Very neat things can be done if one nests several Tesla shields --say three or four --concentrically, one inside the other. In that case even the nuclear radiation (such as gamma rays) from a defense-suppressive high altitude nuclear burst can be handled.
        For example, suppose three such concentric shields are placed over a large vital area. Further, suppose a high altitude nuclear burst is placed up above the outer shield. Gamma radiation almost instantly strikes the plasma in the outer shell, where it is absorbed, scattered, and re-radiated at lower temperature. (That, after all, is what plasmas do.) Inside the first shell, the scattered radiation is now in the x-ray and ultra-violet region. Let us track the most lethal component, the x-rays.
        The scattered x-rays then strike the second plasma shell, and are absorbed, scattered, and re-radiated at lower temperature.  Inside the second shell the scattered radiation is now in the visible and infrared region, with a little ultraviolet.
        This optical radiation in turn strikes the third plasma shell, and is absorbed, scattered, and re-radiated at still lower temperature. Inside the third shell most of the energy is now in the form of radiofrequency (RF) energy, with a little IR and visible band spectral energy content.
        At this point, ordinary electromagnetic interference (EMI ) shielding of electronic equipments on the ground and inside the third shield can take care of any RF interference resulting from the emergent RF noise.
        As can be seen, three shells are sufficient to convert the gamma and x-ray radiation (and ultraviolet and infrared) mostly to harmless RF energy before all three shells are penetrated. Thus the tactic of deliberate defense suppression by a preliminary high altitude nuclear burst can be countered by multiple Tesla shields.
        In addition, of course, any ordinary vehicles penetrating all three shields are exposed to successive violent EMPís, and are almost certainly electrically dudded. The vehicles are also subjected to multiple periods of intense heating, so combustibles, fuels, explosives, and ablatives are destroyed. In addition, metal structures may be melted or vaporized.
        Think of it this way: anything which hits one of these Tesla shields goes phht! just like a bug hitting an electrified bugkiller screen.
        For years passing ships have observed and reported such multiple-shield "light phenomena" over remote regions of the ocean. U.S. intelligence has routinely not paid any heed to reports of "lights at night" over remote ocean areas, and so Soviet tests in this manner have remained relatively unnoticed by officialdom~.

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