Chapter 22
The Gospel of John

Once on my request Anastasia took me to see the Ringing Cedar, the one her great-granddad and granddad had spoken about. It was not far away from the clearing.


It was approximately a forty meter high tree which towered a little above the neighboring ones.


The distinctive feature of it was its crown. It looked as if it was illuminated, producing a halo around itself exactly like those they depict around the images of saints on icons, though its halo was pulsating. At the very top of the tree one could see a beam which was directed into cosmic infinity. The sight was extraordinarily fascinating and it cast a spell.

I followed Anastasia's suggestion and pressed my palm against its trunk.


I felt vibration or crackling which could be compared with that which we can hear when under a high voltage line, though this one was more resonant.

“You know, it was me who had found out, only by chance, how to send its accumulated energy back to the Cosmos and after that to send it back scattering it all over the Earth”.

Anastasia reported to me,

“Do you see the marks on the trunk? At the very places it was debarked by the she bear which was dragging me climbing up the tree. I tell you, I could hardly manage to make her do it taking me to the first branches. I took a strong grip on the back of her neck. She was climbing up and howling, howling and climbing. That was the way I had managed to reach the first branches and then it was easy for me to climb moving up from branch to branch.

So I went on till I reached the top of the cedar. I stayed there for two days. I tried everything possible. Whatever came to my mind: now I was comforting the tree by stroking it's trunk. Then I started to shout, directing my sound upwards, but nothing seemed to work.

Then my granddaddy and great granddaddy came. Can you imagine what kind of show was happening here at that time? They were standing under the tree speaking strictly to me demanding me to climb down. I, in turn, was demanding from them instructions on what to do, how to handle the problem but they would not.


My granddaddy, can you imagine, he decided to trick me by promising his help in establishing a contact with a woman with whom I had failed to contact. I did want to help her very much. I realized that before he used to get irritated and even angry at me because, as he stated, I was wasting my time on her instead of minding my own business and doing something else. I knew for sure that he was not able to help me because my great granddaddy had tried twice and failed too. Although my granddaddy did not know about it, as we kept it secret from him.

Then my granddaddy completely lost his temper, a twig, started running around the Cedar, switching the twig and screaming at me that I was the most stubborn muddleheaded one in the family. He said that my behavior was illogical. I could not perceive wise advice and he would "educate" by beating me with twigs on my behind. All those speeches and actions he accompanied by whipping the air with his twig. It was so funny and even my great granddad could not help but laugh. I was shouting with laughter too.

At that moment somehow I broke the top branch and luminescence came out of it. I heard my great-granddaddy's voice become very serious with a shade of demanding and at the same time pleading: 'Please, don't touch anything else, my grandchild, come down, be careful, take your time, you have done it already'.


I followed his advice and came down. My great-granddaddy hugged me silently. I could feel that he was trembling then he pointed to the Cedar and one could see that all its twigs were starting to illuminate light.

Then a small beam was created and went away high up into infinity. My great-granddaddy explained to me that the beam had been created at the very place I was shouting upwards, creating a kind of channel for the energy. Then he told me that if I had touched that small beam which was coming out of the broken twig my brain would have exploded.


It happened because that tiny beam had a lot of powerful energy and information and that was why my dad and mamma had perished...”.

For a while Anastasia was silent and then she continued her story:

“They had found a similar Ringing Cedar. Only my mamma was doing everything differently because she did not know. She climbed a nearby tree which was smaller, reached the bottom branch of the Ringing One, half broke it and accidentally lighted herself with it. The branch was directed downwards and the beam went into the earth. It is very bad; it is very harmful when this kind of energy gets into the earth...

When my dad came he saw the beam and my mamma hanging on one hand having a death grip on the branch of the regular cedar. The branch of the Ringing Cedar was in the other grip. Evidently my dad realized everything. He climbed the Ringing One and reached its top. My grand-daddy and great-granddaddy were watching him breaking the top twigs but they would not illuminate. Meanwhile the lower ones were illuminating brighter and brighter.

Later on my great-granddad told me that my dad had understood that if he had only stayed a bit longer he would have never been able to come down but the long awaited beam which should have gone upwards with its pulsating illumination would not appear. Although the tiny beams which were directed downwards were growing in number.


The beam directed upwards appeared only when my dad had half broken a big branch directed upwards. It did not start illuminating right away so he had to bend it directing it towards himself.


When it flashed out he could not manage to unclasp his hands and the beam of the straightened out branch was directed into the sky.

Then a pulsating halo was created. The great-granddaddy said that dad's brain was able to receive a huge flow of energy and information at the very last moment of his life. Somehow that energy could clean his brain from all kinds of information which had been loaded in it before. That was why it was possible for him to gain time just enough to unclasp his hands before the brain explosion had taken place and direct the branch upwards”.

Anastasia rubbed the Cedar's trunk with her hands, pressed her cheek against it and stood still smiling, trying to catch the tree's vibrating sound.

“Anastasia, is the oil from cedar nuts stronger or weaker than the pieces of the Ringing Cedar wood?”

“The same. If the nuts are harvested at the proper time and in a certain proportion to a cedar tree, when it gives them of itself”.

“Do you know how to do it?”

“Yes, I do”.

“Will you tell me?”

“All right. I will”.

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