Chapter 13

Anastasia tried to adapt to the conditions of a dacha plot with her own morning procedure and it has come out as follows:

“In the morning, preferably at sunrise, one should go out to the plot bare footed, come to the plants of one's own choice, at random. You may touch them and there is no need to follow any stereotyped patterns or strictly repeat a certain ritual day after day. Just follow your own gut feeling. One should do it before washing oneself.


So, don't touch water.


This is very important as the plants are able to sense the smell of the substances which are being excreted from a body while man is sleeping. They are coming to the surface through the skin pores. If it is warm and there is a small space covered with grass (it is very important to have such), you should lie down and enjoy stretching yourself for three or four minutes...

If any insects crawl over your body don't push them off. Many insects can do a wonderful job of unplugging the pores of the human body and cleaning them. As a rule, those pores are getting plugged through with toxins. They are coming out bringing to the skin surface all kinds of internal sicknesses and in this way giving man an opportunity to wash them off.

If there is any pool at the plot it is necessary to dip into it. If it is not available you can just pour a bucket of fresh water over yourself. While doing it one should be bare footed standing near the beds of plants. It is even better to stand in between the beds or, for example, one morning you can stand near a raspberry cane and next time it could be a blackberry bush and so on.


After the bath in the open air you should not wipe yourself with a towel right away. Wait! It is necessary to shake off the drops of water from your palms on the nearby plants. The drops of water from the rest of your body should be shaken off with your hands exactly the same way.


Only after that can you proceed with your regular morning procedures which you are used to”.

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