Pick up any book about Ancient Egyptian culture and take a close look at the statues of the pharaohs: you will see that they are all clasping cylinder-like objects in their hands. Their roots go back into the depths of time.


For the priests and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt the Wands of Horus - metal cylinders filled with various special materials - were a tool for "attainment", allowing them to achieve a step by step evolution of their psychic, energy and, consequently, physical capacities, the development of which was a decisive factor in preparing to enter into "intercourse with the gods" through the pyramids.



King Mykerinus and his queen. This statue shows the classic position.
Standing straight, arms held straight at the sides, each one clenching a Wand and the
left foot slightly forward.



Those cylinders, with which the pharaohs never parted throughout their lives, were harmonizers of the two basic flows of the energy which Ancient Egyptians called BA and KA, corresponding to Ying and Yang in the Oriental tradition.


For the Ancient Egyptians the BA and KA were two component elements of the human entity, the two sources of vital energy. While they are interacting properly, the vital functions of the organism are maintained and the person lives without any particular problems.


To regulate the energy balance in the body the Ancient Egyptians used "Wands of Horus" - cylinders with various contents.

The use of these cylinders to a considerable extent helped the pharaoh (or other user) to perfect his nervous, energetic and (as a consequence) immune systems, to improve his health and physical condition, since the cylinders had a beneficial effect on those areas. The correct and systematic use of the cylinders enabled the pharaoh or priestly user to prepare himself for "Intercourse with the Gods".


If certain conditions are observed and sessions conducted on a regular daily basis, the Wands of Horus can not only correct, but also stimulate a person's nervous, energy and immune systems, creating the preconditions for their improvement.


This requires work founded on a precise understanding of what the Wands of Horus are and the principle by which they work, a knowledge of the cycles of activeness in the human energy system and a number of elements making up a complex approach, an essential part of which is interaction with natural sources of energy, such as trees, rivers, lakes, the sea and mountains.


The Wands of Horus are also a means of prevention and treatment, providing the opportunity in certain disorders to correct particular deviations from the norm and noticeably improve a person's state of health, since they inspire very deep-running physiological and energetic processes. It is important to stress that the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians was founded not on mystic, astrological or esoteric doctrines, but on a strict grasp of the principles on which the universe is founded.


In other words, at the basis of the theoretical and spiritual constructs of the Ancient Egyptian initiates lay first and foremost Knowledge and not faith.



This photograph, taken in the Metropolitan Museum, New York,

 in the autumn of 1999 shows the cylinders of Pharaoh Pepi II




It is necessary to understand the purpose of the Pharaohs and Priests in ancient Egypt. This was to maintain the communicating link between the divine teachers and the men of earth and attempt to curb the downward rush toward materialism by guiding man in his spiritual development and ultimately break the cycle and curse of reincarnation.

The Pyramid complex of Egypt was built as a House of Initiation where neophytes could pass the various stages of initiation under the auspices of a Ritual Priest.

To be equipped to undertake this task it is necessary to maintain all aspects of the human body in optimum condition, purified of all physical imperfections and particularly develop the psychic abilities. This allowed the person to see ahead, enable them to seize the opportunities of carrying out the designs which the both the soul desired to carry through a particular life, and to assist in the overall development and guidance of mankind.

To communicate with the divine teachers, it was necessary to understand the inner planes and be able to navigate these without coming under the influence of the various entities which prey on the lower astral levels and seek to trick the inexperienced and week.

All those who had a material part in the ruling of the land had to show themselves worthy before they could fill an office, by passing through the required stages of initiation, involving many tests of endurance and sincerity. In this way the foundations of the ancient empires were kept firmly rooted and the process of mans spiritual development could be fostered.




Pyramids, which have long troubled human imagination, were constructed in various parts of the globe, forming systems of their own, but we shall begin our account with an examination of the immense complex of the Great Pyramids located outside Giza in Egypt.

Of itself the pyramid, its shape and configuration, is an extremely strange structure, while the curious phenomena that have been observed in the chambers of the pyramids suggest that some kind of energy processes are taking place there. Today our task is to try to understand the principles lying behind those processes.

You have probably already heard that there are certain places within the pyramid where foodstuffs of biological origin will keep for an indefinite length of time. There are also chambers where, if someone remains for an extended period, they experience an incredible sense of disquiet.

However, there are also areas which engender feelings of a different kind: positive, stimulating creative activity, and fostering intuition.

The pyramids pose a host of puzzles, one of which is why they were built. We were taught to regard them as the tombs of pharaohs, but still today the actual burial-place has not been discovered in a single pyramid. It is just not there. The question then arises: for what purpose were such gigantic constructions put up, if not to glorify the pharaoh as God's representative on Earth?

In order to answer that question we should begin with an examination of the principles lying behind the idea of constructing the pyramids. The key to understanding the laws that formed the basis for the construction of the pyramids is provided by the tablets on which, according to legend, the Ancient Egyptians expounded their knowledge.

Wood panel carved in raised relief from the Tomb of Hesy-Ra at Saqqara in the Third Dynasty

At the beginning of the century Quibell's expedition to Saqqara discovered the tomb of an Ancient Egyptian architect Hesi-Ra, from which they extracted a set of wooden boards covered in carving. (image left)

The panels in question have proved to be something unique. Several layers of information can be traced on them, providing the key to recognition of the fact that the Ancient Egyptians knew all about the Golden Section long before Pythagoras.

The Golden Section is a well-known numerical ratio. If the sides of a rectangle have this ratio, it means that the smaller is to the larger as the larger is to the sum of both. Numerically it is approx. 1.618034, or it's inverse 0.618034. Note the exact difference of 1 between these two numbers! It can also be defined as the solution to the quadratic equation x2 - x - 1 = 0.

Today we know from measurements that have been taken that the principle of the Golden Section was used in the construction of all the great pyramids.


Another question arises. It is not easy to produce a structure like a pyramid, you need to have the appropriate constructional technology suited to the purpose, but beyond that its geometrical structure incorporates the irrational ratios of the Golden Section, which are more difficult than ordinary whole numbers. Why?

It should be pointed out that the whole musical scale, the whole sonic temperament, obeys the same law of the Golden Section.

Remember what it says in the Gospel: "In the beginning was the Word" - and the word is sound (a wave process characterized by frequency). And if the word conveys meaning, Wood panel carved in then that means that the raised relief from the tomb frequency, as a of Hesy-ra at Saqqara in characteristic of the energy the Third Dynasty process should also have some kind of meaning.


The one cannot exist without the other. That is a principle. The conclusion follows that the principle of the Golden Section, upon which the great multitude of objects in the biological world are constructed, bears a very profound, fundamental meaning. And it is no coincidence that in the human being in particular the law of the Golden Section can be traced in some many different variations that one can only wonder that nature created us just that way.


The bones of the fingers, three in number; three parts of the arm (the relationship of lengths) - elements of the Golden Section. The heart beats in this rhythm and pushes blood into the aorta, leaving a portion in the ventricle.


All of it the Golden Section. The rods and cones of the eye, the cochlea of the ear (the ratio of the lengths of the spirals), the structure of the whole skeletal framework - examine the statistical averages and it is all the Golden Section. Even the dynamics of the neural structures in certain mental states obey the same law.

Can that really be mere chance or a peculiarity of mankind alone? No, the same principle governs the orbital periods of the planets in the Solar System, the musical scale is founded on it, the system of chemical elements and indeed everything connected with natural systems obeys that law.

You get the feeling that human beings were created to some kind of standard. It would be more correct, however, to say that human beings could not have formed differently for the simple reason that they appeared in an environment that imposes those parameters, and the values of the Golden Section bear a direct relation to what we call "harmonic resonance".

The actual idea of using the Golden Section in architecture today, together with the creation of "complexes of pyramidal energy structures", is the chief element in solving the problems of the ecology of housing, the ecology of the mental environment, and in the process of coming to an understanding of the world.


This is the very key issue, recognition and implementation of which might become the start of our ascent to the next rung of evolution. For the moment, however, we shall only indicate what the pyramid is in principle.

The pyramid is:

  • a powerful cosmic antenna

  • a model in stone of the energy structure of the human being and of the universe, using the latter's energy mechanism

  • a very powerful generator of cosmic energies operating on various planes

Pyramidal energy structures, whose positioning should be decided with reference to the energy qualities of the location, open up the following possibilities:

  • Tapping into natural flows of cosmic energy, the organization and stimulation of evolutionary processes in the biosphere and in human consciousness

  • The reorganization and correction of the human energetic structure, making it possible to stimulate internal energetic, bio-physical and physiological processes, which in turn provide the opportunity to discover and activate the inner resources of the human psyche, increasing psychic potential

  • A positive influence on the immune and nervous systems, leading to their improvement

  • An improvement of mankind's energo-ecological environment, an increase and improvement of the energy state at the pyramid's location and, as a consequence of the spread of pyramidal structures throughout the world, a reorganization of the planet's energy structure within the next 10–15 years.




For long millennia the great pyramids preserved the mystery of a "secret room" containing, according to legend, either secrets of a special kind or some sort of knowledge that would give the finder power over the world.


Men have been searching for that knowledge for many centuries already. They looked for it within the twin-humped rock on which the body of the pyramid rests. They also looked for beneath the pyramid. But the room is not where they were looking but in the upper part of the pyramid, at a point defined by the ratio 0.118:0.882. That chamber contains the "Energy Source" which the Ancient Egyptians inherited from the people of Atlantis who had come to northern Africa long before the heyday of Egyptian civilization.

This source takes the form of a cylinder within which is a special crystal with a lattice structure close in parameters to that of quartz crystals. Almost all the most astonishing phenomena observed in and around the pyramid are connected with the presence of this very device. The sense of creating and using the "Energy Source" lies in its capacity to affect the structure of time and space in the vicinity of its location.


The shape of the pyramid serves to intensify this effect and disperses the incoming energy in the area of the pyramid. Besides that, though, the "Energy Source" affects human psychological and physical structure.

In the Pyramid of Cheops there is a chamber, erroneously referred to by the majority of Egyptologists as the "Queen's burial chamber", whose situation in respect of the summit of the pyramid is connected with the tuning frequency. If we take the height of the whole pyramid as one unit, and measure down a distance of 0.882 - twice the frequency of A (or rather an octave higher), we find the chamber at exactly that point.


But if we remember that the average human ear, indeed the whole structure of the human being, is attuned to the frequency of A, forming a kind of planetary field of this keynote signal, it emerges that the chamber within the pyramid is placed at a position attuned to the resonating frequency of that field.

If, proceeding from that, we accept that the pyramid works as a resonator, then we can begin to think of the purpose of pyramid as taking the form of a special kind of generator. Then the reason for the appearance of resonance characteristics and energy phenomena at various points in the pyramid becomes clear.

In order to better picture the mechanisms operating in the great pyramid complex at Giza, let us examine an easily understood example. Take two guitars and tune them in unison.


Then put one of the guitars in the next room, come back, pick up the other and strike a note - on the sixth, thickest string, say. If you do that, you will observe that the sixth string of the second guitar, standing in the corner of the other room, has also begun to vibrate, producing a barely audible note, although you have not touched it. That is the physical phenomenon of harmonic resonance in action.

As has already been stated, the pyramid, being at one and the same time both an antenna and a resonator, is a retransmitter of certain energy flows connected with processes taking place in the cosmos, flows that are in turn focused on the "Energy Source" within the pyramid.


The Wands of Horus that the priests and pharaohs used, the concentrators worn on the head, the "Energy Source" within the pyramid, the pyramids themselves and much else besides was created in accordance with the proportions of the Golden Section, which was the precondition for all the objects being attuned to one another (in unison, as it were). It should be remembered that all the physical and energy structures of the human being are subject to the laws of the Golden Section.

Consequently, everything made by nature or constructed by mankind in accordance with that principle is "attuned" to everything else. Therefore when the energy flow acts on the "Energy Source" inside the pyramid, the structure of the pyramid amplifies that effect.

The effect extends not only to people and objects located inside the pyramid. It extends over a very large area beyond as a result of which cylinders being held in the hands begin to "ring", or resonate like the sixth string of the guitar in the next room. In this way the energy is transmitted over a distance and the energy reaching the "Energy Source" in the pyramid is transferred to people and to the cylinders in their hands.

The whole complex - the energy source within the pyramid, the cylinders held in the hands, and the concentrator (on the pharaoh's head) - is directly connected on certain days (cycles) of the year with the pyramids and their effect.

The pyramid, being simultaneously both antenna and resonator, is a retransmitter of certain energy flows arising from processes taking place in the cosmos, flows that are in turn focused on the "Energy Source" inside the pyramid. The influence of this complex and its correct interaction with human consciousness produced the effect of "Intercourse with the Gods".

The immense pyramid complex at Giza was, in essence, a "Deep Meditation Structure" enabling the pharaoh or priest to make contact with the Noosphere.




The mechanism by which the cylinders act on the human organism is fairly complicated. We shall therefore try to explain in more basic terms that nonetheless convey fairly accurately the main idea of the process.

People who seek after knowledge are familiar with the concept of energy shells that, according to a certain Eastern tradition, make up the energy structure of the human being. We know about the existence of the ethereal body, the astral body, the mental body and so on, up to the seventh energy body. But there is evidence that the ancient hierophants knew of the existence of several more energy bodies or shells, of which the present-day esoteric and other schools tell us nothing.


The final energy body, still unknown to humanity today, is the shell through which each person has direct contact with what people call "God" or the "Source" of everything, all knowledge and energy. Through that shell we have a link to all the world around us, as we are part of the Great Creative Principle. Since we possess that shell, we are ourselves in a way sources of energy.

Let us examine the human energy structure from viewpoints more accessible to the present-day reader.

What people commonly call the "aura" or "biological field" is the consequence of the interaction of the vibrations of various energy layers (bodies) within the human energy system.

The existing names of the energy bodies in any of the familiar traditions is nothing more than an agreed convention. Therefore, for the convenience and ease of understanding particularly of a reader unfamiliar with "esoteric" doctrines, we shall call the first energy body "ethereal", the second "astral", the third "mental", and so on.

The human energy system consists of several energy bodies (levels), that differ in shape, energy density, and vibratory rhythm (frequency). Most importantly, though, they have different characteristics.

King Amenophis II

In examining the effect of the Wands of Horus on the human organism, we shall stick to the first two structures that are responsible directly for a person's bio-energetic rhythm and emotional state.

The first energy body consists of vibrations and temperature rhythms in the person's physical structure. Therefore any process taking place in the physical body is immediately reflected in the first energy body.

For example, an inflammatory process has begun localized in the small of the back (lumbago). That is followed by oedema and an increase in temperature that immediately finds reflection in the altered shape and vibratory frequency of the corresponding part of the first energy body. Hence, influencing that part of the energy body and correcting the vibratory frequency leads to a reduction in the pain syndrome.

The lines of the first energy body precisely follow those of the physical body, forming an energy layer between 0.3 and 2–3 meters thick. The first energy body is the receptor and distributor of transformed cosmic energy - prana. It is through this body that our physical body becomes charged with the vital energy our organism needs

The second, astral energy body is responsible for our emotional state and any nervous or psychological stress evokes changes in this body.

The upsurge of emotions in stress leads to the destabilization of the structure of the second energy body producing changes that subsequently lead to discomfort and neuro-psychological problems.

The human energy system has centers, known as chakras, through which the organism interacts with the outside world.

We can picture a chakra as a sort of energy vortex (or funnel). The transformed energy of the cosmos, the earth, water, sunlight enters the physical body through the chakras. The chakras, being the immediate conductors of energy that has been processed in the energy system pass it on to the person's endocrine system. All the chakras are connected to our physical body and are sort of projections of the endocrine system.

The main energy centers, while being projections of the endocrine system, also have their own projections. The first chakra has projections on the feet; the seventh chakra on the palms.


As soon as we pick up the Wands of Horus three parallel processes begin simultaneously.

  • As you probably know, copper and zinc are a galvanic couple. As soon as you take the cylinders in your two hands a potential difference of 0.8–1 volt, sometimes more, forms between them.

  • As the cylinders absorb warmth from the hands, the crystals of quartz inside the cylinders expand. That in turn leads to a deformation of the surface of the tiny crystals and produces what is known as the piezo-electric effect.

  • The human organism is, as we know, a kind of electrical generator. When we pick up the cylinders we immediately pass our own electricity on to them.

The result of all three processes is a polarization of the crystals in the cylinders. With the appearance of a potential difference at the ends of a crystal a weak excitement of the crystal lattice takes place. This in turn leads to a rise in the crystal's energy level and in the activity of the energy flow emerging from the crystal.





At the same time, when we hold the Wands of Horus in our hands, under the influence of the human biological field through the projection of the corresponding energetic centers, located in the palms, they begin to activate the 6th and 7th chakras, and the 6th and 7th energy structures around those chakras.


On the physical plane there is stimulation of the hypothalamus and hypophysis as they are projections of those energy centers in the physical human body. Activation of these centers leads to activation of the last energy shell, that is as yet unknown to mankind, and the organism begins to receive energy directly from the "Source".


The incoming energy from the crystals and the "Source" forming the human energy system, plus the piezo-electricity generated by the crystals in the filling forms an energy cocoon around the person's body.


This "pranic cocoon", vibrating at a frequency dictated by the hypothalamus and hypophysis through their projections located in the centre of the palms, corrects all the holder's energy structure, giving a beneficial effect to the whole organism. The impulses passing through the hypothalamus and hypophysis switch on the processes of regeneration and self-healing.

The essence of this phenomenon that is observed is that at the moment when the Wands of Horus, interacting with processes within the organism (against the background of the polarization process), attunes itself to the holder, the organism itself sets the vibration, the rhythm that it requires at that particular time. The rhythm is dictated by the characteristic vibration of the person, a sort of individual code. It is that individual vibration interacting with the crystal that causes the crystal lattice to resonate, setting the required rhythm.


That rhythm (individual vibration) acts like a starter-motor in a car, providing the impulse, starting the process by which the Wands of Horus subsequently themselves begin to vibrate at the appropriate frequency.


The Wands of Horus create and maintain an energy shell that, with the aid of the required vibratory frequency, initiates the process of self-correction. The flow of energy passing through the 7th chakra is transformed into a flow of vibrations at a particular frequency and harmonizes the energy shell (aura), evening it out.

It is worth mentioning here that the elongated headgear of the pharaoh (image left) was a special concentrator, also focusing on the energetic projections of the hypophysis and hypothalamus. This concentrator, stimulating those two zones, supported and cultivated, as it were, the potential of the energy cocoon, increasing the immune reactivity of the organism.


The complex consisting of the Wands of Horus and the concentrator, improved the health of the organism, particularly its immune status, and regulated the metabolic processes.


But there was more to the work than just that. In order to prepare for work within the pyramid and to gain the capacity to foresee the future, you need energy. Therefore the pharaoh and the hierophants tried not to squander the energy received, storing it up, leading an appropriate lifestyle and bringing their abilities up to the necessary level.

The third, "mental" energy body is connected with what people associate with the concept of the "soul" (a person's psychological condition). Harmonization of this energy body with the aid of the Wands of Horus creates the preconditions necessary for the stabilization and development of mental capacities.

The basic sequence by which the Wands of Horus work is as follows:

By galvanic and piezo-electric effects (raising the energy level of the crystals in the filling) stimulating the 6th and 7th energy centers, the Wands of Horus act on the central nervous system. From the central nervous system an impulse passes to the hypothalamus, from the hypothalamus to the hypophysis. Then on to the endocrine system (the secretionary glands), then to the organs.

The reverse reaction flows along two paths:

  • From the endocrine system to the central nervous system

  • Through the state of the organs to the central nervous

Thus information about the state of the secretionary organs and disorders of the internal organs is passed from the endocrine system and the organs to the central nervous system.


When it gets this information, the central nervous system directs the signals to the hypothalamus and hypophysis that in turn activate the functions of self-healing and regeneration, if those functions are in order and not hampered by, among other things, significant "furring" of the relevant energy canals. In the event of inadequate functioning of the energy canals, the energy cocoon generated by the Wands of Horus vibrating at the frequency dictated by the hypothalamus and hypophysis assumes an intermediary role conveying the blocked signal and stimulating the functions of self-healing and regeneration.

The "pranic cocoon" produced by the Wands of HorusKont (carbon and ferro-magnetic) has a powerful impulse effect on the human organism, but it is not stable. Irrespective of how long you work with this type of cylinder, even two or three days, the cocoon they create disperses completely within 24 hours. Hence, to maintain the cocoon produced by this type of cylinder requires work every single day.

The Wands of HorusQuartz, filled with crystals of quartz, produce a "pranic cocoon" that has a gentle, even, but deepacting effect on the human organism. The cocoon created by this type of cylinder is very stable. If you work with the Wands of HorusQuartz continuously for a week, then the cocoon they create will last for three weeks, continuing its corrective effect on the whole organism.

To correct pathological conditions that have built up over a number of years, the organism and the Wands of Horus need time. Therefore work with the cylinders must be regular and continuous. The deep correction required for serious conditions may take several months.


Remember that we spend years acquiring our problems and do not worry if you do not experience rapid results.




Cylinders with the correct filling have an astonishing quality - they attune themselves to a person. They adjust to the rhythm that the organism needs at a particular time of the day or night. The cylinders can be used morning, noon, or night - whenever you like. They tune into the organism, to the energy channel that is open, and work with it. There is no time limit for a session with the cylinders. Consultation with a specialist will help you to chose the right dimensions and fillings, based on your physical data. The size of the cylinders can vary depending on the aim you have in mind, or the disease you want to tackle. Cylinders 146mm long were intended to work in conjunction with the Pyramid of Cheops and are connected to its effect. If, however, you need to stop some negative process in the organism and a powerful impulse is needed, then larger cylinders can be used.

The cylinders are not a panacea for all illnesses, since their purpose is somewhat different. Nevertheless, it is worth stressing once again that the greater part of our illnesses begin with disharmony between two fundamental flows of energy

— the BA and KA or Yin and Yang. Daily work with the cylinders (for no less than two hours) has a beneficial effect in cases of:

  • over-agitation and nervous disorders

  • problems with arterial pressure

  • vegeto-vascular disorders

  • cardio-vascular diseases

  • neurotrophic disorders

  • excretory diseases

  • artritus and polyartritus

They also:

  • normalize the functioning of the heart in cases of arrhythmia and neuroses

  • improve circulatory processes, with a beneficial effect on blood vessels

  • ease pain in the joints in cases of arthritis and gout

  • help in cases of insomnia, act to relieve stress and help prevent atherosclerosis

  • if used systematically, lower the blood-cholesterol level

  • can be very helpful in case of cancer, but the wands should be especially prepared

Independent studies of the effect of the cylinders were carried out in the clinical bio-physics laboratory of the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute in St. Petersburg.


Data from points reflecting the condition of the internal organs was displayed on a computer screen. The information was gathered from the bio-active zones of the palm using one of the usual diagnostic methods. Three bands were shown on the screen: green (normal state of the organs), red and blue (deviations from the norm). Naturally we all present a scattered picture with some points in the green zone and others outside, indicating some abnormality in the organism.


After a few minutes holding the cylinders a minor miracle took place: the points began to creep into the green zone! The researchers concluded that the influence of the cylinders brought the organism to a harmonized state in which it was much easier for it to deal with its troubles.

The effectiveness of the Wands of Horus can also be increased by using them in conjunction with miniature pyramidal energy structures (pyramids) made of wood. Such a pyramid fulfils in part the function of a structure focusing the energy flows on the hypothalamus and the hypophysis (the 6th and 7th chakras) and the pancreas (3rd chakra), two highly important elements of the endocrinal system. Work with such a complex strengthens the immune system.

King Tuthmosis II

The best place to work or meditate with the cylinders is in a natural setting close to natural sources of energy, such as water (a river, lake, the sea or ocean), in a forest or in the mountains.

It is best to stand barefooted. This improves the energy-exchange and metabolic processes in the organism.

Astonishing results are obtained from working with trees. Trees, as natural sources of energy, present a unique opportunity to tap into a natural and truly pure flow of energy. The choice of tree and the time of day depends on the biological and energetic rhythms of the tree and on the task to be tackled.


You should chose a tree with which to interact in the same sort of way as you choose a friend. You should follow your instinct when making a decision. It is important to know that trees have their energy centers (chakra). There can be two or three of them, depending of the age and condition of the tree.


The first chakra is located about a meter from the base (the ground); the second where the branches spread into the crown. The location of the third chakra varies between individual trees. We will work with the first, because it is "giving".


All three types of energy that you can use without harming the tree are concentrated there. In essence work or interaction with a tree resembles the process of meditation.

We should stress that working with the cylinders in a natural setting you will feel their effect more strongly as any natural energy source, be it tree or water, helps the organism to tune into the cylinders more quickly and deeply.




M.A. Nikulin, a senior research worker at the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute in St. Petersburg with a Ph.D. in medicine, came to the following conclusion after a medical study of the effect of the cylinders on the human organism:

"Where there are abnormalities of any kind in a person's body we observe a thermal asymmetry between the diseased parts and the healthy ones. When held in the hands the cylinders balance out this pathological thermal asymmetry, which indicates that they have a therapeutic effect."

Some interesting results were obtained in the study carried out by M.A. Blank a Ph.D. in medicine and a leading specialist of the Central Scientific Research Institute for Roentgenology and Radiology at the Oncological Institute in Pesochny outside St Petersburg. Dr Blank made the following comment:

"There is a parameter that characterizes the functioning of cells - the respiratory waves of cells. An oncological condition in the organism suppresses those respiratory waves, but the Cylinders of the Pharaoh on the contrary improve that parameter. But cancer is a very serious citadel; you won't take it with such gentle means. Unless perhaps as a prophylactic measure, but that deduction requires further study. One thing is clear: where cancer makes things bad, the cylinders try to make them a little better."

Particularly striking are the results of a study into the effect of the Wands of Horus on the human organism conducted on 13 July 1999 at the Polyclinic of the Medical Centre of the Administration of the Russian Federation President in Moscow.

During the experiment with the Wands of Horus Quartz electroencephalograph (EEG) recordings were made registering changes in the bio-electric activity of the cerebral cortex. Below is the analysis of the EEG of N.V. Vasina, a 50-year-old woman. She held the Wands of Horus for only five minutes. The results were:

  • The EEG shows a gentle change in the bio-electric activity of the cerebral cortex

  • In comparison with an EEG from 5 May 1999, the alpha-rhythm with a frequency of 10 Hz and amplitude of 40–50µV is registered more stably across all areas of the cerebral cortex; the between the hemisphere asymmetry in the rear sections has reduced, as are episodes of dysrhythmia. Polymorphic beta activity (from 16 to 40+ Hz) growing in amplitude is registered in all areas of the cerebral cortex

  • Functional loading emphasizes these changes, adding slight involvement of the dienchephalic structures

In order to explain the importance of these results it should be stressed that it is precisely the stability of the alpha rhythms and the level and amplitude of the beta activity that distinguish the EEG readings of someone who has developed their psychic capacities with all manner of meditative and psycho-physical exercises over a prolonged period from the readings of an ordinary person who has done nothing to develop himself or herself.


In a "practising" individual these indicators are better. In the above case, the experiment registered an improvement after five minutes' work with the cylinders. In other words, the Wands of Horus display an active stimulating effect on the hemispheres of the brain, putting it into a special, more harmonious state in which the user will receive a more profound positive effect.

The stability of the effect obtained from working with the cylinders will depend not only on the individual characteristics of each person, but also on the frequency and duration of sessions with the Wands of Horus. Undoubtedly regular work with the cylinders will give a more stable result.

Irina and Mikhail Kosh, Astropsychologists, from Moscow comments were:

"In other words, even the brief (5-minute) influence of the Wands of Horus on the human psycho-physical field and energy structure stimulates a person's concentration on the internal images he or she creates, intensifying the trance, meditative effect.


While a psychic practitioner often needs months of intense training to attain the necessary level of concentration, with the use of the Wands of Horus Quartz the training time is significantly reduced and the result obtained significantly exceeds that which can be obtained by the usual methods.

Moreover, practice has shown that as a result of using the Wands of Horus Quartz a synchronization of the two hemispheres is achieved, that is an evening-out of the potentials of the cortices of the left and right hemispheres. There is an effect of deeper and gentler immersion into the meditative state that corresponds to the theta rhythms.


A similar result can be attained by other methods, for example with the aid of binaural waves using sound fed through earphones. The Wands of Horus Quartz, however, have a gentler effect on a person's energy field and, moreover, have a prolonged effect. The person's energy field remembers, as it were, the rhythms that arose while the Wands were working and continues maintaining them for a period between 24 hours and several days."


The View of Bio-Physicists
The existence of a contact difference in potential between the cylinders shifts the organism into another, "higher" energetic state, in which those restorative processes encouraging the harmonization of the whole organism take place more actively.


This effect is obtained by a combination of galavanotherapy, metallotherapy and the presence of weak physical fields created by the fillings of the cylinders that have a therapeutic effect on the organism through the bioactive points of the palms.

The Views of Specialists in Chi Kung, Yoga & Other Bio-energetic Practices
The Views of these practices are roughly unanimous. The influence of the cylinders increases the movement of chi or qi (prana) energy in the energy meridians or canals. Due to the increased movement of chi, canals "furred up" by disorders are actively cleaned out and a healthy energy balance between the organs is restored as a result.


The increased movement of chi causes a pricking sensation or numbness in the tips of the fingers, pulsation in the centre of the palms and soles. The process of clearing blockages may cause a fairly wide range of sensations, the most common of which are vibration, pressure or bursting in certain parts of the body, to the point of tolerable, rapidly passing pain, ringing in the ears, slight dizziness. As the energy balance is restored those sensations disappear.

Regular use of the Wands of Horus, while observing a number of rules in daily life, strengthens and reinforces one's energetic potential right up to the point of establishing contact with higher forms of intelligence and the manifestation of other superior capabilities associated with the healthy and morally pure human being.

Measured Affects
Processes taking place within the organism under the influence of the Wands of Horus that have been registered by measuring devices.

"… In the first few minutes a pulse wave from the left side to the right can be observed in subjects holding the cylinders. A sensation of the vessels filling with blood is registered that researchers have termed "the vascular stage". Infrared radiation increases from the right upper limb, and then the thermal field at the limbs evens out.

Together with these changes in the subject's organism, a general rise in activity is observed, accompanied by an 8–10 beats per minute increase in pulse-rate.

By the second minute a warming of the cervico-thoracic section of the spinal column with increased infrared radiation was also observed.

It follows, then, that the whole of the vegetative nervous system is drawn into the process, and there is an energetic activation of the tissues of both the upper limbs, and the body as a whole. As a consequence the headache is alleviated and blood pressure tends towards the norm."

(From the experimental record of medical experiments presented by S. Gorbunov)

A number of targeting experiments carried out by K.G. Korotkov, a researcher at the Centre for Energo-Information Technology at the St Petersburg State Institute of Precise Mechanics and Optics, using the Kirlian diagnostic method indicated that clearer information on the indications of illness was obtained from people holding the cylinders. In other words, in some instances the cylinders significantly increase the accuracy of diagnosis.


Another series of targeting experiments carried out by Dr Blank at the Oncological Institute in Pesochny established that the influence of the cylinders puts the organism in a condition where it is much easier for it to deal with its diseases and problems itself. Dr Blank believes that the cylinders can be recommended as a prophylactic measure against jet-lag for those who frequently travel from one time-zone to another (pilots, sportsmen, tourists, long-distance lorry-drivers, and so on) for whom the clash between external and internal rhythms causes sluggishness and headaches.

The study of the effectiveness of the cylinders was carried out in April 1993 and December 1995 using modern equipment and the most advanced methods that were put forward for the Nobel Prize in 1990 by a group of medical scientists at the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute led by Dr M.A. Nikulin.


From the results obtained, the Wands of Horus can be recommended for people suffering from:

  • cardio-vascular diseases

  • hypertension in the early stage

  • neurotrophic disorders

  • insomnia and also as a means of removing stress and guarding against atherosclerosis




The technology used to produce the Wands of Horus and all the other elements of the complex took into account the pyramid's ability to affect certain characteristics of materials.


It was precisely for that reason that the production of the Wands of Horus was directly connected with the pyramid. The bodies of the wands were cast in moulds of the appropriate shape and after the metal solidified (crystallized) they were placed in the pyramid with the result that the metal's crystal lattice acquired special qualities under the influence of the pyramid.


The structural field of the pyramid has a correcting effect on the distances between the atoms, as a result of which the lattice becomes more perfect, which meant that even at this stage the material from which the wands were made possessed miraculous qualities.


The fillings were also subjected to treatment of an appropriate kind in the pyramid.


Within a concrete pavilion, lies the limestone colossus of Ramses II. Originally 13.5m, the broken statue is now 10.5m. It is believed that two of these statues would have stood in front of the pylons of the Temple of Ptah. Note the Wand in the right hand

Within a concrete pavilion, lies the limestone colossus of Ramses II. Originally 13.5m, the broken statue is now 10.5m. It is believed that two of these statues would have stood in front of the pylons of the Temple of Ptah.


Note the Wand in the right hand. (image left)

As was already stated, at the beginning of the process of self-perfection the hierophant or pharaoh used a special sort of white sand that was processed in the pyramid's structuring field for a period of twelve diurnal cycles.


The decisive factor in choosing the fillings was the qualities of the crystal lattice. Under the influence of the pyramid the crystal lattice of the quartz changed its qualities, becoming more regular, flawless, and consequently better in terms of its resonant properties.

In the subsequent stages of the process of self-perfection, special crystals were placed inside the Wands of Horus. Their more perfect qualities were also acquired inside the pyramid under the influence of its structuring fields.

It is important to note that the orientation of the crystals of the small-grain white sand or large-grain quartzites inside the wands is of no relevance with regard to the law of harmonic resonance. In this instance the significant thing is not the shape or orientation of each individual grain, but the peculiarities of the crystal lattice.

It should be stressed that when choosing the fillings for the cylinders it is not absolutely correct to divide them into Yin and Yang, or to associate the qualities of the fillings with the horoscope. This connection is a very conditional one.

To better understand the essence of the process, one should bear in mind that BA and KA or Yin and Yang, are two energy flows, two sources of vital energy situated within the human being itself.


Their harmonization therefore requires minerals that possess the relevant properties. Jasper, amber or shungites, for example, were not used as fillings for the Wands of Horus by the Ancient Egyptians because of the unsuitable qualities of their crystal lattices. The use of quartz was prompted by its unusual, surprising qualities described below.

Why Quartz?
The history of quartz goes back far further than that of diamonds and other precious stones. The legendary civilization of Atlantis was already aware of the hidden power and colossal energy of quartz crystals. Legends and popular beliefs about quartz that survive in Tibet inform us of the extensive use in Atlantis of rock crystal (transparent quartz) ranging from healing to telepathic communication and tapping the energy of the Cosmos. Those legends speak of the Atlanteans having gigantic pyramids, colossal energy-stores. The summits of many pyramids were crowned with large crystals of quartz.

Much of the Atlanteans' knowledge disappeared, but some survived to put out shoots in other cultures - in Egypt, Tibet and India.

For many ancient civilizations quartz was a sacred mineral. The Ancients believed that quartz was the very consummation of nature, and its structure the basis of life on Earth. Indian yogis hold that quartz and the human being represent the culmination of evolution in the universe. Perhaps this is because of all the mineral kingdom quartz is most in tune with the human being. The Ancients believed that crystals of quartz radiate a divine white light, that they are the key giving entry to cosmic harmony, putting a person in touch with its vibrations. They are conductors of the pure energy of the cosmos, high frequency generators. Crystals are akin to the pyramids that connect people to the cosmic consciousness.

One of the basic concepts in crystallography is the axis of symmetry of a crystal. If you take a quartz crystal with well developed facets, then from the position of those facets it is possible to observe one peculiar fact: the vertical axis of symmetry in a quartz crystal is twisted in a spiral.

"X-ray examination of the structure of quartz crystals confirms the deduction made on the basis of morphological and optical peculiarities, that the structure of quartz has a spiral, that is to say helical character.


In accordance with this two types of structure can be distinguished - left-handed (No 3) and right-handed (No 1)."

G. Smith, Gemstones

To explain one further significant peculiarity of quartz we need to turn once again to the conceptual system of the Ancient East.

The quartz crystal, like any other, has its energy centre (chakra). However, because in quartz the axis of symmetry forms a spiral, several projections of the main energy centre form within the crystal. That is to say one centre receives energy, but several give it out. You can picture it more precisely in this way: one zone of the crystal accumulates energy within itself, transforms and scatters it.


What was one flow becomes several. Precisely due to the helical structure and, as a consequence, this scattering effect, Wands of Horus filled with quartz crystals have a gentle, general healing effect on a person's energo-informational structure and his or her entire organism.

Perhaps it was for this very reason that some ancient civilizations considered quartz a sacred mineral. It was evidently also connected with quartz's ability to convey information.


In this context it is appropriate to quote from an interview with Professor Vlail Kaznacheyev, the director of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, a full member of that academy and of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation:

"In our experiments we obtain some astonishing things: when one cell culture experiences some stress, it can transmit its condition to another cell culture, if there is an optical channel of communication. The light ray conveys the essence of the matter - and it itself comes alive in a way.


Moreover, a tissue culture of living cells of this kind that has perceived the state of its neighbors in a quartz or mica optical channel, can transmit that state on to other cell cultures; and so the accumulation of a property of living material unknown to us passes through the cells for 5, 6, 7 generations in the optical sphere. Mica and quartz are transparent for such effects, just as they are for ordinary light…"

In other words, quartz is capable of conveying not simply information, but also a psychological state.

Studies of the properties of water have shown that it reaches maximum density at +4°C. Therefore the world's oceans with an average temperature of +3.7°C represents, excluding negligible distortions on the surface, a single huge liquid crystal or something like a quantum liquid in which all the particles are connected together by collective interaction. In other words the waters of the oceans together with the adjoining seas and lakes and the rivers and streams that flow into all of them form a single energy-conducting medium linking the most remote areas of the planet.

Yu.A. Koliasnikov of the Siberian All-Russia Scientific Center Far East Department of Russian Academy of Sciences stated:

"On this basis Bernal and Fowler constructed a fundamentally new model of the structure of liquid water and the transformations that take place within it with changing temperature.


It emerged that water has a tetrahedral structure like quartz of various modifications, which can be rephrased in roughly this way:

'Quartz has a structure like water'."

The similarity in structure between these two at first sight different substances or, to use the concepts of the Ancients, their "correspondence", determines their resonant interaction.


Therefore quartz is a highly important material used not only in the construction of the pyramids and energy sources of various kinds, but also as a filling for the Wands of Horus.




As has already been stated, the cylinders can contain various fillings which in turn determines certain difference in their properties.

At the start you should use cylinders with two types of filling. This is due to the general unpreparedness and unsatisfactory state of the energy system in the majority of people, something reflected in the illnesses that dog us.


Therefore in the initial, preparatory phase to improve the general state of the body's energy system and taking into account the most frequently occurring problems, we suggest cylinders with a filling of carbon and ferro-magnetic material and others with a quartz filling.




  • It should be noted that in Ancient Egypt carbon and ferromagnetic material were not used as a filling for the Wands of Horus. This filling is a later refinement. We shall call this type of cylinder Wands of HorusKont in honor of the Polish researcher Comte (Count) Walewski who first informed humanity about this type of cylinder back at the beginning of the twentieth century.


  • In Ancient Egypt the Wands of Horus were filled with quartz crystals of differing sizes. The size of the crystals depending on the task they were seeking to accomplish, the state of the health and energy system of the user. In the initial phase fine-grain quartzites (a special white sand) were used. Cylinders containing white sand have a positive effect on a person's energy channels, activating them. Then the Ancients used medium - and large - grained quartzites, raising their energy systems to a higher level of potential. We call this type of cylinder Wands of HorusQuartz.

  • The following variety of Wands of Horus contained monocrystalline quartz. This type of cylinder was intended for priestly healers. The energy "cocoon" created by this type can have a powerful harmonizing effect on the patient, at one and the same time implementing and relaying a signal originating in the healer's consciousness. We call this type of cylinder Wands of HorusCrystal.

  • Besides these, the Ancients used one further variety of cylinder that contained monocrystals of quartz selected in a special manner and processed in a special way. Cylinders containing such crystals were something like miniature "energy sources", intended to provide energy and strengthen the effect of psychic efforts. We shall call this type of cylinder Wands of HorusMono.

Following Ancient Egyptian tradition we refer to the cylinders as "Wands of Horus".


Both types of cylinder are effective for

  • Prevention of atherosclerosis

  • Diseases connected with poor circulation (including certain forms of impotence)

  • Possible relief in cases of spasms in the alimentary canal

  • Some relief in cases of arthritis and back pain (osteochondrosis and radiculitis) without elimination of the causes

Both types of cylinders have a positive influence on blood vessels and the cardio-vascular system, but their effects vary.

The effect of the cylinders filled with carbon and ferromagnetic material is strong and forceful, an impulse capable of shifting an established problem. Those suffering from low blood pressure should be careful when using this type of cylinder as they lower blood-pressure. Coupled with low atmospheric pressure use by those with such a condition may lead to a circulatory collapse with all the consequences.


On the other hand, for those with high blood-pressure, the cylinders filled with carbon and ferro-magnetic material may be an invaluable aid.

The cylinders filled with quartz crystals have other properties. They are very good for guarding against cardiovascular diseases, nervous depressions and many other illnesses, but may prove inadequate against such conditions in the acute phase.






It would not be correct to view the cylinders only as a treatment for one disease or another. The cylinders are above all a prophylactic device providing the opportunity in certain diseases to correct deviations from the norm and thus prompt a significant improvement in your condition.

First and foremost, though, the cylinders are a tool for "attainment", allowing you to achieve a step-by-step evolution of your energy potential and, as a consequence, of your psychic capacities.





The development of such psychic potential opens up whole new horizons of which the contemporary human being has virtually no conception.


This is such an important and delicate subject that discussion of it can only begin after the appropriate preparation and most importantly following the appearance of the inner impulse that is the first indication of an energetic and moral capacity to recognize the way and a willingness to dedicate one's life to the idea of self-perfection and the perfecting of the world around us.