by Evy King

Managing Director
Oldfield Systems Limited


Extracted from Nexus Magazine

Volume 14, Number 3 (April - May 2007)
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The revolutionary imaging systems developed by biologist Dr Harry Oldfield offer practitioners a means of seeing the condition of a patient's bio-energetic field prior to diagnosis and treatment.

About the Author


Evy King is the Managing Director of Oldfield Systems Ltd. She has accompanied Dr Harry Oldfield on his lecture tours of the world over the last two years and is working to support the diversity of his research and inventions. Born in New Zealand, Evy King is also an accomplished classical pianist now based in the UK.

In the production of this article, Evy King drew on Diana Holland's article "Harry Oldfield and His Invisible Universe", first published in the December 1999 edition of Share International.

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About Dr Harry Oldfield

Harry Oldfield, DHom (Med), qualified as a homoeopathic physician in 1982 and received an Honorary Doctorate (Citation of Honour) from the World Peace Centre in Pune, India, in 2000. He was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Medicine at Grenada University in 2001, is a Professor Honoris Causa in the Department of Alternative Medicine, Zoroastrian College, Mumbai, India, and is a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society, Oxford. He is a regular speaker at international conferences.

More than 100 articles have been published on Dr Harry Oldfield's research in the UK and overseas, including in publications such as the British Medical Journal, Medical News Weekly, the Times, Guardian, Daily Mail and New York Times and in all the major complementary medicine and healthcare magazines. His work has been featured in television programs in the UK and overseas, most recently in a 15-part television series on complementary medicine, shown worldwide on the Discovery Health channel in 2001.

Harry Oldfield's earlier research, especially on Kirlian photography, can be found in The Dark Side of the Brain, co-authored with Roger Coghill (published in 1988 by Element Books, it is currently out of print but copies can sometimes be found via the Internet). Dr Oldfield is the subject of the book Harry Oldfield's Invisible Universe by Jane and Grant Solomon, published in 1988 by Thorsons (ISBN 0-7225-3652-6).

Dr Oldfield's forthcoming schedule includes:

  • a presentation on Electro-Crystal Therapy and PIP in Sarajevo on Friday 27 April 2007

  • a one-day workshop for PIP users, including a presentation of his latest theories, in Kent, UK, on Saturday 2 June 2007

  • a one-day workshop with Dr Brian Dailey on "Visualization of the Energy Field with Insight into Multi-Dimensional Reality" at the ISSSEEM 17th Annual Conference in Boulder, Colorado, on Friday 22 June 2007.


In 2006, the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) awarded Dr Harry Oldfield The Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation for his work, noting that it "allows us to experience our multidimensional existence through his extraordinary images".

Harry Oldfield, British biologist turned energy-field researcher, developed his imaging system, Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP), in the 1980s. He perfected this application after many years of research into Kirlian photography, which captures changing patterns of light energy emanating from all living things (including humans, animals and plants) and even from crystals.

His original research with Kirlian photography focused on the phantom leaf effect: a leaf from a tree or bush is set up for Kirlian photography, but a portion of the leaf is removed. In more than 50 per cent of cases, the energy outline showed the whole leaf, i.e., including the portion removed. Thus the Kirlian system shows a natural energy field corresponding to the physical structure and molecules of the leaf. Using his PIP technology, Oldfield subsequently found that this effect occurs with people, e.g., with arm, hand or finger amputees. In rare examples, phantom legs have been observed.


In his PIP scans of people with missing limbs, there have been images showing a phantom limb. PIP images have also shown a phantom arm and hand-not visible to the naked eye-associated with a spiritual healer.

Electro-Scanning Method (ESM)
Harry Oldfield then developed a technique that he called the Electro-Scanning Method, or ESM, after observing while working with Kirlian photography that sound and radio frequencies, as well as light, emanated from the subjects. He decided that there must be information about the subjects in these as well as in the light frequencies. By lowering the voltage and increasing the frequency, he was able to introduce recognizable signals into the whole body of a human or an animal (or certain other objects).

Measurements of the energy field taken at many locations enables the build-up of an image in three dimensions (and effectively real time), rather like the sonar image built up to show the ocean floor. Kirlian photography is limited to giving a two-dimensional view, but ESM is able to give 3D numerical information in decibel levels about a subject's energy field, both at the surface and at a short distance.

Electro-Crystal Therapy (EleCT)
The energy field of humans and animals is complex and it varies with the mental and physical states of the individual. The variations in this energy field are measurable by ESM and other techniques. Harry looked for a method for restructuring the energy field and restoring it to normal. Indeed, a subject whose body is helped nearer towards a state of healthy equilibrium is more able to begin a self-healing process. His studies of the energy emitted by his subjects led him to check whether applying such energies externally might induce changes in such natural energy fields. He found that this was indeed possible.

As a result of following up a friend's suggestion and with more than a touch of "divine inspiration", Harry went on to develop a method for making the necessary energies available. Called Electro-Crystal Therapy (EleCT), it involved the linking of electronic oscillator equipment with certain crystals. The crystals employ the piezo-electric effect, meaning that when the shape of some crystals is altered they emit electricity, and vice versa.


Tiny signals sent to the crystals result in equally tiny acoustic energies being emitted by the crystals. These energies are harmless and barely detectable but are just right for interacting with human and animal physical body energy fields. Crystals have had natural healing properties associated with them for thousands of years. They also have their own natural abilities to focus energy, and in fact are energy transducers.

Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP)
Much is explained about PIP in the book Harry Oldfield's Invisible Universe, by Jane and Grant Solomon. PIP instrumentation can distinguish between many different grades or qualities of light. The innovation is in the computer program, and the end result is an image on the computer screen shown as pulsating bands of color and light. When PIP images are recorded, there is no need to make special preparations or to disturb anything. PIP imaging shows variations in energy fields, and some practitioners can achieve accurate assessment of energy fields from the images.


Harry found that all PIP images of the human body show close correlations with two healing systems that have been known for thousands of years. The energetic eddies and clusters graphically represented are similar to the chakras described in Ayurvedic medicine and to the energy meridian pathways in traditional Chinese medicine.

Here, at last, was a non-invasive tool that depicted visually the state and movement of force-fields, using not much more than a Tesla coil, a computer chip and a video recorder.

With the PIP system, we can see leaks and blocks in the energy flow, and this information can be very useful in natural medicine assessment, perhaps for choosing a regime for the Oldfield EleCT equipment or another form of alternative medicine (e.g., acupuncture, homoeopathy, reflexology). Many of these modalities have been practiced effectively for centuries, but until now have lacked a methodology for demonstration and verification.

In certain circumstances, Harry Oldfield's PIP technology is able to pinpoint disturbed energy states before they become evident by standard diagnosis, allowing practitioners and healers the chance to nip problems in the bud. People at risk could be screened regularly so that hereditary or common diseases could be detected and remedial treatment given while it is still swift, cheap and easy to carry out.

This pioneering technique was developed to help improve health, but it soon became clear that it could be used for investigating paranormal phenomena, because minute energy changes seem to accompany these. Harry was meeting people who believed that some health problems came from psychic origins, so it was appropriate to look at those potentially psychic environments where people were becoming ill.

"Some objects radiate light, but mostly we 'see' an object because light reflected from it is seen as an image in our eyes," says Harry, quoted in the Solomon's' book.


"A photonic interface set-up was required with which to detect light of varying energy from varying environments, leading to an image of the energy differences that was meaningful, i.e., PIP."

Harry was a self-confessed "Newtonian" biologist 30 years ago, interested only in the concrete evidence of hard scientific fact. However, through thought, meditation, life experience and probably an element of luck, he stumbled upon PIP and later on discovered how certain crystals can be used to alter the aura and promote conditions under which energy disturbances can diminish or disappear.

"I have always aimed to invent instruments that will help more people to experience more of the invisible universe," he says.

In the course of his research, he may have discovered a new form of complex energy on Earth. While PIP-scanning various crystals, Harry discovered that about 10 per cent of them have undulating within, on or about them a previously unreported entity with its own aura. It looks like a slug! The first one he discovered "disappeared" back into the crystal, seemingly when it realized it was being observed, and the PIP computer crashed with the message "unidentified instruction". Oldfield states that other researchers have independently confirmed the same phenomenon.


Multidimensional Energy Fields

Harry Oldfield's work with energy fields has opened the door to much wider fields of research and broached the previously undocumented and unfathomable: the afterlife and the space-time continuum. The imprint of history does in fact live on, he believes.


According to Harry, again quoted from the Solomon's' book:

"The proposition is that other energy-universes may exist on what are often called 'interrelated planes of reality', other dimensions where matter is vibrating at higher frequencies than matter in the physical plane.


"I believe when we die we go into another realm (an altered state of consciousness, if you like), another octave up in the musical scale of the universe. I believe these other realms are just as real as the one we are occupying now, which we call physical reality. It is a higher level of vibration that a lot of us can't see. I also believe in the mind-brain non-locality theory where mind and brain function can work independently.


To take the point further, another analogy often used is the 'ghosting' effect that sometimes happens when we watch television. We may be on a particular channel, but, due to signal interference, the broadcast from a second channel may also be visible on screen. In effect, there are two broadcasts, representing two different 'realities', occupying the same space."

This correlates with research Harry has conducted in mortuaries, specifically PIP-scanning the bodies of people who had died suddenly, unexpectedly and violently, as in car accidents. In such cases, there was often evidence of an energy field above or near the body. Harry states that in his experience, some pathologists, coroners and mortuary personnel sense a presence near the corpse, which prompts them to be extremely respectful in their intervention. He personally experienced a situation where the energy field above a recent accident victim pulsated dramatically in response to an assistant praying in sympathy over the body. From this, he approves of the common practice of many religions to allow a three-day "settling period" before burial or cremation.

Harry has scanned energy fields surrounding elderly people, whose deaths were expected and were likely to be peaceful and who were surrounded by supportive family members. The quality of the scans is quite different from those following violent death, validating the work of hospice volunteers and terminal-ward personnel, and begs the development of an "art of dying".

Harry has on record an image of a "soul harvester", an entity his research group nicknamed "Angelos". He believes there is a class of discorporate beings, Angels of Death as it were, whose purpose is to comfort and guide disoriented people who have died. He has found several such entities while scanning graveyards and mortuary rooms. A classic film called A Matter of Life and Death (one of Harry's all-time favorites) bases its plot on the "error" created by such a messenger.

In Oldfield's early years of research, one of his most significant psychic encounters happened in 1979 while he was attached to the Dragon Project, a scientific and natural-energy investigation into ancient megalithic and Neolithic sites, in particular the Rollright Circle in Oxfordshire. Harry was asked to monitor a winter solstice with his testing equipment. He and others on the project were hoping that when the Sun rose and the first rays of daylight hit the stones, electrical anomalies might appear.

In his enthusiasm and youthful inexperience, Harry arrived at approximately 2.00 am, many hours before sunrise, to set up his detection equipment in the stone circle. He was the only one there and decided to go into the circle. As he walked to one of the largest east-facing stones, the grass underneath him was crisp and frozen. As he was tapping his electrodes into the crevices of the standing stone, he had the feeling he was being watched. He caught sight of something out of the corner of his eye, and then in the torchlight he saw a large, dark shape approaching him very quickly. He realized it was a large dog/hound of Great Dane size but much more muscular in stature. It was completely black except for its eyes, which reflected the torchlight.

Harry, being very fond of animals, took off his glove and greeted him by patting him on the head. But as his fingers went through the fur to what should have been warm skin and flesh, Harry's hand recoiled as if it had been plunged into an icy freezer. Harry was afraid that his fingertips might stick to the dog's skin because it was so cold. He remarked in a sympathetic voice,

"What are you doing out on a freezing night like this, boy? You should be in front of a nice warm fire."

He was still presuming that this was a farm dog that was taking a nightly walk by himself.

He carried on assembling his detection array. One particular electrode was very stubborn and would not adhere properly, so he used slightly more vigour to attach it in the crevice, producing some audible scraping noise. This immediately brought the hound, moving silently and with white fangs exposed, right up to his face. Harry, although startled, kept his cool and made a remark which went something like:

"Don't worry, boy. I'm not hurting the stone. I am here to learn from it."

Harry related afterwards that he did not know where those words had come from, but in retrospect they probably saved his life!

When looking back at the stone and then at where the hound had been a second before, he suddenly thought, "Gosh, he moves very silently for a very big animal." He then looked down at the grass where the animal had been. Harry's own footprints had made big impressions in the frozen grass stems; however, where the hound had been, not a blade of grass had been disturbed. He also realized that when pointing the lamp between him and the creature, his own breath condensation was clearly visible, but he did not remember any such condensation coming from the creature.

Harry hastily made a tactical retreat back to his vehicle, which was an Austin Maxi in those distant days, and he wound up the windows and locked the doors. He listened to the radio and drank hot coffee from his flask, while trying to convince himself that his imagination had been working overtime in the early hours of the morning. A couple of hours later, he was joined by colleagues and began to feel much better. He observed a beautiful sunrise and collected some interesting electrical and sound anomalies as light hit the stone circle.

When commended by the head of the project for being the first man in the Rollright Circle that day, Harry said,

"I may have been the first human in the circle, but I wasn't the only one because I was joined by a black hound".

The project leader's astonished face confirmed to Harry that something unusual had indeed happened. A local historian was called over and Harry was asked to repeat his story. Harry was then told that he had been the latest observer of the spirit guardian of these local sacred circle sites. The guardian is known locally as Black Shep, and is sometimes also known as the Black Hound of Hell. Harry was declared afterwards to be the only person to have touched the Hound of Hell and live to tell the tale!

A fatality had been associated with Black Shep in the late 1920s or early 1930s. One evening, a local village drunk was seen to be relieving himself against one of the stones of the site. His companions shouted to him that Black Shep would get him and he shouted back in no polite terms for them to go about their own business. The next morning he was found in the middle of the Circle with his throat torn out and other injuries. Local officials ruled that a wild animal, maybe one that had escaped from a zoo, had been the culprit in his demise, as no local wild indigenous animals such as wolves or bears, capable of inflicting such horrendous injuries, were now to be found in the English countryside!


Investigating Spiritual Photonic Interference

Another method Harry uses when investigating psychic and paranormal phenomena is photography with filters or gratings. The filters split light into different frequency components which are seen in multiple colors. This set-up, in experienced and sensitive hands, can yield extraordinary images showing entities otherwise invisible.

Harry's theory about these images centers on mind-brain non-locality: although in living beings the mind and the brain work together and through one another, in certain circumstances (e.g., near-death experiences and episodes with anesthetics in operating rooms) they may work independently of one another. On recovery from such events, some people recall remote sightings and observations outside of their bodies and sometimes conversations or events in which they could not have participated through normal mind/brain function.


There are reports of people who have seen deceased relatives and friends and sometimes even pets under these circumstances. Harry goes on to speculate in his theory that consciousness might even survive complete dis-corporation, i.e., death itself. He has looked further into this theory and other interdimensional theories that speculate that there are parallel dimensions and universes that can interact with our own in certain circumstances.

He believes that information, possibly "photons" of higher frequency, can cross over into, interface with and cause interference with our own reality. He has coined the term "spiritual photonic interference", and uses the filter to investigate such phenomena. This theory also has implications for breaking the "light barrier", the scientific criterion that alleges that nothing can exceed the speed of light. He believes that in other universes, the speed of light is different. Also, there is evidence emerging with the help of researchers such as Captain Bruce Cathie that even on Earth the speed of light is not constant.


The Oldfield Microscope

Dr Harry Oldfield is a member of the Royal Microscopical Society, Oxford, and of the Quekett Society (based at the Natural History Museum in London). The Oldfield Microscope, granted its US patent in 2006, utilizes Harry's ideas about the selection of appropriate light waves to reveal hitherto-unseen information, this time at the microscopic level. A major feature of this imaging technique is that bacteria, cells and other micro-organisms can be studied in a living, moving state without the need for staining or killing the specimen. The micro-organisms, cells and tissues are stained with light with his system. With a standard student-level microscope fitted with Dr Oldfield's special adaptation, the resulting images are of extraordinary clarity.

For those wishing to know more about this significant invention, please log on to, where some very special images await you. This is only a fraction of the research that has gone on over the years.

Harry Oldfield was asked in recent years by an eminent professor of pathology to use his microscope to show hyaline cartilage, which is an extraordinarily difficult subject to stain and differentiate for the light microscope. This took place in the professor's laboratory, and afterwards the professor showed Harry a book showing stained specimens of cartilage.


He asked Oldfield the question,

"How do you think your images compare to the ones you see here in this reference book?"

After a short hesitation, Harry said without any doubt in his mind that the Oldfield Microscope images were far superior to those in the book. The professor replied:

"Yes, indeed, you are correct. Also, these are pictures from one of my own books on pathology. Congratulations! You have made a big breakthrough."

Research Collaboration in the USA

Some of Dr Harry Oldfield's more recent work has taken him to the USA, where he is working closely with

Drs Brian Dailey and Harry Oldfield first met in Iceland in 2005 at a Healing the Healers conference, during which time they discovered a common direction in their work, including crystal healing and psychic research, especially in the area of investigation of the nature of mind and consciousness and how these could survive the death of the brain and the body. One thing that fired Brian's interest was experimentation in remote viewing (RV), where the mind, in detached mode, can travel to another location, sometimes through space and time, and come back with information which can be verified later. This goes a long way to support the mind-brain non-locality theory.

Their collaboration and investigations have continued at every opportunity. Brian organized a tour for Harry to the Gettysburg battlefields of the American Civil War in order to find any evidence of reported sightings of ghosts and manifestations in that troubled area. While roaming the battlefields, not only did they observe and record discarnate entities left over from the Gettysburg battles (using PIP and Harry's still camera plus filter), but also unknowingly captured on PIP video three saucer-shaped vehicles hovering in a clear blue sky that were not observable to the naked eye.

On these travels, Brian took Harry unofficially to The Monroe Institute in Virginia where he was introduced to a large crystal in the middle of a field. This crystal, standing over seven feet tall and more than four feet wide, is one of a pair and is reported to be one of the largest single crystals of quartz outside of a museum. Its effect was so powerful that if they were within 30 feet of it with their laptops, the crystal would interfere with the programs, causing them to crash.


Staying out of its circle of influence, they were able to use PIP to observe Brian's energy interactions with the crystal, including his "charging" the crystal with energy using Reiki techniques and special breathing. They then observed the crystal glow with white light at its tip. When Brian released this energy, it caused strange interactions in the sky above. These energy patterns could only be seen with their apparatus; the naked eye saw only a clear blue sky.


Faraday Cage Experiment

The two researchers were later taken to a laboratory site inside The Monroe Institute where they met one of Brian's research colleagues and gave a demonstration of the apparatus.

It was then suggested that a further experiment be conducted using a Faraday cage, to exclude the possibility of extraneous electromagnetic and/or infrared influences, and there just happened to be one available in the laboratory at the time. A Faraday cage is designed to block out electromagnetic and radio frequencies. Without any time for preparation, Harry was conducted into the Faraday cage room, with all its monitoring equipment and observational apparatus. Inside it was a flotation bed filled with a heated solution of magnesium sulphate, or Epsom salts, on which a subject is laid for experiments into sensory deprivation or out-of-body experiences.

After he had set up his PIP camera, Harry was asked to take pictures of the empty Faraday cage. This showed up nothing special of interest, and definitely no infrared signature coming from the flotation device. It was a very "quiet" set of control pictures, which was ideal for the experiment to come, the content of which he had no idea beforehand.

Brian then sat centrally in the chamber in clear view. Harry was then asked to take another control picture of Brian in the chamber. After a short period, Brian looked up and said, "Is it alright if I call in a few friends?" Harry nodded in the affirmative and looked towards the door, where he was surprised to find nobody present. He was thinking "Where are these few friends going to come from?", when certain light anomalies started to appear within his viewfinder. One was a circle of light above Brian, inside which a face began to appear. This was captured and recorded. Also, to the right in the Faraday cage, another light, amorphous in nature, started to appear and was duly recorded.

On post-analysis, coupled with an explanation from Brian, it seems that when he asked if he could call in a few friends for the experiment, he forgot to mention that these friends were not from this world. In fact, they were Brian's two departed brothers, whom he had asked to join him. Brian was not surprised at all that the two light anomalies had appeared because he said later that he had felt the presence of his two brothers as they joined him for the experiment. All of this was only disclosed to Harry after the whole episode.


The recordings were handed over immediately to Brian and his colleagues.


Harry Oldfield Meets His Mentor, Bruce Cathie

In the latter half of 2006, Harry Oldfield was overwhelmed and delighted to meet his mentor, Captain Bruce Cathie, in his native New Zealand. Harry was inspired by Bruce's early books Harmonic 33, Harmonic 288, etc. Bruce Cathie's theories helped Harry form his harmonic and, he hoped, harmonious theories in his own mind in the 1970s. They also helped him understand his early work in Kirlian effects, fractal geometry and Earth energy projects.

While in New Zealand, Harry discussed with Bruce many new, enlightening and unifying theories that could possibly benefit mankind in the future. Harry recommends any past, present or would-be researcher to obtain copies of Bruce's books because they are invaluable in theory and application.

Harry Oldfield's research work continues unabated. With more funding, he could finish the work he has started on his many studies which include:

  • fractal investigations into the make-up and geometry of nature

  • ways to break down certain plastics safely in the environment with the help of micro-organisms

  • his vortex energy theory that he believes could be applied to tornadoes to develop ways to disperse their destructive power

He also has ideas and theories that he would like to apply to re-ozonise the damaged ozone layer and, using ocean technologies, to reverse greenhouse gas effects.

Harry's respect for the universal pulsation and presence of life is paramount.

He believes that conscious intent and awareness can keep negative patterns of thought in place, but can also be used positively to influence and change these energetic patterns for the better.

In effect, what you think matter does, really does matter in the invisible universe.