Creating your reality - Belief generates experience

or The role of trusting in the process of creating reality - advanced level



As we've seen before, trusting is fundamental for the process of creating reality. You need first of all to trust in the voice of your beloved one. This voice is telling you the truth.

[If you didn't read yet the Section "The role of trusting in the process of creating reality", please read it first, and chew it very slowly. Practice its ideas in your life over and over. Take your time. You can return to this Section later on. And if you came across this Section as an initial point of research directly from the General Index, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself - slowly - with other Sections of this website.]

After we've seen the importance of trusting, we can now take a step forward. We can actually create the reality of our lives.


2. WHAT IS REALITY ? (Science, Religion and Love)

What is reality ? Reality has many definitions, but all of them have at least one point in common : there is a relation between what is inside you and what is outside you.

Reality varies according to the observer. Several animals on Earth, for instance, have access to different spectrums of visibility or audibility that terrestrial humans do not. Cats and dogs see black and white, and hear some sounds that humans are not able to hear. A moth can perceive frequencies of colors that humans can't. Some aquatic animals have a natural device similar to a sonar. Some insecticides and repellents are based on the principle that cockroaches or mosquitoes are attracted by a certain type of smell that humans cannot feel. And so on.

"How do you define 'real' ? If you're talking about what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain"
(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

The Unified Field Theory from Physics - studied by Albert Einstein, James Maxwell and the German physicist Burkhard Heim, among others - gives a new light to the subject. According to some scientists, there is an intuitive relation between the microcosm and the macrocosm, and between what is inside a particle and what is outside it. In the words of the physicist Alexander S. Zazerskiy from Latvia, for example, "all particles and fields are just visible exhibitions of interaction between the field and its sources".

As in the microcosmic world of particles, so in the macrocosmic world of ordinary life.

In other words, what is inside you is also outside you, and vice-versa. You're not a neutral observer. You also participate in the creation of what you see, hear, taste, smell or touch.

Philosophy approaches this issue as well. The concept that "One is All" and that "All is One" is widespread in the field of Metaphysics.

This is also an esoteric truth : the subject constitutes the object as much as the object itself.

Moreover, this idea is present in popular culture. The refrain of a recent song (credits to Dru Hill, 1998), for example, says :

"You are Everything, and Everything is You".

With religion is no different. The Christian Bible - for instance - presents a famous prayer called "Our Father in Heaven" that mentions specifically :

"Let Your will be done, as in heaven, so on Earth"

What is not perceived by many, however, is that God is inside the heart of everyone of us. So "His will" actually means "the will of your heart" : "Let the will of your Heart be done, as in heaven, so on Earth".

Once you're the only owner and master of your own destiny, you are really creating the reality of your experiences through your beliefs. Your perception field just responds - artificially and intelligently - to your beliefs.

"Whether you believe you can or you can't, you're right"
(Henry Ford)

As we're going to see below, if you're sincere and your motivation comes from the bottom of your heart, you can counsciously create the concrete reality of your life.

Your perception field is not something that exists separate from you. Indeed, it is part of you. Your perception field exists inside you.

You do not simply "watch" the events that occur in your perception field. It's an interactive process. In reality, you also create these events.

You can also define reality as anything that you believe it is. Reality is the reflex of things that we believe are real. So you can actually participate in the process of counsciously creating reality, at least the reality of your life.

For something to become real, it is necessary first that you believe in it. The only possibility for something to be discovered is believing in its existence. The more we consider a perception as 'real', the more it will be.

This is also valid for something outside the "visible world" or outside the present paradigm. For a new paradigm to be established (scientific, religious, etc.), it is necessary first that someone believes in it.

You participate in the constitution of your perception field. When you change, the world around you changes, too. So in order to change the reality of your experiences and ultimately the reality of your life, you only have to change yourself.



Reality has never been so manipulated by foreign forces operating on Earth than during the twentieth century. It is a world of characters, where foreigners - in a proportion that reaches tens of millions of inhabitants - live in disguise amongst terrestrials, behaving the same way as anybody else.

They are masters of what Carlos Castaneda significantly calls "the art of stalking", which means "the ability to behave and to pretend anything in the most natural way possible" : the ability to operate as genuine terrestrials on Earth. This includes (but is not limited to) the art of pretending emotions, opinions, behaviors, deliberate errors, deliberate accidents and illnesses, little manias, gestures and idiosyncrasies, voice frequencies and also of shaping the bodies that are used by their characters in society.

In other words, the art of human mimicry, where they behave as if they were chameleons operating in a jungle, the jungle "Earth".

For foreigners of Our Side, reality is a personal experience. It's a personal experience that you create with your heart and with your thoughts; with your feelings, with your emotions and with your beliefs. For them, reality is part of the process of spiritual growth.

They are what Plato - the philosopher - called "the guardians of the visible world" more than two thousand years ago in his famous text Allegory of the Cave.


They are what Morpheus in "The Matrix" calls "the gatekeepers" :

"They are the gatekeepers. They're holding all the keys, they're guarding all the doors."
(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

Reality varies according to the observer. This truth is also valid for comparisons between a human being and another human being.

Once every person is unique in the whole Universe and once you don't have two persons presenting the same feelings, the same emotions, the same perceptions of what may exist outside the "visible world", then the reality of your perception field is also constructed by yourself.

"The most difficult part about the warrior's way is to realize that the world is a feeling"
(Don Juan to Carlos Castaneda, in "Journey to Ixtlan")

Foreigners of Our Side living in disguise as characters on Earth artificially manipulate the perception field of some persons for spiritual reasons. Persons like survivors of the spiritual hurricane - in other words, those who began their trainings as formal disciples of their foreign masters.

For the time being, their characters cannot assume officially that this is a reality, so that this fact is intentionally being portrayed in a disguised and symbolized manner, through the use of recent movies like "The Truman Show", "The Matrix", "Cast Away", "Baby Geniuses", "True Lies" and "The Shawshank Redemption", among others. In previous decades, Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange" could join the group.

And before that, in 1933, Victor Tausk, disciple of Freud, wrote an amazing and revealing essay called "On the origin of the Influencing Machine in Schizophrenia", where he brings more light to the subject.



Terrestrial science as it is organized today - and Western science in particular - believes firmly in the premise "seeing is believing" and in the "need for material proof" so that present society structures - including science - would have to collapse and a war would have to take place, "Independence Day"-style, just to confirm their beliefs.

They want to put reality in a cage so that they can "study" it using their own parameters.

Foreigners of Our Side, on the contrary, believe that one's beliefs generate one's experiences. It is interesting to observe here that the premise "seeing is believing" is also a belief. Some terrestrial scientists, for instance, believe so blindly in this premise that that's exactly what they see : nothing.

They are in reality just confirming the opposite premise : believing is seeing (or in this case "not believing is not seeing"). In other words, in order to see you must first believe. If you don't see, it's because you don't believe, or because you don't believe the right way. So their belief in the first premise above ("seeing is believing") creates what they see : nothing.

[Foreigners of the Other Side, however, are governed by other Laws, and can be seen and even captured and studied by terrestrial forces.]

Foreigners of Our Side are very spiritualized human entities that have nothing to do with the alien insects shown in "Independence Day" or with the foreign lizards of the Other Side shown in the TV show "V".

They can change human bodies or human shapes - hereinafter called "shells" - in a hurry if necessary. Depending oon the race, each foreign individual can operate up to three shells at the same time in the Stage World. They can borrow shells from one another, like if they were changing clothes in a closet. Each shell is given a character in the Stage World. Each character is given a character guideline : identity, job, family ties, emotions, opinions, idiosyncrasies, etc.

They can easily dominate and control the elements around them using their minds, because they know themselves very deeply.



Well, you don't need to control all the elements around you like they do, just the elements of your life.

In order to create reality, you must learn to believe. Believing is something that transcends terrestrial logic or Western rationalism.

You must be totally enamored of what you want to create. You must be totally devoted and totally sincere with yourself and with the Universe.

You cannot create something for mere curiosity or just to see or prove to yourself that you can create it.

The creation of reality is something that necessarily comes from your heart. You must be totally connected with the energy of God inside you.

You have to be honest about what you want to create. You cannot create something with your heart and at the same time believe that you're going to "take advantage" of it somehow.

The element that you're going to create must have concrete boundaries and specific limits. You cannot create something that is vague and imprecise.

The element that you're going to create must not be replaceable by other similar element. You must know very well what you want.

You have to be determined. You have to believe firmly and calmly in the materialization of your creation. You must have no doubts in your capacity or in your role as the Creator of your existence in general, and as the Creator of this experience in particular.

You must be dedicated. You must wish it profoundly, from the very deep bottom of your heart. You must practice the act of believing daily till your creation actually happens. If you do this, you'll be able to shake the world around you.

If you're a survivor of the hurricane, you can meditate using your crystal, twice a day if necessary. Your brain must be totally convinced that if you believe it will happen.

The act of believing is not something intellectual or conceptual that you believe that theoretically is possible. This would be pretending to believe. You must be completely sure about the experimentation of your creation.

The act of believing and creating reality is different from merely having a dream in your life that you would like to happen. It is not something that is independent from you. You participate in the process of creating reality. Remember : Love creates reality. And your beliefs generate your experiences. You physically create reality with your beliefs, with your heart.

The act of believing is different from waiting for something to happen in the future. It is completely different from the religious notion of "hope". You don't keep waiting indefinitely to see what happens. You don't believe in a theoretical event in the future.

You make it happen in the present time with all the energy of your heart and with all your will and all your might. You actually create reality, you actually produce results, you really generate your experience.

"You're the weapon. Find the will."
(A.T. to Joe Talbot, in the movie "Crossworlds")

The act of believing in order to create reality has nothing to do with "praying" to an external God so that He can comply with your supplications. It has nothing to do with the idea of making three wishes for a genie in a lamp or with the idea of throwing a coin in a well and making a wish or yet with the idea of making a wish after watching a falling star fading into the horizon.

God is inside every one of us, not outside.

Remember : foreigners of Our Side are not Gods, and they are not angels, either. Do they have wings ? Do they fly ? No, they don't. They're just very spiritualized individuals. And if you are a PAN and they were Gods, wouldn't you also be a demigod (or a demigoddess) ?

If you really want something with your heart, they also want it.

Personally, I don't like the word "faith" because it has been contaminated by religious notions, and religions in general place "God" in the position of a superior external entity that is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient; an entity that judges, punishes and rewards. But anyway, you can call it "faith" if you want : a non-religious faith.

In order to create reality, you must have "blind faith" in what you're creating.

If you're not managing to create counsciously a specific reality of your life, it means that : a) you're not believing hard enough; or b) you're not believing the right way.



The act of believing is the engine of the evolutionary process. History as we know it is the reflex of the evolution of beliefs and of the conflicts or interactions between beliefs or between belief systems. Every single doctrine, religion, science, philosophy, school of thought, political or social movement, way-of-life, etc., was originated in the elaboration of a single belief.

All over the twentieth century, foreign forces operating on Earth had a decisive role in the process of influencing and creating society values, by introducing beliefs and belief systems in practically every aspect of social life.

They respect your free will, and they clone your beliefs. They believe very deeply in this truth : you're the only owner and master of your own destiny, you're the only Creator of your own existence. They respond to your thoughts with their actions, sentences or performances. They do this interactively.

Realize that when you change, the world around you changes too. The act of believing is the very engine of your evolutionary process.

It's not that they change because they want. They are forced to change. They're forced to change because of you !, for good or for bad : you choose ! That's one of their rules.

"Do you think it's air that you're breathing ?"
(Morpheus to Neo, in "The Matrix")


"Do you think you're the One ?"
(Oracle to Neo, in "The Matrix")

Realize that there are no "Chosen Ones". There is no External God or External Angel that picks some persons in a crowd and says : "these ones deserve the bliss of being in the Paradise".

Things are not this way. Things are simpler : God is inside you; You choose yourself; You choose to be "The One"; You are "The Self-Chosen"; You choose to rule your destiny, and no one else interferes.

They can just insinuate in a disguised manner, but they never admit to be talking about you, so that if in the future you give up the idea of being "the One", or "the Self-Chosen", then they could say for instance : "we were not talking about you; we have never said that you couldn't date or marry that girl (or that boy); we were talking about other girls (or other boys)". And from a certain viewpoint, they would be right.

However, do not be naive : their intention is real and artificial, they really read your mind and artificially create a synchronicity of elements around you. This is part of the process of your spiritual growth. Your task is to be the owner of your destiny and to create reality with your heart.

They can only use your own beliefs against you, because they have to respect your free will.

So your beliefs constitute the reality around you. And YOUR BELIEFS GENERATE YOUR EXPERIENCES.

Your perception field does not rule you. Their sentences do not rule you, either. The beliefs of the other persons do not create your experiences, they do not create the experiences of your life. Their beliefs create their experiences, not yours.

They always respect your beliefs, and your free will. They always adapt the behavior of their characters to your beliefs. Their sentences - representing their beliefs - cannot create the reality of your life for your mind unless you first believe in them.

The elements they talk about are just and only the elements they talk about, and nothing else.

Each element is unique, and has nothing to do with similar elements. Each person is a creature of God, and has nothing to do with the other persons.

Your beloved one also loves you, also adores you, also wants you. He/She is not something that you're going to "gain" or "receive". No, no, you're also very important for him/her. You're also her husband or his wife. He/She is also gonna "gain" or "receive" you. Accept your beauty.



Realize that in reality THERE ARE NO SIDES. When I say throughout this website that "your beloved one is on Your Side" and that "their characters are not, they are your foes, etc.", it is just a way of speaking, it is just a way of reinforcing your determination and of strenghtening your will to get free.

The only "sides" that really exist are the two sides of this cosmic war between foreigners : Our Side and the Other Side. But even this last dichotomy or division of reality only exists because the Other Side does not want to be One with Our Side. Even if we want, they don't, so that's not our fault.

The Other Side is ruled by other Laws. You can have wonderful feelings and fantastic beliefs about yourself and about the world around you, but if a foreign lizard physically hits you with a plasmic weapon, you can physically die.

As for neutral people before the hurricane (or even now if you live in one of the last neutral-inhabited oasis on Earth), some of them were so dense, that even if you had wonderful feelings about yourself and about the Universe, they could still behave in a stupid or rude way. That was before. Now that the hurricane passed and they have their crystals activated, they have learned a lot about the things of the heart, the things of the spirit.

Anyway, in the case of these two categories mentioned above - foreign lizards of the Other Side (and their human dogs), and neutral persons in general -, you couldn't be One with them; but instead you could always change YOUR perception of them. Everything is inside you : fears, expectations, anger, fantasies, etc.

Between you and the other members of Our Side that constitute your perception field, THERE ARE NO SIDES. EVERYBODY LOVES YOU, and I'm sure you love every one of them. Everybody wants you to be happy, everybody wants to make you happy, and you want to make everybody happy, too. It's all one only thing, one only reality.



If you're going to create the reality of the approach of your beloved one, you must be totally devoted. You must entirely dedicate yourself to this task. You must be completely enamored of the task.

If you want, you can create this reality. Remember : he or she also loves you, also adores you. And this approach doesn't need to be through the use of elements of the tonal reality. You are the Creator of your Existence, so you combine with your beloved one how it is going to happen. Nobody else is able to give an opinion. It is just you and her or him. He or she can appear suddenly in your bedroom using the teleportation technique, for instance, either in the night or during the day. If you have watched the movie "Crossworlds", you know what I'm talking about.

So what you have to do ? You have to create reality, with all your might and all your Love. You must dedicate yourself regularly, in a consistent basis. I suggest you meditate using your crystal.

You must believe firmly that your beloved one will appear physically to you. You must be stubborn and determined : no matter what they say, you must go ahead. Remember : it's not a favor that she or he is doing you. She or he also wants you, also loves you, and is also interested in you. And her or his voice inside you does not lie.

With the foreign crystal in your hands, I suggest you mentalize in details several scenes involving the specific shell of your beloved one that is promised to you, and/or the specific shell with whom you have had a deja vu. You must be devoted and dedicated. Use your memory. Visualize her or his smile. You have to feel these images from the bottom of your heart. And you can let kundalini come, if you want.

Then you can mentalize in details (and - in order to reinforce it - you can verbalize aloud all the details of your mentalization) that you're making true love with her or him. And when I say "true love", I mean really true love : it has nothing to do with sex or with animalized terrestrial instincts or bestial penetrations.

In these scenes, you must venerate her (or his) body like if she (or he) were a Goddess (or God). And she (he) will also venerate your body like if you were a God (or Goddess). Feel that you're touching her (his) body very slowly and softly, like if it was covered by velvet. You must treat her (his) body as the Temple of Paradise.

That's what the human body really is : a temple. Notice that figures of hinduist and buddhist deities are usually portrayed with an active kundalini. Kundalini is the energy of the spirit.


Realize also that the kundalinic element (through the use of a phallic symbol) is present in many movies that deal with the nature of reality, or manipulated realities, and is often associated with the process of creating reality. It is the scepter in "Crossworlds" [where Joe Talbot has to find a way to melt it or unite it to his crystal]. It corresponds to the flying knife in the movie "Dark City", to the mast of Truman's boat in "The Truman Show", and in a certain way to the sail used by Tom Hanks to escape the island in "Cast Away".

All these movies are deliberately dealing with the question of spiritual growth (and the arousal of kundalini) in a disguised manner. That's the way they operate. The producers and actors of these movies are also characters of the Stage World.

In order to purify your kundalini and at the same time create the reality of your life regarding your relationship with your beloved one, you need to devote yourself completely to the Love of your life. You need to feel this love from the bottom of your heart, especially in the form of a positive energy that floods your chest.

The movements must be in slow motion. Visualize that you're touching and kissing passionately all her (his) body, inch by inch (or centimeter by centimeter, if you prefer), very slowly. And you're kissing not only the so-called erogenous zones or genitals of her (his) body, but also all the other parts of her (his) body : hands, forearms, elbows, arms, shoulders, feet, ankles, legs, knees, back, neck, chin, cheeks, ears, nose, forehead, and so on.

Her (his) passionate aura is totally open, and you know that she (he) loves and adores you from the bottom of her (his) heart. This act is an act of God. God is inside you and is also inside her (him). She (he) is going to open your aura as well.

If you're a man, mentalize that you're penetrating her body slowly. If you're a woman, mentalize that you're being penetrated by him slowly. The penetration must take place in all positions that you judge to be natural. You're the judge : don't be shy. The penetration must not involve rapid, brusque or violent movements. You can imagine it like if the male organ was parking his car in the space of a parking lot.

Your beloved one is a foreigner. He or she is not from Earth, albeit living here. He or she is a very spiritualized entity, and no matter which shell he or she is using when making true love with you, he or she will have many long-lasting spiritual orgasms in the course of this relation, which will completely flood your aura and your body with his or her open aura, with his or her True Love for you, and with his or her spiritualized and pure foreign energy.

You must devote all your Love and all your Heart in this visualization. You can also mentalize that you're going out with her (him) in public, holding her (his) hands and kissing her (him) from times to times. Use your imagination : where would you like to go with her (him) ? To the movie theatre ? To the beach ? To the park ? To the mall ? To the mountains ?

Whatever you want, it IS going to happen if you're really want it. You have to be faithful to your belief.

"The world can be what you make it."
(doctor to John Murdoch, in the movie "Dark City")

Since when True Love is forbidden ? Since when it is against the Law ? Since when the persons around you have the right to determine how your life must be lived ?

And please observe : this is not an "exercise". It's the creation of reality through meditation, and through your heart. This is not "imagination", either. You really create reality. You have to be sincere and wish it from the very bottom of your heart.

You have to resolve in your mind and in your heart all the desires and resistances associated with your relationship with this shell of your beloved one. You have to believe that there are no impediments for you to have this relationship with her or him. You have to dissect one by one all the alleged impediments : opinions of your relatives, of her or his relatives, of your workmates or friends, attitude of people passing by, their second-meaning sentences, hypocrisy of society.

Now take a look at the lyrics of a significant song from the Eighties that mentions explicitly this process of spiritual growth :

"(...) He got the action, he got the motion
Oh yeah, the boy can play
Dedication, devotion
Turning all the time night into the day
He do the song about the sweet lovin' woman
He do the song about the KNIFE
He do the walk, he do the walk of life

(...) And after all the violence and DOUBLE TALK
There's just a song in the trouble and the strife
You do the walk, you do the walk of life."

("Walk of Life", 1985 - Dire Straits)



The word "Creator" is used by many as a synonym for the word "God". According to some, God - or some kind of cosmic energy - created the Known Universe, with all its galaxies and planets : some inhabited by intelligent and spiritualized beings, others by intelligent and hostile biped lizards, for example, others by neutral and/or primitive civilizations, and so on.

But who creates the reality of your life ? Who takes control of your life and who governs your destiny ?

Is it an external God that judges, punishes or rewards you ? Is it an external Angel that sells desires and promises medals and honors in a delirious race for a podium in the Backstage reality ?

No, no. It's only you. You're the only Creator of your Existence, the only owner of your own destiny. You create the reality of your life with your beliefs, with your feelings and with your heart.

"Do you believe in fate, Neo ?" (Morpheus)
"No". (Neo)
"Why not ?" (Morpheus)
"Because I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life". (Neo)
"I know exactly what you're talking about". (Morpheus)
(dialog between Neo and Morpheus in "The Matrix")

"You're the only owner and master of your own destiny."
(This is from the Dragvarda, an old foreign book)

God is inside you, not outside. God is inside your heart. Nothing is intrinsically good or bad, right or wrong, Good or Evil. There are not rights and wrongs, just Heart and Illusion. Where there is no Love, there is Illusion.

"You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free".
(This is from the Christian Bible)

Well, what is "the Truth" ? For foreigners of Our Side, Truth is what comes from your heart. It is the energy of God inside you. Truth is what you create as being. It is the point of view of the Heart.

By contrast, "Lie" is a synonym for Illusion : it is experimenting a different thing from what is in your heart. In this sense, you never lie to somebody else : you can only lie to yourself. "Lie" is fundamentally an instrument of distraction or amusement, so that you can "have fun".

Let's see now the lyrics of another song dealing with the question of spiritual growth :

"Now, I've had the time of my life
No, I never felt like this before
Yes, I swear, it's the truth
And I owe it all to you

(...) I've been waiting for so long
Now, I've finally found someone
To stand by me
We saw the writing on the WALL
As we felt this magical fantasy

Now, with passion in our eyes
There's no way we could DISGUISE it

(...) 'Cause I've had the time of my life
And I've searched through every open DOOR
Till I've found the Truth
And I owe it all to you".

("The Time of My Life", Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes)

In the process of spiritualizing yourself, in order to set free from the control of your perception field and from your linguistic prison, at some point you'll have to change from the position of the creature to the position of the Creator.

You must have no doubts. You must be totally sure about the fact that you're the only Creator of the reality of your life.

I don't like to be repetitive, but as it is very important, I feel practically compelled to say it once more : their characters only clone your beliefs, they never push you beyond your limits, and they always respect your free will.

"It's not the spoon that bends. It's only yourself"
(boy to Neo, in "The Matrix")

Comments : However, if you have watched the movie, you know that there is a spoon, and that the spoon actually bends. You see it in the movie happening in the physical reality. So how could this be possible ?

"The spoon" is your perception field, which is artificially controlled by the characters of Our Side. When you change, the world around you changes, too. So when you bend, the spoon bends because of you. But you are the first who has to bend : "the spoon" just clone your bend.

And your beliefs generate your experiences. That's the belief of the foreigners, and they apply this belief in a very wise way.

Now you're going to invent a new science : the science of Creatism. It is an invented science because it doesn't follow the rules of terrestrial science or is it limited by its scientific methods.

Creatism is a personalized science, and it is personal too. The process is customized for you. It's interactive. Your beliefs create what you experience. It's as simple as that.

When dealing with foreigners of Our Side, you have to use foreign parameters or foreign patterns. You have to learn and use their rules. That's the way they work. That's the way spiritual evolution occurs. Your beloved one is a foreigner, remember ?

And do not believe that they're Gods, because they're not. They are just very spiritualized individuals. If they were Gods (or Angels) and you're a Pan, then you would be a demi-God / demi-Goddess (or demi-Angel). But you know you're not a demi-God, demi-Goddess or demi-Angel. So they are not Gods or Angels, either. God is inside you, and God is inside every one of them.

On the contrary, they are also physical beings, living their physical lives, and developing their physical sciences and technologies. And they're not perfect. Although extremely advanced for terrestrial patterns, the foreign science of space navigation, for instance, also presents some limitations : they cannot cross an astronomical black hole and they are not able to perform the time travel.

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