Chapter 23

I asked Anastasia about the woman who caused the conflict between Anastasia and her granddad.


I asked why she could not make contact and establish a relationship with that woman and what did she need it for?

“You see”, Anastasia started her explanation, “it is very important when two persons join their lives into one on the basis of spirituality, bondage and attraction. Unfortunately, most of the time, everything starts from carnal desires. Well, for example, you had seen a beautiful girl and a desire of intimacy came to you. Although it does not mean that you have seen a real personality, the soul itself. Very often people join their destinies led only by carnal attraction. This does not last long. So they switch over to another one.


What connects people then?

It is not a very complicated task at all to find your soul mate with whom you can find real happiness. Although in your technocratic world there are a lot of obstacles to it. The woman, I am seeking contact with, lives in a large city, regularly goes to the same place, evidently to work.

Over there or, maybe on her way to that place, there is a man who is her soul mate. They are very closely related spiritually. She could be really very happy with him and, what is of most importance, they could have a child who would be able to bring a lot of good to the world. You know, Vladimir, they would be able to create it in the same impulse we did. This man can't find the way to express his feelings to this woman and to some extent she creates the problem. Can you imagine, when he is looking at her face he recognizes subconsciously his soul mate.

On her part, as soon as she feels somebody's gaze she strains trying, as if by chance, to pull her skirt higher or something like that. By doing it she provokes a carnal desire but he doesn't know her well enough or maybe they have never been introduced to one another. Anyhow this is the reason that he goes to the one who is more familiar, closer to him and available for him to satisfy his carnal feelings.

I would like to prompt this woman on how to behave but I can't get through to her. Her brain is never opened, even for a moment, to realize the message and information involved. It is completely preoccupied with everyday problems. Can you imagine, I was watching her once all day and night long. It's terrible! My granddaddy was blaming me for ignoring my work with dachniks and in general for scattering myself. He said that I was wasting my time and poking my nose into something that had nothing to do with me and my business.

The first thought which would come to her on awakening in the morning: 'What to eat', instead of being happy and welcoming the coming day.


She gets upset just because the food she would like to have is not available. Then she gets frustrated as she does not have enough of something that women usually put on their face in the morning (maybe it is cream or colors). Her mind is always busy trying to figure out the way to get it. She is always late and in a hurry. She is always afraid to miss this or that means of transportation.

At the place where she comes usually her mind is absolutely overloaded and, to be more precise, to my mind, by all kinds of nonsense. She is trying to keep the appearance of being preoccupied with business matters and minding the job she is supposed to do. Nevertheless she is thinking evidently about her girlfriend or just an acquaintance and she is having a feeling of irritation towards her. At the same time she is trying to listen to everything they are talking about. Can you believe, this is her regular routine which is repeated from day to day as if she were a clockwork toy.

When she is back at home and if somebody can see her, she keeps the look of a woman but really she is thinking again about all kind of colors. When at a store she takes a good look at the clothes and mainly that kind which recover her alluring charms, assuming that they would work a miracle though in reality in her particular case everything goes quite the contrary.

When back home again she starts house cleaning. She believes that she is enjoying a rest while staring at a television set. Se messes about with food and the most important thing of all is that she thinks about something good only for a moment. She goes to bed and again, she can't just leave her troubles alone. Isn't it something! She never lets them go! If she could only try to let them go only for a minute during the daytime and try to think...”.


“Wait a minute, Anastasia, will you explain, please, what do you imagine her appearance should look like. I mean her clothes and what exactly should she think at the very moment when that man is near by? What does she need to do in order that he would be able to open his heart to her?”

Anastasia told me everything in detail though I am going to tell you only the main idea as I see it.


Anastasia said,

“She should wear a dress a little bit below her knees, not a low necked one with a white collar and be almost without make up. She should learn to listen to the speaker who is communicating with her with great attention and interests".

“Is that all?”, I asked, being surprised to hear such a simple explanation.

And Anastasia's reply sounded like follows:

“There is a lot behind these simple things. In order to choose the right dress, put on her make up differently and look at a person without false interest she should change her world outlook”.

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