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20. For a lucid and profound presentation of the entire subject of elementary particle physics and quantum field theory, see T. D. Lee, Particle physics and introduction to field theory, Harwood Academic Publishers, New York, 1967. Subjects covered include those at the forefront of current research. Chapter 16, "Vacuum as the source of asymmetry," is particularly important. Here Lee concisely covers the idea of degenerate vacuum states, vacuum structuring, and vacuum effects causing symmetry breaking (violation of conservation laws).  An excellent coverage of asymmetries and observables is given on p.181-188. For example, whenever symmetry is spontaneously broken, a nonobservable (virtual entity) has become observable. Thus there exist mechanisms for the direct translation between virtual and observable states.
        Most engineers are unaware that physics has already rigorously proven (both theoretically and experimentally} that conservation of energy can be physically violated, even by excitation of the vacuum.
        However, in the present assumption of a randomized virtual microstructure of a vacuum potential, these broken symmetry effects are individually confined to very small microlevels. For example, on p. 383, Lee points out that the microscopic structure of the scalar vacuum field (i.e., of vacuum charge or "potential") is not utilized.
        This of course is reasonable if all vacuum potentials used in particle physics are treated as having a randomized microstructure of virtual particle flux vectors. Since any appreciable directional coherence in such a randomized microstructure could persist only over extremely tiny distances, then the microstructure of vacuum degenerate states has negligible local effects in ordinary macroscopic systems.
        In other words, these conservation violation effects would be very difficult to coherently capture and utilize to provide "free energy, emerging from the vacuum."
        The randomized momentary coherences, however, are responsible for the violent microfluctuations of the EM fields, well-known in classical electrodynamics. An approach such as taken by Yater or Moray would be necessary to achieve a vacuum energy tap under such conditions. To achieve usable macroeffects, a very large collection of charge or magnetic material, etc. would be required before the probability of usable coherences would become sufficiently large.  Therefore this area is neglected in practical physics and engineering.
        However, this is precisely where scalar EM is lost in conventional theory and engineering practice. In scalar EM, the coupling together of macroscopic EM force field vectors into a summed zero system means that the vacuum potential’s microstructure is now macroscopically ordered by that system.  Further, it is sustained during translation through space. In such case, one has produced directional gravitational potential gradients that have macroscopic range and form. Further, by coherently varying the amplitude of the individual components of the zero vector system, a gravitational wave -- a controlled oscillation of the degenerate states or vacuum -- is produced. By processing the EM components, this gravitational wave can be narrowed, formed into a beam, and projected. Two such beams can be interfered, even at a great distance, producing G-interference and causing EM effects to emerge in the distant interference zone. Thus scalar EM profoundly affects quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, particle physics, general relativity, and electromagnetics.

21. For some strong and pertinent critique of present scientific bias, see Ruggero Maria Santilli, Ethical probe on Einstein’s followers in the U.S.A.: An insider’s view, Alpha Publishing, POB 82, Newtonvllle, MA 02160.  Santilli is a highly published physicist and the editor of a refereed scientific journal, the Hadronic Journal. After lengthy attempts to correct injustices within the Scientific system, to no avail, he finally has gone public with his specific charges. Santilli references senior Russian physicist G. Yu. Bogoslovsky, whose 1984 paper "Generalization of Einstein’s relativity theory for the anisotropic spacetime," whose research would have been impossible in the U.S.  Quoting Santilli: "He would have been discredited, humiliated, and chased out of these institutions [Harvard, M.I.T., and Yale] beyond any reasonable doubt by ample documentation on similar cases." Again to quote Santilli: "Papers bearing the title of ’Generalization of Einstein’s relativity’ are routinely permitted with human dignity at Moscow University in the U.S.S.R., but they are absolutely inconceivable today at the departments of physics of Harvard University, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, of Yale University and of other similar institutions in the U.S.A., as numerous senior scientists would readily testify."
        You see, dear reader, there has been a deep scientific conspiracy in the U.S. to prevent any change in the severe restrictions placed on general relativity by Einstein.  This has reduced GR to a sort of "special relativity, with only distant perturbations."  Specifically, it has excluded scalar electromagnetics and branded as heresy the inconceivable idea that general relativity could be local, and engineerable.
        Now you know why the Soviets have been able to develop these monstrous weapons for over three decades while our scientists slept at the wheel. Scientific arrogance and pride has been our greatest enemy.
        See also Bryan G. Wallace, "The great speed of light in space coverup," Scientific Ethics, 1(1), Feb. 1985, p. 2-3; "Radar testing of the relative velocity of light in space," Spectrosc. Lett. 2, 1969, p. 361; Wallace, "Letter to the editor," Physics Today, 36(1), 1983, p. 11; "Letter to the editor," Physics Today, 37(6), 1984, p. 15.  See M.E. Ash et al, Astron. J., 72, 1967, p. 72. Direct experiments on Einstein’s second postulate, in the 1961 interplanetary radar contact with Venus, challenge whether relativity is correct. Variations of over 30,000% of the best possible general relativity fit the MIT Lincoln Lab could generate were measured. The variations were not random but contained diurnal, lunar, and synodic periodic components. See also Bryan G. Wallace, Spectrosc. Lett. 4, 1971, p. 79 for an analysis of published 1961 data on the interplanetary radar contact with Venus that concludes that the data showed a component that was relativistic in the Galilean c+v sense. See also Wallace, "The Unified Quantum electrodynamic ether," Foundations of Physics, 3, 1973, p. 381. which details Measurements strongly challenging the Einstein assumption of the constant velocity of light, and deals with the nature of the ether. See also Thomas E. Phipps, Jr., "Critique of accepted theories of special relativity and electromagnetism," Scientific Ethics, 1(2), Apr. 1985, p. 17-23.

22. For a sample of Soviet scientific freedom from narrow-minded bias in general relativity, see V. I. Denisov and A. A. Logunov, "The inertial mass defined in the general theory of relativity has no physical meaning," Teor. i Matemat. Fizika, 51(2), May 1982, p. 163-170 (In Russian). See also A. A. Vlassov and V. I. Denisov, "Einstein’s formula for gravitational radiation is not a consequence of the general theory of relativity," Teor. i. Matemat. Fizika, 53(3), Dec. 1982, p. 406-418. Here we find that the intensity of gravitational radiation and the total intensity determined in the general theory of relativity in accordance with Einstein’s formulas depend on the choice of the coordinate system, so that they can be made to vanish or even become negative. [Note by T.E.B.: If local curvature is engineerable, as in scalar EM, the local choice of coordinate systems can itself be directly engineered. This clearly implies that scalar EM can thus produce either "positive" intensity radiation or "negative" intensity radiation; thus it can "produce energy at a distance" or "extract energy from a distance.]
Continuing with Denisov: This result is a particular consequence of the general assertion to the effect that in general relativity there are no energy-momentum conservation laws for a system consisting of matter and the gravitational field. [Note by T.E.B.: Thus we can have an energy source or energy sink appear in the distant interference region, where matter has been lifted from the Dirac sea and exposed to the highly nonlinear interfering EG fields.].  See also V. I. Denisov and A. A. Logunov, "New theory of spacetime and gravitation, "Teor. and Matemat. Fizika, 50(1), July 1982, p. 3-76. Points out  that ". . .  the gravitational field in general relativity is completely different from other physical fields and is not a field in the spirit of Faraday and Maxwell." (p. 3, English version).

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24. To see the limiting assumptions imposed on general relativity that results in the severely restricted "ordinary general relativity" taught in almost all Western universities. see Charles W. Misner, Kip S. Thorne and John Archibald Wheeler, Gravitation, W. H. Freeman and Co., San Francisco, CA, 1973, p. 19-21, 71-72, 367-369. Among other things, these arbitrary restrictions save the conservation laws.  When they are removed. the conservation laws can be violated.

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26. Fundamental experiments were performed by Eotvos et al. in the early 1920s. See R.V. Eotvos, D. Pekar and E. Fekete, Ann. Phys. (Leipzig) 68, 1922, p. 11.  Actually a fifth force of nature due to hypercharge may have been found by these experiments. See Ephraim Fischbach et al. "Reanalysis of the Eotvos experiment," Physical Review Letters, 56(1), Jan. 6, 1986, p. 3-6.  See also F. D. Stacey and G. J. Tuck, Nature 292, 230 (1981); S. C. Holding and G. J. Tuck, Nature 307, 714 (1984); G. W. Gibbons and B. F. Whiting, Nature 291, 636 (1981);  F. D. Stacey, in Science Underground, edited by M. M. Nieto et al., AIP Conference proceedings No. 96, (American Institute of Physics, New York, 1983, p. 285. See also S. H. Aronson et al, Physical Review Letters 48, 1982, p.1306; Physical Review D 28, 1983, p. 476, 495.  Also, comparison of satellite and terrestrial determinations of the gravitational field constant reveals significant disagreement: see R. H. Rapp, Geophys. Res. Lett. 7, 1974, p. 35; Bull. Geod. 51, 1977, p. 301.

27. John J. A. O’Neill. "Tesla cosmic ray motor may transmit power ’round the earth: Famed scientist, on eve of 76th birthday, says he has succeeded in harnessing ’penetrating rays’ to operate small motive device." Brooklyn Eagle, July 10,1932.  Tesla reported he had harnessed "cosmic rays" and caused them to operate a small motive device. Tesla’s use of "cosmic rays," however, encompassed scalar EM radiation.  Tesla later seems to have progressed to a simpler motive unit.  In the Kansas City Journal-Post, Sep. 10, 1933, he stated:  My power generator will be of the simplest kind -- just a big mass of steel, copper and aluminum, comprising a stationary and rotating part, peculiarly assembled." A similar type of "gravitational turbine" seems to have been invented by John Bedini.

28. To see just how arbitrary and postulational are present "definitions" of mass and force, see Robert Bruce Lindsay and Henry Margenau, Foundations of Physics, Dover Publications, New York, 1963, p. 283-287. Note on p. 283 that a "field of force" at any point is actually defined only for the case when a unit mass is present at that point. Also see Richard P. Feynman, Robert B. Leighton, and Matthew Sands, The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Addison-Wesley, New York, Vol. 1, 1963, p. 2-4 for a definition of the electric field in the context of its potentiality for producing a force. This problem did not exist for the original foundation of electromagnetic force fields in vacuum, since the vacuum was assumed to be a material ether. With the modern view a nonmaterial ether has emerged, yet the classical electromagnetic theory has not been made sufficiently rigorous in distinguishing "observable" and "virtual" electromagnetic force fields.

29. E. P. Battey-Pratt and T. J. Racey, "Geometric Model for Fundamental Particles," International Journal of Physics, Vol. 19, No. 6, 1980, p. 437-475.

30. Some years ago, Dr. William Tiller produced very important "free A-field" theoretical work which showed waves which did not fall off as 1/r2. Interesting theoretical work in scalar wave theory has also been advanced by Dea. See Jack Dea, "Fundamental Fields and Phase Information," presented at the 1985 U.S. Psychotronics Association Conference, Bergamo Center, Dayton, Ohio, July 1985. Dea has formulated an important theory for vacuum EM scalar waves, derived from Maxwell’s equations with zero E and B fields. He predicts waves whose intensity falls off with distance as 1/r instead of 1/r2, and detection of these waves by various means. He shows simple generators for the waves. Detection is quantum mechanically by electron interference, not by single electrons. Thus such scalar waves will pass through normal Faraday shields. In his theory Dea does not address the question of spin vortexes in vacuum scalar waves. It is the present author’s view that all vacuum waves are scalar waves, and the primary distinction between the "transverse" EM wave and the longitudinal scalar wave is simply the presence or absence of spin-vortexes. Indeed, one may argue that the present "vector wave" EM theory can be replaced by a scalar wave theory. In 1903 Whittaker proved that any vector field can be replaced by two scalar fields. See E. T. Whittaker, Proc. Lond. Math. Soc.1, 367, 1903. By implication, since a vector wave is simply a moving vector field, it can be replaced by two moving scalar fields.

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38. For a description of sightings of enormous glowing globes of light deep within the Soviet Union in the direction of Saryshagan, see Gwynne Roberts, "Witness to a Super Weapon?", The Sunday Times, London, England, Aug. 17, 1980. Several incidents were observed by Downie and others.

39. For an artist’s conception of a directed energy weapon installation at Saryshagan, see Aviation Week & Space Technology, July 28, 1980, p. 48. For a DOD sketch, see Soviet Military Power, 1985. Obviously classically-trained U.S. military analysts, with no knowledge of scalar interferometry, have not considered the installation as a candidate hyperspatial howitzer.

40. For a description of multiple pilot sighting (from Iran) of an enormous glowing globe of light deep within the Soviet Union, see Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Information Report No. CO-B-321/15354-66, "Sighting of Unusual Phenomenon on Horizon Near Iranian/USSR Border," Sep. 8, 1966, released on 15 Dec. 1978 under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The sighting occurred at 2142 hours (9:42 p.m.).

41. For details of sighting of the intensely glowing ball of light near British European Airways flight 831 between Moscow and London, see CIA Foreign Intelligence Information Report CO-B-324/33601-76, "Aerial observation of intense Source of Light," Nov. 18, 1976, released on 15 Dec. 1978 under the FOIA. The incident occurred between 1800 and 1900 hours (6:00-7:00 p.m.). The light was observed for 10-15 minutes, until the aircraft had flown past and left the light behind.

42. For other examples of pertinent 1ight phenomena: F. S. Angus and G. Carling, "Optical Phenomenon: Caribbean Sea; Western North Atlantic," Marine Observer, 40, Jan. 1970, p. 17-18; R. A. Holmes, "Unidentified Phenomenon, off Barbados, West Indies," Marine Observer, 40(229), July 1970, p. 107-108; H. K. Dyer, "Unidentified Phenomenon: Western North Atlantic," Marine Observer, 43, July 1973, p.114. For a 1961 double concentric hemispheric shape observed in the Indian Ocean, see Marine Observer, 32, 1962, p. 64. For a particularly significant combination of forms, see Marine Observer, "Unidentified Phenomenon," 48, 1978, p. 21-22. Also, on the night of July 26, 1984 the pilot and crew of a Boeing 747 (American carrier) flying from Tokyo to Fairbanks, near the Kuriel Islands, at 47 5’44" N: 161 00’05" E, noticed a slowly expanding hemisphere of white light off to their left above the horizon. The shell of light continued to expand over a 10-minute period until ahead of them and to the right. The crew braced for a shock wave which never arrived. Their weather radar saw nothing out of the ordinary. The shell of light had sharp edges and was semi-transparent so that stars became visible through it. (Richard F. Haines, private communication, Sept. 27, 1984). See also Richard Hall, "Aerial anomalies at sea," The Info Journal, 4(3), May 1975, p. 6-9 for an unusual light phenomenon seen in the Caribbean by the R.M.S. Carmania (British). The phenomenon occurred four times at precise hourly intervals, strongly suggesting an artificial origin. See also F. Shepherd, "Cloud: Strait of Gibraltar," Marine Observer, 51(273), July 1981, p. 107-108 for an incident of associated cloud, arch, and anomalous pressure effects. For another significant airline sighting by Japan Airlines flights 403 and 421 of a giant, expanding globe of light on June 18, 1982, in the North Pacific, 100 km. east of Kushiro, see the Asahi Evening News, Tokyo, Japan, June 22, 1982. For additional evidence that nomadic tribesmen passing through Kazakhstan repeatedly observe such gigantic light phenomena in close association with Saryshagan missile test range, and that Soviet deception planners foster the notion of "UFO activity" as a Red Herring, see Robert Jackson, "KGB takes to the flying saucers!", Northern Echo, Darlington, England, March 15, 1984.

43. For details of Khrushchev’s announcement of a Soviet superweapon, see Max Frankel, "Khrushchev Says Soviet Will Cut Forces a Third; Sees ’Fantastic Weapon’", New York Times, Jan. 15, 1960, p. 1.

44. See Christopher S. Wiren, "Brezhnev Calls for Accord against ’Terrifying Arms,’" New York Times, June 14, 1975, p. 1, 11. In a major Kremlin speech on June 13, 1975, Leonid I. Brezhnev included a statement that one major concern not covered by existing agreements was "assuming ever greater urgency with each passing day." Calling for a ban on new weapons of mass destruction, the Soviet leader stated: "The level of modern technology is such that a serious danger arises of creating weapons more terrifying than nuclear ones." He stated, "The reason and conscience of humanity dictate the necessity of erecting an insurmountable barrier to the development of such weapons." See also Malcolm W. Browne, "Senatorial Group Received by Brezhnev," New York Times, July 3, 1975, p. 2. Leonid Brezhnev repeated his proposal to a group of U.S. senators on July 2, stating that the capability to develop more terrible weapons was obvious. He emphasized, however, that he "had no particular weapon in mind." Here he may have been deliberately misleading the U.S. senators, to prevent revealing that the Soviet Union had already developed such weapons, and was horrified at their potential for total destruction. E.g., if massive and rapid scalar explosions occur, the linearity of spacetime -- and the orderly flow of time itself -- may be seriously perturbed throughout the earth and its adjacent space. From a general relativistic viewpoint, such an event might well prove catastrophic for the entire biosphere. Boris N. Ponomarev, a Soviet national party secretary, again raised the same issue to a delegation of visiting U.S. congressmen in the Kremlin on Aug. 11, 1975; see Christopher S. Wren, "Moscow Now Pressing Disarmament." New York Times, Aug. 12, 1975, p. 6. At the United Nation’s thirtieth session of the General Assembly on Sept. 23, 1975, Foreign minister Andrei A. Gromyko strongly raised the same issue, warning that science can produce "ominous" new weapons of mass destruction. He urged that all countries, led first by the major powers, should sign an agreement to ban the development of these unspecified new weapons. He even offered a draft, entitled "Prohibition of the Development and Manufacture of New Types of Weapons of Mass Annihilation and of New Systems of Such Weapons." The first article provided that the types of these new weapons would be "specified through negotiations on the subject." Because of its fixation on nuclear weapons, the West may have lost its only opportunity to prevent the spread of scalar electromagnetic weapons of power unprecedented even by nuclear arms. Of course, it may also have been a Soviet ploy to prohibit the U.S. from developing scalar electromagnetics defensive weaponry to counter the massive strategic scalar electromagnetics weapons already developed, tested, and deployed by the Soviet Union. Certainly in 1973 at a secret meeting in Prague with European communist leaders, Brezhnev had laid out a firm statement of Soviet domination of the world by 1985. See "Secret Speech: Did Brezhnev Come Clean?", National Review,  29(8), Mar. 4, 1977, p. 248, 250. Brezhnev’s speech contained statements such as: "We are achieving with detente what our predecessors have been unable to achieve using the mailed fist...come 1985 we will be able to extend our will wherever we need to." Brezhnev stated the Soviet Union would control the oceans of the world, 90% of the land, and the air and space above. A front-page Boston Globe article on Feb. 11, 1975 was the first to carry the story. A copy of Brezhnev’s secret speech was obtained by British intelligence in 1973, but denigrated by Secretary of State Kissinger. Apparently the first official U.S. reference to Brezhnev’s startling speech did not appear until the 1976 National Intelligence Estimate. Although the big intelligence bureaucracies can do a fantastic job with "current intelligence," their record at predicting a drastic change is woeful, precisely because of the political nature of bureaucracies. See "What is Intelligence," Colonel William V. Kennedy et all, Intelligence Warfare: Penetrating the Secret World of Today’s Advanced Technology Conflict, with an introduction by Dr. Ray S. Cline, Crescent Books, New York, 1983, p. 8-23. Intelligence Warfare is heartily recommended as the single book which best gives the reader a grasp of modern technical intelligence organizations, capabilities, and operations.  

45. For details of Soviet weather engineering operations over the U.S., see Thomas E. Bearden, "USSR: New beam energy possible?", Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily, 13(111), June 12, 1984, p. 1-2. Cloud signature patterns reported in the article have been repeatedly sighted over multiple areas in the U.S. A series of anomalous "hole in the cloud" patterns, possibly associated with early Soviet weather engineering efforts over the U.S., was widely seen in 1967-68. See Weatherwise, 21(4), Aug. 1968, cover and p. 143; 21(5), Oct. 1968, p. 194-195, 204-205; 21(6), Dec. 1968, p. 238-245. Peculiar stationary blocking patterns have also been observed to occur and influence weather over the U.S., leading to severities such as the winter of 1976-77. See K. K. Tung and R. S. Lindzen, "A theory of stationary long waves, Part 1, A simple theory of blocking; Part 2: Resonant Rossby waves in the presence of realistic vertical shears; Part 3, Quasi-normal modes in a singular waveguide," Monthly Weather Review, 107(6), June 1979, p. 714-774. See also T. E. Bearden, Soviet Weather Engineering Over North America, videotape, 1985 for an expose or the physics and some major incidents of major Soviet weather engineering, including details and photographs of cloud signature patterns. See also C. B. Baker, "Soviet Weather Mayhem," Youth Action News, Nov. 1983, P.O.B. 312, Alexandria, Virginia 22313, p. 1-8; C. B. Baker, "Diabolic Soviet Warfare," Youth Action News, Nov. 1984; For a conventional Soviet look at weather modification (possibly intended to mislead the West), see E. T. Protasevich, "Microwave weather modification," Soviet Technical Physics Letters, 7(3), March 1981, p. 114-115. For a downburst mechanism, see Gary Ellrod, "Dramatic examples of thunderstorm top warming related to downbursts," National Weather Digest, 10(2) May 1985, p. 7-13. See Art and Kay Westermann, Weather War — Worldwide, Liberty Bell Books, POB 288, Sedona, Arizona 86336, 1983. See also U.S. Senate Resolution on Environmental warfare, July 11, 1973.

46. For details of the Soviet Woodpecker beams bending around the earth and intersecting over the U.S., see Christopher Chant and Ian Hogg, Nuclear War in the 1980’s?, Harper & Row, New York, 1983, p. 71. See also Soviet Military Power, U.S. Department of Defense, 1985, p. 45. The intersection forms an interference grid. Scalar EM channels added to the Woodpecker carriers then provide a corresponding sca1ar EM interference grid in the scalar area.

When adjusting the scalar interferometry components of the grid, bursts in the interference and discharges of energy as well as bursts of energy extractions occur. This leads to the production of anomalous aerial phenomena such as explosions, rumblings, airquakes, etc. In addition, direct Bohm-Aharonov forces may be engendered in ground structures, shaking buildings and windows, etc. without seismic disturbances. Such anomalous disturbances have been widely noted in the open U.S. press. E.g., particularly see Kenneth F. Bunting and Daniel M. Weintraub, "Mysterious Rumbles Jar Southland," Los Angeles Times, Dec. 8, 1984, CC(II), p. 1,10; Let Scarr, "People shook up over mystery shakes," The San Diego Union, Dec. 8, 1984, p. Bl, 4. Following this and a Dec. series of anomalous aerial disturbances off the Los Angeles/San Diego coast, a sharp and unexpected weather front appeared, racking the area with high winds on the night of Dec. 12, producing widespread damage and power outages. The newly-formed front moved on to produce significant snowstorms in other areas. See Ted Thackery, Jr., "Winds Kill Two, Wreak Havoc as They Sweep Through the Southland," Los Angeles Times, Dec. 14, 1984, MF/Part II, p. 1,8; "Even Tucson gets snow in storm that dumps 20 inches," AP release, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Dec. 14, 1984, p. A-12. During several months prior to the December 1984 Los Angeles incident, anomalous electrical failures and outages had occurred in the San Diego and Southern California area, possibly due to scalar interferometry adjustments in the Woodpecker grid over the area. For other typical incidents possibly associated with adjustment of the interference grid, see "Who boomed? Odd Noise unnerves Ohioans," Journal, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dec. 28, 1982; "Tremors shake Miss. Gulf Coast," Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana, Feb. 27, 1983; Sandra Skowron, "Sonic boom is just Mother Nature," Beaver Co. Times, Beaver Falls, Penn., Jan 13, 1983; "Booms in Rockland, New York Times, Mar. 1. 1979, Sec. 8, p. 82; "Loud ’boom’ unexplained," Star-Beacon, Ashtabula, Ohio, Feb. 21, 1983; Paul Senecton, "The word is now IDENTIFIED," Mail, Hartlepool, England, Feb. 3, 1985: On Jan. 23, 1974 a mysterious explosion over North Wales rocked a 60-mile radius area. Associated anomalous light phenomena were also seen. Hundreds and hundreds of anomalous booms, aerial rumbles, and aerial explosions, many accompanied by flashes or anomalous shaking of ground structures, buildings, windows, etc., have occurred over the U.S. and other Western nations in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

On occasion, an aircraft at the proper altitude and position can conceivably experience interference in its electrical systems and in its engine combustion processes due to exothermic kindling or endothermic extraction of electromagnetic energy. The combustion processes of aircraft engines produce highly ionized gases in very nonlinear conditions. These can act as strong dephasers and decouplers of the vector EM components of a vector zero summation in a scalar interference zone. Exothermic interference would have little effect on combustion, but strong endothermic interference can result in engine flameout. Anomalous simultaneous failure of jet and propeller-driven aircraft engines sometimes occurs. For high altitude grids, this can result in engine flameouts, but restart and recovery after unusual loss of altitude has dropped the aircraft out of the scalar interference zone. Several candidate incidents over and near the U.S. exist, particularly where power failures were experienced by multiple aircraft. The more usual exothermic case, however, if substantial could result in anomalous loss of control of the aircraft. For a recent candidate incident, see "Jetliner drops 32,000 feet; 400 aboard; 50 are injured," Associated Press release, Huntsville Times, Feb. 20, 1985, p. 1 and "China Airlines Pilot Denies Cockpit Error," Associated Press release, Huntsville Times, Feb. 21, 1985, p. A-9. Deliberate use of this effect as an anti-strategic-bomber weapon capable of destroying bombers at or shortly after takeoff is possible (the Arrow DC-8 which crashed just after takeoff from Gander Air Force Base, Newfoundland on December 12, 1985 may have been deliberately interfered with by just such a Soviet weapon -- see extensive newspaper and TV news coverage of that event).

In scalar EM interference with aircraft, certain signatures may occur. Different instruments may sharply contradict each other, since their activation and inactivation is no longer a simple function. The pilot’s instrument panel, for example, may indicate failure of the control system, when actually it has not failed, and the flight recorder may record that the control system is still operating. In such case, the pilot may take proper action based on his own instrumental readings, yet these actions may be contraindicated for the actual status of the aircraft, resulting in opposing pilot/autopilot actions. Tentative indications of the jetliner that anomalously dropped 32,000 feet and recovered are that apparently such anomalous instrument disagreements occurred. Another signature is that, as the EM charge accumulates in and on the aircraft, its skin charges up electrically, producing a glowing corona similar to St. Elmo’s fire. The Arrow DC-8 was observed to be glowing yellow by eyewitnesses, according to the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s 10:00 p.m. network TV news on April 8, 1986.

47. T. E. Bearden, Star Wars Now! The Bohm-Aharonov Effect, Scalar Interferometry, and Soviet Weaponization, Tesla Book Co., Millbrae, California, 1984, p. 19-22.

48. For a paper possibly related to the first Bedini scalar wave detector from the "free A-field is a scalar field" view, see Robert R. Lewis, "Aharonov-Bohm effect for trapped ions," Physical Review A, 28(3), Sept. 1983, p. 1228-1235. This paper analyzes the role of the Aharonov-Bohm effect for the bound states of a charged particle in the superposition of two fields: a uniform magnetic field plus the vector potential of a solenoid. Gives exact solutions for a solenoid of zero size and discusses the corrections due to a solenoid of finite size. Shows that a series of new "betatron resonances" appear in the spectrum, dependent on the flux quantum number. The fundamental betatron resonance remains narrow and unshifted for solenoid radii large enough to broaden and shift the cyclotron resonance. See also W. Ehrenburg and R. E. Siday, Proc. Phys. Soc. London, Sect. B62, 1949, p. 8 which, among other things, discusses the effect of the vector potential in electron interferometry, where the insertion of a tiny solenoid between the interfering paths is shown to give an additional phase difference proportional to the flux through the solenoid. The resulting shift in the fringe system is called the Aharonov-Bohm effect.

49. Frank Golden has developed a most important and precise scalar EM detection system to display scalar EM signals on a cathode ray tube. His important measurements have mapped the scalar resonant frequency responses of the entire earth. Two completely different types of scalar instrumentation show precise agreement on the frequency maps. The measurements show that the Soviet Union has for some time entrained the entire earth into giant scalar electromagnetic resonances on two frequencies approximately 12 kilohertz apart. It is the opinion of the author that the beat frequency between these two giant resonances is utilized by the Soviet Union to extract enormous power from the earth, essentially by a mechanism that Golden has uncovered. A complex of four to eight weapon systems might reasonably be powered from the single bi-resonant tapping source. In April 1985 Golden discovered the rather sudden activation of many other scalar frequencies with characteristics resembling command and control communications. In addition, a significant number of additional paired scalar resonances had been entrained upon the earth. It is the opinion of the author that this showed a major activation of the Soviet strategic scalar electromagnetic defense system, with the power up of from 80 to 100 weapons, along with the complete command and control system. Golden has previously built a prototype of an actual Soviet scalar communications system and demonstrated that it works. Because of the impending mayday and the 1973 statement by Brezhnev indicating that 1985 was a critical planning year, the sudden activation of such massive numbers of weapons and communications was alarming. Accordingly, the author discreetly notified certain contacts to alert the U.S. system. Golden then detected the periodic turn-on and turn-off of the systems, indicating a large command and control exercise rather than preparations for direct tactical use. An additional difference, however, was the change from scalar electric to scalar magnetic field on many of the large transmitters. This is indicative of electrostatic location, targeting, and adjustment of the target on the earth and then switching to the "power input" mode. It is the opinion of the author that this indicated the choice of a geological target and proceeding to attack that geological target in the "slow buildup" mode. Again, proper contacts were so notified.

50. A very good coverage of the Soviet microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow is given in Paul Brodeur, The Zapping of America, W. W. Norton & Co., New York, 1977, passim. None of our U.S. Embassy security personnel knew of scalar interferometry, nor did they possess scalar electromagnetics detectors. Further, orthodox U.S. scientists were also ignorant of scalar electromagnetics. The Soviets were thus in a position to tailor the radiation signals and precisely determine what our on-site personnel would detect. Details of the effects on U.S. Embassy personnel, possibly associated with the microwave radiation, are given by Brodeur. A great number of related releases by the open news media also exist. For example, see Robert C. Toth, "Radiation Devices Bug U.S. Embassy," Huntsville Times, reprinted from the Los Angeles Times, Feb. 8, 1976; "U.S. Screening out Soviet ’Listening Rays’," United Press International release, Washington D.C. Star, Feb. 11, 1976; Norman R. Beebe, "Nixon Exposed to Radiation In Russia?", Associated Press release, Huntsville Times, Apr. 30, 1976; Barton Reppert, "U.S. Scientists Puzzled Over Embassy Radiation Effect," Associated Press release, Huntsville Times, May 28, 1976; Barton Reppert, "Radiation Entering Embassy in Moscow through Phone Line," Associated Press Release, Huntsville Times, May 28,1976. See also Martin Ebon, Psychic Warfare: Threat or Illusion, McGraw Hill Book Co., New York, 1983.

51. For details of the electromagnetic transmission of cellular disease and death, see Vlail P. Kaznacheyev, "Information function of ultraweak light flows in biological systems," Problems in Biophysics, Novosibirsk, 1967, p. 7-18. Kaznacheyev et al, "Conditions necessary for appearance of distant intercellular interactions after UV-radiation," Bulletin Experimentalnoy Biologii i Meditsiny, (5), 1979, p. 468-471; Distant intercellular interactions in a system of two cultures connected by optical contact," Ultraweak Luminescence Biology, Moscow, 1972, p. 224-227; "Distant intercellular interactions caused by UV-radiation," Photobiology of a Living Cell, Leningrad, 1979, p. 221-223; "Studies on the biological role of electromagnetic emission as a factor of adaptive behavior of cells under conditions of latitude changes," Abstracts of the second all-union conference devoted to the problem of human adaptation to different geographical, climatic, and labor conditions, Novosibirsk, 1977, p. 101-104; Vlail P. Kaznacheyev, S. P. Shurin and L. P. Mikjhailova, "Distant intercellular interactions in a system of two tissue cultures," Official Bulletin of the committee on inventions and discoveries affiliated to the council of ministers of the USSR, Discovery no. 122 (19), 1973, p. 3, also printed in Psychoenergetic Systems, 1(3), Mar. 1976, p. 141-142; "Apparent Information Transfer Between Two Groups of Cells," Psychoenergetic Systems, 1(1), Dec. 1974, p. 37.

52. For evidence of anomalous scalar reflection out of the scalar grid caused by a Navy chaff drop, See "Navy sabotages traffic lights, TV sets," United Press International, PM cycle, Jan. 11, 1985; "Power blackout blamed on anti-radar particles," United Press International, AM cycle, Jan. 11, 1985; "Power Disrupted Briefly After Navy Plane Drops Metallic Strands," Associated Press, AM cycle, Jan. 16, 1985.

53. A good summary of the early incidence of the Soviet Woodpecker signals is given by Bradley Wells, "The Russian woodpecker: a continuing nuisance," CQ, Nov. 1984.

54. A particularly important Soviet Paper is E. B. Smetanin, "Electromagnetic field in a space with curvature -- new solutions," Soviet Physics Journal, 25(2), Feb. 1982, p. 107-111. In this paper, a solution to the stated problem is obtained, which may be regarded as a classical model of a charged particle that has both a magnetic moment and a nonzero magnetic charge density. Interaction with spacetime curvature can disrupt the gauge invariance of the EM field, and it can also reestablish invariance in an initially noninvariant theory. (Hutchinson has had anomalous breaks of metal caused by standing scalar waves, which seems to be due to a mechanism that produces monopoles and deposits them in the metal at standing-wave nodes. This paper should be directly applicable.)

See also Yu. S. Vladimirov and A. A. Kozlenkov, "6-optics and a general theory of gravitation and electromagnetism," Soviet Physics Journal, 27(12), Dec.1984, p. 1039-1041; V. G. Bagrov and M. D. Noskov, "New exact solution of the Dirac equation. XI," Soviet Physics Journal, 27(12), Dec. 1984, p. 1030-1034. See particularly V. I. Petukhov and I. A. Kuzin, "Weak processes in the field of a gravitational wave," Soviet Physics Journal, 27(12}, Dec. 1984, p. 1025-1029.

In the latter paper it is significant that the decay probability increases in a locally curved spacetime, and that solutions are obtained for circularly polarized waves.

(In EM waves, circularly polarized waves have special characteristics in nonlinear isotropic media: exact solutions exist. Also, when two longitudinal sine waves of differing frequencies are transmitted into a nonlinear isotropic medium, the apparent difference frequency is transmitted as a sine wave, undistorted. This characteristic has been used by Westinghouse to produce improved sonar transmission through seawater, for example. The scalar EM (electrogravitational) wave may be represented as a longitudinal EM wave. Immediately, if one wishes to produce a pure scalar EG wave in the nucleus of an atom, two frequencies should be transmitted such that their difference is the frequency wished. Or circularly polarized waves may be utilized.)

Note that, by implication, one should be able to deliberately tailor scalar EM waves to greatly speed the decay of long-lived radioisotopes, such as are contained in radioactive wastes from nuclear reactors and other processes.

55. For some evidence of continuing persistence of the higher frequency scalar components applied to the scalar grid on Jan. 28, 1986 to localize the effects when attacking the Challenger, see "Poison suspected in unexplained deaths of birds," Huntsville Times, AP release, Feb. 6, 1986. From 1-4 Feb. 1986, various kinds of dead birds -- such as blackbirds, cardinals, sparrows and bluebirds -- plummeted to the ground in Birmingham, Alabama. At first some sort of mysterious poison was suspected, but later was ruled out. During this period, the woodpecker grid was particularly active in weather engineering operations. Multiple sightings of giant cloud radials occurred in various places throughout the U.S. The retention of the high frequency components possibly was intensified in the Birmingham area sporadically during the period. Birds flying into this zone would be killed if their brains acted as scalar receivers and were sufficiently jammed by the signals. Normally Huntsville (further north) is a "hinge point" for increased scalar activity, to start the Jetstream bending northeast to move along the Appalachian mountain chain. However, just before 28 January the jetstream had been diverted further south than usual by the Soviet interference, bringing unseasonably cold weather to Florida and the waiting Challenger on its launch pad. Probably hinge points further south than Huntsville were needed for this operation. If these more southern points were retained for a few days, and the high frequency components were retained, then an inadvertent high intensity area of these components may have sporadically occurred in the Birmingham area, killing the birds. 

For description of the Apr. 18, 1986 Titan blast and its ramifications to the spy satellite program, see James Gerstenzang and Ralph Vartabedian," Los Angeles Times News Service, "Titan Blast to Hurt Spy Program," Huntsville Times, Apr. 19, 1986.

56. For another very important paper indeed, see Vu. G. Ignat’ev, "Relativistic kinetics of an anisotropic plasmalike medium with damping in a field of gravitational radiation," Soviet Physics Journal, 27(12), Dec. 1984, (English translation: Plenum, June 1985), p. l066-1069. If we substitute the vacuum "virtual plasma" for the observable plasma, this paper may be part of the smoking gun to show that the Soviet Union has developed scalar electromagnetics. Extrapolating from this paper, the amplitude of the "induced longitudinal field" is proportional to the square of the amplitude of the gravitational wave (GW) in an initially isotopic medium, but reduces to a linear proportionality as the medium develops nonlinearities (anisotropies or inhomogeneities). Whereas conventional GW are considered to be weak, the scalar GW may be very strong since we ourselves determine the variation in the energy density of vacuum it involves. Further, sharply spiked scalar EM (EG) pulses may develop appreciably more amplitude that the linearly calculated amplitude from the magnitudes of the zero-summation components. The end result is that (1) we can produce powerful gravity waves using the scalar EM approach, (2) local spacetime can be curved, producing violation of the conservation laws, and (3) the assumption of a local Lorentz frame made by Einstein as a limitation on ordinary general relativity is falsified.

In passing, note that immediately one also has a clear basis for the excess local production of energy when the battery furnishing power to a DC series motor is sharply spiked backwards in a "recharging" fashion. Further, the ions in the battery (which are several hundred thousand times as massive as an electron) possess a resonance on the order of 16 megahertz in a typical lead-acid battery. Under the correct conditions, the ions collect the excess energy (due to the initial square effect) produced by a sharp pulse of recharging potential. The ions are shocked into resonance and, on reversal, "overshoot" and deliver this excess energy to the plates, recharging the battery. Thus such a system can violate linear conservation of energy because spacetime is locally curved by the spiking, and excess energy from the excited local vacuum is collected by the ions and delivered to the plates. This is precisely the effect upon which the first Bedini free-energy motor depended. The timing and adjustment, however, are highly critical and difficult, and the battery takes a rather severe beating.

57. For details and photographs of highly anomalous exhausts seen on Bennett Island, see "Explosive Events Seen on Soviet Island," Aviation Week & Space Technology, Sept. 26, 1983, p. 31. NOAA-6 and NOAA-7 weather satellite photographs of massive smoke plumes, one of them 150 miles long and nearly horizontal, are shown. Also, in U.S. weather satellite photos of Novaya Zemlya, similar plumes have been detected, making this location a tentative candidate for a second Soviet "exhaust site." See also Letter John M. Miller, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Jan. 4, 1985 with attachment, "Bennett Island plume cases recently found." Satellite photos showing actual circular breaking of arctic ice have also been taken near Wrangel Island. See Sam Bishop, "UA photos show Soviets break ice for missiles," Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Dec. 15, 1984, p. 1,3; Craig Covault, "Soviet Abi1ity to Fire through Ice Creates New SLBM Basing Mode," Aviation Week & Space Technology, Dec. 10, 1984, p. 16-17. Wrangel Island in fact has a bizarre history: it belongs to the U.S., but has been illegally given to the Soviets and occupied and used by them. For details, see "Wrangle over Wrangel and the Weather War," Don Bell Reports, 32(9), Mar. 8, 1985.

58. For details of anomalous blinding (probably by scalar EM means) of U.S. satellites, see Philip J. Klass, "Anti-Satellite Laser Use Suspected," Aviation Week & Space Technology, Dec. 8, 1975, p. 12-13. For details of anomalous failures and recoveries of a British satellite, see Joe Schwartz, Nature, 280, July 12, 1979, p. 95.

59. For other possible evidence of traces of Soviet scalar EM activity over the oceans, see George D. Curtis, "An electromagnetic radiation pattern over the ocean," Undersea Technology, 5(8), Aug. 1964, p. 29-30, 40. In producing a scalar wave, there exists a sort of "signal to noise" ratio of the desired scalar wave to an accompanying, undesired normal EM component. Due to practical equipment imperfections, the generated scalar wave inevitably is accompanied by a small residue of ordinary EM wave. While measures can be taken to further purify the scalar wave, a residue always remains. Curtis may have detected the weak EM residue accompanying early Soviet interference gridding for weather control testing over the U.S.

60. Interactions which occurred between Khrushchev and renowned physicist and Nobelian P. Kapitsa are of interest. Khrushchev desired absolute defense of the Soviet Union so that the Soviets might be able to launch any action desired without risk or serious concern. Kapitsa informed the Soviet leader that, if a means of total neutralization of foreign missiles was to be found, it could only come from a group of new principles in physics which was called " energetics." The term "energetics," of course, was contracted from "psychoenergetics," and is essentially the expanded physics/electromagnetics that this author has dubbed scalar electromagnetics.

Strangely, a portion of a book by Marshal Grechko was deleted from its English translation at the specific request of the Soviet Union to the U.S. State Department. The passage stated: "Of particular importance is basic research aimed at discovering still unknown attributes of matter, phenomena, and the laws of nature, and developing new methods for their study and use to reinforce the state’s defense capabilities."

The most definitive Soviet book on military strategy is titled Military Strategy (Voyennaya Strategiya). See V. D. Sokolovskiy, Soviet Military Strategy, third edition, edited with an analysis and commentary by Harriet Fast Scott, Crane, Russak & Company, Inc., New York, 1975. There are three editions, the latest in 1968. In the third edition, the exotic weapons normally proposed for defense against strategic ballistic missiles -- such as particle beams, high energy lasers, exotic nuclear warheads, plasma weapons, antigravitational weapons, etc. -- are discussed and discounted by implication. The statement is made several times that 100% defense against missiles and aircraft is possible. A statement is also made that it is interesting to note that this capability (a solution to the strategic missile defense problem) has been achieved by the Soviet Union, but not by the West (e.g., p. 298.) In the same edition, a previous definition of antimissile defense obviously consisting of radars, computers, and interceptor missiles is deleted (see author’s note 190, p. 454). 

The Soviets also recognize the great importance of technical surprise: "The experience of war shows that warring sides quite often have tried to employ new types of weapons to this end to achieve surprise, which are a surprise for the enemy or are little known to him. Each side secretly develops new means of warfare in order to employ them unexpectedly. History knows many examples how the employment of a new weapon initially gave considerable success because the enemy, caught unaware and not knowing the combat capabilities of this weapon, was for some time incapable of effective counteraction… The mass introduction of new weapons into an army usually cannot remain secret for long for the other side. -- New means of warfare, and in mass numbers, are impossible to create often and quickly. In this regard, the sides have begun to take other paths concerning the attainment of surprise along with searches for new weapons and their sophistication." V. Ye. Savkin, of The Basic Principles Operational Art and Tactics, Moscow, 1972, U.S. Air Force translation, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

61. The Soviets have not discarded most of their old radars, and have continued to develop, build, and deploy giant new radars (in apparent violation of SALT agreements), which U.S. analysts always analyze in conventional fashion. It is fairly straightforward, simple, and inexpensive to modify an ordinary pencil beam radar to produce scalar wave beams and geometrical scalar Fourier expansion forms. Radars can provide a wide array of totally new and unexpected capabilities when utilized in the scalar electromagnetics mode. Even older Soviet radars, with antiaircraft gun sites and older surface-to-air missile sites, will exhibit new and startlingly advanced capabilities against ballistic and cruise missiles and Strategic Air Command bombers. Since there are many thousands of these older Soviet radars still operationally deployed, in the scalar mode the Soviet strategic defense may well approach 100%, just as Military Strategy implies. Also, the antiaircraft and antimissile defense capability of Soviet land forces may be far greater than anything presently estimated by U.S. analysts.

62. To the physicists, engineers, and researchers who have made the tough sledding to this point, congratulations! Here’s a bonus for you.

Turn to page 32, equation [7]. Time differentiate it (this is left as an exercise for the reader). Collect terms and study the result intensely.

            Now you have the reason why rise time is so important from a scalar EM viewpoint. You can also see why spiking the innate inductance of any system very sharply is so important. Fast rise time greatly increases the value of the time derivative terms, and your gravito-inertial effects go up with the collective squares of your zero-vector summed components. Any system has at least a little inductance. For sharp spikes, the gravitational potential goes very high. The inductance of the system momentarily opposes any current (translation: opposes any current bleed-off, or EM force field bleed-off). During that time you’ve got the 4-space G-potential to use. If you need to hold it longer to use it, then increase the inductance.

Now you can see why extremely rapid discharge of properly tuned, giant Tesla coils give gravitational and inertial effects sometimes.

You can see why the sharp "EMP" (electromagnetic pulse) from a nuclear explosion or EMP generating device can penetrate the ocean.

That’s why the spikes (such as used by the neurophone) can carry messages directly into the brain and nervous system. You also should see why the Soviet woodpecker carriers (a Soviet over-the-horizon radar system) are loaded with scalar EM spikes (Bedini has precisely detected them from 50 Hz to 10 MHz; Golden has detected them into the gigahertz range.) to work on the humans in the targeted area. They’re zapping the hell out of us. And they have done something similar at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow for decades.

Bedini has developed a simple, cheap device to mess up the phaselocking of the scalar EM spikes on the woodpecker carriers. It’s based on the fact that the Russkies use a lot of circularly polarized transmitters when they make the spikes.  Here’s what to do: Take 4 strong bar magnets and an old (but operational) long-playing record turntable. Set it on 33-1/3 RPM speed. Glue the magnets on the top of the turntable, standing vertically, symmetrically placed around the turntable’s outer edge. Place them so that on one a north pole is up, on the next a south pole is up, then a north up, then a south up. Now turn the turntable on and let it run. This gadget makes a slowly rotating magnetostatic wave. (Yes, it will also make a rotating "magnetic" wave, which is actually two rotating magnetostatic waves.). These rotating magnetostatic waves will interfere with the scalar spikes, changing them to EM (electromagnetism) and slowly rotating their phase. This breaks the phaselock of the Soviet circularly polarized scalar EM signal on the human brain.  This gadget will protect the average large room.

But back to our differentiated equation.

Now you should also see why the first Bedini motor is so "devilishly difficult" to adjust. You’ve got to get the effect and examine it in well under 20 nanoseconds. You’ll need an oscilloscope of 350 MHz range or so. Microwave-quality bench equipment is necessary; the ordinary electrical and electronic shop equipment is not good enough. You can also see why the ordinary lead-acid battery takes such a beating. However, a special battery certainly can be designed to take it. Now you know.

Okay, you tigers. Go get ’em.

63. Now here’s a final bonus for the persistent reader.

This time, see J. N. Brittingham, "Focus Wave Modes in Homogeneous Maxwell’s Equations: Transverse Electric Mode," J. Appl. Phys. 54, 1983, p. 1179-1189; T. T. Wu and R. W. P. King, "Comment on ’Focus Wave Modes in Homogeneous Maxwell’s Equations: Transverse Electric Mode’ [J. Appl. Phys. 54, 1179 (1983)]", J. Appl. Phys. 56, 1984, p. 2587; T. T. Wu and H. Lehmann, "Spreading of Electromagnetic Pulses," J. Appl. Phys. 58, 1985, p. 2064-2065; T. T. Wu, "Electromagnetic Missiles," J. Appl. Phys. 57, 1985, p. 2370-2373. Pay particular attention to the latter paper.

Because of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and other programs, great interest has recently been kindled in using EM pulses to carry energy from a high-powered source to a target. However, so far almost all the work is still couched in terms of purely ordinary (though sophisticated) electromagnetics. It still involves the EM concept of "EM energy flow through the intervening space from the transmitter to the target." As such, the work to date still suffers from all the self-imposed ills and limitations of using the classical force fields concept of EM.

However, the theoretical work of these referenced papers is of great interest to us here.

In the first paper, Brittingham sparked a great deal of interest with theoretical work which promised a permanently focused 3-dimensional concentration of EM energy that propagates in a straight line with the speed of light. That is, this mode used a newly formulated wave packet (called the "focus wave mode") that acted as a non-dissipating EM soliton.

In the second reference, it was concluded that Brittingham’s focused wave packet actually satisfied Maxwell’s equations, but not the associated boundary conditions.

[Comment by this reviewer: both of these formulations use "linear time" and a "linear frame," ignoring the local general relativity aspects. Indeed, Brittingham’s "focused wave packet" can be made by the zero-vector approach! However, it will not be an "EM" packet, it will be a pulse (or oscillating wave, depending upon how it is made) of 5-gravity potential. As such, it contains a multiplicity of locked-in, 5th-dimensional, non-zero EM gradients in and EM gradients out. Collectively these gradients themselves constitute a deterministic "flux of gradients" or an EM flux in the 5th dimension, with no resultant effective current of EM gradients. In other words, it’s possible to build a "flux of gradients" and to have a "current of gradients," just as in ordinary EM it’s possible to have a "flux of virtual particles" and a "current of virtual particles." The argument concerning the EM boundary conditions of Maxwell’s equations is not relevant in such a case. The only boundary involved is the zero itself.]

Be that as it may, the 4th reference is of direct interest. In this paper, Wu has done us a great service. He shows that, under transient excitation, an antenna of finite size can transmit energy to a faraway receiver so that the energy decreases as slowly as one wishes. An electromagnetic pulse of energy with such slow decay is conveniently referred to as an "electromagnetic missile."

The electromagnetic missile has important applications, according to Wu. One possible application is the transmission of

information in a manner that is very difficult to intercept or jam. A second possible application is to destroy or disable a distant target. However, Wu feels that so much energy is required [remember, he is speaking of EM non-zeroed force fields traveling through ordinary space] that a like1y radiating source must be something like a nuclear explosion. However, as Wu points out, a nuclear explosion produces a powerful EM pulse which includes frequencies from microwaves to gamma rays. To weaponize the explosion to produce a coherent beam, the nuclear explosion must be controlled to produce a coherent radiating source and a pulsed laser-like EM beam. Wu points out that such a technology is difficult and has not been developed.

We comment as follows: It is certainly true that enormous energy is required if the waves in the pulse remain electromagnetic -- that is, if they have non-zero resultant E and B fields to the external observer.

On the other hand, if we form a complex of waves in opposition so that we control the energy content of each individual component wave, but blend all the waves so that their collective envelope wave has zero E-field and zero B-field resultants, then -- to the external observer -- the EM energy is infolded and unzipped electromagnetically. It is now electrogravitational energy, and limitations of "EM force field energy flowing through space or through a physical medium" need no longer apply. However, we may still look at each EM component wave as an individual EM wave, moving in the Kaluza-Klein 5th dimension that is wrapped-around each and every point in our ordinary 4-space. In other words, to the ordinary 4-spacetime observer, each component wave has a special channel around every point of his space, not through it. Thus we have established multiple EM channels "just outside" each point of observer space. These we call "scalar channels," and EM energy can move through each one as if it were moving through a wire. The relative potentials between the "ends of each wire" determine in which direction the "EM energy current" flows along the wire.

And in each of these "special channels," we just have a normal kind of space (to the internal observer). Wu’s paper assures us that we can get as much of the input energy to the distant target as we desire. The problem then is how to break the zero-summed EM envelope (and hence the "zero channel" for each component EM energy wave) in the distant target itself, spilling the infolded contents of all the special channels back into ordinary spacetime as EM energy (either positive or negative).

That, of course is easily done by interference in the distant zone. As previously stated, there is a way in which we can even perform this interference in a single scalar beam. Since the newly formed EM energy emerges from each and every increment of spacetime occupied by the distant target, it already emerges inside the very vitals of the target. It does not have to translate through the intervening ordinary space between transmitter and target. Instead, it goes through the Kaluza-Klein fifth dimension. It translates along a line through our space, but not through our space. With the scalar EM approach, we transmit EM energy through hyperspace, not through normal space.

Hereafter we will adapt and expand Wu’s SDI term "electromagnetic missile" to include these electrogravitational aspects. In other words, we include the "scalar EM missile", which consists of an infolded multiple of Wu’s ordinary EM missiles moving together coherently in special sheathed hyperspace channels.

In Appendix I we show an anomalous photograph taken by Bob Gladwin, just before the shuttle launch of Nov. 26,1985. While the photograph may be an artifact, it also is a candidate for the test strike of such a Soviet scalar "electromagnetic missile" tested against an aiming point offset from the shuttle launch which followed a few seconds later. The test was accomplished before the shuttle was launched, and offset from it, so that it positively would not endanger the shuttle itself. The conditions under which this spectacular photograph was taken happened to coincide with the special conditions required to photograph such scalar EM energy. Those conditions are clarified and explained in the Appendix.

My deep appreciation goes to Mr. Gladwin for allowing me to use this photograph. As we will point out in Appendix I, the video camera caught a picture of the Soviet scalar EM marker beacon associated with the Titan explosion of April 18, 1986. One can rest assured that the Soviets probably destroyed that vehicle, using a scalar EM missile.

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