by Eileen Dannemann
March 23, 2012
from PreventDisease Website



Eileen Dannemann is the Director of the National Coalition of Organized Women, and represents individuals spending their own time and money as to speak up for progressive change and a new vision for America…and the world. For more information, visit the Progressive Convergence Website or Vaccine Liberation


Dear Doctors:

Haven't you wondered why some of the patients that you are prescribing psyche drugs to - dumbed down or pumped up - function better than others on your drugs?


We wonder the same thing about vaccines.


Why do some kids do better than others after the 45 doses of vaccine by the time they are six years old?



While some are full blown Autistic others just have ADHD or ADD or Bi Polar labels.


What they all have in common as well as vaccine injury is that they all eventually take your drugs to compensate for their apparent "mental illness". 25% of American children are now on psyche drugs. And according to the CDC 1 out of every 6 children are developmental damaged.

Haven't you noticed that some of your patients get more and more psychotic forcing you to change or up their prescriptions? Do you ever wonder why so many people on psyche drugs are committing suicide and homicide these days? After all, decades ago, there were no "school shootings" or bizarre child suicides or homicides like those found on

Well hold on to your prescription pad! Herein, for all to hear, I expose your horrible secret! Something you know about if you are a "current" psychiatrist. Something egregious that you are turning from.


Something that Big Pharma stakeholders haven't given you the green light to talk about. Something that you are doing that is destroying families and society. Something the lawyers have not yet summoned up the moral courage to come after you for!

Years ago the genome project identified the main metabolic pathway needed to metabolize 25 - 50% of all psyche drugs and street drugs. This field is called Pharmacogenetics. You must have read about it in the journals - that is, if you keep up with current research in your chosen field.

Common psyche drugs such as Adderall, Haldol, Respirdal are on the list that needs the Cytochrome P450 gene 2D6 in order to be metabolized. 2D6 refers to the most major metabolic liver enzyme.


On the same gene, Cytochrome P450, is the Glutathione pathway implicated in Autism and vaccine injury.

The incredible news is that perhaps more than 10% of caucasians and a percentage of Asians and African Americans do not have the 2D6 activity.

These folks can not metabolize 25-50% of the psyche drugs that you are willy nilly prescribing. Historically, by your professional hands, these non metabolizers are given more and more psyche drugs as they become more and more psychotic until they hang themselves, kill someone else or become disabled in a mental institution, foaming from the mouth.

Why are they becoming more and more psychotic? Because without an active Cytochrome P450 2D6 metabolic pathway your drugs are accumulating in their liver... cannot be metabolized - cannot exit their bodies. These non metabolizing demographics - adults and students - regularly commit suicide and homicide on your drugs.


These are the folks taking your prescription psyche drugs, having been labeled as,

...according to your book and bible.


These are the kids as young as 12 years old who are shooting their fellow students at school; mothers who are drowning their babies in the bathtub and wives who are stabbing their husbands while they are sleeping.


You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!


If you don't know - you ought know - about Pharmagenetics. If you don't know - you should know that there is a simple oral swab test for about $300.00 that you can give your patients before you prescribe these counter indicated deadly cocktails.


Why isn't the testing for Cytochrome P450 2D6 standard of care for vaccines and psyche drugs?

Because the stake holders won't make it so! If the people knew this dirty secret, the stakeholder would lose billions and billions of dollars because 10% and more of the human race can't tolerate their drugs.

For over 15 years the stake holders have kept this dirty secret from the people as they scurried hopefully and greedily to find an alternative pathway for their drugs. In fact, they have, all these years, blocked education about cytochrome P450 in medical schools. But there really is no alternative pathway.


This is the major Gipper!


Some pharmacuetical manufacturers, like Johnson and Johnson are now forced to warn, in their Respirdal package insert, that an active Cytochrome P450 2D6 is the necessary metabolic pathway for their drug. Further they warn that a percentage of the population is missing the activity necessary to metabolize their drugs. But I have found that you don't read the package inserts.

To explain further, lest you think that a dormant Cytochrome P450 2D6 activity is a "defect" as opposed to an evolutionary leap. Tanzanian Africans and Ethiopians, for example, are "ultra metabolizers".


That is because their soil is not good for growing food. For generations they have had to eat weeds which are for the most part either toxic or medicines. The ones who survived have multiplied, even triplicated their 2 D6.

Theory has it, that those incarnating beings, perhaps on the trail of enlightenment, have generationally lost their need for a major detoxifying pathway. Hence, their 2D6 pathway is, for a lack of a better word, dormant.

Unfortunately they find themselves suddenly in today's toxic soup of street drugs of,

...your mind ripping psyche drugs, to name a few toxins.

Why have you not genetically tested your patients prior to prescribing drugs to find out the status of their metabolic pathways? The science exists!


Why are you giving your patients drugs that insure their psychosis when there is an effortless test available to you? Kids who are experimenting with street drug may be missing their 2D6 activity if they are in the 10% group and you give them more drugs without testing them first.


I know your excuse: It is not standard of care so Medicaid doesn’t cover the test!

  • Why is it not standard of care? The answer is because you have not insisted on it. Cowards - you all!

  • And what is the 1000 lb gorilla in the room that is apparently causing this epidemic of mental illness, that you are financial benefiting from? Vaccines! - the precursor to a psyche drug prescription.

  • Why aren’t infants genetically tested to see if they can tolerate toxic vaccines?

  • Why is the CDC/ACIP recommending the injection of a pregnant woman with mercury?

  • Why would you shoot the neurotoxin mercury into a child’s arm 20 times by the time they are 19 years old?

  • Why aren’t you, the supposed “masters of the mind”, doing something about psychopathic forces; the pharma/government medical nut clubs, that you most likely are forced to belong to and ascribe to, that are rendering our population incoherent, dumbing-down multiple generations and robbing us of our happiness and liberty?

Stand up and do something, for heaven sakes and wake up to what Dr. Kohls is trying to tell you.

Today’s pharmogenetic science has identified the metabolic pathways needed to metabolize street drugs, psyche drugs as well as the toxins in vaccines. Read the Psychiatrist Dr. Yolande Lucire’s courageous new study exposing your shameful ignorance and egregious complicity

Further Review: Whistleblower Exposes Evidence That Anti-Depressants Cannot Be Metabolized





Whistleblower Exposes Evidence That...

Anti-Depressants Cannot Be Metabolized
November 9, 2011
from PreventDisease Website



Thirteen years ago Dr. Yolande Lucire began to notice alarmingly high hospital admission and suicide rates among patients treated with antidepressant medications and antipsychotics.


Since then she has accumulated damning statistics on suicide, homicide and hospitalization rates among patients and more recently it has become clear that a large percentage of people being treated with antidepressants can't metabolize these medications because of common genetic mutations.

One of the most interesting aspects on Dr. Lucire's research is in the area of phamacokinetics.


This is one of the most critical elements of research which defines the toxicity potential of any drug. It it primarily concerned with the bodily absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of ingredients within a specific drug.


What is surprising is that more than 99% of all pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines have absolutely no conclusive or long-term phamacokinetic research to validate any clinical trials of any drugs in human beings.

"If Dr. Lucire's research were to be taken seriously, it would revolutionize the way Physicians treat patients," said Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Dave Mihalovic.


"The reason that pharmacokinetic research is rarely if ever properly evaluated throughout any clincial trial is because drug manufacturers know that it would offer conclusive evidence that almost every drug and vaccine available today is cytotoxic, hepatotoxic and organotoxic to all living organisms, not just humans."

Dr Lucire has been campaigning to introduce systematic doctor education in order to minimize promiscuous and uninformed anti-depressant prescribing.


With her complaints, findings and warnings about lack of action, Dr Lucire has been assiduously lobbying her colleagues, the Medical Board and the Health Care Complaints Commission of NSW, the Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee (ADRAC) of the federal Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia and a clutch of ministers, both state and federal, for many years.


Most recently she has been providing redacted files on her own extensive sample of DNA swab-tested relapsing patients suffering from the side effects of serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and polypharmacy.

She has been on a mission, fighting back against the Pharma-driven psychiatric consensus that treating with SSRIs is safe and effective, working hard to wean patient-victims as well as their prescribers off the drugs.

Very often Big Pharma itself has largely conjured up the booming markets in which its dubious drugs offer expensive treatment for dubious medical conditions.


The biggest and most lucrative scandals have been in two types of second-generation drugs:

  • anti-depressants or SSRIs - Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc.

  • "atypical" antipsychotics such as Zyprexa, Risperdal and Seroquel which were known from their licensing to be ineffective for the vast majority of clinical trial subjects and up to twice as bad for inducing suicide as antidepressants

The corrupt drug trial and marketing practices of Big Pharma include,

  • imaginary science (the serotonin deficiency theory of depression)

  • systematic suppression of lethal side effects (akathisia - cannot-sit-down restlessness - leading to suicidal ideation, suicide and murder)

  • a multi-billion dollar success over the past generation in medicalising the ordinary ups and downs of the human psyche

Feeling sad? ("Moderate depression", worthy of a happy little Zoloft rock.) Diffident? ("Social anxiety disorder", try Aropax.)


If antidepressants cured any significant number of people there would be significantly less cost and less demand for mental health services in Australia.


Whether from inadequate or tendentious pharmacology training, laziness, busyness, greed driven by willed ignorance or even misplaced conviction, the medical profession has succumbed to the cynical marketing and the targeted blandishments of the pharmaceutical companies.

Medical and scientific journals from Nature to The New England Journal of Medicine allowed their columns to be infiltrated for years by blatantly dishonest research reporting and ghost written articles commissioned in Pharma-land but signed by distinguished professors frequently in receipt of seven-figure research and consultancy funding.


Most of these journals do now take another tack, debunking Pharma claims and exposing fraudulence. But many medical professional bodies are still being subsidized beyond hope of objective dealing with the issue of mass iatrogenesis caused by dud drugs and multiple drug prescribing ("polypharmacy"), and particularly with the lethal side effects of anti-depressants.

The key drug regulator in the US - and the planet - the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) has failed to purge the Pharma-friendly experts who have dominated its rulings up to now. Our own Therapeutic Goods Administration obediently follows suit, also licensing drugs largely on information provided by their makers.


But in America the going has been getting perceptibly harder for the drug companies.

According to the New York Times, Dr Joseph Biederman, the pioneer of "aggressive diagnosis and drug treatment of childhood bipolar disorder", failed to report most of the $1.6 million he received in pharma funding over several years while at Harvard.

Part of the controversy stemming from Dr. Lucire's research is cytochrome P450 genotyping which is the study of a large and diverse group of enzymes.

CYP2D6 (cytochrome P450 2D6) acts on one-fourth of all prescription drugs, including the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), tricylic antidepressants (TCA), betablockers, opiates, neuroleptics, antiarrhythmics and a variety of toxic plant substances.


Up to 15% of the population has a slow acting form of this enzyme and many of these a fast-acting form. Thirty-five percent are carriers of a non-functional CYP2D6 allele, especially elevating the risk of adverse drug reactions when these individuals are taking multiple drugs.


Drugs that CYP2D6 metabolizes include,

  • Prozac

  • Zoloft

  • Paxil

  • Effexor

  • Hydrocodone

  • Amitriptyline

  • Claritin

  • Cyclobenzaprine

  • Haldol

  • Metoprolol

  • Rythmol

  • Tagamet

  • Tamoxifen,

...and the over-the-counter diphenylhydramine drugs, Allegra, Dytuss, and Tusstat.


CYP2D6 is responsible for activating the prodrugs codeine and other opioids into their active forms. The analgesic activity of the drugs is therefore reduced or absent in CYP2D6 poor metabolizers.


The following is a full list of drugs that need the 2D6 pathway to metabolize.

This means that potentially up to 1 billion people on the planet cannot metabolize and eliminate the commonly prescribed drugs from their bodies as others without enzyme inhibition would. Since the genetic polymorphism in CYP2D6 is common, it can affect therapeutic response to these drugs and actually worsen specific conditions.

CYP2D6 metabolism, as measured by genetic variation and enzyme inhibition, is also an independent predictor of breast cancer outcomes. Determination of CYP2D6 genotype may be of value in selecting alternative therapies and it appears CYP2D6 inhibitors should be avoided in many women treated via pharmaceutical intervention.

The National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) has stated that the information that would have averted the school shootings, the homicides, the overdoses, the bizarre epidemic of mentally ill in recent years has been available for circa 15 years.


But it has been suppressed so that the stake holders might find alternative drugs that use other than 2D6 as the metabolic pathway. Cytochrome P450 2D6 is the metabolic pathway that detoxifies 50% of all psyche drugs and street drugs.


7-10% of Caucasians are missing the 2D6 pathway to detoxify 50% of psyche drugs and street drugs.


Check out this most egregious cover up in the history of modern psychiatry, Dr. Yolande Lucire elucidates. Her study just published in the summer of 2011 is not only a academic victory but the homicidal speak of their experiences in their own words on how they were moved to kill their loved ones.

Eileen Dannemann, Director of NCOW stated,

"the interesting thing I found was that the glutathione pathway implicated in vaccine injury/ Autism Spectrum is found on the same cytochrome 450. Vaccines are so toxic that if someone is a poor metabolizer they will sustain a vaccine injury; then get misdiagosed as ADHD, ADD, etc and then given harmful life debilitating drugs."

Some treatment protocols for autistic children now include support for cytochrome P450 detoxification enzymes.


These include natural remedies such as milk thistle, ginger, dandelion, turmeric, and phosphatidylcholine.

Despite a large number of studies investigating the potential clinical relevance of CYP2D6 genotyping in preventing treatment failure (eg, insufficient efficacy and/or unacceptable adverse effects), the prevalence of patients using drugs metabolized by that enzyme is relatively unknown.


However, it is clear that several patient populations in developed nations (e.g., psychiatric, psychogeriatric, geriatric) have a high prevalence of patients treated with at least one drug metabolized by CYP2D6. Theoretically, assumptions can be made that these patients would inevitably be exposed to toxic levels of these drugs due to poor metabolism.


If left undiagnosed, drug treatment could lead to additional misdiagnoses and could prove fatal for many patients.