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Saturday, 24 December 2005

from SurfingTheApocalypse Website

In November of 2002 one inventor made

  • public that he had stumbled upon a method to produce and

  • control gravity. Lots of gravity! If successful it would

  • change nearly every aspect of society and how we perceive

  • our place in a three dimensional world.

This is a very interesting session with the Cassiopaeans, on this very topic. The Cs seem to want to really get into unstable gravity waves, but Laura wants to keep going back to Al-Arabi. It is amusing how they steer the topic back to the importance of knowledge of gravity....

"Gravity is no byproduct! It is the central ingredient of all existence!"

June 15, 1996

F****, Laura, SV

Q: (L) Hello.
A: Hello.

Q: (L) And who do we have this evening?
A: Uquoppe.

Q: (L) And where are you transmitting from?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) As you know, I have been studying the Sufi teachings, and I am discovering so many similarities in these Sufi "unveilings" to what we have been receiving through this source, that I am really quite amazed, to say the least. So, my question is: could what we are doing here be considered an ongoing, incremental, "unveiling," as they call it?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Now, from what I am reading, in the process of unveiling, at certain points, when the knowledge base has been sufficiently expanded, inner unveilings then begin to occur. Is this part of the present process?
A: Maybe.

Q: (L) My experience has been, over the past couple of years, that whenever there is a significant increase in knowledge, that it is sort of cyclical - I go through a depression before I can assimilate - and it is like an inner transformation from one level to another. Is there something we can do, and if so, is it desirable, to increase or facilitate this process in some way?
A: It is a natural process, let it be.

Q: (L) One of the things that Al-Arabi writes about is the ontological level of being. Concentric circles, so to speak, of states of being. And, each state merely defines relationships. At each higher level you are closer to a direct relationship with the core of existence, and on the outer edges, you are in closer relationship with matter. This accurately explicates the 7 densities you have described for us. He also talks about the "out raying" and the "inward moving" toward knowledge. My thought was certain beings, such as 4th density STS, and other STS beings of 3rd density, who think that they are creating a situation where they will accrue power to themselves, but may, in fact, be part of the "out raying" or dispersion into matter. Is this a correct perception?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Al-Arabi says, and this echoes what you have said, that you can stay in the illusion where you are, you can move downward or upward. Is this, in part, whichever direction you choose a function of your position on the cycle?
A: It is more complex than that.

Q: (L) Well, I am sure of that. Al-Arabi presents a very complex analysis and he probably didnít know it all either... Nevertheless, it almost word-for-word reflects things that have been given directly to us through this source.
A: Now, learn, read, research all you can about unstable gravity waves.

Q: (L) Okay. Unstable gravity waves. Iíll see what I can find. Is there something more about this?
A: Meditate too!

Q: (L) Yes. Well, they have been telling us to meditate. Have you been meditating, F****?

(F) Not lately.
A: We mean for you, Laura, to meditate about unstable gravity waves as part of research.

Q: (L) Okay. Would it be alright to ask a few more questions about the Sufis?

A: Not unless you wish to get off the track.

Q: (L) That would be off the track from the way we are moving at present?

A: Not until you have memorized Sufi teachings to the extent that you can cross reference with Bible and similar works.

Q: (L) Okay. So, we are onto something with the Sufi teachings. But, we donít need to get off the track. I guess that they did with the Koran what some other mystics have done with the Bible. It is clear that there is something under the surface of it, but it is corrupted and twisted. And, I was
convinced by seeing this underlying pattern that it was possible to penetrate the veil, and that gave me the impetus to push for a breakthrough.
A: Unstable gravity waves unlock as yet unknown secrets of quantum physics to make the picture crystal clear.

Q: (L) Can we free associate about these gravity waves since no bookstores are open at this hour? Gravity seems to be a property of matter. Is that correct?
A: And....

Q: (L) And hmmmm....
A: And antimatter!

Q: (L) Is the gravity that is a property of antimatter "antigravity?" Or, is it just gravity on the other side, so to speak?
A: Binder.

Q: (L) Okay. Gravity is the binder. Is gravity the binder of matter?
A: And...

Q: (L) Is gravity a property of light?
A: Not the issue.

Q: (L) What is the issue? Can you help me out here, F****?
A: Gravity binds all that is physical with all that is ethereal through unstable gravity waves!!!

Q: (L) Is antimatter ethereal existence?
A: Pathway to.

Q: (L) Okay.
A: Doorway to.

Q: (L) Are unstable gravity waves... no, hold everything... do unstable gravity waves emanate from 7th density?
A: Throughout.

Q: (L) Do they emanate from any particular density?
A: That is just the point, there is none.

Q: (L) There are no unstable gravity waves?
A: Wrong...

Q: (L) There is no emanation point?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, they are a property or attribute of the existence of matter, and the binder of matter to ethereal ideation?
A: Sort of, but they are a property of anti-matter, too!

Q: (L) So, through unstable gravity waves, you can access other densities?
A: Everything.

Q: (L) Can you generate them mechanically?
A: Generation is really collecting and dispersing.

Q: (L) Okay, what kind of a device would collect and disperse gravity waves? Is this what spirals do?
A: On the way to.

Q: (L) So, if were to focus on collecting unstable gravity waves...
A: When you wrote "Noah" where did you place gravity?

Q: (L) I thought that gravity was an indicator of the consumption of electricity; that gravity was a byproduct of a continuous flow of electrical energy...
A: Gravity is no byproduct! It is the central ingredient of all existence!

Q: (L) I was evaluating by electric flow and consumption... and I was thinking that electricity was evidence of some sort of consciousness, and that gravity was evidence that a planet that had it, had life...
A: We have told you before that planets and stars are windows. And where does it go?

Q: (L) The windows?
A: The gravity.

Q: (L) Oh. Gravity must go into the ethereal dimensions or densities. I mean, you have my head going in so many different directions that I feel like I have popcorn in there.
A: Good!

Q: (L) Well, where does gravity go. The sun is a window. Even our planet must be a window!
A: You have it too!!

Q: (L) So, gravity is the unifying principle... the thing that keeps things together, like the way all the fat pulls together in a bowl of soup.
A: Gravity is all there is.

Q: (L) Is light the emanation of gravity?
A: No.

Q: (L) What is light?
A: Gravity.

Q: (L) Is gravity the same as the strong and weak nuclear forces?
A: Gravity is "God."

Q: (L) But, I thought God was light?
A: If gravity is everything, what isnít it? Light is energy expression generated by gravity?

Q: (L) Is gravity the "light that cannot be seen," as the Sufis call it: the Source.
A: Please name something that is not gravity.

Q: (L) Well, if gravity is everything, there is nothing that is not gravity. Fine. What is absolute nothingness?
A: A mere thought.

Q: (L) So, there is no such thing as non-existence?
A: Yes, there is.

Q: (L) Do thoughts produce gravity?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Does sound produce gravity?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can sound manipulate gravity?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can it be done with the human voice?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can it be done tonally or by power through thought?
A: Both.

Q: (L) Then, is there also specific sound configurations involved?

A: Gravity is manipulated by sound when thought manipulated by gravity chooses to produce sound which manipulates gravity.

Q: (L) Now, did the fellow who built the Coral Castle spin in his airplane seat while thinking his manipulations into place?
A: No. He spun when gravity chose to manipulate him to spin in order to manipulate gravity.

Q: (L) Does gravity have consciousness?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it ever possible for the individual to do the choosing, or is it gravity that IS him that chose?
A: The gravity that was inside him was all the gravity in existence.

Q: (L) Well, I thought the Sufis were tough!

(F) Well, itís probably because of your studies that this door opened.

(L) Good grief! What have I done! Alright. I am confused.
A: No you are not.

Q: (L) Then, just put it this way: I am befuddled and overloaded.
A: Befuddling is fun!

Q: (L) Well, I guess that if any of this is going to be of particular significance to us, then we will certainly find out the details as we go along.
A: How many times do we have to tell you?!?!

Q: (L) Learning is fun! Right!
A: The entire sum total of all existence exists within each of you, and vice versa.

Q: (L) Then what is the explanation for the "many-ness" that we perceive?
A: Perception of 3rd density.

Q: (L) So, the entire universe is inside me... okay, thatís... I understand. Oddly enough, I do. The problem is accessing it, stripping away the veils.
A: That is the fun part.

Q: (L) So, the fellow who built the Coral Castle was able to access this. Consistently or only intermittently?
A: Partially.

Q: (L) According to what I understand, at the speed of light, there is no mass, no time, and no gravity. How can this be?
A: No mass, no time, but yes, gravity.

Q: (L) A photon has gravity?
A: Gravity supercedes light speed.

Q: (L) Gravity waves are faster than light?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What would make a gravity wave unstable?
A: Utilization.

Q: (L) I feel like I am missing a really big point here...
A: You are, but you can only find it at your own pace.

Q: (L) Well, I think I need to do some reading and research so that I can come back to this.
A: And, on that note, good night.