Chapter 16

I have already mentioned the way Anastasia becomes inspired when she speaks about plants and people who are communicating with them. I thought that she, living in a natural environment, had studied perfectly only nature. However she also acquired information about planetary structure. It looks as if she has a feeling for it.


Dear readers, it is up to you to judge the idea of sleeping in the open air under the starry sky and the way she speaks about it.

The plants, having received the information about a certain person, enter the information exchange with cosmic forces, but they are only intermediaries. They are fulfilling strictly specialized tasks. These are pertaining to the flesh only and never touch complicated processes which are only characteristic of man's brain out of all the animal and vegetable kingdoms on the planet.


Once being established, the information exchange allows a man to do something which he alone is empowered to do. That is to get in touch with Cosmic Intellect and, to be more precise, to exchange their information. A very simple procedure makes it possible to do and experience the solitary effect of such an influence.


Anastasia sets it forth as follows:

On one summer night when the weather is nice, arrange your lodging for the night outdoors, right under the starry sky. It is recommended to make up your bed not far from raspberry or black currant canes or a space with cereals.


You must be alone.


Lie down on your back facing the stars and keep your eyes open. Just gaze for a while mentally along with the cosmic bodies. Relax, don't strain yourself while thinking about them. The thoughts should be light, free and peaceful. Get into a silent gap.

First of all, try to think about those celestial objects which are easily visible. Then you may dream for a while of something which is for you the innermost: About your loved ones and those to whom you wish all the best.


Don't ever try to think about any kind of vengeance or bear somebody ill will at that very moment. Otherwise the effect could be unpredictable, a very unfavorable one for you. This simple procedure will bring back to life some cells of the great multitudes of sleeping ones in your brain. The great majority of which never wake up during man's life time.

Cosmic forces will join and help you to accomplish the most inconceivable light dreams, to find peace of mind, regulate favorable relationships with loved ones and your dearest.

It will increase or call forth their love towards you. It is very wholesome to carry out this procedure several times. Though it will be effective only at the places of your constant contact with Mother Nature. You will feel the effect the very next morning. It is especially important to do such kinds of procedures every time on your birthday eve.


It would take a lot of time to explain how the whole mechanism works and, to be completely honest, there is no use in doing that right now.


First of all, you will not believe a certain part of my explanations and, secondly, some of them you will not simply be able to understand. It could be much easier with no time to speak about this subject to those who had tried and experienced this influence by themselves.


The information they could get would favor the perception of subsequent experiences."

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