Chapter 1

In the spring of 1994 I chartered three river motorboats on which I accomplished a four months expedition up the Siberian river Ob. We started from Novosibirsk, moved up to Salekhard and downwards. The aim of the expedition was to regulate the economic connections with the regions of the Extreme North.

The expedition ran under the name of Merchantman. The largest passenger motorboats was named after Patris Lumumba. (I believe that in the Western Siberian River Steam-Navigation, they give strange names to the ships like: Mariya Ulyanova, Patrice Lumumba, Mikhail Kalinin or some-thing like that, as if there were no other historically prominent personalities in Siberia).

Our headquarters, the exhibition of Siberian entrepreneurs and a store were located on this ship. The caravan was to go to North for about 3,500 kilometers. We were to visit relatively large cities such as: Tomsk, Niznevartovsk, Surgut, Khant-Mansiysk, Salekhard as well as small settlements which are possible to reach with cargo only within a limited period of the navigation season. In the daytime the caravan's ships usually stopped at settlements.


We were trading and negotiating establishing permanent economic connections. We moved on at night. When it was rather stormy, we preferred to moor at any settlement and organize evenings of recreation with dancing for the local youths. Such kind of recreation has very rare lately as all kinds of clubs and Houses of Culture have become very dilapidated.


Cultural and educational work is almost neglected there.


Sometimes we were floating for 24 hours without stopping as there were no settlements, only taiga (virgin forest) all over. The only means of communication for many, many kilometers around was the river. At that time it did not occur to me since it was outside my province, that at one of those kilometers fortune had prepared for me a meeting which would change my life completely. Here at a tiny village consisting of just a couple of small houses, far removed from the nearest big settlement which was hundreds of kilometers away, I ordered the leading ship to be moored to the bank. I planned to dock there for three hours, just to let my people relax while walking around the village.


At the same time it was an opportunity for the native population to buy some goods from us and in exchange to purchase fish and wild herbs at a low price. While there, two local old men addressed me as the leader of the caravan with a very strange request. One of them looked older than the other. The older one was quiet and the younger one started to speak. He tried to convince me to lend them at least 50 men from the crew. I should like to mention that our crew consisted of only 65 people.


They proposed to lead us into the taiga, 25 kilometers away from the riverbank where we were docking. They wanted to cut down, what he called, a Ringing Cedar. The cedar, according to his estimations was almost 40 meters high. He suggested that we saw the tree 'into pieces so it would be possible to carry it by hand to the mother ship. Then they wanted us to cut those pieces into smaller ones so each of us could take a piece for ourselves and a few more to give to our relatives, friends and anybody who would like to receive them as a gift. The old man said that the cedar was not an ordinary one.


A piece of it was to be carried as a pendant on a string. Moreover, while putting it on the chest it was necessary to stand barefooted on grass, pressing it to one's naked chest with the left palm. In a minute one would feel a very pleasant warmth coming from the cedar piece, then one would experience a sensation of a light flash flowing through the body.


On occasion, when one felt the desire, it was recommended to rub it with the finger tips on that side of the cedar piece which was not touching the body. While polishing it, one should hold the piece by pressing the thumbs to the opposite side which does not face the body.


In three months the owner of the Ringing Cedar piece will feel considerable improvement in one's health, and may experience healing from many diseases.

“Even from AIDS?” I asked, trying to explain the symptoms of this disease, telling them what I knew myself from past reading. The man answered confidently with firm belief, “From any illness!”

According to his affirmation that was the least of it. Most important was the fact that the owner of such a piece of cedar would become more kind, more successful and more talented.


At that time I did not know much about the healing power of cedar, but its abilities sounded to me absolutely unrealistic.


Then I told the old men that over there on “the big land” (the industrial areas with big cities) the women preferred to decorate themselves with gold and silver jewelry to attract the attention of other people.

“They are wearing them because they don't realize that gold is dust compared to one piece of this cedar,” he responded confidently.

Trying to avoid argument and paying respect to their age, I said,

“Well, may be... If a great wood carver would apply his skill and create something extraordinarily beautiful..”.

“0ne can carve, of course, but it is better to polish it by oneself, with one's own fingers, when one's soul chooses to do it. Then the piece of cedar will look beautiful outside”.

While saying this he hurriedly unbuttoned his worn down jacket and shirt and showed something which was hanging on his chest. It was a round, protuberance or, rather, an oval thing. There was a fancy, inconspicuous design on it in violet, crimson and reddish brown. The fibers of wood looked like tiny brooks. I am not an expert on works of art, though I have visited a variety of galleries and museums.


The world famous masterpieces did not excite me as much as this fascinating object hanging on the old man's chest. It touched my feelings and emotions much more strongly than my visit to the famous Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

“How long have you been polishing your piece of cedar?”, I asked.

“Ninety three years”, was the answer.

“Well, and how old are you?”, I asked again.

“0ne hundred and nineteen”, he said.

I did not believe his answer at that moment.


He looked not more than seventy five or so. He did not pay any attention to my doubts. The old man, being a bit excited, started to convince me that a piece of cedar would look as beautiful on anyone in three years only.


Eventually it would get better and better, especially on women. The body of the owner would produce a wonderful aroma, incomparable to any perfume created by man. I was aware that the scent which was emanating from both men was very pleasant indeed. Even though I am a smoker yet I could smell it. They say that the smoker's sense of smell is usually weaker. I also noticed that his vocabulary differed from those of the native population.


The phrases and word combinations he used were certainly not characteristic of the inhabitants of the far North. Some of these are still reverberating in my ears, even the melody and intonation.


The old man spoke like this:

“God has created the cedar as an accumulator of cosmic energy. A man, when he feels love, is producing radiation. Within a fraction of a second, this radiation comes back to the earth after being reflected from the planets above and gives life to everything living.


The sun, one of the heavenly bodies, is reflecting an incomplete spectrum of this radiation. Only light radiation from a man goes to the cosmos and comes back to the Earth again solely as a benevolent, positive one.

A man who possesses malicious feelings emanates only dark radiation. It can't ascend so it goes deep down inside the Earth. Having been reflected from the planet's depths, it comes back to the surface in the form of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and wars. The highest achievement of reflected dark radiation is its direct influence on man.


It increases the malicious feelings in him.

The lifetime of cedar is 550 years. Day and night it catches and accumulates all spectrum of light energy through millions of its needle leaves. During the cedar's lifetime, all kinds of objects are passing over it, reflecting this energy. Even a tiny piece of cedar contains more energy than all manmade energy producing units taken together. Cedar receives the emanation from man's energy through the Cosmos.


It preserves and gives the energy back to the Cosmos when its level goes down and accordingly it goes down in man too. This includes everything living and growing on the Earth. It happens, though very seldom, that cedars just accumulate but don't give back the accumulated energy. When such cedars are five hundred years old they start to ring, thus they are trying to communicate.


They give a welcome sign, inviting man to use their energy on Earth for good purposes. Such a cedar produces a vibrating ringing sound for three years if it does not come in contact with people. After these three years, if it fails to give its energy accumulated via the. Cosmos directly to man, it loses the energy by burning it within itself. The torturous process of burning-dying lasts for twenty seven years.


Recently, we have found this kind of cedar. According to our estimation it has been ringing for two years already, it means that only one year is left. It is necessary to cut it and give it to people”.

The old man had been speaking for a long time, his voice filled with a quiet assurance.


When he became excited, he polished his piece of cedar with his finger tips very quickly, as if he were playing a musical instrument. It was pretty cold; a fresh wind was blowing from the river, but his worn jacket and shirt were still unbuttoned.


A member of our firm, Lidiya Petrovna, came down and told us that the crew was ready to leave and they were waiting for me. So I had to say “Good bye” to the strange old men and went on board. It was impossible for me to fulfill their request: three days' delay would cost us great losses. Everything I had been told by those men I took as an extreme superstition or as one of the local myths.


The next day during our business planning meeting I noticed that Lidiya Petrovna was rubbing a piece of cedar hanging on her chest. Later on she told me that after I had left she saw that the old man I was talking with looked very confused and unhappy while watching me leave.


Then he addressed his companion speaking very excitedly,

“How come... I absolutely can't speak their language... I have failed to convince them. I could not! I've failed! Nothing has come of it”.

The one who looked older told him,

“You did not sound convincing, my son. You did not reach their consciousness”


“When I was already walking up the steps”, Lidiya Petrovna went on, “the old man, the one who was speaking to you, suddenly rushed to me, caught my hand, led me down the steps to the grass, took out of his pocket a string with this piece of cedar wood. He put it on me, pressed it to my chest with my palm by putting his hand on mine. Immediately I felt a trembling sensation all over my body. When I was leaving, he kept saying, 'Happy voyage! Be happy, all of you! Come next year. All the best to all of you. We shall be waiting for you. Happy voyage!'"

I recalled that when our motor boat was casting off, I could see the old man waving his hand. Then all of a sudden he sat down on the grass. After a while I looked at them again through binoculars. The old man was sill sitting on the grass. His shoulders were shuddering... The one who was older was bending over him soothing his head.

On our arrival back to Novosibirsk I felt sick with acute pains. The diagnoses were: duodenal ulcer and osteochandrous of the thoracic spine, I was admitted to a hospital. While in the hospital I was shielded from the everyday routine of the outer world by the quietness of the hospital room. It was a nice room, deluxe' for one person, which provided me with a nice opportunity to analyze the results of the four month expedition and make a draft of a business plan for the future.


Memory was bringing me again and again to my meeting with the strange old men and the subject of our discussion. Upon my request friends and family members supplied me with all kinds of literature on cedar. By comparing all the reading I became more and more amazed.


Eventually I started to believe everything the old men had told me.

“Maybe they are right to some extent, or, maybe they were one hundred percent right”, I thought to myself.

The books on folk medicine tell much about the cedar's healing power. Everything, starting with the needle leaves to its bark has highly efficient healing qualities. That was what the books said repeatedly. They reported that the texture of cedar wood looks very beautiful and it is widely used by craftsmen. I learned that it is good for furniture. It is also used for the resonance boards of musical instruments. The cedar's conifer has highly fitocidic properties and the ability to disinfect environmental air.


The cedar timber has a special, very pleasant balsamic flavor. If you put a small piece of cedar wood in a house, it will keep moths away.

Popular scientific literature also points out that the quality of cedar growing in Northern areas is much higher than those in the South. Back in 1792 academician P.S. Pallas wrote that the Siberian cedar nuts rejuvenate man's power. They also bring back youthfulness, stimulate the immune system considerably, increasing the physical body's resistance against many diseases. World history knows a great number of historical phenomena directly or indirectly connected with cedar. Here is one of them.

A half literate countryman, Gregory Rasputin, from a remote Siberian village, was from the region where Siberian cedar grows.


He came to Moscow in 1907 when he was already 50 years of age. He startled the royal family, where he was heartily welcomed, because of his prophecies; He was sexually involved with many distinguished ladies. Those who were trying to kill him were shocked by the fact that having been hit by many bullets, he was still alive. His vitality was amazing. The secret was that he had been brought up in the region where cedar grows and he had been fed on cedar nuts.

The journalists of that period summarized his endurance:

“At 50 years of age, he could start an orgy at noon, continuing his drunken ordeals till 4 a. m.. After erotic involvement and drinking heavily he went right to church for morning services where he prayed till 8 a.m.. After returning home, he drank a lot of tea as if nothing had happened before, Grishka received visitors till 2 p.m.


Then accompanied by a group of ladies, he went to a Russian bathhouse with a steamer and then went directly to a suburban restaurant. There he repeated the previous night's performance. No ordinary man could possibly stand up to that kind of routine”.

Today, the several times world and Olympic champion in wrestling Alexander Karelin, currently unbeatable, is also a Siberian, again from the region where Siberian cedar grows. The strong man has eaten cedar nuts all his life.


Is this by chance?


In Russia people usually wish you a “Siberian health”. I am just giving you the facts which one can find in press issues or popular science literature or what living witnesses can prove. One such witness is the previously mentioned Lidiya Petrovna, who had received the piece of Ringing Cedar wood from the old man. She is thirty six now, married, a mother of two children.


Her colleagues who are in touch with her have noticed the great changes which have happened to her. She has become more benevolent and smiles more often. Her husband, whom I know also, has told me that lately they have more mutual understandings. By the way, he mentioned that his wife had even become younger looking and has stimulated more feelings in him, and, to add to it, more respect and even love had appeared in their relationship.

Yet, all these facts and proofs are nothing in comparison to the most important ones which anyone can find in the Bible. After reading the Holy Scripture all my doubts disappeared like morning fog.


The third book of Moses in the Old Testament teaches how to heal people and disinfect houses with cedar,

“... the priest shall order that two ritually clean birds be brought, along with a piece of cedar wood, a red cord, and a sprig of hyssop”

(Leviticus 14,4)

When I compared all the facts and information collected from different sources, the world's wonders fade compared to this one. Namely that the great mysteries which keep exciting human minds seem insignificant compared to the mystery of a Ringing Cedar.

Now there are no doubts for me as far as its existence is concerned. Popular science literature and ancient scripts have scattered all doubts. The Bible mentions cedar forty two times in the Old Testament. Moses from the Old Testament, evidently knew about cedar much more even than the Old Testament records.

We are used to the fact that Mother Nature provides us with different plants capable of healing different human diseases. Popular science literature proves the healing abilities of cedar. In addition, many serious and authoritative explorers such as the academician P.S. Pallas concur. At the same time they all agree with what the Old Testament says.

Now, I would like you to pay attention to the following facts: The Old Testament, pointing out cedar and only cedar, does not mention any other trees but cedar alone. Doesn't this mean that cedar is the most powerful of plants existing in the realm of Mother Nature? What is it? Is it a medicinal organic unit?

Yet, that is not all. The following story from the Old Testament reveals much more enigmatic things. King Solomon was building a temple of cedar which had been transported from Lebanon.


He asked King Hiram a favor:

“... So send your men to Lebanon to cut down cedars for me. My men will work with them, and I will pay your men whatever you decide. As you well know, my men don't know how to cut down trees as well as yours do...... So Hiram supplied Solomon with all the cedar and pine logs that he wanted, and Solomon provided Hiram with 100,000 bushels of wheat and 110,000 gallons of pure olive oil every year to feed his men”

(1 Kings 5; 6,7,9,10)

What kind of people were they? What kind of secrets did they know?


I've heard that even now in the remote villages, deep in the taiga there are old men who somehow can choose cedar trees for construction purposes. But at that time, more than two thousand years ago, I believe, everybody must have known this. However, even at that time very special people were required for construction work with cedar.


The temple was constructed; they started inauguration services and see what happened:

“... when all the leaders had gathered, the priests lifted the covenant box and carried it to the Temple... and put it in the Most Holy Place... There was nothing inside the covenant box except the two stone tablets which Moses had placed there at Mount Sinai, when the Lord made a covenant with the people of Israel.... As the priests were leaving the Temple, it was suddenly filled with a cloud shining with the dazzling light of the Lord's presence and they could not go back in to perform their duties...”

(1 Kings 8,5,6,9,10,11)

What kind of a cloud was it? How and from where did it enter the temple? What did it represent? Was it an energy? A spirit? What kind of phenomenon was it and how was it interconnected with cedar?

The old man spoke about a Ringing Cedar as an accumulator of some kind of energy... What kind of energy? What cedar is more powerful: a Lebanese or a Siberian one? Academician P.S. Pallas has told us that the healing qualities of cedar increase as one is moves closer to the border of forest tundra. This means that the Siberian one is more powerful.


The Bible reads:

“... judge it accordingly to the fruit”.

Which means, that the Siberian one wins again!


Why is this not more widely known? The Old Testament, the science of the previous century and modern texts are of the same opinion about cedar, no contradictions exist!

The Mother of Agni Yoga Teaching or Living Ethics, Helena Roerich, has said:

“... At the kings' inauguration rituals of ancient Khora-Sana a cedar tar chalice was always present Druids called a chalice of cedar tar a "Chalice of Life" and only later on, when they had lost their spiritual consciousness was it replaced by blood. The Zoroastrian Fire came as a result of burning down the cedar tar in the chalice”.

Specifically what did our forefathers know about cedar? Has its properties and actions been hidden till now? Could it be nothing? Does it belong to so called “lost knowledge”? What do the old people know about it?


Then suddenly something came to the surface of my memory, the age old event which produced shivering all over my body, though, at that time, I did not give any meaning to it.

At the beginning of our perestroyka (the period which followed the crash of communism) I, being a president of the association of entrepreneurs of Siberia, got a call from Novosibirsk oblispolkom (the regional executive committee). At that time the executive committees and regional committees of CPSU still existed. So I was asked to come to the meeting with a highly recognized western businessman.


He had a letter of recommendation from our government. Some of the entrepreneurs and the members of the staff from the regional executive committee were present at the meeting. The western businessman looked like “a white shark”. He had oriental features. He was wearing a turban, his fingers were decorated with expensive rings.

We were speaking, as usual, during these meetings about possibilities of cooperation in different fields.


Then all of a sudden he said,

“We could buy cedar nuts from you”.

While he was saying it, some kind of tension overwhelmed him, his sharp eyes stared, examining the reaction of those present.


I have remembered this situation very well because even at that time I was surprised, thinking to myself,

“Why has he changed like this? What does it mean?”

After the meeting was over the lady interpreter from Moscow who was accompanying him came up to me and told me that he would like to talk to me.

The businessman said confidentially that if I organized absolutely fresh cedar nut delivery, I could have, besides the official price, considerable personal benefits. It would be necessary to deliver the nuts to Turkey, where they produce some kind of oil from them. I promised him to think the proposition over.

Now, I've made up my mind to investigate this issue and find out what kind of oil it was. I've managed to discover that at the London Stock Market, which is a world price standard, cedar nut oil costs, up to five hundred American dollars per kilogram. We were asked to deliver cedar nuts approximately at a price of two to three dollars per kilogram for cedar nuts.

I called one of my colleagues in Warsaw and asked him to investigate whether it was possible to reach the consumer directly as well as to get the technology of its production. In a month I got the answer that it was impossible either to reach the consumer or to get any information about the technology. Generally speaking, in this field the Western forces that were involved would rather stay away from it and forget about it.


After that I turned to a good friend of mine who works at the Novosibirsk Institute of Potrebcooperatsiya (consumer cooperation) K. Rakunov. I purchased cedar nuts, financed the labor expenses and in the institute laboratory they produced one hundred kilograms of cedar nut oil. I also hired people who have discovered some interesting papers in the archive documents, which revealed that in pre-Revolutionary Russia and for a while after, there was an organization in Siberia under the name of Siberian Cooperator.


The members of this coop were trading all kinds of oil including cedar nut oil. They had representatives in Khabarovsk, London and New York. They had a lot of money in Western banks. After the revolution the organization fell apart and many of its former members left Russia.

Krasin, a member of the Bolshevik government, had a meeting with the former chief of this organization and suggested to him to come back to Russia. But he answered that he would help Russia even more if he was out of the country.

The archive materials read that the cedar oil was produced with the help of wooden presses (no metal should be involved) in many remote Siberian villages. These were located deep inside the taiga. Its quality depended on the time of harvesting and nut processing. However, we failed to determine the particular time of harvesting: neither the archive nor research institutions could find out this information. The secret has been lost.


The cedar oil's healing properties have no comparison.

  • But could it be possible that the secret has been sold somewhere in the West by somebody who immigrated from Russia?

  • How do they explain the fact that the greatest healing remedy, the cedar nut which is growing in Siberia, and the unit which is producing its oil is situated in Turkey?

  • And what kind of forces in the West did my colleague from Warsaw mention?

  • Why is it impossible to touch this issue?

  • Aren't these forces pulling from the Russian Siberian taiga the healing remedy of unbelievable power?

  • Why, having such healing wealth of the cedar products, which is so powerful and has been proved by centuries, even millenniums, are we instead spending millions or even billions of dollars buying Western medications and swallowing them like crazy?

  • Why are we losing the knowledge which belonged to our quite recent ancestors, those who lived in our century?

  • Do we need to speak about the Bible's precious readings which describe the events of ages long ago?

  • What kind of strange forces are trying so hard to erase from our memory the knowledge of our forefathers?

Moreover, they recommended to us “not even to stick our nose in it” as if it is not our business. They are trying to erase these things from our memory... and they have managed to do it!


Somehow this realization made me so angry.

“Well” I told myself, “whatever it will cost me, eventually I will fry to find out something”.

I decided to repeat the expedition along the Ob river to the North, using for this purpose only the leading motor boat Patrice Lumumba. I loaded the holds with different goods. The movie hall was modified as a store. I had to employ new people. For some reason I did not want to take people from our company. While I was distracted from my regular business, the financial situation got worse.

Within two weeks after our departure from Novosibirsk my security guards reported to me that the talks about Ringing Cedar had been overheard. According to the security service guys, among the newly employed staff there were speaking intelligently “strange people”.


I started to call to my office some of the people from the crew, talked to them about the forthcoming campaign into the taiga. Some of them were ready to go even for free. Others asked big amounts of money as the journey into the taiga had not been commissioned by the agreement which they had signed. Of course there was a great difference between staying at the comfortable motor boat and hiking into the taiga for 25 kilometers and carrying luggage on one's back.

By that time I was completely short financially.


I was not going to sell cedar, as the old man had said that it was necessary to give it as a gift. Moreover, the most important thing for me was not the Ringing Cedar itself but the secret of producing not just cedar oil but the healing one from regular cedar.


Generally speaking, I was interested in any kind of information on this issue. Eventually, with the help of information from the security guards I became convinced that somebody was watching me. Especially when I came off board, though their goal was uncertain. Who was behind those who were watching me? I thought hard and decided to avoid doubts and mistakes.


The best way was to outwit all of them.

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