Chapter 27

“Anastasia, if you are so smart and powerful, then maybe you would be able to help me too?”, I started again.

She looked up at the sky then looked at me again and said,

“There is no being in the whole Universe which could be able to develop itself stronger than man as well as at the same time to enjoy more freedom. All other existing civilizations bent their knees before man. All kinds of other civilizations are able to develop and perfect themselves only in one direction and they are not free.

The greatness of man is beyond their understanding. God, the Great Mind has created man that way. He has given to nobody more than He has given to Man...”.

I could not comprehend or, rather to realize at that time what she had said and asked her again the same question. I was asking for help, not even realizing what kind of help I needed.

She asked me back,

“Well, what do you mean? Do you want me to heal all your physical illnesses? It is easy for me to do. Moreover, I did it half a year ago. However, I did not manage to achieve any results at the most important level. I could not reduce the quantity of the pernicious and dark things in you. They are the distinctive features of the people of your world. All kinds of sicknesses are trying to come back again. 'A witch, a crazy woman hermit, it's necessary to get away from here, the sooner, the better'. Those were the thoughts which crossed your mind, weren't they?”

“Yes, that's right”, I answered with great surprise. “Those were exactly the thoughts. Are you reading my mind?”

“I am just assuming what you may think. It is written on your face. Tell me, Vladimir, don't you remember me, just one a bit?”

Her question surprised me very much and I started to peer into the features of her face. Yes, her eyes!


A vague feeling that I had already seen these eyes somewhere came to me... but where could it be?

“Anastasia, haven't you told me that you were living in the forest permanently? Then, how could I see you?”

She smiled and ran away.


In a while Anastasia came out from behind bushes.


She was wearing a long skirt, brown knitted jacket with buttons. Her head was covered by a shawl which was hiding her hair. Though she did not have the quilted jacket I saw her wearing when I met her for the first time on the bank of the river.


The shawl also was tied around her head in a different way.


The clothes were clean but old fashioned, the shawl was covering her forehead and neck and finally, I recognized her...

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