Research in ether physics was seriously pursued from the early 17th century almost to the middle of this century, by the greatest minds in science and experimental philosophy. The following is a brief accounting of the main contributors and their theories:

- Rene Descartes (1596-1650)

a. A dynamic vortex ether
b. a theory of celestial vortices

- Johann Bernoulle (1667-1748) - Deduced Kepler’s laws from Descartes' vortex theories.
- Isaac Newton (1642-1727)

a. Mathematical theory of gravity
b. corpuscular theory of light
c. free space completely empty

- Michael Faraday (1781-1867) - Electric, elastic solid ether (Tesla’s later theory based on this).
- G. C. Maxwell (1831 -1897) -Ether vortex theory revived in electromagnetism field.
- George Stokes (1819-1903) - Dynamic ether (reconcilable with Descartes' ether vortices).
- HA. Lorentz (1853-1928) - Theory of a quiescent stationary ether (C.F. Krafft called it “stagnant” and a close forerunner to the Poincare-Einstein theory of relativity).
- Michelson-Morley Experiment (1881) - Proved already weak Lorentz theory wrong, and inconclusively forced a choice between:

a. a dynamic interstellar ether ala Descartes and Stokes; or,

b. empty space without ether ala Newton and Einstein (the prevailing theory).

- Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) - 1893-94 Dynamic Theory of Gravity, based on Faraday’s “electric elastic solid ether”, and J. J. Thomson’s “Electromagnetic Momentum”:

a. All bodies have electrical content, mass a product of ether swirls
b. dynamic, elastic ether composed of independent carriers in an insulative fluid, which permeates all space and all bodies;
c. movement of bodies generates microwaves (electrostatic forces) by inductance principles
d. microwaves rigidify the ether within a body’s electric field
e. movement of bodies through rigidified ether, containing tubes of electric and magnetic force, creates gravitational interactance

20th Century Ether Vortex Theory

a. Hydro mechanical ether without atomic oscillators (no ordinary frictional viscosity);
b. ‘idealized’ quasi frictional viscosity;
c. polarity controlled without energy dissipation.

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Application of the Hall Effect

The above outline of theories shows the ‘questions’ of ether and gravity by no means settled, but it is my theory that a more or less complete and correct ether theory, based primarily on Tesla’s theory, is possessed and used by the Secret Government, which developed and propagated Relativism to fill the void of the missing theory, in order to conceal and preserve ether physics for their exclusive use, while preventing the technology from damaging their interests under national security orders which prohibit us from using it.


Otherwise, why would Tesla’s 100year-old theory still be classified? This concealment can be documented by a conspicuous lack of clarity and completeness in the use of such principles as the Hall effect to propel act only fluids, but solid masses, since it seems to apply to flying saucer propulsion. While I have found at least one group of patents for propulsion systems based on the Hall effect, the inventions inappropriately use the Hall effect only to pump air and electrons, not the ether, in a circuitous route only a few inches between electrodes. They missed the point entirely, which seemed to be the point of the patents, to discredit the Hall Effect as a viable application to propulsion.

With the Hall effect, the pulsing of electric input, rather than a steady D.C. current, increases the output.1 This is consistent with the increase in electromagnetic reactance, at the fourth power of the increase in frequency. Tesla was therefore able to use his coil to produce “pseudo- electrostatic”, D.C. pulses, which are not high frequency A.C., to produce his brush.

As determined by Nikola Tesla in his tests 2, at sufficiently high frequency and voltage, the ether (“Omni Matter”) becomes “solid state”, which means that it behaves similar to a solid mass under such circumstances. This obviously tended to confirm Faraday’s theory of an “electric, elastic, solid ether” (solid to heat and light, but which allowed solid bodies to pass through). Tesla stressed the space between two electrified plates, in his original experiments, and also explored “unipolarity” of a single electrode or plate, as on a flying saucer surface, as it reacts with space and other matter.


Tesla’s tests of a saucer by 1915, tended to confirm his theory (along with the subsequent theories of J. J. Thomson and William Thomson), as it applied to electro-propulsion. The surface of a saucer draws in the tubes of force, which are dissolved in the conductor creating a propulsive force which is 1040 times stronger that the G-force constant, to provide the motive force. This is no more than a juxtaposition of the Hall effect as used in magneto-hydro-dynamic (“M.H.D.”) generators and pumps.

Since the rigidified Omni Matter is ultra fine, it can pass into the attracting surface, carrying the tubes of force into the mass, where they are forced to dissolve by the high frequency ‘blocking’ current on the other end, leaving the Omni to pass through the body of the saucer and everything in it, and out the other side, with the only perceptible effects being acceleration of mass and the creation of momentum in the saucer and its contents.


All physical bodies are ‘saturated’ with Omni Matter, and their atoms and molecules ‘fly through’ the Omni Matter like a flock of geese fly through the air. A better conception of what is happening with a flying saucer can be visualized by loosely analogizing it to a squid, which sucks water in one end and squirts it out the other like a jet, propelling the squid through the water, with the exception that the saucer experiences no internal turbulence or pressure.


1Hall Effect Manual. Beckman Instruments, Inc., Helipot Division, Fullerton, California (1963).
2T.C. Martin (supra).


With saucer propulsion, the Omni Matter is stationary in respect to the universe, but dynamic in respect to the earth and matter of which the saucer is composed. The saucer moves through the rigidified, “meta-solid” ether permeating it, by pulling and pushing against it, by use of the Hall effect. By forcing the ether to move through the saucer, the saucer moves through it. This movement is obtained by inducing the tubes of electric and magnetic force to enter the saucer surface, then stripping them away to impart momentum to the conductive parts of the ship, as the Omni pass on through where they acquire new tubes after they exit the ship’s posterior.

The ether carriers are exchanged through the saucer’s electrified surface, behaving like a fluid mass capable of entering into the surface and passing through the saucer as it moves, leaving behind the momentum which is the product of the dissolved tubes of force, in satisfaction of the “equal and opposite’ force rule. The internal contents of the saucer are not adversely affected, since it is “internally” accelerated at the same rate, in the same direction, instantly, by the dissolved tubes of force. The electromagnetic force pumps the ether which creates the tubes of force (“micro- helical tubes”) through the mass of the saucer.


These tubes are the source of inertia, momentum, polarity and precession, and can be turned on, off, or re-oriented instantaneously, to accelerate, decelerate, or change the saucer’s direction instantaneously. The reaction between normal solid matter and the ether with its tubes, generates and gives rise to inertia/momentum, and gravitational effects. The effects of such sudden changes on objects and people inside the saucer are canceled with the re-creation of new effects inside the conductors, as the tubes of force are dissolved in them, which insulates the ship’s contents from the effects of the tubes.

Normally, the individual ether carriers, possessing individual tubes of force terminating on them, create a resistance (“inertia”) to changes in rate of acceleration or direction of a body. As the body is forced through space, the individual tubes of force are united, enter, and are dissolved in the moving body, tending to perpetuate its movement (“momentum”) in its direction of travel, at 90 degrees to the tubes of force and the generated current, resisting changes to the state of motion


The micro-helices are of approximate atomic diameter, have pitch (angle of momentum) and angular velocity (at C, which means the saucer may only move at a maximum percent of the velocity of light). At a constant velocity, the micro-helices are without friction, according to the principle I call “The Law of Conservation of Perpetual Motion”, which means that, with the micro-helices in parallel motion, the mass of the body reacts with the ether and ZPR in such a way as to counteract any internal friction. This is the reason that, at a constant velocity, when the micro-helices resist changes in pitch, momentum, or polarity—analogous to inductance phenomena—there is no inertia (internal ‘friction’ caused by changes in orientation or pitch of the micro-helices).


If the body encounters external force which acts to slow it down, the momentum of the micro-helices tends to conserve the motion, by ‘screwing’ each of the atoms in the ‘micro-helical tubes’ forward, along their polarized, parallel axes. The normal acceleration of a body through the ether creates the electromagnetic conditions originating the momentum, and which are synthesized by saucer electro-technology, in which both momentum/inertia is switched, and the saucer turned on a dime by reorienting the electromagnetic polarity and momentum.

Using the method discovered by Tesla, under special circumstances created by “p2”, the potential of the ether to react as a continuous, electrically conductive, rigidified elastic fluid, is revealed, in respect to the negatively charged saucer surface and mass.


The high frequency, high voltage negative pulses, carried by the saucer surface in one direction, create a magnetic field across the surface at 90 degrees to the current, causing the mass of the saucer to accelerate in a direction normal to the surface (at 90 degrees to the current and magnetic field), according to the Hall effect, as the ether carriers and tubes of force are pumped through the criss-crossing electric and magnetic fields on the saucer surface, where the tubes of force are separated from the ether carriers and dissolved in the conductors, as the stripped ether carriers pass on through the saucer mass, and out the other side (as in an MHD pump), where they acquire new tubes of force.


The total electromagnetic force, which is 1040 times stronger than the G force,1 accelerates the ship at fantastic speed. All of the normal inertia/momenturn forces in space are manipulated by the saucer’s powerful electromagnetic effects, by being forcibly “eaten up” on one end, with the saucer’s movement being the “equal and opposite” effect..

There is a deceptive effect of the so-called gravity force, which makes it appear to ‘penetrate’ mass under normal conditions. This is demonstrated by holding one body above the ground, with a second body held above it. The G force appears to ‘go through’ the lower body, to pull the second, upper body down, with the force apparently not being blocked by the lower body. The force appears to be linear, penetrating, and undiminished and unblocked by other mass.


These false appearances (what Einstein called “apparent effects”), are in reality a natural deception, resulting from the tendency to falsely assume that gravity is a force exerted at a distance through “empty space” between the bodies, by mysterious, unknown characteristics endemic to the bodies (in the absence of Ether Physics), when in fact, the force is exerted between the bodies and the ether existing in and between all bodies, due to the electrostatic (‘microwave’) interactance created in the interpenetrating ether rigidified by these forces.


As stated by Tesla 2,

“...But place a gaseous (or liquid) column in an intense, rapidly alternating electrostatic field set the particles vibrating with enormous speeds, then the inertia resistance asserts itself. A body might move with more or less freedom through the vibrating mass, but as a whole it would be rigid.”

Obviously, if the G force is so infernally weak in comparison to the electromagnetic force, it is scarce wonder that it could not really be such a “penetrating” one, where it would take an X-ray of several million volts to penetrate the two bodies. The force is exerted linearly between a smaller body and the earth, on the ether within each body, because the earth’s electric field of influence has rigidified the ether, displaced it, and upset the equilibrium in the vicinity of the two bodies, which requires the smaller body’s movement toward the center of the earth, as an equal and opposite reaction to the electrostatic forces.


The movement of a smaller body in space above the earth, and within its field of influence, upsets the equilibrium of the ether, and pumps it upward through the smaller body, due to the electrostatic forces generated in the body and the earth by their movement through space. The tubes of force are unified and drawn into the smaller body and dissolved in it, thus accelerating the body downward, which is called “gravity”, and erroneously thought to be a mysterious “attraction” between the two bodies.

The masses and movements of certain bodies in relative proximity, cause their electrostatic effects on the ether in their vicinity, to accelerate the bodies toward one another, almost as if they were one body.

1The Electromagnetic Interaction (supra).
2Nikola Tesla, Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency (a lecture delivered before the Institution of Electrical Engineers, London, 1892)

Gravity and inertia/momentum involve electromagnetic polarization created by special unipolar electromagnetic (electrostatic microwave) radiation, resulting from disturbance of the ether and its ZPR transmissive characteristics. With every change in the axis of polarization of a body at rest or in motion, inertia/momentum must be overcome. Do these forces, once magnified by this technology, represent a danger similar to X-ray?


The answer appears to be paradoxical, in that gravity is not really ‘penetrating' anything, but is only a reaction within and between atomic matter and the ether which does penetrate everything. While the high voltage emissions on the exterior of a saucer obviously represent a type of danger, the internal contents may be quite safe, due to adequate shielding and insulation Through common sense, injury should be avoided The deceptive apparent effects have thwarted our attempts to understand that inertia, centrifugal force, and momentum are all created by the same interaction between atomic mass, ZPR and ether within or near a mass, as the mass moves (since all mass is in motion).


On our planet, the electric field of influence dominates that of other smaller bodies in its proximity, including the moon, just as the sun’s electric field dominates that of the planets in the solar system as a whole, etc. Being within earth’s electric field means that the characteristics of the ether and ZPR have been polarized displaced rigidified to some degree, and otherwise altered and extended for some distance around it, so that on a macroscopic scale, bodies are made to behave as if they were a part of the earth’s mass, or earth’s mass system. The solar system is similar to a giant atom.

Under special ‘synthetic’ electromagnetic conditions, the characteristics of the medium (ether and ZPR) as the source of inertia/momentum, are altered increased or canceled as one chooses, instantaneously. The normal requirement that such forces must be mechanically counteracted is circumvented by electromagnetically re-polarizing the forces within a body as it moves through the natural medium, in the direction desired In order for a body to overcome the earth’s gravity, an alteration of the same ether/ZPR reactions which are occurring within the mass of the earth, must be reversed within that body.


The polarity of the momentum can be synthetically oriented in any desired direction, and increased or decreased as the body’s electric field can be magnified (to mimic that of a much larger body), canceled (diminished to that of a non-existent body), or adjusted to whatever level and in whatever direction desired. In so doing, the effects of earth’s electrostatic forces are overcome by forces created from within a relatively tiny body, due to the gravitational-to-electromagnetic force conversion constant which allows it to be much stronger.

Though gravity, like X-rays, appears to penetrate mass even more than X-rays, this is a misperception. Gravity causes no known damage to organic life as X-rays do, since the reactions between mass, ether, and ZPR are non-interactive in the frequencies of nuclear or molecular ionization of our organic beings, on our saucer, except on its surface, and create no reactions internally which could result in radioactive organic damage. These reactions are controlled by superficially applied electrostatic force, which affects the interpenetrating ether, without altering internal nuclear structures or organic life.

Microwaves do not ordinarily penetrate metallic surfaces. Ether and ZPR permeate all mass, operating in a different way. X-rays are damaging to cell life, while gravity is not, affecting mass in a non-radioactive way, by conditions created by the natural electromagnetic resonance of all gravitational bodies. The microwaves measured by Tesla, emanating from the earth, are generated by its movement through space, as a result of earth’s mass and electrical content, cutting through
lines of sun’s magnetic field


The driving force behind earth’s movement through space, is the giant current passing from the sun, through space, through the earth, and back to the sun, which imparts momentum to the earth 1, by drawing tubes of force into the earth through the Aurora Borealis (earth’s ‘brush’), where they are dissolved. Norwegian Astrophysicist Hannes Alfven recounted how Kristian Birkeland’s measurements showed that,

“...magnetic fields generated by the aurora are so localized on the ground that they can only have been produced by nearly vertical currents—aligned along the magnetic field of the earth..” 2

As Eric Lerner explained, Alfven discovered that plasma clouds moving in the magnetic field of the sun, generate electric currents which flow to the sun, after which giant currents, with trillions of amps, flow out of the sun along solar magnetic field lines, into the earth’s aurora, through the earth, back through the cloud, and back to the sun at its equator, and so forth, transferring momentum to the earth.

An oscillating electromagnetic dipole is always changing, and if designed properly, produces an externalized negative pulse radiating from a saucer, which, while affecting ether and ZPR both within and without the saucer, is not destructive to organic life. The key is ‘positive’ versus ‘negative’ radiation. Penetrating positive radiation (such as X-ray) reacts with nuclear mass within its frequency range, and transmutes it, while ‘negative’ radiation tends to react with the outer electronic structure of matter, and does not normally transmute nuclear mass, though the collisions of high energy electrons with nuclear mass can give rise to X-rays, by penetrating outer electron cloud barriers and entering into nuclear space, resulting in the excitation and relaxation of atoms, with the periodic emission of X-radiation.


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The Precession Problem

Tesla’s original flying saucer was apparently plagued by the problem of precession. It was for this reason that the Germans named it the “Kreisel Teller” (“Gyrating [precessing] Saucer”), which exhibited the behavior of a spinning top, especially when hovering, giving rise among speculators that the saucer’s anti-gravity properties were created somehow by gyroscopic action. The mass of a spinning object in a state of uniform (angular) momentum, possesses uniform oscillations in axial and planar polarity.


The axial polarity is uniformly precessing (rotating), while the radial polarity is also uniformly oscillating. Is the precessive force exerted parallel to the rotational axis, or perpendicular to it? Clearly, though we are more aware of the oscillation of the spin axis, the force of precession could just as well be exerted through the plane of rotation, as a twisting force directly related to the variations in frequency of toroidal micro-helices formed within a spinning body, due to the progressive difference in velocity between the mass near the center, and that along the outside.


It could be due to an undulating wave motion within the ocean of ether saturating all bodies, which varies in frequency and angle according to the motions of individual bodies. It is related to the spinning of the tubes of force, unified and drawn from the ether into spinning bodies, and dissolved in them, and the rate at which they transfer momentum to the spinning bodies, similar to how earth’s momentum is transferred from the currents in space.

The hydrogen atom resonates magnetically at 42.6 million times per second. This is its “NMR” (Nuclear Magnetic Resonant) frequency, the frequency at which the axial magnetic poles of the hydrogen atom precess, or oscillate. This oscillation is very fast as compared to the precession of a top, yet the same rules govern both bodies.

1Hannes Alfven, Existence of Electromagnetic Hydrodynamic Waves, NATURE, vol. 150 [Oct. 3, 1942], pp. 405-6.
2Eric Lerner, The Big Bang Never Happened, Random House [1991].

It would be impossible for a top to precess at 42.6 MHz., because its inertia and mass properties would cause it to disintegrate under ordinary circumstances, but the precession of its individual atoms at that frequency presents no such problem Since a rotating body absorbs the tubes of force, translating them into momentum, perhaps the oscillations of the spin axis is determined by the rate at which momentum is transferred. Generally, the difference between the precessive frequencies of the hydrogen atom and the top, appears to relate to their comparative masses, which have a great difference in the momentum involved.


By recreating the electromagnetic effects with an internal generator in a space ship, the ship will behave as if it were a single giant ion, having specific precessive effects peculiar to that body. If the electropulsive technology puts the atoms of the ship into a sort of “population inversion”, it is possible that the precession of the individual atoms is transferred to the entire ship.


The speculator looks for a “spinning body” when he observes precession, while the more intelligent thinker realizes that the precession of a large spinning body is more than likely due to a non-apparent electromagnetic effect having its origin in the reaction between the spinning atomic mass of the body, the unseen atomic matter and ZPR within the body, and the ether and tubes of force in the space in which it precesses. The phenomenon may not require a spinning body, but may be due to synthetically recreated electromagnetic reactions of a spinning body, on a non-spinning body.


The precessive motion can be related to the cumulative electromagnetic effect of spinning electrons in a magnetic field, transferred as precession to the body.
The electropulsion used on a flying saucer may cause it to precess as if it were spinning or contained a spinning mass, just as electromagnetic conditions cause any spinning object to precess. The precession I witnessed may have been the result of one of Tesla’s large alternators, being turned by a turbine. Since the rate and angle of precession was directly proportional to its rate of acceleration, consistent with a turbine turning the alternator faster to generate progressively more power.


Whatever the cause of the precession, it seems endemic to and problematic with the propulsion system. If an internal spinning alternator were responsible for a saucer’s precession, it would be difficult to isolate the rest of the ship from the effects of its gyroscopic action, unless it were placed on gimbals. As such, it could be used as the “master” gyrocompass, to be conveniently coupled with the Peiltochterkompass, to provide the navigational necessities of the saucer.


If it were bolted rigidly to the airframe, the gyroscopic action would not permit the ship to be maneuvered in the manner observed, because it would resist being turned perpendicular to its rotational axis, and could only be turned around the plane of angular momentum. It would have been impossible for a saucer to turn the 90-degree vertical angles at high speed such as I observed in 1953, even using the so-called “Coanda effect”, because the angular momentum of the gyroscope would have to be entirely canceled instantaneously, and reoriented and reactivated with each such turn, and such a possibility could only be effected electromagnetically, not gyroscopically.

In respect to aerodynamics, I was embarrassed for a fellow ‘UFO’ researcher, who claims to be a physicist, when I discovered in one of his books, that he believes that fast moving air from prop wash is “compressed” air with higher pressure than surrounding air. He apparently was unaware of the fact that aerodynamic lift is created by low pressure (faster moving) air, and was further confused by the fact that fast moving air has greater propulsive force (as an ‘equal and opposite’ thrust reaction due to an increase in its momentum, transferred to it by an aircraft), which is the main principle of rocket and jet propulsion.


In applying this misconception to a little toy styrofoam ‘UFO’ which uses a model engine and propeller in its center, to suck air across the annular ring-shaped airfoil around it, to create lift as well as downward thrust, he entirely misunderstood the means by which the toy stayed aloft. In this particular toy, the styrofoam ring to which the engine mounts are attached, is allowed to counter-rotate from the torque of the engine. This causes a certain amount of the air to be drawn along with the ring, due to molecular adhesion and viscosity.


So in addition to the Bernoulli effect, the Magnus effect is added, to create further lift, by increasing the height and pressure drop in the burbles above the upper airfoil surface (I’m sorry, but it isn’t easy to bullshit me on aerodynamics). The ‘physicist’ attempted to make the case that UFOs’ work on the principle of “gyroscopic action”. The problem was, both the engine and ring were rotating on the same plane, so any “anti-gravitational” force purportedly created by the outer mass, was counteracted by the counter-rotating engine.


He had merely discarded aerodynamics completely, and by similar reasoning, he should have claimed that helicopters, airplanes, dirigibles, and gyrocopters are all “anti-gravity craft”, and in point of fact, did just that In my 1993 version of Space Aliens... (pg. 126), in passages written years before, I also made out a case for gyroscopic forces acting in “semi-defiance to gravity”, but that argument is based on the generation of excess negative charges which are sufficient to alter the gravitational reaction, but still insufficient to create “anti-gravity” as compared to mere weight loss. It is also probable that many aircraft gain extra lift by accumulation of excess negative charges.


Were the earth’s magnetic field many tunes stronger than it is, a gyroscopic device might possibly generate sufficient negative charges to defy gravity completely, but this is not the case, and the ‘physicist’ was unable to cite a single principle—either of ‘accepted’ or ‘dissident’ physics—supporting his baseless theory, though he mentioned the research of others showing anomalous weight loss, most likely caused electrostatically. If he based his claims on their findings, and nothing more however, he wasn’t entitled to call it “his discovery”. Oh! His discovery of their discoveries and my book.

I knew that this ‘physicist’ had read my book (since he nastily asked me about something in it), but I have a nebulous suspicion bordering on certainty that he is a witting O.S.I. agent recruited from the KGB when the Soviet super-state fell apart, under orders to misinform the public, to counteract the potential effects of the ideas in my book, although he is possibly just another plagiaristic charlatan who wants to “steal my thunder”, by ‘taking a few ideas’ and misusing them.


He is frustrated by my preemption of material collected under Operation Paperclip in 1945, altered by the O.S.I., and recently disseminated in Europe concerning German flying saucers, which is depicted as La La Land misinformation typical of OSI liars, concocted to lure “new-age-prone” people away from the true theory. The dingy theories just don’t hold water, and the gut feeling persists that they’re the work of OSI misinformation squads. Besides, would the OSI release such information to a German group if it was true? Uhh, here you are, Hermann.... the flying saucer secrets you’ve been asking for. Be sure and tell everyone.

In this book, I publish a valid, complete, “new” theory of gravity, for the first time (Tesla’s 1893-94 Dynamic Theory of Gravity being never published that I know of), and the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The fact that this O.S.I. guy—supposedly educated as a “physicist” in the Soviet Bloc—has stuck his neck into a pseudo-intellectual noose, is proof that the CIA is in a panic. He not only failed to convince me that he ‘discovered anti-gravity’ or is a “dissident scientist” as he claims, but in his apparent ignorance, failed to ‘one-up’ me as he intended.


If he were not C.I.A, he would still be a sucker for the CIA/OSI misinformation, spread through its German collaborators, ostensibly based on misinformation—altered and screened by the O.S.I.—released through the “Hermann Goering Branch of the Knights Templars”, in Bavaria The fact that he failed to mention my book, though very familiar with it, indicated that he is possibly a former K.G.B. agent, now a witting O.S.I agent, recruited by the CIA as the Soviet system collapsed. His claim to be a “dissident scientist” is apparently based on my writings to that effect, since I called myself that in my first edition.


He parrots a slightly altered contradictory O.S.I. party line’, dictated by the status quo of UFOlogy, including an esoteric, mystical propulsion system, and a purported ‘anti-gravity propulsion system’ based on gyroscopic action, which will never get off the ground. The Illuminati absolutely doesn’t want anyone to get lift-off, and despite unfounded rumors, nobody has done so with gyros, or with any other ideas spread by the OSI. ‘Founded’ rumors hold that experimenters—several with PhDs in electrical engineering—are getting lift-off with models following my designs.


The dummy “air conditioner vent” stuff based on the work of Victor Schauberger (as well as the alleged propulsion system for ancient East Indian Vimanas), looks like just so much farting in the wind The “World Energy Grid” and ‘harmonics’ stuff of “Captain” Bruce Cathie (Ret.) of New Zealand also has nothing to do with saucer propulsion, since flying saucers fly independent to an “earth-grid”, on internally generated power, reacting with the ether, tubes of force, and ZPR. Pseudo-“ancient”, hocus pocus propulsion systems’ are neither feasible nor explained, as usual, and are what one would expect from diploma-mill ancient history O.S.I. PhD.s, or ‘retired’ military aviators, attempting to impress us with military credentials. So, you want to waste ten years trying to make it work, huh?

Any serious, intelligent physicists, interested in understanding the true nature of gravity and a unified field’, would have to conceive of the interrelated movements of celestial bodies throughout the universe, as evidence of an integrated system of perpetual planetary arid celestial motion, radiation, nuclear physics, and electric and magnetic currents, fields and effects. It is a circuitous, eternal process, in which ‘energy’ can be neither created nor destroyed, only changed in form


These forces continuously transmute in nature, whether or not humans use them to perform “work”. Perpetual motion is the rule and not the exception. All energy and matter is conserved in changing forms, exchanging forces, effects, or matter, “using nothing up”, and equaling zero. The Illuminati pseudo-scientists have labored so diligently for so long to talk us out of these obvious facts, and to convince us that we need Standard Oil of New York, etc., forever, and don’t you forget it!

In the Big Lie Mass Psychological Control System, paranormal propaganda serves the purpose of stretching the public’s credulity, so it will accept the Big Alien Liesused to conceal flying saucer technology—on faith, not reason. In physics, Relativism serves the same integral false purpose, by stretching the credulity of physicists, so they will accept the Elastic Space-Time Continuum and Big Bang cosmography on faith, not reason.


The Paranormal beliefs, combined with Relativism, completes the two essential tasks, by opening the way for acceptance of the alien lies, and opening the way for denial of a scientific explanation for flying saucer propulsion. By substituting Relativism for Ether Theory—which purports to solve problems it does not solve—establishment physics has no rational explanation for gravity, momentum, and flying saucer electric space propulsion.


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This book is related to the following list of little-known, officially suppressed, or publicly unknown facts:

  1. An American citizen (naturalized), Nikola Tesla (an atheist and a capitalist), invented the flying saucer, before 1900, and reduced it to practice by 1915.

  2. The American government helped the Nazis steal the invention from Tesla, through a secret 1936-38 project, at Los Alamos, New Mexico (then called the “p2” project), under the direction of the Baron Wernher von Braun, who was simultaneously collaborating in rocket research with Dr. Robert Goddard near Roswell funded by the American Rocket Society (The Smithsonian Institution and the Guggenheim Foundation).

  3. The American government later helped Wernher von Braun, under the Nazi project (a forerunner of the Trilateral Commission) and CFR/Illuminati (who still retain control) remove the “KT-p2” Projekt (“KT” is for “Kreisel-Teller” [German, for “Gyrating Plate”], and “p2” is the electronic designation for Tesla’s dipolar propulsion system) to Germany, in early 1938.


  4. The Nazis, who developed and used the flying saucer during the war (called “Foo-Fighters” by us, “Fireballs”, “Flying Saucers” [Fliegende Untertasse], and “Flying Turtles” by them), were unsuccessful in developing appropriate weapons for it until too late. They traded it to the U. S. government and corporations during the stalemate of 1945, in exchange for amnesty for numerous persons (including many war criminals), and for other concessions and guarantees.


  5. The U.S. government (N.S.A., O.S.I.), on behalf of the Trilateral Commission/CFR, continues with and enforces a Nazi-originated “Big Lie” program, in which it perpetuates the hoax that flying saucers (“U.F.O.s”) are:

    1. Extraterrestrial in origin

    2. psychological phenomena (“collective consciousness archetypal images”, ala C. G. Jung)

    3. swamp gas

    4. “free-floating plasmas”

    5. piezo-electric effects

    6. ball-lightning

    7. other natural phenomena

    8. unknown life forms

    9. hallucinations

    10. non-existent

    11. hoaxes by attention-seekers

    12. the products of hysteria, insanity, etc., etc.

  6. The German navy surrounded the U.S. with 24 U-boats, armed with (V-6?) I.C.B.M.S, having celestial guidance systems, and armed with neutron bomb warheads, trained on key American cities and centers, in a 1945 stalemate.


    German Admiral Karl Doenitz negotiated a secret truce and amnesty agreement with American authorities, under which he was required to order all 24 U-boats “...scuttled, with all hands on board...”, under the agreement, pursuant to which Nazi skippers opened the hatches and the subs and all men on board went to the bottom Under Operation Paperclip, all Nazi scientific research materials, most of their important scientists, and the “KT-p2 Projekt” technology, were transferred to the U.S. and to the CFR corporations, thus attempting to insure that the Illuminati would retain control of the materials.


    Certain unusual security procedures were initiated to insure this, including the “sacrificing” of some major German scientists to the Soviets, to plant misinformation, and to insure that the hoax was successful.

  7. During the war, German scientists bypassed development of the “atom bomb”, and built and tested the neutron bomb. German field Marshall Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps were originally sent to North Africa to test the neutron bomb, as well as Tesla’s “death ray(which freezes whole armies); this technology was acquired by American corporations, held chiefly by David Rockefeller, and was later sold in part back to the U.S. government and tested in the ‘60s, and the same technology was again sold to the U.S. government in the “70s and ‘80s, as “Star Wars” (“SDI” or “Strategic Defense Initiative”) technology.

  8. Over 15,000 German military, technical, intelligence, and support personnel were brought to America (mostly New Mexico—Manzano Base, Sandia Base, White Sands Missile Range, Alamogordo, Holloman A.F.B., Los Alamos, etc.) with the KT-p2 Project, in Sept., 1945, at which time, under Operation Paper Clip, Wernher von Braun became Director of Research, U.S. Army Ordnance, Ft. Bliss, Texas; he and his 116 top rocket and flying saucer scientists commenced rocket and flying saucer R & D. at White Sands Missile Range, and Alamogordo.


  9. Howard Hughes’ “Glomar Explorer” was built to retrieve the 24 scuttled German U-Boats, before terrorists or unfriendly governments found and retrieved the subs, missiles, bombs, and related technology. The WW II German “Electro-U-boats” were powered by a type of magnetic-electric generator (invented by an American named Dort, of Virginia), based on a Tesla oscillator, which was superior to nuclear power.


    Further details about the German ‘ship’, the Graf Zeppelin, are included in this book; Adolf and Eva (Braun) Hitler were daringly rescued from the Berlin Fuehrerbunker by a flying saucer, flown by test pilot Hanna Reitsch and long distance flight expert Hans Ulrich Rudel.


    The Hitlers were later protected by the secret amnesty agreement, for the remainder of their lives under protection of the N.A.T.O. alliance, in Kassel, Germany, ironically the home of an international monument to the Holocaust. The Hitlers even visited Hemisfair, the World’s fair at San Antonio, Texas, in 1967, on the invitation of L.B.J.


  10. Part of the original deceit,

    1. was under way at Wright-Patterson A.F.B, Ohio, even before the German surrender

    2. Edgar Cayce was already employed as a technical writer, to revise, adapt, and resume the propaganda work pioneered by Hans Hoerbiger, Hitler’s personal guru and astrologer, the official “father of parapsychology”, and designer of the Nazi “Big Lie” system, in which the public’s credibility ‘window’ is wallowed into a giant hole, allowing the indiscriminate acceptance if faceless authority and whatever the government says

    3. the U.S. government even hired an Ohio naval law professor (and genius) to revise and popularize “Astara” (“Ostara” to Hitler), the Nazi religion based on the Bonpas (Tibetan black magic) religion, imported from Tibet to Germany by general Karl Haushofer, an ordained Bonpas priest, as the basis for the S.S., financed and set up on instructions of the British-American CFR, in 1919

    4. the S.S. Bonpas worshipped “Kali Ma” (“Bloody Mother”). This cult founded the ancient Thugee cult of India, and was the basis for the Society of Assassins

    5. the concepts of this weird religion related to the mass extermination of people, through many means, including assassination, extermination, and war, as the basis for all 20th century totalitarian movements

  11. Most forms of mass communication are primarily controlled or produced by the Illuminati, through,

    1. the secret agencies of our government, to brainwash the public, in the most monumental hoax in history, to socio-economically control the world, and to perpetuate lies designed to obscure the flying saucer’s man-made origin and use (as well as to steal and conceal or monolithically control all other advanced technology)

    2. the government hires consultants, contract script writers, and teams of PhD.s, to create and disseminate Big Lie propaganda, in countless pulp magazines and newspapers, and finances and produces books and movies of the Close Encounters of the Third Kind ilk, to perpetuate the “extraterrestrial” myth

    3. the government controls and manipulates the press, hires lecturers, and organizes and funds UFO groups

    4. it stages “abductions”, using actors, drugs, and sets

    5. Operation Blue Book was set up at Wright-Patterson A.F.B., to retrieve leaked information and plug leaks, disseminate misinformation, falsely represent “expert, objective, scientific opinion”, and to ferret out ‘problem people’

    6. mystical organizations (such as A.R.E.Association for Research and Enlightenment—part of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, of Virginia Beach, Virginia [conveniently close to CIA headquarters]) — are created for the same purposes, and set the stage for the type of mass psychological control of the public required for totalitarian control by mystical cults, such as “Communism”, “Naziism”, “Synergy”, or “Parapsychology” cults

  12. Flying saucers operate on basic, simple, sound (but very carefully obscured) scientific electrical and physical principles, known for over 100 years; Nikola Tesla’s discovery has been concealed for over 60 years, and all public sources were thoroughly scoured by the F.B.I, in 1942; the flying saucer uses the electromagnetic interaction, which is 1040 times greater than the gravitational interaction, to move huge saucers at fantastic speeds, in apparent defiance to the laws of physics as currently taught, with almost no net energy consumption; they can be powered by unlimited electrical energy extracted from ordinary atmospheric air, based on Tesla’s ca. 1900 discoveries; (NOTE: this book tells how to build your own flying saucer.)


  13. “E.S.P.” and “psychic phenomena” movements (based on Hans Hoerbiger’s original Nazi “parapsychology”) are orchestrated and promoted by the N.S.A., as part of the continuation of the original Nazi Big Lie program, to dupe and brainwash the public, and to induce unquestioned faith rather than reason; this clandestine manipulation by the government is an unconstitutional abridgement of the U.S. Constitutional First Amendment prohibition against the government’s recognition or promotion of an “establishment of religion” (i.e., generally, a mystical belief system based on faith rather than reason).

  14. As an underlying cause of the “Holocaust”, a proposal was made by the U.S. Government to the Treaty of Versaille Committee, in 1919. In a document known as “Morgenthau’s Pastoral Policy”, signed by president Woodrow Wilson (drafted by his Illuminati advisor, Hans Morgenthau, Sr.) and presented at Versaille. Under it, the U.S. attempted to make, as one of the provisions of the German surrender, the extermination of all Germans, as an “inherently warlike race”, and the “reduction of Germany to a pasture land”. The document, examined by me in 1968, was among the papers of former president Lyndon Baines Johnson, now kept in the Sid W. Richardson Research Center, at U.T., Austin, named for my third cousin.

  15. The “cattle mutilations” phenomenon is an ongoing program of the CIA’s Special Operations Division. ‘Biological samples’ are removed by specially trained flying saucer crews, from thousands of cattle grazing in remote areas, for analysis, to measure radiation-caused auto-immune-deficiency and reproductive sterilization effects, after the cattle have been subjected to irradiation by “Death Ray” devices under development since the ‘60s. Since 1979, the saucers have bombarded members of the public, under the MK-NAOMI Program of the CIA, for purposes of population control” (i.e., extermination).


    Government scientists use special surgical devices, standard blood coagulants, and cryogenic technology, enhanced by microwave equipment, to remove the cattle blood (and ears, lips, tongues, mammary glands, genitalia, anuses, etc.); afterward, the carcasses are returned and air-dropped from flying saucers, back into their original pastures; the mysterious circumstances are then misconstrued by government-spread rumors of “extraterrestrials”, attributed to “Satanist cults” or other cults created by the government, or “coyotes and other natural predators”, etc. (Of course, MAN is a “natural predator”.) (For more on this, see Chapter III: I Meet a Government MLB. in Santa Fe: Hollywood on the Take, and Chapter IV: Sightings)

  16. The Antarctic “Ozone Hole”, which U.S. government scientists pretend to be at a loss to explain—yet blaming it on ‘aerosol sprays’—is probably the by-product of three nuclear missiles, armed with hydrogen bomb warheads, which were launched from the Antarctic by the U.S. military, on Aug. 27, Aug. 30, and Sept 9, 1957.


    The warheads were detonated at a 300-mile altitude, to create a reflective spherical layer of ionic particles surrounding the earth, to bounce radar impulses between the layer and the earth. The Strategic Air Command’s global “backscatter” radar system, operated from the North American Air Defense (NORAD) command center deep beneath the earth at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, thus became operational in 1957, in time to verify that the Russians fired the rocket which launched Sputnik.

  17. The N.S.A. protracts a false “national security” veil, to continue concealment of flying saucer technology, creating false fears of ‘rampant anarchy, ‘chaos’, and other exaggerations and ruses, before N.S.A. committees, to justify continued secrecy, and to continue to deny public access to or to declassify the technology. (If society isn’t ready for it, how can THEY be?)


  18. The true scientific principles of gravity have been misrepresented, confused, and concealed by “Big Brother”, even in school books read by our children, just to conceal flying saucer technology, to protect the energy cartels and the mixed-economy socialist political power structure from losing its illegitimate parasitic grip on us.

  19. In 1893-94, Nikola Tesla, a patriotic naturalized U.S. citizen, of Serbo-Croatian birth, discovered a new theory of energy and gravity, called the Dynamic Theory of Gravity, which represented a unified field theory. Tesla’s energy equation, “C = E/R”, and Tesla’s application to the Swiss Patent Office, for his flying saucer patent, was made while Albert Einstein was a second class patent clerk there. Einstein’s work was an Illuminati conspiracy to obliterate Tesla’s discoveries, so the Illuminati could control flying saucers and create our energy slavery.


  20. The government’s policy of looting and suppressing ideas from independent scientists, inventors, and thinkers, on behalf of the Trilateral Commission, is related to this process, involving,

    1. stealing ideas from creative individuals

    2. destroying those individuals’ credibilities, to conceal the sources and technology

    3. ruining the lives of those individuals (even murdering them if necessary), and denying compensation or credit

    4. exercising the option to suppress the ideas under “national security’ laws”, or giving the discoveries to their corporate crook partners for exploitation

    5. abusing and misusing the judicial system to carry out and enforce this illegitimate, criminal process

  21. I am either correct in what I say, or am entitled to a Nobel Prize for new discoveries in gravitational theory and nuclear physics. The former is most certainty true. Since Russia in fact acquired the services of the top Nazi flying saucer scientists, and the top rocket scientists, from the Peenemunde operation, in 1945, there is a strong possibility that the Russians were privy to these secrets.

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