Chapter 6

Anastasia goes to bed at one of her shelters as soon as it gets dark. More often she spends a night in her den. When it is warm she sleeps outside right on the grass. The first thing that she does on awakening is the rising sun salutation which is exceptionally joyous. Then she welcomes newly born sprouts and shoots which are appearing on the branches and coming out from the ground.


She touches them with her hands, sometimes fixing something.


Then she runs up to small trees and claps and taps on their trunks, producing a wonderful shower of pollen. These are mixed with early morning dew which falls on her from the shaking crowns of the trees. After that she lies down on grass and for about five minutes stretches and twists herself in the state of blissful happiness.


All her skin gets covered with a kind of moistening cream.


Then, having taken a run, she jumps into a small lake where she splashes and dives.

The problems of food or clothes don't exist for her at all; most of the time she is naked or half-naked. She lives on cedar nuts, different kinds of herbs, berries and mushrooms. By the way, she eats only dry mushrooms. She never bothers herself harvesting mushrooms or nuts, or laying in store any kind of provision even for winter.


The numerous squirrels living nearby take care of these problems. It is not extraordinary or unnatural that squirrels make their stocks for winter. It is instinctive behavior. I was astonished by the fact that the squirrels which happen to be around, on Anastasia's sign (snapping of her fingers), run right towards her and racing one another try to jump on her stretched out hand and give her a peeled kernel of nut.

When Anastasia slaps her bent knee, the squirrels produce a peculiar sound, as if calling or informing their comrades. They start to bring and put before her dry mushrooms and other provisions. They are doing it with great joy. I thought that Anastasia was training them, but she told me that their behavior was instinctive.


The mother squirrel by doing it was teaching her children:

“Watch me, follow me, behave like me”.

“Maybe, they were trained by some of my ancestors long, long ago, but to my mind, most likely, it is their predestination. Each squirrel usually lays in store several times more than it could use itself”.

Anastasia commented on the behavior of her adorable providers.

Answering my question, how she manages not to get frozen in winter without proper clothes, Anastasia asked me,

“Don't you know any examples which demonstrate the ability of a human body to withstand cold without any clothes, in your world?”

I recalled a book titled Detka (a child), by Porfiriy Ivanov, who wore only shorts and was always barefooted in all seasons.


The book also relates that during the World War the fascists decided to test his great endurance by pouring water over him. The outside temperature was 20 degrees Celsius below zero and that after that they drove him in a motorcycle. No need to say that the man was absolutely naked...

In her childhood Anastasia was fed not only on her mother's breast milk but also on the milk of different animals. They freely let her suck their milk. She does not make any ritual out of the meals procedure as she never sits down to eat. She merely picks a berry or a plant sprout without interrupting herself from her main occupation of whatever she is doing at that time.

By the end of my stay there I could not help changing my attitude towards the woman, from what it was at the very beginning of our meeting. After everything I had seen and learned, Anastasia had turned into a different being but never a beast. Her intellect was extremely superb. Sometimes it seemed to me that it was beyond the understanding of an ordinary person.

In contrast to many well recognized personalities with extraordinary abilities who surround themselves with a mysterious halo, assuming a secretive look, Anastasia tried to explain the mechanics of her abilities and proved that there was nothing mysterious or supernatural about it or her. She always affirmed that she was a human being, a woman.


She constantly reminded me about that again and again, asking me to realize it.


I did try to realize it, doing my best to find explanations for all those extraordinary phenomena. A human mind in our civilized world is working in one direction: using all possible and impossible ways to build one's mode of living, to provide oneself and one's family with food and to satisfy sexual instincts. Anastasia doesn't waste time bothering herself with all this stuff.


The people who happen to get in a similar situation, as the Lykovs family (above mentioned), for example, have to watch constantly that their life supporting provisions, dwellings and what not are taken care of. Mother Nature doesn't help them the way it does in Anastasia's case. All kinds of native tribes living apart of our civilized world, as far as I know, lack this kind of contact and harmony with Nature.


Anastasia explains it as follows:

Their thoughts and intentions are not pure enough. Nature and the animal world can feel it.

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