a major blow when Dr. Roger W. Westcott announced the result of his in-depth study on the basis of stylistic analysis. Dr. Westcott graduated from Princeton Summa Cum Laude and is Director of the Linguistics Department at Drew University. He has published 40 books in Linguistics, approximately 400 articles, and is considered the most eminent authority on this subject in the United States.


Dr. Westcott compared the signature on the controversial document with the signatures on 27 other documents signed by Admiral Hillenkoetter, the authenticity of which is not in question, and with 1,200 pages of personal correspondence and memoranda written by Hillenkoetter. Dr. Westcott concluded that Admiral Hillenkoetter's signature on the controversial document is authentic.

It would seem that such a verdict, combined with the information content of the document whose authenticity was thus confirmed—concerning a crashed UFO and the recovery of four small alien bodies—should be sufficient to deal a final death blow to the credibility of our government's publicly stated official attitude towards UFOs. However, as any psychologist will tell you, deeply entrenched, long held, rigidly assumed, conventionally accepted, blind and fanatical belief systems do not die easily. They tend to be thick-skinned to the point of being almost impervious to logic. I stress that "almost," as it is our only hope of at last achieving a sane and rational approach to the subject.

Edward Mazur made some very relevant remarks about the MJ-12 controversy in the July/August 1989 issue of the Arkansas MUFON Newsletter:

The unauthorized disclosure of a highly classified document is a serious federal crime. The forging of a classified document purported to come from the highest levels of government is perhaps an even more serious crime. Yet in the five years or so since the documents surfaced, there have been no arrests or prosecutions by the Department of Justice. Why?


According to this writer's logic, the FBI could have easily determined, through the issuing agency, whether the document was authentic or forged. If it was a forgery, there wouldn't be great difficulty in finding the forger, prosecuting him, and setting an example.

This action would also discredit and ridicule the gullible UFO community who had 'bought' MJ-12. Why didn't the FBI take advantage of this opportunity if the document was phony? Or wasn't it?

But if the document was genuine, what would the government gain by apprehending its leaker? Prosecution would be a public admission that MJ-12 was authentic and would reveal the very fact that the document's high and sensitive classification was designed to suppress. It would be far better to treat the matter with benign neglect, as is the case now, and to work behind the scenes to thwart any progress the might be made by UFO researchers, while undermining their activity wherever possible.

The fact that there have been no indications of any investigations, arrests, or prosecutions in the past five years in the matter of these documents is of great significance.

According to the Nevada Aerial Research Newsletter, P.O. Box 81407, Las Vegas, NV 89180, the black-uniformed elite Delta Special Forces, which carry out their missions in black unmarked helicopters and which act as security for the U.S. government alien-related projects, are selected almost exclusively from soldiers who grew up as orphans or have no close family ties.

Is this because the enemy they are trained to fight is the citizens of the United States? And we are paying for this with our own tax dollars?

The publication of the U.S. edition of Above Top Secret by British researcher Timothy Good (1988) was a landmark event that from here on out puts the critics who persist in denying the reality of UFO phenomena on the defensive. Timothy Good employs a similar technique to that of Barry Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett in their Clear Intent (1984), using contradictions within government documents to demonstrate that the government is perpetrating a cover-up.


However, Clear Intent was focused mainly on the devious activities of the intelligence community within the United States. The scope of Above Top Secret is world-wide. Timothy Good also deals with the United States, bringing up much material that was not included in Clear Intent, but the main thrust of his book is a meticulously detailed investigation of what went on concerning UFOs within the intelligence communities and officialdom of England, Canada, Australia, Russia, China, France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. It is particularly illuminating to compare the information contained in the Above Top Secret with information contained in Clear Intent, as they supplement each other in remarkable fashion, and the correlations provide powerful confirmation of their basic hypotheses.


Both books are focused primarily on unidentified flying objects as aircraft, dealing only margin-ally with the subject of UFO occupants, which is of course the subject that my own books have been devoted to investigating. The publication of Clear Intent put the cynics who maintain that UFO sightings are all explicable in terms of weather balloons, the planet Venus, swamp gas, mass hysteria, or flocks of geese in a difficult position. The publication of the worldwide evidence presented with such concise, conservatively under-stated, devastating effectiveness in Above Top Secret put these same cynics in an impossible situation, from which there is no way they can recover their lost credibility.

Let us now turn our attention to the aborted attempt to bring the subject of UFOs to the attention of the United Nations.

A highly important figure in this series of events was Major Colman Von Keviczky, whose background was summarized in the following terms by his colleague and long-time research associate, J. Antonion Hunccus, in the New York City Tribune of May 19, 1988:

Von Keviczky received his Master of Military Science and Engineering (MMSE) at the historical Ludovica University in Budapest. As a Captain and then Major with the Royal Hungarian Army, he created the Audio-Visual Department of the Hungarian General Staff before World War II. After the war he worked for the U.S. occupation forces in Germany and emigrated to the United States in 1952, the year his interest in UFOs began. Von Keviczky is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) and his biography appears in Who's Who in Aviation & Aerospace.

In the mid-60s, Von Keviczky worked with the United Nations staff audio-visual department, where he became involved in a controversy over UFOs and the UN. In 1966, Von Keviczky was actually commissioned by Secretary General U Thant to work on a preliminary memo on how the UFO problem could be inserted in the UN agenda. However, the Major found he no longer had a job at the UN after he leaked news of this assignment to the press. Yet U Thant confided around that time that "he considers UFOs the most important problem facing the UN next to the war in Vietnam,' as reported in Drew Pearson's syndicated column.

While Von Keviczky was employed as a staff member of the United Nations Secretariat's Office of Public Information, the UFO wave of 1952 over Washington, D.C., occurred. Being an expert in photography, Von Keviczky realized that the photographs were genuine, and became interested in the subject. Private discussions with diplomats, scientists, and old friends who were still military officers convinced him of the subject's importance.


In 1966, he undertook the initiative that destroyed his career, which will now be described in his own words:

In February 1966, after a long-scrutinized military study of the UFOs' global operation, as Staff Member of the United Nations Secretariat, I addressed THE FIRST UFO MEMORANDUM to my Secretary General U Thant. Seizing on his constitutional duty regarding the endangered international security, Thant assigned me to elaborate the FIRST UN-UFO PROJECT.


This project referred to:

  1. A coordinated cooperation amongst the nations to control the UFOs' global operation and activities.

  2. Immediate STOP to any HOSTILE CONFRONTATION, which at any time could trigger a fatal Space War.

  3. Seek OFFICIAL CONTACT AND COMMUNICATION with the exploring UFO forces, assisted by UNESCO, and by the governments' respective UFO organizations.

  4. Declare the 550-mile belt around our Celestial Body under the PROTECTION and JURISDICTION of the United Nations.

Thant's common sense and constitutional duty on the alarming worldwide UFO fever is demonstrated by his remark within the diplomatic corps and his cabinet that:


The Pentagon and the U.S. diplomacy were immediately alerted to stop him!

During the next month, in March, to thwart Thant's UN-UFO Project, the Air Force Scientific Research Board "AD HOC PANEL" was mobilized in haste to find a suitable University to study the UFO phenomena. Evidence: CONDON REPORT, preface, pages 7-9 written by the Vice President of the Colorado University.

Thant was totally silenced!


A "mysterious" diplomatic power constrained him to violate the UN Constitution, and confess also toward the public that his interest in UFOs was only "purely academic and personal."

According to the Associated Press, Ambassador Trofimirovich Fedorenko of the U.S.S.R. comforted him thus:

"UFOs are only the nightmares of the imperialist and capitalist countries."

But against this, on the other side of the token ...

"For my honorarily-accepted UN-UFO Project, I became the No. 1 ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES UFO POLICY. I was awarded with the notorious SECURITY RISK for scientists! This governmental denunciation over my lifetime prevented me from having any career job at reputable firms in the United States...."

United Nations Secretary General U Thant, and the Member Nations in 1966, were convinced that the Colorado University SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF UFOs had been established to supervise the Pentagon UFO file trustworthiness and credibility, which would liquidate the media-generated UFO fever.

Only three years later, the Report's preface, written by the University's vice president Thruston E. Manning, exposed how he was hoodwinked in 1966, because the Committee was assigned to study the UFO phenomena "WHOLLY OUTSIDE THE JURISDICTION OF THE AIR FORCE." Namely, "outside the jurisdiction" meant the scientific study of the hundreds of UFO weekend clubs and news clipping collector hobbyists, thereby discrediting the respected NICAP * and APRO valuable public research.


* National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena



On February 20, 1967, before the Committee started, the CIA gave Dr. Edward U. Condon, Committee Director, the necessary guideline and instruction. THE MEETING WAS SECRET. No comments on the masterly delusion and deception of the nations!

Well, in UFO research all roads lead to the USA's Rome—as we have learned—THE OMNISCIENT AND OMNIPOTENT C! I! A!

The climax of the struggle over whether or not the subject of UFOs should be placed on the agenda of the United Nations will now be briefly described.

It is a matter of historic record that Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Dr. Jacques Vallee prevented Von Keviczky from presenting his evidence that UFOs are space-craft of extra-terrestrial origin before the Special Political Committee of the United Nations, by threatening to boycott the Committee if Von Keviczky was allowed to testify.


The other three experts were Dr. David Saunders, Dr. Claude Poher, and astronaut Gordon Cooper.


Only Gordon Cooper, who held the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Air Force and was therefore under obligation to obey orders, supported Hynek and Vallee on this issue. Due to the pressure that Hynek and Vallee exerted, Von Keviczky's invitation to testify was canceled.

In documents concerning the Robertson Panel that was convened by the CIA in 1953 to deal with the subject of UFOs, Dr. Hynek was listed not only as an Air Force Project Bluebook consultant, but also as an "OSI" consultant. "OSI" is an abbreviation for the Office of Scientific Intelligence, which is a sub-section of the CIA.


According to a public statement made by Dr. Hynek, he was not invited to attend all the sessions of the Robertson Panel.


However, this statement is contradicted by an official document dated January 27, 1953, and declassified in 1977, which stated that Hynek "sat in on all the sessions after the first day," but did not sign the report as an official group member. Hynek was already an OSI consultant before he became a consultant to Project Bluebook.


Did he remain an OSI consultant for the rest of his life?


Was he assigned to play the part of the maverick scientist in revolt against the authorities, when the authorities realized the explanations, such as "swamp gas" were no longer credible, in order to more effectively acquire information from and control over the genuinely independent researchers?

Jacques Vallee began his UFO research career in the 1960s as the assistant of Dr. Hynek. Considering this in combination with the result of his close collaboration with Dr. Hynek at the United Nations, is Dr. Vallee also an OSI consultant?

On November 27, 1978, Dr. Vallee stated to the Special Political Committee of the United Nations, which had been convened to decide whether or not to place the subject of UFOs on the UN agenda, that:

"although the UFO phenomenon is real and appears to be caused by an unknown physical stimulus, I have so far failed to discover any evidence that it represents the arrival of visitors from outer space."

Having said that, he skipped briefly over the physical manifestations of the phenomenon, saying only they should be studied. He then stressed the importance of studying the psycho physiological effects on witnesses, carefully pointing out that:

"I do not believe it is within the province or the budget of the United Nations to address such effects directly . . ."

He continued by insisting at length on the importance of studying the social belief systems generated by the phenomenon, as well as the emotional factors involved—aspects of the phenomenon so clearly outside the province and budget of the United Nations that it was not necessary for him to repeat this a second time. Thus with a few deft strokes, he effectively sabotaged the placing of the subject of the UFO phenomenon on the agenda of the United Nations, which was exactly what the CIA wanted to prevent. If

Von Keviczky had been allowed to present his evidence, there is a strong probability that the Committee would have decided to place the subject on the UN agenda, after which the cover-up would have been impossible to maintain.

I salute the example set by Major Colman Von Keviczky, as I consider him a genuine modern hero. The four propositions he suggested to Secretary General U Thant should be implemented by the United Nations without further delay, since they are as valid now as they were in 1966.

In my opinion, the close encounter and abduction cases constitute the spearhead of UFO research. Of course, it is essential to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent cases, and this is not always easy to do. However, with patient, open-minded, persistent, and alert attention, it can be done. The analogy of sorting out batches of gemstone rough is relevant here. There are ways of detecting whether one is in the presence of the real thing or an imitation.

The genuine contact and abduction cases are the interface between terrestrial humanity and the UFO phenomenon. There are literally thousands of such case histories on record, and perhaps tens or hundreds of thou-sands, or more, which have not been reported. I would suggest that about two-thirds of the hypothetical budget be allocated to investigating as thoroughly as possible the thousands of case histories already on record: evaluating them for authenticity, conducting follow-up interviews and hypnotic regression sessions when appropriate, and feeding all the information obtained into computers.

The data bank derived from the review of contact and abduction cases should then be correlated with the data bank derived from the lights-in-the-sky and physical nuts-and-bolts manifestations.

If project funds are still available after this procedure has been completed, we should start interviewing the oceanic multitude of contactees and abductees whose stories have only recently begun to surface and are not yet on record. These interviews would be conducted and tabulated along the same lines as those case histories already on record.

From these myriad correlations, certain major patterns should emerge. What I would consider to be of prime importance would be the patterns indicating the characteristics of the different types of extra-terrestrial and/or inter-dimensional humanoids, human-appearing beings, and extremely dissimilar alien entities involved in these manifestations, to which we have been applying the catch-all UFO label.


The information derived from such profiles would include not only the physical characteristics and types of craft most frequently used, but also the behavioral characteristics. Typical ways of interacting with us would contain clues as to motivations for making contact with us, as well as to psychological traits and the extent to which communication may be possible.


Such questions as superiority, inferiority, or equality of intelligence between them and us would be explored, as well as unusual aspects of their intelligence. Indications of the relative benevolence, malevolence, or neutrality of the various types would show up clearly in such profiles, as well as of their friendliness or hostility to each other.


As abductee Ida Kannenberg has so perceptively pointed out:

"There are so many different types of extra terrestrials that it is not possible to make statements that are valid for all of them. Many types are as alien to each other as they are to us."

By establishing reliable profiles of the different types most persistently reported, we would at least know what we are dealing with and be in a far better position to communicate meaningfully.

If there was a war in heaven that is still going on, in which who we give our allegiance to may be a matter of importance, though Earth may be no more than a single sector of a multi-galactic battle zone, at least we would be able to make an informed choice concerning which group we enter an alliance with. That would certainly be preferable to making a decision of such importance in our present state of blind ignorance.

If, on the other hand, peace and harmony reign supreme over the inhabitants of outer space, and it is we humans who must learn to transcend our aggressive bellicose natures in order to become eligible for galactic citizenship, we still need to know who we are dealing with, and be able to communicate with them.

Those who are still arguing about whether or not UFOs are real will continue to do so, until obliged to face the facts with their own eyes. For those of us who are already aware that UFOs are real, the question becomes:

What types of beings are piloting them, and what is their motivation for keeping us under surveillance and clandestinely interacting with us?

It is a matter of extreme urgency that an all-out effort be made to find out as much as possible about the different types of non-human intelligent life-forms at present hovering above us and among us. We can no longer continue to pretend that we are dealing with misidentifications of weather balloons, the planet Venus, flocks of geese, or swamp gas, and retain our position as the dominant life-form on planet Earth.


It is time to face the fact that outer space is inhabited, and that ever since we exploded the first atomic bombs its inhabitants have been watching us very closely. It is obvious that in comparison to a number of already existing alien civilizations, our space technology is in the kindergarten stage. We must establish open alliance with the groups we can work out mutually beneficial relationships with, and take appropriate measures to defend ourselves against the predatory activities of the groups who have come here to exploit us. It is imperative that we learn to distinguish between extra-terrestrial friends and foes.


What is at stake is our survival, not only as individuals, but as a freely evolving species.

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