0855 GMT
24 MAR, 1977
23o05’ N; 17o25’ W


        Here is a second instance of apparent Soviet testing of the hemispherical Tesla shield over the ocean. This time it is combined with simultaneous testing of two smaller scalar interferometers creating Tesla globes of EM energy.
        This incident occurred at 23 degrees 5 minutes north, 17 degrees 25 minutes west. It was sighted and reported by a British ship, H.M.V. Kinpurnie Castle, on Mar. 24, 1977. The report is in the Marine Observer, Vol. 48, 1978, p. 21-22.
        First a large, moderately luminous hemisphere of light formed, requiring about 3 minutes to do so. Seen from the ship, the top of the hemisphere was at a sighting elevation angle of about 30 degrees, while the base subtended an arc of about 40 degrees. This was the basic Tesla shield.
        Then two other luminous globes or patches of light, each of about 1 degree diameter as seen from the ship, formed in the same area; one inside the shield and one outside it. From the glowing globe inside the shield, a light beam similar to a giant searchlight shone down to the ocean’s surface for about 10 seconds.
        Again the phenomena lasted about 10 minutes and then disappeared.
        The luminous globe or patch inside the hemisphere might be the test of a second weapon deployed from a Soviet aircraft in the area. If so, the aircraft has placed a strong spherical shield around itself. In addition, the aircraft is utilizing some sort of scalar interferometer beam weapon in an underwater mode. Probably this would imply a "shot" at a hostile nuclear submarine inside the shielded zone. Thus this aircraft would have the scalar EM equipment to search for the underwater sub and detect it, and also to concentrate interference energy upon it underwater, destroying it quickly.
        Suffice it to say that it is possible to perform scalar interferometry by means of a single beam, in a proprietary process discovered by a close colleague. Thus the "glowing beam to the ocean" resembling a searchlight makes very good sense in the anti-submarine role. The same weapon, of course, could also attack any hostile surface vessel which might have been inside the shielded area at its formation.
        The second luminous globe or patch, outside the hemisphere, is probably from a second scalar interferometer from the naval task force, simulating the continuous attack of a certain target (missile or aircraft) outside the protective dome.
        As can be seen, this phenomenon is directly indicative of the types of operations one would expect from the testing of Soviet scalar EM weapons at sea, possibly to protect a Soviet naval task force during simulated combat operations.

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