Aviation Week and Space Technology  September 26, 1983

These exhausts from Bennett Island are euphemistically called plumes by U.S. weather analysts.

Here is another U.S. weather satellite photo, showing the twin emergence of multiple puffs.  

One might expect such exhausts if the secondary "dumping transfer" howitzer is operated in the continuous mode, with continuous extraction by "power tapping" the accumulator of the primary howitzer. In that case, the operation of the primary howitzer would be exposed by the signature of the exhaust. For example, this exhaust would indicate multiple puffs, hence probably multiple frequencies and multiple primary transmitters, each phased in a controlled manner. That of course indicates the production of Fourier expansion forms -- of 3-dimensional geometrical forms -- by the primary howitzer(s). Since these are puffs, it may indicate the explosive formation of distant spherical balls of energy by the primary howitzer. This in turn indicates the use of a howitzer system in the "pulse firing" mode, which can be used against missiles, ships, aircraft, ground targets, armored vehicles, underwater targets, etc.

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