Chapter 11

Anastasia stated:

“Every seed planted by someone contains within itself a great amount of cosmic information. Its volume is incomparable to anything manmade. Thanks to this information the seed knows exactly, up to milliseconds, the time when it is supposed to return to life. It knows when to sprout, what kinds of juices to extract from the ground, how to use the energy generated by cosmic bodies like the sun, moon and stars.


It also knows what specific type of plant to become and what kind of fruit to bear. The various fruits are meant for man's life-support. These fruits can fight and resist any disease of a human physical body very effectively and even more powerfully than the best manmade medications existing now and those which will be in the nearest future. In order to fulfill this job a seed has to know everything it could saturate the fruit with and bring them into proper correlation with the necessary substances for the healing process.


It has to know precisely for a certain person concerning his specific sicknesses in case they have them or there is a pre-disposition towards sickness.

To load this kind of information into a cucumber, tomato or any other kind of seed which is supposed to grow in a certain piece of land it is necessary to act as follows:

Before planting or sowing a dry seed (don't soak it) it should be taken into the mouth and kept not less than nine minutes. Then take it in your hands (in-between your palms), hold it for thirty seconds. While doing it one should stand barefooted on the very plot where the seed is supposed to be planted.


After that open your palms, bring your hands close to your mouth, exhale the air out of your lungs right on the seed (or seeds). After that keep it in the open air in the sun for thirty seconds. Now the seed is ready to be planted, so put it into the ground.


Never water it right away after planting! You can water it only three days after planting.

Of course don't forget about the proper time for planting or sowing. The day should be chosen in accordance with the well known moon calendar. Every gardener knows that there are especially preferable days for each kind of crop. It is advisable to plant early without watering when the ground has enough moisture in it. A late planting could be fatal for the seed. Don't destroy around this plant all the weeds when it is developing and growing.


It is necessary to leave at least one kind of each weed. You can cut the weeds without pulling them out so you will not disturb the roots of your plant”.

According to Anastasia, this is the only way for a seed to accumulate, file and process the information about a person. In the process of bringing up its fruit the plant will be getting the most out of the required energy from the Cosmos and the Earth specially for that person.


You can't remove all the weeds around the plant because they are playing their special role as well. Some of them are protecting the plants from sicknesses. Others are supplying them with additional information. While the plant is growing it is necessary to communicate with it and at least once, approach it when the moon is full and touch it.


Anastasia confirmed that the fruits, which had been grown that way from a seed and consumed by the person taking care of it, are capable of healing him/her absolutely from any kind of disease.


It decreases to a great extent, the process of ageing, gets rid of pernicious habits and addictions, greatly increasing mental abilities and bringing peace to the soul. This kind of fruit will give the most beneficial effect if consumed within three days after harvesting, not later.


All the procedure described above can be done with any kind of crop which you grow on your plot. There is no need to sow or plant the whole bed of cucumbers or tomatoes this way. It is quite sufficient to have only a couple of plants for healing purposes.

Before you plant a sapling it is necessary to crumple the soil in the hole with your fingers and the toes of your bare feet and after that spit into it.

On answering my question, "Why with toes?" Anastasia explained that toxic substances are coming out of a human body through the feet sweating. These are containing the information about an organism which had been sick. The young plant would get this information and process it to the fruit, which would be able to fight the sickness.


Anastasia strongly recommended walking on the plot bare footed at least once in a while.

“What kind of crop is it preferable to grow?”, I asked.


“It is quite sufficient to grow the variety which the great majority of the gardeners do: raspberry, black currant, gooseberry canes, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and any kind of apple tree. It is advisable to have a cherry or sour cherry tree and flowers. The quantity of the crops or the area they occupy does not really matter.

There are compulsory crops without which it is hard to imagine a complete energetic microclimate at a plot.


They are:

  • sunflower (at least one)

  • cereals should occupy an area of about 1½ - 2 square meters

  • rye and wheat

It is absolutely necessary to leave a space not less than 2 square meters for various grasses.


This island of motley grass should be only natural. It should not be artificially sown and if you, for some reason have failed to preserve a piece of earth with motley grass in your plot, then it is necessary to bring some turf from a forest. This way you would be able to create a kind of a tiny wild, nature island”.

motley grass field photo


motley grass

I asked Anastasia whether it was necessary to plant the compulsory crops if your next-door neighbor had already had those crops at his/her plot.


If right behind your fence there was a motley grass island or even a whole field of it and her answer was,

“It is important not only to create a variety of plantings but it is very important the way they were planted and direct communication with them is advisable. Because through it a saturation of information is taking place. I've already told you about one way of planting and it is the main one. The most important thing to do is to saturate the surrounding piece of nature with information about oneself.

Only in that case the healing effect and the life support of your physical body would be much higher than just fruit growing. In "wild nature", as you call it, though it is not "wild" at all, it is just strange and unknown to you. There are a great many plants which are able to heal all kinds of existing diseases. They exist only for this purpose! Man has lost or almost forfeited the ability to recognize and determine them”.

I directed her attention to the fact that we had many specialized pharmacies which are dealing with medicinal herbs.


There were doctors, quack-doctors or even witch-doctors who were healing with herbs, but...

“There is only one main doctor and it is your own organism!”, replied Anastasia.


“From the very beginning it has been given to man to know exactly what kind of herb to use and when. Anyone was able to do it subconsciously. Nobody else can substitute you as your private doctor. This ability has been given to you by God.


I am telling you the way to bring it back. A well organized interrelationship with the plants' organic complex at your plot will heal you. It will take great care of you.


The plants will diagnose your condition very precisely on their own and produce the most effective remedy specially destined for you”.

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