Chapter 25

“Your brain has been tired by the effort of understanding me yet I would like to tell you a lot more. Right now, Vladimir, you need a rest. Let's sit down for a while”, said Anastasia.

So we did. We sat down on the grass. Anastasia attracted me to her taking me by my shoulders.


The back of my head touched her breast and I experienced a feeling of pleasant warmth.

“Don't be afraid of me, relax”, she said quietly and lay me down on the grass helping me to relax and feel comfortable by dipping her fingers into my hair as if combing it and with the finger tips of another hand she started to give me quick touches to my forehead and temples.

Occasionally she pricked me with her nails at different points on my head. All these manipulations gave me feeling of comfort, peace and enlightenment.


After that Anastasia put her hands on my shoulders and said,

“Now, please, listen attentively and try to distinguish the surrounding sounds”.

I followed her suggestion and I could catch a great variety of sounds which differed in tone, rhythm and duration.


I started to enumerate them aloud,

“The singing of birds in the trees, chirping and clicking of insects in the grass, rustling of leaves and the flapping of wings”.

Having enumerated everything I had heard I stopped and tried to lend an attentive ear to the natural sounds and while doing it I was experiencing a great joy.


It was a pleasure mixed with an awakened interest.

“You have not named something else”, remarked Anastasia.


“Why? What else? That's all. Well, maybe I've missed something insignificant or I just can't distinguish it”.

“Vladimir, don't you hear my heart beating”, asked Anastasia.

To tell the truth, I really did not pay attention to that sound.

“Oh, yes, I do”, I announced hurriedly, “sure, I do. I hear it. I can hear it very well. Its beat is calm and smooth”.

“All right. Now try to remember the intervals between the sounds you can hear. In order to do it you should select the main ones and memorize them”.

So I did.


I picked out the rattling of an insect, a crow croaking, the babbling and splashing of water in the brook.

“Now I shall accelerate my heart beating and you listen attentively to everything that is going to take place around you”.

Her heart beats were becoming more frequent and the rhythm of the nearby sounds followed the changes.


Their tone turned into a higher one.

“It is amazing. It's just unbelievable!” I exclaimed. “Does it mean that they are so sensitive and can react to the rhythm of your heart beating?”

“Exactly. Absolutely all of them. From a tiny blade of grass to a large tree and even a tiny bug. They can respond to any change of a heart rhythm. The trees accelerate their inner processes, they start to produce more oxygen...”.

“Is it the way all plants and animals react when they are near people?”, I asked.

“No, it is not. In your world they don't recognize whom they should react to because people are not trying to contact them. People do not realize the destination of this contact. They don't give them sufficient information about themselves. Such kind of contact can take place between plants and people who are working at their garden strips, but only when they behave the way I've already described to you. First of all, they have to saturate the seeds with information about themselves and start their communication to the plants more deliberately. Do you want me to show you what kind of feeling man could experience if he were enjoying this kind of contact?”

“Of course, I do. How will you do it, I wonder?”

“Right now I am going to adjust the rhythm of my heart beating to yours and you will feel it”.

She pushed her hand under my shirt.


Her warm palm was slightly pressed against my chest. Her heart was slowly adjusting to my heart beating and soon it started to work in unison with mine. A miracle happened. I experienced an extraordinarily pleasant feeling as if my beloved relatives and my mother were nearby A wonderful feeling of softness and healthy well being spread all over my body; my soul was full of joy, freedom and a new understanding of the Universe.

The whole range of surrounding sounds was caressing and telling me the truth. Although I had not realized that feeling completely yet it was felt intuitively. All kinds of joyous, mellow and pleasing feelings which I had never experienced before were merging into one wonderful feeling. Maybe that kind of feeling they call happiness.

As soon as Anastasia started to change the rhythm of her heart beat that wonderful feeling began to fade. It was leaving me.


I asked her,

“Oh, please, Anastasia, not yet, leave it for a while”.

“Sorry, I can't do it for a long time, I have a rhythm of my own”.

“Please, keep it a little bit longer”, I was begging her.

Anastasia gave me the gift of happiness just for a couple of moments more and then everything vanished. Although a tiny particle of that heavenly pleasure and bright feeling, as a recollection about it, was left inside me.


For a while we kept silent and then a desire to hear Anastasia's voice again came to me and I asked her,

“Did the first people on the Earth feel as good as I did? Well, I mean, did Adam and Eve feel the same way? Isn't it something! Just lie down, enjoy yourselves and experience a mellow and pleasing feeling. Here you are, everything is at your disposal... Though it would become boring”.

“Will you tell me, Vladimir, are there many of those who think exactly the same way you do, about the first man, Adam?”, Anastasia asked me in return.

“Well, I guess a large majority of people do. But really, what had they to do over there in Paradise? It was later on when man started to develop himself trying to think up all kinds of stuff. Labor has developed man. Only through labor has man become smarter”.

“It is true. It is necessary to work but the first man was immeasurably cleverer than today and his labor was more significant. It required great intellect, comprehension and will power”.

“All right, what did Adam do, staying in Paradise? Did he cultivate a garden? Well, it is not a big deal. Nowadays every gardener can do it. The Bible tell nothing else about Adam's activities”

“If they would have put into the Bible everything in detail then one would not be able to read it within a whole lifetime. It is necessary to understand the Bible, behind each line of the holy book there is a huge amount of information. Do you want to know what Adam was doing? All right, I'll tell you about it.

To begin with, just try to recall what the Bible says. It is exactly right there. God had entrusted Adam to determine the destination of each creature living on the Earth and give names to them. He has done it. He has done something that till now all the scientific establishments in the world taken together have not managed to perceive”.

“Anastasia, and what about you, do you appeal to God, do you ask from him anything for yourself?”

“What else can I ask for? I have already been given a lot. I must be thankful to him and help him”.

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