As shown on this slide, the change in the stress of vacuum due to a potential tapers off to infinity. Its magnitude normally does not reduce to zero until infinity. 

Some types of potentials reduce much faster or slower than others, however, and so -- at some distance away from a common origin of the potentials, one or more may be neglected in its (their) overall effects on an experiment or system. 

Also, the speed of propagation of potential is highly dependent upon (1) what type of virtual particle or particles produce its stress, (2) its magnitude, (3) its composition, and (4) the presence or absence of coupling objects and other interacting potentials. 

Fundamental observable particles are like little spray pumps and little vacuum cleaners at the same time. 

Each is emitting virtual particles into the vacuum in a spray or flux, and at the same time it is absorbing virtual particles from the vacuum spray or flux. Itís a little dynamo, and nature furnishes its driving energy unceasingly.

However, each little virtual particle it emits is itself such a little simultaneous pump and vacuum cleaner. That is, itís also emitting an even finer (and faster) flux of smaller virtual particles, and at the same time itís also absorbing flux at this time finer level.

"Bigger fleas have smaller fleas to bite em;

And so on ad infinitum".

We may consider the vacuum to be made of an infinite number of virtual state layers or levels. 

It is not too difficult to show that each of these successively deeper, nested "layers" of virtual state corresponds to a successively higher dimension being added to our 4-space basic spacetime. So hyperdimensions and deeper levels of virtual state are one and the same thing.

The basic "speed" of the first layer is c, the speed of light.

The basic "speed" of the second layer is c2.

And so on.

This is interesting. We may directly engineer the virtual state by means of the vector zero (scalar electromagnetics) approach. By nesting vector zeros inside other vector zeros, we may directly engineer the deeper layers of virtual state, and consequently hyperdimensions.

Scalar electromagnetics thus is virtual state engineering and hyperspatial engineering at one and the same time.

Superluminal communications systems, hyperspace drive, and materialization and dematerialization are all hypothetically possible, using scalar electromagnetics. As the technology develops, we should see the development of many of the systems long thought impossible except in science fiction.

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