Those that read and study these three instructional manuals now view the current life experience on planet Earth from an entirely new point of view. This point of view is one that shifts daily as new information is absorbed, considered and incorporated into the belief system. As a foundation is built from which to view the experiences of life, it is constantly shifting.


What seemed absolutely true in the recent past, often must be discarded for the holistic picture changes to incorporate new information and revisions made by the choices of those that share the planetary whole. Through this understanding it becomes obvious that rigid and dogmatic doctrines obstruct the evolutionary progress of those that choose to allow themselves to become trapped in those belief structures.


This constantly changing flow of opportunities to choose presents lessons in discernment with respect to the truth and applicability of new information. Each must consider how the new information might alter their perspective and decide if incorporating this change will allow the new view point to represent what is believable truth. In other words, it is necessary to “try the new information on for size” and then decide whether or not to accept it.


While logic is an important testing tool, it is how the new picture feels that determines whether it is accepted or not.

When first encountering the new concepts that may be included in these messages, many will have put the books aside for a period of time. These will return to reread and study them, for the daily situations that are observed from a new viewpoint will cause the truth of the messages to become clear. Some will reject them entirely, but will pass the book on to others that will resonate with the truth of them. In this way these will have fulfilled their contribution to creating the new paradigm of experience.


As each reacts appropriately to this information, the purposeful intention to create a new experience for the planet and its inhabitants comes more clearly into manifestation. Already the energies are gathering as the concentration of intention attracts more participants. Responsive enthusiasm grows as it is realized that it is possible to transcend the current circumstances and create an entirely new situation that humanity has longed to experience by utilizing the Universal Laws that govern the progression of life’s natural process.

Whether humanity remains stuck within its current reality or chooses to lift itself out by its own volition remains to be determined. Only through discarding the “poor us” syndrome and realizing that the power to bring about change lies within their own attitude and choices will the circumstances be reconstructed positively.


Mankind must grow itself into true Hu-mans (god-men/women).


Natural evolutionary progress, despite all attempts to prevent it, has made this potentiality for this change available now.


It is hoped mankind will take full advantage of this significant opportunity.


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