by S.D. Wells
August 29, 2012
from NaturalNews Website



Ask yourself why major healthcare CEO's and executives invest in fast food chain stocks, and you will get one definitive answer:

They all know that those consumers spend a fortune on chronic degenerative diseases.

United States health insurance giants own nearly $2 billion in stock in,

  • McDonald's

  • Burger King

  • KFC

  • Taco Bell,

...and more...






That is why fast food giants will not drop the trans-fatty acid (TFA) profit bandwagon (see 'Health insurance companies invest billions in fast food chains.')

For years, saturated fat has typically been thought of as the worst kind of fat, since it has been linked to increased blood cholesterol levels, yet trans-fatty acids are the ultimate nemesis of the body, increasing risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and strokes.


Mary Flynn, PhD and research dietitian at the Miriam Hospital, specializing in the benefits of healthy food sources of fat, says her research is based on studies that date back all the way to 1950. Flynn found the lowest rates of cancer and heart disease in the world are on the Greek Islands, where the food is "swimming in olive oil."


She distinguishes trans fats because they include hydrogen, which is what makes them into solids like shortening and margarine.

This is what really raises the levels of unhealthy LDL (low-density lipoprotein - bad cholesterol) and also lowers HDL (high density - good cholesterol) at the same time.


This is where the body experiences the "double whammy," and in her study, postmenopausal women who ate even one typical serving of French fries in one day (about 5 grams of trans fat) increased their risk of heart disease by 25 percent.


Trans-fatty acid consumption also greatly increases chances of colorectal cancer.



The great artery clogger TFA fuels the U.S. cancer business

The two main reasons food manufacturers, restaurants and fast food chains probably won't ever drop the trans fat is because it extends the shelf life and adds to the flavor of fried and baked goods.


But this "solid" fat liquidates when cooked, and then hardens again when it cools.


Ever clogged up your drain by pouring liquid fat down it? Ever left a fast food burger and fries outside? The bugs won't eat it and it will barely decompose at all. What do you think is happening to it inside your blood?


This is exactly what clogs arteries, keeping oxygen and nutrients from reaching the brain, the muscles, the major organs, and leading to chronic diseases that kill humans slowly and miserably.


There will never be a pill or a vaccine which cures this problem, so you can stop donating your hard earned money towards such a search. America's war on cancer and the "march for the cure" is all a big farce.

Cookies, crackers, onion rings, doughnuts, and baked goods in general feed the vicious cycle of chronic care management in America, and have done so since the 1950's. If the United States simply removed trans fat from all margarines, over 6,000 heart attacks that are about to happen this year would not.


If the FDA eliminated 10 percent of trans fat in breads, cakes and cookies, the U.S. would save a trillion dollars in healthcare costs in the next 25 years.

Still today, only about 10 to 15 percent of the general public know anything about the dangers of trans fat. Americans are kept in the dark, the media barely ever brings it up, and trans fat wasn't even required on food labels until 2006.


Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, which most certainly contain trans fat, are present in over 40 percent of foods on grocery store shelves today, according to the U.S. Agriculture Department.

Trans fat definitely helps cancer cells originate and develop, as it creates acid heavy blood, an environment which depletes oxygen and fuels the mutation and uncontrolled multiplication of mutated cells. The body needs both types of foods, acid and alkaline forming, but for most, the ideal diet is about 75 percent alkalizing, and only 25 percent acidifying foods.


In America, this ratio is generally inverted, and acid forming foods like meat, eggs, dairy, sugars, most grains, white flour, carbonated beverages, artificial sweeteners, and yes, drugs give rise to body's internal chaos, a disease conducive, low pH environment, depleted of nutrients and unable to defend itself against infections.

Plus, a higher pH, alkalized blood level (about 7-7.5), maintains adequate reserves (electrolytes) to meet emergency demands. When the body is working overtime to neutralize all those trans fatty acids, the body is weakened and the organs are drained of minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium. The result of short and long term consumption of trans fat is severe and deadly.

The FDA has hired scientists, since the beginning of the Post WWII era, to study trans-fatty, disease-causing foods and chemical food agents.


They knew then about acid and alkaline blood, and they were hired to infuse chemicals and trans fats into the American food supply, to make politicians, food industry executives, and the pharmaceutical industry insiders rich beyond belief.


The trans-fatty acid connection to chronic, degenerative diseases was well documented and kept top secret for decades, until honorable food scientists and nutritionists exposed it for what it is, and then and only then, did the FDA walk it back a little, and begin to enforce it's labeling on products.



The invisible serial killer

It has been estimated that TFAs from partially hydrogenated oils may be responsible for 100,000 premature coronary deaths per year in the United States.


Scientists now know that TFA's are doing damage on the cellular level. Mitochondria cells are being "choked out" and are failing to deliver ample amounts of oxygen to the brain, vital body organs and extremities.


Food preservatives like sodium benzoate, BHA and BHT add to this internal chaos. TFAs affect membrane structure, thus altering enzymatic pathways that may subsequently induce cardiac arrhythmias and sudden death.

Still, trans fat is hidden under different disguises, AKAs, and sub-ingredients today. In the same way that artificial sweeteners, which cause cancer, change names every few years, so does the artery clogging nightmare known as trans-fat. (


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