But the uniqueness of scalar EM devices and weapons doesn’t end there.
        You can hit lots of other threats that are presently difficult or impossible to effectively handle.
        For example, on the tactical battlefield, the same scalar EM radar interferometer system can defend against tactical missiles (ATM role), aircraft (AD role), cruise missiles (ACM role), and even artillery and mortar shells (AARTY role).
        How the devil, you might ask, can it defend against artillery and mortar shells?
        Simple. Sweep the artillery or mortar barrage with closely-spaced pulses. Sorta like a machinegun. Or more like a phased-array radar.
        If the peak power in the sweeping pulses is sufficient, the explosives are sparked and detonated. Fuses are destroyed.
        So even mortar and artillery rounds can be destroyed, by the same system providing air defense and anti-tactical missile defense.

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