Chapter 30

Now having learned about Anastasia's feelings and her desire to prove that she was a natural and regular human being, though seeming to be non ordinary from my own perspective, I have realized what kind of pain I had caused her soul that morning. I apologized again and Anastasia answered that she was not angry.


Although she was worried about me because of everything she had done for me.

“What is it so terrible that you could have done to me?”, I asked her and again she told me a story which a person who would like to look as normal as everybody living in our world, would never reproduce in earnest.

“Well, when your steamboat left”, Anastasia proceeded, “and the local youths went to the village, I stayed for a while on the shore all by myself and I felt very well. Then I ran away into my forest. The next day went by as usual and in the evening when the stars came out in the sky, I lay down on the grass and started my dreaming and it happened exactly at that time when the plan of mine had been formed as it was”.

“Now what? What kind of 'plan'?”

“You see, what I know, different people of the world you belong to also know. Although they know it in parts but all together they know almost everything but the bottom line is that they don't understand the mechanism up to the end. So, I started to dream that you would come into a big city and tell many people about me and everything I had explained and am going to tell.

You would accomplish it the way you usually spread all kinds of information in your world. Yes you would write a book. Many people would read the book and the truth would open slightly. They would reduce their sicknesses, change their attitude towards children and work out new methods of teaching and education. People would start to love everything and everybody more and eventually the Earth would emanate more light energy.

Artists would paint my portraits and it could be the best they had ever done before. I would try my best to inspire them. They would produce the thing you call 'cinema' and it would be the most wonderful film that had ever been created. It would bring memories of me while you watch it. Many scholars would be attracted to you, those, who can understand and appreciate everything I have said to you. Moreover, they would explain to you a lot which you can't embrace right now. You would trust them more than you do me and you would realize that I am not a kind of witch but a regular human being only more informed than other people.

The things you are going to write about would arouse great interest and it would make you rich. You would have bank accounts in 19 countries of your world. You would visit the holy places which would help you to get purified from the darkness that dwells in you. You would keep your memory of me. You would fall in love with me and the desire to see your son and me again would come to you. My dream was very bright and vivid and, yes, maybe it was a bit pleading... Evidently, it was the reason why everything had happened exactly that way.

They have accepted it as an apian for action and made a decision to transfer people over the space of time of the dark forces.

It is acceptable if the detailed plan is being born on the Earth in the soul and mind of an earthly man. Evidently, they had perceived this plan as a great one or maybe they added to it something of their own. That is why the dark forces have activated their activities to such a great extent.

It had never happened before. I have realized it only through the Ringing Cedar. It's beam became a great deal thicker. Now it is vibrating stronger as it rushes to give it's light, it's energy away”.

I was listening to Anastasia and at that moment the thought that she was a crazy one was growing inside me, getting stronger and stronger:

“Well, who knows, maybe long ago she had escaped from some kind of a hospital for the mentally sick. Now she is living here in this forest and moreover I had sexual intercourse with her. As a result of it a child can be brought into the world... Isn't it something!”...

However watching her speaking seriously and emotionally I did my best to calm her down by saying:

“Don't you worry, Anastasia, your plan is wittingly unrealizable and that's why there is no need for the Light and Dark forces to fight. As a matter of fact nowadays they publish plenty of books but even the works of famous writers are not in great demand. I am not a writer anyhow and, to begin with, I have no talent for writing at all. Nor do I have any ability and special education and this is the bottom line”.

“That's right, everything you have mentioned you did not have before but now you have got it”, she replied.

“All right”, I was trying to comfort her by saying, “suppose I do try but nobody will publish my stuff, they will not believe in your existence”

“But I do exist. I exist for those for whom I exist. They will believe and help you in exactly the same way I am going to help them later on”.

At that time I did not realize the meaning of her words and I was trying my best to calm her down again and again:

“But I am not going to try to write anything. Try to understand that there is not any sense in it, that's it”.

“But, you will! It is evident that they have already created the whole system of circumstances which will force you to do it”.

“Am I a tiny screw in somebody's hands according to you?”

“You know, a lot depends also on you. The Dark Forces will try their best to interfere and to prevent you from accomplishing everything you are supposed to do. They may push you hard even to suicide by creating an illusion of hopelessness”.

“It's enough, Anastasia, I am bored to death with listening to your fantasies”.

“Do you consider it to be fantasies?”

“Yes, yes, I do! Fantasies...”.

And at that point I had to stop short.


A thought had flashed in my head commeasuring time and I realized, — everything Anastasia was telling me about her dreams and her son she had conceived in her mind a year ago. She did it when I did not know her as much as I do now.


Here you are, a year later it has happened.

“So, does it mean that everything is interconnected with what is happening now?”, I asked her.

“Of course. If it was not because of them and a little bit of my efforts too, your second expedition would never be possible. As you know, you could hardly manage to make ends meet after your first voyage and to add to it you had no rights to the steamboat”.

“Does it mean that you had influenced the steamship line and the firms which were involved?”

“Yes, it does”.

“You know, you have ruined me and caused great damage to them. What kind of right do you have to interfere like that? Now here I am, I have left my steamboat again because of messing with you. Maybe right now they are robbing me in every possible way. Evidently you have a kind of power to hypnotize people or, even worse, you are a witch. That's it!”

“I have never done anything wrong to anybody and moreover, I just can't do it. I am a human being! If you are worried so much about material well being and money, you should just wait a while and everything will come back to you. I am sorry. I feel guilty towards you because I have dreamed that way. I dreamed that you would have a hard time for a while but at that very time I could think of nothing else. You don't accept logic. You have to be forced by your world life circumstances”.

“Here it is! 'To be forced', that's it! It is you who is forcing me and you are trying to pretend to be a regular human being”.

“I am a human being, a woman!”, Anastasia was excited and it was evident when she exclaimed, “I have always wanted only good and light. It is my only wish. I wanted you to get purified. That's the way I had modeled that you would visit the holy, secret places and write a book. They have accepted it. The Dark Forces have been always fighting them though they never managed to win with the main things”.

“What about you, Anastasia? Are you going to keep aside, to be just an observer having all this intellect, information and energy of yours?”

“At such an extent of opposition of two great sources the effect of my effort is going to be insignificant. The help from other people of your world is required. I shall be looking for them and I am going to find them. I am positive. I'll do it the same way as I had done it before, when you were staying at the hospital. Only you, yourself should acquire more awareness. Let it be just a little bit at least Try to overcome all evils inside you”.

“Now what? Will you specify? What is evil inside me? What was I doing wrong while at the hospital? How could you heal me being far away from me at that time?”

“You simply did not feel my presence but I was near you. When I was on the steamboat, I had a small twig of the Ringing Cedar which my mama had broken before she perished... I left it in your cabin. You had already been sick at that time. I felt it. Do you remember the twig?”

“Yes, I do”, I answered.

It was true, the twig was hanging in my cabin for a long time, many people of my crew saw it; I brought it to Novosibirsk but I never attached any importance toil

“You simply have thrown it away”.

“But I did not know”.

“Yes, you are right. You did not know... You have thrown it away... My mama's twig did not manage to overcome all your sickness. Then you got to the hospital. Just try to recall and look very carefully through the report of your sickness. The report reads that in spite of applying the most powerful medication there was no improvement in your case. After that they gave you a cedar oil injection. The doctor who was following very strictly all required procedures should never have done it. She has done something that does not exist in any of your medical journals. In general it had never been done before. Do you remember it?”

“Yes, I do”.

“The lady doctor”, continued Anastasia, “who was healing you was the head of a department of one of the best hospitals in your city. That department had nothing to do with the disease you had. She accepted you though the department which was supposed to treat that kind of disease was on the next floor of the same building. Am I right?”

“Yes, you are”.

“She was applying the needles to you while nice music was on. The room was half darkened. Anastasia described everything exactly the way it had happened to me at that time”.

“Do you remember that woman?”

“Sure, I do. She was the head of the department of the former regional hospital”.

All of a sudden looking at me seriously Anastasia said some phrases which produced a shocking effect on me.


It made me feel creepy all over my body.

“What kind of music do you like?... All right... Is it good? Isn't it too loud?”, Anastasia was speaking exactly the way the lady doctor had spoken to me, the same voice, the same intonations... It was amazing!

“Anastasia!”, I exclaimed.

She cut me short saying,

“For God's sake, listen to me and don't be surprised. Will you, please, try! Try to realize, after all, what I am saying to you. Will you try to mobilize your mind just a bit at least”.

Then she continued:

“That lady doctor was very nice. She is a real doctor. It was very easy for me to work with her. She is kind and candid. It was I who did not want you to be moved to another department, though her department did not correspond to the type of disease you had. She asked her bosses, 'Let him, please, stay here, I'll heal him'. Because she simply knew that she could. She also knew that your weak spots were the result of something else, there was more to it. She was trying her best to fight that 'something else'. She is a real doctor. Look at yourself. How did you behave?! You did not only smoke, you were drinking spirits as much as you wished. You used spices, pickles and all that was while you were suffering a very severe ulcer. You refused nothing, no restrictions "enjoying yourself.

Somewhere in your subconscious mind a fearless idea was trapped that nothing would happen to you. You even did not realize it in your consciousness. I did nothing good but rather vice versa. The darkness in your consciousness was not reduced. The awareness and will power did not increase. When you were at last safe and sound you sent your greetings on the occasion of a holiday through your lady coworker to the woman who had saved your life... Although, you know, she was waiting your call, she had fallen in love with you just like...”.

“Had she or you, Anastasia?”

“We had, if it is more clear to you”.

I stood up and without realizing it made a couple of steps away from Anastasia who was sitting on a fallen tree.


My thoughts and feelings were messed up and it made my uncertainty towards her grow even more.

“Here you are! Again you don't understand how I had managed to do it. You are getting scared and it is so simple to guess just using your imagination and precise analysis of possible situations. Again you were thinking about me...”.

She became quiet bending her head over her knees.

I was standing silently thinking to myself:

“Why does she keep speaking about all kind of incredible things. While speaking she is getting upset because they are incomprehensible? Evidently she does not realize that any normal man would never understand them and therefore she also will never be accepted as a normal human being”.

Then I came to her, parted her falling locks away from her large blue-gray eyes and saw the drops of tears rolling down her cheeks.


She smiled and uttered a phrase which was not characteristic others.

“A woman is a woman, isn't she? Now you are startled to doubt my existence as a fact and, as they put it in your language, you can't believe your eyes.

You absolutely don't believe me. You can't realize what I am saying to you. The fact of my existence, my abilities and aptitudes seem astonishing to you. You have stopped perceiving me as a normal human being but I am, trust me! I am a human and not a kind of witch.

Why does it not seem to you as astonishing and paradoxical that people have recognized and accepted the Earth as a cosmic body? It is the greatest creation of the Highest Mind, every mechanism of which is the greatest achievement of His.

Now this mechanism is being tormented and the people are creating a tremendous amount of effort to break it down. You take for granted a handmade spaceship or an airplane but all these mechanics have been made of broken and melted parts of the greatest mechanism.

Can you imagine a creature which is breaking an airplane in flight just to make a regular hammer or scraper of its parts. It is getting very proud of itself when it manages to make a primitive tool. Poor thing, it does not realize that it is impossible to break a flying aircraft without limits. Well, really! Why don't you understand that it is impossible to torment the Earth like that.

A computer is an achievement of the human mind but there are few people who can even suspect that a computer can be compared to a prosthetic appliance of a human brain. Can you imagine what could happen to a man if he uses crutches while his own legs are in good shape? No doubt that the muscles of his legs will become atrophied. A machine will never surpass a human brain if it was trained constantly...”.

She wiped a rolling tear from her cheek with her palm and continued setting forth her incredible conclusions.


At that time I could not even assume that everything she had said would agitate many people. She would stir up the minds of scientists and even if it were taken as a hypothesis it would have no analogies in the known world.

According to Anastasia, the Sun is a kind of a mirror. It reflects the radiation coming from the Earth which is invisible to regular vision. Actually this radiation is coming from the people who are experiencing joy or any other light feelings.


Being reflected from the Sun it returns back to Earth as sunlight giving life to everything earthly Anastasia's speech is full of proofs and examples though it is not very easy to understand them.

“If the Earth and other planets would only consume sunlight benevolence”, she said, “then, inevitably, it would have to fade away, burning unevenly and its luminescence could not be uniform. A unilateral process does not exist in the Universe, it could not exist as everything is interconnected”

Then she quoted from the Bible:

“... and the life was the light of the men...”.

Anastasia also stated that one man's feelings, after being reflected from cosmic bodies are being transmitted to another one.

She tried to prove it by examples:

“Nobody among earthly people can deny the feeling anyone is experiencing when being loved. This sensation can be felt even more when you are near the person who loves you. You call it 'intuition'. But in reality a loving person is illuminating invisible waves of light. Though when the person is not by your side, if his love is strong enough it also can be sensed. With the help of this feeling and moreover, when you understand its origin, it is possible to perform miracles. It is exactly the thing which you call 'miracles, mysticism, extraordinary abilities'. Now, tell me, do you feel a little bit better in my company? Well, somehow easier or warmer?”

“Yes, I do”, I answered.

“Now watch, what is going to happen to you when I concentrate on you even more”, she said.

Anastasia lowered her eyelashes, made a couple of steps backward and stopped.


A very pleasant warmth started flowing all over my body. The sensation was growing. Although it burned, it did not make me hot. Anastasia turned and slowly moved away. Then she disappeared behind a thick trunk of a high tree. Yet the sensation of the pleasant warmth flowing on me did not diminish and even a new one appeared as if something was helping my heart to stimulate the blood to flow in my veins. With each beating of the heart the sensation was as if the blood streams were reaching each tiny vessel of my body within a moment.


My feet were sweating a lot and became wet.

“Well, do you see now? Do you understand everything?” asked Anastasia coming out from behind the tree with the triumphant look of a conqueror being absolutely confident as if she had managed to prove something to me.

“You were feeling everything, weren't you, when I was behind the trunk? Your sensations had become even stronger when you did not see me, hadn't they? Go ahead, tell me about them!”

I told her and asked in my turn what the tree trunk could prove...

“You see, before, the light and information waves were moving from me to you directly. When I disappeared the trunk of the tree had to distort my waves greatly as it has the information and illumination of its own. It did not happen. The waves of feelings were coming to you after being reflected from cosmic bodies. To add more to that, they were even reinforced. Then I did something that you may call a "miracle". Your feet became sweaty, didn't they? Why didn't you tell me about it?”

“As a matter of fact, I did not pay attention to it. What kind of miracle could it be when your feet are sweating? What is special about it?”

“I have pushed toxins out of your organism through your feet, a lot of junk and sicknesses. You should feel a lot better now. Anyone can tell that your round — shoulderedness reduced significantly”.

To tell the truth, I felt much better around the shoulders.


So I asked her,

“Does it mean that when you concentrate, thinking of something then your wish comes true?”

“Well, something like that”.

“Does it always work even when you are dreaming about something else besides healing?”

“Always! If my dream is not an abstract one. It should always be specified, worked out in detail up to the smallest events, very precisely and without any contradiction to the spiritual laws of existence... You know, this kind of dream is not always possible to create. It is required that a thought should rush very fast and at the same time the vibration of feelings should satisfy the specific requirements. Then it will be incarnated for sure. It is natural and it happens very often in regular life with many people. Ask your friends. Maybe among them there are those who had dreams and their dreams became true completely or partially “.

“'Working out the details... The thoughts should fly...' Will you tell me, please, when you were dreaming about poets, artists and the book, did you work out everything in detail? Did your thoughts fly?”

“Yes, extremely fast. Everything was specified, worked out in details even trifles, very scrupulously”

“Now, do you believe that it will come true?”

“It will come true, I am absolutely positive about it”.

“Did you dream about anything else at that time? Have you told me everything about your dreaming?”

“No, I did not tell you everything about my dream”.

“Why don't you tell me everything?”

“You... Do you want to listen to me, Vladimir? Am I right?”

“Yes, I do. Go ahead”.

Anastasia's face was lit up, as if it was illuminated with a ray of light.


She produced her incredible monologue with great emotion and inspiration.

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