by John Vibes
June 11, 2015
from TrueActivist Website








This week it was reported that Monsanto recently attempted to change their name, since they have now become one of the most hated organizations on the face of the planet.


In a recent merger agreement with Swiss biotech rival Syngenta, Monsanto allegedly tried to propose creating a new company entirely, in order to deceive the public about who was in charge.


Last week, Syngenta made a letter public, which was sent from Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant back in April 18th, during the negotiations of the merger.


In the letter, Grant suggested that as a part of their agreement, Monsanto would,

"also propose a new name for the combined company to reflect its unique global nature."

As Gary Ruskin of the consumer organization U.S. Right to Know pointed out,

"Monsanto wants to escape its ugly history by ditching its name. This shows how desperate Monsanto is to escape criticism: of its products, which raise environmental and health concerns, as well as concerns about corporate control of agriculture and our food system."

As consumers become more health conscious, companies that manufacture junk food are being forced to get creative with how they sell their products.


Even unpopular ingredients like high fructose corn syrup are now being forced to rebrand, because people are learning more and more about how damaging it is.


For those of you who don't know, Monsanto is one of the wealthiest multinational corporations in the world and is also one of the most ruthless. Behind the false image of innocence created by their lawyers and public relations, this company is as evil as they come.


Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against this corporate giant worldwide, but because of their incredible wealth they are usually able to settle out of court for large sums and pay off the media so their crimes are not exposed to the public.


Monsanto has a very nasty history, before they were in the food industry they primarily dealt with chemicals. Since the beginning of the 20th century they were responsible for the manufacture of various toxic chemicals, which includes anything from caffeine to Agent Orange, along with other dangerous pesticides and herbicides.


Monsanto even helped develop uranium for the atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project.


Their chemical roundup has been known to cause dozens of different plant diseases and does unknown damage to the ecosystem, just as their other pesticides do.


Monsanto does their fair share of destruction to our environment and our food supply, but their genetically modified food programs have taken this corporation a sinister step forward. Through tampering with the genetics of various plants and animals they are looking to have a complete monopoly over the world’s food and agriculture industries.


This may seem difficult to believe, but policies that Monsanto had established in the past and the plans they have for the future show very clearly what is going on.