Chapter 17

I inquired into how a piece of land with plantings, if it were planted in a special way, being in contact with man could benefit the education of children.


I expected to hear from Anastasia something like: "It is necessary to cultivate in children a love for nature and so on...". Although I'd been mistaken.


I was shocked by the simplicity of her argument as well as the depth of her philosophical sense.

“Nature and the universal mind created us such that each newly born man comes into the world as a master, a king. He is just like an angel in his purity and innocence. The top of the head, being still open, is receiving a huge flow of universal information and the abilities of each newly born allow him to become the wisest being in the Universe, created in God's likeness.


The baby needs a very short period of time to present its parents with a gift of happiness and bliss. This is the time within which it realizes the essence of the Universe, the reason for man's existence. This happens within only nine years of earthly life. Everything he needs already exists”, says Anastasia.

“The only thing the parents should do, is not to distort the natural cosmic creation, but the technocratic world does not allow this. What does a baby see with its first intelligent look? — It can see only a ceiling, an edge of its cradle, some rags, walls and other treasures of an artificial world created by modern technology. In this world its mother and her breasts exist. 'Evidently, this is the way it should be,' the baby thinks.

The smiling parents are presenting the baby with clanging and squeaking things. The toys are presented in such a way as if they are the greatest treasures in this world. Why? What for?... The baby will be clanging and peeping with them for a long time trying to realize everything with its subconscious.

Then again the same smiling parents will swaddle it with rags and it feels terribly uncomfortable. The baby will try to get rid of these; fighting for its freedom but everything is just in vain! The only way to resist is to cry! Here comes the cry of protest and indignation, asking for help. From that very moment an angel and master turns into a beggar, a slave begging for charity.

They present the child with all kinds of attributes of the artificial world without a break, one after another. Every new toy, new clothes is given as a proper thing, almost like a blessing. They are lisping the baby and in that way involuntarily treat the baby man as an imperfect being and even at those establishments which are meant, as everybody believes, to be for educational purposes, the children are being taught the merits of the same artificial world.

And only by the age of nine do they tell him/ her, just by the way, about the existence of Nature as an appendix for something else, something very important and again bearing in mind the same handmade stuff.

The great majority of people are not able to realize the Truth to the end of their lifetime.


One would think of the question as being a rather simple one:

"What is the meaning of life?"

Still, this dilemma has never been solved. The whole point is: in Truth, Joy and Love. A nine year old child, having been educated by the natural world, has more opportunities for realizing the Cosmic Creation than the best educational establishments can provide in your world”.

“Stop, Anastasia! Evidently you mean 'the knowledge of nature' bearing in mind that a child's life would pass by just like yours? Sorry, I can't take it. I believe that a modern man has to live one's life right there where he is, in our technocratic world, as you call it. Whether it is good or bad there is no way out and this is the bottom line. One will know and feel nature but as far as other things are concerned, he is going to be an absolute profanity. There are such kinds of sciences as mathematics, physics, chemistry and it is absolutely necessary to know life with its social phenomena”.

“Everything you've mentioned are just trifles for the one who has once got to know the essence of Cosmic Creation. If one shows interest for something and manifests oneself in a certain field of science then it will be easy for him to surpass other people”.

“Just like that?”

“A man of the technocratic world has not till now invented anything that does not exist in Mother Nature”.

“Fine! Let everything be as it is. Remember, you have promised to explain how a child could be educated in our conditions, how to develop his skills and abilities. While speaking on this subject, please express yourself clearly and try to give specific examples, will you?”

“I'll try to do my best”, answered Anastasia, ”I've already modeled such kind of situations and tried to prompt one family with what exactly was necessary to do. They had a problem in realizing the key moment and asking their child the right questions. The parents go with their three year old child to their dacha and they carry with them his favorite toys to keep him busy. They should not do it. The child could be involved and preoccupied with something more interesting instead of the senseless and even harmful communication with handmade items.

First of all you can ask him to help you. Only you should do it for real, without kidding and lisping and, believe me, he will really help. If you are going to sow ask him to hold the seeds or rake aside the ground on the bed or put a seed into a hole. While doing it try to comment on your actions explaining to him what you are doing.


For example, you may do it this way:

"We are going to put the seed into the hole and then cover it with earth. When the sun shines and warms the ground the seed will get warm and start growing, it will wish to see the sun and a green sprout will come out, just like this one," and at that moment you should show him any new sprout.


"If the tiny sprout likes, it will become bigger and bigger and eventually it can grow into a tree, just like that or a smaller one. I would like it to bring us a tasty fruit and if you like it you will enjoy eating it".

Any time when you come to your plot with your child or, in case you are staying there, in the morning when he wakes up, the first thing you should do is suggest that the child check up whether a new sprout has come out.


When you see a newly born sprout express a real joy, get happy. When you are planting tomato seedlings let your child fetch you stems one by one. If by chance he breaks any of them, take the broken one and say:

"I think, this one is not going to live, it will not bring us any fruit, it is broken, but, nevertheless, let's try and we'll see."

Then plant at least one broken sprout together with the healthy ones.

In a couple of days when you come to the tomato bed again, he will see the healthy stems which had become stronger and the broken one which is fading. Remind the child that it had been broken while planting. Mind, please, at that moment you should not speak to the child in a didactic tone of voice. Speak and treat him as your equal.


You should realize on the level of your consciousness that in a certain way he is superior to you. For instance, he is superior in purity of thoughts. A child is an angel and if you manage to comprehend this then later on you would be able to act intuitively. No doubt, he will be the very person who will bring you happiness.

When you are going to sleep under a starry sky, take your child with you, put him by your side, let him see the starry sky. Don't try to tell him the names of the planets or to explain their origin and destination the way you understand it because in reality you don't know it yourself.

The dogma which exists in your mind will only mislead him away from the truth. His subconscious mind knows the truth and it will get into the child's consciousness automatically, by itself. The only thing you can do is just to tell him that you like to watch the shining stars and ask your child which of the stars he likes best of all. In general it is very important to know how to ask a child questions.

The following year you should suggest to your child to take care of a small piece of your plot, let him do whatever he likes. You can help, but before you do, ask the child's permission to work together with him. When you sow cereals let him sow seeds too”.

“All right”, I said, “really this way a child will develop an interest in the vegetable kingdom and he could become a good agronomist. How would he gain knowledge in other fields?”

“Well, what do you mean by saying 'where from'? The point is not only what he will know and feel about how everything is growing. The bottom line is he will start to think, analyze and in his brain the cells will wake up which are going to work during his total life time. These cells will make the child smarter, more talented than those people whose cells are still sleeping.

As far as your existence is concerned (that which you call "progress"), your child could become second to none in any field of knowledge and his purity of thoughts, being greater than those others have, will make him more happy as well.


The adjustment with his planets will give him the possibility not only to receive new information, permanently again and again but to exchange it also. His subconscious will receive all of these and pass it to the consciousness as new thoughts and discoveries.


Outwardly he will be a regular man but inwardly...


You would call such people "geniuses"“.

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