Here are two magic rules in the scalar electrogravitational business:

(1) When ordinary EM force fields are interfered or summed so that they produce vector zero, they produce stress of vacuum (5-potential). One component of this 5-potential is the 4-space G-potential. Since bleed-off as a gradient of this 4-space G-potential is all that is allowed, then the EM destructive interference/zero summation bleeds-off to produce gravitational force field.

In short, destructive interference of EM waves or force fields produces gravitational force field on detecting/coupled particles.

(2) When electrogravitational fields are interfered/summed to produce vector zero, this destructive interference/zero summation bleeds-off to produce ordinary electromagnetic force field.

In short, destructive interference of scalar EM waves or fields (electrogravitational waves or fields) produces electromagnetic force fields on detecting/coupled particles.


Mathematically we can summarize this as follows;

G(1 - 4) = G(1 - 4) (m) + G(1 - 4) (EM)                                        [3]

G(1 - 5) = G5  + G(1 - 4)                                                             [4]

If E = Ś iEi = 0, Ei1 0, B = Ś iBi = 0, Bi1 0,                            [5}

then G(1 - 4) (m) = G(1 - 4) (EM) = G5 = G(1 - 5)                         [6]

and G5  = G(1 - 4) = f(Ś i|Ei|2) + g(Ś i|Bi|2)                               [7]

and G(1 - 5) = G5 = G(1 - 4) (m) = G(1 - 4) (EM) = f (f) + g (A)             [8]


G(1 - 5) is the 5-d G potential, or total G-stress on dimensions 1 - 5.

G5 is the combined EM potential, or G-stress on dimension 5 only.

G(1 - 4) (m) is the normal 4-d G-potential of mass alone, or the G-stress
          due to mass-gravity.

G(1 - 4) (EM) is any extra 4-d G-potential of mass due to conversion
          from G5 stress (normally zero).

E and B are the electric and magnetic force fields.

f is the electrostatic scalar potential.

A is the magnetic vector potential.

Thus the age-old scientific dream of direct engineering of gravitational field -- and of spacetime itself -- can now become reality. To start, one simply makes an EM vector zero and varies its stress intensity and internal pattern of summed components. One also varies the reference potential at which the patterned EM stress zero is created, and the frequency of internal component variation.


He that has ears, let him hear.

Here is the secret of antigravity

The "electrical charge" of a charged particle -- such as one of the orbital electrons of an atom or one of the protons of its nucleus -- represents a difference in flux intensity (potential) between the local particle and its ambient vacuum.

Itís the continual bleed-off of gravitational charge as electrical charge.

If that bleed-off is reversed or stopped, a drastic effect on the gravitational potential and charge ensues. The 5-potential and 5-charge have become 4-G-potential and 4-d-charge respectively.

Thus "charging" an object with its scalar EM pattern charges it gravitationally.

Now the only "bleed-off channel" is through the 4-G force field.

Further, in a nucleus the nucleons continually change back and forth between proton and neutron, so the electrical charge is "spread" throughout the nucleus and shared by all the nucleons.

Further, each element (actually each isotope) has its own unique "ensemble pattern" of Fourier expansion scalar frequencies, amplitudes, etc. This pattern, of course, can be reproduced artificially and transmitted by modified EM transmitters (i.e., by scalar EM transmitters). There is, however, a sort of "master key" scalar EM (EG) pattern for nucleons (protons and neutrons which are changing back and forth into each other by exchange of virtual charge currents).

If one "reverses the charge" by inverting this pattern, and then "charges up a mass with the inverted charge," to the external observer the charging mass just gets lighter and lighter, and its inertia gets less and less. Eventually it seems (to him) to acquire negative mass and negative inertia, and just accelerate away from the earth. The object "falls upward" instead of "falling downwards."

There are also some weird time effects; that object can be moving slower through time than the laboratory observer, or even be moving backwards through time with respect to the laboratory observer. (Donít believe everything they taught you in relativity; none of those cats had ever engineered a single general relativistic situation. Nothing they teach in GR is based on direct experiment. Most of what they teach is already experimentally proven to be in error.).

But back to our slide.

Inside the pattern itself, itís just a quite normal pattern. No change in or on the object seems to have occurred, to it, if the charge is evenly accomplished throughout the object. Indeed, to an internal observer itís the external environment which seems to have suddenly gotten very strange! This is what occasionally happens to a hapless aircraft or ship that experiences anomalous spatiotemporal difficulty in an occasionally scalar-active area such as the Bermuda triangle. Under the right conditions, the vehicleís gravitational charge is affected by anomalous changes in the scalar radiation from the earth in that area. To the passengers and crew, it is the external environment which suddenly seems weird. In addition, on-board EM and inertial instruments may be affected, and other electrogravitational effects may also occur, due to differing rates of charge in different parts of the vehicle.).

"Reversing or lowering the EG-charge" is controlled by means of biasing the ground potential on the ensemble pattern transmitters. These transmitters can even be on-board the vehicle itself. (Remember, in scalar EM to transmit is also to receive. A vehicle can change its own bias potential (with respect to local vacuum G-potential) by properly transmitting, which translates to "receiving potential charge." The charge current can either be negative or positive (its potential can be lowered or increased vis-a-vis that of the vacuum.)

By fiddling "with this, you can float metal. Or a human body. Or a battleship. Or a high-speed vehicle containing a crew.

You can even "dematerialize it" or "teleport it."

The Philadelphia Experiment may have been real after all. If so, the test ship and its personnel were "blasted" into this strange realm, instead of making a gentle, controlled entry

Suppose you materially lower or reverse (adjust) the gravitational charge (gravitation 5-potential with zero-summed EM to throttle EM bleed-off). At zero gravitational charge, to the external observer, such an assumed vehicle would seem to have no mass and no inertia. It is capable of extreme accelerations, right angle turns at full speed, etc. It is also right on the point of dematerialization, and appears to be a vehicle of light.

If the pilot wishes to "land," of course he must adjust the charge on the vehicle.

If the pilot wishes to "dematerialize" or "teleport," again he must adjust the charge on the vehicle.

If he wishes to go "hyperspatial," again he must adjust the charge on the vehicle and allow the proper bleed-off to produce a hyperspatial force. Thatís done with nested zero summations and nested patterns of scalar EM transmission.

That is, he can charge and bias the vehicle in multiple, nested zero-summations simultaneously.

That is necessary for hyperspatial control and travel.

Note that in lower hyperspace the vehicle can do some very strange things. Such as "penetrate" solid matter (actually, it goes "around" the 3-space matter in a 4th Kaluza-Klein space).

We might expect to see such vehicles glowing. Their various surface features and mechanisms might appear to be glowing or revolving lights, etc.

They could exhibit incredible "aerodynamic performance," seemingly in the atmosphere. Actually they would not be moving "through" the atmosphere at all, but through a higher space outside each particle of atmosphere.

They could seem to materialize and dematerialize.

They could seem to plunge into the ocean or rise out of it.

They could even seem to operate under the ocean or inside the earth itself.

Such anomalous vehicle performances have been seen all over the world, particularly since a few years after WWII.

Control Group Interference

It appears that one or more nations of Earth are operating such vehicles now in great secrecy. Our own "government" may even be one of these.

If so, it isnít our true "government/government." Instead, itís the "control group/government." Itís government at the operational level, but at higher level it belongs to certain control groups who have penetrated our governmentís vitals and taken over all such projects.

Electrogravitation seems to have been started time and time again in the U.S. government. Each time, it seems to have either been violently squelched or subverted to mysterious control by sources inside the government which are not actually government.

In any such "subverted" project, the individuals involved in the operations are truly government employees who fully believe their highly classified project is controlled by the U.S. government. They think the higher government officials with need-to-know are fully cognizant of the project.

Actually that assumption will be false. At the top of the project, the project does not report to the U.S. government. It reports to control group representatives. Utmost secrecy classification is used as a cloak to disguise the project even from higher U.S. government officials who are in the direct chain and possess the appropriate certified clearances and need-to-know.

Thus one has to be careful when he asks, "Doesnít our own government have such things?" The answer is both yes and no.

Our legitimate government/government is not allowed to have these vehicles, or know of them.

Our illegitimate control group/government may well have had them for some time.

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