by Mike Adams

the Health Ranger - NaturalNews Editor

September 21, 2009

from NaturalNews Website


A UN (United Nations) report leaked to The Observer claims that swine flu could "kill millions" of people in poor nations and cause a total breakdown of society unless wealthy nations come up with US$1.5 billion to pay for pandemic vaccines and anti-viral drugs.


It warns that the fragile economies of developing nations could be completely destroyed by the breakdown of social services, infrastructure and medical care.

The report specifically says:

"Countries where health services are overburdened by diseases, such as HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria, will have great difficulty managing the surge of cases. And if the electricity and water sectors are not able to maintain services, this will have serious implications for the ability of the health sector to function...


If suppliers of fuel, food, telecommunications, finance or transport services have not developed plans as to how they would continue to deliver their services, the consequences could be significantly intensified."

This UN report identifies 75 countries that remain vulnerable to this chaos scenario:

  • 6 nations in South America

  • 21 nations from Asia

  • 40 in Africa

The only way to prevent the possible collapse of these nations, the report says, is for this $1.5 billion to be spent on vaccines and anti-viral drugs.

There is no mention in the report of teaching the citizens of poor nations how to use their own local indigenous medicine, or how to get more vitamin D from sunlight, or even how to boost their immune system health through dietary changes.


The suggestions of the entire report come down to just two things: Vaccines and anti-viral drugs.


Just another United Nations (UN) medical scam

So what's the real story behind all this? All be blunt: In my opinion, this report is just another Big Pharma scam.


It's designed to scare people into sending even more money to the drug companies to buy their drugs and vaccines. The threat of the "complete collapse" of these poorer nations is designed to leverage first-world fear to motivate these nations to spend more money on precisely the things that make the pharmaceutical industry wealthy.

There's no doubt that the citizens of poor nations need help improving their health, but that should be accomplished through education and the use of local medicinal plants, not through the chemical intervention of greedy corporations from first-world nations. The last thing the people of poor nations need is yet another imperialist band of profit-minded corporations telling them to get injected.

Haven't we already learned what happens when drug companies are allowed to exploit the people of poor nations? Pfizer, for example, exploited the children of Nigeria to run illegal drug experiments. This cost the drug company $75 million in a class action settlement, and it cemented the company's reputation as an evil killer in the minds of many.

It's obvious to the leaders of such nations that drug companies have no interest in actually helping their people; they're only interested in exploiting them for profit. This UN scare story is just another first-world tactic to funnel yet more money to the drug companies who will only harm the populations of poor nations.

It's not enough to vaccinate all the people in wealthy nations, you see. The drug companies have realized they'll make more money if they can sell even more vaccines and anti-viral drugs to people outside the countries where such pharmaceuticals can be readily afforded. But because poor nations can't afford to pay Big Pharma's monopoly prices for these items, the only way to collect on the vaccinations of the world's poor is to make sure wealthy nations front the cash.


That's the real point behind this UN scare report, in my view.


First world nations are at greater risk

But the UN has it all wrong in the first place. If H1N1 becomes a raging pandemic, it's not the poor nations of the world that are most at risk: It's first-world nations like the United States.



For several reasons:

  • People in the U.S. work indoors and are more vitamin D deficiency than people in poorer nations. Thus, they are far more vulnerable to pandemic viral infections.

  • People in the U.S. have largely abandoned indigenous medicine, so when the vaccines and anti-virals run out, they have no other options. People in poor nations, on the other hand, generally have local knowledge about medicinal, anti-viral plants and medicines.

  • As a highly complex, specialized society, the U.S. is far more susceptible to cascading collapse than poor nations that aren't very far removed from their agrarian ways. In many ways, poor nations can't really "collapse" because they're already operating at a very basic level. The U.S., on the other hand, has a long way to fall.

Of course, first-world nations think their medical technology will save everyone.


But this is a dangerous and wild assumption that completely ignores two important facts:

  • Fact #1) There aren't enough hospital beds in countries like the U.S. to treat even 5% of the population during a pandemic.

  • Fact #2) All the vaccines and anti-viral drugs relied on by first-world nations can be rendered utterly useless virtually overnight if the virus mutates to a resistant form.

Essentially, first-world nations are highly arrogant about their western medicine, and they tend to think that "poor" nations are helpless without vaccines and pharmaceuticals.


But the reality is often the opposite: Poor nations in South America, for example, are sitting on a huge medicine chest of natural anti-viral plants growing across the continent, and the locals still remember how to use those medicines.

  • Brazil, in particular, has enough natural medicine to treat not only its entire population, but the population of the entire South American continent if they chose to harvest and prepare those medicines.

  • Peru is in a similarly advantageous situation, as is Bolivia.

It is only the reliance on western pharmaceuticals that makes these nations vulnerable during a pandemic.


Any nation that ignores its own natural medicines and chooses to rely on the patented, monopoly-priced vaccines and drugs from Big Pharma is setting itself up for disaster. Indeed, the chaos scenarios described by the UN may come true, but only if poor nations abandon their roots and surrender their medical sovereignty to western pharmaceutical companies.

The smartest thing any nation can do about swine flu right now is to run public service announcements teaching their populations about vitamin D, healthy dietary habits and immune-boosting herbal medicine. That's the way to protect the people of the world from any pandemic. Chemical intervention offers no long-term solutions because it doesn't provide true immunity. It only sets people up for a far worse future infection that wreaks even more havoc on peoples' vaccine-compromised immune systems.

Make no mistake:

The mass vaccination of the populations in poor nations is just another form of medical imperialism designed to make those nations dependent on first-world pharmaceutical products.

The same kind of games are played with finance, agricultural products (GM seeds) and consumer products, too. Drug companies want to expand their markets into poor nations.


They want to compromise the immune systems of an entire generation, creating future repeat business from these people who will need more advanced (and expensive) medical procedures that eventually stem from the long-term side effects of vaccines:

  • liver damage

  • neurological damage

  • autoimmune disorders, etc.

(Bill Gates, by the way, is helping them do it by donating - or investing - millions of dollars for global vaccination campaigns.)

This is all about marketing, folks. It's a marketing conspiracy between the United Nations and Big Pharma to scare up another billion customers for Big Pharma.

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