Just to list one incident involving the testing of multiple concentric Tesla shields, here is an early test conducted in mid-1961 over the Indian Ocean.
        The incident occurred at 1800 hrs. Greenwich mean Time (GMT) and was observed by a passing ship. The report is contained in Marine Observer, Vol. 32, 1962, p. 64.
        First the ship’s crew observed a gigantic, very bright arc of light on the horizon or beyond it, with both ends passing below the line of sight to the horizon. This was in fact probably a large Tesla shield, but of such low intensity that only its intersection arc could clearly be seen. The arc subtended an arc of about 150 degrees across its diameter at the bottom.
        After about 10 minutes, a second and dimmer arc appeared, concentrically inside the first one. The ship thus was observing what probably was the nesting of two giant hemispheres (of EM energy) to provide a multiple Tesla shield.
        This was probably a test of an early research and development prototype, since Khrushchev had only announced his new "fantastic weaponry" in development in his January, 1960 speech to the Soviet Presidium. And apparently land-based weapons such as this prototype probably did not become deployed and operational until April 1963.
        However, even in 1961 the Soviets would have been developing and testing prototypes of the weapon adapted for naval task force protection and usage.
        Several other similar phenomena involving nested hemispheres or giant concentric arcs of light have been seen by mariners at sea.

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