Chapter 31

The space occupied by the negative thoughts created by people during the whole history of their existence.


Later on Anastasia will explain:

“Any thought which is created by Man doesn't disappear into nowhere” (Comment by the translator).

“During that night of dreaming I was thinking how to transfer people across the space of time of the dark forces”, started Anastasia. “My plan and awareness were so real and efficient that they had accepted it.

The book you are going to write will contain non obtrusive word combinations and formulas so that they will stir up the great majority of people. They will waken up their light and kind feelings. These types of feelings are able to suppress physical and emotional sicknesses. They will stimulate the birth of a new consciousness which will be the distinctive features of the people of the future. Believe me, Vladimir, it is not a mysticism, it agrees with Universal laws.

Everything is so simple. You will be writing this book being guided exclusively by your feelings and listening to your soul. This is the only possible way for you as you have never mastered the art of writing.

Everything is possible with feelings. These feelings are already inside you. They are yours and mine too.

Although, they are not yet realized by you now, they will be understood by a lot of people. Being embodied into signs and combinations they are going to become stronger than Zoroastrian's Fire. You should hide nothing of what is going to happen to you even those secret. Get yourself emancipated from any shame and fear. Don't be afraid to look funny. Your should suppress your arrogance.

I have opened myself to you completely: my body and soul. I belong to you. Now let me open myself to all people through you because they have allowed me to do it. I know that a huge amount of dark forces are going to attack me. They will resist my dreams coming true but I am not afraid of them; I am stronger than they are and I will live to see everything I have conceived in my mind happening: to give birth to my son and bring him up, our son, Vladimir.

My dream will break many mechanisms of the dark forces which were influencing people in pernicious ways for many millennia. It will make many of them start working for the good of mankind.

I know you can't believe me right now as all kinds of conventions and postulates are blocking you. They were implanted in your mind by the conditions of the life style of the world you belong to. You consider the time transference as an impossible reality. Your notions and ideas about time and space are conditional. Only the degree of willpower and awareness can characterize its quantity, not "seconds" and "meters".

The purity of intentions, feelings and sensations, which should be characteristic features of the great majority of people, determines the location point in Time and in the Universe.

You believe in horoscopes, in, your absolute dependence on the planetary positions. This belief has been achieved with the help of the dark forces' mechanisms. This very faith is an obstacle which is hampering the time of the parallel of light giving the opportunity for the dark one to come forward and to change their quantity. This faith leads you away from realizing the Truth, the essence of your earthly existence. You are trying to analyze everything very carefully. Just think, Man was created by God in His image and likeness. Man has been given a great freedom, the freedom to chose between darkness and light. A soul has been given to man. Everything visible is under Man's power and he is free even with respect to God Himself: to love or not to love Him. Nobody and nothing can control man but his own will. God wants nothing from man but love in response to His great love. Although God wants the love of a free man. He wants the love of a perfect man, just like He Himself is. He needs a companion, not a slave.

God has created everything visible including the planets. They serve to provide order and harmony in everything living: plants, the animal world. They exist only to help the human flesh but they are absolutely powerless with respect to man's soul and mind. It is not they who are directing man but man through his subconscious is ruling all the planets.

If only one man decides that he wants a second sun to appear in the sky, it would never happen. It has been organized this way to prevent planetary catastrophes. If people all together express a desire for a second sun, — it will appear!...

While compiling a horoscope one should take into consideration the main values: the level of the person's time awareness, willpower and the power of her spirit, the soul's striving and the degree of its participation in the moment of today's presence.

They can easily conquer beneficial and non beneficial days, magnetic storms, high and low pressure; willpower and awareness.

Really, didn't you see a happy and joyous man even when the weather is nasty or vice versa, a sad and depressed one on a sunny and most benevolent day?

Do you think that I am letting my imagination carry me away as a crazy person when I am talking about the word combinations and formulas of letters which are going to heal and enlighten people? You don't trust me because you don't understand... Really, it is so simple.

Right now I am speaking your language using your patterns of speech and sometimes I am even trying to use your intonation. It will be easy for you to memorize everything I have said because it is your native language which is characteristic of you only and it is understood by many people. It does not contain incomprehensible words, rarely used turns of speech in regular everyday communication. It is very simple and that's why it is understandable to the great majority of people. Although I am changing a bit, well, in a certain way I am replacing some words just slightly. Now I see that you are in a state of excitement. That's why in the future on recalling this state you will recall everything I have told you. You will write it down. This way my combinations of letters will get into your writings, everything you are going to write.

These combinations are very important They can perform miracles exactly the way a prayer does.

Many of you already know that prayers are definite combinations and matches of letters. These combinations and matches have been built up by enlightened people with God's help.

The dark forces were always striving to take away from man the possibility of using the benevolence which comes from these combinations. Because of this they even changed languages introducing new words to replace the old ones, twisting their essential meanings. For instance, long, long ago your language had 47 letters and now there are only 36 left. They introduced absolutely different combinations and formulas of their own, agitating brutish and dark instincts. They always tried to carry people away by carnal desires and passions.

I have transferred the primordial combinations from the Sources, activated them, using modern letters and symbols. Now they will act. I tried so hard to find the right ones and I have managed to do it. I have collected the best ones from different times and there are a lot of them. I have installed and concealed them in what you are going to write.

As you see, it is simply an interpretation of the combinations of symbols of the depth of Cosmic infinity and eternity/which are precise in sense and goals.

You should write about everything you have seen, hiding nothing, — neither bad nor good nor secret and they will be preserved.

You will be convinced of this by yourself so, please, trust me. You are going to be convinced as soon as you finish the book. The feelings and emotions will be provoked in many of those who will read your writings, though at the beginning their emotions will not be completely realized and comprehended by them. You'll see, they will confirm it to you. You'll hear that they will do it. The light feelings will come to them. Later on, many people will realize on their own with the help of these feelings much more than you will be able to write. Do write, at least a little! Then you will see that people are able to feel these combinations. When ten thousand, one hundred thousand people confirm it then you will believe and write everything. Only, you should believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in me.

Later on I shall be able to speak even more meaningful things and they will understand and feel it. That more meaningful one is the Upbringing of Children. It was interesting for you to know about flying saucers and mechanisms, rockets and planets. I was very anxious to tell you as much as possible about the education of children and I shall do it. I'll tell it when I install a great awareness inside you.

Only one should bear it in mind that it is advisable to read all these when the sounds of handmade, artificial mechanisms are not interfering, not with drawing your attention. These sounds are harmful. They are leading man away from the Truth. Let the natural sounds, created by God stay with you while you are reading my messages. They are carrying within themselves the information of Truth and Benevolence. They are helping the Awareness to grow too. Then the healing process would be much stronger.

I am sure, you are full of doubts and don't believe in the healing power of the Word. You are thinking about me... Although in this, again, there is not any kind of mysticism, fantasy or contradictions to the laws of spiritual existence. When light feelings appear in man they start to influence beneficially upon all fleshy organs, absolutely all of them. It is beyond all question. Verily, the light feelings are the most powerful and effective remedies which can resist any sickness. God healed using these kinds of feelings. The saints also did the same.

Read the Old Testament and you will see for yourself. With the help of these feelings some people of your world can heal too. Many of your doctors know about it. Ask them if you don't trust me. It is easier for you to believe them. The more powerful and brighter this feeling is the stronger influence it can produce upon the one to whom it is directed.

I could always heal with my small beam. My great-grandpa taught me when I was at a tender age. He explained everything to me. I did it many times with my dachniks.

Now my beam is more powerful than great-granddad's and granddad's. They have explained the reason why. It is the feeling which had appeared in me, the one that you call Love. This feeling is so great and pleasant though it burns a little. I would like to give it as a gift to all people and also to you. I wish everybody the best. Let everything be all right exactly the way God wanted everything to be."

She delivered her monologue with extraordinary inspiration and confidence, as if she had launched it into space and time. Then she became quiet. I was looking at Anastasia, having been startled by her passion and confidence.


Then I asked her,

“Anastasia, is that all? Are there any other peculiarities in your plans? Well, I mean in your dreams?”

“The rest are just meaningless trifles. I have produced them in passing as 'twice two is four'. Though there was only one complication concerning you I have solved it also”.

“Right here and right now you should speak in details. Please, specify what kind of complications exist concerning me?”

“You know, I have turned you into the richest man on Earth. Moreover I have made you the most famous too, a number one celebrity. It will happen in a while. When I was processing my dream, I was working it out, polishing the details... You know, before it took off by the light forces... The dark forces... They are always striving to introduce something of their own, something harmful, all kinds of their own side effects, influencing perniciously the person whom it concerns and other people.


My thoughts were dashing very, very fast, but all the same the dark forces still managed to follow me.

They had to leave many of their earthly things and were trying their best to activate their mechanisms around my dream. Then... Guess what I did? I just outwitted them and made all their mechanisms work for the good. The dark forces were at a loss for less than a moment, but it was just sufficient time for my dream to get picked up by the light forces. My dream speeded away into the light infinity which is unreachable for them”.

“What have you thought of, Anastasia?”

“Quite unexpectedly for them I prolonged the space of dark forces time during which you will have to overcome different hardships. To add to this I deprived myself of the possibility of helping you with my small beam. I tell you, they were confused a lot as they could see no logic on my part. Meanwhile I was directing my beam sending my light to the people who will associate with you in the future. I was doing it as fast as I could”.

“What does it all mean?”

“It means that people will help you and my dream. They will do it with the help of their tiny almost uncontrolled beams. There will be many of them and taken together, they and you will manifest the dream into material reality. You will transfer yourselves across the space of time of the dark forces. You will carry other people across it. And you are not going to be arrogant and greedy when you become rich and famous. You are going to realize that the main thing is not money, as you will never get the warmth and sincere sympathy of the human soul with money.

You will understand all these things while passing through that space of time. This is when you will see and meet those people. They also will understand it. As far as the making of curtseys... Your interrelations with banks I have thought up just because you absolutely neglect your body. This way you will at least exercise a little before you get money in the bank. Some of the bankers will do it too, which is beneficial for both sides. Let it look a bit funny, but in exchange you will get rid of sinful arrogance.

The result is that all difficulties and obstacles which had been created by the dark forces during their space of time are going to temper you and the people around you too. It will be making you more and more aware. Later on they will save you from the dark temptations for which the dark forces are very proud. Their own actions will save you. That was why they had been messed up for a bit of a moment. From now on they will never manage to catch up with my dream”.

“Oh, Anastasia! You are my dear dreamer, my visionary”.

“Oh! How wonderful you've done it. Thanks! Thank you. You have said it so nice, 'My dear' “.

“You are welcome. I've also called you a 'visionary' and a 'dreamer'. Do you felt offended?”

“Not at all. You don't know yet how precisely my dreams are always coming true when they happen to be bright and detailed. This one is going to come true for sure. I am very positive about it. It is my favorite and the brightest one. Your book will come out perfect. Non ordinary feelings will come to people and these feelings will call them towards...”.

“Wait a minute, Anastasia, you are getting enthusiastic again. Calm down, please”.

It was not long after I interrupted her passionate speech which seemed to be only a fantasy.


The meaning of Anastasyia's monologue was not completely understandable to me at that time. Everything she said seemed to be too fantastic.


Only in a year Michael Firnim, a reporter from the magazine Miracles & Adventures having read my manuscript containing this monologue, was very excited when he handed me the fresh issue of the magazine (May, 1996).

I also became excited after looking through it. Two Russian scientists, academicians: Anatoly Akimov and Vlayil Kaznacheyev spoke in their articles about the existence of the Highest Mind. They spoke about close interconnection between man and the Cosmos, about invisible rays coming from man. These rays had been traced and tracked by special kinds of instruments. Two photos depicting these rays which come from people were also in that issue.

However, official science has only started to speak about something that Anastasia had not only known about since her childhood, but had been effortlessly using in her everyday life, trying to help people.

How could I know a year ago that Anastasia, the one who was standing in front of me at that time, in her old and only skirt, wearing those clumsy galoshes, being nervous and fingering the buttons of her hand knitted jacket, could possess colossal knowledge and ability to influence peoples' destinies.


Her soul impulses really could resist everything which is dark and pernicious for humankind and later on the famous Russian folk healer, the chairman of the Healers of Russia Foundation, V. A. Mironov would call his staff together and tell them:

“We are all bugs in front of each other”.

Then he would add that the world had yet never known any one as powerful as she was. He would be sorry for me because I had not been able to understand her and realize what she really was for such a long time. What a shame!

Many people will feel the energy which is coming from the book. The poems will pour like a spring rain, washing away the mud, right after the first small edition of the book. She is the author of it as well as me. Now, dear reader. You are holding in your hands this book. You are reading it. Whether it wakes up any feelings in your soul, it is up to you to decide.


What do you feel? What is it calling to you?

Anastasia alone, over there, in the taiga, on her clearing will persistently, using her tiny beam of kindness scatter all obstacles away from the highway all other dreams. She will be putting together and inspiring more and more people to her dream.

So it will happen that three Moscovite students will stand by my side at the moment of hardship. Without being rewarded for their work and moreover even helping me materially. Trying to get any kind of extra job, wherever they could, especially Alyosha Novichkov. They will type the text of this book on their computers by night. They will not stop doing it even during the most difficult time for them, the period of tests and examinations.

The book will be published by the Moscow Printing House #11, edition of two thousand copies.


They will do it passing the publishing house test. Even before that a lady journalist Evgueniya Kvitko from the farmers' newspaper Krestyanskiye Vedomosty (Peasants " Gazette) will be the first to tell about Anastasia in the press.


Then Katya Golovina from Moskovskaya Pravda (Moscow Truth), then Lesnaya Gazeta (Forest Newspaper), Mir Novosty (World News) and the radio of Russia.


Miracles and Adventures, where famous leading lights of academic science are usually published, by ignoring their tradition would dedicate to Anastasia several issues reading the following:

"In their most audacious dreams our academicians are not reaching Anastasia's enlightenment. She is a wonderful enchantress from the Siberian taiga. The purity of his intentions makes Man an omnipotent and an omniscient being. Man is the summit of Creation."

Only the prominent Moscow press will publish Anastasia.


As if Anastasia herself were selecting them passing over the gutter press, carefully guarding over the purity other dream's intentions. Although all these have become evident only a year after I met her, at first I did not understand her.


Having a lot of doubts and with my peculiar attitude towards everything which was happening, I tried to change the topic of our talks to the one which was more familiar to me, — entrepreneurs.

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