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        Here are some additional important references.
        For a great many more references, see T. E. Bearden, "Tesla’s Electromagnetics and its Soviet Weaponization," Proceedings of the Tesla Centennial Symposium, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Aug. 9 -12,.1984.  (Available from the International Tesla Society:  Contact Toby Grotz, 2230 West 35th Ave., Denver, CO 80211.).  See also the author’s publications from the Tesla Book Co., 1580 Magnolia, Millbrae, CA 94030.  See also The Emerging Energy Science: An Annotated Bibliography, eds. T. E. Bearden and Andrew Michrowski, available from the Planetary Association for Clean Energy, 100 Bronson Ave., Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ont. K1R 6G8, Canada.


        There is a special time bomb ticking away for all of humanity. For the first time, the total destruction of our entire biosphere -- and perhaps our entire solar system -- is only moments away from the finger on the trigger (or from a simple accident).  Our world grows more hostile to us day by day.  The world is already at war, and simply has not yet admitted it.
        We have within our grasp the final technology. It is a two-edged sword of nearly unlimited power.  We can overcome the cosmos, and conquer physical reality itself -- or we can utterly destroy ourselves and our planet.  From the tree of knowledge, we have eaten the final fruit that deals with this physical world.  We can mold our physical reality as we will, and make of it a utopia or a hell.
        Yet in his blindness and ruthlessness, man has now weaponized the very dynamos that run the cosmos.  For grubby ideas and lust for power, we have opened the gates of hell incarnate.  Our total destruction is held back -- momentarily -- by a tenuous and frayed thread.  We are a heartbeat away from annihilation.
        In the meantime, this information has been released in an attempt to galvanize our system into action, develop defenses, and buy some precious time.
        But even if we also develop these weapons for defense, with the ordinary thinking Man seems capable of, the end is still inevitable.  Delayed a bit, but inevitable.  The Russians are not madmen; they do not wish to destroy the earth, but only to conquer it.  From a position of U.S. strength, an agreement can be made with the Russians to keep the lid on as far as we are concerned.
        But what about other fanatics and madmen?  What happens when they get these relatively cheap but incredibly powerful scalar weapons?  What do you do about a regime composed of fanatically dedicated persons who believe that glorious death -- even of all of them -- would immediately propel them to the divine kingdom?
        Some lunatic -- a mad dictator, perhaps -- is going to hurl these things indiscriminately and feverishly for silly ideas boiling fiercely in his fanatical brain.  When he throws one that tickles the Sun and the Moon under the chin in the wrong manner, it’ s curtains for us all. They will simply lash back and generate Earth convulsions of a fury unparalleled in the last 3 billion years.
        Regardless of what we do or attempt, as it now stands, sooner or later that scenario is inevitable. The total destruction of humanity is already a foregone conclusion, unless we find something totally different with which to reach all humankind.
        Where is the new nonphysical knowledge that can save us from the precipice?  What can we do to escape the end of humanity and the destruction of this heart-achingly beautiful planet?
        The old ideas and clichés have reached their boundary.  The system, defenses, acquisition of the weapons -- these alone cannot save us. Force of arms -- even these fantastic arms -- can no longer secure us.  That which can be overcome at will cannot provide defense against the determined assailant.
        Fortunately, given the precious time that developing U.S. scalar defenses will buy, there is a solution to the new problems.  There is a way to prevent the total destruction of humanity.  There is a thin ray of hope.
        But that is another story, for another time and another place.

                "It would of course be a great step forward if we
                succeeded in combining the gravitational field
                and the electromagnetic field into a single
                structure. Only so could the era in theoretical
                physics inaugurated by Faraday and Clerk Maxwell
                be brought to a satisfactory close."

                                                        Albert Einstein

                "Don’t keep forever on the public road, going
                only where others have gone. Leave the beaten
                track occasionally and dive into the woods. You
                will be certain to find something you have never
                seen before..."

                                                        Alexander Graham Bell

                "Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the
                waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness
                for God the energies of love. Then for the
                second time in the history of the world man will
                have discovered fire."

                                                        Teilhard de Chardin

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