Chapter 14

“In the evening, before you go to bed, it is absolutely necessary to wash your feet. Add to the water some drops of goose-foot or stinging nettle juice. Though you can use both of them but no soap or shampoo should be present. As for the water in which you have washed your feet, pour it out on the beds of your plot.


After that, if it is necessary, you may wash your feet with soap. This kind of evening procedure is very important for two reasons. First of all, as it has been mentioned above, through your feet sweating, the toxins are getting out bringing all kinds of internal diseases. That's why it is absolutely necessary to wash them off, to cleanse the pores.


The juice of goose-foot and stinging-nettle helps and stimulates the process. By pouring the water on the beds of your plot you are providing the micro-organisms of the environment and plants with additional information about your state of health now. Even more than that, which is also very important, the visible and invisible surrounding world can manufacture everything required for your organism to function properly.


It will select these from the Cosmos and the Earth”.

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Chapter 15

I was very interested in one thing,

“What would she say about nutrition”, I wondered.

She herself was eating rather peculiarly.


I asked her,

“Anastasia, tell me, please, what do you think about man's nutrition? What should one eat. When, how often and in what quantities should he eat? Lately, everybody is very fascinated about this subject. All kinds of literature have been written advertising different formulas of medical nutrition and giving recommendations on weight loss”.

“Well, it is difficult even to imagine that the life of man in the technocratic world could be different. This world has been given to man from the very beginning but the dark forces have been always trying to change this healthy, natural mechanism into their very complicated, bulky, artificial systems which are contradicting human nature”.

I asked Anastasia to be more specific and speak more understandingly avoiding her philosophical fabrications and she proceeded:

“You see, nothing but your own organism itself is able to give you a better answer to your questions: 'what, when and how much food is man supposed to eat?'


The senses of hunger and thirst have been given to man by nature exactly for this purpose.


These signal to each human being, in particular, what is the right time for him/her to have food. This exact moment is the most favorable for him/her. The technocratic world can't provide a man with an opportunity to satisfy his/her sense of hunger and thirst at the very moment when the organism requires it. That was the reason why man started to push his/her own organism into the pattern which has been conditioned by his own helplessness.


Moreover, trying to justify it by a certain advisability is what man needs.

Just imagine, somebody is sitting idly, almost sleeping and of course he is saving his energy. Another one is working hard physically or simply running, sweating, losing, dozens of times more energy and they must have their meal at the same time.

Well, man must eat at that time when the physical body tells him/her to do it and the second advisor does not exist. I understand that in the conditions of your existence it is almost impossible to accomplish all my suggestions but for those who have their dacha plots such a possibility does exist! Why not use this wonderful opportunity, putting aside all those unnatural, artificial directives!

I am going to tell you exactly the same thing while answering your question, "what is necessary to eat"?


Anything, at hand at the very moment you feel hunger. Your organism will choose by itself what is necessary for it. I can give you some untraditional advice:

If you have a pet in your house (a cat or a dog) try to watch it carefully as you can learn something from it. From time to time the animals choose a certain kind of herb from a great multitude and eat it. It is advisable to take at least a couple of them and add them to your meal. Not necessarily everyday. It is quite sufficient to do it once or twice a week. It is also necessary to harvest grains of cereals, thrash them, mill, make flour and bake bread.


It is extremely important!


A person who eats such bread only once or twice a year gets the reserve of energy which is capable of activating not only one's inner forces but also influencing the internal state of health. It also effects mood and bring peace to the mind and soul. You can give this bread to your relatives or close friends. It will also influence them beneficially.


It is very useful for man's good health, at least once, in summer time to eat only the fruit and vegetation from your plot. Although you can add to it bread, sunflower oil and a minimum quantity of salt”.

I have already mentioned how Anastasia eats. While speaking, for example, on the subject of nourishment she, just by the way, picked up a blade of grass then another one, started chewing and gave me one. I decided to try it. It's taste was not impressive though it was not disgusting either. The process of nourishment and life sustenance of Anastasia's organism makes the impression that it just relies upon nature. It never prevents her from her thoughts or actions and her mind is always preoccupied by different kinds of problems, that's for sure.

As a matter of fact, her health is an inseparable part of her extraordinary external beauty. According to Anastasia, the human organism, since it has established such a relationship with the vegetable kingdom and the Earth, has an opportunity to get rid of all kinds of sicknesses.


This shows up right away.

Disease itself occurs because Man is moving away from the natural mechanisms which have been designed to watch his/her health and life-sustenance. It is no problem at all for these mechanisms to fight any disease just because it is namely the essence of their existence.


The benefits which man can enjoy once he creates informational contact with a small space of Mother Nature is much greater than just a help in the struggle against diseases."

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