In August 2006, I made the following prediction on the Edge AM radio broadcast. I stated we are close to a worldwide stock market collapse followed by an Arab-backed Russian military invasion of the U.S. and U.K.


The global stock market collapse has now occurred, and it is time to ask yourself this question: Why are masses of Russian and Polish immigrants being let into the U.K? If a Russian invasion were being planned, would there be less resistance if the population were mixed together? We were told years ago that the U.K. and U.S. would become training grounds for Russian Special Forces, such as Spetsnaz (Russian Special Purpose Regiments) working together with private security firms such as Wackenhut.

I’ve nothing against the Russian KGB/FSB, as I’m friends with ex-KGB agents such as John Symons.


Most of these guys are just puppets because again we have a group of 33rd degree and above masons working together and controlling the Russian, American, and British governments. These people are now playing out a “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” scenario. This will cause religious uproar amongst Christian, Muslim, etc. fundamentalists. This is all planned to do just that, of course.


The four stages, or horsemen, of the New World Order are as follows (and it all begins with the global stock market collapse):

  1. Worldwide stock market breakdown - First major attack on the world’s population

  2. Arab-backed Russian invasion of U.S. and U.K. - World War 3

  3. Large scale bio-warfare attack on world’s population - “Return of the Plague” situation

  4. Topped off by a false flag Alien invasion with Illuminati and ETs working together - Possibly staged over 2012 Olympic games in London while eyes of the world focused on the event

On September 8th 2006, I received this email from X3 (33rd degree of Zion/Illuminati member):

Dear James
The Committee of the Majority (MAJIC) have elected out of the Illuminati (top 300, 33rd degree masons). Now putting final plans in place for fake Armageddon scenario.

Watch Iran and Pakistan. Plan is for theater of war to break out in the Middle East- IE Armageddon.

Meanwhile Lord Jacob Rothschild and his lodge, through the BIS are attacking the U.S. financial system. The plan as I understand it is a simultaneous financial attack, then a war with Russia through Iran and Israel, then a bird avian virus attack throughout the USA. The microchips of course are in the inoculants manufactured in Switzerland by Rockefellers company.

If the Lightworkers turn up (Author’s note - Pleiadians), which is expected, Project Bluebeam will be initiated - Fake ET invasion.

Yours in service

On the 24th September, I received this email from Lincoln confirming above intel:

How are you? I am exhausted. I just came back from a four day trip to Poland. Lots of crazy stuff going on there. They had a crash there two weeks ago. I was part of the research team that had to visit for intel/archive purposes. Seems the technology gets better and better because we recorded several new updated and brand new items that will be going for back-engineering. Should be interesting.

Be aware that this American economic problem is all planned out. Poland is key right now. Keep an eye on Pakistan. Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 might be interesting. He saw through looking glass as well you know.

Talk to you soon!!

While staying in Scotland recently, I received the following information from the people I stayed with who are in the “Network.” A certain individual there was told to ring a special number and received the following recorded message. It basically stated that in the event of an unprecedented national emergency in the UK, it would be very unwise to flee from a major city, such as London, and head towards rural areas, such as Devon and Cornwall.

The reason being that plans are being formulated by Special Forces to herd masses of people into these areas during a time of panic - the reason being to trap the masses in these areas by sealing off the Tamar Bridge for SF sweep-up operations. The intelligence operative who recorded this message says the sweep-up operation will be the rounding up of huge numbers of civilians in martial law.

British Troops will refuse to carry out these orders but mind-controlled Spatsnaz and Wackenhut forces will not. If this happens, most of the British troops will be overseas, as the puppet masters will strategically place their military chess pieces in the correct locations.


The Draco and Sirian Anunnaki pull the ultimate strings here, and they hope to sit back and see us reduce our numbers drastically for a more compliant planetary takeover when their military forces return en-masse in 2012.

Looking for Help
The following emails are from individuals involved in the areas mentioned in Agent Buried Alive. Bear in mind that I receive literally hundreds of these types of communications from all over the world from ex-special forces, ex-government people, scientists, etc. I talk to many over the phone and meet many face to face.


Most of them are just decent, honest people looking for answers.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I try and help them as much as I can. The best form of help seems to come from providing them proof of these issues. Many of them doubt their own sanity after what they have experienced.


I received the following email on August 17th 2008:

Mr. Casbolt,
I am writing you hoping that you might understand what has happened to me. I was told by a friend about your site, so I dropped by and as very intrigued, but then troubled. I never thought that my government (US) would be involved in the things you speak of. But the more time that goes by I have learned better. I guess I should start at the beginning.

In August 1984 I enlisted in the US Air Force as a Security Specialist. They put me in delayed entry, but during this wait I was indoctrinated in military drill and command, procedures, and marksmanship. I had signed on for 6 years, so I was told I would be given the rank of E-3 immediately after graduation.


But once I arrived at Lackland AFB things got strange. I was singled out the first day for testing. I was given blood tests, vision test, and a hearing test. During the hearing test, for what I thought took only 15 minutes, when I checked the time when it was over 3 hours had passed. The next day I had blood in both eyes and started vomiting uncontrollably.


Nobody else was subjected to these test. We had all been tested before we arrived. So why was I tested again? When I went to the medical center I was given a pill bottle which contained belladonna alkaloid. This was to help with my symptoms they say. Within the month I was discharged for stress. When I got home I began a series of security jobs for Pinkerton and Wackenhut that I acquired through the state job service administration. I was approached by a supervisor asking me to enroll in a school called Executive Security International in Aspen Colorado.


That is when my headaches began and I started having memory lapses. I trained as a bodyguard/security specialist there, where I was told by instructor Jack McGeorge that to be a good bodyguard, you need to be a better assassin. I laughed this off, and went on about my studies. Since then I have had memory loss, loss of time, and unable to explain where I have been for periods of time. This cost me my first marriage, but so far my second marriage is holding up. About ten years ago I ended up with a back injury I could not explain. I just woke and it was there. I often awake with unexplained injuries. (Buckshot in my legs being the most drastic.)


I have also been treated for depression and post traumatic stress. I asked the Doctor why I have PTSS and he says that I am suppressing something traumatic. I think he is full of shit. Have any ideas what is going on? What can I do? Am I just crazy?


On 10th September, I received this email from journalist Ken Adachi over at the educateyourself.org website:

Hi James,

I posted your chapters - The Story of James Casbolt & Project Mannequin (Sep. 8, 2008)

I'll get your audio and post that on my site as well. I downloaded your 4 videos posted at YouTube from Oct 2007. Very well done. I'll post them as well. Tell me the name of the conference that you were speaking at.

I'm also sending you this e-mail I received from a man in London. It seems he was programmed as a child to remote view. He mentions Greenham Common. Notice the synchronicity. I received his e-mail on Sep 5, but I only posted your chapters on Sep 8.

If you feel you could add something that might assist him, please send it to me and I'll forward it to him. Do you want me to publish your e-mail address with your chapters? If so, which one?

I'm interested in the Andy Pero contact. Let me know what you get.

Best Regards,





12-Year-Old Covertly Trained to Remote View at Special "School" in London

(Sept. 10, 2008)
Subject: child remote viewers in south west London
From: Martin I Morris
Date: Fri, September 5, 2008
To: Editor

Dear Sir,

My partner recently directed me to your site in the hope it may help me. In the early 1980s, I lived in London. I was not very academic, more of a disobedient day dreamer. I don't know why this was. I came from a normal, stable family. Apart from suffering mild epilepsy, I was normal. As I wasn't doing well at school, I was sent to a (centre) in Clapham Old Town London. Here things really started to go crazy for me.

I suffered a lot of déjà-vu, and while watching TV, or reading the papers, I could always see another take on what I was being told or reading. The "school", as it was known, only had a handful of students attending, and did not follow the regular curriculum. It was very informal and loose. Once a week, we were taken on days out for "field trips", but we never saw any fields. It was always in large, strange buildings, often in Greenwich East London, the Thames Barrier and next to Hampton Court.

Now my problem is my memories from these places are quite bizarre. And now I'm beginning to doubt them myself. These were the days before the PC and TV plasma screens etc, but I swear they had them there. I think we were being used to do things remotely on these screens.

I could swear there was a large humming noise. Everything was made of metal; and cable like I've never seen: millions of thin cables. Is any of
this possible?

Here I met another kid my age ( I was 12 at the time). His name was Tim. We got on well and spoke often. He told me we were in the school because of our teeth! He claimed that our teeth were implanted with something to control and follow us. 'Crazy' I thought at the time.

Amongst other things he told me, were that we should never eat cheap meat! We were being sprayed with little creatures from aero planes and that a handful of "companies" would one day rule the world over!

Bear in mind, we were 12 years old. I thought he was plain mad. He spoke of tiny machines that we could not see by eye, living on us and relaying information back to "they" he used to say. Tim was always treated with kid gloves on these days out. There was always two little brown men (perfectly human, just incredibly small) helping him to do work.

As I said, my memories are very strange, but I remember us being tested on lights and puzzles. I can not remember what this testing was about, but it was not normal surely. Then I noticed something that was very, very frightening. Three other kids and this Tim had fits, epileptic fits. No parents were called and no doctors; just a couple of Indian nurses who did not speak English I think. It was then I realised that we all had something in common. This is the most confusing period of my life

What I'm about to say may make you dismiss my letter, but please don't. It's only the memories of a child, and may not make sense, BUT I think I've been underneath Greenham Common in an Army camp; I'm sure I have. So sure, it freaks me to just think about it.

After two years at this school, I was sent back to mainstream education.

I went on to grow up (I'm now 41) and I keep thinking of the things I was told. A couple of years later, B.S.E [Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis ~ Mad Cow's Disease] = "cheap meat"? "Sprayed by planes" = Chemtrails? Poison in the water to stop us breeding = fluoride, estrogen; to name but a few I've noticed over the years.

Now the part that really scares me is last year. I had traveled to India to have some cheap dental work done while on holiday. I needed a copy of my dental records and I nearly fainted when I read the first ever dental treatment I had was in 1978: a root canal filling in a 7 year old child? Done
by a NHS [National Health Service] traveling dentist who visited our remote school. Is this possible? My parents were always proud how I had such good teeth. This was never mentioned to me, ever.

When something happens on the news, I seem to know so much about it and I wonder how? The new ID cards and chips are coming just like Tim said. The water is poisonous. God knows what's coming out those chemtrails!!

So please tell me what you think. To myself, I sound like a loony, but I know what I was told and what I've done. So it's not all lies. What can it be?

You seem very well informed on such subjects. Can you point me in the right direction? It's very strange to sit here and see things unfolding and I'm thinking at the time: 'oh my God, I knew that'. But how? It's only just coming out [in the news].


How could I'd have known?

Yours Sincerely,


Hello xxxxxxxxxxxxx

You were trained in Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing as part of a covert government mind control operation, likely Project Mannequin, a top secret NSA program in Britain that was only recently exposed (2007) by James Casbolt. There are many British children (surely thousands, but very likely tens of thousands) who have been subjected to this training, so you shouldn't feel you are facing this alone. You were subjected to mind control in order to keep the memories of your training and other experiences at the "school" hidden from your conscious mind.

After a period of 20 to 30 years, however, fragmentary memories of the programming events begin to leak back into the conscious mind and the person starts having inexplicable flashback memories of weird and strange events; at least that's the way it happens to a lot of victims of mind control.


In your case, you remembered your conversations with Tim from the start, so the things he forewarned you about are now becoming more apparent to you and it all seems less 'crazy'. It's natural to doubt yourself since no one told you or asked you if you wanted to be part of this "program". You were chosen as the result of an "aptitude test" that you likely received either before or after being sent to the "school" in Clapham Old Town London.

The fact that you said you were not very academic, but rather a disobedient "daydreamer" tells me that the right side of your brain is more developed than the left side. Therefore, you are more right-brained, or more "intuitive", which means you have above-average psychic ability--and that's what the government was looking for - kids with psychic ability.

You were trained to remote view and remote influence from a distance, so that ability still bleeds through into your conscious, everyday life. Because of your training, your subconscious mind instantly becomes aware of the events you are seeing on the TV news or might read about in the newspaper. That's why you are having the apparent "de-jar-vu" experiences. The info is bleeding through from your subconscious mind into your conscious mind.

It's possible you were trained to be a "sleeper" and are not being actively used as a remote viewer. It's also possible that you are being covertly used, but you are unaware of it. The epilepsy, and the epileptic fits that you saw Tim and the others have, may somehow be part of this deal, but I have no idea what's going on in that regard.

James Casbolt will likely know more of your situation than I, so I'll forward your e-mail to him and perhaps he can add more to the story.

You should not be frightened by this information, but rather embrace it and determine to undo this programming and discover what really happened to you. You have talent as a Remote Viewer and need to learn how to access that talent on your own and use it for the benefit of mankind, rather than serve the dark masters of the New World Order.


Tim Rifat is in Brighton and has a great deal of expertise in this arena. He may be able to help you.

Tell me more if you care to expand on your story. The more you attempt to dig, the more memories will come to the surface. You should keep a spiral bound notebook and write things down as they come to you.


On the 15th August, I received the following email:

Hi James,

I believe I have something to share here. As of lately I’ve been researching all this covert mind control, and for myself have been trying to put my odd puzzle together.

When I was a kid 4-5, I have a memory of my farther taking me somewhere underground where a lot of other kids were doing puzzles, people in lab coats. He told me it was a company party for the Eaton Corporation in the Cleveland, Ohio area. But I remember all the kids on a spinning wheel and we were hanging on to the center, and it spun really fast and all the kids got thrown into brick walls we were all badly hurt, I clearly remember this, yet over the years I have asked my farther about this and he doesn’t remember.


My mother insisted he stop taking me to Masonic meetings for I was getting molested there and one time I was hospitalized due to an injury to my fanny. My farther seems fascinated researching his genealogy family tree all relating to Scotland, Whales, Vanderbilt’s’, and American Indians, and my mother is pure Irish, and he is always watching shows about the Nazi’s, and when he goes o the dentist he never allows pain killers.


I remember one time his dentist told me it was rather odd how he endured the pain for he was sure it should of caused great pain, makes me wonder as he was in the military as well. In Catholic School I always had to go into a mobile lab out in the parking lot where they made me do psychic testing, they constantly drilled me if I could remember extensive numbers in a series. I always remember walking into them but only have a few memories inside.

When I went to public school in 6th grade for some reason my class only, had to wear headphones and told to listen to a particular radio station with walkmans. In Quantico, VA I recall several times wondering where 2-3 days went. And one time I remember Naval Intelligence in my room tearing the room apart. I asked what are you doing and they kept telling me to go back to sleep; although I didn’t. Later my roommate was trying to fix the rattling vent and found bugs in the air vents. Only 200 people in Quantico went to Desert Storm I was one of them. The camp was designed like the 3 rings of Atlantis.


The Commandant of the Marine Corps for some reason always invited me into the center and into his personal quarters to call my farther. Why me I thought. I remember on one occasion when they picked 12 of us to go out in the middle of the dessert. That was the only time the Iraq tanks crossed the border and it was exactly where we were. I remember them congratulating us, but I was unsure for what reason.

Then I got transferred to GTMO, Cuba. My Gunny had me meet 3 CIA members, and then I seem to have lost 3 days. When I scuba dove there my friends tanks would be empty and mine would still have 90% air in it. They all put their gauges on my tank to find it true.

Then at discharge process my final medical stated I had hearing problems, odd I thought my hearing was tip top. They medevaced me from GTMO to Norfolk, VA and put me in a sound booth with all these fast cyclic frequencies and lights flashing. Then they told me my hearing was fine and I could continue checking out of the corps. Silent Subliminal I wonder.

Then when I got out I checked into Ohio State U and this one guy kept following me around while I was looking for apartments insisting to move into his house because we were both Marines (he worked at Wackenhut). He had like over 50 assault rifles and put them into my room. I told him chicks are going to think I’m crazy with all these guns so he threw a sheet over them. Then he moved to Chicago.


Then instantly some other marine gets a job where I work and begs to move in and places all these assault guns in my room. On one occasion I had this girl over and my handler lets say, asked her to ride on the back of his cbr-900, they got a ¼ mile down the road they said the back tire was thrown to the left and they came back all banged up, he looked me in the eyes ad said don’t ever do that again, I looked back and said touché. On one occasion I ripped his leg out of socket and twisted it up real bad. I guarantee to this day every step he remembers me.


One day he yelled at me and then got in his jeep and drove off then it lost control and flipped over and was totaled. He feared me although he stuck around and insisted we create a security company Called Shadow (kind of dark I thought) (with a CIA agent who bragged about drug running in Chicago) that guarded an underground tunnel network in Columbus, Ohio near Trabue road; Marble Cliffs Aggregate Quarry which was partially federal land. It was purchased by a company in Australia who brought in their own security company.


On one occasion I overheard that the abandoned building west of the Columbus Courthouse has a CIA center underneath. I just always thought weird. But a year later I had an experience in a lab room where they were trying to give me a shot in a lab, I kicked the nurse away threw 2 guards down and ran out of this same abandoned building, all this security chased me I hoped to the top of this huge fence ran out to a public parking lot; saw a car alarm light blinking so I punched out the window to create a disturbance for my escape.

Now my Marine roommate moves away and changes his name, becomes unreachable, and the CIA dude goes back to Chicago and this is when things get really weird.

It seems as if my programming was surfacing, when some new friends stole some things from my house. I found out they did it through the grapevine. Apparently everywhere they were, so as I. They’d be driving around and there I was Mile after mile just standing there. They thought no way so they called my house to leave a message, I was home. Their lights would flicker on and off the TV too. They all tried moved away, although I threw their cars off the road and caused severe injury to them all. I began flying through my TV set and looking into people’s living rooms trough their TV. Twice someone drove by me and gave me a dirty look and I blew their car engine-up, once it was an undercover cop.


I have witnesses both times; my friends knew I did it. Every time I came into my friend’s house their lights would flicker and blow up. When the priests were beginning to be caught molesting the boys I was driving by a josephinum priest college in Columbus and thought what an evil group and instantly an entire wing became engulfed in flames. One neighbor gave me a dirty look and I ripped their front door off and launched it across their driveway with my mind, and his wife ran inside to hide their evil looks. Nobody liked those annoying neighbors.


The 2003 blackout from Cleveland to Trenton, New Jersey, I was at exactly the town where the blackout stopped, or began, I do not understand that one. The other day this person gave me a dirty look and their feet sweeped up and they were launched10 feet away. I didn’t mean to do it I just got pissed off at the look I was given. Instant karma is bliss they know exactly what is being done unto them. I’m really a peaceful guy if you ask anyone who has gotten to know me. Just from mind controlled people we have a lot of anger built up. Just like a Druid, Apparently Jesus’ favorite folk, very spiritual and very fierce. Beautiful blood to have.

Four times I healed a dead animal. One time 5 young girls were crying holding a squirrel hit by a car. I said how long has it been dead they said 20 minutes. I told the one girl to touch it right between the eyes and I quickly sent prana to the squirrel and it instantly leaped up jumped off the shoulders and climbed a 100 foot oak. Hopefully I gave that girl belief she can resurrect. My cousin had only one month to live from cancer. I heard of this, so I sent her prana and the doctors said it was completely gone days later. It seems I was trained in the subtle energies, which can be used for offence and defense, good or bad.

I still get all these calls where hey ask if Jacob is there or is j there and all these weird clicks and pops and tones are playing in the background. I don’t even answer the phone anymore.

But sadly, recently I was flown to a job In Ithaca, NY and just requested to leave and I jumped on a greyhound and went to Rochester, NY for a few days, then flew home. Now that I look back it was very weird that I did that. I’ve actually found a few other marines I worked with and they can’t remember entire year’s maybe small fragments if that.

While living in Corpus Christi, near the SPID I was walking at night then all of a sudden kind of lost my balance and felt tingly all over, I looked up and no more than 200 yards up was a triangular craft with lights in the corners. Did I miss time and was beamed back down? I’m not sure if I lost time, I never wear a watch, I just keep track of the days.

For some reason I always been interested in books on hypnosis and psychology, I wonder why. At the age of 17, I already acquired and read all the college textbooks for a psychology degree, and maybe 100 more.

This is most of all I’ve been able to piece together so far. I have tried to open up more memories by inducing lucid dreaming. When I first began this I began having dreams of being molested as a young boy as I journeyed to know how it all began. One time I felt the perspective of being the older man who was molesting me to understand just how could anybody do that. These memories haunt me. So much of my mind is closed s of lately I only dream forward towards my best desires.


I imagine a better future where most of the population quickly joins in harmony and our great minds together as battery ran in series raises the frequency to the fourth dimension. To inform is good. This requires energy. Energy best spent would be “fourth dimension worldwide holiday”. Imagine all of humanities power aimed at our ultimate goal. To have this day on a Tuesday would be pure. Tuesday for togetherness. Too much conflict of energies on Sunday.

Lets all play hooky on Tuesday whatta ya say! Screw the dollar for the day. Companies can’t fire everyone. If we try to make it official, that will take beyond 2012 - the pole shift where too many beautiful souls will lose the opportunity to shift. They will have to be born again spending many years adjusting to their new blood memories and fleshy coordination. Even if you survive the pole shift chances are you’ll be starving, filthy, everywhere you go it will smell like ass and dead bodies. Then for sure you’ll be micro chipped, let’s not take that road. Sounds Wacky doesn’t it. Look what my power has done. It will work.

Lets’ organize and pick a day, whatta ya say. Lets do it quickly though! How about before the USA elections. For some reason I feel much bad coming, Bush may find a way to stay in presidency till the end.

Tuesday- Worldwide 4th Dimension Focus Day


The following photographs clearly show paranormal electro-magnetic phenomenon being generated around some of my friends and me.


Much of this comes from the spiritual/telepathic connection to higher dimensions of vibration and extra-terrestrial life forms:

Regarding the last picture, the Pleiadian have given me specific directives not to disclose the details of my walk-in situation until I have permission at a later date.


According to them, I am being prepared for a mission at a time when their spacecraft are seen by hundreds of thousands of people in broad daylight, such as the mass sightings at Fatima in Portugal and Mexico.

They say at this time I will travel to many different countries around the world and speak in front of large crowds. The various radio shows I have appeared on such as Coast to Coast AM are just a precursor to this, I am told. I’ve taken steps to put these people in the emails in touch with each other. There is now a loose network coming together that is breaking out of various mind control and behavior modification programs.


With the backing of factions in the UK and US government that support us, this freedom movement goes under the official title of PROJECT MICHAEL.

We are currently seeking more suitable headquarters and corporate funding. I will restate my message to any and all members of the intelligence community, military, and industrial apparatus who wish to get on board (all identities will remain confidential):

“A true slave is the man who cannot speak his mind.”

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When I first went public last year about my experiences with an investigative journalist, I mentioned the fact that I had witnessed the small Zetan Greys around my bed on more than one occasion as a child.


At these times I would hear a roaring sound in my head that sounded like water, and I would feel as I was extremely heavy and being crushed. After these sensations, I would feel like I was floating upwards. I spoke to Preston Nichols about these experiences, and he told me these were common physical symptoms for people during abductions.

When my father went to prison in Spain just after I was born, my mother and I moved around the world traveling and living in countries such as Canada, Australia, Spain and other places. However, the clearest memories of these close encounters were in my bedroom at my house in Recreation road, Tilehurst in Berkshire as a child.


Events like this also occurred in my teenage years in this house, and I would often see geometrical symbols in my third eye late at night. I would perform ways of breathing like holding my breath and accelerating and slowing down my breathing. When I did this I would see these symbols in a ‘ladder’ formation with one symbol on top of the other, and I would draw them on paper.


I would then get up, and show these diagrams to my mother and step father, trying to explain to them that as my breathing became more and more controlled the ladder would grow higher with symbols.

Years later, my mother would become a Buddhist, and I once attended a meeting with her at a Tibetan Buddhist centre called ‘Rigpa’ in London in my twenties and saw to my surprise there was a symbol in this place, which I think was called the 8 auspicious signs with geometrical and other symbols one on top of the other.


This was almost identical to the ‘ladder’ I had drawn in Berkshire when I was ten years old. I later learned that these breathing techniques I was doing at the time were a form of Prana/breathing yoga, and I did not know anything about yoga and Buddhism when I was ten.

A couple of years before this, I had written a poem called "The Boy Who Went Into Time" about a story of me finding some kind of hole in the street outside my house, which allowed me to travel into a different world where I met non-human creatures who were my friends. This land was being ruled by an evil being called The Executioner, and these creatures needed leadership to help defeat him. In the story we gathered weapons and went to his castle where we defeated The Executioner.


I find this the title of this poem interesting, as according to scientist Steven Hawkings, the fourth dimension (the one next to our third dimension) IS time and can be assessed by wormholes/jumpgates.

In my Project Mannequin de-programming efforts, I have discovered that I have gone through a major extra-terrestrial followed within days by a military/NSA abduction every five years of my life since I was born - 5-10-15-20-25-30 years old, which I will talk about more later in the book. On my 30th birthday last December, I got a very bad flu, and it is very rare for me to get ill.


I had a high temperature and very disoriented. I spent time alone in my flat in St. Ives and recalled seeing strange, short beautiful creatures with blue skin and symbols on their foreheads of geometrical shapes in my flat.

Regarding witnessing other non-human beings or "night visitors" in my bedroom, I cannot remember any events happening in my late teens and early twenties. However, starting in the year 2000, these night visitations started to happen again with seven close encounter experiences that I remember very clearly.


These have taken place from 2000 up until a few weeks ago.


1st recent encounter - 2001 - St Ives, Cornwall
I woke up paralyzed in the early hours of the morning with a tall being in my bedroom over 6 feet tall. This being appeared to be a tall Grey or reptilian, and I could see wing-like appendages on its back.


It is hard to describe in great detail, as it seemed to be cloaked with some kind of thermo tic/invisibility camouflage and kept disappearing out of sight and reappearing. I felt a tremendous weight on my chest, and I remembered the feeling from when this happened to me as a child. I was fully wide-awake but could not talk or move a muscle (years later I learnt how to brake these paralyses when these events happened).


I was shouting in my mind “Get the xxxx off me.” The weight was increasing on my chest, and the being had fully disappeared by this time. Because of this, I could not tell where the entity was standing at this point.

A voice in my head then said to me,

“Try to relax and visualize pink light coming from your hands and going out in front of you.”

I did this, saw pink light come out of me, and the weight on top of me lifted slightly.


When this happened, I managed to turn over onto my front and once again a huge weight pushed my face into the pillow. I visualized this pink light coming out of my back, and the weight completely lifted off me and the paralyzed disappeared.


I then saw a flash of movement next to my window, which was closed. I looked out into the night to see a large figure with dark figure with wings flying away. The next day, this green ray of light appeared in my bedroom and stayed in the room for a couple of minutes before disappearing. This could have been the positive energy that helped me break the paralysis, or it could have been something else.


I have since discovered that particle beam and phychotronic mind control technology used by the MIEC and NSA used for abductions and other things causes green streaks to appear in the air. The green streaks are caused by air reaction with the particle beam.

Without a doubt, long range phychotronic mind control technology has been used on me at night to activate sleep altars, which wake up the moment I go to sleep. The moment I go, these altars kick in, and I wake in a altered state of consciousness, get dressed, and go and meet the handlers of Project Mannequin where various programming and other things take place.


I go home, get undressed, get back into bed, and my front everyday altar/personality thinks I have slept all night, but I wake up feeling exhausted. This has happened on more than one occasion over the years. A photograph can be found on my website of a holographic face that materialized in my front room, which I talked about in chapter 3. This can be found in the personal photo section along with other photographic proof.


This happened within a couple of weeks of the incident with the being in the bedroom and the green ray of light.

This being said, it was from the Pleiades star system in the telepathic messages it transmitted to me. I was instructed to get the camera ready, and when it appeared, I went into a kind of trance and started to write down the information I was receiving. Among the messages was an urgent message that I was a walk-in from the Pleiades called Michael, who just came into this body, and James had decided to leave and stay in the “Cities of Light” in the Pleiades star sector.


I was told that Michael had come to this planet from a Pleiadian starship orbiting this planet and was one of the “Early Arrivals” to help lead a mission in a galactic battle. I was to “carry a message of truth” and had to understand who I am to “ground my Starbody in this physical body,” which finally happened at the beginning of 2005.


I was told by this being in my dining room that I was living on James’ memories and I must understand this. I was also told that Michael was James’ “twin soul,” and we were “braided” souls who had contracted to swap locations or “vectors” in the galaxy prior to this physical bodies conception. The actual exchange of location vectors happened just before the events of the first recent encounter when I was self harming and suicidal in 2001.


After the exchange happened, my pupils changed sizes with my right pupil becoming larger than my left one, as well as other physical and mental changes like increases in my IQ levels.


I recently came across a great book called Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue PHD that explains the walk-in/walk-out process very clearly:

“Usually the souls spend a lot of time discussing their possible soul exchange. They make trail runs, where the walk-in soul test-drives the new body and the walk-out soul experiences being free of the body. Both parties must be in full agreement before the final process is made. This is similar to the process of a sex-change operation.


Since the walk-in procedure cannot be cancelled (unless prior arrangements are made), both parties have to make sure that they truly want the exchange to occur. If the decision is made to go ahead, then an 'intersection episode' is set. This means that the walk-out soul engages in a suicide attempt, an accident, surgery, or an out of body experience (end).”


“When the new soul awakens, there’s usually no memory of the walk-in process. An amnesia effect occurs when a spirit travels from the fourth dimension of the spirit world ( where time isn’t measured ) and lands in the third dimension of Earthly time and life (end).”


2nd recent encounter - August 2003 - Wiltshire
Whilst staying at a house in Wiltshire, I woke up in the middle of the night with an Albino Anunnaki type male standing at the end of my bed. He was around 6’3 inches tall with an athletic build and long blond/white hair down to his shoulders.


He was grinning at me but not saying anything. I was just laying there trying to work out if I was still dreaming or not, and when I realized I was wide awake, and he was still standing there, he started to move. These entities seem to have some kind of interactive telepathic contact with me in these events and start to behave differently according to my awareness of the situation and fear levels.

When I realized I was not dreaming, the Anunnaki male started to stretch his neck upwards like a cobra, ‘winding’ it from left to right as his neck elongated like some kind of strange yoga technique. As his neck was stretching, it started to become unnaturally long and thin, which was terrifying to witness at the time. Just at that moment he shape-shifted/morphed into a large and muscular reptilian humanoid, which was even taller but no wings this time.


I shouted “ahhhhh” in terror and jumped out of bed towards this being to attack him.


This may sound unbelievable, but I just did it without thinking. When I was just about to make contact with him, he moved his hand as if to press something around his waist area and disappeared. A contact in the intelligence community told me after this that the Draco reptilians keep teleportation devices around their wrists and on their belts.


It is also interesting to note that Barry King told me there is a huge MIEC underground complex below Salisbury plain in Wiltshire.

3rd recent encounter- Early part of 2006 - Carbis Bay- Cornwall
I was staying the night at my girlfriend’s house, and I woke up with a winged reptilian being floating on the ceiling.


This was one of the more nasty attacks, as this entity swooped down with its face close to my face and then disappeared. I was wide-awake and shouted “ahhhhhh” again in terror and kicked out extremely fast approximately 6 six times.


My girlfriend woke up, and I had to sleep with the TV on all night.

4th recent encounter - November 2006 - St Ives, Cornwall
I got out of bed late one night and went to the back door of my flat to look out of the window on the door.


When I did I saw 2 small greys about the size of small children walking towards me. It seems I switch altars when I see extra-terrestrial life-forms or during military/NSA abductions and my PSI abilities come to the fore.


I said out loud in an authoritarian voice,

“In the name of the I am that I am (The EHEIEH Hebrew power word) I raise high frequency source energy”.

I sensed I had to be quick about this as very soon the Zetan Greys would get closer and put freeze stare paralysis on me. When I said these words, I naturally raised my hands and shot green rays of light out of my hands and through the window at the Greys!

I hit the one closest to me who then jumped sideways off his feet and through the next door neighbors, closed the window, and disappeared. I shot a second burst of green light from my palms at the one behind, and this being disappeared, as well. When these events happen, I just go back to bed and lay there with my heart beating fast for a few minutes and then go back to sleep. I tell people whom I trust about these things the next day.


I just come out with it and say,

“There were 2 Greys in my back alley last night and shot green rays out of hands and made them disappear.”

What else am I meant to say? These things are facts!

I have some kind of seal around my forehead area inside my skull, which is probably an implanted microchip. I remember various medical procedures being performed on me where implants have been put into different parts of my body over the years but more about this later. The chip in my skull is positioned in front of my pineal gland and gives off a scalar energy field that wraps around this gland and blocks my PSI/scalar abilities in everyday life.


This energy field deactivates when I feel myself to be in great danger or experience intense fear. The NSA handlers of Project Mannequin have probably designed the chip to do this, and they also switch the scalar block off when I am being used on a black op.

I was a national security secret as child because of my abilities form these encounters to create, harness, and control electro-magnetic energy. These NSA doctors placed these blocks inside me as they did not want me walking around with thee powers in everyday life. This past of the intelligence community resorted to drastic measures to keep me from realizing my true power and identity.


Well I’ve got a message to people like Mr. Whitemore, Dr. Perchowski, Mr. Samms and Mr. Hodge, all your games are unraveling as I open my ‘eye’ and there is nothing you can do about it. The NSA doctors who dealt with me personally switched my PSI blocks off when I was with them in various military facilities around the country to use me for their agendas.


They used me for such things as,

  1. Telepath and remote influencer- for contact with various ET races both on and off planet and also telepathic contact and influencing of other operatives of Project Mannequin and various other targeted individuals around the world. I gave telepathic instructions to other operatives in various countries including Britain to perform certain tasks.


    The telepathic signal was carried on radio waves, bounced off satellite and integrated directly into their cranial implants. I have a digital link known as RNM ( Remote Neural Monitoring ) that links my cranial implant to the various NSA computer mainframes around the world. The main digital link is with the Beast computer at the Pine Gap facility in Australia.

    Other remote influencing as a telepath involved electronic sabotage of military hardware and vehicles using enhanced brainwaves and also "bringing people down," which was technologically assisted brainwaves focused at targets to cause extreme nausea, strokes, heart attacks and other things.


    Telepathic contact and remote influencing was mostly done by me in the Tripseat (MAP program) on Level 4 of the AL/499 and other facilities. A photo of the targeted individual would be projected onto the middle screen in front of the seat. As most NSA targets are implanted their location can be traced on the planet can be traced 24 hours a day by satellite.


    The location of the target would be put on the screen, and I would be instructed by my handler to focus my vector intension to that location and individual. A vector intension is similar to coordinates on a map. Brain wave tones would be played through headphones I was wearing, and then an image of the Kabbala Tree of life would be projected onto the screen. A geo-metrical shape would appear in the circle in the top and then start to spin.

    With my awareness focused on the shape, I would feel like I was being absorbed into the screen, and then an electrical shock from the seat would project my awareness through the circle at a tremendous speed, and I would see areas of land rushing past me as if I was flying. I would then find "myself" at the location of the vector intension and see the targeted individual.


    This was a fully interactive experience, and I was totally conscious. If the target got on a bus I was able travel though the side wall on the bus and hover above them. I then focused my awareness to their chest or other parts of their bodies such as their throat, and they would start to have a panic attack or heart attack. As I was in a dissociated state, I would feel nothing for their suffering. I would like to say that this is an especially cowardly way to kill, but I was not in control of my own actions and was being used as a kind of living machine.


    I think that my panic attacks in later years were in a large part due to this energy that I had directed bouncing back on me. What goes around comes around.


  2. Remote viewing both on and off planet. I remember remote viewing locations of military conflict and various underground facilities around the world after being given a vector intention by my handler on where to focus my concentration.


    In remote viewing and influencing the handlers of the project are able to view and record what the remote viewer is seeing on a screen because of the RNM digital link implant. I also remote viewed another planet for the project and I remembered traveling through some kind of wormhole extremely fast, and then I was positioned in the outer atmosphere of a dark planet. Most of the land mass was underwater, but there appeared to be 3 main areas of land with a large 'city of light' on each one.


    Again remote viewing would mostly be done by me on the Tripseat and the electro-shock would be used to facilitate projection of my consciousness out of my body. Electro-shock and currents would often be used by the handlers to control the direction and speed of my ‘third-eye’ vision, and I basically be used as a manned probe. I was heavily involved in the NSA remote viewing and influencing projects during the mid part of 1994. This was in a facility connected underground to the AL/499 called the CLC-1. The CLC-1 is located underneath Westminster in London with access points at an underground garage in Park Lane.


    These PSI project is a sub-project of Mannequin called The Tomorrow People program. I was also involved in remote viewing and other PSI projects at the AL/499 in the 90’s and possibly in the 80’s. However, I cannot recall clearly what exactly happened to me in the 80’s regarding being in underground bases at this time.


    In 1994, I was living in St Ives but taking regular trips to London, Reading, Liverpool and Brighton. I would go on a weekend trip to London and Reading at this time and not remember exactly what I had done during this time. I would then come home to Cornwall and walk along the street with my friends, have a panic attack and throw up in the road. They would get extremely concerned about me and say “what the hell is wrong with you?” and I honestly didn’t know at the time because I was under so much hypnotic mind control.


    The panic attacks stopped me from functioning in normal life, and I had to drop out of college. Local doctors did not have a clue what was wrong with me and just gave me various drug cocktails of tranquillizers and anti-depressants, which made me worse. Deep inside I knew something was very wrong, and I was scared.


  3. Use as a Mentat, or living computer to store vast amounts off information from the MAP/Tripseat program, which was then passed onto other NSA operatives at other underground facilities around the country. Through trauma and being electroshocked on the tripseat I could remember in photographic detail highly classified information that was shown to me on the screen.


    This information was known as by the NSA as Mind-Files and was stored in compartmentalized altars, which would be accessed by intelligence officers in the civilian community and at military bases. I was used heavily as a Mentat in the 90’s when I was traveling from city to city at such places as London, Reading, Brighton, Liverpool and many other cities and towns. I had many friends in these places and would travel from one city to another for years. I was trained and conditioned by the NSA to be completely focused on one task at a time and my awareness was like tip of a knife or a laser beam.


    When I was in my everyday life, I would become interested in various things, such as martial arts and guns, tanks and military hardware in magazines such as Combat and Survival and just spend most of my waking hours immersed in the subjects. I would eat, sleep and drink these things until I knew almost everything that could be learned about them. Project Mannequin has a life plan for each participant, and I would say most of the behavior was programmed and much of it still is.


    De-programming is a life-long task, and I still have a very one-track way of thinking where it is difficult for me to focus on more than one task or subject. However, with effort and help, and I am learning to live more of a balanced life.


  4. For use out in the civilian communities as a drug runner moving large amounts of drugs to illegally fund covert projects. This was known as the Carrier Pigeon program, which I became involved in 1995, again mainly around the areas of London and Reading.


    This bounced back on me again as I became addicted to drugs in later years and fought a long hard battle with that. I am happy to say that I’m clean and sober today.


    The intelligence community has an army of mind-controlled agents doing this for them and the global drug trade controlled by the intelligence community will be discussed later in the book.

I was trained in advanced breathing, concentration and posture control, which was seemed to be based around the arts of Yoga and Tai chi but with technological help, such as small flashing boxes, connected to my belt, which seemed to give of some kind of pulse vibration and also staring into screens with spinning geometrical shapes on them.


I was also used to do things I have only vague memories of, which I will not talk about publicly until I am more clear about them.


These NSA doctors would then switch the implant in front of my pineal gland on again when I was out in the civilian community in my front altar or everyday personality. The PSI manipulation levels as a child were also accomplished the old fashioned way by intense trauma and torture as well as using technological hardware. I will talk more about my visits to the AL/499 base in Berkshire as a child in the next chapter.

Duncan O'Finioan told me over the phone that he had started to regain his erased memories from Project Talent when he was rear-ended by another car when driving. It is interesting to note that people start to get their memories back in these projects after a walk-in experience and one of the ways the Intersection episode happens is during an accident.


I know that myself, Dan Burish, 1N, 5J, Barry King and most of the other people I know in black projects are walk-ins so I have to wonder if Duncan is, as well.

He had badly damaged his back and had been given an MRI scan at the hospital. When head the scan the electro-magnetic energy from the implant in Duncan’s brain had not meshed with electro-magnetic energy of the MRI machine. Because of this the chip in Duncan had shorted out and the MRI machine caught on fire!


Duncan said on one his interviews, he was laying on the table screaming as hundreds of screens came rushing into his mind’s eye.


On each screen was a memory that had been erased by the US intelligence community. The nurses rushed in when the MRI machine caught fire and from this event Duncan started to make sense of his life.


Leir and his associates were aided by the use of a fluroscan, which allowed them to view the small metallic object during the procedure.

5th recent encounter- May 2007- St Ives, Cornwall
After visiting the RAF Portreath military base with 3S (we just parked up outside in our car and looked at the front gates), I woke up and a man with blond hair that looked like a Pleiadian was kneeling next to me beside my bed.


He seemed to be talking to me, but I don’t remember what he said or what happened after this.

3S was staying in my front room that night and it is very rare for me to have friends stay at my flat. However the last friend who stayed before 3S, woke up with some kind of scoop mark on his bicep in the morning. It looked like a small piece of flesh had been removed, and we believe a DNA sample was taken from him.


My friend's name was Jan, and later that day his mother received a rare phone call from his uncle saying he was worried about Jan, as he had a terrible dream the night before where Jan had turned into some kind of vampire!

6th recent encounter - June 2007 - St Ives, Cornwall
I woke up and small Zetan Grey type was standing in the corner of my bedroom very close to my bed.


I thought I was dreaming, as usual, but as I realized I was awake, I jumped across the bed away from the being and it disappeared.

7th recent encounter - 10th August 2007 - St Ives, Cornwall
After sending The Eye of Horus chapter to my publisher, that night I stayed at my mother’s house in her spare room. I still could sleep in a house by myself, and my girlfriend had gone to stay with friends in Coventry. I woke up that night with a tall Rigelian Grey type was standing at the end of the bed and then proceeded walk across the room towards the door.


When I realized I was awake, I shouted,

“ahhhhh,” as usual, tried to stretch my legs out to kick it and shouted “leave me alone.”

I am starting to become very desensitized to these events now, and I am endeavoring to lose my fear of these night visitors.


There are some highly spiritually evolved and compassionate reptilians from the Pleiades star sector, as well as other places, and to be fair, this being did not hurt me or try to attack me in any way.

8th recent encounter- 18th September 2007, St Ives, Cornwall
This encounter with a non-human was different from the others as it was a kind of fully interactive vision rather than occurring in this time and space.


I was in my flat that night when I experienced this vision. It was very real to me, and I could see, touch, smell and hear as clearly as I am sitting here now. I found myself standing next to a house in the countryside with a tree and stream by the house.


I saw movement in one of the branches of the tree out of the corner of my eye and looked up and saw what I thought at first was a large bird. On closer examination, I saw that it was man with large wings connected to his back and long hair. He was bare chested and was perched on the branch like a bird with his body squatted down and perfectly balanced. He looked back at me for a few seconds and then changed the position of his body to take on a pose I have from Yoga, called the tree pose.

He then flew off the branch like a bird and came to land on the ground in front of the tree. He stood there for a moment and then and then beckoned me over with his hand. I walked up to him and got a very strong sense of goodness and strength from him. When I was stood opposite him I noticed his huge wings were the same as an eagles and dark red in color.


His hair was down to his shoulders and was the same color as his wings. He had these things connected to his body that went over his shoulders and down his chest. They looked like long thin gemstones and some were white in color and other black in color. He was bare-chested but had some kind of trousers or pants on with bare feet and appeared to be in his late thirties or early forties.

As we stood there regarding each other for a moment, he said to me,

“this tree belongs to you, and I was hoping I could use it for a while.”

I did not understand this cryptic statement and did not know what to say.


He then told me he was once human. My reaction to this was to try to understand this in earthly terms, and I replied that he must have been used in Project Mannequin and been “hybridized.”


His next statement was that,

“Mannequin is trying to create a God-Race of beings that are modeled after him. These beings have half-human and animal DNA,” he said.

I believe the fact that this being was on the tree when I first saw him has something to do with evolving DNA and the Kabbala. I asked if I could touch his wings and he gave me permission.


They were very beautiful and silky to the touch and almost identical to an eagles as mentioned before. I then ran my hands along the long gems connected to his shoulders and chest, which felt like polished quartz crystals. He then showed me more visions in my mind’s eye at other locations. I saw a human woman who was older than this winged man. She had blond hair and was very beautiful.


He told me this was his mother and seemed to communicate to this woman telepathically in my vision by telling her I “was very interesting.”


He showed me visions of him flying in the sky like a bird and landing in trees. As awesome as this being was, the experience seemed very normal to me. He then told me my daughter’s psychic abilities were increasing, and he mentioned something about my mother trying to understand the truth. After this we talked about a man called Wesley Peden.


Wes was a NSA assassin who has been set-up on fake charges and is now in prison.


He is a human/animal/alien hybrid, and I am friends with his wife. Wesley’s role in this must be very important, and I feel it will be revealed to me in the future. There will be more information about this man later in the book. From my understanding, I believe interactive contact was with some kind of extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional that have been called angels in ancient times.


With the descriptions of the Draco in this book, what if people describing angels and devils in the past were these same beings involved in some kind of ancient war with each other?


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