But what of our advanced concepts, such as the strategic defense initiative?
        Here we show some of the expensive and complex components of that powerful system.
        We have ground-based radars, endoatmospheric interceptors, exoatmospheric interceptors, airborne sensors, space-based sensors, chemically propelled interceptors, electromagnetic railguns, particle beam weapons, high energy lasers, etc. all tied together by a massive command and control system. This massive, expensive system is designed to detect and destroy missiles, including ICBMs, IRBMs, cruise missiles, SLBNs, etc.
        The system detects the missile launches and engages them from launch on in to the terminal phase.
        Massive systems.  Electromagnetic marvels.  Nuclear-pumped lasers of staggering power. Perhaps even x-ray and gamma-ray lasers. Directed energy RF weapons. Stupendous railguns. Sensors everywhere. Giant webs of communications. Banks of computers and control systems.
        And its totally vulnerable to scalar EM interferometer weapons. Giant scalar EM "radars" can simply sweep through all that like a scythe through standing hay.
        As it stands, itís obsolete before its design is even finished. 
        Itís obsolete to Soviet scalar EM weapons that are already deployed and operationally tested in place!
        Without scalar EM weapons and defenses, all our present weapons and concepts are deadly vulnerable.
        The war is over before it hardly gets started. Itís not a war; itís more like a clay pigeon shoot.
        Understand, if orthodox science was all the Russians possessed, the Strategic Defense Initiative would be the way to go.
        But they do possess something else, and presently they have all the trump cards in the deck.

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