by David Jones
August 04, 2010

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mechanically-controlled biological entities



Placard against Gulf Oil Spill

from a protest in the United States.

Dr. John Lash's research insights on the ancient Pagan Gnostics link alien entities to the Gulf Oil Spill, and also to a whole number of related patterns of destructiveness which have been on-going on our planet Earth.


Dr. Lash's research insights suggest that 'genetic humans' could not be the masterminds of patterns of destructiveness on Earth, any more than cows can fly.

  • Why would, for example, Earthbound humans use toxic dispersants that would result in the manifestation of the spread toxic rains planet-wide?

  • Wouldn't such an action threaten their very own survival, along with all other living species?

The answers to the Gulf Oil Spill along with a variety of other issues which seem to persist despite a broad based human desire to redress these issues may very well be perpetuated from an Off-world context.


'Exopolitics' developed from a desire to appreciate a broader context of politics which affects our planet Earth, and which incorporates alien intrusions.

Dogs "bark" and cats go "meow".

  • Suppose you saw a dog going "meow"?

  • Would you think that's "normal"?

  • Or rather, would you think that there is something definitely "non dog like" about that dog?

Ancient Pagan Gnostics sought to warn humans about "MCBs" or in other words "mechanically-controlled biological entities". Specifically, ancient Pagan Gnostics apparently referred to MCBs as "artificial man".

MCBs include entities which appear to be human, but in effect, act as receptacles for alien manipulation according to David Icke.


Michael Cremo on his book Human Devolution




Michael Cremo in his book Human Devolution documented humans as having origins in a multi-dimensional elevated consciousness.


Cremo suggests that humans have been "de-evolved" into a state of consciousness that can only consciously perceive linear time. This has made humans vulnerable to lower dimensional MCBs which can exist beyond human perceptions of linear time by means of "controlled human appearing entities".

However, according to David Icke, MCBs which operate through "fake humans" with alien controlled minds can be discerned from the lack of empathy for the welfare of Earth's spiritual-biological consciousness.

In ABC-TV's "V", regressive reptilian aliens pursued an "empathy test" of their fellow aliens to discern who among them was being "unduely influenced" by humans. These human-influenced reptilian characters were joining forces with humans in "Fifth Column" resistance cells against an alien conquest agenda (being planned by the reptilian "Queen" character Anna).


ABC's "V" reinforces David Icke's insights on an "empathy test" as a means of distinguishing between genetic humans and "reptilian"-directed MCBs which have a human appearance, but which lack a soul and empathy.

Pagan Gnostics referred to MCBs or "artificial man" as an alien species which seeks to parasitize humans as a food/energy source. Dr. John Lash documents MCBs referred to as the 'archons'.

Lash documents such MCB's as having sought to inspire religious and other ideologies of "divide, rule and conquer" on Earth, which have spawned wars and other related atrocities associated with oppression.

David Icke documents reptilian-directed MCBs as seeking to confuse the ability of humans to critically discern their reality from an alien-imposed holographic matrix.

The result of the reported manipulative alien processes is that humans are not able to distinguish between human and "alien-graphed" parts of reality, which manifest in apparently "natural disasters". It is as if humans were seeing dogs meowing, but recognized that 'meowing' as 'barking'.

Pagan Gnostics sought to pursue a process of critical introspection on what it means to be human. This process elevated their consciousness to appreciating a human interconnected spiritual consciousness which links humans with each other and to biological life in general.

By appreciating the essential oneness of our collective biological consciousness, we as humans, elevate ourselves to a consciousness of peace and care for each other, together with a strong sense of our custodianship for all living things on Earth.


All living things on Earth become a piece of ourselves, and connection to a higher dimensional consciousness.

In the Gulf Oil Spill, people reacted as humans to save as much wildlife as they could, along with seeking to protect the shoreline from devastations.


But, James Fox, an investigative journalist, and other eyewitnesses have reported systematized efforts to block voluntary efforts by humans seeking to express their inherent empathy. Efforts by investigative journalists to express their empathy by seeking to spread critical awareness of information on the Gulf Oil Spill has also been systematically blocked under threat of arrest and incarceration.

Such an effort is completely inconsistent with human empathy, and reinforces claims by David Icke, Nigel Kerner, Dr. Michael Salla and others of regressive alien control and direction of human institutions:

“Gnostics detected the humanized face of the Archons in all authoritarian structures and systems that deny authenticity and self-determination to the individual.


Gnostics recognized the fundamentally corrupt character of all human enterprises and institutions:

time, history, powers, states, religions, races, nations… ultimately, they asserted the contention that all power - whatever kind it may be - is a source of alienation.

All institutions, laws, religions, churches and powers are nothing but a sham and a trap, the perpetuation of an age old deception.”

Having appreciated this, Pagan Gnostic observed the presence and the activities of lower dimensional entities which are alien to the human spirit.

Humans are inherently a higher dimensional entity. MCBs referred to as artificial man by Pagan Gnostics represent, and are an ego-driven mechanical consciousness which as further documented by investigative researchers, which include David Icke, Dr. Michael Salla, Nigel Kerner, lack empathy.


The result of the intrusion of alien entities which lack empathy, as detailed by such investigative researchers is predictable and apparent. The spawning of self-serving chaos which includes wars and other orchestrated disasters, are some of their orchestrated outcomes.

Science fiction renditions with a particular reference to FOX-TV's Fringe, have speculated on an inter-dimensional war by MCBs, seeking to conquer higher dimensional planes. This was presented through alien "shapeshifter" characters which David Icke and indigenous elders like Credo Mutwa have documented as actually existing.


Such alien entities have been documented throughout human history as seeking to undermine human sovereignty.

The worsening Gulf Spill does not serve the quality-of-living interests which pivot on the essential 'oneness' of an Earthbound spiritual-biological consciousness. However, David Icke and other investigative researchers have documented the execution and worsening Gulf Oil Spill as serving Manipulative Extraterrestrial MCBs which exist separately from Earth's biosphere.


Their conclusions appear to be reinforced by the Pagan Gnostic research documented in voluminous detail by Dr. John Lash.

In an 'exopolitics' context expressed by scholars like Dr. Michael Salla, the Gulf Oil spill reflects the will of aliens to pursue and "end of times" script in the organized religions like Christianity, (that they organized). Pagan Gnostics as documented by Dr. John Lash observed religion as "the doctrine of the aliens" that could be used to confuse and manipulate humans into serving the alien agenda of lower dimensional MCBs.

The Bible itself, for example, in pre-translated forms, as presented by Biblical scholars, actually contains specific warnings against these apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrials, who have apparently sought to control, exploit and oppress humanity, through mass-deception.


However, translated forms of the Bible, including the notable King James Version, presumably directed by these reported manipulative entities (based upon John Lash’s Gnostic citations), excluded the explicit warnings of an alien-directed “terrorism against Humanity”, in a broad based Eugenics War.

Ephesians 6:12 in the King James Version of the Bible, used as a basis for more modern translations stipulates,

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

In sharp contrast a direct uncensored translation from Greek according to Biblical scholars indicates the following:

“For our struggle is not against [human beings], but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual [dark forces] of wickedness in outer space.”

– Ephesians 6:12 [the uncensored citation]

Billions of people on Earth along with other biological life will perish if MCBs which David Icke and Dr. John Lash describes continue to act out a scripted Book of Revelation-related deadline of destructiveness which seems to coincide with an alien religious 2012 "end of time" scenario.

Researchers like Richard Hoagland suggest that this might have happened to Mars which seems to have Great Pyramids on its surface like Earth, that have been linked by David Icke to ancient MCB rulers. Hoagland suggests that Mars could be viewed to be showing the "future of Earth" that is being directed into a path of destructiveness.


If humans continue to allow oil dispersants to continue to be used, that can evaporate into Earth's cloud cover, Earth will be taken an accelerated path to becoming Mars-like.

David Icke and other investigative researchers which include Dr. Lash suggest that humans who seek to redress the Gulf Oil Spill along with other patterns of destructiveness on Earth, that is directed by MCBs and their alien controllers, (as described in detail by Dr. Michael Salla), need to raise their state of consciousness to higher dimensional planes.

Such higher dimensional planes would pivot on the cultivation of peace and empathy, and by definition, away from capitalism, religious saviors and "salvationism" and other such alien prisms.


Such prisms operate to block human sensory capabilities to critically appreciate the presence of intrusions; the substance of our reality, and the urgency of our need to act toward our collective spiritual-biological welfare.