by Kenn Thomas


I remember Jim Keith writing this book. At the time, he was also working on an article for the coming issue of Steamshovel Press. Jim contributed regularly to the magazine and stayed in phone contact for research help and to chat conspiracy. He mentioned that he was trying to summarize all of his current thinking in a single themed manuscript.

The original Saucers of the Illuminati, in fact, may have been Jim Keith's last contribution to the zine world. The original book had an 8x10 format, spiral bound and resembled more a magazine than a book. Then, many people who knew Keith at all knew him primarily through his small-circulation "fan" magazines (although it is hard to conceive of a conspiracy/UFO cover up "fan"), Dharma Combat being the most well known but certainly not the only example.


Zines were the happening means of the parapolitical underground in those pre-internet days and Keith served as the super-celebrity of that scene, broadcasting his charm and humor through self-published photocopied wonders, but also writing letters and doing commentary for similar zines produced by others.

Going through my stack of Keith masterworks recently, I discovered Notes From The Hangar #1 from the early 1990s. In it, Keith published the rant of one Jason Bishop III, making declarations about humans working side-side with aliens in Dulce, New Mexico. Today it has become quite a familiar story, but at the time it was lore that had yet to reach the pinnacle of its currency in UFO circles.


In fact, it was still part of what I see as a "barium meal" of UFO disinformation perpetrated by Air Force intelligence agents partly to drive a man named Paul Bennewitz insane.


In Notes In The Hangar, Jim presented the rant without edit and included several pages of critical response, declaring that he didn't necessarily believe any of it, but he believed in the importance of having it all discussed.

In Saucers of the Illuminati, Keith summarized his understanding of that history in a chapter entitled "MJ-12". That chapter remains one of the most concise and complete reviews of that important episode in the history of the ufological subculture, but at the same time comprises only a portion of what this book has to say. From there Saucers expands upon Keith's notions about the arcane and occult forces behind human history.

It was a point of view that developed over time, actually re-doing Saucers in 1998 in actual book form and now which resonates as a defining echo of the weirdness of the post-9/11 world, years after Keith has gone on to his reward.


As the book cover attests,

"as the 21st century approaches, many people suspect that something earth shattering is about to happen..."

On the phone back then with Keith explaining the over-arching view he felt he had captured in this new manuscript, I asked him if he thought he could really find a wider audience for the perspective. Wasn't it a bit obscure for the average reader?

We both had televisions on in the back ground as we spoke, both watching CBS News. As Dan Rather segued to the commercial, the newly redesigned CBS logo graphic appeared in the upper left corner of the screen.


It was the CBS eye neatly pressed within a pyramid.



As I looked in surprise at how much it looked like the backside of a dollar bill, Keith asked,

"What was that you were saying about obscure?"


The Great Seal of the United States of America

featuring what some believe to be the symbol of the Illuminati



Adam Weishaupt,

founder of the Bavarian Illuminati



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In 1993 a miniscule two hundred copy photocopied "researcher's edition" of my book Saucers of the Illuminati was rushed into print, upon my urging, by IllumiNet Press.


My purpose for authorizing this informal edition was to get into print certain interesting connections that I had made between occult philosophy, the lore of UFOs, and the totalitarian New World Order - ideas that I had discussed at length with other researchers and that were already twinkling into being in a firmament of articles by some of those worthies. I was a little... paranoid is not the word I seek... concerned that by the time a proper paperback edition of Saucers was ushered into being, that I might be accused of plagiarizing myself.

As it turned out, my worry was largely unfounded, and little of what I wrote about in '93 has been grappled with, understood, or even mentioned in the conspiracy or UFO press, much less by the New York Times. I take this to be positive proof that I was on the right track.

Actually, my sense is that the ideas in Saucers tend to jump disciplines from political conspiracy, to UFOs, to the occult, in an attempt to synthesize the information in each. The researchers in those varied disciplines almost never have any truck with and so are confounded by their adjoining truckstops in arcane research. The Left Hand Path doesn't know what the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is doing, you might say. But these topics are, at the deepest levels, intertwined and clarify the notions of the others.

Another matter: the ideas in Saucers of the Illuminati are dangerous, not to mention extremely weird, and stray very close to Things You Are Not Supposed to Think. In fact, in current polite-read mind controlled - society you are not even supposed to think that there are things that you are not supposed to think... Do you follow?

Since the lightning appearance and disappearance of the researcher's edition of Saucers in 1993 copies have been completely unavailable, aside from a pirate edition that was rumored to have been put into print. That unavailability created a few misunderstandings about the book. Some speculated in print and on the Internet that the book was too incendiary, too Politically Incorrect, and that it went so quickly out of print because it was suppressed by the CIA or the Men in Black or somesuch.


Those things have been known to happen in the annals of conspiracy research, of course, but not in this case. Simply, when I might have been expanding the text of Saucers to a length more appropriate for a paperback, I was doing lots of other things: writing nine other books, chasing the wolf of velvet fortune, things like that.

But I finally got around to the revision in 1998. Now here is the bells and whistles version of Saucers, with a lot of material not included in the book's original incarnation. Since the first appearance of the book, a great deal in the text has been clarified, and the revised work reflects new theories, new understandings obtained, and an arsenal of new smoking guns. Also included in this edition is the text of "UFOs at the Edge of Reality," a lecture delivered in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995.

I admit it. Saucers of the Illuminati is my strangest and most controversial work. That fact has been underlined by the largely uncomprehending and sometimes hostile reviews given to the first edition. The book may also be the most true that I have written.

Hold on to your brains. Maybe the world is ready for this stuff now.

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1 - A Process of Decoding

Regardless of our experience or research, we seem no closer to finding an answer to the puzzle of the UFOs. These strange craft and their equally strange occupants behave in a manner that seems to contradict physics and logic, appearing and disappearing seemingly at will, dropping curious objects and artifacts (including potatoes and pancakes), mutilating cattle, abducting people and leaving cryptic messages embedded in the brains of their awe-stricken contactees.


These activities, these odd messages seem only to compound our confusion as to whom these interlopers on "our" cosmic turf are and what their motives might be.

While many saucer contactees or the variegated cults that have risen around them characterize the visitors they have confronted as angelic "Space Brothers" or advanced elder beings intent on warning humanity away from nuclear proliferation or other humanly-fostered evils, other indications as to the motives of these strange-lings in silver ski suits are not so positive.


Many individuals claim to have been abducted against their will by aliens in UFOs, and they have reported every kind of bizarre and grisly experience, ranging from mystical enlightenment, to the transmission of apocalyptic messages that they must deliver to mankind, even the implantation of tiny electronic brain devices apparently used for mind control or monitoring, perhaps in the same fashion that earthly ranchers now monitor cattle with under-the-skin electronic implants.


Something very strange indeed is going on.

Analyzing the conflicting signals that we have received about the nature of these visitors, it is almost as if we are purposely being misled and befuddled by these mysterious agents, purposely being deceived about the motives behind these visitations, and perhaps even directed in some mysterious transformative operation of which we are not aware.

My own interest in the matter of UFOs is rather personal. Although I have been intensely interested in UFOs and the paranormal since my childhood in the early 1950s, it was not until 1972, in the Los Angeles, California suburb of Upland, that I experienced my own first contact - maybe. I came gradually awake in the middle of the night to find an archetypal grey alien staring in my face from a distance of about one foot. I leaped out of bed and raced into the living room. When I returned to my bedroom, the visitor was nowhere to be found.

I really didn't know what to think about what had happened.

  • Was the experience an hallucination at the edge between dreaming and wakefulness?

  • Was it an actual encounter with an alien presence?

  • Was it a cross-dimensional experience that defied the boundaries of dream and reality?

I have never been prone to this sort of nightmare, and have not experienced anything comparable in the intervening twenty-five years.

But there was nothing solid to grasp onto about the event, and so I shunted it into the category of maybe. I more or less forgot about the incident until I read Whitley Streiber's bestselling book Communion many years later, and one of the accounts in that book tipped the scale toward categorizing the event as being reality, rather than as a nightmare.


In Streiber's book it was noted - coinciding with unnerving accuracy with my own apparent encounter - that the color and skin texture of the alien skin was not grey, but rather a deep blue grey, and that it had the shiny almost wet-seeming texture of plasticine. Here was a coherence with another's alien experience that challenged-fractured-coincidence.

So, while I am perfectly aware of the fact that the U.S. military and others have experimented since at least the early 1950s with aerial craft that fit the description of UFOs, while I also know that the UFO experience has been hoaxed, including by American intelligence agencies and by UFO buffs, and that UFOs and abduction experiences may sometimes be a ruse to conceal mind control operations as described in a number of my books, I also leave the latch string out for other more "alien" interpretations of at least a percentage of UFO events.

One intriguing possibility is that the incident in Upland was one of beamed electronic mind control of the sort I have described in a number of my books. The house where the incident took place was a large hippie/radical commune where any number of anti-Establishment pipedreams were hatched. The strange motley of activists in Technicolor dream coats that came and went from the place at all hours no doubt drew the attention of those who monitor such things.

And so it occurred to me: Was I zapped electronically with the image of an alien? Was it just a byproduct of the chromatic chromosomes so prevalent at the time? I will probably never know. What I do know is that there are depths to the UFO enigma that are not plumbed by most researchers in the field, Horatio.

John Keel, for one, is a pioneering researcher who has been able to peer beyond the simplistic "space beings from another galaxy" device that is the primary stock-in-trade of UFO journalism.


Of these strange visitors Keel has said:

Many flying saucers seem to be nothing more than a disguise for some hidden phenomenon. They are like Trojan horses descending into our forests and farm fields, promising salvation and offering us the splendor of some great super civilization in the sky.


While the statuesque long-haired "Venusians" have been chatting benignly with isolated traveling salesmen and farm wives, a multitude of shimmering lights and metallic disks have been silently busying themselves in the forests of Canada, the outback country of Australia, and the swamps of Michigan.

Other researchers have proclaimed that the motives of the visitors may not be altogether benign.


It was the famous UFO researcher Jacques Vallee who coined the term "Messengers of Deception" and he has speculated of the UFOs:

They are physical objects, the product of a technology, but they are also something else: the tools of a major cultural change. I think UFOs are perpetrating a deception by presenting their so-called occupants as being messengers from outer space, and I suspect there are groups of people on Earth exploiting this deception.

Speaking of the experiences of abductees in Messengers of Deception, Vallee surmises:

It is more likely that they have taken a non-physical trip, controlled and guided by a system that acts on human consciousness (the Soviets use the term "psychotronic" to designate such devices), rather than one that is purely physical. The symbols it uses are engineered to have certain effects.

Vallee also reports,

"I believe there is a very real UFO problem. I have also come to believe that it is being manipulated for political ends. And the data suggest that the manipulators may be human beings with a plan for social control."

I concur.

The evidence that I present in this book suggests that our vision has been purposely obscured by what we have been led to believe about the UFO experience, and it is probably not directly being done by insectoid extraterrestrials.


Aside from the genuine activity of hoaxers and disinformation agents, at least some of them factually connected to government, there seem to be certain elements of the UFO "message" that appear to be purposely designed to deceive. It appears that it was intended that we should be deluded from the very beginning, and it also appears that there is a definite method to the UFO madness.

To my mind the most sensible, yet least voiced explanation is that some UFO encounters are being staged for an ultimate - and ulterior - purpose. Is it within the realm of possibility that there is a group working behind the scenes to convince us that we are being invaded by space aliens?

In order to understand at least a portion of UFO sightings and their purpose, we need to work on decoding what amounts to their curious "language" - a language pieced together from the strange events and messages of hundreds and thousands of encounters, composed of word and symbol and deed apparently bearing meanings beyond the obvious.


We must peer below the surface, the appearance, and furthermore, we must view these strange craft and their occupants in a different manner, in a manner that is perhaps not so different than the "open eyes" that secret societies attribute to their metaphysical initiates.

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2 - The Human Factor

If you were to assimilate the information contained in a large quantity of current books, motion pictures, and television presentations on the subject of UFOs and UFO abductions, I believe that you would be likely - by weight of the evidence presented - to come to one of three conclusions.



  1. we are being invaded by aliens from outer space, or

  2. that a high percentage of the human race is crazy and suffering from hallucinations of little green men or worse, or

  3. you would take an "agnostic" approach undecided on one of the first two possibilities.

I will not discount either of the first two possibilities as being the ultimate explanation of what is going on, however I consider it highly unlikely that you would even suspect, based upon information that is generally available, what I consider to be the most likely origin of this phenomenon.


My investigations have shown me that UFO sightings (or at least a significant percentage of same) in all probability are the product of an entirely different praxis or control process than either alien invasion or hallucination, and that the parties responsible for the phenomenon have, so far as I can determine, never been named as such.

In preparation for the reality shift that I intend this book to entail, I would like to cite a few instances of UFO abductions that do not entirely fit into the media template as to what these encounters are like. In this fashion I hope to shatter the generalized and predictable nature of what are usually put forth as "characteristic" UFO encounters. This will perhaps open the door for new interpretations.

Bruce Smith probably still regrets having chosen to attend a lecture by Budd Hopkins, reputed expert on alien abduction (who, oddly, never entertains the human quotient in his writings), in New Jersey in 1991. The lecture profoundly affected Mr. Smith (as abduction accounts have affected many others) to the point where he packed up his belongings into his trailer home and headed west.


Perhaps Smith felt that New Jersey did not have the requisite privacy that encounters with ufonauts usually require.

Camping in Tesuque, New Mexico, Smith woke up in the middle of the night, sensing that he was being visited by someone. Suddenly his ankles were grabbed by a pair of hands and, while woozily drifting in and out of consciousness, he saw a hazy creature looming in front of him... and, oddly enough, wearing glasses and a white, button-down shirt, the kind that his father had worn, according to Smith.

So far, so bad. Smith was dragged away from his tent and campsite but, still semi-conscious and able to partially grasp what was going on, he was able to see that it wasn't toward the expected glowing saucer-craft that he was being carried.

Smith maintains that he was manhandled into a large, dark blue van, with markings identifying it as belonging to the U.S. Navy. After traveling for an hour in the back of the van over winding New Mexico roads, Smith maintains that the van stopped and he was levitated out the back door, and was then carried into a huge building that he believes was a portion of the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory.

Once inside the building, Smith was placed on an examination table while a big-headed "alien" examined him and "gouged" at his eyes with a scalpel. Smith went unconscious again and woke up back at the campsite that he had been abducted from.

These terrifying experiences were uncovered several months later while Smith was under hypnotherapy. Smith concluded from the memories that welled forth under hypnotism that he had been abducted many times in the past, but this seems to have been the only time that it happened in collusion with the U.S. Navy.

One is tempted with this account to believe the stories that we hear of government/alien collaboration in abduction and hideous medical experiments - the sort of stories that John Lear and Bill Cooper used to make hay with on late night talk radio, and which still have some currency with the more excitable end of the UFO hobbyist community - but that is not the only possible explanation for the events that Smith says he endured.

The dark blue van is the obvious sticking point in this abductee's tale. Why, pray tell, would space aliens be driving around in vans in order to abduct people? Mysterious vans of this sort are also reported to have been prevalent during a UFO flap in Montana, with "Smithsonian Institute" emblazoned on the side. Researchers contacting the Institute found that they didn't know anything about the vehicles.

In John Keel's The Mothman Prophecies, he describes a similar modus operandi taking place in rural Virginia, at the height of the UFO flap of 1973:

People up in the back hills had been seeing mysterious unmarked panel trucks which sometimes parked for hours in remote spots. There seemed to be several of these trucks in the area and the rumor was that they belonged to the air force. Men in neat coveralls were seen monkeying with telephone and power lines but no one questioned them...

It is perhaps a gauge of the quality of much UFO research that it is considered a serious possibility that these vans sometimes reported in conjunction with abductions and cattle mutilations (or alternately, the black helicopters that often show up around cattle mutilations) are disguised, shape-morphing extraterrestrial craft.

Strange, but if aliens are involved in all of this - and I have grave doubts that they are - instead of vans, wouldn't the more commonly described Star Trek-like "teleporter beams" as depicted in Fire From the Sky be more their speed, much more convenient, and less liable to be discovered? More to the point, when driving vans, would little grey aliens be able to see above the steering wheel?

Perhaps the answer is that the beings driving these vehicles aren't alien at all, or at least not quite so alien as we have been led to think. There is no shortage of available accounts of human beings being unaccountably connected to UFOs in the annals of this research, and "close encounters of the human kind" often take place without any accompanying extraterrestrial-appearing characters being involved in the incidents at all. Statistics compiled by James

M. McCampbell in the book Ufology show, surprisingly, that over one third of "close encounters of the third kind" that are reported involve contact with UFO occupants who are apparently human.

John Keel is the source of another anecdote:

One family of seven people swore they had seen a circular object land near a wooded area on Long Island. They stopped their car to watch and were astonished when they saw two figures, normal-human-sized beings, exit through a door in the object as a large black car crossed the field and stopped nearby. The two beings got into the car and it drove off. The object took off quickly and disappeared into the night sky.

Another UFO encounter involved two highly credible women, Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum, and Landrum's young grandson, Colby.


The trio were motoring near Dayton, Texas in 1980 when they noticed an unusual moving light in the sky above them. They pulled the car over to the side of the road, and the light approached, hovering at approximately 135 feet in altitude and only a few hundred feet away, until it was so close that it was blinding in intensity. By that time the witnesses were able to perceive that they were viewing some kind of huge aerial craft.

Betty Cash, the driver, got out of the car in order to better view what they could now see was a huge, diamond-shaped craft. Flames shot out of the base of the UFO, and a roaring sound engulfed them. Betty Cash returned to the car, where she found the door handle hot to the touch. The strange aircraft slowly moved away. Then the observers saw the approach of twenty-three large, twin-rotor helicopters (apparently Army Chinooks), that looked as if they were escorting the UFO at a distance of about three-quarters of a mile.

After returning home all three of the witnesses of the strange craft had come down with what was apparently radiation poisoning. Betty Cash, the woman who had exited the car for a better look, suffered the worst case, with headache, loss of hair, eyes swollen shut, and sores on her skin, causing her to be hospitalized for six weeks. Since the incident Cash has also contracted cancer that she attributes to the incident.


The other two witnesses suffered lesser degrees of eye inflammation and "radiation burns."

When contacted by Cash and Landrum, the Army responded in typical cover-up fashion. Despite the reports of other witnesses that Army helicopters had been in the area at the time of the UFO sighting, they issued a denial of having taken part in the maneuvers. An independent UFO investigator found a blackened area on the road in the vicinity where the witnesses had observed the UFO and the choppers. Within a few days an unidentified road crew hurried to the location, dug up the portion of the road, and replaced it.

What these and similar accounts seem to say is that UFOs and encounters of the third kind are not always an entirely alien affair, that tabloid television may not have all the answers, and that humans may be involved to some unknown extent in many of these incidents - perhaps in some unknown plan of directed transformation that they are trying to implement.


Few, very few, contemporary researchers have made this connection, most of them instead opting for the more-easily-graspable notion that the ufonauts are visitors from nearby star systems. There, leave it at that, they seem to say.


What else could they be?

There are exceptions in the research community, however. Some prominent investigators such as Jacques Vallee, Martin Cannon, Alex Constantine, and John Judge seem to have entirely abandoned the idea that UFOs are extraterrestrial phenomena, although any alternate hypotheses are rarely hinted at in the mass media.


Bogeymen "Greys" from outer space make better press it seems, and there are other reasons.

For the general public, I suspect the possibility that UFOs are controlled in some fashion by humans, for some conspiratorial purpose, is unthinkable. Why? The answer is simple. The public is the victim of a massive propaganda assault where you would be least likely to expect one. There is an almost total media blackout about the possibility that UFOs are anything other than extraterrestrial phenomena.

When humans are mentioned in relation to UFOs it is always in the context of some eldritch and vast science fictional conspiracy that includes government/alien collaboration and secret treaties, underground bases, and macabre scenarios of human-alien vat clonings.


The monolith of this unlikely scenario is sustained upon a foundation of no hard evidence whatsoever; odd, since it apparently involves hundreds of thousands of human participants scuttling in the dark underbelly of terrestrial politics and selling out the human race for a place in the sun after the coming alien takeover of Earth.

An additional filter on the truth is that the whole subject of the existence of secret, conspiratorial groups manipulating politics from behind the scenes is treated as a big joke by the media, and as the province of crackpots, as can be readily deduced from the treatment accorded to Oliver Stone's motion picture JFK.


Six months prior to the release of the film, there was a huge media campaign to discredit the production, along with the whole notion of a conspiracy being involved in the John F. Kennedy assassination.


Certainly there is abundant evidence showing that it is almost impossible that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole individual responsible for the murder of Kennedy, and that the large number of inconsistencies in the government story suggest that a conspiracy is at least possible. But that evidence, so it seems, is irrelevant. There are no political conspiracies, and that's that, chump.

Likewise, against the preponderance of evidence, almost the entirety of UFO literature (including motion pictures and television) assumes that the solution to the enigma of the saucers is, in a sense, already known to us. It is taken for granted that we already know that extraterrestrials from other planets pilot these super-science craft.


Perhaps, after all, it serves someone's purpose for the public to believe this way.


Perhaps it assists the transformation I have spoken of, a transformation that is taking place all around us.

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3 - The Mind Manipulators

To understand the motives that might prompt humans to organize such a massive deception, a mass mind-twisting of this scope, I believe that we should look outside the literature of UFOs, consulting the history of other recent and verifiable mass manipulations and deceptions.


If we are attempting to unravel the secret of the most perplexing mystery of this century, we should acknowledge that certain segments of mankind, in order to accomplish their power-hungry plans, have often been happy to pull a veil over the eyes of (if not put out the eyes of) their fellows who inhabit this earth.

Since the middle of this century (and very probably before that) the intelligence agencies of the United States, as well as other countries, have been involved in covert programs intended to modify beliefs and behavior - to control the minds of the population of the world. The rubric "National Security" is employed by these manipulators as a catch-all shield to veil the illegal (and definitely immoral) activities of intelligence agencies involved in a welter of Orwellian mind-bending programs such as ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, and MKDELTA.

Although intelligence agency brainwashing is only very rarely spoken of in the mass media, this does not reflect on its prevalence or on the magnitude of its ambitions, which have involved thousands of programs and billions of dollars of funding into research on mind alteration and the control of often unwitting victims.


Many volumes (although few published by major publishing houses) have been filled with horrendous accounts of brainwashing, electroshock, psychosurgery, drug experimentation, and the experimental injection of hostile bacteria and viruses, all performed by "our" employees, the U.S. military and intelligence agencies.

Walter Bowart in the classic expose Operation Mind Control characterizes the purpose of intelligence agencies as being take human beings, both citizens of the United States and citizens of friendly and unfriendly nations, and transform them into unthinking, subconsciously programmed "zombies," motivated without their knowledge and against their wills to perform in a variety of ways in which they would not otherwise willingly perform.


This is accomplished through the use of various techniques called by various names, including brainwashing, thought reform, behavior modification, hypnosis, and conditioned reflex therapy.

A survey of some of the gothic monuments in the landscape of mind control research include:

The advent of television in the late 1940s has provided a potent mind drug administered to the vast majority of the population. Providing a substitution for actual human life in the modulating and hypnotic electronic flicker of the television tube, studies have been conducted showing that television actually induces a trance state that, with years of watching, becomes permanent. Television is, without a doubt, the most potent societal soporific in the mind control arsenal.

Susan Bryce, writing in Nexus, aptly describes what takes place during television watching:

There is so much information coming at viewers over a short time, that they sit lethargically staring blankly at the screen. This is precisely what you are supposed to do. In this lethargic mode, when people are almost snoozing, more is taken in subconsciously by the mind. Have you ever wondered why people fall asleep in front of the TV?


Viewers become passive recipients, on the treadmill of mindless consumerism, routed endlessly from one shopping center to another, buying, buying, buying. Mass programmed shoppers. Becoming absorbed in the pursuit of media popularized roles or fashions, in the vain hope of becoming loved, respected, rich, socially popular or sexually desirable. Sheep who venerate compulsive neurotic behavior as normal, desirable human contact.

Madness Network News chronicles that:

  • Between 1953-1967, the CIA paid Ewen Cameron over $18,000 to test LSD, Thorazine, and sensory deprivation on mental patients.

  • Dr. Carl Pfeiffer was paid $25,000 a year by the CIA to drug prisoners with LSD.

  • Dr. Harris Isbell drugged prisoners with LSD for 11 years under CIA auspices.

  • Dr. Louis Jolyon West of UCLA, Dr. Sidney Malitz, Dr. James B. Cattell, Dr. Amadeo Marrazzi, Dr. Paul Hoch, and many other psychiatrists were also on the CIA payroll.

  • Robert Heath at Tulane University in 1955 was employed by the U.S. Army to combine the administering of LSD with implanted brain electrodes on psychiatric victims.

  • Between 1952-57 Dr. Paul Hoch at the New York Psychiatric Institute was funded to the tune of $200,000 by the Army, to research mind control by drugging on humans.

  • Nineteen fifty-six saw the CIA authorizing the use of Bulbocapnine and other drugs on state penitentiary inmates. Bulbocapnine was deemed to be especially useful in inducing catatonic states in which brainwashing and implanting of information or commands could be performed.

In 1961 Dr. W. Fry and Dr. R. Meyers conducted experimentation involving the use of focused ultrasonics to create brain lesions, while in 1963, Dr. Peter Lindstrom at the University of Pittsburgh used sonic beams in the focused destruction of brain tissue - a technique said to have been evolved to replace pre-frontal lobotomies.

One prime notable in mind control is Dr. Jose Delgado who, beginning in the 1950s and funded by Naval Intelligence and the Air Force, among others, crafted the first radio controlled brain implants, what he termed "stimoceivers."

Delgado described the capability of these early, crude stimoceivers in the following terms:

It is already possible to induce a large variety of responses, from motor effects to emotional reactions and intellectual manifestations, by direct electrical stimulation of the brain.


Also, several investigators have learned to identify patterns of electrical activity (which a computer could also recognize) localized in specific areas of the brain and related to determined phenomena such as perception of smells or visual perception of edges and movements. We are advancing rapidly in the pattern recognition of electrical correlates of behavior and in the methodology for two-way radio communication between brains and computers...

The individual is defenseless against direct manipulation of the brain because he is deprived of his most intimate mechanisms of biological reactivity.


In experiments, electrical stimulation of appropriate intensity always prevailed over free will; and, for example, flexion of the hand evoked by stimulation of the motor cortex cannot be voluntarily avoided. Destruction of the frontal lobes produced changes in effectiveness which are beyond any personal control.

Delgado's stated purpose in the invention of the stimoceiver was the "master control of human behavior," although after a popular treatment of the subject in his book Physical Control of the Mind was released, research into the area of direct electrical stimulation of the brain was rarely referred to again.

In the mid-70s, Dr. Louis Jolyon West, director of the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA, suggested a centralized "violence reduction center" to be created at an abandoned missile base in California, a concept that was greeted with approval by then-Governor Ronald Reagan.


West reported in a secret memo that one purpose of the center would be the implementation of brain surgery techniques:

" by implanting tiny electrodes deep within the brain... [it] is even possible to record bioelectrical changes in the brain of freely moving subjects, through the use of remote monitoring techniques."

At the same time that the military and intelligence agencies were drugging, implanting, and sawing up the brains of their experimental subjects, the nation at large was being stupefied by massive drugging promoted by the so-called medical profession and the media as the answer to their cares.

Peter Schrag in Mind Control records that,

"by 1975 American physicians were writing 240 million pharmacy prescriptions annually for psychotropic medication for people who were not hospitalized - roughly one for every man, woman and child in the country - enough pills all told to sustain a $1.5 billion industry and to keep every American fully medicated for a month."

Since that time the prevalence of pharmaceutical drugging in this country has only increased.

During the 1960s a shift seems to have taken place in emphasis in mind control projects.


The U.S. military commissioned a number of experimental projects delving into the use of electromagnetic frequencies for controlling and altering the behavior of subjects. Between 1965 and 1970, Project Pandora researched the effects of low intensity microwaves on the health and psychology of humans. This was at the same time that the American embassy in Moscow was being irradiated by microwaves by the Russians, causing numerous harmful physiological effects in the employees there.

Studying Soviet literature on microwaves for the CIA, Milton Zarat determined,

"they believe that the electromagnetic field induced by the microwave environment affects the cell membrane, and this results in an increase of excitability or an increase in the level of excitation of nerve cells. With repeated or continued exposure, the increased excitability leads to a state of exhaustion of the cells of the cerebral cortex."

Eldon Byrd of the Naval Surface Weapons, Office of Non-Lethal Weapons, engaged in research into anti-personnel electronics, described the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the offspring of animals.


He spoke of,

"a drastic degradation of intelligence later in life... couldn't learn easy tasks... indicating a very definite and irreversible damage to the central nervous system of the fetus."

Byrd also described experiments in which,

"At a certain frequency and power intensity, they could make the animal purr, lay down and roll over."

Even more startling brain control possibilities were researched.


A 1976 DIA report suggests that,

"Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intercranially can be induced by signal modulations at very low power densities."

Anna Keel, in Full Disclosure magazine, discusses one such experiment:

Dr. Sharp, a Pandora [Project] researcher at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, some of whose work was so secret that the couldn't tell his boss,  conducted an experiment in which the human brain has received a message carried to it by microwave transmission.


Sharp was able to record spoken words that were modulated on a microwave carrier frequency by an "audiogram," an analog of the words' sound vibrations, and carried into his head in a chamber where he sat.

Dr. James Lin of Wayne State University in his book Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications discussed the Sharp experiment and remarked that,

"The capability of communicating directly with humans by pulsed microwaves is obviously not limited to the field of therapeutic medicine."

Anna Keel writes:

What is frightening is that words, transmitted via low density microwaves or radio frequencies, or by other covert methods, might be used to create influence.


For instance, according to a 1984 U.S. House of Representatives report, a large number of stores throughout the country use high frequency transmitted words (above the range of human hearing) to discourage shoplifting. Stealing is reported to be reduced by as much as 80% in some cases. Surely, the CIA and military haven't overlooked such useful technology.

Keel also remarks:

Another indication that the government entertained notions of behavior control through use of fields and sound, is a 1974 research proposal by J.F. Schapitz. To test his theory, his plan was to record EEG correlates induced by various drugs, and then to modulate these biological frequencies on a microwave carrier. Could the same behavioral states be produced by imposing these brain wave frequencies on human subjects?


His plan went further and included inducing hypnotic states and using words modulated on a microwave carrier frequency to attempt to covertly condition subjects to perform various acts.


The plan as released (through the Freedom of Information Act) seems less part of a careful recipe for influence than Adey's and other DOD scientists' work, and may have been released to mislead by lending an "information beam" science fiction like quality to the work.

In an upcoming chapter we will examine the possible use of an "information beam" employed in a highly science fictional manner.


A 1993 issue of the Tactical Technology newsletter reported on the then-current state of Soviet mind control technology:

While visiting Russia in November 1991, Morris [Janet Morris, research director of the U.S. Global Strategy Council, a think tank located in Washington D.C., founded by Ray Cline, previously a deputy director of the CIA] and other members of a team sent to investigate Russian technologies for commercial development were invited to a demonstration of mind control technology.


A volunteer from the U.S. team sat down in front of a computer screen as innocuous words flashed across the screen. The volunteer was only required to tell which words he liked and which words he disliked. At the end of the demonstration the Russian staff started revealing the sensitive, innermost thoughts of the volunteer - none of which had been previously discussed.


The recorded message was mixed with what appeared to be white noise or static, so when played back it became indecipherable.


Since there were no more volunteers in the U.S. group, the Russians volunteered to go upstairs and let the Americans choose a mental patient for demonstration. The Americans declined the offer.

The Russians told Morris of a demonstration in which a group of workers were outside the hospital working on the grounds. The staff sent an acoustic psycho-correction message via their machine to the workers telling them to put down their tools, knock on the door of the hospital and ask if there was anything else they could do. The workers did exactly that, the Russians said.

The Russians admitted to using this technology for special operations team selection and performance enhancement and to aid their Olympic athletes and an Antarctic exploration team. Unlike lie detectors, this machine can determine when the truth is spoken, according to Morris.

Being an infrasound, very low frequency-type transmission, the acoustic psycho-correction message is transmitted via bone conduction. This means that earplugs will not restrict the message. An entire body protection system would be required to stop reception. The message, according to the Russians, bypasses the conscious level and is acted upon almost immediately. They also say that the messages are acted upon with exposure times of under one minute.

Morris envisions this technology will be miniaturized into a handheld device. Presently the International Healthline Corp. of Richmond, Va., is planning to bring a Russian team of specialists to the U.S. in the near future to further demonstrate the capability...

Trilateral Commission kingpin Zbigniew Brzezinski has nicely summed up the mindset of the brain tinkers in these government-sponsored programs, in between gloating over the wonders of the coming New World Order in his book Between Two Ages - America's Role in the Technetronic Era:

In the technocratic society [that Brzezinski sees as the New Order of society coming into ascendance after Marxism] the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities effectively exploiting the latest communication techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason.

Could Zbig have been any more straightforward in talking about mind control?

We do know that authoritarian (and often covert) control of society continues unabated, the techniques becoming more finely honed as experimental subjects are utilized by the thousands and then discarded. The populace has been drugged, shocked, irradiated, made ill, manipulated, and even killed in the efforts of the military and intelligence agencies and their psychiatric dupes to devise the most effective and invisible manacles for the containment of members of our "democracy."

Is there any suggestion that this sort of mind programming might have been expanded to incorporate UFO incidents and the public's belief in UFOs to assist in their bamboozling? Whatever the answer, I believe that there is little doubt that such UFO incidents could be simulated in this fashion.

What additional capabilities than those described above, and the perhaps added usage of hallucinogens and hypnosis, along with various "extraterrestrial" stage props, would be required in order to convince an abductee that he had been waylaid by a flying saucer, rather than a dark blue van?


I am not suggesting that this is the entirety of the answer to the UFO riddle - but might not mind control experimentation of this sort, conducted with UFO space trappings, comprise a statistically significant part, and might not hoaxing, unusual natural phenomena, and the tendency for many UFO buffs to be extremely gullible account for most of the rest?

Ufologist Otto Binder has said,

"At any rate, it would seem that the expanding series of saucer sightings in waves, from 1964 to date, is all building up to a crescendo, as if the saucer men are conditioning earth people in seeing saucers, and gradually forcing even the most recalcitrant scientists and government authorities to realize the sightings are not figments of imagination, but real."

The recent huge, triangular UFO seen by thousands of residents over Arizona is exactly the sort of sighting that cannot be ignored.


But why would extraterrestrials have to be, or be interested in, conditioning humans to believe in their existence?

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4 - Infiltration

Although the forces that appear to dominate UFO research seem to prefer that everyone maintain a "Goshwow! Aliens are among us!" approach that beyond disinformational purposes also serves in marketing to the slack-jawed yokels with underbites, there seem to be certain forces afoot today other than just grey aliens.


Although thus far we are only able to evaluate circumstantial evidence of UFOs being connected to human occupants (rather than aliens) and the military, there are a number of accounts of the military attempting to infiltrate public UFO research organizations, apparently in an attempt to monitor and disinform the field, and to delude the public at large on the subject of UFOs.


On a number of occasions the UFO field has been infiltrated by military intelligence personnel, and well-known UFO "researchers," possibly even the majority of the prominent ones, have loyalties that seem not to reside with the UFO research community or with the truth.

In the early 1950s H. Marshall Caldwell, then acting as Assistant Director for Scientific Intelligence for the CIA, penned the following memo to CIA Director Walter Smith.


Caldwell wrote:

With world-wide sightings reported, it was found that, up to the time of the investigation, there had been in the Soviet press no report or comment, even satirical, on flying saucers, though Gromyko had made one humorous mention of the subject. With a State-controlled press, this could result only from an official policy decision.


The question, therefore, arises as to whether or not these sightings:

(1) could be controlled
(2) could be predicted
(3) could be used from a psychological warfare point of view either offensively or defensively

The public concerns with the phenomena, which is reflected both in the United States press and in the pressure of inquiry upon the Air Force, indicates that a fair proportion of our population is mentally conditioned to the acceptance of the incredible.


In this fact lies the potential for the touching-off of mass hysteria and panic... A study should be instituted to determine what, if any utilization could be made of these phenomena by United States psychological warfare planners...

In the book Clear Intent, authors Fawcett and Greenwood detail the destruction of the early civilian UFO investigative group, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), by government intelligence agents.


They cite the involvement in the group of Nicholas de Rochefort, member of the Psychological Warfare Staff of the CIA, Vice Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, a director of the CIA, and Bernard J.O. Carvalho, another apparent CIA asset.

They describe the removal of Donald Keyhoe as NICAP's director in 1969, and point to the actions of chairman of the board Col. Joseph Bryan, former chief of the CIA's Psychological Warfare Staff as being instrumental in Keyhoe's ouster. They also note that John Acuff, the head of the Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers - connected to Defense Department intelligence units and the CIA - was the man who replaced Keyhoe.


Acuff seems to have defanged NICAP, as far as the government was concerned, turning it into a sightings collection group without a trace of its earlier governmentally-critical policy, an approach that eventually drove the organization out of business. Acuff was replaced by Alan Hall, retired from the CIA, with the group eventually being dissolved.

Further investigation of government manipulation of UFO researchers must include a mention of William Moore, the co-author of The Philadelphia Experiment and The Roswell Incident, as well as editor, until recently, of Far Out magazine, published by Larry Flynt of Hustler fame.


Moore, who continues to be a medium weight popstar of the UFO research field, for reasons which remain unclear to me admitted at the 1989 MUFON Symposium that he had functioned as an agent for members of the U.S. military, reporting on at least one UFO group and involved individuals in exchange for "leaked," allegedly secret government documents about UFOs. To me this is astounding.


The only reason I can imagine that Moore might betray his own activities in this way is that he feared that someone else was going to "out" him as working with the government, and he was attempting damage control by his "voluntary" admission.


Other information on Moore involves the matter of UFO researcher Paul Bennewitz.


Bennewitz, a self-employed electronics expert, believed that he had discovered alien technology in action at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, and contacted the military in an attempt to alert them. Bennewitz was apparently fed a series of documents outlining military collaboration with the aliens and other matters that are currently the stock-in-trade of the "Aliens are among us and polluting our vital bodily fluids!" end of the UFO research spectrum.

According to Moore,

"[Bennewitz] was the subject of considerable interest on the part of not one, but several government agencies, and [I discovered] they were actively trying to defuse him by pumping as much disinformation through him as he could possibly absorb..."

Moore admits that he knew that Bennewitz was being disinformed by the government - with evidence suggesting that Special Agent Richard Doty was at least partially responsible - but according to his own admission he took no action to disabuse Bennewitz of the lies that, Moore says, were gradually driving him crazy.


Bennewitz got to the point where he believed that aliens were invading his house and poisoning him. He gradually broke down from the disinformational (and perhaps other) attacks, until he was put into a psychiatric hospital.

Sergeant Richard Doty, one of Moore's contacts who was involved in the Bennewitz matter, was a special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


During the course of his employment with AFOSI he invited Linda Moulton Howe - a well-known investigator of cattle mutilations who oddly never seems to bring up the government connection - to visit him at Kirtland. Once Howe had arrived at the Air Force base, Doty showed her alleged secret documents that seemed to reveal information on crashed alien vehicles and their occupants.

According to Howe:

These pages... contained a summary of this government's retrieval of crashed disks and alien bodies, including a live alien from a crash near Roswell in 1949. The paper said that this extraterrestrial had been taken to Los Alamos National Laboratory, where it had been kept until it died of unknown causes on June 18, 1952.


Then the paper summarized some of the information that had been learned from this distinctly alien life form about our planet and its civilization's involvement with this planet. One of the paragraphs said,

"All questions and mysteries about the evolution of Homo Sapiens on this planet have been answered, and this project is closed" ...

Further, it stated in the paper that these gray extraterrestrials had been personally involved in the genetic manipulation of already evolving primates on this planet, suggesting that Cro-Magnon was the result of genetic manipulation by the gray extraterrestrials.

Another meeting was arranged between Captain Robert Collins, Howe, and John Lear, the UFO "expert" and former employee of the CIA.


Lear is the man who has done more than anyone including Bill Cooper to convince the public that aliens are among us, living in huge underground bases, and collaborating with the government to put us all in the vat-prepared soup. Collins furnished Lear and Howe with more alleged secret documents on the aliens, and mentioned to her that he had worked with William Moore for years.

It also is within the sphere of William Moore's influence that the bogus MJ-12 paper, a faked 1947 presidential "briefing document" on crashed saucers, surfaced.

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5 - MJ-12

In mid-1987, when UFO buffs first got the MJ-12 document in their hands, many of them thought that they were fondling the Holy Grail of UFO research.


This photo reproduction of an eight-page alleged government document is purported to be a preliminary briefing on UFOs for President-elect Eisenhower, released on November 18, 1952 (also officially the first day of the formation of the CIA).

The MJ-12 document was allegedly used to brief Eisenhower by Rear Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, said to be a member of Majestic-12, a top secret research team composed of scientists and military men empowered to investigate UFOs. The MJ-12 document claims that in July, 1947, an alien disk craft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, and that a second craft crashed on the Texas-Mexico border in 1950.

From where did this historic and apparently earth-shaking MJ-12 document originate?


In December, 1984, a roll of undeveloped 35mm black and white film was received in the mail in Burbank, California, by Jaime Shandera, a television producer. Shandera has said that the package was postmarked at Albuquerque, New Mexico. The roll of film was developed by Shandera and William Moore, who found photo images of the pages of the MJ-12 document.

The first publication of a portion of the MJ-12 document appeared in the London Observer newspaper, on May 31, 1987. A small portion of the document was printed in an article by Martin Bailey, titled "Close Encounters of an Alien Kind - And Now if You've Read Enough About the Election, Here's News from Another World."


The article was reprinted in many American newspapers in the weeks that followed.

According to British UFO researcher Timothy Good, he was the first to publish the complete MJ-12 document, in his book Above Top Secret, in May, 1987. Where did Good get his copy?


He stated,

"I received the document from a CIA source in March of 1987."

When queried as to whether the CIA source had anything to do with William Moore, Good responded,

"I am sure. Oh, absolutely."

The document was published and re-published in magazines, analyzed, touted as extraterrestrial gospel, decried as a hoax. But it captivated the imaginations of many UFO researchers, and injected life into an ailing UFO research field to a degree that had not been seen since the halcyon days of the 1960s.

For those UFO buffs who are interested in objective evaluation the fact that no original copy of the MJ-12 document is available is only one of the difficulties in proving or disproving its validity. Because of this fact, no evaluation of the authenticity of signatures, paper, or ink can be made.

The document also is suspiciously similar to a description of the one that was shown to Linda Moulton Howe at Kirtland Air Force Base, if a more refined version.

Other details suggest that the document is a hoax. The dating format is a mixed civilian and military style, as for instance in the date, "18, November, 1952." The military format would be "18 November, 1952," lacking the added comma.


Single digit dates also have an added zero inserted before them in the MJ-12 document, a practice that did not come into use in the military until the 1970s. As pointed out by debunker Philip J. Klass, in available examples of Hillenkoetter letters and memoranda, the conventional military date format is used.

Also, according to Klass, a Los Angeles document examiner has determined that the typewriter used to type the MJ-12 document was not available before 1963.

Researcher Kevin Randle points out another significant discrepancy in the MJ-12 document:

"The document is constructed as a briefing paper for President-elect Eisenhower, suggesting that Eisenhower had no knowledge of the Roswell crash. The problem is that Eisenhower, as the Army Chief of Staff in July 1947, would have been completely aware of the Roswell crash."

The MJ-12 report does not resemble in style or substance anything else that I have seen originating from the government, and I have examined hundreds of government documents originating from the same period, many of them dealing with UFOs. The document is also not written in typical "bureaucratese," that elusive jargon so valued in government circles.

The main problem with the MJ-12 document for me, however, is that it solves too much, wrapping up too many of the loose ends of the contemporary UFO controversy, and "proving" exactly what most UFO buffs "already know."


Little new information is offered on the alleged saucer crashes themselves, which is rather odd given the fact that this constitutes our first clear look inside the "Cosmic Watergate" so toured by Moore, Stanton Friedman, and others. If this in fact is a briefing provided to Eisenhower, then it is a comic book briefing that would have raised far more questions in the President-elect's mind than it answered.


The loose ends that are wrapped up in the document also neatly intersect with the specific stated beliefs and investigative involvement of the men most closely associated with the report: Shandera, Moore, Friedman.

After the publication of the MJ-12 briefing documents, another unsigned document was allegedly discovered in the National Archives, dated July 14, 1954. This is a purported memo to General Nathan Twining, Air Force Chief of Staff, from Robert Cutler, Eisenhower's Special Assistant for National Security.


This document states,

"The President has decided that the MJ-12 SSP briefing should take place during the already scheduled White House meeting of July 16, rather than following it as previously intended."

The alleged memo was unsigned, with Cutler's name and title typed at the page bottom. Advocates of the authenticity of the original MJ-12 pages claim that the Cutler memo provides proof positive that the document - and the alleged secret MJ-12 consulting group-was real, while detractors suggest that the memo is just another fake.

The authenticity of the Cutler memo, this supposed confirmation, is doubtful. Advocate Stanton Friedman insists that the memo is real because "it was in a classified box in a classified vault," but this only points up Friedman's willingness to overlook the obvious in his anxiety to verify the MJ-12 document.


What would have stopped someone from carrying the Cutler memo in with them when examining the supposedly secure box?

Jo Ann Williamson, Chief of the Military Reference Branch, has indicated that "this particular document poses problems" in a number of ways. Williamson points out that it is not typed on government letterhead and does not have a watermark; it does not have a top secret registration number; it is the single document with a notation about MJ-12 in the folder in which it was found; the marking TOP SECRET RESTRICTED INFORMATION attached to it was not used until many years after the Eisenhower administration; and Robert Cutler was traveling in Europe and North Africa on the day the memo was supposedly issued.

Other significant factors, possibly the most significant in the evaluation of the authenticity of the MJ-12 documents and the Cutler memo are the associations of their recipient and primary disseminators.


Jaime Shandera, who reportedly received the film containing images of the MJ-12 document, had in 1980 been involved in pre-production for a fictional movie about UFOs with Stanton Friedman and William Moore. Some rash souls have suggested that the production of the MJ-12 document may have been their next fictional foray.


Shandera had also "been working closely with Bill Moore and myself on the Roswell crash," according to Friedman.

Shandera and Moore had both been in contact with Richard Doty, who was at the time of the MJ-12 document's release working for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Doty was trained in disinformation and psychological warfare, and allegedly a self-admitted member of a disinformation group. According to published reports, Moore has stated that Doty reported to a Pentagon official named Hennessey, reportedly chief of security for the Stealth project.


It is impossible to gauge Doty's actual connections, since portions of his service records are censored, although while stationed at Linsay Air Force Base in West Germany, according to Klass:

Doty was charged with falsifying official documents and telling falsehoods to his commanding officer. A formal investigation confirmed these charges and Doty was "decertified" as a special agent [with the] Air Force Office of Special Investigations and returned to Kirtland AFB in late 1986. Doty spent his last two years before retirement in food services management.

Doty was allegedly involved in an earlier UFO hoax regarding a sighting near Kirtland Air Force Base in 1980. An anonymous letter, purporting to be from an airman and indicating that the same information had been submitted to the Office of Special Investigations, was sent to a UFO organization.


According to researcher Robert Hastings,

"careful analysis of the anonymous letter reveals that it was almost certainly typed on the same typewriter used by Doty..."

According to Dr. Bruce Maccabee of the Fund for UFO Research, Doty also confessed to William Moore that he been involved in another hoaxed UFO incident, called the Ellsworth case, and that he had forged documents and submitted them to researchers as authentic.

Was Doty or the OSI the source of the MJ-12 documents? Did he forge them? No conclusive proof exists.

But the plot continues to thicken.


Researcher Lee Graham has reportedly said that William Moore had contacted him "in an intelligence capacity" and that he worked for the government in releasing sensitive UFO information. According to Graham, Moore had flashed a Defense Investigation Service badge, although Stanton Friedman in his 1996 MJ-12 apologia titled Top Secret/Majic puts a different spin on the event.


Friedman says,

"As a joke, Bill once pulled out a MUFON identification card, flashed it at Lee, and indicated that he was working for the government. Lee bought it."

This sidesteps the issue of this alleged impersonation of a government official, as well as Graham's memory of a government badge, not a MUFON card. Friedman carefully sidesteps these matters in his defense of a person who has otherwise admitted to collaborating with agents of the government!

Another issue that Friedman does not approach in Top Secret/ Majic is Moore's association with men claiming to be Air Force intelligence.


Although I was not present at the 1989 MUFON Conference at which William Moore spoke, Jacques Vallee was, and offered the following description:

In a confused and embarrassing presentation before the MUFON Conference, Bill Moore indeed confessed that he had willingly allowed himself to be used by various people claiming to act on behalf of Air Force Intelligence and that he had knowingly disseminated disinformation, although he has never been "on the payroll." This is a mere play on words, of course. Not being on the payroll does not mean that he was not paid in cash or through other means...

Moore gave a weak excuse for his actions, claiming that he had acted in a heroic private effort to infiltrate and ultimately expose the operation.

Does Friedman avoid bringing up these matters because they provide additional evidence that the MJ-12 document is a hoax, or simply because he is Moore's friend? It is impossible to know, although Friedman's recent career as a "UFO expert" has been largely based on protesting too much about the discrepancies in MJ-12.

Although the MJ-12 document has not been conclusively proven to be a fake, the weight of evidence suggests that this is the case. More significantly, to be given serious consideration, in order to be factored in as valid data into any real evaluation of the nature of UFOs, it must be proven to be real, and this certainly has not taken place.

In a sense, it doesn't matter if the MJ-12 document or the Cutler memo are proven to be counterfeit, since the majority of UFO true believers will continue to believe what they want, despite any facts to the contrary. My experience is that a significant portion of the UFO hobbyist community use their obsession as a form of excitement, for the feeling of being "in the know," and as a substitute for a life.


Deep down, they hope that we are being invaded by evil aliens!

That aside, it is obvious that the government is attempting to defuse UFO investigations by overwhelming them with incendiary disinformation and by having informants report on the activities of groups and individuals. This is no longer the matter of conjecture that has buzzed among UFO researchers since the earliest days of these investigations. Now there is more than enough proof to show that this is the case.

Providing more support for the idea that UFO abductions may have more to do with humans than aliens, we do know that the American government, at least, is in possession of top secret aircraft of a radically different type than orthodox aircraft, and that these may include saucer craft. Certainly there is much evidence to show that advanced disk craft designs confiscated from the Germans after World War II may have been put into production.

It is only in recent years that the existence of this kind of aircraft has been able to be fairly easily verified by observation outside the military installation known as Area 51 in Nevada.


Before this sort of testing moved on to other regions, large crowds would gather outside this military preserve for UFO watching parties. There, on many nights (Wednesday was said to be the most active night for the flights), one was able to observe strange aircraft doing aerial maneuvers that would have been impossible for the unclassified aircraft of which we are aware.


But that does not make these craft extraterrestrial, nor does it make them extraterrestrial/ human technological hybrids. It does make it obvious, however, that the people who maintain that this is the case, without a shred of hard evidence, are blithering idiots.

The relatively common occurrence of garden variety humans being seen in the vicinity of, entering and leaving, and sometimes piloting UFOs may be another significant clue as to the meaning and origin of these craft.


Many operations which are said to take place inside the saucers and performed by "alien" beings are in fact carbon copies of the kind of operations performed on the restraining tables of psychiatrists in the employ of the CIA and other military and intelligence agencies - right down to the reports of tiny electronic brain implants inserted through the nose, the standard insertion technique for both brain control shrinks (as exemplified by Dr. Jose Delgado, the originator of the technique) and, so we are told, the grey aliens.

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6 - A Symbolic Odyssey

It has been established, I think, that there are aspects of the UFO mystery that owe more to the activities of humans than extraterrestrials. But my purpose is not simply to show that humans forces of some sort - perhaps the CIA - are hoaxing the populace into believing that the aliens are here and pose a threat to the well-being of mankind. I am hoping to provide a look into the purpose behind the hoaxing.

There are strange clues that need to be examined in detail; these involve a tangled web of symbolism in the UFO mythos that, fortunately, resolves into a single meaning: Trust me on this. As I cite each reference in this symbolic odyssey, I will try to distill the relevant images that will assist in forming a conclusion.

In the incredible account "My Life Depends On You!", which has circulated widely in the underground press, Martti Koski describes the experience of literally going mad. In 1975 he began to be plagued by unwanted voices that he believed were being broadcast from the hotel room above him.


Assuming that he was experiencing a neurotic bout he put up with the voices until, in the late summer of 1979, his mental torture escalated. Now Koski found that he was losing control of his bodily functions, and that his senses were being scrambled. His heartbeat became erratic to the point that he entered the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Canada.

Once checked into the hospital, the voice in his head identified itself, claiming to be a spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and telling Koski that he had been chosen to be a spy. The voice dubbed Koski the "Microwave Man." Koski claims that while in the hospital bizarre experiments were performed on him by the doctors while, in the meantime, interior voices were telling him to perform acts like stealing shirts and engaging in covert sales of cigarettes to other patients.

After leaving the hospital, Koski attempted to escape the barrage of voices by traveling to his native Finland, but to no avail. The voices did not let up.

After eighteen years of psychic attack, Koski has, to a degree, learned to live with it. In Finland he works with other individuals who claim that they have been victims of government mind control experimentation, some of them being able to back up their claims with x-rays that seem to show tiny mushroom-shaped brain implants.

Koski's plight may be interpreted in at least two ways. He may be simply crazy, and the voices may be entirely the product of his own mind. The lucidness of his written account of his ordeal, however, argues against this possibility. He may also be correct in his conclusions. He may be mind controlled by, as he suspects, the RCMP.


Certainly there is a huge body of literature detailing the activities of government intelligence operations on civilians, and there is proof that brain implants in fact actually are performed, including numerous x-ray photos of tiny, otherwise unexplainable brain implants. It is also interesting that the most infamous of doctors working in the CIA MKULTRA mind control experiments of the 1950s was Dr. Ewen Cameron, his horrendous experimentation performed at his gothic Ravenscrag facility in Montreal, Canada.

But there is an additional strange element to the Koski story that may provide a piece to the puzzle that we are researching. After Koski returned to Finland, the voices he was hearing began to tell him a different story. Now they told him that they weren't RCMP, at all.


They were beings from the "Dog Star," Sirius. So Koski is being mind-manipulated by extraterrestrials?

There are further symbolic linkages on this speculative trail that may or may not lead to the stars. At the beginning of this century, contact with the Sirius star system was claimed by the occultist Lucien-Francois Jean-Maine who, through the famous occultist Papus, learned the rituals of the Ordo Templi Orientis lodge, founded by Aleister Crowley, and formed his own group in his native Haiti.


Jean-Maine is said to have in 1922 combined the OTO rituals with voodoo practices to form the Cult of the Black Snake in Haiti.


He also claimed to be in contact with a disembodied being or voodoo loa named Lam, an entity who OTO Grand Master Kenneth Grant said was one of the Great Old Ones, an elder as well as eldritch god nigh-identical with those portrayed by the American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft in the 1920s and 30s.

Lam, according to Grant, has the task of uniting the current that emanates from the Andromeda galaxy with the current that flows from Sirius. Grant believed that a dimensional portal exists in the Andromeda galaxy, and through this portal will enter the Old Ones, demonic entities intent on returning Earth to their dominion and having humanity for breakfast.

Prior to Jean-Maine's contact with Lam, the famous occultist and founder of the OTO Aleister Crowley reported that he had summoned the same entity through one of his own "magickal" workings. Crowley also penned a drawing of Lam, reprinted in Kenneth Grant's The Magical Revival, adding another strange dimension to the now inter-dimensional puzzle.

Crowley portrays the entity Lam as a prototypical big-headed "Gray," i.e. as the picture of modern popular conceptions about what a UFO alien is supposed to look like. Crowley, relates Grant, also,

"unequivocally identifies his Holy Guardian Angel with Sothis (Sirius), or Set-Isis."

The obvious connection here is the significance of Sirius, although the Ordo Templi Orientis lodge, Crowley, and Lam also have their own special relevance.

Evaluating this mish-mash of occultism, who would imagine that the telepathic transmissions from Sirius might have something to do with military intelligence? Occult investigator James Shelby Downard, in his wonderful "Sorcery, Sex, Assassination, and the Science of Symbolism" (published in my Secret and Suppressed anthology) researches the existence of a Sirius-worship cult that he believes exists at the highest levels of the CIA!


He cites as one of their ritual locations the telescope viewing room of the Palomar Observatory in California. There, he says, the adepts of the Sirius-military intelligence cult enact rituals in the telescopically-focused light of the Dog Star, in imitation of the Egyptian priesthood, astral rays bathing the viewing chamber and the participants when the telescope is aimed Sirius-ward.

Utter madness? Tell that to Colonel Michael Aquino of U.S. military intelligence, the admitted head of the satanic Temple of Set, a deity identified in occultism with Sirius. Aquino makes no bones about the fact that he is the head of his offshoot of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, known to draw many of its leaders from military circles. Again, we see the strange conjunction of Sirius, occultism, and military intelligence.

Another occultist and "spirit channeler," championing the cause of Sirius, the Dog Star, in the 1950s and 60s, was well-known ufologist George Hunt Williamson (the penname for Michel d'Obrenovic). Williamson authored the classic UFO book
Other Tongues - Other Flesh, an extended treatise on the beneficence of the ufonauts from Sirius, who supposedly provided mankind with civilization in the far distant past.

Williamson treats this theme at length again in his book Secret Places of the Lion, extolling the "Goodly Company," the "Star People," the "Children of Light," who "migrated to earth" - the "dark star" - "planet of sorrows" - about eighteen million years ago and have worked ceaselessly and tirelessly in their gigantic task of acting as the Creator's mentors to a backward, fallen race.

Williamson claimed that he had met these benevolent "space friends," and was in fact a member of the group of witnesses who claimed to have seen George Adamski contact a saucer craft and an alien being in the California desert. The alien warned him about the evil influence of the beings from Orion.

Williamson also rhapsodizes at length, but in a somewhat circumspect fashion, on the seemingly-unrelated theme of Solomon's Temple and the reappearance of the Messiah, hinting at certain "secrets" relating to same. Although it may seem quite a digression, Williamson's treatment of the Messiah theme provides the solution as to his own and to others' "secret" orientation in ufology.

Drawing upon a selection of quotes from his book, Williamson maintains that:

Throughout the entire history of the earth, the "Goodly Company" or the multitude of "Christ Souls" have incarnated in a group...

Pharaoh was addressed as "The King, the Ra, the Sun." This signified his position as leader of the "Goodly Company" of star born beings dedicated to the salvation of a planet!...

A special hereditary order of men was now created to keep a semblance of Aton (One God) worship amongst the Israelites; although the Greater Light could not be theirs because they were not yet ready for it, a less spiritual worship was set up, based on pagan ritualism, that nevertheless was symbolic in its sacrifices, ceremonies, vestments, etc...

The promise of an Eternal King, to arise out of David's Family, was repeated over and over again: to David, to Solomon, and again and again...

There are references to the breaking of the bread and drinking of the wine as a symbol of "the sacred repast." The wine represents the "Holy Vine of David" and the bread "the life and knowledge of God."


Those "Children of the Greater Light" who are descendants of the "Holy Vine of David" serve, through the "sacred repast," "the life and knowledge of God!! God made a covenant with David of an eternal dynasty."...

David and Bathsheba prepared the way for the coming of the Master or the Fulfillment in Israel...

When Solomon ascended the throne of his father, he consecrated his life to the erection of a temple to God and a palace for the kings of Israel. David's faithful friend, Hiram, King of Tyre, hearing that a son of David sat upon the throne of Israel, sent messages of congratulation and offers of assistance to the new ruler...

Now we are entering the "twilight of the gods," when the final destruction of the Old Age will take place and man and the gods will be regenerated and reunited!


Man will have revealed unto him a true vision of his eternal heritage - that earthly things may show him the nature of his spirit!

So sayeth George Hunt Williamson.


But what do the Temple of Solomon, Hiram, King of Tyre, the "Holy Vine of David," the ancient manipulation of Earthlings by space aliens, and the coming "Fulfillment in Israel" have to do with Sirius, the Dog Star? A surprisingly large amount, it turns out.

A more recent version of essentially the same Sirius scenario is provided by the UFO contactee Oscar Magocsi.

After contact with the extraterrestrials, Magocsi believes that he has a mission to impart the wisdom of the "Psycheans," members of the "Interdimensional Federation of Free Worlds," whose base of operations is located near Arcturus.


Magocsi reports that humanity migrated from the Pleiades thousands of years ago, and that we (and the Interdimensional Federation) are at war against evil forces from Draconis. These Dark Forces, Magocsi maintains, rely on human allies - the Illuminati secret society - whose mission is to assist in enslaving mankind through a long term disinformation operation intended to portray them as forces of good hailing from the Orion nebula.


There are, Magocsi claims, actual good guys from Orion - he dubs this faction the Lords of Light - but the Illuminati are a different bunch altogether.


Magocsi also maintains that a particular area of positive influence is Sirius, the intelligences there supposedly beaming telepathic transmissions intended to counteract the bad vibes of the Dark Forces.


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