Chapter 19

I asked Anastasia who had taught her to speak if she almost could not remember her mother and father. Her grandfather and great-grandfather visited her very seldom. I was astonished by the answers I got and I believe that only qualified people should try to find the meaning and essence in them. That's why I'll try my best to reproduce the issue the best way I can.


As for me, the essence of it started to clarify only later on.


Instead of answering my question she asked me in return:

“Do you mean the ability to speak the languages of different peoples?”

“What does it mean 'different'? You can speak different languages, can't you?”

“Yes, I can”, answered Anastasia.

“Can you speak German, French, English, Japanese, Chinese?”

“Yes, I can”, repeated she and added, “Don't you see I am speaking your language?”

“Do you mean Russian?”

“Well, it is generalized greatly. I am speaking, at least, trying to speak, using the words and word combinations which you are using in your speech. It was a little bit difficult for me at the beginning as your vocabulary is poor and you repeat very often the same speech patterns. Your senses are also feebly expressed. It is rather difficult for me to express precisely enough everything I would like in using this kind of languages

“Wait a minute, Anastasia, now I am going to ask you something in a foreign language and you will answer me if you can”. So, I said “How do you do” in English then in French. She responded immediately. To my great regret I don't know foreign languages. I was taught German at school and I had only a satisfactory mark."

A whole German phrase came to my mind which we had to learn by heart and I reproduced it for Anastasia.


She stretched her hand and replied in German:

“I am giving my hand to you”.

I was so surprised that I could not believe my ears and I asked her:

“So, what of that? Do you mean that any man could be taught all kinds of languages?”

Intuitively I felt that there was a very simple explanation to this extraordinary phenomenon and I just had to realize it and to bring it to people of our world.

“Go ahead, Anastasia, tell me in my language and, please, try to bring understandable examples”, I asked her getting a little bit excited.

“All right, all right only you should calm down. Relax or otherwise you will fail to comprehend. Let me teach you first of all how to write”.

“I can write. You would better tell me about teaching foreign languages, will you?”


“It is not just how to write. I'll teach you how to become a writer, a talented one. You will write a book”.

“Oh, no, it's impossible”.


“Quite possible, it's so simple”.

Anastasia took a stick and drew on the ground all the letters of the Russian alphabet together with punctuation marks and asked me how many letters there were.

“Thirty three”, I answered.


“Well, you see, there are quite a few letters. Can you call my drawing a book?”


“No”, I answered, “it is a regular ABC, that's it. Just regular letters”.


“But all books in Russian consist of these letters”, noted Anastasia. "Do you agree with this? Do you understand how simple everything is?”


“Yes, but in the books they are placed in different ways”.


“That's right, all books consist of multitudes of these letters' combinations. Man puts them in order automatically being guided by his feelings. It means that, first of all, not just combinations of letters are being born but feelings, being depicted by his imagination. The one, who is going to read it will experience approximately the same feelings and they will stay in memory files for a long time. Can you recall any image or situation from the books you have read?”

“Well, I hope I can”, I answered after pondering for a while.

A Hero of Our Time, by M. Lermontov came to my mind somehow and I started to describe it to Anastasia.


She interrupted me saying:

“Well, you see, you can describe the characters of this book, speak about their feelings though it was long ago since you had read it. If I ask you to tell me the order of the 33 letters of which the combinations were arranged, could you reproduce them for me?”


“No, I can't. It is impossible”

“It is really very difficult to do. So, it means that the feelings of one person have been transmitted to another with the help of all kinds of combinations of these thirty three letters. You were looking at those combinations and forgetting them right away but the feelings and images have remained and been memorized in your long-term memory...


So, it turns out that if a soul's feelings are connected directly with these symbols without thinking about all kinds of conditional characters, the soul will arrange the symbols by changing their combinations.


It does this sequence and later on the reader would be able to feel the soul of the writers."


“Wait a minute, Anastasia, please, speak simply, more understandably. Will you specify and give me any example of a method of teaching foreign languages. You will try to make a writer of me later on, all right. Go ahead, tell me who and how they were teaching you to understand different languages?”

“My granddad”, replied Anastasia.

“Can you give me an example”, I asked trying my best to realize and comprehend everything as soon as possible.

“All right, but you should not worry, somehow I'll find the way to make you understand and if it is so important for you I'll also try to teach you all languages. It's so simple”.

“'Simple' for you but for us, it's unbelievable, Anastasia, that's why, please try to explain. By the way, will you tell me how long it will take for you to teach me a foreign language?”

For a while she was looking at me thoughtfully and then said:

“Your memory has already become poor, all kinds of everyday problems have weakened it. It will take more time with you”.

“How much?”, I was impatient as I was anxious to get the answer.

“Well, for everyday essentials, the phrases like, 'How do you do', 'Hello', 'Goodbye' and so on I think it will take not less than four or, maybe, even six months”, answered Anastasia.

“Only? Now, Anastasia, go ahead, tell me how to do it”.

“He played with me”.

“How did he play? Tell me”.

“You just calm down and relax. Honestly, I can't, for the life of me, understand why you are agitated so much?”

She continued quietly:

“My great-grandpa used to play with me as if he was making fun. When he came to visit me alone without granddaddy, he used to approach me making a deep bow. He would stretch his hand and I stretched mine.


He would shake my hand then stand on one knee, kiss it and say:

"How do you do, Anastasia".

Once he came, performed his regular ritual and, as usual, his eyes were looking at me tenderly but his lips were speaking a kind of abracadabra. I was looking at him with surprise. He started to speak something different and again there was absolutely no sense in his speech at all.


I could not stand it any longer so I asked him:

"What's the matter with you, did you forget what is necessary to say?"

My great-grandpa answered:

"Yes, I did."

Then he moved away for a couple of steps then came to me again, stretched his hand, I did exactly the same. He kneeled before me on one knee and kissed my hand. His look was very tender and sweet. His lips were moving but he did not utter a word, nothing at all!


I tell you, I even got scared and tried to help him:

"How do you do, Anastasia".

"That's right", affirmed my great-grandpa smiling and I realized that it was just a game.


We were playing previously something like that. At the beginning it was easy but later the game started to get more complicated though it was becoming more interesting to play. This game starts at the age of three and is over by the age of eleven. That is the time for a kind of examination.


The essence of it is that while watching attentively one should understand him without words and it doesn't matter what language one is speaking, trying to express oneself.


Such kind of dialogue is more perfect than a vocal one and moreover the speed is higher. You call this phenomenon 'transmission of thoughts at a distance,' considering it almost unreal. This belongs to the realm of fantasy but this is just an attentive attitude towards a person, highly developed imagination and good memory.


Behind it stands simply a more perfect means of information exchange. Although it is much more a cognition of a human soul, the vegetable kingdom and animal world and, generally speaking, the whole Cosmic Creation”.

“Come on, Anastasia! What does it have to do with a plant growing in a plot?”

“Well, what do you mean by 'what does it have to do?' Simultaneously a child is getting to know the vegetable kingdom as a particle of the Universal mechanism. With their help it gets into contact with the parents, and then with the help of the parents the child gets to know the truth fast, very fast.


At the same time the child is developing intensively in the field of psychology, philosophy and the natural sciences. All kinds of sciences of your world have been developed. While this kind of game is being carried out, any kind of handmade object of the artificial world, even as an example, should not be used.


It will mess a child up and no help from the forces of nature or the cosmos could be given to him”.

“I've already told you before, Anastasia, that after all, this child can become an agronomist, and where is he going to get knowledge in other fields of the sciences?”

Anastasia started to confirm that if a person had been educated exactly that way he would acquire the abilities for quick knowledge in any sphere of our sciences.

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