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JUNE 2001

The E.C. Parliament has confirmed (admitted?) the existence of the communications intelligence and information exchange network called ECHELON.


This global network of wiretaps, data-sniffing and general eavesdropping systems enables the U.S. government (and probably the U.K.) to intercept digital communications.

In effect this means that, amongst other activities, ECHELON is capable of recording all email messages and all telephone conversations - regardless of who is making them.


ECHELON is based at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire U.K - rumors of its existence have circulated for years. ECHELON does not require a suspicion element to monitor any communications and can, therefore, snoop into innocent peoples personal data. An E.C. spokesman stated that there is good reason to believe that information has been obtained by ECHELON by illegally monitoring private emails.

Amongst other things the French government is sure that commercial contracts have been lost to the U.S. (including an Airbus contract with Saudi Arabia) despite U.S. denials.


Unless encrypted, any persons communications, from any location can be snooped upon - in fact it is suspected that all European emails and telephone communications are automatically recorded at Menwith Hill.



Menwith Hill - near Harrogate North Yorkshire (UK)




JULY 18 -  2001

The residents of North Yorkshire are registering a strong protest against the Menwith Hill Listening Station following the closure of its sister station in Bavaria (Germany).

Despite U.S. denials the German base was not closed due to a cost cutting exercise (millions of dollars have recently been spent on improved electronic eavesdropping equipment) but protests from the German public forced the U.S. agencies to transfer their activities to Menwith Hill.

It is likely that Menwith Hill will become the most important covert listening station in the world and also an integral component in the new Star wars Defense system.


It is understandable that the people of the North of England want no part of this "skulking and covertly dangerous " element of U.S. military World dominance.





In a report produced by the United States Space Command, entitled "A Vision for 2020", General Howell M. Estes states,

"Globalization of the World Economy will continue with a widening between the "haves " and the "have nots".


The aims of the U.S. Space Command - dominating the space dimension for Military operations to protect U.S. interests and investment. Integrating Space Forces into War fighting capabilities across the full system of conflict".