Chapter 7

The most unusual and mysterious thing for me while staying at Anastasia's seemed to be her ability to see some people at a great distance and watch their lives. Maybe other hermits also have this kind of ability. She did it with the help of an invisible beam. She claims that everybody has it at their disposal but people don't know about its existence and they can't use it.

She affirms that till now man has invented nothing at all which doesn't exist in nature. The technique, which makes television work, is just a poor similarity to the great potential of this beam.

Just because the beam is invisible, I refused to believe in it, in spite of the fact that she was trying repeatedly to demonstrate how it worked.


She tried hard to explain the principle of its operation and to find intelligible explanations.

“Now, tell me, Vladimir, what is your definition of a waking dream? Are many people able to dream?”

“I believe, many people can dream. A dream is when a man imagines himself in the desirable future”.

“All right. So you don't deny that a man has an ability to model his future and different situations?”

“No, I don't”.

“Well, what's an intuition?”

“Well, intuition... Probably, it's a feeling when a person is thinking without analyzing how and why something could happen, just goes with a flow. Some kind of feeling tells him the right way to act”.

“So, you don't deny the existence of something inside a man which helps him besides common analytical reasoning to define his own as well as somebody else's actions?”

“Supposedly I don't”.

“Perfect,” exclaimed Anastasia, “now a dream! What are dreams, which almost all people have?”


“Well, a dream is... To tell the truth, I don't know what it is. A dream is just a dream”.


“All right, all right. Let it be "just a dream". Anyhow, you don't deny its existence. You and others know that when a person is sleeping, when his body is almost out of control of his consciousness, he can see people and different events?”


“Well, nobody will deny it”.


“Yet, in a dream people can communicate, talk, go through emotional experiences”

“Yes, they can”.


“Well, what do you think, can a man control his dreams, provoke desirable images and events which he/she would like to see?”

“I don't think so. A dream comes somehow by itself”.

“You are wrong. A man can control everything. A man has been created to control everything”


“The beam I am talking about consists, precisely, of existing information, imagination, intuition, soul feelings and, as a result of it visions, just like a dream. These are consciously controlled by a man's will power”.


“How is it possible to control a dream while you are sleeping?”


“Not only while sleeping. One can do it while being wide awake. You see, it is as if you are programming in advance and without failure. With people like you it occurs while sleeping and chaotically. Man has lost his ability to control it. That's why he decided that a dream is just an unnecessary product of a tired brain. In reality... Well, do you want me to try to help you to see anything at a distance right now?”

“Well, sure I do”, I answered eagerly.


“Lie down on the grass and relax, so your body would use less energy. It is necessary that you feel comfortable. Does anything disturb you? All right. Now think about a person you know well enough. Let's say, your wife. Recall her habits, her way of walking, her clothes, the place you think she could be right now and in general, try to imagine everything possible, using the power of your imaginations."

I recalled my wife, bearing in mind that at that moment she could be at our country house.


I visualized the house, some things and furniture. Then many things came to my mind in details but I could see nothing... I told Anastasia about it and she answered,

“Because you can't relax completely. Try to relax as if you are falling asleep. All right. Don't worry. I'll help you. Close your eyes. Put your arms aside”.

Then I felt the touch of other fingers on mine and I started to fall asleep or into a kind of drowsiness...


...My wife was standing in the kitchen of our country house. She had a knitted jacket over her house coat.

“It means that it is cool in the house”, I thought to myself, “again there are problems with the heater”.

My wife was cooking coffee on the gas stove and something else was boiling in the dog's pot.

Her face looked sad and unhappy. Her movements were slack and slow. All of a sudden she raised her head and moving lightly and easily she went to the window. She looked through it at falling rain and smiled. The coffee on the stove came over the edges, she seized the coffee pot with the spilling coffee but she did not frown and was not irritated by it, as she usually would be in such a case. She took off her jacket...


I was wide awake.

“Well, did you see?”, asked Anastasia.

“Yes, I did. But maybe it was a regular dream?”

“Why 'regular'? You had planned exactly to see her!”

“Yes, I did, and I have seen. Where is the proof that she was exactly there, I mean at the kitchen at the very moment I was watching her?”

“Will you memorize this day and time. When you come back, ask her. That's all. Didn't you notice anything else which looked unusual about her?”

“Well, nothing else, I guess”.

“Didn't you see her smile, when she came to the window and the fact that she was not irritated by the spilt coffee?”

“Oh, yes. I did notice that but maybe she saw something good through the window and she liked it”.

“She could see only rain. Rain, which she never enjoyed. Right?”

“Then, why did she smile, according to you?”

“Well, because I was looking at your wife with my beam and warmed her”.


“So, it means that your beam had warmed her and what about mine? Was it cold?”


“You were just watching her with interest, you did not put your feelings into your beam”.


“Does it mean that your beam can warm a person at a distance?"




“What else?”


“It can get and send information, try to improve a mood and partially heal some sicknesses. The beam can do many other different things, it depends on the available energy, power of feelings, will power and desire”.

“Can you see the future and the past, Anastasia?”


“Of course, I can! The future and the past, they are almost the same. The only difference is in outside details. The main thing always remains unchangeable”

“How come? What can be 'unchangeable'?”


“For example, one thousand years ago the people were wearing different clothes. They were using different equipment in their everyday life. Also one thousand years ago the people had exactly the same feelings and emotions as now. Feelings are timeless: fear, joy, love... Yaroslav the Wise, Ivan the Terrible or a pharaoh could love a woman with the same feelings as you or anybody else today”.


“Well, it's quite interesting but not completely comprehensible. What does it mean? You claim that everyone could have such a beam?”


“Sure, Vladimir. Everyone. Even now people still have feelings and intuition, the ability to dream, assume, program and design certain situations, to watch dreams. They did not absolutely lose their abilities, only that these processes have become chaotic and uncontrolled"


“Maybe it is necessary to train people somehow, to develop some kind of exercises?”, I asked.

Anastasia's world outlook is very unusual and amazing:

“What is God, Anastasia? Does he exist? If he does, then why has nobody ever seen him?”


God is Interplanetary Mind or Intellect. He is not a single whole mass. One of his halves is out of the material world of the Universe. He is a complexity of all kinds of energies. His second half is spread all over the Earth in the form of small particles as well as in every human being”.

“What do you think about the future of our society?”

“In perspective the realization of all the destructive nature of the technocratic way of your development will come and you will start to move back towards the Origins, the Primary Source”.

“Do you mean that all our scientists are undeveloped creatures who are leading us into a dead end?”

“I would like to say that through them the process is being accelerated and, accordingly, the realization of the wrong way is coming true".

“Does it mean that all the machines and buildings we are creating are just in vain?”


“Yes, it is”.

“Isn't it boring for you to live here all by yourself without television and telephone?”

“Such primitive things you have mentioned, Vladimir! All these things man had from the very beginning, only in a much more perfect way. I have it at my disposal too”.

“Do you mean a television set and a telephone?”

“Well, what is a television set? - It's an instrument with the help of which some information gets to the human atrophied imagination where the pictures and plots are being arranged. With the help of my imagination I can draw upon any plot or any picture, arrange the most unbelievable situations. Even more to that, I can also take part in them myself and even influence the plot on my own. Oh, sorry! I have expressed myself incomprehensibly, I suppose, haven't I?”

“All right and what about the telephone?”

“A man can communicate with anybody without a telephone. The only required things are: Willpower the wish of both parties and a developed imagination.

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