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        On this slide we temporarily omit the interference grid and diagrammatically show the operation of the scalar EM howitzer.
        As shown. two pulses are fired so that they meet in the grid cell where the rising missile is located. A drastic EM pulse suddenly emerges everywhere throughout the missile and its vicinity causing instant missile destruction.
        Of course, individual howitzers not in the Woodpecker carrier’s scalar channel can also fire at the missiles in the purely scalar exothermic mode. Or they can utilize the large "Tesla globe" in the continuous mode, the small Tesla "ball of light" in the continuous or pulsed mode, etc.
        Also, continuous EM energy can be caused to emerge in a broader, "defocused" interference area causing electronic dudding of circuits in vehicles over a wider area. This is a very useful mode to use against mass attacks by many aircraft and/or many missiles at the same time. That is, the entire formation can be attacked in the "dud electronics" mode, and then followed up by more intense servicing of each individual hapless target.
        Again, in 1960 Gary Powers was probably downed by a crude prototype scalar interferometer "howitzer" obtained by modifying two ordinary radars. At least the Soviets had previously been unable to down a penetrating U-2 with missiles they possessed. We know the scalar howitzers were in development, for Khrushchev had announced to the Presidium in January, 1960 that a new "fantastic weapon" was in development. A development prototype was probably used to down Powers’ aircraft.

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