For a scalar interferometer, "del phi" (the gradient of the potential) applies between the transmitter site and the distant intersection site, not to the intervening space in between. Thus one speaks of "energy flow" as being between transmitter and intersection, without any "in between."  In the intervening space, all the energy exists as locked-in artificial potential, not EM force field energy (gradient bleed-off of potential).

In the exothermic mode, the ground potential of the transmitter is biased well above the ground potential of ambient vacuum. Energy enters the transmitter and "disappears", to "reappear" in the distant interference zone.

If continuous wave transmission is used, the energy continuously appears in the distant zone.

If pulse transmission is used and timed so that the two scalar pulses meet in the distant zone, energy explosively appears there.

If multiple frequencies are transmitted in the manner of a Fourier expansion of a particular geometric form, then a 3-dimensional energy form appears at the distant intersection. In this manner, a spherical or hemispherical shell (a globe or "dome" of EM energy) can be created at a distance. If pulse transmission is used, this will be an impulsive or explosive emergence of that energy form. If continuous transmission is used, this will be a continuous glowing form.

By feeding incredibly powerful transmitters with large amounts of energy extracted from the earth’s molten core by "energy taps," very large spherical globes and hemispherical domes of EM energy can be created. The energy in the interference "shell" of such a sphere or hemisphere is sufficiently dense to lift Dirac matter from the Dirac sea of the vacuum. Thus the shell contains a glowing plasma.

Many such scalar howitzer signatures have been seen over the oceans, particularly over the North Pacific by jet airliners flying into and out of Japan. Also, such globes and domes of light have been seen deep within the Soviet Union, by observers in Afghanistan and by pilots of aircraft landing in Iran.

In the impulsive exothermic mode, a large visible flash will occur if EM energy in the visible spectrum is produced. "Flashes" in the infrared may similarly occur, if the emerging energy is in that spectral band. In September 1979 our Vela satellites detected such a large "nuclear flash" over the South Atlantic, off the southern coast of Africa. A second "nuclear flash" detected by the Vela satellites in 1980 was in the infrared only. Some years ago, a series of anomalous "flashes" and "booms" occurred off the east coast of the United States. These were due to the orientation and alignment -and registration -- of one or more Soviet "scalar howitzers" -- scalar EM interferometers in the exothermic mode.

Large "booms" occurred over the shuttle launch site at Cape Canaveral, associated with three shuttle launches prior to the end of November 1985. These were tests of such exothermic scalar EM howitzers, being tested as part of the Soviet Launch Phase ABM system. In that mode, the scalar pulses from the two transmitters are injected into special zero-reference scalar EM "channels" established in the EM carriers of the Woodpecker over-the-horizon radars. The scalar pulses travel through these channels, traveling in the ordinary EM beam of the transmitter and following it in its curvature around the earth in the earth-ionospheric waveguide. The scalar pulses are timed, phased, and oriented so as to meet the rising shuttle. In these tests the transmissions were offset in time so the shuttle would not actually be destroyed, but the system could be tested against actual shuttle launches in the U.S.

The specific uses of these various exothermic modes will be covered in later parts of the briefing.

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