Chapter 20

When I asked Anastasia to demonstrate her knowledge in the field of engineering she asked:

“What do you want me to do? Shall I tell you how all kinds of mechanisms work in your world?”

“Will you tell me about something involving what our greatest scientists are only getting some hints at or just approaching. Well, lets say on which they are trying to make some kind of discovery”.

“That is exactly the thing I am doing for you all the time”.

“Please, don't try to do it for me. Do it for our scientific world, so that they would be able to recognize this discovery. Do it in the field of engineering, outer space flights, atomic study, machine fuel or rocket propellant since you keep saying that 'everything is very simple' “.

“These fields you've mentioned in comparison with those ones I am trying to explain to you, well, how to be more precise, they could be compared to those in a stone age or something like that”.

“Fine! In your opinion, they are very primitive but on the other hand, at least it would be understandable. You will be able to prove your righteousness and confirm that your intellect is superior to mine. Tell me, for instance, what do you think: our air and space crafts are perfect mechanisms or not?”

“They are extremely primitive and, moreover, they are a confirmation of the primitivism of the technocratic way of developments".

I tell you, such kind of answer pricked up my ears because I realized that she knew for sure immeasurably more than I could possibly imagine by my ordinary consciousness.


Although, I was persistent:

“What exactly is so primitive about our rockets and aircrafts?”

Anastasia replied after making a short pause, as if she was trying to give me an opportunity to realize what she had said before:

“The motion of your mechanisms, absolutely all of them, is based on explosive energy. Just because you don't know more perfect natural sources of energy, you are using this primitive and bulky one with unbelievable obstinacy. Even the consequences of its usage can't stop you. Your aircrafts and rockets have absolutely ridiculous ranges of flight.


They manage to rise over the earth only a little bit on a universal scale, meanwhile, this method, perhaps, has already reached it's absolute limit. This is ridiculous! Just think, an explosive or burning substance is pushing some bulky construction, the one which you call a 'spacecraft'. The largest part of this spacecraft is preoccupied only with the problem of pushing it”.

“Could other principles of moving in space exist?”

“Sure, for example the one which a flying saucer possesses,” she answered.

“What!!! Do you know about flying saucers and the principle of their motion?”

“Of course I do. It is a very simple and rational one”.

I tell you, even my throat became dry, I started pressing her for an answer,

“Go ahead, Anastasia, tell me everything quickly and clearly”.

“All right but you should not worry, while being excited it is difficult for you to perceive anything. The principle of a flying saucer motion is based on the energy of vacuum generation

“What? Please, speak more plainly”


“Sorry, Vladimir, your vocabulary is poor but in order to make myself clear I have to use it”.

“Just a minute, I'll add to it”.

Being very excited I started to burst out the words:

“ajar, a cover, a tablet, air...” trying to name quickly all the words which were coming to my mind at that moment and even harsh words came out of my lips.

Anastasia interrupted me by saying,

“Stop it. It's enough. I don't need it. I know all the words with which you can express yourself, but the bottom line is that there are other words. In general, a different form of information transmission exists. By using it I can explain everything within a minute. Otherwise it would take me two hours to do it. It is too much for you. So, I would rather speak about something else, which I believe is even more significant”

“Oh, no way, Anastasia, speak about flying a saucer, the principle of its motion and energy supply sources. I am not going to listen to anything else till I grasp it”.

“All right”, she proceeded. “An explosion is a state when a hard substance turns very fast into a gaseous state under some kind of influence or during some kind of reaction. It occurs when two denser substances are changing into lighter ones."


“Is it clear to you?”, she asked?

“Yes, it is”, I replied, “Gun powder, if you set it on fire, will turn into smoke and gasoline changes into gas”.

“Yes, something like that. If you or anybody else of your world would have pure aspirations and intentions and based on the knowledge of natural mechanisms then you would have realized long ago that if such kind of substance, which is capable to expand greatly within a moment, does exist. It explodes turning into another state, so then a reverse process should also exist! It's inevitable. In Nature these are live micro-organisms which are changing gaseous substances into hard ones. Generally speaking, all plants are doing it only at a different speed, degree of hardness, density and solidarity.

Just look around, everything is drinking the earth juice, breathing the air and then creating from it a hard and solid body. Let's take wood or, even a more solid and hard thing, a nut or a plum pit. Invisible to the regular eye a micro-organism is doing it at an extremely great speed and it looks as if it is being fed only by air.

These very micro-organisms are the motion power of a flying saucer. They look like brain micro cells. Only functionally, they are narrowly directed. Their only function is a motive one. They perform it to the peak of perfection. They are under the outside layer of a flying saucer's cover and occupy the space in between its double walls. The space between the walls is approximately three centimeters. The upper and bottom surfaces of the outer walls are porous, with micro holes. Through these holes the microorganisms absorb air and in this way they create a vacuum around a saucer.

The tiny air jets become solid before they get in touch with a saucer's surface. As soon as they go through these micro-organisms they turn into tiny balls. Then these balls start to grow, getting enlarged and reach approximately 0.5 centimeter in diameter. After that they get softer and roll from the space they had occupied in-between the walls down into the bottom part of a saucer and there they get changed again into gaseous substances. One can eat them before they get decay”.

“What are these bacteria eating up in the vacuum?”

“In the Universe an absolute vacuum doesn't exist”.

“What are a flying saucer's walls made of?”

“They are grown”.

“How come?”, I asked suspiciously.

“Why are you getting astonished at it instead of thinking more carefully. Many people grow a special kind of mushroom keeping them in different vessels. You know, the one which gives the water a special sour taste. This mushroom takes the shape of the vessel. By the way, this mushroom looks very much like a flying saucer and it also creates double walls. If they put into its water one microorganism more, the process of hardening will take place. This, so-called, micro-organism could be produced or, to be more precise, it should be conceived mentally. It is using man's will power and a kind of very vivid and bright imaginations

“Can you do it?”

“Yes, I can, but my efforts alone are not sufficient. The joint effort of dozens of persons are required. Those who have the same abilities. It would be necessary to work at the project for about a year”.

“Is there everything necessary on our Earth to create or grow, as you say. this flying saucer including these micro-organisms?”

“Sure, on the Earth there is everything that exists in the Universe”.

“How could these micro-organisms be placed inside a saucer if they are so tiny and invisible?”

“When the outside wall is being grown it attracts and accumulates them by itself and in large quantities, just like a beehive attracts bees. Though for this very purpose the efforts of scores of people are also required. Well, there is no sense in continuing this issue, especially to go into details, since you will not be able to grow it, because now no people exist with the proper will power, intellect and knowledge".

“And what about you, can't you help somehow?”

“I can”.

“So, do it”.

“I've done it already”.

“What have you done, Anastasia?”, I asked as I did not understand her answer.

“Well, I've told you already about the proper way of children's upbringing. I'll tell you even more later on. You will tell people about it. Many of them will realize it and their children, while being raised and educated this very way will possess the required intellect, knowledge and will power. Which would provide them with the ability and opportunity to create not only a primitive flying saucer but much more...”.

“Anastasia, how do you know everything about a flying saucer?”

“They landed here and, well, I was in a certain way helping them to repair it”.

“Are they much smarter than we are?”


“Not at all, they are immeasurably far away from man, they are afraid of him. They are keeping their distance, though they are very inquisitive. At the beginning they were afraid of me. They were trying to send paralyzing thoughts. All of them were trying hard making this effort. They were trying to frighten and surprise me. I did my best to calm them down and comfort them”.

“Well, what do you mean by 'not smarter' if they can do the things which man is not yet able to?”

“What makes you so surprised? Bees are also constructing unbelievable things by using natural materials. They build ventilation and heating systems but it does not mean that their intellect is superior and stronger than man's in the whole Universe. Just God's is!”

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