by Wes Penre

August 7, 2011
from WesPenre Website

Spanish version


1. Borrowing from, and Returning to, the Living Library

We live in a Universe which is a Free-Will Zone, which means that anyone is allowed to do whatever they want to do in order to contribute to the overall Experiment.


The Living Library was set up as a giant peaceful experiment, where virtually everything that's growing and developing in form of plant life, animal- and human life were seeded onto this planet during different time periods. The flora and the fauna come from all over the Universe; not only from our galaxy.


Our planet is not the only Living Library in the Universe, but certainly one of the richest and most beautiful.

Not only the Pleiadians call this planet a Living Library; it's a term generally used, so it seems, by aliens who know about it (and all aliens that are here on the planet or in Earth near space do). A library, per definition, is a place where you can borrow something if you promise to return it to keep the library going.


So, in cosmic terms, it's nothing wrong with genetic engineering of the species of this planet, as long as it is done to enhance life and the Library in general. It is not meant to be taken advantage of, and to harm the species living here.


Therefore, what ETs like the Anunnaki, the Zeta Grays, and a few others do is not considered ethical or just. This is why ET renegades like the Pleiadians, and confederations like the Guardian Alliance are helping us regaining our perception of multi-dimensionality.

Almost everything and anything you can think of that we humans need in form of food, medicine, and life-enhancing herbs etc. is present here on Earth, in nature. We basically don't need any pharmaceutical drugs to suppress the symptoms of underlying causes, which is the way most "diseases" are treated today.


The remedy for basically any human condition exists in nature.


The problem is that we have forgotten how to use the Living Library. We go out in the forest, are climbing mountains, or walking by the ocean, without understanding what it is we are seeing around us.


All the plants, mushrooms, herbs... they just grow there and we have no clue what they can be used for.



2. From the Dark Ages to Big Pharma and the Witch-Hunt on Alternative Medicine

In the Dark Ages, the "witches" knew pretty well how to use the Living Library.


However, the Catholic Church, who didn't want people to be well, accused those who used the Library to heal people of witchcraft and burned them on the stake. Eventually, this very important knowledge disappeared from the Western World (or went underground); also, much of it is still known by natives and tribes around the world, who have still not been totally destroyed by western intruders.

We learn in school that punishment for "witchcraft" is something of the past and of course doesn't exist anymore. Wrong! The only difference is that it's not done so overtly, and no one is burned at the stake.


Today, we have Big Pharma (the Pharmaceutical Industry), who have more insights in the hidden knowledge of the Living Library than common man. However, they know they can't just take a plant or an herb, take patent on it, and sell it exclusively as their own product. Instead, they take ingredients from the Library and add chemicals to it in a mix and can then patent it and sell it, name it and call it their own.


People don't get side effects from the herbs or plants; they get side effects from the chemicals and whatever else Big Pharma put into the pills we get at the Pharmacy.

Doctors, of course, have not really been taught how to cure somebody's issues, unless it directly has to do with surgery, broken bones, and other obvious things. Instead, they are suppressing the symptoms by giving the patient a pill or two. Most PCPs (Primary Care Physicians) see a lot of patients a day; I am working in the Medical field, closely with doctors, and notice that they sometimes see 30-40 patients a day, handling 2-4 patients simultaneously, putting them in different patient's rooms and go back and forth between them in order to be more efficient.


It gives each patient around 5-10 (if you're lucky you get 15) minutes to explain their problem and for the doctor to find a solution.


The solution, more often than not, is to write a prescription for a drug, increasing the strength of a drug the patient is already taking, or changing to another drug. No one cares to look at the underlying reason for the condition the patient has.


They just ignore it and gives the patient the most sufficient drug to suppress the condition, in order for the doctor to go over to the next patient. It's a functionally insane money machine.


The doctors often get commission on the drugs they prescribe, and drug representatives from Big Pharma (drug reps), who visit the clinics regularly, are there to promote their Company's drugs, sometimes "bribe" the doctor, offering him/her a cruise, first class, or something similar if they switch to this particular Company's drug(s).


I have seen this happen on at least two occasions. I wasn't supposed to know, so how many times did it really happen and I never found out?

The Pharmaceutical Industry is making an amazing amount of money on people's illnesses. This industry is gigantic to say the least, and it's obvious that no one with such power and wealth, making profit on people's misery, would like us to be well. That would defeat their purpose and be an enormous threat to the entire industry.


Think what would happen if people all of a sudden got well, or even worse; if they got well by using other means than the Health Industry (which is really the Sick Industry).


What a nightmare, not only for Big Pharma and the doctors offices and hospitals, but for all other industries that on a higher level are working in unison to keep people sick. I am talking about Monsanto, the US-based multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation which gives us genetically manipulated food that makes us ill; I am talking about companies like McDonalds and other likeminded corporations selling junk food to people which makes us overweight and gives us heart problems.


People go there to comfort themselves after a long, multitasking day at work or because it tastes good and is fast and easy. See, all these industries, and more, are working together to keep the business going. They are feeding off our sickness and dis-ease, and so are the Insurance Companies who also are dependent upon that you are sick. A happy, healthy citizen is not the goal of the modern society.

Huge profit and greed is one reason why the witch-hunt is still alive and well.


The attacks on alternative medicine and those who are practicing alternative methods to heal the patients and even find the underlying causes to their illnesses are intense. The best weapon Big Pharma has is the law that you need a license to practice medicine.


In reality, this means that if you are not part of the so-called Health Industry and play by the rules, which means you can only promote medicine distributed by the drug companies, you can go to jail for "practicing medicine without a license".


This law practically takes care of all resistance. Homeopathic, Nephropathic, and Naturopathic practices are closed down and the owners punished by law.

This is not meant as an attack on doctors; they are just part of the system and thus part of the problem. The cause to the real problem is again, of course, inter-dimensional. We can choose to look at it from whichever level we want, and there's another level right above it which controls that level.


But let's stay on a 3-D level a little bit longer for the purpose of this paper...


2.1 The Witch-Hunt on Mind-Altering Drugs

There are certain substances in the Living Library, as when taken in will expand our consciousness and connect with Earth and the Multiverse on a higher level.


Poppy seed is one (opium) and Cannabis (marijuana) another. When you know how to make opium out of poppy, and morphine/heroin out of opium, you have a strong pain killer, provided by nature itself.

Opium and morphine (even heroin in the early part of the 1900s) are used by Big Pharma as painkillers; opium is included in Hydrocodone (Vicodin), Oxycodone, and Oxycontin, although synthetic.


It's perfectly okay to go to the doctor and get a prescription if needed, but if you're in pain and don't have Insurance and know how to make opium from the Living Library to ease your pain, it would be illegal. I am not suggesting people should go out and make opium, morphine or heroin left and right, but it's the suppression of knowledge and the suppression of free will that make people obsessed with things; if they can't have it, they feel they must have it.

If people had been given the knowledge of the Living Library and been taught that all medication they could possibly need is out there for the body and mind to use, it wouldn't be such a big deal.


There would always be those who overuse drugs, but it's each and everyone's responsibility to take the consequences for their actions.

Then we have the hallucinogenic drugs, like LSD and mushrooms. The LSD molecule was discovered by Dr. Hoffman in the 1930s, and was later introduced to the public by our own Intelligence Agencies as an experiment during the hippie era in the 1960s and 70s to calm the Vietnam protesters down, among other things.


It was also an experiment in mind control, but it became illegalized due to that you can't control somebody who is expanding his/her mind.


As usual, some abused it and went insane, while others had wonderful, mind-expanding experiences from it. It's not for everybody; mind-altering drugs must have a purpose for the person who takes it. It's synthetic, but the mushrooms out in nature are not, of course. And you will have a similar experience by eating them.


Again, if a person wants to try a mind-altering drug, it should be in modesty and with a purpose in mind; not just getting high. Because these drugs can take you anywhere.


The interesting thing, though, is that the government forbids us to use the Living Library, as if they owned it. It's illegal to eat hallucinogenic mushrooms as well. Mescaline was used broadly and widely 100-150 years ago, especially among artists and creative people, but also among businessmen and regular people. It was the BIG drug at the time, and it was free.

People have always looked for something to break down the barriers and to help them understand reality. These days, when things are heavily controlled in general, so of course are these mind-expanding plants and herbs.

I have left marijuana to last, because it's the worst contradiction of them all.


The medical field has acknowledged that the plant has healing effects on a patient; it calms people down (it's a great natural pain reliever) and it has good mental benefits as well if used with care. So in certain states in the U.S., we have something called "medical marijuana", which is given to people who would benefit from it, but you'll go to jail if you plant it and use it yourself without permission from a doctor. It's of course hypocrisy.


And the animals have always eaten mind-expanding plants and herbs to expand their minds, because it's free out there to eat. And believe it or not, but animals are much more multi-dimensional than we are; not only because of their intake, but just naturally.


The deer, for example, love to eat various mushrooms and get high; I am not making this up.

In the ancient days, people had cannabis tattoos and were even buried with their cannabis seeds beside them. They were using the Library, knowing what was in it. They borrowed some and planted some like was the purpose of the Library in the first place. Our ancestors were far more familiar with their environment than we are.

This plant has long enhanced people's consciousness when taken in moderate doses. This, and other plants from the Library can literally open doors of perception into higher densities and realities, and hence speed up the ascension process to a certain degree. One can actually see other realities, which are basically as real as this one.


Aldous Huxley wrote the book "The Doors of Perception" decades ago, which was a huge inspiration for Jim Morrison and the Doors (they got the name for the band from that book). The rest of the band could take these drugs more moderately, but the possessed Morrison could not, and after a while that had more to do with his entity possession than to expand his mind consciously.

I am not suggesting that the reader should be illegal and go out and do things that can get you in trouble with the law by any means, but if you still decide to use any of the above, use it wisely and have respect for the substance; don't go overboard. It's a natural thing, but we must learn how to use things in moderation.

For the record, I am not taking any of these plants and herbs myself, and haven't done for years. I tried most of it in my younger days, but now I can reach the same heights by working with myself.


However, I see nothing wrong with using what is there for us to use; only the government does. By the way, did you know that the Founding Fathers grew hemp and smoked marijuana?


I suggest you check out the brilliant author, Doug Yurchey, whom also happens to be a friend of mine.


I have posted quite a few articles of his on my Illuminati News website, and he digs deeply into the Marijuana and LSD Conspiracies and much, much more. [1]


3. The Future - Back to Using the Living Library

Years ago, people thought they were really on track by "going organic".


This is a good start, although it will not quite do the trick anyway because of the way food is manufactured, even when it's organic. However, food grown with conscious awareness is what we need to regain our health, not just without the lack of poison.


This is a whole other level!

The Pleiadians have a lot to say about this, because their ancestors were the ones (in conjunction with other beings) who created the Living Library in the first place. Magnets, pyramid shapes, planting things underneath a pyramid, and moving a pyramid around a garden can generate as much energy as the native people did in the U.S. and around the world to balance the forces, always talking to, and blessing the earth.


Once in a while, kissing your hand and putting it down on the ground; we have so much to learn from those whom we almost totally terminated in our insanity (Pleiadian Lecture, December 4-5, 2010, "Bursts of Acceleration", CD #2, Track 7).

Today, when we take everything for granted, humanity as a whole has a great need to feel gratitude for the intelligence of the elements; the magic of it, and the movements of things, and how nature feeds us.


In the early 1950s, L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986), the Founder of Scientology, was measuring the consciousness of plants and a picture was taken of him putting electrodes on tomato plants [2] (see Fig. 1).


He knew already then that plants had consciousness, but all the way up to present day, this picture has created great ridicule amongst scientists and the general public. No, he was just way before his time, and now it's catching up with him.


Fewer and fewer people are laughing...


Figure 1

L. Ron Hubbard researching if
plants can feel pain

There is no doubt that there is consciousness in everything, and talking to plants that you are planting and growing in your garden, and giving them love is the most fundamental thing you can do to get healthy products.


Also, always talk to the Sun when dealing with the elements and planting things.


The highest levels of consciousness are light and unconditional love, and the Sun is giving us both light, love, and information. She is our Higher Self and she will hear you and know who you are when you address her directly. All these things are absolutely necessary to grow healthy food.

In the old days, before the Industrialization and further back, people used to go out in the field, lay down together and make love. Of course, it can be a totally different sensation to make love outside than to always do it inside, but the sexual energies are very powerful and the orgasm exponentially so. It literally opens up portals and shoots the energies out into the Universe, but also enhances growth around the area where the lovemaking took place.


Especially if the people who do it are already very close and truly love each other and are on the same frequency, the effects can be very profound.


The energies highly increased the fertility of the land. They shared their joy with all the plants and herbs in the garden with the energy build in an orgasmic nature. That was what lovemaking in the garden was about in the old days; people had a greater knowledge of things that matters back then.

These days, there is not much "sharing" anymore. People are suing each other as soon as they get a chance, finding new ways to earn an easy buck so they can get lazier and be home and watch more TV. That is not coming together; it's separation. And not only are we separated as human beings by technology and such, we have also totally forgotten how to energetically connect with nature as a human species.


We take the Earth for granted, rape her, disrespect her, forget that she exists, and know nothing about that she's a living being, hosting people like us so we can have an experience.


Where is the gratitude, the recognition, the love for our planet? Where's the respect?


In spite of the lack of all these things, Mother Earth is still housing us patiently, but she is tumbling and struggling under the pressure. Still, she is giving us all we need, and more, to survive and have a more than meaningful life!

We need to learn how to share our love and consciousness with Mother Earth and use her and give to her the way it was supposed to be. Yes, the Living Library is beautiful to look at; Earth is stunning in her presence, and it's for us to enjoy, but it's also meant for us to use it as a Living Garden; with respect and a give-and-take situation, where we replant what we borrow in a constant symbiosis with Nature.

By being in Nature and relearning how to deal with the elements we learn when there's going to be rain, sun, storms, thunder. You will soon get to a level where we can sense it on a metaphysical level and in your body, rather than only know it by visual signs. It's a part of being multi-dimensional.

The Global Elite, who know the power of words, always use the term "fight for freedom" or "war against drugs" etc. Like we've discussed earlier, by fighting something we are actually getting more of what we don't want, and we are creating separation.


Instead, let's claim what we want:

"we claim freedom"; "we reclaim the Living Library".

This way we are already creating inside what it is we want.

Many have asked me if Earth is a common planet out there, with all its beauty and variety in plant and animal life. From have taken part of the information from many different metaphysical sources, I have come to the conclusion that although Earth is not the only planet out there with tremendous beauty, it is in larger terms quite unique.


There are myriads of planets in the cosmos which host intelligent life, but if we would travel to them, we may find many of them deserted and quite barren.


First of all, it's a matter of landing at a time where there is life on the planet, which is not always easy to do if we don't know the right coordinates and the point in local time.


Others are "cloaked" with technology so that they look barren when they are not, but it's also very common that intelligent life forms live inside the planet instead of on its surface.

Earth is unique in its beauty and its variety, but also in that the Inner Earth is very rich on life forms; both plants, animals and higher intelligent beings (we will discuss this more in a separate paper). And once we have entered the caverns leading to the portals to Inner Earth and been able to pass through them, we will find a beautiful world inside Earth as well.


So let's feel gratitude for having the privilege of being here now at this time, on a remarkable planet which is willing to host us, take care of our bodies who are our tickets to here, and start getting along with self and others, no matter differences.


Enjoy the Living Library and use it with care and respect, but use it!


Forgive those who have done you harm, and forgive yourself and make up for the harm you may have done, and if you can't meet with people to tell them in person, do it in thought and in dream state, and you will heal along the lines of time and come together as a whole Earth Being.


Your different incarnations will be healed by the work you are doing now, and you can complete Experiment Earth with grace and pride, having had the most valuable overall experience possible.


Enjoy life, the planet and everything on it, and realize it is here for you and you are here for Her.


And you and Mother Earth help each other heal!


4. DNA - What it Is, and How to Reclaim What Was Taken From Us

DNA! This is a very touchy subject.


Scientists, whether they are mainstream or rouge, have very firm ideas of what DNA is, or even better, what it's not! Earth Science when comes to DNA/RNA is significantly different than that told by most metaphysical sources.


Dr. A.R. Bordon of Life Physics Group California (LPG-C), whom I've come to know quite well over the last months to almost a year now, is quite upset about the way metaphysics often looks upon the "DNA problem" humans seem to have. He told me that DNA/RNA needs to be understood for humankind to continue to evolve.


To that, I agree 100%. It's extremely important. I gave him the metaphysical version, or the watered down version of it, rather, thinking he might already know that information.


Now, afterwards, I don't think he ever looked too deeply into it, thinking it was too way out there and inaccurate.

Dr. Bordon, when he has time, hopefully, will write a simplified scientific explanation of what RNA/DNA is, so I am not going to go into the mainstream version of what it is and how it works until I have read his article, and in the meantime I am going to dig into the metaphysical aspect of this subject, which in my opinion is explaining it in much easier terms but is also making a lot of sense.


Until I am proven otherwise, I will look at Earth science when comes to this subject as accurate up to a certain point to where our human knowledge ends and the metaphysical knowledge starts.


I think it's very important that we study this issue from a broader perspective, no matter if our scientists agree or not. Some of these metaphysical sources are of high quality, and I have looked into them quite deeply and find no reason why they would deceive us on this subject, and they are very serious about it, too, because they know the importance.


They also tell us straight out that even the best of scientists on Earth do not understand the metaphysical and multi-dimensional concept of the RNA/DNA, and that it will probably take generations before that will happen.


After all, the double-helix was not discovered until 1958, 53 years ago. Also, in his essay, "The LINK", Bordon admits to that we know very little about RNA-DNA.

The question is:

  • Those scientists who discard the following information, can they create a new species with the knowledge they have now? The answer is no.


  • Can the metaphysical beings who are explaining how DNA-RNA works create a new species with the information they have? The answer is yes.

That should speak volumes.

A common misunderstanding is that we think we can track the genome, or the gene pool, but it's not going to be totally successful, because in the Multiverse, it changes all the time, and it's fluid.

In the far, far past, in our terms, a lot of different species throughout the Universe contributed their DNA to the Living Library. Cosmic Master bio-geneticists were then able to use these different forms of DNA to design functional life-forms for the Living Library; they seeded the Library.


Today we can see all these different races on Earth:

  • Caucasians

  • Black people

  • Red People

  • Yellow people

  • Brown People,

... all sorts of humans.


We are all looking similar, but we don't look the same. Same thing with the cosmic beings; they all have a head, a torso, two arms and two legs, because it's a prototype; a template throughout cosmos, but from that stems a huge variety.

Not all worlds are the same. Not all of them are a mix of different genetics. Earth is an experiment, and in these terms quite, but not totally, unique. Now, when things are speeding up here, all these cosmic beings who contributed to our genetics are very interested to see the product of their contribution.

This is not a small thing; it's the end product of a long term experiment with a biokind (humans), consisting of DNA from a myriad of beings in order to become the gatekeepers, the Library Cards to the Living Library.


300,000 years ago, we were already almost evolved to accomplish this task when we were interrupted in the process, but now all these species from cosmos are holding their breaths to see how well their experiment turned out.


The human race is not just any race in the cosmos; some say we are royal in more than one definition of the word. The DNA which was part of the mix was contributed by Royal Races out in the Universe, and we are connected to them. And what we do with our energy, due to the connection we have with all these species, affects them as well.

Yes, the human race is "special", indeed! This little planet in the outskirts of a galaxy of billions of galaxies can have a great impact on many things in cosmos. Mind boggling? Big responsibility? Absolutely!

Separate from our genome code are other codes; master numbers and information that is invaluable to the Multiverse. So in larger terms, great beings have stored things within the DNA of Earth life-forms; not only in humans, but in rocks, plants, and animals as well.


This is for us to explore. Until we know how to read it and understand it's there, we can search forever (Pleiadian Lecture [8/13/2011-8/14/2011]: "Awakening to the Sun", CD 3, Track #4).


This was a way to have things hidden in plain sight.

Many cosmic beings are very anxious to find out what is in our DNA, and that's part of why we have those abduction scenarios. Beings, especially those whose DNA is deteriorating (like is the case with the Zeta Grays), are very curious to find out the secrets of our DNA; where is the "gold", where is the "gem"? They want to know so they can use it. However, they do not have the key to unlock the secrets, so they are not succeeding to their huge frustration.

We have sister planets in other parts of the galaxy; on the other side, far away from Earth, which are sort of parallel worlds, where there are similar things stored. The beauty we see around us is quite unique for our planet and its sister planets in other parts of the Milky Way (in terms of 3rd Density), and we, who are the Living Library are the ones who are creating this beauty together; humans, plants, animals...


Can you feel something bigger emerging in these pictures? Good, because this is much bigger than any of us here on Earth can yet perceive.

Our DNA is like a "modem"; it allows us to operate in different realities; in different dimensions and densities simultaneously. So, the DNA is in other words multi-dimensional and not something located only in the 3-D reality, like most scientists think.

We have created a world based on linear time, based on separation.


There is nothing wrong with this, and in fact, it's been a wonderful learning experience for us and for interdimensional beings who have followed our progress, but the game is over and we are going back to thinking Multi-D.


The 3-D part of the Experiment is over; we need to expand into the cosmos by activating the light inside of us so that the Experiment can get to another level. The Universe in our sector of the galaxy is still relatively unstable in the sense of polarity and the respect thereof. Wars are still raging; imperatives are clashing with imperatives; there is unhappiness out there as well as there is happiness, joy and peace.


Humans can become the stabilizers as the Key Masters to the Living Library, and that is our task in the future if we are up to it and can pull through.


And yes, I believe we can!


4.1 The Early Human had 12 Strand DNA, Corresponding with 12 Chakras

In metaphysics, it is quite established that humankind was quite highly evolved before the Anunnaki came to Earth and started manipulating our DNA, some 300-250,000 years ago.


At that time, there was more than one version of human-like creatures on Earth, but at least one of these species was quite highly evolved.

This also makes sense if we are to believe the creator gods, whose ancestors are equivalent to many of these metaphysical sources. They are here to re-establish the Living Library and remedy what was destroyed or altered.


Even rouge scientists, like these of LPG-C know that life was seeded and that the original creator gods of this Living Library were the Lyrans, the Pleiadians and a few others. But the agreement ends where DNA starts, more or less.

However, if we think about it, the original creator gods, who seeded and planted the Living Library, also created evolved beings who were supposed to guard and use the Library for their own pleasure and others from outer space. It is only logical that they would create a quite highly evolved, intelligent biomind, which could then be housed by a soul/information cloud who wanted to experience the Living Library and evolve here.

So, at one time, our DNA was intact. The earlier humans had 12 strand DNA; one corresponding with each chakra. Seven chakras are placed within the body, and five outside of it.


We were like a wonderful library ourselves, where the information was all catalogued and referenced and we could find anything we wanted to find instantly. [3]


The 7 body chakras are as follows:

  • Chakras 1-3 are dealing with survival, sexuality, and perceptual feeling, also called the Root Chakras.

  • Chakra 4 is the heart (center of compassion and connectedness to all things)

  • Chakra 5 is the throat chakra, related to speech.

  • Chakra 6 is the Third Eye, the "vision".

  • Chakra 7 is the Crown Chakra, which opens to the knowingness that one's identity goes beyond the physical realm. [4]

The above 7 chakras are the ones we most often work with because they are connected with the body.


Albeit, many people think these chakras is all there is. The Pleiadians and the Guardian Alliance, among others, are working on the idea of a Universe based on 12 when comes to human perceptions, and therefore the chakra system is based on this number as well.

To go further up the chakra system and connect with the non-physical chakras, the person needs to figure out what is going on by finding new ways to do so, without even being totally sure it is real.

  • Chakra 8 is within our realm of activity. It hovers 12 inches or more above our heads. Most people keep their eight chakra close to the physical body.

  • Chakra 9 is also quite close to the body, within a few feet from it. When these 9 helices are formed, this chakra will move out into the atmosphere of Earth to become more of an Earth chakra, connecting into the gridwork. It's a link.

  • Chakra 10 is much further out, as are the 11th and 12 chakras. The 10th Chakra, once it is in line and plugged in, will be in your solar system.

  • Chakra 11 will move out into our galactic system.

  • Chakra 12 will be located and anchored some place in this universe. [5]

As we evolve back to what we once were, we will receive information from these personal centers, because they are collective centers as well. As we learn to translate the chakra experiences, life is not the same anymore.


And it's happening now on the planet, big time!

With all these 12 chakras open, you can imagine what possibilities are opening up as well. There was a time, more than 250,000 years ago, when the human species occupied higher dimensional frequencies and we had the ability to surf through realities and manipulate matter.


4.2 How We Were Unplugged From the Multiverse and How To Plug In Again

When the new owners of this real estate called Earth arrived, around 450-500,000 years ago, everything changed.

The Anunnaki wanted a race intelligent enough to be able to understand commands and execute them, but not intelligent enough to question them or rebel against the "gods". Apparently, the apes and monkeys inhabiting Earth at that time weren't smart or good enough, and didn't have the right attributes to accomplish the task.

The evolved humans did!

However, these human, highly multi-dimensional beings, who basically were a threat to the Anunnaki anyway due to that they were too similar to them in intelligence and awareness, but much more mellow, fit the task pretty well.


The only problem was that they were way too evolved and intelligent. So what the Anunnaki did, with the help of technology and trickery, much of which the Earth humans lacked, was to manipulate their DNA.


They mixed their own 11 strands [6] with our own 12 strand, unplugged 10 of the 12 strands and created a 2 strand DNA, the double-helix, which is all that most humans have activated up to this day.


This effectively disconnected us from the Universe and the Multiverse, left us with what today's scientists call "junk DNA", and thus created a frequency fence with a narrow band in which most humans operate today.


We have forgotten who we are and what our purpose is, where we came from and who created us. I can see a very sophisticated agenda playing out above our heads.


The Anunnaki lied to the Sumerians because they knew they would come back full force and take over again, and they want to do so as peacefully as possible, having already manipulated mankind by telling us through ancient scriptures that we owe our intelligence and evolvement to them, when the opposite is more likely to be true:

they robbed us of our connectedness with the Multiverse, and due to our naivety, we apparently didn't see what was coming, or for some reason didn't do anything about it.

We may not have been able to, because we were a peaceful and playful race.

We don't know the exact history (yet), so another option is that the Anunnaki took what they wanted (called abductions) and killed off the rest. Then, in fact, they have infiltrated, and to some degree even created, many of our organized religions and channeled prophecies like these in the Book of Revelation, so that their "Second Coming" will look like God's prophecy fulfilled.


Use discernment here...

I can understand LPG-C's reasoning when they say that we need to find a way to defend ourselves against Invader Forces who are interested in this real estate, and Ša.A.M.i. (the Nibiruans) are offering just that to our human representatives (albeit self-elected) amongst other things like teaching us how to build a peaceful relationship with each other and our cosmic brothers and sisters and how to be self governed.


Well, this sounds fantastic on the surface, but for the reader who has followed this series of papers and read Sitchin's books, there may have arisen a certain amount of doubt about the sincerity of our Giant (literally speaking) cosmic relatives. It seems ironic that this species who has created so many wars and so much havoc on this planet should teach us about living in peace.

Now, let us return to the DNA.


Picture yourself a fiber optic cable with a 12 fiber optic "highway" running through the bigger cable, and then you unplug 10 of them and let two of them continue running. The other ones are still there, but not connected and activated anymore. Even the two remaining are then being altered and manipulated. This may be a poor and inaccurate picture from a scientific perspective, but it may help people understand what happened to our DNA.

Everything that was not necessary for survival and anything that would keep us informed was unplugged. Left was the double-helix, which locked us into controllable frequencies [7] and unplugged us from the cosmos.


The root chakras and the heart chakras were still slightly open, as was the throat chakra, but chakras 7-12 were successively closed.


Because, in addition to the Frequency Fence or Quarantine we talked about earlier, the Anunnaki also created a literal Frequency Fence around our planet to be able to control how much of the human frequencies could be modulated and changed. Thus, it made it very difficult for the higher frequencies of Light, bringing gamma ray information to the planet, to penetrate and keep us informed and updated.


Once in a while, when the higher frequencies of gamma ray information managed to penetrate in spite, there wasn't anybody there to receive the information. [8]

As always, like with any information, one has to ask oneself, who's to gain from telling us? And this is the whole reason why I am not swallowing the scientific idea of DNA/RNA, hook and sink.


The metaphysical information is the extension of what is already known by scientists here on Earth, mainstream of rogue. And who benefits? However I twist and bend it and look at it from everybody's perspective involved, I can only see that we humans gain in conjunction with those who are trying to help on the metaphysical level.


If this was told with evil intents, the motives are not there, neither is the negative manipulation, ever so subtle, but if we think of it as an effort to make us grow, the motives are there, including the fact that it feels right.

As our DNA is evolving towards its original 12 stand, the "new" helices are being formed as the light-encoded filaments are starting to bundle themselves together. As this is happening, we are creating a more evolved nervous system which allows much more data to move itself into our consciousness.


We will begin to be able to use the full capacity of the brain, which will create effects unimaginable for the presently evolving human. It doesn't all have to do with increased intelligence (although it's a part of it), but by connecting our dormant extended nervous system with the cosmos, we will become multidimensional in thought and action again. And not only that; we will realize and experience the true nature of our body.


We will find out what this amazing body we inhabit can really do, and how important it is for our growth and multidimensional existence. It's not just something you carry along to be able to go from one place to another, or do certain tasks, or accomplish some skills we are so used to today. The body is a container and a storage place for all the multidimensional knowledge we'll need to expand our consciousness.


Therefore, we would benefit a lot from feeling gratitude not only for having one of these amazing bodies, but also for having one here and now.


There are an incredible amount of discarnate beings who would love to have a body in this space and time, here on Earth. This is when and where things are happening!


In this little window of time, just before what is called the End Times, with the help of a healthy and well maintained body, we can evolve and regain our 12 strand DNA and connect with the super-cosmos we call the Multiverse.

So it's high time to start taking care of the body we have; start eating well (preferably plant and seed your own food), exercise, have good sex with someone you love who is vibrating on a similar frequency as yourself, love yourself and your body, talk to your body and complement it, love and assist others when possible, give them compliments when appropriate, get plenty of rest, slow down your pace, connect with Nature, and HAVE FUN!


Get together with people of your kind, get guidance from your Spirit Guides, and expand your consciousness by using and trusting your intuition. How is that for a start? Doesn't sound boring to me.

Although we do live in exciting times, not everybody will be able to enjoy it as much. We, who are aware of all this are the forerunners; those who are paving the road for others. It is our responsibility to anchor the higher frequencies into this reality and ground it.


There will be tremendous chaos coming up, and people around us will cave in and have nervous breakdowns, because their nervous systems get overwhelmed with all the changes of which they have no awareness. We will sometimes feel helpless when we see those around us whom we know or don't know at all, break down before our eyes. Have compassion and show understanding when this happens.


Be a stable point, give them the best of your energies and show them you care and that you love them. This will not always be enough, and when you notice there is not much you can do, just let go. After a while you will realize that you can't save the world on your own, but you can help raising the vibrations and let those who are ready follow.


That is all, and the best, you can do.


Remember, not everybody here on Earth today were incarnated with the purpose to make it through. Accept that and let go, even if it's a partner or a relative. It will cause us grief and sadness, but if we learn more about the higher purpose and why we all are here, it will be an easier transition for all of us.

Another important thing to be able to reconnect the unplugged helices is oxygenation. Oxygen feeds the coding and awakens the "junk DNA". People have asked me what's the best way to meditate, and although there is no straight answer to that question because it's individual, breathing exercises is something I would highly recommend, and it's always safe.


I can personally not think of any single exercise that would be more valuable, if I could only choose one.


There are many ways to do it, and each one of us have to feel it out and find a way that works for us, but the best one I've found so far is the "Quantum Pause", which is also the one I use myself. It was originally published on the WingMakers website, but I also have included it here on this website.

Once the 12 strands are activated, our eyesight will change, our hearing will be different, our lifespan will increase etc.; no technology needed!

People are mutating so quickly that some scientists call the whole process a disease and some are very concerned about it. Billions of dollars are being used for DNA research. Much of this mutation happens in dream state and gradually we will develop new abilities.


We will automatically know many things and be very certain that this is how it is, even when people try to prove you wrong.

Ever wondered why certain tribes (especially in Africa) are using bones to find things out? Here in the Western World we call it superstition, but it's far from it. These tribes have carried on ancient knowledge over time.


This is confirmed by the Pleiadians as well:

The skeleton and our bones correspond with the information stored in our DNA.


When our skeletal form is in alignment, the energy from sacred power sites is released, the cosmic rays are pulled into our bodies, and the light-encoded filaments inside our cells begin to reorder themselves.


The change will be mirrored to us everywhere we look. [9]

Figure 2

A Zulu shaman throwing bones

to receive knowledge from his ancestors

Once the helices come into full activation, there is an awakening to your inner knowledge, a knowledge that goes beyond what you have been taught.


It's the knowledge of self, and the understanding that the physical world is just a little tiny piece of the whole spectrum. When this happens, it's imperative that you keep your position, and believe it, understand it, and know it!


Those, not yet activated, may tell you it's not true, get angry and be screaming for proof and evidence, even ridicule you. You may already have experienced this. Ignore it. Don't challenge it! It all has to do with inner experience and knowledge, and if the other person has not seen it, there is no way you can convince him or her about anything you have learnt from inner experience; they are still stuck in the human programming.


Just make sure you are not starting to doubt what you have learnt. In the beginning there may be times when this whole transition can be confusing, because people you used to have a lot in common with are all of a sudden not on your wavelength anymore.


However, once activated, there is no way back. If we try to go backwards in attempts to reconnect with the old ways, we will soon find ourselves getting into a depression. Don't go there. Instead, go through the initial confusing changes and after that, life will start getting quite interesting and exciting, to say the least.


I have gone through all the steps in this paragraph myself, so I know what I'm talking about, and if you recognize any of this yourself, I hope my own experiences will be helpful in some way.


If ever in doubt regarding regarding your own sanity, think to yourself whether what you've learned have helped you expand your consciousness and quality of living or not; for you, and hopefully for others.


If it has, why doubt it?


Figure 3

An old, occult painting of a person breaking through the Frequency Fence,
getting a glimpse of the real Multiverse.


The original creator gods want to see us evolve and break through the 3rd Density walls in spite of the darkness that has been swept around us for 300,000 years.


Before the Dark Lords took over, the encoding of our DNA was done in such fashion that we could evolve fairly safely no matter what, as long as we were still looking for the Light. If we evolve too fast, it will fry our nervous system, and this is something the original creator gods wanted to avoid.

So, keep in mind that it is not that we all of a sudden are going to evolve from 2 strand to 12 strand DNA, that are suddenly going to manifest in our earthly and multidimensional bodies. We already have the 12 helices inside of us, and they just need activation. So it's not because of the effects from spiritual and body work that we all of a sudden gain strands out of nowhere.


Just want to make this clear, because I've seen on the Internet that people sometimes are confusing the two.

The changes that will happen to us, biologically, are instituted by cosmic rays. We will notice throughout the changes within us that we start remembering things as our neurological pathways, which have been closed, start to grow, and we can carry more information.


The information is sent on waves of light - waves of energy, or beams from the Sun.


It's this energy which rearranges our biology. Essentially, what needs to be rearranged is how we perceive the world around us; in other words, our psychic senses. Hence, we will notice a fluctuation in our physical senses; for example, what used to taste good we feel is now hardly edible. What smelled good we may no longer care for, but instead we will find something else we didn't think much of before which now may smell really good.


I notice myself that my taste in food has changed tremendously over the last couple of years.


I have a very hard time finding something to eat that really tastes good. I can walk up and down the aisles in the grocery store without finding anything I'd like to put in my mouth. It's high time I start growing my own food big time.

Other signs of activations are changes in hearing (you start hearing things you didn't hear before) and urges to change habits.


You get impulses to do something new or different, and find areas in your life that used to be normal patterns for you are no longer serving you. You may feel the urge to change your lifestyle; this is all part of this energy. As you make these changes, you make more room for the cosmic energies inside your biological being.

Besides from periodical increases and changes in your physical senses, you will also start having flashes of increases in non-physical senses, like telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, abilities to have vision in your Inner Eye, and the ability to "just know".


You will find that even when someone claims something is in a certain way and have some physical evidence which backs it up and tells you "this is common knowledge", you "know" that's not true. You "know" there is so much more to the picture, and you are so sure about it that this other person can talk forever and it doesn't make any difference. And I am not talking about unreasonable stubbornness now.

There seems to be so much happening behind the scenes, and still the majority of mankind is still clueless. How is this possible?


Once upon a time I asked myself that question as well. Still, I am only scratching the surface. What I am telling you is next to nothing in comparison to what is really happening "above our heads" if I may use that expression.


Even if I spent the rest of my life attempting to touch the first thing about what is really going on on a higher level, related to Earth, I would still not be successful. It's overwhelming. Earth is the "diamond in the sky", the most precious of precious, and many, many beings from different densities and dimensions are very interested in what is happening with the Living Library right now. We are in the spotlight constantly, and we don't even know it!


But we don't need to understand everything; we just need to know that we are certainly not alone and we have many dimensional and interdimensional friendly eyes looking in our direction, most of them without intervening.


Our conscious mind is always curious, but there is a point where too much information is defeating the purpose. The clue lies in the Unconscious Mind, which knows it all, and wants us to feel, connect and use our intuition.


It wants us to use our heart chakra, expand it so we can connect to the much larger, universal Energetic Heart, as described in the WingMakers Material


4.3 Healing Along the Lines of Time

Another thing I did intuitively, but read about later on, was to go back in time (this lifetime mostly) and recall events, relationships, happenings that I have had issues with and which were never resolved.


I started thinking about them in terms of healing, forgave the person and forgave myself for whatever I/we did which we regret, and began to change not only the feelings about it by transmitting a lot of love into the incident in my mind, but I also changed the event/relationship, still in my mind, in a way I would have preferred it to be. To my big surprise at the time, the issue went away and hasn't bothered me since.


I can also truly feel that something happened on the other end of the spectrum (it affected the other person) and I actually changed the timeline.


This is what "healing along the lines of time" really is! You can change your past, literally, by remodeling it in your mind, and heal the wounds that were part of your past. Same thing can be done with other simultaneous lives you have (or had, depending on perspective); even future events.

But how do you connect with other lifetimes?


It's easier than you probably think, and it will get even easier as you progress with your DNA reactivation. Have you ever had thoughts coming up from an apparent nowhere; perhaps from old Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Medieval times..? Have you ever watched a scenery inside your head, almost like a short piece of a movie or just a few pictures flying by?


Very often, these film fragments/pictures are from parallel lives in other times. View them, expand on them, listen to them, feel them, smell them, and find out what happened and why they were brought to your attention. Sometimes there is some trauma or unresolved issue connected with the pictures, and once you've found out what it is, you can heal the past and change the outcome!


Continue doing so as events come up, but don't go looking for them in your mind, or it could be overwhelming. Let them come to you! As you start doing this, the process will become easier. Are you "obsessed" with a certain time in the past that you have read everything about that you can get your hands on?


Rest assured that at least one of your incarnations was in that particular time!

This came natural to me for many reasons, but also because I studied "Dianetics" in the 1980s. L. Ron Hubbard's best-seller, "Dianetics - The Modern Science of Mental Health" which is a great guide; it's not only a deep-study into the subconscious mind, but you can also practice what is in there and get amazing results.


Although I'm since long finished with Scientology and the imposters who took over after Hubbard, there are gems in Hubbard's work that can't be found anywhere else; not even after all these years. "Dianetics" is one such piece of work (the book was written in 1950). The world was definitely not ready for that book when it came out, but is more so now.


Practicing Dianetics helps you as well to heal along the lines of time, but soon even that book will be obsolete. The Pleiadians, without mentioning Hubbard, teach the same thing. Not because they copy Hubbard, but because that's how the mind works.

By doing what's described above, we can heal your timelines, something which is crucial if we want to move on. On another account, but still related, we have people who die and leave their body, realizing they are no longer physical. Now they miss their possessions; their house, their jewels, their money, or whatever it can be - people.


Although there is of course no way to reenter the newly exited body and continue the life that just ended, the spirit will hang on to this lifetime for a long time; even after they've had new incarnations, feeling they are "missing something", followed by a great sadness or emptiness instead of letting go in the first place. Things like this can be resolved by timeline healing, and we are no longer glued to any particular time on our perceived timeline.


We are ready to go to the next level.

We all have parallel, legitimate existences in simultaneous time and it's not that this is the first and only time we have had the chance to connect with them. It happens to people ever so often, but when the memories pop up, our emotional body haven't been able to compute them. Now we do, on an increasing scale.


As we heal along the lines of time we may stumble upon lifetimes where we were working for the Dark Side, and when we look at it we may feel ashamed, shocked, or in denial. Mind you, we all have these lifetimes; it's a part of the overall experience.


If we were "good" all the time, how can we evolve? We need to experience both sides of the game.


Like the Pleiadians say:

"The only way you can step into this higher frequency and determine the future of your lives on this planet is to not judge your participation within this process." [10]

Realize that even when you did things you are not proud of now, it was in an effort to shed light into your own dark sides, and while you were doing it, you were most likely a catalyst for others as well.

4.4 Triple Helix DNA

I want to wedge in some short comments on Triple Helix DNA, partly because this was a big issue a couple of years ago when I wrote the e-book, "The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller" (2009).


The Thule Order in Germany have people they consider being of a certain spiritual awareness, bloodline, or having certain attributes to be candidates for getting their Triple Helix DNA activated.


The candidates send a blood sample to the Order, and they run it through a "Vril Generator" (see 'Vril - The Power of the Coming Race'), and if the person is ready, his/her Triple Helix will activate, even on a distance. People can send their samples from wherever around the world, and do not need to travel to Germany to have it done.

This is not something I would recommend for many different reasons.

"Triple Helix brings you into the feeling center. The feeling center is emotion, and emotion is your road or bridge or ticket to the spiritual self. When people deny the emotional self, they can't get into the spiritual realms." [11]

People who had their Triple Helix activated have testified of increased psychic powers, higher awareness and a new, or increased ability to apply magic.


This is all relevant to the activation, but what normally happened after a while when Thule had activated certain people was that they either went insane, started feeling awkward in many ways, or if they already had a complicated emotional life, it was intensified.


For example, if the receptors are disconnected in the brain as a result of emotional abuse, baggage or bad karma that wasn't dealt with could result on the individual going insane.


The bottom line is that DNA shouldn't be activated by artificial means; it's a natural process and shouldn't be sped up like in Thule's case. If the people were ready to have their Triple Helix activated, they already would and wouldn't need Thule to do it for them. Be very careful what you do and whom you're dealing with.


Find the answers within, and don't let others bypass your progression.

In regards to the Thule Order and how they activate the Triple Helix, I have recently received some new information from an anonymous insider source, who says:

The activation of Triple Helix is not a choice for any individual by request; not everyone can be activated. The reason why is because it is a case by case selection process. In the mind, a station is tuned in that enables direct contact with ET's. Particular ones in this case.


They refer to themselves as the Elder Race, who are different then the Ancient Ones, and are also called the gods of Agarthi.

If the ETs that gave Jarl Vidar this technology do not see value for them to use you, the ritual will not be successful regardless. Your blood will not activate. Also, the framework of the initiate is analyzed before they are chosen. The mind and emotional body may have glitches. If they are minor and easily repairable, the ET's are willing as long as the initiates desirable traits are far more valuable for their mission.


The behavior will be erratic, indecisive or impulsive; at first anyway but over time the brain receptors that are producing unbalanced electromagnetic pulses (kinetic brain energy) will sync with the biological vehicle's velocity of motion; the speed at which the mind evolves to link with the more advanced beings. This duration cycle is best described by analogy of the larval stage of an insect.

There are no mistakes in the selection process of the ET's involved. Once the Triple Helix has been activated, the DNA codes awakened in the program will gain momentum as it progresses towards the specific design of the structure it was activated for.


The behaviors and emotions are actually key and required for the individuals course for a few reasons. One is to be able to push forward to completion. Another is to attract the spirits needed on the astral plane to assist them and also to emotionally connect with other people with their now charged magnetism. And other reasons but as I said it is case by case.

Many readers of my previous book, "The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller" were curious about how the Vril Machine is working, and at that time I didn't know enough to be able to give a correct answer to that. However, at least I have some more information on it which I hope can be valuable for those who are interested.


My anonymous source continues:

The Vril Machine uses the Earth's grid lines and the energy fields that correspond to the body's meridian system to activate the Triple Helix. But I don't have all the details on it to be informative.


The energy grid is not functioning properly anyway because it is out of balance. Blockage has been building up energy in the western world and starving the eastern side of the world. That's why the western world is bountiful and the eastern part is living with poverty.

It's important though to look at how those blocks got there. That's a stargate issue that has to be dealt with before we go into the next cycle.

The Mayan Calendar says we are in the fourth world. But actually, only half the planet entered the fourth world. The other half stayed in the third world, as in third world countries. The stargate located in Iraq is being kept in mystery. So I don't know anything about the problem, or a solution for it.


But have you ever thought it was interesting how our planet has indigenous tribes co-habituating here on Earth with the modern world? Why wouldn't the tribes people buy shoes and build roads?


They have no desire; their way of life is as important to them as ours. And if you talk with them, they will tell you about planets in our solar system that astronomers barely discovered in the last decade, and they don't even own a television.

Figure 3a

The Vril Machine

4.5 Nibiru's Coordinates and the Original Creator Gods Have Landed on Earth

We now know that Nibiru is going to enter our solar system. Today, on July 30, 2011, as of this writing, its coordinates are 5 hrs 53 mins 27 sec by 6 hrs 10 mins 58 sec; best seen in southern hemisphere. [12]


With Nibiru come the Ša.A.M.i., and they have their agenda. However, the original creator gods, although they've kept an eye on their Library, are also coming back, and as a matter of fact, as we speak, many of them have landed here on Earth; mostly Pleiadians so far (Pleiadian Lecture, Spring 2011).


Things are building up, it seems.

Earth has now entered a conjunction or lineup that the original creator gods have been waiting for and have thus returned to help us reactivate the 12-helix DNA in our species and put Earth back on track.


It was decided that the stewards of this planet should hold the key to unlocking the data that was stored in the Living Library. [13]


4.6 The Number 12 in Relation to Earth and Our DNA

So why do we have 12 strand DNA and not 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, or whatever?

Like I've mentioned before, there are many metaphysical entities, channeled or via SDS (Sensor Data Streaming), who are on the same page regarding the 12 strand DNA.


However, Barbara Marciniak's Pleiadians are the forerunners and also still the ones with the most interesting information on this subject, I think.

Let us take a look how the 12 helices tie into the twelve information centers, being the 12 chakra system. When the chakras are open, connected, and activated, information is seeking its own expression and becomes available. When we are hooked into the information centers, seven in our body and five outside our body, we are ready to receive energy through another set of 12 information centers.


When we activate our 12 chakras, we hook into energy stored in parallel sets of 12 centers that will further activate the process. This will eventually bring our brains into its complete, full, computer-like function.

These 12 parallel realities can unlock information that has been secreted away.


The Pleiadians say we can compare this with deep governmental security, which uses different levels of fingerprints and imprints to access different levels of information. If something very secret is stored away, there are many different ways thing must be connected.

But why the security? It should be quite obvious to the reader by now. The original seeders of Earth could from previous experience (Earth is not the only Living Library) foresee what would happen if everything is in the open. They anticipated a future where Invader Forces would come to Earth and play our their agendas. The deep security was a way to safeguard their creation.

The activation of our 12 helices coincides with the activation, spinning, movement, and opening of the 12 centers of information; the 12 chakras or etheric energy discs. When the alignment of energy takes place, it brings and pulls energy into the 12 heavenly bodies in our solar system. [14]


These bodies then start feeding energy back to Earth. They activate themselves by releasing what they hold so that Earth can biogenetically come alive. When the "outer" 5 energy centers begin to hook themselves back up with our planet, there will be an incredible flood of energy, and this is what we are seeing the beginning of. There is certainly a correlation between the landing of Pleiadians on our planet and the activation of the 12 energy centers.

The Pleiadians go on saying there are many more of these groups of 12, like the 12 spinning universes, for example.

So far the Pleiadians, as we can see, they work with the "12 System", while LPG-C and the WingMakers in their science and their Working Model work with the "7 System".


If the reader can remember, we discussed the WingMakers in an earlier paper; the 7 Tributary Zones and the 7 Superdomains/Superuniverses. This is how the Pleiadians explain why they use the number 12:

Right now twelve is the system that connects, and if you look around, you will see it everywhere.


It was a symbolic insertion for a reason: so that you would someday figure out that it connects you to something somewhere else. It is not your natural rhythm but is a group agreement to use the energy of twelve in many different systems of reality. It is a coded formula.


Many things that make no sense to the logical mind make a tremendous amount of sense to the light-encoded filaments and to the body as it is becoming more sensitive.

There are those who would say that this is a very inefficient system and that it is not a natural flow.


But this system of twelve is the flow that this planet was adjusted to. In actuality, if you look. you are a system of thirteen. How many times a year does the moon come full? Thirteen. The system of thirteen will come. You will open to it soon because you will move past time.


The energy of thirteen moves beyond logic and beyond the forced system. [15]

I am not going to speculate too much about the two systems (or three, if we count that of thirteen), because I am not savvy in higher physics and quantum/subquantum mechanics, but I can't help but speculate a little bit.

If the Pleiadians are working with 12, it is 7 energy centers in connection with the body chakras, and we have 7 Tributary Zones in the WingMakers philosophy, and these are the ones the Labyrinth Group is working with. Are they representing the 7 body chakras?


The Guardian Alliance are also working with the 12 System, albeit 15 Dimensions, and when discussing the WingMakers Material, they say it's wrong; there are actually 12 Tributary Zones on Earth (and 12 hidden, which makes it 24 - still the 12 System) and that they are owned, not by the WingMakers, but by the Guardian Alliance.

4.7 The Family of Light and Multiple Living Libraries

There are those who came to this planet to receive energies from the Original Planners (creator gods).


The Pleiadians call them The Family of Light and they are the forerunners. They have been here for a while and are those who raise above the crowd to show the way for others.


The energy they receive from the Original Planners, whom I from now on will call the Builders (of the Living Library in contrast to the Founders, who built the structure of the universe, including the human template), creates a genetic alteration and reactivation and re-bundle the light-encoded filament.


This filament will make up the 12 helix system which can move the body into activation. Once people have their 12 helices reactivated, they then are ready to be used to access the data that is stored in Earth.

The Pleiadians explain:

What is this data that is so important?


It is disguised in insects and flowers and pigs and donkey tails and rabbit ears and all kinds of things, and it is for you to discover. We want to emphasize that when the data was stored in the twelve libraries, it was stored in many different layers.


When you came into the libraries, there were different codes of clearance. In other words, there were many different ways of entering the libraries.


You could not just walk in and say,

"I have free clearance to receive all of this information."

Just as there is now security clearance within your government, so the libraries holding this information had security systems. [16]

When the Libraries were built, there was the pulsation of tyranny beating.


This was long before the Anunnaki landed on Earth; billions of years ago, in our terms. There was a concern amongst the Keepers of Time (another world for the ancient creator gods) that information would get in the wrong hands. So, very playfully and creatively, libraries were designed in many different modes.


Apparently, other libraries, or worlds, are not like Earth at all, and contain other information. What the Builders decided to do was to engineer a project through which consciousness could evolve, have information, and be utilized to access information.

This to me, rings very true, and as I progress on my own journey, I see new things around me all the time. If I study the butterfly with a certain pattern imprinted on its wings, I realize it's not only camouflage, but also encoded messages, like with any symbols. Without even knowing what these symbols mean, I could get profound insights that day.


This is how it works on one level. And the snakes have their patterns...

The Earth Library was designed so that without the human occupants, no one except the Builders with the highest "clearance" and the Master Key could access the Library.


Humans are the "library cards" and some are better library cards than others. In the past, there was training involved that went into being the library card, and when beings from space or elsewhere came and wanted access to the Library to find information on this planet, they would merge with the human occupant who was coded to respond to certain codes.


If someone has a "low code", they might only see a certain amount of something; each being came to get access to a certain kind of information, just like in a book library. There were no secrets for secret's sake; the information looked for needed to be electromagnetically suited to their biokind structure.

Data needs to be able to penetrate the belief system of an individual, or the individual's nervous system would not be able to handle it. However, when energy is strongly tempered with love, it prevents the individual from blowing apart and keeps them focused on very enlarged concepts. This is how large concepts are transduced onto this planet; they ride on the love frequency. Light frequency, on the other hand, can't carry larger concepts because it is not connection with emotion.


This is the reason why human emotions are so important; they transfer light into love.

In addition, and this is very important, many occult practices and religious cults out there are trying to have you leave your body saying that salvation is not in the flesh, but in the spirit. Therefore, they have exercises and practices showing you how to get out of your body.


There is nothing wrong with leaving your body on occasion if you know how to protect yourself. If you don't, anyone or anything discarnate may jump into the vacant space that's your body. Instead, it's imperative to understand that our job is to download the cosmos into our bodies, not to leave our bodies. This is how we activate our DNA.


So, in other word, now, in these times, it's very important to stay grounded.


The gamma rays from the Sun and from the Galactic Center are what will mainly help activate us. Connect to the Sun, connect to Nature, connect to the Central Sun, but do so while being here, in your body. If not, the activation process may not work. I can't stress this enough.

Our task is to meet this cosmic energy, absorb it, use it to reach higher levels of consciousness and meet others on these higher planes who have done the same; all through our biology.


4.8 Sex, DNA, and the Living Library

We all know that without sex we wouldn't be able to reproduce.


Stop having sex and the species will quickly be extinct. We also know that sex is a strong drive in both women and men, and that we need it in one way or the other to feel good and satisfied. Lack of it can lead to frustration and even depression.

Sex is also connection, a way for two individuals of opposite or same sex who love each other to become as ONE during the act and during the orgasm. During the climax, enormous sexual energies are sent out in the Multiverse in a wave of creative force. Sex could lead to pregnancy, but even when it doesn't, it makes the environment in which love was made, fertile and life enhancing.


This, however, only happens when there is love between the individuals who have sex. Many religions promote having sex with only one individual in your life - the one you marry.


This is counter-productive and suppressive; a rule made by the controllers. This doesn't mean we should sleep around with the first person we meet and cheat on our partners, but a person who is not bonded to someone else has the freedom to explore, and when you are bonded, the two of you are certainly free to explore as well, so long as both are on the same page and love is there.


However, in the western culture we are taught monogamy and therefore having sex with more than one partner creates jealousy and a feeling of being less worth than others.

Sex and love go hand in hand. Sex without love, just for the pleasure of it, is counter-productive and can lead to sex addiction of different kinds. Be very careful with whom you have sex, because in the act, we share our energies with each other and merge with each other. If the frequencies don't match, it may not only be a bad experience, but the energies may stay with you for a long, long time.


Sex between equal partners can take you places which are hard to describe in words, but it takes you to higher dimensions.


Figure 4

The Checker Board

The number 10 is a power number, or a Master Number. It's actually two numbers, 1 and 0; same numbers as the binary system used in computers.


The 1 is the phallus and the 0 is the vagina; thus, 1 is male and 0 is female energy. These two numbers can be found everywhere; yin and yang (1 and 0), and on the checker board by combining numbers (for example, on the checkerboard which has 64 squares (black and white; 1 and 0; yin and yang) the number 64 = 6+4 = 10 = 1 and 0), just to mention another example.


1 and 0 are universal and part of what the Universe is built around. The checkerboard is represented everywhere in our society, because it's such an ancient symbol. Freemasonry uses it all the time, and the floors in their lodges are covered with the checkerboard symbol. Next time you drive into town you can play a game with yourself or your partner.


Count how many checkerboards you see on buildings, on floors - everywhere, and see who finds the most.


You'll be surprised!


Figure 5:

WingMakers painting.

Note the portal to the right with the moon inside,

which has the shape of a vagina.

This is extremely common in the occult and in secret societies.

If you're observant, you will see this symbol almost

as often as you see the checkerboard

when you drive through town and go into

different stores and visit different Companies.

The number 0 also represents a portal, or stargate if you will.


The vagina in itself is a portal to the spirit realm; this is where the sperm travels, a body is growing and a spirit is entering through the portal of the vagina. Thus, the female energy is very powerful, fertile and life enhancing.


Unfortunately, since the Anunnaki tampered with our DNA and took over the stewardship of this planet, the male energy has ruled and the female energy been suppressed.


We men need to step back and let the women once again be our equals; not through some kind of "women's lib", like in the 1970, which basically put men in the position women were before the movement started. So, instead of making us equal, it suppressed the male energy.


This was orchestrated and very well planned by the Rockefeller family to continue to create imbalance between the sexes, confusion, and the destruction of the family unit.


The women became like men instead of letting women be women and men be men. An often misunderstood Dr. Henry Makow started out bringing up this issue, before he changed direction and more and more began to expose the Global Elite.

Sex is so powerful that the Global Elite and black magicians in general are using it as a tool to bring in entities from other realms of realities; in their cases, the lower astral. Magicians, who gather in groups, entice women to come and join, and apply sex magic(k) to them. [17]


This way of using sex has nothing to do with love, no matter how much the magician is trying to convince you otherwise. Having sex without love, and with the attempt to bring up deities or demons, is destructive and must be avoided by anyone who is reaching for the higher densities of existence. I am emphasizing this, because these dark practices are much more common than people think and counter-act the true path towards ascension.


As of this writing, women who were in contact with the German Thule Order and its extension here in the U.S. have now come forward after have broken free from the spell of people like Michael Noel Prescott, mentioned in detail in my previous book, "The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller".


Michael Prescott is currently in jail for drug-related issues.

However, when you own your sexuality, sex is fundamental; it's a part of the process of reactivating the DNA. You may have very interesting encounters as the years evolve and we become accessible, and as others utilize you to discover the Library. It's up to each and everyone to take the opportunities to express it, and if you want to express it in those ways or not. More about this will be revealed later as I learn more myself.

According to the Pleiadians, sex has been used to spark the library card.


However, there is a fine line here, because there is danger in it too; it has been (and is) misused, as described in the paragraphs above. It is imperative that we all are careful and make sure we own our sexuality.


Sex is fun, healthy, pleasurable, connecting, playful and experimental. Have fun with it, but don't let anybody entice you or force you to do something you don't want to do! Don't compromise with it!


If you like it, if it's fun, playful, healthy, pleasurable, connective and experimental, it's positive sex. If not, it's going to bring you down eventually, and sexuality loses its true meaning. Sex does not have to be with a partner, either, although sex between two people is more powerful. If you don't have a partner, masturbation works too.


Many masturbate even when they are in relationships, which is perfectly normal, and is sometimes helpful in the process.

When you have sex with someone you love and who loves you back, you open avenues to the different libraries. The one you connect with doesn't have to be the person you would marry, but mutual love has to be there. Honor and love yourself and your body; give your body compliments, and keep it as healthy and strong as you can; that will be very important in the days to come.


Sex brings up emotions, and emotions are the key to accessing data stored in the Living Library.


4.9 The Gardeners

The Builders, as well as the Anunnaki, were gardeners.


They knew how to create a garden, with flowers, herbs, roots, fruits, trees and plants to get the best variety enabling enhancement of physical bodies and the DNA. The Builders spent a lot of time teaching us how to use nature as the source to our physical and emotional well-being. At that time we had access to the Living Library in a sense we do not have now.


Some say that the evolved human, before the Anunnaki came, did not eat meat, but were vegetarians of sorts and could even live on absorbing light from the Sun and from the plant life, which in its turn were downloading light from the Sun and decoded the information into their system.


Perhaps we did not become meat eaters until the Anunnaki added their own DNA to ours and tampered with our original 12 helices? Workers needed to be strong, and maybe giving us protein was the solution for the gods? Just food for thoughts.

Even during the Anunnaki period there were Golden Eras, where there was relative peace, and some of the gods taught man how to garden.


Man became less enslaved (but the Anunnaki were still the slave owners, just like George Washington may have had some good ideas for the settlers, but still owned slaves), and could benefit from what they were taught. Although the intention with teaching us was probably to help out in the god's gardens among other things, it was still beneficial.

I am not suggesting that all Anunnaki were bad all of the time.


They had their good beings as well, who wanted to protect humanity, but even though some of these more benevolent gods were of royal blood, they are still part of the Ša.A.M.i. system, and that is the reason we need to stay away from these beings for now. Eons ahead, when things may have changed, we can look at the situation again.

Learn about gardening is something we need to do again. As we evolve, we automatically want to withdraw more and more from technology the way its used by our modern society. We have seen the functional insanity that comes with it when used by low frequency. When technology was new and the increase of amazing devices and machines came on the market, most people were excited and thought it was fun and interesting.


Even I thought so, going for a degree in Computer Science.


I went pretty far on that route until I realized there was a connection between computers and artificial intelligence. The more I learned, the more chills went down my spine. I quit and have not regretted it since. I am glad I had that experience; another necessary learning lesson. Everything happens for a reason.

Now, years after, I once again feel the great pull from Nature and to connect with it on a much deeper level. I have been connected since I was a little kid, and even if I've been busy for parts of my life being inside the System, caught up in work and fast pace, I notice that once I get out there among the trees and the flowers, forests and wildlife, I connect instantly. It's a wonderful feeling and I feel how everything is ONE; it's very obvious. True happiness lies in connection, not in separation.


However, the connection needs to be natur[e]al, not artificial, created by technology.


Additionally, the ones in charge of nano-tech and how it is used is also in charge of the whole humanity; a route towards the ultimate control? This is what I see happening in the Ša.A.M.i. society.

When you feel the change coming from inside and you know you need to change your lifestyle, look into, and research, the Living Library; the herbs, the plants, the fruit, berries, vegetables, the roots; learn what you need to be able to create a garden for yourself, free from toxins.


Talk to the plants, give them love and affection. Have sex in the garden, if possible, and communicate with the Sun and ask for the best garden there is, with the healthiest food ever imaginable. Bless the Earth and say "thank you" to the plants and herbs before you eat them. Feel gratitude.


Do all this, and the same thing with the water, and you'll have a garden that has rarely been seen on Earth in the last hundred years.


And of course, you will live a healthy life and probably extend it quite a bit.



5. The Hierarchy of 144,000

There are those existing in this Universe who are ancient.


They have been working on and in this Universe for eons and eons. They are ancient Elders and they are honored by alien species as great wise men and women, in our terms, although they are genderless. Some call them the Keepers of Existence. They are the ones who make the movements and drive the system like a pilot drives a ship.


They steer the Universe on its course to discovery. They are the ones who keep the goals of galaxies, star systems, and universes obtained, in the best ways possible.


We know them as the Founders.

There is a plan to send energies into a new experience here on Earth and a number of other star systems where we simultaneously exist. Emotion is essential and the key to it all in comprehending all identities compacted into one.


There is actually no preconceived idea of what will happen; this is new territory. [18]

The Pleiadians say:

What is in Earth is like a locked-away secret in the chronicles of time, and it has to do with emotion.


In this gift of emotion there is wealth and richness; there is incredible ability to transcend many different realities and to move through and experience many different states of awareness. Emotion allows certain energies to coalesce, fuse, bond, and come together in realization of themselves.


Without emotion, that bond could not be. [19]

There is a hierarchy in this Universe and beyond, working under the Ancient Elders, but the hierarchy we are talking about it not a hierarchy of egotistical power; it's a hierarchy which works out of love, cherishes life and who we are, and have been able to see through the time mechanisms keyed into our planet and they understand that this planet is ready for an evolutionary leap.


There are 144,000 members of this spiritual hierarchy, infused in the gridwork of the planet at this particular time. [20]


Each master has its own seal that represents one portion of the Language of Light, and we have 144,000 seals of energy that will eventually be infused within our being.

In the beginning, we will start with only twelve forms of energy that the body can hold. Much further down the line, once the transformation has fully occurred, there will be an infusion of the entire 144,000 symbolic language structures through our being.


This goes way beyond our comprehension at this time.


Just like the Pleiadians, The Guardian Alliance talk about these 144,000 masters as well in Ashayana Deane's Voyagers Series (Deane [2002], second edition: "Voyagers II" p.160, pp.194-195).


The Guardians are telling us that the 144,000 are needed to activate our 6th DNA strand.

This, of course, is the alignment with higher consciousness, and it has everything to do with the twelve chakras and the 12 helix DNA that the creator gods are currently working with.


However, not everybody will search for the divine and many are going to refuse increased awareness. This is a choice, and those who refuse will eventually live the lives they are creating in a different reality from those who choose to expand. There is no right and wrong in this, only choice. When we become aware of whom we are, that's one of the fist steps on the journey.


Then, when we start getting aware of the divine consciousness that seeds this planet; an intellect that is vast, loving, and works with us; and when we connect to that consciousness and ask to be a part of it, that's when we are being implanted with geometric forms. These forms come in a variety of shapes, and we see the structures everywhere on the planet; the pyramid form is just one of them, the cube another.


What this Language of Light will do for us will be the subject for another paper, but this is going to be an important part of our evolution.

The main thing to remember now is that we are watched over, and we are loved and supported. Those who really want to expand their consciousness and are constantly working on it will reach their goals.


Picture inside of you what it is you want; what kind of world you want to live in and with whom; what kind of people would you like to be living amongst? How do you want to live; in what environment; what do you want to do for a living?


It's imperative that we know what we want, or we can't create any sustainable future. It's not enough to say that we want love and light; we need to picture our future and go for it. Always keep your goals of the future world in mind, like a carrot that you are closer and closer to be able to grab, contrary to the donkey, who may never reach it.

As we shall see later, we need a certain percentage of the world population who paint their reality with a similar broad-brush for the masses to follow. So be careful with what you want, stop sloppy thinking and sloppy talking. Be clear in your mind and in your thought! Think before you speak. It is very important. These are the rules to follow to be able to be the Keepers of Frequency and the Increasers of Frequency.

Here is a quote about frequencies, by the Pleiadians (1992):

Earth's owners [the Anunnaki] have not wanted humans to understand that their feelings and emotions are like a crop, such as wheat, that can be harvested.


If you are in charge of your own harvest, then others cannot take advantage of you and use you unless you decree it. When you operate with a certain frequency and sovereignty, those who wish to control you are not interested in you.


They want a fearful, chaotic frequency, which is what nourishes them. Death and chaos have predominated on this planet because these entities have stirred them up. They have divided and conquered everywhere to create that frequency.


When you operate in peace and love and with information, you alter the structure of this place drastically: you bring choice of frequency back to this planet. [21]

This takes us directly to another interesting subject.


6. The Harvest

I first learned about the concept of "The Harvest" from "Hidden Hand", [22] which led me to the "Ra Material", [23] which is taking on the subject big time.


In short, it has to do with frequencies and vibrations like everything else. Metaphysical sources are telling us that if we work on our frequency and start vibrating on a certain frequency, which is above the frequency fence the Anunnaki put us in, we break free and experience higher densities on a New Earth.

We are coming back to the Harvest in a moment, but first:

6.1 We Must Slow Down

What the Powers That Be (PTB) are trying to do now is to ride on the fact that time is speeding up.


There are many reasons as to why they are creating a financial meltdown and economical crisis on a global scale right now, and we will not go through them all here, but the movers and shakers of this world know how to squeeze out all opportunities from a given possibility.


They are laying off more and more people, who then will be stressed, not knowing if they will continue receiving unemployment before they get a new job, and often the low amount of money they receive from unemployment forces them to change lifestyle drastically. Their houses may have a foreclosure; they may have to move into a crowded space with relatives they may or may not like to live together with, and worse.


It's becoming a stressful situation, based on fear and anxiety (food for the gods).


The rest, who still have a job and are employed to keep parts of the show on the road, must then work for two, three, and sometimes four people. The pace is enormous and the multi-tasking required inhumane. Society is telling us to speed up and time itself is speeding up as well.


What to do?


Figure 6:

Carousel out of control

I've said it a few times before and I say it again: slow down!


The only way to put yourself on top of the world is to slow your pace. If you're at the fairground, sitting in a carousel which starts spinning faster and faster because the machinery is out of control, what happens if you stay on the carousel wheel? Sooner or later, unless someone regains control over the machinery, you're going to go insane from the spinning.

Same thing with life. If you stay in the super-fast loop, you are going to go insane, eventually. The trick is to take deep breaths and slow down and step outside the network of functional insanity for a while. Best would be if you could just quit your crazy job, move to the country-side and slow down both mentally and physically.


Not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to do this, though. We still need a job, which normally requires everything, and more, from us, but the trick is to slow down inside. I, too, have a job which normally requires a lot from me and my coworkers, but I have managed to slow down inside and thus be in control over the situation. And lo and behold, the world outside, to a large degree, adjusts to my inner guidance.


I am still required to do the same things, but it is all of a sudden manageable and I'm not stressed out.


I still get the job done with the same precision. It also helps that I come from a European country where the pace is much slower, or at least was when I left it. Interestingly enough, studies show that in Sweden, where everything is more laid back, we still get the same job done (sometimes more) as Americans, who multitask and are subjected to high stress levels, do.


Sweden also has one of the highest longevity in the world, where Japan is #1.

The problem in the near future (and it is already starting) is that even the laidback countries will have to speed up to keep up with the declining economy. At least that's what people will be told. The question is how well those from more easy-going countries will adjust to the new, multitasking reality. I certainly had problems with this when I moved over here to the USA.


It was quite of a shock!


Figure 7

Leonard Cohen,

the king of slow and soothing energies

There is no great magic secret to how to slow down.


Breathing exercises and knowledge about how energy works are the keys. Slow down the particles inside of you and stay calm as much as you can. Same thing in your spare time.


Find moments of rest and deep breathing and listen to Leonard Cohen if you need to (the king of slow and soothing energies). This is so important that if we don't manage to be in charge of our own energy field and slow down when time and society speed up, we are going to either end up in the asylum or where the rest of society ends up. This is what separates the wheat from the chaff.


Our ascension depends on it. Here is the guideline for a great breathing exercise, which is very easy to practice.  There are lots of others that are very good, but this is the one I am using the most myself, and it's working amazingly well.


6.2 Preparing for the Harvest Season

When enough people on this planet have reached a certain frequency - when the collective has built enough power - individuals all over the world will follow and find themselves on a quickening of awareness which will come quite sudden, seemingly out of nowhere.


This will happen to a larger or lesser degree to most people, but then it's a matter of individual choice what to do with these new energies.


Some will embrace them when they come and ride on the wave, while others will do their best to resist, clinging on to the functional insanity as a safe haven, in spite of the drama and trauma involved, because it is all they known.


This latter category of people are afraid of the unknown and dare not try new waters. You are going to see a lot of people in this category, and they will move into the big cities, into "safety", where the Machine Kingdom is rapidly getting established, and Big Brother is taking care of them.

We will see people who are totally in the hands of the PTB to such an extent that many of them will end up as cyborgs; half human and half machine.


When they get ill and some body parts start malfunctioning, these parts are replaced with artificial parts which can do the job to keep the body alive. What people forget, because of their fear and anxiety and inability to cope with life and death, is that each body part in the human body is alive and fills a function for the individual.


When body parts are replaced with machine parts to keep the body alive, people become more and more like robots and zombies, with no capacity to evolve as a species, except from machine technology. Eventually, the human body can no longer mass produce, is not good enough for a soul to inhabit it, and that's the death of homo sapiens sapiens.


What remains is a soulless race, much like factions of the Zeta Grays, run by interdimensional beings. We're at a fork in the road, and the above is a very plausible timeline, branching out from the main road.

The other part of the population will end up doing pretty much the opposite. They will embrace these new energies and as their awareness increases they want to break free from the chains that are holding them down. They will say that's it! to slavery and control and start yearning for Nature and the country side.


Many will end up in small collectives; self-sufficient communities where everybody is helping everybody else in the community by contributing with their own particular skills.


No one will be left behind or kicked out, unless they evidently and consciously work against the survival of the community, and Nature will be the focus point for their continuous ascension process.


Figure 8

Hippie community in the 1970s

This was done a lot in the 1970s, when hippies moved out in the country and started growing their own food.


This worked very well for a while and there was a movement back then which was a forerunner for what is going to come. It didn't work out so well in the long run for two main reasons:

  1. the awareness level was not high enough for the involved to be Keepers of Frequency; there was still a lack of knowledge, and this was before the nano-second, meaning that the real DNA reactivation had not started yet

  2. the movement was infiltrated by the PTB

They let the hippies do their thing for a while - intentionally so - to show the world that this kind of "rebellion" is not only childish and naive, but also non-workable (which is not true).


The Media covered the hippie movement until the world knew what it was about, and then they infiltrated it and split it up, until people gave up and moved back into the cities.


Some say that the hippie movement was planned all the way from the beginning, because the PTB knew what was coming in the future, i.e. the nano-second and people working on breaking out. Their hope was that many would think twice before doing so, knowing that it had been tried before and didn't work.

In an earlier paper I made the comparison between the frequency fence we live in with a radio tuned into one single station, when there are a lot of other stations as well.


A lot of people will find that they are getting tuned into a lot of different radio stations on a higher frequency than the one they were trapped in, and eventually, the old radio station will "disappear" or "fade out" and these people will find themselves living in a new world, on a New Earth, which vibrates on a much higher frequency. This is a quite simplistic way of explaining the exact science of ascension, but you get the picture.


In a future paper, I will explain the exact science behind it.

I can't emphasize enough that the times we live in right now are extremely unique! These are the times when karmic timelines will come together because we attract them in the process of breaking out. Huge karma from the Atlantis and the Lemurian times will hit humanity with full impact, in all meanings of the word "impact".


People are having sightings of UFOs all the time, all over the planet.


The Media have been quiet about it up until quite recently, but are now selectively starting to report on it. UFO researchers and "believers" are often enthusiastic and think that the truth about visitors and UFOs will now finally come out in the open.

Don't count on it! There will be a Media coverage, but not for the reasons the UFO community may think. Those behind the Media have their own agenda; please be aware of this. I just want to mention it here.

If the Media are announcing that the ETs are here and we're not alone in the Universe, and then go on telling us whatever story they have typed and projected on a screen in front of them in the studio, and it's going to be based on deception. The Media is not going to tell us the truth about the ETs.


At the time of this writing, the big TV stations are announcing UFO activities around the Great Lakes in the U.S., Canada, and other parts of the world (see Video 1 below).


Yes, these UFOs are real, but the announcement is not in an effort to unite the people and create some unity with alien forces (in this case the Anunnaki), but to prepare the world for the presence of an alien race that does not have our best interests in mind.



Video 1: Media coverage of UFO sightings over the Great Lakes




The real ET connection will start happening "inside".


There is not going to be a mass landing of UFOs from good-hearted aliens. Those who support us are mainly going to do so by connecting with us on a spiritual level rather than a physical.


There will be physical contacts with ETs as well, but outside the scope of the media and on a more individual, small community basis.


The Builders, who are presently starting to appear on our planet, do not want Media attention as the UFOs over the Great Lakes obviously do, and we know who they are, thanks to Michael Lee Hill (see separate paper for my interview with him).

6.3 Into the Harvest and Beyond

One of the most prominent fear and anxiety people have is about death.


Many don't want to admit it, but they are still afraid to die. I've suggested many times in my papers that fear and anxiety is what is really holding us back from raising our frequencies. Thus, people can say that they don't fear this, and they don't fear that and think they are fearless. However, not until you overcome the fear of death can you reach higher densities.

Think about it. You want to expand your consciousness until you reach as high as you believe is possible, but you fear death. Then you are still within the Frequency Fence, because death is part of it; we will all die.


Albeit, we need to really grasp the concept that we live in the Matrix, and this is just a huge hologram - a game we're playing - and there is no such thing as death, just disposal of vehicles.


You will actually feel much better and more vital when you "die". If you ransack yourself and notice that you still have death anxiety, please review the paper, "There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel - What Happens After Body Death?".


We all need to come to terms with this subject; it's one of our greatest challenges, but also the most rewarding, once we pop out of that fear. Then nothing can really shake us. That is why the PTB and the metaphysical forces behind them withhold this information from you.


Lately, mainstream media have made some fair documentaries on NDE (near death experiences), but they stubbornly avoid mentioning Dr. Michael Newton's work, where he has documented proof of that is happening exactly in the afterlife. One may wonder, why not putting him on air?

These papers (my work) are merely guidelines. This is the best, and only way, I can really efficiently help my fellow man. I can't do anything else for anybody on their spiritual path, because our reality is set up in a way that we must self-motivate to be able to evolve and be empowered.


All I can do is to light that little spark in people, which will hopefully start them, or have them continue on their own road to enlightenment. I see the urge for me and others to do this, although some may say it is not important, because we are only here to empower ourselves, and by doing so, and be an example for others, we empower them too and thus get them started.


This is true and also what most people are here to do - and that is both great and valid - but there are also a few who need to wake the mass consciousness up the best they can. That's not for everybody - it's a soul agreement that some of us have made, and it's just the way it is. We are one big soul family here on Earth, divided into smaller soul groups to have individual experiences.


So, love everybody despite their shortcomings.


That's the only way to go free, because if you don't, there are parts of yourself you do not love, and these exact parts will come back at you, harder and harder, until you deal with them and turn anger, fear, or whatever emotion it could be, into love.


Can you see how this works? We need to get to a point when fear and anxiety is a part of the past, in our terms, and the new way of thinking becomes as natural as breathing and sleeping. And not even that is true; by erasing these lower vibrations from your present life, you heal them along the lines of time as well, and you literally change your own past and future, your own timelines and heal along the lines of time!


You become "whole" and "One" with yourself. Your learning experiences here in this version of Earth are over.

When you've overcome the fear of death, you are ready to absorb the following information and really take it to heart and not just let it be something you read, nod your head at, and then forget about.

What is real ascension, and what is the Harvest that so many metaphysical entities talk about? Actually, there are basically two kinds of Harvests:

  1. the one that leads to ascension


  2. the one the Zeta Gray researchers call "The Harvest of Souls", which is the Trap, the deception. It has nothing to do with ascension, but abduction of Information Clouds/Souls, and is something we will discuss later on, at another level of this school of learning.

In New Age, ascension often means that we all of a sudden transmute into a higher density and everything around us changes instantly.


Sometimes you have help from Ascended Masters or the Ashtar Command. Watch out for these teachings, because they will either lead you nowhere, or they are right out counter-productive and dangerous.


The Ashtar Command is nothing less than the Sirian Anunnaki in disguise. [24]


Maybe it should be read The Ishtar Command instead; Ishtar being the Anunnaki female royalty, Inanna, the "Black Widow", who chose human men to be her lovers, and then she killed them. Did she ate them too afterwards, just like the spider? It doesn't tell, but I wouldn't be surprised. The Black Widow metaphor may have more truth to it than people realize.

Now, if I say that real ascension, or the real Harvest, does not require body death, how would that differ from New Age ideas? The difference is marginal but important. In New Age, you dispose your 3rd density body and ascend via your lesser dense "light body" and magically transform into this new, beautiful 4th or 5th density, which is there, waiting for you.


You get the concept that you fly away to some planet somewhere, where life all of a sudden is free from war, hate, anger, or any or most of the negativity we experience in 3-D. Everybody will live in love and peace and do their thing until it's time to evolve into the next density.


Others say you need to die to be able to get to the new level of reality.

In the real Harvest you stay in your current body. Harvest means that you have activated your dormant DNA and are now seeing reality with a new pair of eye. You rearrange your molecular structure in your current body. This is why it is so important to keep grounded and take care of your vehicle - your body. It needs to be as strong as possible to be able to receive the cosmic radiation to reactivate the DNA.

Making the ascension leap to the next density and complete our journey here is possible for many of the species living upon this planet. Some of us have already completed the journey once, but come back to help out during this important time period. Those who have done it before remember how it was; the grand journey to get out of this reality.


It took lifetime after lifetime to come to the point of total dedication. Part of it was to not live in the material society and go back to live close to nature to be able to do it. Then, once this step was taken, it was a matter of connecting with the elements, communicate with them, love them, play with them, learn how to not fear them, and become One with them.


That's different from living in a cabin somewhere because we're bitter because of how society is run and place a gun by our bed to keep all strangers out.

Taking this step (not the cabin version) also includes loving those who chose other paths; unconditionally. Even those who are in control. It's a matter of coming to peace with everything that's living, knowing it is all a part of ourselves and therefore seeks to be embraced.


You don't always agree with their actions, but you will be able to love who is behind the action as a part of yourself. When you understand that you are playing games with yourself, and that's what life is, it is getting less serious.

Ascension and Harvest are two different words with two slightly different meanings:


  • Ascension is the process of gradually reactivating your 12 helix DNA and slowly but surely, if you are brave enough, and therefore able to receive the information from your Higher Selves, or your Oversouls (the Sun and the Galactic Center), you will find yourself making new decisions how to live your life, and your old life will be hopelessly obsolete.


    Your thinking process changes; you will be able to process information from a higher perspective and thus solve problems with greater ease and with more life dynamics in mind when doing so; and you start realizing that you are responsible for everything that happens to you.


    For some time, you will also feel quite alienated from people in your environment, and you may wonder why you feel this separation when all is ONE. Don't worry about it; it's natural.


    The reason, of course, is that your vibration increases faster than your environment, and in the future you will find that this will slowly level out when you, inside yourself, start connecting with the part of the slower developing humanity which is vibrating on your level.


    Also, alike attracts alike, and you will find people on your own level to connect with.

  • Harvest is the product of the ascension process. Once your DNA is reactivated, you will ascend to realities that your 3rd Density reality can't see, and that which does not vibrate in symbiosis with your own reality will no longer be part of it.


    You have literally fully switched the dial on the radio to a new station. When enough people have reached this level of awareness, Earth will make its transition into the next density.


    This is the Harvest; it's the product of the Ascension Process on a mass scale. Many will be harvested at the same time and eventually take the big leap into this new awareness of consciousness, and those who chose the Machine Kingdom will be left in the 3-D reality Earth.


    Not as punishment, but by choice. No one is telling anybody else who can ascend and who can not; it's not any form of elitism; it's all by choice. In the end, everybody will ascend and be harvested anyway, but in 3-D terms, it takes longer for some and goes faster for some.


    Those who remains in 3-D are the souls who've decided that there is more they can, and want/need to learn and experience in the 3-D world, and on the highest level (Source level) this is very much appreciated.


Ascension and Harvest are the goals of this planet.


In the far future, this is the only way for people who live here to depart from it. [25]


As we evolve, in our progress of going back to Source and to become ONE again, we will go to many different places. Once we leave 3rd Density and break free from the Frequency Fence, we become Multidimensional and can experience many realities at once and go places in totally different parts of the Multiverse while still being grounded in our bodies.


We will be able to see that the body, which seems to be so solid and uncontrollable, is actually a product of a divine orchestration, and we, with our consciousness, can do anything we want with it. Life Physics (developed by LPG-C) call it gnosis, where you are able to stay in your biological body while traveling through space and time with an avatar, which is your "light-body" if you will.

There are no limits - none!

Think about that last sentence and expand your consciousness by meditating on it. Once you realize what that means, it will blow your mind. If it doesn't, you haven't yet grasped the vastness of it. But don't get obsessed with the thought, just store it inside your mind; one day that sentence will come back to you and give you a major realization.


So, take care of your body and expand its usefulness. Trust it, love it, and work with it, not against it. And most important of all; don't be afraid of it.


I am not talking about being as pretty or attractive as possible in the eyes of the opposite sex; I am talking about taking care of it, like you would a machine that you want to last as long as possible and work as well as it can under the circumstances.

And lastly, here is something from the Pleiadians regarding the Harvest.


They are also talking about the beings who feed off fear:

Earth's owners [the Anunnaki] have not wanted humans to understand that their feelings and emotions are like a crop, such as wheat, that can be harvested.


If you are in charge of your own harvest, then others cannot take advantage of you and use you unless you decree it. When you operate with a certain frequency and sovereignty, those who wish to control you are not interested in you.


They want a fearful, chaotic frequency, which is what nourishes them. [26]




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