This slide shows the location of three areas of interest relative to Soviet scalar EM weapons testing.

Wrangel Island, north of the northeastern portion of the Soviet mainland, is associate with tests of these weapons in large circular breakups of the oceanís ice cover. This of course could aid submarines which wished to surface and fire cruise missiles, or submarines which wished to fire from underwater and needed the ice broken up.  

Strangely enough, Wrangel Island has a most peculiar history: legally it still belongs to the U.S., but has been "given" to the Soviet Union without permission of the U.S. Senate, which is illegal.  

Bennett Island, a little farther to the west and still north of the Soviet mainland, is noted for its phenomenal number of anomalous exhausts as previously discussed.  

North of the Soviet mainland and near its middle lies the large island of Novaya Zemlya. Weather satellites have taken pictures of anomalous circulations over this island which are further candidates for exhausts from scalar EM howitzer operations.

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