by Alfred Lambremont Webre


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Earth Changes, Prophecy & Environmental Weapons


We now have the evidence upon which to hypothesize that the Asian Tsunami of December 26, 2004 (Boxing Day) may have been caused by gravity waves which accompanied a gamma ray burst caused by the explosion of a Neutron Star in the Constellation Saggitarius, some 45,000 light years from Earth.


The article also summarizes analysis of whether the December 26, 2004 event may be an indicator that a cyclical Galactic Superwave event, recurrent every 13,000 and 26,000 years, is overdue and may occur precipitously in the near term future.


The Mayan Calendar's current TUN, or organic unit of Galactic time, ends on December 21, 2012.

According to one analyst,

"both our species' recent history and that of the crust of our planet, have been both gradual and catastrophic. However, the catastrophes are of first and most immediate concern, since they relate to periodic "superwaves" or volleys of cosmic rays from the Galactic Center itself. The Galactic Center is an incredibly superdense region only about as big as the sphere enclosing Jupiter's orbit: it is about 23,000 light-years away in the constellation of Sagittarius."

Others analyze the 13,000 and 26,000 year cycles of the Galactic Superwaves in the context of spiritual and prophetic texts.


Under the Mayan Calendar, this TUN, or organic unit of Galactic time is scheduled to end and a new TUN is scheduled to begin on December 21, 2012. According to the "Prophetic" frame of perception, the December 26-27, 2005 Gravity Wave/Tsunami was a Warning that humanity should move out of a permanent warfare economy into a peaceful, sustainable, cooperative, Universe-oriented Space Age society, seeking to integrate with Universe society.

This observor writes:

"What could be coming from the sky to earth that the Star People are symbolized above being in between?

There is only one thing, that even Plato said descends from the heavens after long periods of time like a pestilence. It has a modern name, given by the scientist that has researched this phenomena, Dr Paul LaViolette.


It is called: A Galactic Superwave.

"Stanford had said years back: But there shall come a sign that is a warning. This is related also, in part, to the energization of the ionosphere of the earth. In it, or related to it, there shall appear an "apparition" that will symbolize the way in which men have turned to materialism and to selfishness - in a sense, to death.


It shall symbolize the choice that is represented in that recorded of old, "In this day I stand between the living and the dead."


That may be seen of all men. Still, by jaded mind, science shall be inclined to dismiss it as natural events and phenomena. But it shall be symbolic, in a sense, of the judgment of the earth, of the karmas, the retribution to come in the earth, that is mind created. So then, science misses the point behind the event?"

PREFACE to the 2000 Edition

Earth Changes, Psychic Prediction, & Electromagnetic (EM) Warfare - Using the disciplines of catastrophic geology, seismology, vulcanology, parapsychology, and public interest policy analysis, futurist Alfred Webre develops a new field theory explaining how millennial prophecies of cataclysm might be fulfilled - not by earth system mechanics, but by the deployment of a new generation of EM weapons.

Earth Sciences & Psychic Prediction
Catastrophic geology, seismology, vulcanology, and astronomy do not forecast cataclysmic scale earth events (massive tectonic shifts, subsidence or rising of new land masses from the ocean, turning of the earth on its axis). Yet high psychics , with confirmed records of accuracy, predict these very cataclysmic events. Assuming these psychics were accessing accurate precognitive information, what might be an alternative mechanism that could cause cataclysmic earth events?

Electromagnetic (EM) weapons
Electromagnetic (EM) weapons are a possible trigger of cataclysmic earth events. EM fields can superheat the ionosphere, devastating magnetic bands around the earth, and in turn causing massive disruption of the earth’s Tectonic plates. A January 17, 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan may have been triggered by clandestine deployment of EM weapons. EM strategic warfare includes weather, climate and earth event warfare. Researchers have reported the use of EM weapons in anti-population mind-control operations over major cities.

Prophetic Traditions
Human prophets such as Michel de Notredame (1503-1566), known as Nostradamus, and prophetic traditions, ranging from the Mayan calendar, to indigenous First Nations prophecy converges on cataclysmic earth changes accompanying a transition of earth into a millennial society. Analysis of Nostradamus prophecy reveals that "terrible new weapons," with characteristics similar to EM weapons, caused the cataclysmic earth changes he foresaw.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence
The threat of cataclysmic earth changes caused by secret EM warfare is not occurring in a vacuum. Extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI for short) may be signaling a positive initiative to integrate us into interplanetary society. However, a clandestine command and control network and mentality on our planet appears to be waging clandestine mass psychological warfare (psywar) against the ETI initiative. EM weapons, developed for use against ETI overflights, may also be part of this war to block humanity from participating in the ETI initiative.

How to Avoid Coming Earth Changes
A key to human success is deconstruction of the clandestine network promoting warfare against the human population. EM weapons and the anti-ETI war require deception and secrecy.

EARTH CHANGES proposes a public, mobilized, decade-long human effort to curb EM weapons, as well as our open community participation with ETI in our integration into organized universe society.


EARTH CHANGES identifies deployment of electromagnetic (EM) weapons as a possible cause of cataclysmic millennial earth changes predicted by psychics and prophetic tradition. No near term cataclysmic earth activity is forecast by the earth sciences. However, EM weapons can devastate the ionosphere and magnetic bands around the earth, causing cataclysmic upheaval in the earth’s tectonic plates.


EARTH CHANGES explores a dramatic new approach to avoid prophesized cataclysm by curbing the development of EM warfare.

Chapter One - Earth Changes

Here I share with you a radical vision about Gaia, the living being Earth.


Massive Earth changes have been prophesized for our generations by modern psychics and the prophets of tradition since time immemorial. The predicted Earth changes include cataclysmic earthquakes around the world, emergence of new land masses, and the subsidence of existing land masses - including entire nations - under deep waters of the seas.

Cataclysmic Earth changes may or may not come to pass, we do not know enough about the future to say with certainty. The density and vulnerability of modern human society make it likely that future earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, weather events and climate shifts may cause vast trauma and damage to stricken towns, cities, settlements, economies.

Yet the predictive capabilities of the Earth sciences (catastrophic geology; seismology; vulcanology; climatology) give little indication that Earth changes of cataclysmic proportions are about to occur on Earth.

Earth science analysis reveals no trend, evidence, or sign that cataclysmic Earth changes are about to occur. A trend analysis of the full database of the United States Geological Service and the National Earthquake Information Service does not reveal that large scale Earth changes are at hand.

There may be higher casualty tolls and property damage in earthquakes of the last two decades of the century, yes. That may be because of higher population density, vulnerability of infrastructure, and substandard construction. As a January 1999 Richter 6.0 earthquake in Colombia taught us, it is the human factors - social chaos and rebellion; mass looting; failures of government planning and organization - that cause the consequential damages in modern earthquakes.

So just how, where and when are prophesized cataclysmic Earth changes supposed to occur?

Let me state the possibility - succinctly. Earth changes of cataclysmic scale could occur with the reversal or distortion of the Sun’s magnetic field at the end of a 26,000-year cycle predicted by the Mayan calendar for a time window around December 22, 2012.

Human environmental weapons - based on electromagnetic (EM) energy - could significantly help trigger these prophesized earth changes.

Along with earth changes, the Mayan prophecies foresee an era of cosmic consciousness, accompanying our solar system’s entering into synchrony with electromagnetic beam-waves emanating from the core ("Sun") of our Galaxy. The 26,000-year cycle of galactic electromagnetic beams is both the physical agency of prophesied Earth changes, and the psychic vehicle for humanity’s conscious evolution.

Cataclysmic Earth changes could occur if the gigantic tectonic plates that form a constantly moving jigsaw puzzle on the surface of the Earth were suddenly to shift. If the tectonic shifts were massive enough, new landmasses could appear on the surface of the Earth; other landmasses could subside into the oceans; massive volcanism could happen.

Most Earth scientists would say that cataclysmic Earth changes could never happen in our modern era, although they may have happened in the past.


One theory is that the K-T event of 65 millions years ago occurred because of a collision by a meteorite with Earth. Under this theory, the K-T collision created a global dust screen that ultimately killed most large life forms, including the dinosaurs. Other theorists claim the K-T event was caused by gigantic volcanism, with the same evolutionary result - extinction.

Whether the K-T event was utter coincidence or the product of a living, intelligent universe, the result remains the same. Massive Earth changes were an evolutionary intervention, an extinction-level event for the dinosaurs and other life, drastically changing the course of evolution on Earth.

We come full circle to psychic predictions and traditional prophecies about Earth changes, occurring in Earth’s transition to a new era. There is no sign in the trends of Earth science that Earth changes of cataclysmic proportions will occur in our age.

So are the precognitions of high psychics such as Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus simply empty, meaningless or wrong?

Are the multiple prophetic traditions, ranging from Old and New Testament prophets to ancient indigenous peoples simply groundless and misguided?
In a word, no.

If we look to the Earth sciences alone to give us direction and answers about possible cataclysmic Earth changes, we are looking to the wrong sources.
We should be looking to the para-science of the Mayan calendar.

We should be looking to the weapons and strategies of environmental warfare, theoretically outlawed by a 1977 United Nations treaty, and in fact, now the leading edge of strategic warfare. We should be looking into the science of advanced Environmental warfare - electromagnetic weapons; weather and climate warfare. These are perversions, in some deep way, of the pure Earth sciences.

We should be looking at the environmental impacts of electromagnetic (EM) weapons on the ecology of the Earth.

All-out spasm warfare by environmental weapons can in fact trigger changes in the Earth’s ecology that could result in Earth changes of cataclysmic proportions. Environmental weapons can impact the Earth’s magnetic fields that in delicate balance mediate the slow movements of Earth’s tectonic plates. These movements could be of a magnitude and character to throw Earth’s tectonic plates into massive, chaotic movements, and thus to bring about Earth changes of unprecedented scale.

The new generation of electromagnetic weapons is now in early development. Yet even the current pilot environmental weapon projects in such disparate geographical locations as Australia and Alaska, have, by some responsible observers, brought massive earthquakes and created weather anomalies. As their development advances, under the seal of military secrecy, these weapons may achieve ecological impacts of such scale as to trigger the type of Earth changes that the modern psychic and traditional prophets have foretold.

Mixing K-T extinction level events, psychic precognition of Earth changes, and electromagnetic weapons systems may strike you as unmitigated catastrophism, far-fetched and unrelated in any meaningful way.

So let’s restate the hypothesis: Environmental weapons, if unchecked, can potentially and ultimately trigger Earth changes of the magnitude of an extinction level event, thus fulfilling the psychic prophecies and traditions that predict Earth changes for our age. Environmental weapons may accelerate the Earth-changes potential of prophesized, vast distortions of the Sun’s electromagnetic fields.

A quarter century ago, in The Age of Cataclysm , I predicted large-scale Earth changes in our near term planetary future. Mine was one of a half-dozen or so then contemporary books on the impending Earth catastrophe. Its original vision of Earth changes was based on the evidence of the Earth sciences, as well as the paranormal sciences. I concluded our generation might experience Earth changes of cataclysmic proportions.

So let’s revisit our original peering into the future of the Earth, re-examining its sources and its vision in light of the evidence on intervening years. Our new conclusions may in many ways be more challenging than the old.

We now know - which we did not know then - that a new generation of secret electromagnetic (EM) weapons systems could trigger Earth changes of catastrophic dimensions. One of the weapons can turn the Earth’s ionosphere into a virtual global strategic weapon. If mankind does carry out war using these new weapons, catastrophic Earth changes can be triggered, and our present civilization and ecology decimated.


On the other hand, if these weapons are recognized as even more destructive than nuclear weapons, there is a chance to build a consensus and international agreements banning their use. The choice is up to our species, collectively. A change of consciousness among human civilization away from conflict and toward cooperation and oneness may be literally necessary for survival.

One central source of the original vision of future Earth changes was the Earth sciences. The Earth sciences show that our planet and its resident species have evolved in key aspects through catastrophic change; and that catastrophic change is certainly possible in our age.

We now know of the K-T event, holding that the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a greenhouse effect brought on by global volcanic activity, or by the impact of a meteor along the southern Gulf of Mexico, approximately 65 millions years ago. The clouds of dust from the impact of the meteor cloud spread around the Earth for the next several years, killing off vegetation, and the dinosaur species. So cataclysm can happen on this planet, and has affected the planet and the evolution of species in the past.

Since my original vision, the Earth sciences have now advanced in their ability to predict and evaluate potential future catastrophic events.

The Earth sciences predicts that at least one near K-T level event could potentially happen in the year 2028.

If you think the Earth sciences provide stable, foolproof predictions about the possibility of a cataclysmic collision with a meteor, witness the scientific flip-flopping about Asteroid 1997FX-11.


My point is not that these able scientists are wrong about Asteroid 1997FX-11. Rather, the scientific dialogue, and initial media confusion around the "discovery" of 1997FX-11 illustrate that cataclysmic Earth changes are possible in our time, and predictions of cataclysmic Earth events may pop up into our planning horizons unexpectedly, suddenly, causing confusion in its wake.

On March 11, 1998, Dr. Brian G. Marsden observed that there was a very real possibility that Asteroid 1997FX-11 might collide with Earth.

"Asteroid Close-Encounter in 2028"
"Mile-wide Asteroid to Pass Closer than Moon's Orbit in 2028"
by Brian G. Marsden, NASA
11 March 1998

"Recent orbit computations on an asteroid discovered last December indicate it is virtually certain that it will pass within the moon's distance of the Earth a little more than 30 years from now. The chance of an actual collision is small, but one is not entirely out of the question.

"The asteroid, known as 1997 XF11, was discovered by Jim Scotti in the course of the Spacewatch program at the University of Arizona. This program utilizes modern electronic technology on a 36-inch telescope at Kitt Peak that was built 77 years ago.

"After the discovery observations on December 6, observations made by two Japanese amateur astronomers during the following two weeks showed that the minimum distance between the orbits of 1997 XF11 and the Earth was very small. Given also that the object was quite large as Earth-approaching asteroids go, perhaps one mile across, it was added to the list of "potentially hazardous objects" (PHAs) that need to be monitored, lest they are destined to come dangerously close to the Earth over the course of the next several centuries. There are currently 108 PHAs.

"As astronomers continued to gather data on 1997 XF11, it slowly began to become apparent that there would be a particularly close approach to the Earth in October 2028. A computation from observations spanning 60 days suggested that the miss distance would be 500 thousand miles. This distance may seem large in human terms, but it was less than had previously been predicted in advance for any other known asteroid during the foreseeable future.

"Observations made on March 3 and 4 by Peter Shelus with a 30-inch telescope at the McDonald Observatory in western Texas extended the observed arc of 1997 XF11 to 88 days. This time, the orbit computation indicated a miss distance of only 30 thousand miles from the center of the Earth; the Earth's radius is about 4 thousand miles. The time of encounter would be around 1:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday, October 26, 2028. That evening the object should be visible with the naked eye. In Europe, where it would be dark by that time, the object should be a splendid sight as it moves from northwest to southeast across the sky over a couple of hours.

"There is still some uncertainty to the computation. On the one hand, it is possible that 1997 XF11 will come scarcely closer than the moon. On the other hand, the object could come significantly closer than 30 thousand miles. Further observations are necessary in order to refine the figures. It is also possible that prediscovery observations of 1997 XF11 can be located on archival photographs. Particularly favorable opportunities for recording the object would have occurred in 1990, 1983, 1976, 1971 and 1957. Ephemeredes for these times are available.

"It is hoped that continuing observations will be made during the next few months. The object is starting to move into the dusk and to fade week by week. Nevertheless, it should be quite accessible for a while with large telescopes, which in addition to helping establish whether a collision in 2028 is possible, could usefully provide more definite information about the object's size.

"Further observations of 1997 XF11 should be possible with moderate-sized telescopes equipped with electronic sensors early in the year 2000. A better opportunity will occur in late 2002, when the object should be detectable with quite modest telescopes. On that occasion the closest approach will be on Halloween, but the miss distance will be a safe 6 million miles."

Yet, on March 12, 1998, just one day after this very sobering assessment of a collision of 1997FX-11 with planet Earth, Dr. Donald K. Yeomans and Dr. Paul W. Chodas, scientists at Jet Propulsion Laboratory concluded just the opposite - that there was zero chance 1997FX-11 would collide with Earth.

"Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Pasadena, Calif. 91109. Phone (818) 354-5011
March 12, 1998

"Asteroid Will Miss Earth by "Comfortable Distance" in 2028"

"Asteroid 1997 XF11 will pass well beyond the Moon's distance from Earth in October 2028 with a zero probability of impacting the planet, according to astronomers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA.

"The asteroid "is predicted to pass at a rather comfortable distance of about 600,000 miles (about 960,000 kilometers) in 2028," reported Dr. Donald K. Yeomans and Dr. Paul W. Chodas, JPL scientists who specialize in computing the predicted orbits of comets, asteroids, planets and other bodies in the solar system.

"Data on the asteroid from March 1990 (well before its discovery in December 1997) was integrated into the orbit calculations by Yeomans and Chodas to arrive at the distance the asteroid will pass Earth. The 1990 observations of the object were found today in the Palomar Planet Crossing Asteroid Survey conducted at Caltech's Palomar Observatory, by JPL's Eleanor Helin and Ken Lawrence and by Brian Roman, formerly of JPL.

"Even prior to the discovery of the earlier Palomar observations, however, Yeomans and Chodas had determined that the impact probability would be zero. The new calculations further underscore that conclusion, they said."

So what was the truth about Asteroid 1997FX-11? Would 1997FX-11 collide with Earth, causing perhaps untold damage to our civilization? Or were reports of 1997FX-11 a false alarm, there being no scientific probability that cataclysmic Earth changes would result?

Being the curious type when it comes to Earth changes, I e-mailed Dr. Chodas at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

"Dear Brian G. Marsden & Dr. Donald K. Yeomans -

"We would very much appreciate clarification as to the two statements, re: 1997XF11 on:

"Dr. Marsden's is dated March 11, 1998 and indicates that this body may come within moon's orbit of Earth in 2028.

"Another NASA-JPL statement, dated March 12, 1998, indicates that 1997XF11 will come within 600,000 of Earth, with no possibility of collision.

"Which statement is operative? Or are both operative, with Dr. Marsden's the minority opinion?"

Dr. Chodas wrote me back. The mystery was no mystery at all.


On March 12, 1998, calculations had become available for the first time, which assured that there was virtually no chance of mega-collision between FX-11 and Earth.

"Using the data available on March 11, 1998, there was a 'possibility' that 1997 XF11 would come within one lunar distance of the Earth in 2028, and Dr. Marsden's statement of that day announced this result.


Our calculations confirmed Dr. Marsden's result, but we did not agree that passage within this distance was "virtually certain", as Dr. Marsden stated. Our calculations performed that day indicated further that there was virtually *no chance* that the asteroid would hit the Earth, which was in disagreement with the implication in Dr. Marsden's statement that an impact was a distinct possibility.

"On March 12, new data became available which allowed much more precise calculations of the orbital trajectory. Using this data, Dr. Yeomans and I determined that the asteroid would pass the Earth at the comfortable distance of about 600,000 miles in 2028, and we issued a statement which stated this result.


Dr. Marsden arrived at essentially the same conclusion that day. All new data since March 12 confirms the 600,000 mile miss distance, and all parties now agree that there is virtually no chance that the asteroid will collide with Earth in 2028.

"Paul Chodas"

I have no quarrel with the prediction that 1997FX –11 will probably not collide with Earth.


It may not create our first cataclysmic collision in possibly 65 million years, our modern K-T event. However, there are symbolic parallels between the K-T event causing extinction of the dinosaurs and the 1997FX-11, a potential extinction challenge for humans. But in the absence of other data, I take scientists’ word for it that Earth and 1997FX-11 will not collide.

I am saying that the curious case of 1997FX-11 teaches us many things about the possibility of cataclysmic Earth changes in our era. 1997FX-11 is a scientific "close call". We learn, then, that cataclysmic Earth changes are indeed possible.

With just a few changes in trajectory, FX-11 could have become our modern day version of the K-T event, notwithstanding 1997FX-11 was 1/6 the size of the K-T meteor. Dinosaurs did not have polluting nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, and vulnerable coastal human settlements as we humans do now - with the accompanying consequential damages. Of course we would have had to try various science fiction, questionable alternatives to avoid the cataclysm of 1997FX-11 - like nuclear warheads aimed at the meteorite.

We also learn that even where a cataclysmic Earth collision threatens, reasonable scientific minds can differ as to large cosmic and Earth events, such as 1997FX-11. The predictive capabilities of the Earth sciences are developing.

There is, however, a large margin of error in the Earth sciences as to predicting and evaluating large-scale events. In the case of 1997FX-11, the meteor’s size was estimated at 1/6th the size of the meteor that had extincted the dinosaurs; the potential effects of an Earth collision could be cataclysmic. Yet we had no stable scientific prediction as to 1997FX-11’s trajectory for several months.

An underlying premise of the Age of Cataclysm has been vindicated by events in the intervening years - specifically by the 1997FX-11 scare.


The over-all significance of the 1997FX-11 episode: sudden and unexpected cataclysmic Earth Changes cannot be ruled out. And the Earth sciences may not necessarily currently possess the predictive technology to let us know with certainty when and where specific potential cataclysmic Earth changes may take place.


Well, if cataclysmic Earth changes have happened in the distant past and can happen at any time in the near or distant future, let’s address a second core premise of our original vision.

  • Will cataclysmic Earth changes happen in our era and, if so, when?

  • And, what if the triggers for cataclysmic Earth changes do not lie in collisions with celestial bodies, which astronomical science can predict so well?

  • What if the trigger for cataclysmic Earth changes is a hyper-secret weapons system that can throw the ionosphere and plate tectonics of the Earth into imbalance?

In the case of environmental weapons, because the very triggers of Earth changes are military secrets, it could well be that the Earth sciences would be totally incapable of predicting changes.


Earth scientists are by and large totally ignorant of these systems. A few have evaluated environmental weapons’ effect on the ecology of Earth. Many of these scientists are open-minded. Others are consultants employed by the military, and have already engaged in the cover-up of their effects on the ionosphere and associated Earth systems.

Earth science did, in fact, make a bone fide attempt to predict the danger of cataclysm in the 1997FX-11 episode. It may not be an unbiased intervention, however, on their part, to evaluate Earth changes triggered by environmental weapons.

Earth sciences research projects in the United States of America are largely funded by US government agencies. It is unlikely that Earth sciences research that could potentially cripple an entire new generation of secret strategic weapons will be meaningfully funded.


The influential Washington Post, as recently as 1998, continued to report on the HAARP weapons system, under its military disinformation cover story, that HAARP was only a research project on the Aurora Borealis.

The short-term picture does not look very good that the Earth sciences establishment: unless it is mobilized and reconstructed with an awareness of Environmental warfare, it will not be able to come to our aid and evaluate the risk of Earth changes triggered by global war with electromagnetic weapons.

And what if the over-all electromagnetic field predisposing cataclysmic Earth changes is caused by a cyclical reversal of the Sun’s magnetic field, based on a galactic activity cycle that is 26,000 years long?

The Earth sciences do not yet know how to evaluate such a possibility.

That knowledge is now found within the Mayan calendar and other advanced tools of ancient civilizations which based their science not on the Sun, but on the Galaxy. Earth sciences have only a rudimentary understanding of the galactic density waves that are responsible, for example, for the creation of our Sun. Science is no where near the sophisticated understanding of the cyclically based behavior of Galactic beam-waves that the Maya evidently had.

The supportive evidence for coming Earth changes in my original vision was sourced not only in the Earth sciences, but also in the science of consciousness and parapsychology.

The original vision documented the Earth sciences trends and potential for destructive earthquakes, tsunami, and volcanic eruption destroying or damaging human settlements around the world. Since the original vision, the science of earthquake prediction has improved; we now know that active faults still threaten densely populated areas of the world, all along active tectonic plates.

With increased seismicity and vulnerable urbanization in earthquake-prone regions, major earthquakes could catastrophically destroy cities in China, Japan, and South America, the western and eastern United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. Moreover, known high risk, seismic areas that experience earthquakes could result in the damage or destruction of nuclear weapons facilities or nuclear power plants; releasing radioactivity into the air and escalating into even higher levels of catastrophe.


Risk assessments of these scenarios have been made within the confines of the Earth sciences, and environmental impact assessments.

But somehow, these possible catastrophes, each destructive to human life, families, dwellings, economies, and each predictable by the Earth sciences, do not seem cataclysmic i.e., Earth Changes of a species order of magnitude, affecting the future of the human species itself.

So where did the Age of Cataclysm look for its evidence that cataclysmic Earth changes could occur in our lifetimes?

The original vision sourced information from the then emerging science of parapsychology, paraphysics, and consciousness. The intervening years have deepened our understanding of the nature of human consciousness. Reality is provably multi-dimensional and one can accurately know things outside of the three-dimensional world we perceive with our senses.


Some recent scientific models hold that humans subconsciously and psychically continually scan for information from the future and the past. Those humans who have a provable and reliable access to information about the future or the past we call "psychics." Psychics have the ability of precognition, or knowing of events before they occur in our dimension of time.

The vision of cataclysmic Earth changes was based, in part, on predictions made by psychics who had a high track record for accurate predictions in other realms, such as healing or politics.

The principal psychic used was Edgar Cayce, who left behind a detailed set of predictions about Earth changes. Cayce envisioned an era of cataclysmic Earth changes many of which he specifically predicts. Each of the predicted changes is plausible scientifically. The order of magnitude of the predicted changes is what is startling and puzzling.

On the North American continent, Cayce predicts the destruction of cities on the West Coast (Los Angeles and San Francisco), and the emptying of the Great Lakes into the Gulf of Mississippi, and the destruction of New York. In Asia, he predicts the falling of Japan into the ocean, and the dispersal of its population. In Europe he predicts that England will largely likewise be submerged by the sea, and that earthquakes will destroy Northern Europe.


As a culmination, Cayce predicts that the Earth will turn on its axis, so that formerly frigid areas are tropical.

Each of these predictions is seismically and geologically plausible; and comparable Earth changes of this magnitude have happened in the past. What has remained a puzzle is what causes these cataclysmic events, and when might they occur.

Would cataclysm be brought on a sudden, unexpected meteor, like 1997FX-11, on a collision course with Earth? Well, it appears that a possible close collision by a meteor in 2028 has been averted. Barring changes, the meteor will pass more than 600,000 miles from Earth, twice the distance to our moon.

Would cataclysm be caused by a sudden massive change in the tectonic plates, brought on by processes within the Earth system itself? There is no scientific indication now that such a massive shift within the Earth is in the making; one of such magnitude as to swing Earth’s tectonic plates as to imbalance the Earth so that it would shift on its very axis.

Where does this leave the vision of a coming age of cataclysm?

What if we were to look for the cause of possible Earth changes, not in nature, but in mankind itself? What if mankind, through some perversion of technology, could accidentally or intentionally destroy a crucial balance of the ecology and set into motion the very Earth changes that would destroy human civilization?
As we now can surmise, the forces of nature may not at all trigger the coming Earth changes. The Earth changes may be caused by the technology of mankind itself.

Once again, let us state the answer to the puzzle of psychic prophecy of Earth changes.


The answer to the puzzle: Coming Earth changes may be triggered by a human misuse of technology. Edgar Cayce and the other psychics who foresaw an era of cataclysmic Earth changes were telling us of changes that are brought about by a misapplication of human technology, not by the triggering processes of the Earth itself or meteors on a collision course with Earth.

The psychics and the prophets were generally looking at outcomes - earthquakes and Earth changes - and not at causes - Environmental weapons.

If mankind itself is the cause of coming Earth changes, we can expect to find further insight and confirmation of this possibility, as before, both from the Earth sciences and from realm of precognition. This new insight and information was not available to the original vision, and only came into being in the 1990s.

Yet the new information provides a crucial piece in understanding why, how and when Earth changes may occur in our era.

So let’s proceed to evaluate the possible environmental impacts of a new generation of secret electromagnetic (EM) strategic weapons. Environmental weapons, now replacing nuclear arsenals as the weapons systems of the future, if misapplied, may be the trigger of the process of cataclysmic Earth changes.

Electromagnetic weapons are based upon creating charged electromagnetic energy, of varying frequencies according to use, and directing onto a target of choice. Some of the early weapons systems have use extremely low frequency (ELF) waves, and have been used for population control at a distance.

The Woodpecker series of ELF weapons programs by the former Soviet Union in the 1970s directed ELF waves at key brain-wave rhythms at US West Coast cities such as Eugene, Oregon, with the objectives of inducing mind-altering fear or ill health effects in the population.

Since then, these tactical electromagnetic weapons have grown into strategic weapons systems, capable of monitoring global missile activity; inducing population control in continent-size areas, and causing destructive effects against an enemy target ultimately at the scale of nuclear weapons. Electromagnetic weapons systems are becoming the strategic weapon of the future, replacing nuclear weapons for a number of perceived reasons.


All major players on the global weapons scene are developing environmental weapons systems. Weapons systems are developed either by individual nations, or by cooperatives of nations.

One prominent electromagnetic weapons system of the US is HAARP (for High-frequency Active Aural Research Project), located in a remote region of Alaska. Started under official cover as "a study of the aurora borealis," HAARP is, in fact, a secret attempt to make the ionosphere into a strategic weapon itself. The results could be cataclysmic.

HAARP is intended to super-heat the ionosphere by using impulses of electromagnetic energy. The concept is to turn the ionosphere, a 600-mile thick band of electrons surrounding the Earth, into a global antenna for detecting missile and other hostile activity anywhere on Earth. According to some critics, HAARP can also be used as a global population control weapon, directing electromagnetic impulses at target population on certain brain-wave frequencies to induce fear, apathy, and other mind-states.

Environmental impact and Earth sciences analysis of HAARP indicates that this weapon system may set off the very sort of processes in the delicate atmospheric and magnetic ecology of the Earth that could induce large-scale Earth changes.


These include super-heating of the ionosphere and consequent twisting and distortion of electromagnetic fields surrounding the Earth. The twisting of Earth’s electromagnetic fields may induce a tilt in the surface Earth tectonic processes, inducing tectonic shifts and earthquakes. The electromagnetic energy could also induce resonant frequencies in the upper Earth, triggering earthquakes.

Although HAARP is, as the 20th century closes, in its development and testing stages, in some ways, HAARP is like the Manhattan Project undertaken by the Allies in World War II to develop nuclear weapons. HAARP has been undertaken in extreme secrecy, in the name of future security. The difference between the two is that the secrecy around HAARP is designed to keep the world’s populations ignorant of the next generation of weapons.


For if world public opinion were to know of the drastic consequences of a war fought with electromagnetic weapons, it is likely that the same grass-roots forces which threw cruise missiles out of Europe would stop HAARP as well.

There is a core body of precognitive material that solidly links mankind’s use of electromagnetic weapons to coming Earth changes. Both the paranormal and the Earth sciences support an analysis that the new generation of electromagnetic weapons may cause large scale and cataclysmic Earth changes.

The precognitive material in question is derived from the quatrains of Michel de Notredame (1503-1566), known as Nostradamus. An erudite, complex, man who lived his adult life as adviser and physician to the King and Queen of France, Nostradamus composed a series of prophetic quatrains. These quatrains were often couched in coded language in order to avoid the censorship of the Inquisition, of which he was a target.


The quatrains were expressions of precognitive visions Nostradamus had in his private study. Some of the quatrains are remarkable, as when he actually names Louis Pasteur, his accomplishments, and subsequent discrediting several hundred years before Pasteur’s birth.

The focus of Nostradamus’ quatrains is principally his precognition of human politics, power and war. One whole section of the quatrains relates to the Twentieth Century. Certain quatrains may foretell the rise of Adolph Hitler, whom he refers to as the "second antichrist", or global totalitarian leader. Other quatrains psychically predict the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, referred to as the "first antichrist".


These quatrains also foretell a period of Earth changes and war in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, referred to as the "times of trouble."

In one remarkable, psychically channeled interpretation of the Nostradamus quatrains, the channeled entity is allegedly Nostradamus himself, amplifying on the inner meanings of his own prophecies. The interpretation emphasizes that the times of trouble are to occupy roughly the first three decades of the twenty-first century, and may be characterized by social unrest, famine, mass death, and global warfare by sides battling for and against a "third antichrist." This interpretation appears to be consistent with Nostradamus quatrains.

The times of trouble may also be, according to the quatrains, a time of cataclysmic Earth changes, in which the map of the globe will hardly be recognizable by those of us alive now.

In almost each and every instance of a quatrain that relates to Earth changes, Nostradamus indicates new and terrible weapons, and the miscalculations as to the impact on the environment that they will bring about.

Time appears to be a component of varying accuracy in psychically predicted Earth events. For example, some of the dates which psychic Edgar Cayce assigns to major Earth changes have already passed. One useful hypothesis is to think in terms of generations of twenty-five years or so, rather than specific years.

In this sense, the generation which experiences the times of trouble Nostradamus foresees corresponds roughly in time and magnitude with the period of Earth changes described by Edgar Cayce. Both describe New York being destroyed in a war. Both Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce describe the same magnitude of cataclysmic Earth changes as one outcome of this period.

While Edgar Cayce does not specify what the cause of Earth changes will be, Nostradamus does. It is the effect of new and terrible weapons that trigger the Earth changes. The Earth sciences critique of electromagnetic weapons including HAARP shows that operation of the weapons may trigger large-scale Earth changes.

Does science and psychic prediction converge in Earth changes triggered by environmental weapons?

Both public interest science and psychic prediction may telling us that, if Environmental weapons are deployed in global, anti-population wars, cataclysmic Earth changes may be triggered, and effect the future of the human species as a whole.

The Nostradamus quatrains also may have an underlying positive message. The message is that humanity can actually choose the future it wants. We can choose as a species to have a suicidal global war. By the same token, we can choose an alternative future. We can stop electromagnetic weapons; we can engender the grass-roots support against war and conflict; we can bypass a suicidal stage of warfare among mankind.

In a way, the Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus precognitions of Earth changes and global conflict function as a warning, of a future that could come if mankind does not shift away from conflict to a consciousness of the oneness of creation.

What we are beginning to learn here bears repeating, because it may be cognitively dissonant to what one normally hears, in public policy circles, in psychic circles, in media, even in military circles.

Coming Earth changes may be avoided by stopping the development and use of electromagnetic weapons. Or, as a positivist would say, if we develop and use environmental weapons, we may trigger Earth changes, and this must be avoided.

Halting Environmental weapons, and forestalling Earth changes, means raising grass-roots consciousness of the consequences of global Environmental warfare. Stopping the development and use of electromagnetic weapons will require holding public and military decision-makers accountable.

There are inexorable forces of nature at work, which in the end may moot these attempted interventions by human military organizations to make war utilizing the Earth’s basic bio-systems as weapons. Surprise! Starting in the time-window of 1998-2001, the Earth is coming into alignment with the core of the Galaxy - the center of its giant spiral arms.


The Galactic core is a pulsating electromagnetic for the organism that is the Milky Way galaxy, dominating it in the same manner as our Sun dominates our solar system.

This galactic alignment is a prelude to Mayan end-cycle due to occur in a time-window around December 22, 2012 AD. For the first time in 26,000 years Earth now moves into the electromagnetic energy fields of the galactic beam-waves. It was these galactic beams that gave birth to our Sun 4.55 billion years ago. The same Galactic beams may trigger gross disturbances or a reversal of the Sun’s magnetic fields.


In turn, these magnetic disturbances on the Sun may twist and distort the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, causing a tilt of the Earth’s surface and tectonic plates - and cataclysmic Earth changes.

The prophesized Mayan age of Earth changes and of new cosmic consciousness may start, imploding the very structure of a war-fixated human civilization.


Chapter Two - Parapsychology and Earth Sciences

Let’s get grounded now.


Grounded in our understanding of the delicate balances that hold together the interactive bands of atmosphere and moving surfaces of our planet. The same scientific insights that developed electromagnetic weapons also tell how environmental weapons might throw our Earth out of kilter.

I am not an Earth scientist, but perhaps the ability to create and manipulate chains of logic is common both to generic analytical thinking and the science of our planet. Or maybe systems thinking trains the mind in the marshalling of arguments, the creation of legal briefs in the guise of scientific argument. I tell myself I am carrying forward in a classic tradition, rushing in where your ordinary geologist or seismologist might fear to tread.

Earth science is really all about systems thinking. Think of the Earth as a single system, a functioning spaceship carrying us round and round in space, and it will be easier for your mind. Just like a spaceship, each Earth system - atmosphere, tectonic plates, magnetic bands - interacts and depends upon the other.

It used to be scientific gospel, back in Sir Charles Lyell’s time (a father of modern geology who lived in 1797-1875), that Earth was so large and geologic evolution so gradual that Earth cataclysm never took place. That gospel is no longer held to be scientific truth. Now we have come to accept that geologic cataclysm has happened and may happen in the future.

Not only that, modern Earth sciences have even gotten into the cosmic cause-and-effect game. Case in point - the apparent correlation between storms on the surface of the Sun, and wars, accidents, revolutions, and earthquakes on Earth. Case in point - how drilling oil wells and detonating underground atomic bombs has apparently caused earthquakes. Case in point - how weather modification caused by electromagnetic fields have apparently triggered earthquakes.

Yes, changes in any one part of the Earth system can yield changes in another part of the system; changes that may be way out of line compared to the magnitude of the original cause. If one abuses the control systems of a spaceship, conceivably the spaceship could become terminally unstable and be lost, along with all its crew.

This spaceship example is an analogy of the abuse that electromagnetic weapons work on the control systems of our spaceship Earth.

Worst case scenario?


Electromagnetic energy of environmental weapons systems twists and distorts the ionosphere and electromagnetic fields of the Earth. In turn, the Earth surface structures tilt, causing thrusting pressure onto the massive tectonic plates on the Earth’s surface. The moving jigsaw puzzle of tectonic plates becomes unstable. Earthquakes occur, and in the extreme case, entire landmasses shift upward and downward into the oceans. A "new", devastated Earth comes into being.

Why do we not hear about this more in the public discourse?

That’s not an easy question to answer.

A complete answer involves taking your mind simultaneously into areas that the mind normally does not visit simultaneously:

  • modern Earth science

  • psychic prediction

  • traditional prophecy

  • public interest counter-intelligence

  • military weapons development

  • extraterrestrial intelligence

If any one’s mind should understandably balk at the surface weirdness of this exercise, please know that the counter-evolutionary forces of Earth do monitor and visit all of these disciplines and more.


That is to develop an understanding and perpetrate the misunderstandings necessary to maintain what appears to be a state of permanent planetary war.

Over the last several decades, the Earth sciences have developed our comprehension of Earth dynamics. This is particularly true as regards to the emerging science of earthquake prediction, and plate tectonics - how movements in the large tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s surface cause earthquakes.

The revolution in the Earth sciences is comparable to the revolution in quantum physics earlier this century. Science has now developed models of the Earth’s behavior that permit the analysis of Earth’s cycles over geologic ages, as well as the prediction of future Earth events and trends.

Earth sciences have furthered our knowledge of the workings of plate tectonics. Plate tectonics recognizes that the surface of the Earth is composed of twenty or so large inverted curved plates, causing the continents to drift and the ocean floors to constantly renew themselves. The science of plate tectonics has led to the integration of Earth science sub-groups which were formerly independent disciplines: catastrophic geology, geophysics, paleontology, geochemistry, hydrology, geodesy, oceanography, geography, and seismology.

Plate tectonic theory provides strong evidence of a single relatively recent landmass composed of South America, Africa, India, Australia, and Antarctica.


The primitive continent - known as Gondwanaland - existed as recently as 150 million years ago, these modern continents fitting together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Eventually, with the breakup of Gondwanaland into five drifting continents, came the formation of mountain ranges and land bridges. The Himalayas, for example, are thought to be the result of a collision of the Indian subcontinent - then drifting eastward on a single tectonic plate - with Asia.

Plate tectonic theory has restructured our views about how the Earth’s landmasses and oceans developed, and about the evolution and migration of numerous forms of plant and animal life. Importantly, the study of plate tectonics has given us a deeper understanding of the origins and mechanisms of earthquakes - potentially the most catastrophic of Earth disturbances.

Changes in the Earth’s inner dynamics and in its climate systems are, the Earth sciences tell us, the product of vast and continual interactions among natural forces. The forces include major celestial bodies - the Sun, the Moon, and the planets - that in their shifting juxtapositions exert strains on the Earth’s mass, its ocean, and its atmosphere.

Within the sphere formed by the Earth and its atmosphere, there is also continual interplay. Tectonic plates on the surface of the Earth shift and cause strain to build within the mass of the Earth. This strain seeks outlet, expending itself as earthquake or volcanic eruption. Volcanic eruptions can, in turn, spew vast quantities of dust into the atmosphere, cloaking the light of the Sun and causing climatic distortion, and create large areas of drought or flood about the surface of the Earth.

Earthquakes have historically been among the most devastating levelers of humankind and its settlements. The losses in Asian Earthquakes, some occurring long before industrial society, are legendary:

  • 830,000 dead in Shensi, China in 1556

  • 300,000 dead in Calcutta, India in 1737

  • 180,000 dead in Kansu, China in 1920

  • 143,000 dead in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan in 1923

Other regions have also suffered devastation in major Earthquakes:

  • 60,000 dead in Lisbon, Portugal in 1755

  • 75,000 dead in Messina, Italy in 1908

  • 66,794 dead in Huaraz, Peru in 1970

In North America, the United States has experienced a number of major earthquakes in the course of the past 300 years.


Some major earthquakes have occurred in the Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast, not areas normally associated with earthquakes. In 1663, an earthquake felt over two million square miles, occurred in the New York-St. Lawrence area. Major earthquakes occurred in Boston, Massachusetts in 1755; along the Mississippi valley in 1811 and 1812; at Charleston, South Carolina in 1886. In the seismically active West, major earthquakes occurred in California in 1857, 1872, and 1906.

With the exception of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, the United States has been fortunate in escaping major death tolls from earthquakes. Major earthquakes have taken place in the sparsely settled areas of the last two centuries, and at times of day that minimized danger to human lives. Were the same geographic areas to experience major earthquakes today, the loss to human life and property could well be catastrophic.

Although its dominant theories trace their origins to classical Greece, seismology - the study of earthquakes - is a relatively young science. With the introduction of quantitative methods, seismology has concentrated on understanding the mechanisms of earthquakes, and on development of reliable earthquake prediction.

Most natural earthquakes find their source in the accumulation of strain in the Earth’s interior. This strain is the result of the slow convective movement of the massive tectonic plates covering its surface. Earthquakes may be caused by dilatancy - massive cracking of interior rock within the Earth in response to the accumulation of tectonic strain. The energy release by an earthquake reflects an abrupt easing of accumulated strain. Shear waves within the Earth and compression waves along the surface of the Earth accompany the earthquake.

The processes building up to an earthquake may take centuries. There are identifiable precursors on which modern earthquake prediction models are based.

Some of the models focus on dilatancy - the network of cracking in subterranean rock which appears well before the triggering of an earthquake.

The precursory period before an earthquake is accompanied by a number of observable changes in several phenomena that accompany dilatancy. There are specific deformations in the tilt of the Earth’s surface; increases in the electrical conductivity of the ground, and marked changes in the chemical composition of ground water in an earthquake area. Other seismic indicators - the velocity of local Earth waves, the level of subliminal trembling of the Earth, the configuration of interior Earth stresses - follow measurable patterns prior to an earthquake.

Together these factors can give a relatively precise indication of the time and intensity of a coming earthquake. Generally, the greater the magnitude of a coming earthquake, the larger the warning time for the earthquake. A minor earthquake may be known days or weeks in advance. A major earthquake may be predicted years in advance, within a range of time.


The earthquake prediction techniques are far from perfected. In a retroactive application of the prediction technique, scientists found that they could have successfully predicted the destructive 1971 San Fernando, California Earthquake three and a half years in advance, had the prediction method been available to them.

Most of the planet’s earthquakes are concentrated along a small number of belts corresponding roughly to the boundaries between the huge tectonic plates forming the surface of the Earth. The collisions and convective motions of tectonic plates give rise to the stresses producing earthquakes.


The largest of the seismic hot zones, the Circum-Pacific belt, includes the entire rim of the Pacific Ocean, from South America through Central America, western North America, to Japan and the Philippine Islands. Another major Earthquake belt cuts through the Himalayas and the Mediterranean to the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean. A third Earthquake belt cuts through the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to the Antarctic and around the southern tip of Africa into the Indian Ocean.

Many of the countries along the seismic belts are highly vulnerable to major earthquakes. Japan, for example, lies at the boundary of two massive tectonic plates, one of which is being thrust under the other. The entire country is crisscrossed with active earthquake faults. Most of the landmasses along the Circum-Pacific are similarly vulnerable to major earthquake activity, from South America up through Central America and the western coast of North America (the United States, Canada, and Alaska).


Of particular concern is a possible future catastrophic earthquake in California.

The exact time, duration and intensity of large-scale earthquakes, such as a future catastrophic California Earthquake are not yet predictable. Some estimates of the possible impact of such a catastrophic earthquake have run as high as 1,000,000 dead, if the earthquake were to originate between San Francisco and Los Angeles and devastate both cities. Other estimates foresee the possible loss of human life at between 10,360 and 100,000 dead.

Deep-focus earthquakes tend to strike the interior of a landmass or nation.

For example, the major earthquakes that have historically occurred in the eastern part of the United States are thought to be caused by strain accumulated along the junction of the Pacific Ocean plate and the North American plate. Increased strain in the faults along the coast of California in turn may tend to aggravate inner Earth strains in the eastern United States.

A standard seismic risk map of the United States lists the following states as areas of maximum seismic risk and vulnerability to earthquake

  • West: California, Nevada, northwest Washington State

  • Central:

    • Area 1 - Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah

    • Area 2 - Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and Kentucky

  • East: Charleston, SC; Boston, Mass; and the New York-St. Lawrence area.

One assessment concludes that the potential for damage to property and loss of life is as great in the eastern United States, as on its West Coast.


The crust of the landmass of the eastern United States is relatively rigid. Earthquakes of a high magnitude would be felt over a wider area than along its western coast, where the Earth’s crust is heavily fractured.

For example,

  • In the eastern North American land mass, the St. Lawrence Earthquake of 1663 (Mercalli intensity 12) was felt all over eastern Canada and northeastern United States.

  • The Canadian Earthquake of 1870 (Mercalli intensity 8) was felt over 1,000,000 square miles.

  • The Missouri Earthquake of 1811 (Mercalli intensity 12) was felt over an area of 2,000,000 square miles.

  • The Charleston, SC Earthquake of 1886 (Mercalli intensity 10) was felt over the area of 2,000,000 square miles.

  • By contrast, the largest western Earthquake, the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 (Mercalli intensity 11) was felt over 375,000 miles.

Earth sciences have also taught us much about volcanoes.


The amount of energy released in a single large volcanic eruption is staggering. The 1983 Krakatua eruption in the South Pacific released approximately 10 to the 25th ergs of energy, more than the average total energy released by all earthquakes around the globe in a single year, spewing volcanic dust into the atmosphere. A fourfold increase in the present concentration of volcanic dust in the atmosphere could decrease temperatures by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, and could bring about an Ice Age if concentrations persisted for a number of years.

One major finding is that volcanic activity appears to have a substantial effect on the Earth’s climate. In past epochs, major shifts in climate have been the result of volcanic dust speed into the atmosphere by volcanic eruptions. One alternative theory for the K-T extinction event 65 million years ago is that high volcanic activity brought about a greenhouse effect on the planet, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Volcanic eruptions spew large amounts of dust into the upper atmosphere. The dust enters a network of atmospheric wind current, and is distributed around the Earth. These dust particles in turn act as a screen reflecting incoming sunlight back into space, lowering the average temperature of the Earth. As the dust particles gradually drift to the surface of the Earth, they tend to seed rainfall in the process.

Do the Earth sciences give any evidence that cataclysmic Earth changes may be upon us?


Twenty-five years ago, my original cataclysmic vision concluded that the Earth was then experiencing an increase in major earthquakes and volcanic activity, itself often a precursor of earthquake. Examination of recent and current trends in Earthquakes and volcanic activity does not confirm evidence of cataclysmic earth changes - in the form of rising and subsiding landmasses, shifting Earth axes or magnetic pole reversals.

The irony is that this lack of evidence is not due to the advanced state of the Earth sciences. It is due, rather, to its blinders - science cannot begin to consider that galactic cycles and environmental warfare may be the cause of coming Earth changes, much less measure risk and vulnerability analysis.

There is mixed evidence to show that the Earth experienced an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity during the twelve-year period 1987-1998. The annual number of great or major earthquakes during these years was about the same as the average annual number of great or major earthquakes observed since 1900. If anything, the annual number of great and major earthquakes during 1987-1998 was probably lower than the century’s average.

Ominously, nuclear testing, with its release of highly charged electromagnetic energy into the atmosphere, may be a prime cause of increased seismic activity. Nuclear weapons, thus, can be considered an environmental weapon, and at least one country has tried tectonic (earthquake) warfare using nuclear weapons as the seismic trigger.

The seismic track record is mixed, as the twin causes of Earth changes - galactic solar activity and environmental weapons - are just coming into significant play as the 21st Century begins.

Now let’s look at the global frequency of earthquakes occurring since 1900. We have had an average of one great earthquake, of Richter 8.0 or higher, every year since 1900.


During the period 1987-1998, the Earth experienced an incidence of great earthquakes only two-thirds this large.


Likewise, we have had an average of 18 major earthquakes, of Richter 7.0 - 7.9, every year since 1900. During the twelve years 1987-1998, the Earth experienced 13.2 major earthquakes each year. Even the annual number of light earthquakes, Richter 4.0-4.9, experienced during 1987-1998 (5088) is lower than the annual average since 1900 (6200).

There have been devastating major earthquakes during this period, to be sure. One of these was the 1989 Earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area.

Next, let us examine the trends in earthquakes over longer cycles and periods of time. Perhaps we are on the verge of a major cycle of earthquakes or Earth changes that we cannot discern from a twelve year period, but which we can discover by going back into recorded earthquake history.

If we analyze earthquake magnitudes and earthquake trend data in each of the ten earthquake data bases published by the United States Geological Service and National Earthquake Information Service, it does not appear that cataclysmic Earth changes are likely to occur in our era.

Digging further, if we examine each of these historical earthquake databases, we do not find a significant increase in the number of earthquakes around the end of the Twentieth Century and the beginning of the Twenty-First Century as compared to other times. There may be larger cycles in the occurrence of earthquakes. Some cycles of earthquakes may, for example, be influenced or triggered by large-scale conjunctions of the planets and other celestial bodies. Cataclysmic earthquakes may have occurred in past geological time.

But from the Earth sciences evidence available to us, there is no indication that large-scale Earth changes may be upon us in the near term future.

Is this because cataclysmic Earth changes are not possible? No.


It is because the predictive model that modern Earth science uses is functionally blind to galactic cycles and to human interventions like environmental warfare that can trigger Earth events.

True, the Earth sciences may be forecasting a number of great earthquakes in the near-term future, which, if they occurred, could be catastrophic. The earthquake that comes to mind is the "Great Earthquake" expected sometime in the future in California. The Earth sciences know that this earthquake will probably occur.


The exact timing, location and magnitude are not known at present. This Great Earthquake may occur in the near term future; it may occur a century or more in the future.

While the Earth sciences do predict specific catastrophic earthquakes, the sciences do not predict cataclysmic Earth changes: disappearances of continents and nations under the sea; the Earth’s axis shifting. According to the Earth sciences, if future great earthquakes do occur, they may certainly be catastrophic if the worst case scenarios are played out. The Earth sciences do not predict a series of cataclysmic events, involving massive Earth changes.

Let us turn now to trends in volcanic eruptions. In past geological epochs, volcanic activity and a resulting greenhouse effect may have been responsible for large-scale species becoming extinct on the planet. There is no indication from the Earth sciences that Earth changes brought about by volcanic activity will occur on the planet in the near term future.

Let’s look at the record of major volcanic eruptions since 1500 AD. A trend analysis does not reveal imminent Earth changes brought about by increased volcanic activity. The casualties at the most recent deadly eruption were brought about by a failure of the central government of Colombia to warn the town of Nevado del Ruiz when it knew eruption was imminent.


Casualties at the other two recent eruptions, Mount St. Helens, Washington and Mount Pinatubo, Philippines were relatively low. The highest death toll, that caused by Mount Tambora in 1815, Indonesia, came about by starvation in the aftermath of the eruption.

We can also examine all volcanic eruptions of a Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) greater than 5.0 which have occurred in the last 10,000 years to see if some trend indicating coming Earth changes can be found.

In Europe, the last volcanic eruption of major magnitude was Vesuvius in 79 AD, which decimated Pompeii. In the South Pacific and Melanesia-Australia, the last major eruptions were in 1725 and 1905 on Samoa. In Indonesia, the last major eruption was in 1883, in Krakatau. In Japan, the last major eruption was in 1914. In the Philippines, the only major volcanic eruption in the last 10,000 years was Mt. Pinatubo.


In Russia, the last major volcanic eruption was in 1975. In North America, the last major eruption was in 1980, Mt. St. Helens, Washington. In Mexico, the last major eruption was in 1982 in El Chichon. In South America, the last major eruption was in Chile in 1991 at Cerro Hudson. In Iceland the last major eruption was in 1753.

From the data, there were two major volcanic eruptions on the planet in 1991 - Mt Pinatubo in the Philippines and Cerro Hudson in Chile. On a 10,000 year cycle, two 5.0 volcanic eruptions in a single year may be interpreted as a possible upturn in global volcanic activity, at least of major eruptions. There is no pattern in the record, which indicates we are on the verge of volcanism of cataclysmic proportions.

Why do not the Earth sciences forecast cataclysmic volcanism for the near term future? Because at least two potential causes of cataclysmic Earth changes brought about by volcanism are totally outside the universe of possible events considered by the Earth sciences. These potential causes are cyclical, violent galactic disruptions of the solar magnetic field, and human environmental warfare.

True again, the Earth sciences have forecast major volcanic eruptions that may have catastrophic consequences if they do occur. For example, there are premonitory signs that a volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy may well occur. Vesuvius’ erupting could cause catastrophic damage and death toll to Naples, whose suburbs have spread dangerously close to the volcano's slopes.

The volcanic eruptions forecast by Earth sciences, however, do not approach cataclysmic Earth changes in scale.

As we discussed, celestial bodies (termed "near Earth objects") have in past geologic cycles caused catastrophic Earth changes - asteroids, meteorites, or comets - colliding with Earth. The archetypal example may have been the K-T event, which may have been caused when an asteroid 6 miles across impacted in the southern Gulf of Mexico. We do not know if the K-T event, which resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs, was caused by asteroid impact, or volcanic activity and consequent greenhouse effect of the planet.

But no celestial collisions appear to be on the horizon now, though admittedly a dangerous near Earth object could be discovered at any moment. For a brief moment, it appeared that asteroid 1997 XF11, about a mile across, would come within 30,000 miles of the Earth’s center in the year 2028, raising the probability of a collision with Earth. Current scientific opinion holds, however, that there is "virtually" no chance of 1997FX-11 colliding with Earth.

Of course, the chances of Earth colliding with near Earth objects continue to be high and unpredictable. We have just seen how the Earth sciences do not show evidence of impending Earth changes on the planet.

So why should we be worried about cataclysmic Earth changes at all?

I do not mean the catastrophic natural disasters that are within the norm we have experienced over, say, the last 10,000 years. As to natural disasters we have come to normally expect, communities and governments in varying degrees support disaster preparedness and planning; emergency disaster relief; and the development of Earth sciences’ ability to predict Earthquake, volcanic, and tsunamis.

The Earth sciences inform us that we do not appear to be at the verge of cataclysmic Earth changes. Earth sciences predict only natural disasters along the norm we have historically experienced. These can have devastating social consequences if our infrastructure, our governments, and our social order are not prepared.

So where do we get the information that cataclysmic Earth changes may happen in our age?

We must repair to edge-of-the-envelope, out-of-the-box thinking about coming cataclysm.

For knowledge about possible Earth changes, we must go to the paranormal sciences - parapsychology and precognition. Specifically, we can examine sets of predictions about cataclysmic Earth changes made by psychics of proven accuracy.

Precognitive information is accurate information about future events which persons of psychic ability obtain other than by reason or sensory experience. Precognitive information about Earth changes has traditionally been shunned in modern Earth sciences and in public policy formulation. This oversight may be the result of social or personal taboos against psychic information; through ignorance that psychic knowledge about Earth changes even exists; or because scientists or policy makers assume psychic information to be unreliable.

The scientific validity of specific forms of paranormal phenomena is firmly established. Studies of precognition (knowledge about future events), psychokinesis (affecting physical object with the mind), and telepathy (mind to mind communication) have demonstrated the validity of each of these phenomena. Research in the field traces back to Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626), who was the first in Western science to devise experimental methods for testing paranormal cognition.


Prominent western scientists have devoted part of their work to the study of the paranormal:

  • Charcot and Richet

  • William James

  • Henri Bergson

  • Sigmund Freud

  • William McDougall

  • Paul Kammerer

  • Wolfgang Pauli

  • Carl Jung

There is no rational basis for the scientific taboo against data derived from paranormal sources.

Modern research on precognition involves the application of rigorous experimental methods, often by scientists with established reputations in other fields. One series of experiments involves a subject’s accurate prediction of future events whose occurrence is determined by the theoretically unpredictable decay of a radioactive strontium 90 particle.


In a series of 63,066 trials, three subjects made accurate predictions of theoretically unpredictable subatomic particles at a level above change of two billion to one. In a second series of 20,000 trials, three subjects made correct predictions of events that are unpredictable according to the law of physics, at a level of ten billion to one above chance. Experiments like the above are reported in scientific journals.

Other experimental research has focused on the personality factors that correlate closely with precognitive ability. In general, individuals who are less defensive about the output of their deeper subconscious exhibit a high degree of precognitive accuracy.


They are capable of meditation relaxation and stilling the mind. Subjects achieve high psychic capacity whose personality pattern most closely fits their ego ideal. One study of hundreds of persons found that the single group with the highest precognitive accuracy was made up of corporation presidents. Within this group, those that had doubled their companies’ profits within the last five years achieved the highest precognitive ability.

Two principles can be applied in evaluating the validity of predictions made by psychics outside of experimental conditions, such as those we just reviewed.

The first is the psychic’s track record. If a psychic’s other predictions have been factually verified, there is a higher probability that a psychic's specific precognition is valid. The second has to do with the psychic’s profile. If the psychic’s personality tends to be receptive and non-defensive, there is a significant increase in the accuracy of the psychic’s precognitive abilities.

There is a wide variation in the future context and type of information that psychics will access. Individuals vary widely in what they can predict accurately, and over what time frame. The Earth changes precognitions are from psychics who have a high degree of accuracy where verified, and whose predictions span long periods of time.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) fits many of the profile characteristics of a high psychic.


He was a professional psychic who spent his young adulthood as a salesman and photographer in the United States. His adult reading was largely limited to daily passages from bible. By all historical accounts, Cayce was a gentle, selfless, and well-adjusted man, devoted to his family and to a life of quiet meditation.

During the last forty-three years of his life, Cayce gave a prolific number of psychic trance readings, which included extensive medical diagnoses and treatments, historical and scientific readings, and predictions about the future.

By the time of his death, he had accumulated over 14,000 readings, approximately 9000 of which, were medical diagnoses and treatments of patients who sought out his aid, and most of whom he never met in person.

In his psychic readings, Cayce maintained a deep meditative trance, during which he would answer questions about the health of a patient requesting a diagnosis, or a person requesting personal or historical information.

Edgar Cayce possessed a high degree of psychic capacity. He exhibited a remarkable rate of factual accuracy in areas subject to easy verification. The overwhelming majority of his medical readings are factually accurate. While in trance, he was capable of handling a reading in foreign languages he did not understand in his waking state.

Cayce clairvoyantly detected errors that his stenographer made in writing down his readings, and corrected them while in trance. In a typical psychic reading, Cayce was given only the name and address of the patient or querent, and he would proceed to describe accurately many details of the persons medical condition, history, personality, circumstances, and future. He was able to exert considerable telepathic influence over the decisions of other persons, a capacity that he used as little as possible.

Cayce’s record of accurate diagnosis and treatment in his medical psychic readings is high, where verifiable. Documented cases of Cayce’s medical inaccuracy have been correlated his failure to maintain a positive, non-defensive attitude toward his patient.

Cayce’s scientific readings include psychic descriptions of geology and Earth processes that were not in accord with the Earth sciences of the times. Recent developments in geology have tended to render Cayce’s geological readings accurate.

Cayce’s historical psychic readings are truly prescient.


One 1937 reading includes a discussion of the Essene community along the Dead Sea during the period 300 BC to 100 AD. The reading predates the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls in 1947, which provided the first historical record of the Essene people.

In the course of his career, Cayce gave a total of sixty-five Earth event readings concerning past and future geological events. Approximately fifty Earth event readings deal with past events in the Earth’s history, covering Earth events as early as the Pliocene era (10,000,000 BC).

Fifteen of the Cayce Earth event readings concern predictions of future cataclysmic Earth changes, following a premonitory period from 1958 to 2001. The Earth changes presented in the Cayce readings are radically different from the Earth event trends predicted for the near term future by the Earth sciences.

One geologist has written that past geological events described by the Cayce readings have been rendered more probable by the revolution in the Earth sciences.

"Most of the readings on pre-historical subjects were given in the 1920s and 30s and all were on file before 1945. It is thus clear that the majority of the psychic statements antedate all of the striking discoveries made by such youth fields of scientific endeavor as deep-sea research, paleomagnetic research, and research on the absolute age of geologic materials.


Whereas the results of recent research sometimes modify, or even overthrow, important concepts of geology, they often have the opposite effect, in relation to the [Cayce] psychic readings, in that they tend to render them more probable."

The Cayce Earth changes predictions were given in the 1930s and 40s, toward the latter part of his career, and are a minor segment of his total work.


Cayce’s Earth event predictions are given while in trance, and are stenographically recorded. The predictions appear interspersed with other material not related to Earth changes.

The Earth changes predictions themselves are of a general nature, outlining the dimensions and location of predicted Earth events. One doorway event is predicted to occur at a specific time. Some predicted Earth events are conditional upon the occurrence of other events. The period that could ultimately bring about cataclysmic events is predicted to begin during the time-window 1958-1998, and accelerate, beginning in 2001. These Earth changes, when they do occur, would culminate in a shift of the axis of the Earth.

The doorway event Cayce predicted to occur at a specific time appears to have happened.


Cayce predicted the discovery in 1968 or 1969 in Bimini, Bahamas, of artifacts of Atlantis, an advanced civilization destroyed in a series of Earth changes culminating about 10,000 BC. In fact, a 1969 archeological expedition to Bimini guided by the Cayce predictions discovered the ruins of ancient temple structures corresponding to the ancient civilization, presumably part of Atlantis. The ruins were lying in relatively shallow waters.

We can now examine the specific transcripts of the Cayce Earth changes predictions, given in trance readings in 1932, 1934, 1936, and 1941.

1. April 9, 1932:
QUESTION: How soon will the changes in the Earth’s activity begin to be apparent?

CAYCE: When there the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea (that’s South Pacific to be sure), and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that’s almost opposite same, or in the Mediterranean, and the Aetna area, then we may know it has begun.

QUESTION: How long before this will begin?

CAYCE: The indications are that some of these have already begun, yet others would say these are only temporary. We would say they have begun. ’36 will see the greater changes apparent, to be sure.

QUESTION: Will there be any physical changes in the Earth’s surface in North America? If so, what sections will be affected, and how?

CAYCE: All over the country, we will find many changes in the Earth’s surface of a minor or greater degree. The greater change, as we will find, in America, will be the North Atlantic Seaboard. Watch New York! Connecticut and the like.

QUESTION: When will this be?

CAYCE: In this period. As to just when….

QUESTION: What, if any changes will take place around Norfolk area, Va.?

CAYCE: No material, that would be effective to the area, other than would eventually become more beneficial - in a port and the like.

2. January 19, 1934:
CAYCE: The Earth will be broken up in many places. The early portion will see a change in the physical aspect of the West Coast of America. There will be open waters appear in the northern portions of Greenland.


There will be new lands seen off the Caribbean Sea, and dry land will appear….South America shall be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end, and in the Antarctic off of Tierra del Fuego, land, and a strait with rushing waters.

3. January 19, 1934:
CAYCE: As to the changes physical again: The Earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portions of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the East Coast of America.


There will be upheavals in the arctic and Antarctic that will make for the eruptions of volcanoes in the Torrid areas, and there will be the shifting then of the poles - so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semitropical will become the more tropical and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in ’58 to ’98.

4. August 13, 1941:
CAYCE: As to the conditions in the geography of the world, of the country - changes here are gradually coming about. No wonder, then, that the entity feels the need, the necessity for change of central location.


For many portions of the East Coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the West Coast, as well as the central portion of the U.S. In the next few years lands will appear in the Atlantic as well as the Pacific. And what is the coastline now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean. Even many of the battlefields of the present [August, 1941] will be ocean, will be the seas, the bays, the lands over which the new order will carry on their trade with one another.

Portions of the now East Coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation, though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia - these will disappear. This will be much sooner. The waters of the [Great} Lakes will empty into the Gulf, rather than the waterway over which such discussions have been recently made. It would be well if the waterway were prepared, but not for that purpose for which it is at present being considered.

Then the area where the entity is now located [Virginia Beach] will be among the safety lands, as will be portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, and much of the southern portion of Canada and the eastern portion of Canada; while the Western land - much of that is to be disturbed - in this land - as, of course, much in other lands. Then, with the knowledge of these - first the principles, then the material changes.


The choice should be made by the entity itself as to location, and especially, as to the active work….

5. August 13, 1941:
QUESTION: I have for many months felt I should move away from New York City.

CAYCE: This is well, as indicated. There is too much unrest; there will continue to be the character of vibrations that to the body will be disturbing, and eventually those destructive forces there - though these will be in the next generation.

6. August 13, 1941:
QUESTION: Will Los Angeles be safe?

CAYCE: Los Angeles, San Francisco, most all of these will be among those that will be destroyed before New York even.

In addition to the trance Earth changes readings, Edgar Cayce reports having an apparent prophetic dream, on March 3, 1936. The dream occurred while Cayce was returning from Detroit by train to Virginia Beach. He had just successfully concluded court proceedings arising from his arrest in November 1935 for allegedly practicing medicine without a license.

CAYCE (Dream Report): "I had been born again in 2100 AD in Nebraska. The sea apparently covered all the western part of the country, as the city where I lived was on the coast. The family name was a strange one. At an early age as a child I declared myself to be Edgar Cayce who had lived 200 years before.

Scientists, long men with beards, little hair, and thick glasses were called in to observe me. They decided to visit the places where I said I had been born, lived and worked, in Kentucky, Alabama, New York, Michigan, and Virginia. Taking me with them, the group of scientists visited these places in a long, cigar-shaped, metal flying ship which moved at great speed.

Water covered much of Alabama. Norfolk, Virginia had become an immense seaport. New York had been destroyed either by war or an Earthquake and was being rebuilt. Industries were scattered over the countryside. Most houses were of glass.

Many records of my work as Edgar Cayce were discovered and collected. The group returned to Nebraska, taking the records with them."

Let us assume for a moment that the Cayce predictions are accurate as to the scale, if not the details, of coming Earth changes.


Two questions immediately arise:

  1. What is the timing of these Earth changes?

  2. What is the probable cause that would most easily account for such a cataclysmic scale of Earth changes, and can this cause be avoided?

The Earth sciences now tell us that the most probable cause of the global cataclysm described by the Cayce predictions would be a massive coordinated disruption of the system of tectonic plates about the Earth.


If the Earth’s tectonic plates were violently all shifted about, a cataclysm of the sort described by Cayce would be the result. Cayce’s over-all description of the cataclysm includes massive Earth shifts taking place along inter-tectonic rims. The cataclysm also includes the appearance and disappearance of large landmasses, likely to be caused by violent tectonic movements.

A violent disruption of the tectonic plate system is likely to be caused by one or both of two forces. Forces coming from deep within the Earth could force the tectonic plates upward and against each other. Or, the tectonic plate system could be violently thrown out of balance by a disruption in the delicately balanced forces of the magnetic belts, ionosphere, and other bands of energy that help keep the Earth’s surface in balance.

As we have seen, the Earth sciences are not forecasting a disruption of the scale predicted by Cayce. In other words, on its own, the Earth does not appear to be preparing for cataclysm. We would have to find another proximate cause for the Cayce cataclysm.

Enter here electromagnetic weapons, just now being deployed. One potential environmental impact of electromagnetic weapon systems, such as HAARP, is precisely the disruption of the magnetic bands holding the Earth’s surface in balance.

Put very directly: If electromagnetic weapons become operational, there is the likelihood that they will damage the Earth’s magnetic atmosphere, and thus trigger the cataclysm Cayce foresaw.

Humankind and its weapons are the most likely cause of the cataclysm! The cataclysm can be avoided by stopping the deployment of electromagnetic weapons. It is as simple and straightforward as that.

Now just when in time will this cataclysm occur, if not prevented? Time is a relative concept in the Cayce predictions. For example, Cayce predicted a powerful Earthquake in San Francisco for 1936, when none in fact occurred.


Probably the most useful approach to time is to think of the predictions as describing not precise years, but periods or an era of time; a generation or generations involved in trauma and transformation. Thus, the period 1958 to 1998 is a period during which Earth changes trends become apparent.


The period described as 2001 and forward is the period during which the cataclysms or transformations can occur.

We have just seen that the most plausible proximate cause of the Earth changes predicted by Edgar Cayce is mankind’s new generation of electromagnetic weapons.

Let us now review the specific predicted Earth changes themselves. Cayce predicts at least specific ten major Earth changes. Each of these is geologically plausible.


Taken together, what Cayce describes as individual Earth changes would be the result of a violent disruption of the Earth’s tectonic plate system.

  1. Destructive Earthquake activity along the western coast of the United States.

  2. Disappearance of the southern portions of Carolina and Georgia.

  3. The disappearance of the greater portion of Japan under the sea.

  4. Rapid Earth changes in the upper portion of Europe.

  5. The emptying of the Great Lakes into the Gulf of Mexico.

  6. The rising of new lands along the eastern coast of the United States.

  7. Dramatic Earth changes along the Atlantic Seaboard, including the destruction of New York.

  8. Upheavals of the Earth in the Arctic and Antarctic.

  9. Volcanic eruptions in the torrid zones.

  10. A shift in the axis Earth, and large-scale climatic changes.

A geological analysis of each of the predicted Cayce Earth changes concluded that the psychic information was confirmed by the Earth sciences.


The analysis noted,

"It is in the advocation of a very rapid acceleration of this trend that the psychic information departs from the standard geological concept of gradual change."

In brief, the geological analysis shows that each of the predicted Cayce Earth changes is plausible.

  • Japan

    The Cayce psychic information predicts that a substantial section of Japan will become ocean floor. The geological analysis notes the rapid subsidence of substantial portions of the Japanese landmass.


    This, leading in one case, to the submergence of an entire forest due to the instability of a block of the local Earth crust. The analysis further notes the high seismicity of Japan, and the location of its landmass on active faults.



  • Europe and the North Atlantic

    The psychic information predicts rapid changes in the upper portion of Europe. Geological analysis notes evidence of significant uplift in the landmass in northern Europe.


    The analysis concludes that the appearance of new landmass in the northern Atlantic, an event predicted by Cayce, would produce a sudden blockage or diversion in the Gulf Stream. The blockage would cut off northern Europe from the warming influence of the Gulf Stream.


    Moreover, the geological analysis indicates that recent measurements of crustal upwarping in the Canadian Arctic, Spitsbergen, and Greenland show relatively rapid rates of uplift, believed due to unloading by recently vanished or presently melting ice masses.



  • The South Pacific

    Cayce indicates that seismic activity in an area of the South Pacific diametrically opposite Mount Aetna in the Mediterranean will signal that beginning of a significant phase of Earth changes, duration unknown. The geological analysis notes that this area of the South Pacific (longitude175 degrees E and latitude 20 degrees S) is an area of great seismicity, easily susceptible to activation.



  • The Mediterranean

    Cayce’s psychic information predicts sinking or rising of land in the Mediterranean. The geological analysis notes the rapid and unexplained drop in the level of waters along the eastern portion of the Mediterranean in the years immediately preceding 1959.



  • Eastern U.S. Seaboard

    The psychic information predicts extensive submerging of the northeastern and southeastern seaboards of the United States. The geological analysis notes the high seismicity of the northeast and the southeast U.S., and the evidence of massive sinking of large areas adjacent to major eastern Earthquakes in the past, notably the New Madrid, Missouri Earthquake of 1811.



  • New Land Masses

    The psychic information predicts the rising of new land masses in the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean. The geological analysis notes the not uncommon emergence of new landmasses after an earthquake, in many cases involving a rising or subsidence of several thousand feet. The analysis cites the emergence of landmasses off of Ecuador in 1960, and a tremendous submarine upheaval off Morocco in the Agadir Earthquake of 1960.



  • The Great Lakes

    The Cayce information predicts the emptying of the Great Lakes into the Gulf of Mexico. The geological analysis notes the rapid degree of tilting occurring in the land mass northeast of the Great Lakes, and the consequent southwestward tilting of the lake basins. Even without a seismic disruption, the degree of tilt would cause the emptying of the Great Lakes into the Mississippi drainage system within 1600 years.



  • South America

    The Cayce information predicts severe seismic activity the length of the South American continent. The geological analysis notes the location of South America along the boundary lines of major tectonic plates, and the Circum-Pacific belt. This seismic belt would likely be activated by a major disruption of the tectonic plate system, such as one caused by human electromagnetic weapons, or other causes.



  • Antarctica and Tierra del Fuego

    The Cayce data predict seismic upheavals in Antarctica, the Arctic, and the appearance of land off Tierra del Fuego, South America. The geological analysis notes the occurrence of an extremely rare and large earthquake - the first such ever recorded - in the northern Magellan straits in July 1959. A rare volcanic eruption occurred off the Antarctic in December 1967, the first eruption in the area in 120 years.



  • Safety lands

    The Cayce predictions indicate that portions of Ohio, Indiana, and southern Canada are safety lands that will be relatively stable during the period of upheavals. The geological analysis notes that these areas fall in low seismicity zones.

The Cayce material has several other specific Earth changes predictions.

One of these, made in a January 1936 trance session, dealt with the nature of earthquakes, and the interconnectedness of Earth events.

1. January, 1936
QUESTION: What is the primary cause of Earthquakes? Will San Francisco suffer from such a catastrophe this year [1936]? If so, give date, time, and information for the guidance of this body, who has personal property, records and a wife, all of which it wishes safety.

CAYCE: We do not find that this particular district (San Francisco) in the present year will suffer the great material damages that have been experienced heretofore.

While portions of the country will be affected, we find these will be farther east than San Francisco - or those south, where there has not been heretofore the greater activity.

The causes of these, of course, are the movements about the Earth; that is internally - and the cosmic activity or influence of other planetary forces and stars and their relationships produce or bring about the activities of the elemental of the Earth; that is the Earth, the air, the fire, the water - and those combinations that make for the replacements in the various activities.


If there are various activities in the Vesuvius, or Pelee, then the southern coast of California - and the areas between Salt Lake and the southern portions of Nevada - may expect, within the three months following same, an inundation by the Earthquakes. But these, as we find, are to be more in the southern than in the northern hemisphere.

This Cayce reading is specific as to time factor (three months), and as to the inter-linking of seismic activity in the western United States, and volcanic activity in Mt. Pelee or Mt. Vesuvius. It is unclear what the relation of volcanic activity in Mt. Pelee or Mt. Vesuvius might be to the triggering of Earthquakes and inundation in southern California, Nevada, and Utah might be. A seismic risk map of Nevada and Utah indicates that a belt of relatively high seismicity lies between Salt Lake in Utah and Lake Mead in southern Nevada. Inundations of the area following earthquakes are geologically possible.

The use of specific time frames, such as "three months" in this reading, is relative in the Cayce readings. A specific time means during this general period, or era.

Mt. Pelee in Martinique last erupted in a 5.0 or greater eruption in 1902, resulting in the deaths of all but one of the capital city’s 30,000 inhabitants. Mt. Soufriere, fifty kilometers away on St. Lucia, also erupted in 1902, causing 1565 deaths. It also experienced a series of small eruptions in March 1972.


Major eruptions on Mt. Vesuvius occurred in 79 AD, 1906, and 1944. Like Pelee, Vesuvius is located in relative proximity to other active volcanoes, Mt. Aetna, and a volcano on Stromboli Island. Disaster preparedness officials are concerned about the high risk of an expected volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. There is more than a probability of major devastation to parts of Naples and its suburbs.

Another time-specific Cayce prediction is that of the shifting of the Earth’s axis as a culmination of the Earth changes.

1. August 11, 1936
QUESTION: What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the Earth in the year 2000 to 2001 AD?

CAYCE: When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins.

In a later reading referring to the pole shift, the Cayce material indicates that climatic changes will accompany this axis shift by the planet.


Plausibly, it is a physical shift in the Earth’s axis, as climate changes would not accompany shifts in the magnetic poles.

CAYCE:….so that where there [have] been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow.

A shift in the axis of the Earth could is geologically plausible, as the result of a violent disruption of the Earth’s tectonic plates, and hence of its land and water masses.


A consistent vision emerges from the Cayce Earth changes readings.

The specific massive Earth changes his psychic predictions describe are in fact those which could be brought about by a disturbance of the Earth’s tectonic plate system. The culminating Earth change - a shift in the axis of the Earth - would be brought about with the gigantic rearrangement of tectonic plates, landmasses, and oceans.


A geological analysis of the Cayce axis shift prediction indicates that it is consistent with the individual Earth changes predicted, and would be caused by large-scale crustal displacements.

Earth scientists have postulated shifts in the Earth’s axis as the most simple and obvious explanation of great climatic changes in past geologic epochs.

"The simple and most obvious explanation of great secular changes in climate, and of former prevalence of higher temperatures in northern circumpolar regions, would be found in the assumption that the Earth’s axis of rotation has not always been in the same position, but that it may have changed its position as a result of geological processes, such as extended rearrangement of land and water."

Julius Hann, Austrian meteorologist.

The time frame of this predicted axis shift again remains relative.


The reading itself indicates that 2001 could be the beginning of a period of Earth changes, a culmination of which is the Earth’s axis shift, and the beginning of a "new cycle."

Another theme of the Cayce readings is predictions of food shortage that will accompany the period of Earth changes.


One 1944 reading predicted certain areas as food-producers during the period of Earth changes,

CAYCE: Saskatchewan, the Pampas area of the Argentine…portions of South Africa….these rich areas, with some portions of Montana and Nevada, must feed the world.

This theme appeared in various Cayce readings during this period.

CAYCE: These conditions have not changed. For the hardships for this country have not begun yet, so far as the supply and demand for foods is concerned.

CAYCE: Anyone who can buy a farm is fortunate; and buy it if you want to grow something and don’t want to grow hungry in some days to come.

CAYCE: All that is for the sustenance of life is produced from the soil. Then there must be a return to the soil. Every man must be in that position that he at least creates, by his activities, that which will sustain the body - from the soil; or where he is supplying same to those activities that bring such experiences into the lives of all.

Let us sum up where our journey into Earth changes has led us so far. We have seen that the Earth sciences do not predict Earth changes of a cataclysmic scale in the near term future.

We have seen that psychics like Edgar Cayce can have access to accurate information about the future. We have also seen that the type and scale of Earth changes, envisioned by the Cayce psychic predictions, are geologically plausible.

So, if the Earth changes predicted by Edgar Cayce might occur, how could they be caused, and why is the Earth sciences not predicting them?



Chapter Three - Electromagnetic, Environmental Weapons

Environmental weapons are designed to use a specific part of the Earth’s natural system - weather, climate, tectonic movements - as a military weapon, inflicting harm upon a population and economy controlled by a perceived enemy.


Environmental weapons use highly charged electromagnetic energy, which can activate and manipulate the electromagnetic fields of designated targets as large as the Earth’s ionosphere. Environmental weapons are so designed as to trigger mammoth amounts of natural energy - in an earthquake, or hurricane, or storm - with a relatively low level of electromagnetic energy.


They can be a kind of Buck Rogers ‘death ray’, and the patents for environmental weapons are based on Nicola Tesla's original patents for a ‘cosmic energy machine’. Environmental weapons can affect weather and climate systems, as well as the moods and consciousness of individuals or an entire city’s population.

HAARP is an experimental prototype for environmental weapons, located near Anchorage, Alaska.


HAARP is designed to supercharge and superheat the Earth's ionosphere for warfare: to turn the ionosphere into a global antenna designed to track missiles and enemy movements; to help create weather warfare events such as massive earthquake, drought, or storms in enemy territory. Environmental weapons can also inadvertently trigger large-scale tectonics movements, and Earth changes.

Some say that some earthquakes and unusual weather patterns that regions of the Earth are experiencing now may be caused, not only by phenomena such as El Nino, but also by secret environmental warfare. The US, Russia and other nations para-military groups may be developing environmental warfare.


Electromagnetic weapons are the newest generation of strategic weapons, designed to replace nuclear weapons that are considered strategically obsolete. Environmental warfare is usually carried out as part of strategic psychological warfare (psywar).

HAARP, the U.S. military's top secret project in Alaska to turn the ionosphere into a virtual military weapon by charging it with electromagnetic impulses, is being tested as the 20th century ends amid media and public complacency. By super-heating the ionosphere HAARP could destroy the ionosphere resulting in potentially severe environmental consequences

This highly secret American installation in Alaska is virtually unknown to people in the United States and Alaska’s own residents and yet, HAARP "marks the first step toward creating the world's most powerful "ionospheric heater."

Over the years, HAARP has gone strangely unreported and unnoticed in public debate. HAARP was voted one of the most underreported news stories of 1995.


The Washington Post, in an August 18, 1998 article on congressional appropriations, still referred to HAARP as "research on the aurora borealis in Alaska.
HAARP, under cover of being a project to research the Northern Lights in Alaska, is actually a top-secret, military, electro-magnetic (EM) weapons system.


The now operational HAARP, the U.S. secret project to alter the ionosphere for environmental warfare purposes, has initiated drastic, environmental consequences. HAARP has a destructive impact on wildlife, human life, and nature itself by causing long-term modifications.


HAARP may in fact violate the 1977 Environmental Modification Convention, which bans all,

"military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting, or severe effects...."

The US ratified the convention in 1979.

One of the scientists critical of HAARP, Prof. Dick Williams, sums up the dangers inherent in HAARP,

"...An unprecedented amount of energy can produce an unprecedented reaction. Experimenting with [the ionosphere] is a very delicate thing. A localized event can spread around the Earth fairly quickly."

In 1995, when asked what a private citizen can do to halt HAARP, some analysts suggested,

"Write [the U.S.] Congress to demand a review of HAARP's environmental impacts. Request that the National Telecommunications and Information Administration reject the HAARP frequency/power request pending the outcome of a congressional inquiry."

Anti-HAARP activists in the Yukon area in Alaska, near the site of the HAARP installation, recently reported that the Alaska public is largely unaware of HAARP, nor cognizant of its environmental and health dangers.

With major US media continuing to perpetrate the official US cover story that project HAARP is "research on the aurora borealis in Alaska," obtaining responsive US Congressional oversight over HAARP would mean first activating concerted public awareness both in the US, and other nations. There is no nation that would not be inevitably affected by an erosion or destruction of the ionosphere.

Electromagnetic (EM) weapons are a missing link that could cause the coming Earth changes. The impact of fully operational electromagnetic weapons systems would be to destabilize the Earth’s tectonic plate system, causing cataclysmic Earth changes.

Military secrecy is the reason why the Earth sciences have not predicted the Earth changes, as the psychic information has predicted. Electromagnetic weapons programs are highly secret, and have not been subjected to full analysis by the Earth sciences. A limited portion of some weapons programs, such as HAARP, has been made public. Working against conditions of extreme secrecy, the Earth sciences have only begun to evaluate the potentially cataclysmic effects of environmental weapons.

Let us review one key electromagnetic weapons system: HAARP.


HAARP, the U.S. military’s top secret project in Alaska to turn the ionosphere into a virtual military weapon by charging it with electromagnetic impulses, has become operational, amid media and public complacency. HAARP’s potential environmental consequences could destroy the ionosphere by super-heating it.


HAARP could also trigger a violent disruption of the Earth’s tectonic plate system, thrown out of balance by destruction of the magnetic bands and ionosphere about the Earth.

In a series of award-winning articles, Clare Zickuhr and Gar Smith of Earth Island described some of the negative environmental consequences of HAARP, the military's plan to alter the ionosphere.

"The Pentagon's mysterious HAARP project, now under construction at an isolated Air Force facility near Gakona, Alaska, marks the first step toward creating the world's most powerful "ionospheric heater."


Scientists, environmentalists and native peoples are concerned that HAARP's electronic transmitters  -  capable of beaming "in excess of 1 gigawatts" (one billion watts) of radiated power into the Earth's ionosphere  -  could harm people, endanger wildlife and trigger unforeseen environmental impacts.

"The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP), a joint effort of the Air Force and the Navy, is the latest in a series of a little-known Department of Defense (DoD) "active ionospheric experiments" with code-names like EXCEDE, RED AIR and CHARGE IV.

"From a DoD point of view," internal HAARP documents state, "the most exciting and challenging" part of the experiment is "its potential to control ionospheric processes" for military objectives [emphasis in the original]. According to these documents, the scientists pulling HAARP's strings envision using the system's powerful 2.8-10 megahertz (MHz) beam to burn "holes" in the ionosphere and "create an artificial lens" in the sky that could focus large bursts of electromagnetic energy "to higher altitudes... than is presently possible." The minimum area to be heated would be 50 km (31 miles) in diameter.

"The initial $26 million, 320 kW HAARP project will employ 360, 72-foot-tall antennas spread over four acres to direct an intense beam of focused electromagnetic energy upwards to strike the ionosphere. The Earth's ionosphere is composed of a layer of negatively and positively charged particles (electrons and ions) lying between 35 and 500 miles above the planet's surface.


The next stage of the project would expand HAARP's power to 1.7 gigawatts (1.7 billion watts), making it the most powerful such transmitter on Earth. While the project's acronym implies experimentation with the Earth's aurora, HAARP's public documents make no mention of this aspect. For a project whose backers hail it as a major scientific feat, HAARP has remained extremely low profile  -  almost unknown to most Alaskans, and the rest of the country.

"A November 1993 "HAARP Fact Sheet" released to the public by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) stated that the Department of Defense (DoD)-backed project would "enhance present civilian capabilities" in communications and "provide significant scientific advancements.


"However, while previous DoD experiments with smaller high frequency (HF) heaters in Puerto Rico, Norway and Alaska were conducted to "gain [a] better understanding" of the ionosphere, internal HAARP documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reveal that the project's goal is to "perturb" the ionosphere with extremely powerful beams of energy and study "how it responds to the disturbance and how it ultimately recovers...."

"The public fact sheet describes HAARP as "purely a scientific research facility which represents no threat to potential adversaries and would therefore have no value as a military target." However, while ionospheric experiments at the government's Puerto Rico transmitter site are managed by the civilian National Science Foundation, the Journal has learned that proposals for experiments on HAARP are to be routed through the Pentagon's Office of Naval Research."

"A February 1990 Air Force-Navy document acquired by the Journal lists only military experiments for the HAARP project, including:

"Generation of ionospheric lenses to focus large amounts of HF energy at high altitudes... providing a means for triggering ionospheric processes that potentially could be exploited for DoD purposes...; Generation of ionization layers below 90 km [56 miles] to provide radio wave reflectors ("mirrors") which can be exploited for long range, over-the-horizon, HF/VHF/UHF surveillance purposes, including the detection of cruise missiles and other low observables."

The document concluded that "the potential for significantly altering regions of the ionosphere at relatively great distances (1000 km or more) [621 miles] from a heater is very desirable" from a military perspective."

"One of HAARP's less-publicized goals is to find ways to disrupt the global communications capabilities of adversaries while preserving US defense communications. The Pentagon also wants to know if HAARP could bounce signals to deeply submerged nuclear subs by heating the ionosphere to trigger bursts of Extremely Long Frequency (ELF) radio waves."

"Patents held by ARCO Power Technologies, Inc. (APTI), the ARCO subsidiary that was contracted to build HAARP, describe a similar ionospheric heater invented by Bernard Eastlund that claimed the ability to disrupt global communications, destroy enemy missiles and change weather (see sidebar).


One of ARCO's patents identifies Alaska as a perfect site for a transmitter because "magnetic field lines... which extend to desirable altitudes for this invention, intersect the Earth in Alaska."

"While HAARP officials deny any link to Eastlund's inventions, Eastlund has told National Public Radio that a secret military project was begun in the late-1980s to study and implement his work.


In the May/June 1994 issue of Microwave News, Eastlund claimed that,

"The HAARP project obviously looks a lot like the "first step" toward his vision of surrounding the entire planet with a "full, global shield" of charged particles that could explode incoming enemy missiles."

"The military implications of HAARP were further underscored in June, when ARCO sold APTI to E-Systems, a defense contractor noted for its work in counter-surveillance."

Electromagnetic Guinea Pigs

"HAARP surfaced publicly in Alaska in the spring of 1993, when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) began advising commercial pilots on how to avoid the large amounts of intentional (and some unintentional) electromagnetic radiation that HAARP would generate.


Despite the protests of FAA engineers and Alaska bush pilots (for whom reliable communications can be a matter of life or death) the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) gave HAARP the green light. Ironically, the FEIS also concluded that the project's radio interference would be too intense to allow HAARP to be located near any military facilities.

"On November 11, 1993, Inupiat tribal advisor Charles Etok Edwarden, Jr., wrote to the White House on behalf of the Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope and the Kasigluk Elders Conference.


"Many of us are not happy with the prospect of ARCO altering the Earth's neutral atmospheric properties," Edwardsen wrote. "We do not wish to be anyone's testing grounds, as the Bikini Islanders have been...." referring to Pacific Islanders subjected to radiation exposure from US atomic bomb testing. Edwardsen has appealed to President Clinton to deny further funding to HAARP."

"In the past, the EPA has accused the USAF of "sidestepping" the nonthermal hazards of electromagnetic pollution from powerful radar transmitters. Over the past three decades, numerous US and European studies have linked electromagnetic exposure to a range of health problems including fatigue, irritability, sleepiness, memory loss, cataracts, leukemia, birth defects and cancer.


Electromagnetic radiation can also alter blood sugar and cholesterol levels, heart-rate and blood pressure, brain waves and brain chemistry."

Clare Zickuhr and Gar Smith of Earth Island describe how HAARP, under cover of being a project to research the Northern Lights in Alaska, is actually a top-secret military electro-magnetic (EM) weapons system.


HAARP, the U.S. secret project to alter the ionosphere for (EM) warfare purposes, has drastic environmental consequences, which are now operational.

The following segment details HAARP’s destructive impacts on wildlife, human life, and nature itself by causing long-term modifications. HAARP may in fact violate the 1977 Environmental Modification Convention, which bans all "military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting, or severe effects...."


The US ratified the convention in 1979.

Anti-HAARP activists in the Yukon area in Alaska, near the site of the HAARP installation, recently reported that the Alaska public is largely unaware of HAARP, nor cognizant of its environmental and health dangers.

"HAARP’s Environmental Consequences - Wildlife advocates also have cause to be concerned.


The HAARP site lies 140 miles north of the town of Cordova on Prince William Sound, on the northwest tip of Alaska's Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Since ordinary radar is known to be deadly to low-flying birds, HAARP's powerful radiation beam could pose a problem for migratory birds because the transmitter stands in the path of the critical Pacific Flyway. In addition, HAARP's ability to generate strong magnetic fields could conceivably interfere with the migration of birds, marine life and Arctic animals that are now known to rely on the Earth's magnetic fields to navigate over long distances.

"The HAARP fact sheet states that "most of the energy of the high-power beam would be emitted upward rather than toward the horizon." Later on, however, the fact sheet notes that care will have to be taken "to reduce the percentage of time large signal levels would be transmitted toward large cities." The closest large cities are Fairbanks and Anchorage.

"Even if HAARP's beam were to be directed primarily at the ionosphere, people on the ground would still have reason to be concerned. According to DoD consultant Robert Windsor, clear damp nights, downdrafts and temperature inversions can cause "ducting" and "super-refracting" that can send energy beams streaming back to Earth with "a significant  -  up to tenfold-increase in field intensity."

"In addition to their main beams, all electromagnetic transmitters produce large swaths of "sidelobe" radiation along their flanks. US-based PAVE PAWS over-the-horizon radars, for example, use approximately one megawatt of power to send a 420-430-megahertz (MHz) beam on a 3000-mile-long sweep.


At the same time, the "incidental" sidelobe radiation from these Pentagon radars can disable TVs, radios, radar altimeters and satellite communications over a 250-mile range. PAVE PAWS radiation can also disrupt cardiac pacemakers seven miles away and cause the "inadvertent detonation" of electrically triggered flares and bombs in passing aircraft.


At peak power, the energy driving HAARP could be more than a thousand times stronger than the most powerful PAVE PAWS transmitter.

HAARP's High-Level Hazards

"HAARP project manager John Heckscher, a scientist at the Department of the Air Force's Phillips Laboratory, has called concerns about the transmitter's impact "unfounded." "It's not unreasonable to expect that something three times more powerful than anything that's previously been built might have unforeseen effects," Heckscher told Microwave News. "But that's why we do environmental impact statements."

"The July 1993 EIS does, in fact, admit that HAARP is expected to cause "measurable changes in the ionosphere's electron density, temperature and structure," but argues that these disruptions are insignificant "when compared to changes induced by naturally occurring processes."

"Subjecting the ionosphere to HF bombardment can ionize the neutral particles in the upper atmosphere. The HAARP Fact Sheet notes that "ionospheric disturbances at high altitudes also can act to induce large currents in electric power grids" on the ground, causing massive power blackouts.


According to the 1990 Air Force-Navy document, power levels of one gigawatt and above "can drastically alter [the ionosphere's] thermal, refractive, scattering and emission character." While the ionosphere over the government's smaller HF transmitter in Puerto Rico is relatively "stable," the document notes that the ionosphere above Alaska is "a dynamic entity" where added bursts of electromagnetic energy could trigger exaggerated effects.

"Writing in Physics and Society (the quarterly newsletter of the American Physical Society), Dr. Richard Williams, a consultant to Princeton University's David Sarnoff Laboratory, denounced ionospheric heating tests as irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

"Trace [chemical] constituents in the upper atmosphere can have a profound effect" on the formation of ozone molecules, Williams stated. It is known that altering the temperature of the ionosphere can affect the chemical reactions that produce ozone. Referring to the Montreal Protocol (the international agreement to protect the ozone layer from ozone-depleting chemicals), Williams warned that activating HAARP's ionospheric heater "might undo all that we have accomplished with this treaty."

"Look at the power levels that will be used  -  10**9 to 10**11 watts!" Williams told the Journal in a recent interview. "This is equivalent to the output of ten to 100 large power-generating stations. A ten-billion-watt generator, running continuously for one hour, would deliver a quantity of energy equal to that of a Hiroshima-sized atomic bomb."

"Of course," Williams added, "they will operate in a pulsed mode [producing a series of short, powerful bursts], rather than continuously." The HAARP fact sheet states that the HF beam, which operates in the 2.8-10 MHz band, will only be used 4-5 times a year for several weeks at a time over a 20-year period.

Nonetheless, Williams argued, to proceed without a full public discussion of HAARP's potential impacts runs the risk of committing,

"an irresponsible act of global vandalism. With experiments on this scale," Williams concluded, "irreparable damage could be done in a short time. The immediate need is for open discussion."

"Dr. Daniel N. Baker, director of the University of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, offered a less-alarming assessment.


"The natural input of energy to the magnetosphere from the sun is very commonly 10**11 - 10**12 watts," Baker told the Journal. "Thus, HAARP may be a small fraction of the energy that flows into the region." Baker added that the ionosphere is, by nature, a "highly dynamic and fluctuating" environment that is able to "flush" away energy disturbances in a matter of hours or days.

"Of course, in nature, one cannot simply "flush" something away without anticipating potential "downstream" consequences. Caroline L. Herzenberg, an environmental systems engineer at the Argonne National Laboratory, has suggested that, by "changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere; [and] transporting plumes of particulates or plasma within the atmosphere," HAARP may violate the 1977 Environmental Modification Convention, which bans all "military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting, or severe effects...." The US ratified the convention in 1979.

"X-Raying" the Earth?

"On June 14, 1995, a Senate committee report noted that the Deputy Secretary of Defense had called for increasing HAARP funding from $5 million to $75 million in the 1996 defense budget. The sudden increase would be used to promote a disturbing new mission for HAARP.

"Instead of just pouring its vast energy into the skies, the transmitter's power would be aimed back at the planet to "allow Earth-penetrating tomography over most of the northern hemisphere"  -  in effect, turning HAARP into the world's most powerful "X-ray machine" capable of scanning regions hidden deep beneath the planet's surface."


According to the Senate report, this would,

"permit the detection and precise location of tunnels... and other underground shelters. The absence of such a capability has been... a serious weakness for [DoD] plans for precision attacks on hardened targets...."

"Visibility is a crude criterion for assessing environmental damage.... An unprecedented amount of energy can produce an unprecedented reaction. Experimenting with [the ionosphere] is a very delicate thing. A localized event can spread around the Earth fairly quickly." 

-  Prof. Dick Williams

"Meanwhile, construction on the larger HAARP facility  -  with a potential effective radiated power of 1.7 GW (1.7 billion watts) - [was begun] in 1995. This expanded version would require additional funding from Congress.


According to the 1990 project document:

"The desired world-class facility... will cost on the order of $25-30 million." The Senate Committee's April report, however, predict[ed] that the cost "could be as much as $90 million."

Presumably a federal Environmental Impact Statement of HAARP’s potential impact would allow the Earth sciences to evaluate the potential impacts of this electromagnetic weapons system.


Such has not been the case, however. Important issues regarding the effect of HAARP operations on the ionosphere and on the ozone layer were dismissed in less than a one page treatment in the HAARP environmental impact statement drafted by the military.

The Earth Island article continues.

"The Federal Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) reports that "the government commissioned a special study" to determine the "bioeffects" of HAARP’s radio frequency radiation (RFR). The report concluded that "chronic exposure to RFR….did not result in demonstrable, detrimental health effects" to humans. The FEIS admitted that RFR exposure could cause the human body to heat up, but that this unwanted heat "can be easily accommodated within the thermoregulatory capabilities of an individual [and] may not necessarily be harmful."

"The FEIS corroborated the Journal’s concern that "potentially affected systems…[would] include cardiac pacemakers, electro-explosive devices [EEDs], and fuel handling systems." EEDs, including flares carried by individuals or in vehicles, could be exploded 1300 feet from HAARP’s Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI) transmitter - a quarter mile away.

"Radio frequency radiation could be a problem since, as FEIS notes, Gakona lies "within a major commercial air traffic corridor that links Anchorage with the eastern and midwestern US. It is also within the path of flights to and from the Orient and Canada. Twelve to 20 commercial flights a day utilize the airspace above the Gakona site."

"The IRI’s 8.0 MHz and 10.0 MHz beams "could potentially pose a hazard to occupants of aircraft flying nearby…in the unlikely event they remain in the main beam for an extended period of time." At aircraft cruising altitude of 30,000 feet (5.7 miles) the inverted cone formed by the sweep of the IRI beam is 6.8 miles wide.

"Countering assumptions that most of HAARP’s energy would be "lost" in space, the FEIS reveals that "80-90 percent of the experiments would employ the IRI in modes that refract fundamental radio frequency energy Earthward from the ionosphere.

"The 440-page FEIS states flatly that "The ozone layer would not be affected and ozone would not be depleted" as a result of HAARP operations, but devotes less than a page to this critical topic. The only study cited is a single 13 page "draft assessment" by the Mission Research Corporation (MRC).

"The FEIS spends less than three pages on HAARP’s ionospheric effects and bases its conclusions solely on "personal communications" between officials at MRC and the consulting firm of Metcalf and Eddy. The FEIS reports that IRI transmissions will cause the temperature of free electrons in the Earth’s ionosphere to rise by 80 degrees F. Below 120 miles, the IRI would trigger a 20 percent increase in "electron density;" above 124 miles, electron densities would decrease 10-15 percent. The effect could last "an entire polar night."

"A second study, "Independent Assessment of HAARP’s effects on the Upper Atmosphere" by R. Roble, also concluded, "there are no measurable effects to the Earth’s ozone layer." The FEIS identified this study as having been provided by MRC. The study was described as consisting of "one-page."

"The authors of the Journal’s HAARP story remain convinced that the potential impacts of Project HAARP deserve a thorough scientific and public hearing."

The forces behind HAARP have thus used secrecy to prevent a public examination of its potential environmental consequences.


Key issues such as HAARP’s impact on the ozone layer and on the ionosphere were disposed of in less than one page of analysis, based on verbal communications with a biased consultant. Not even the requirements of National Environmental Policy Act have been able to penetrate the armor of secrecy, deception, and evasion regarding HAARP’s environmental impact on the ionosphere, the magnetic bands surrounding the Earth, and ultimately on the tectonic plate system that makes up the Earth’s surface.

The forces behind electromagnetic warfare have used deception, not oversight or omission as a weapon to trick or lull public examination of HAARP’s potentially catastrophic environmental consequences.


Presumably a federal Environmental Impact Statement of HAARP’s potential impact would allow the Earth sciences to evaluate the impacts of this electromagnetic weapons system. Again, important issues regarding the effect of HAARP operations on the ionosphere and on the ozone layer were dismissed in less than a one-page treatment in the HAARP environmental impact statement drafted by the military. This is not sloppy or incomplete work.


The deliberate trivialization of HAARP’s true environmental consequences is large-scale deception, facilitating possible genocide of the human race.

Let us review some milestones in the development of electromagnetic weapons.


Jeanne Manning & Dr. Nick Begich have gathered these in their pioneering book, Angels Don’t Play this HAARP - Advances in Tesla Technology.


In 1905, Nikola Tesla, inventor of Alternating Current (AC) power source and transmission system, was granted a patent for a device to transmit electrical energy through the natural mediums.


Thirty-five years later, Tesla announced the development of a "death ray," based on transmission of lethal electromagnetic energy. In 1968, the Soviet Union announced it had isolated those magnetic field frequencies that harm humans, as well as those frequencies that are beneficial to their health.

In 1974, the United Nations banned environmental warfare. The same year, the United States and Australia began high frequency wave experiments in Colorado, Puerto Rico, and New South Wales to heat the bottom side of the ionosphere. The mid and late 1970s saw a series of important developments on the effects of electromagnetic energy.


In 1975, Robert Helliwell of Stanford University reported that very low frequency (VLF) waves from power lines are altering the ionosphere; Research findings were released indicating that extremely low frequency (ELF) waves altered human blood chemistry and nerve cells.


Project Woodpecker of the Soviet Union that same year started sending extremely low frequency (ELF) wave pulses into targeted US cities, such as Eugene, Oregon. The ELF pulses were at key brainwave rhythms, affecting unwitting civilian populations in those cities.

During the Soviet regime, interest in electromagnetic weapons hit a peak.

The Soviet view was that electromagnetic fields are profound influences on health and behavior. Their scientists were also concerned, however, that the acceleration of electromagnetic radiation on the Earth could contribute to a cataclysmic reversal of shift of the Earth’s poles.

Weather modification has been a consistent capability for electromagnetic weapons. In 1958, the US Defense Department began a program of methods to manipulate electromagnetic characteristics of the atmosphere, and thus modify the weather. By 1975, the US Senate unsuccessfully sought to place weather and climate modification under a civilian agency, with the oversight of the Senate.

Secret development of electromagnetic weapons continued in the 1980s, including U.S. Navy experiments on the harmful effects of VLF pulsed fields. The CIA and Defense Department screened developments in particle beam weaponry from then US President Jimmy Carter. By the early 1990s the patents necessary for a large-scale electromagnetic weapon were acquired by a US military contractor, and the HAARP project was begun. The patents themselves cited the work of Nikola Tesla as prior art.


Although the US Congress froze the funding for HAARP, the project continued. HAARP became operational in 1998.

The New Strategic Weapons
Bear in mind that military policy makers see electromagnetic (EM) weapons as the new generation of strategic weapons, taking the place of thermo-nuclear weapons as a strategic weapon of choice. Nuclear weapons are considered relatively rigid in response - they can only produce utter devastation of a targeted area.


By contrast the top-secret, new generation of electromagnetic weapons can achieve a variety of modulated, strategic objectives:


  • Degree of destructiveness

    Unlike nuclear weapons, the degree of destructiveness desired can be modulated by controlling the intensity, scope, and duration of the electromagnetic energy.



  • Destruction of global communications

    Environmental weapons can be used to selectively destroy all or portions of the global system of communications - military communications; civilian telecommunications.



  • Manipulation of weather and climate

    Environmental weapons can alter weather and climate over enemy or targeted areas, denying populations a food base, and causing havoc in a targeted economy.



  • Destruction of ecosystems

    Environmental weapons can destroy the very ecology of a targeted area, or of the Earth itself, including depletion of the ozone layer and of the ionosphere; destruction through climate warfare of the ecosystems of habitable lands; forests; water systems.



  • Earth changes

    Environmental weapons can cause ionospheric and magnetic changes in the Earth’s atmosphere, which in turn can trigger destructive earthquakes, or if the tectonic plate system is affected, massive Earth changes. Early research has already suggested a causal relationship between earthquakes and changes in the ionosphere.


    For example, ionospheric disturbances detected and ascribed to earthquakes such as the Alaska Earthquake of 1964. New research suggests that electromagnetic weapons could bring about a destructive shift in the Earth’s poles; both by altering the electromagnetic content of the atmosphere, and through climatological change.



  • Population and mind control

    Environmental weapons can be used to alter the moods, mental states, and perceptions of entire populations, be they of a targeted city, region, nation, continent, or indeed global. Environmental weapons can stun an entire enemy, targeted, or domestic population into submissive acceptance of government actions.


    Controlled electromagnetic stimulation of the brain at specified frequencies can cause the brain to lock into phase with an external source. Your thoughts, impulses, emotions, fears can be controlled. This can be done on a mass scale, by pulsing a region or region with electromagnetic weapons. An entire population can be manipulated, be it an enemy population, or a friendly or domestic population.


    In the United States, electromagnetic population control weapons have already secretly been tested on the populations of West Coast cities, in California and in the Pacific Northwest.

It is easy to see now why the Earth sciences have missed the possibility of coming Earth changes.


The very cause of those Earth changes lies in the top secret military arena, the area of military planning and visions of a world conflict carried on by various sides using electromagnetic weapons. It is clear why the military has been deceitfully avoiding a full public environmental impact analysis of environmental weapons.

Were electromagnetic weapons to be fully and publicly evaluated as to their catastrophic ecological impact, they could never become operational. It is likely that environmental weapons would be outlawed by international treaty. Let us match the capabilities of electromagnetic weapons with the Cayce predictions of cataclysmic Earth changes.


In the first two decades of the twenty-first century, development and deployment of electromagnetic weapons by multiple sides will, if not halted, take place by,

  • the United States

  • the Russians

  • the Japanese

  • the Australians

  • the Europeans

In any bloc warfare scenario among these parties, a collective use of EM strategic weapons would plausibly result in:

  • Destruction of the ionosphere, ozone layer, and magnetic bands about the Earth.

  • Climate and weather changes, resulting in drought and mass famine.

  • Earthquakes brought about by drastic changes in the ionosphere.

  • Earth changes, if extreme EM is used, resulting from a violent disruption of the tectonic plate system of the Earth. These Earth changes could include great earthquakes the length of the seismic belts, rising and subsidence of land and coastal nations.

  • Pole or axis shift brought about by the effects of the electromagnetism of the environmental weapons on the magnetic and atmospheric fields of the Earth.

Look! These cataclysmic outcomes are a science-based statement of the probable environmental impact of global environmental warfare.

These EM outcomes are also a re-statement of the specific psychic predictions of Edgar Cayce of coming cataclysm. They are one and the same: the environmental impacts of environmental weapons, and the psychic predictions of Edgar Cayce.

What Cayce foresaw was an Earth cataclysm brought about by human environmental warfare; not a series of Earth changes brought about by nature alone.

Well there we have our introduction to the technical dimensions of electromagnetic warfare. We also have seen the mechanistic cause-and-effect by which environmental warfare can create the cataclysmic Earth changes of the type psychics like Edgar Cayce foresaw while in precognitive trance.


  • Why are electromagnetic weapons (EM) being developed at all?

  • Whatever could be driving this new generation of strategic weapons?

  • Why would any sane entity want to intentionally alter the weather and climate, create destructive Earthquakes, and possibly bring on cataclysmic devastation?

I cannot mince words, and must tell you that electromagnetic (EM) weapons appear to be diabolical in conception, and the product of an insane mentality, driven by greed and intoxication with absolute power.

Now what entity or individuals would produce such a weapons system? Well, if weapons systems are a psychological projection, a reflection of their creators, we can hypothesize that the creator of environmental warfare might possess the following characteristics: diabolical; insane; driven by addition to power and greed.
Who or what could possess such characteristics?

One answer - a clandestine command and control network and mentality which cuts across institutional boundaries in military, governmental, political, financial, and cultural organizations. This network is sometimes called the secret state or the shadow government.

The secret state is the embodiment of evil and oppression in the human species. Optimists call the secret government sociopathic. I call it psychopathic. Environmental weapons are the ultimate weapons of a mind that wishes to play Devil to God’s natural creation.

One key goal of environmental weapons is to appropriate Gaia, the planet Earth, and convert her life-giving systems into weapons of destruction. The ionosphere is superheated and turned into a global missile tracking system. What is more, the very atmosphere of the Earth, its weather and climate systems are turned into instruments of destruction of a target population.


Weather warfare creates storms, hurricanes, cyclones, and tornadoes to smash a human society. Climate warfare creates droughts, floods, and starvation to bring a human population to its knees before an insane conqueror. Tectonic warfare plagues an enemy with destructive Earthquakes and tidal waves: all courtesy of electromagnetic warfare.

Electromagnetic warfare is also the tool by which our war-based culture and economy plays God with the minds of humanity. Environmental weapons can be deployed against an entire population, inducing devastating mood swings from fear to terror to disorientation to apathy. They are the ultimate instruments of psychological warfare.

A paranoid schizophrenic mind consumes itself. Environmental weapons can be deployed clandestinely against its own society, to take over that society and impose a totalitarian social order.

Translation - a secret network can wage psychological and Earth-event warfare against its own people. Natural disasters can be deployed against a nation, displacing the population and its economy. Emergency measures like martial law can be imposed to undermine democratic traditions and institutions.


Concurrently, electromagnetic mind-control warfare can be waged against the population, to confuse it, and disperse the rise of organized resistance, to wear a population down psychologically and morally.

Over-imaginative? Perhaps not so imaginative when we consider that a primary target of electromagnetic strategic warfare may be the population of the very host-nation which has greatly enhanced, if not given functional birth to electromagnetic warfare.

That host-nation, of course, is the United States of America. If you were a secret global network with Environmental weapons pre-eminence, would you not want a host-nation as a base for global assault on the Earth and on minds of diverse human nations?

But if the traditions of that host-nation were nominally democratic, how would you overcome the resistance of the host-nation to serve your strategic aims?
One answer - Strategic deception of the population, integrating psychological warfare with anti-population electromagnetic bombardment.

You will soon have a confused and submissive body politic.

In the United States, the foundations for the domestic application of electromagnetic mind control weapons - euphemistically termed "non-lethal weapons" - were laid with a 1994 interagency agreement on their use by domestic law enforcement agencies.


"From National Defense to the Justice Department
"On July 21, 1994, Dr. Christopher Lamb, Director of Policy Planning, issued a draft Department of Defense directive which would establish a policy for non-lethal weapons. The policy was intended to take effect January 1, 1995, and formally connected the military's non-lethal research to civilian law enforcement agencies.

"The government's plan to use pulsed electromagnetic and radio frequency systems as a non-lethal technology for domestic Justice Department use rings the alarm for some observers. Nevertheless, the plan for integrating these systems is moving forward. Coupling these uses with expanded military missions is even more disturbing. This combined mission raises additional constitutional questions for Americans regarding the power of the federal government.

"In interviews with members of the Defense Department the development of this policy was confirmed. In those February 1995, discussions, it was discovered that these policies were internal to agencies and were not subject to any public review process.

"In its draft form, the policy gives highest priority to development of those technologies most likely to get dual use, i.e. law enforcement and military applications. According to this document, non-lethal weapons are to be used on the government's domestic "adversaries". The definition of "adversary" has been significantly enlarged in the policy:

"’The term 'adversary' is used above in its broadest sense, including those who are not declared enemies but who are engaged in activities we wish to stop. This policy does not preclude legally authorized domestic use of the non-lethal weapons by United States military forces in support of law enforcement.’

"This allows use of the military in actions against the citizens of the country that they are supposed to protect. This policy statement begs the question; who are the enemies that are engaged in activities they wish to stop, what are those activities, and who will make the decisions to stop these activities?

"An important aspect of non-lethal weapon systems is that the name non-lethal is intentionally misleading.


The Policy adds,

‘It is important that the public understand that just as lethal weapons do not achieve perfect lethality, neither will 'non-lethal' weapons always be capable of precluding fatalities and undesired collateral damage’.

In other words, you might still destroy property and kill people with the use of these new weapons.

"In press statements, the government continues to downplay the risks associated with such systems, even though the lethal potential is described in context of their own usage policy. In Orwellian double speak, what is non-lethal can be lethal."


Chapter Four - Earth Changes and Environmental Warfare

The Earth is a complex, interactive ecology, from its core, to its tectonic plates, to its atmosphere.


The Earth’s ecology is nestled within a larger solar and galactic ecological system. Earth events are at the effect of celestial alignments within our solar system and our galaxy. The Earth is at effect of solar electromagnetic activity, galactic electromagnetic activity, as well as the movement of celestial bodies, such as comets, asteroids, and meteors, which can be on collision trajectory, and decimate Earth.


The K-T event 65 million years ago may have been such a collision event, bringing about the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Prophesized Earth changes may have caused by other forces than environmental weapons. Prophesized Earth changes, should they occur, could be caused by solar and galactic alignments, creating electromagnetic disruptions and tidal forces, tilting Earth’s tectonic plates as to trigger earth events.


Prophesized cataclysms could be caused by Earth’s collision with a giant astronomical body, such as a comet, meteor, or asteroid. The lateral effects of our fossil fuel civilization - global warming, global cooling, a depleted ozone layer - could trigger prophesized Earth changes.

And prophesized Earth changes could be caused by a combination of astronomical forces, and electromagnetic (EM) weapons. For example, electromagnetic (EM) weapons could trigger Earth changes, which have been made more probable by solar and galactic alignments and electromagnetic beam-waves.

The end of a giant solar activity cycle - 1,344,040 days in length - may coincide with the end of the Mayan 26,000 year galactic cycle in 2012 AD. This Mayan end-cycle may coincide with our solar system’s entering into a mammoth electromagnetic beam-wave, emanating from the galactic core or Sun, the Center of the Milky Way galaxy. Vast distortions of the Sun’s magnetic field may occur, triggering Earth changes of cataclysmic scale.


These Earth changes may be initiated or triggered by human environmental warfare, acting upon an Earth’s system already distorted and deteriorated by the Sun’s magnetic reversal.

Let us meander through the various operative parts of our startling hypothesis.


The hypothesis holds that cataclysmic Earth changes predicted by a substantial body of psychics and prophets may occur. Prophesized cataclysm may be triggered by the interactive effects on the Earth’s magnetic fields and tectonic systems of vast solar activity, and human Environmental warfare, converging in a time window around 2012 AD.

The "psychics" part of the hypothesis can be addressed through the modern disciplines of parapsychology and the Earth sciences, to determine if the psychic predictions have accurate psychically derived information, and whether predicted cataclysmic events may occur. This is a modern exercise in "hermeneutics" theory, as the science of prophecy analysis was formerly called.

Likewise, the " environmental warfare" part of the hypothesis can be addressed through the disciplines of public interest counter-intelligence, to determine if electromagnetic weapons can trigger Earth change, and whether tectonic warfare may become reality. Public interest counter-intelligence is a cross-disciplinary field developed under pressures to analyze the impacts of hyper secret military-industrial projects like HAARP and other electromagnetic weapons.

I do not advance the hypothesis that environmental warfare may trigger prophesized Earth changes in vacuum; quite the contrary. The environmental-warfare part of our theory - that electromagnetic (EM) weapons can cause Earthquakes - fits squarely into the conceptual framework of modern conspiracy analysis.
There is already a substantial body of public interest research on electromagnetic (EM) weapons.


There is already preliminary research on the possible use of environmental weapons to trigger Earthquakes. Our Environmental warfare-Earth changes theory adds a further, vital logic to existing research. The Earth changes that environmental weapons might trigger are those cataclysms which the high psychics and prophets foresaw.

Consider what the Conspiracy Theory Literature: Frequently Asked Questions has to say about HAARP:

"A theme of [conspiracy theory literature] is that governments are developing horrible secret weaponry without knowledge of their citizens, such as biological warfare, earthquake weaponry, electromagnetic weaponry, HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project), mind altering and control techniques…, etc.


A particularly famous experiment is known as the Philadelphia Experiment that was supposedly developing time travel as a means of radar evasion during WWII in the "Philadelphia Experiment" related to research at Montauk Point in New York."



Environmental weapons, and their possible application in causing earthquakes, are already established parts of modern conspiracy analysis. If you can contemplate that public interest counter-intelligence analysis on environmental weapons might have a basis in reality, you can also hold the possibility that the environmental weapons part of our hypothesis might be true.


There just might be some reality to our concept that environmental weapons are being developed with the capability to trigger earthquakes, and by extension, may trigger Earth changes.

But first, let us pause and take a few questions from the Internet.


They might answer concerns that have come up in your mind.

"Date: 99-02-10 20:29:18 EST
"In a message dated 99-02-10 15:19:24 EST, you write:

"> Thanks for your questions. First, our resident
> list HAARP info specialists are the Ecotoday
> duo, and I will leave that definition for them
> to briefly craft for you and how it affects Earth
> changes."

Again, HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project.


I first became aware about HAARP and Environmental weapons systems in the summer of 1998, when my wife and I were in the Yukon leading an intuition workshop for the Liard, a First Nations tribe. HAARP's facility is located near Anchorage, Alaska. The Liard Plain in Yukon is home to the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights.


One of HAARP’s cover stories in the appropriations process was that it is a research project on the Aurora Borealis. One indication of the lack of legislative oversight over HAARP was the Washington Post’s reporting, which still reported HAARP as a Northern Lights research project even as late as the summer of 1998.

We'll try and summarize a complex area with these highlights. HAARP is one of many electromagnetic (EMP) pulse weapons systems that are deployed or planned. It is the most publicly known, and in the common parlance, "HAARP" has become synonymous with electromagnetic (EM) warfare. HAARP is a specialized, multi-purpose environmental weapons system, with specific targets and capabilities.


HAARP sends highly charged electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere, super-heating it and turning it into a global military antenna monitoring submarine, ship, and other military movements and missiles worldwide. Environmentalists have asserted - on good grounds - that the Earth’s ionosphere could be damaged or destroyed by HAARP.

Serving as a global antenna is but one application of HAARP and other electromagnetic weapons. There are other electromagnetic weapons applications, in operation or in development. Let’s list them first, and then explore each. First is weather warfare, using environmental weapons to create destructive storms, tornadoes, hurricanes against a target country or region. A second environmental weapons application is climate warfare, creating drought and consequent crop failure, food shortage, and economic destabilization in a target country of region.

Of immediate interest to our hypothesis that environmental weapons may trigger prophesized Earth changes is tectonic warfare. Tectonic warfare involves the creation of Earthquakes or volcanic eruptions in target countries through electromagnetic weapons. There are various possible mechanisms through which tectonic warfare operates. Nuclear weapons also create electromagnetic energy of destructive size. Interestingly, electromagnetic waves are themselves precursors of earthquakes, and are the basis of new methods of earthquake prediction.

Finally, perhaps the best know and most documented use of electromagnetic weapons is in anti-population mind-control. Electromagnetic mind control techniques include blasting a target individual or population with electromagnetic weapons to create delusional thinking or mood swings such as fear and panic.


Electromagnetic mind control can also be coordinated with harassment of the targeted individual by state security or undercover forces. The mind control properties of environmental weapons, and the existence of electromagnetic mind control programs such as MKULTRA are well established scientifically.

Now, how do electromagnetic weapons such as HAARP relate to prophesized Earth changes?


Joseph W. Duggan states the case that HAARP can cause Earth changes very succinctly.

"Researchers familiar with Nikola Tesla’s work are very concerned about a resonance effect reported by experimenters. Energy pulses directed at the ionosphere could trigger resonance frequencies within the Earth’s crust, causing Earthquakes and massive shock waves. A series of these building upon one another could cause cataclysms or worse."

Well, an analysis of current seismic trends does not indicate a high probability that cataclysmic Earth changes will take place in our era.


However, spasm electromagnetic warfare - or global nuclear warfare - could trigger cataclysmic Earth changes. If the ionosphere or magnetic bands around the Earth are sufficiently disturbed by electromagnetic energy from environmental weapons or nuclear warfare, this may in turn cause shifts in the Earth’s tectonic plates of the Earth.


Environmental weapons could also trigger resonance frequencies within tectonic and inner Earth crust, creating earthquakes and Earth changes if sufficiently large. Electromagnetic phenomena resulting from nuclear warfare could itself set off electromagnetic energy sufficiently large to trigger earthquakes or Earth changes.

The high psychics and prophets could have been foreseeing Earth changes caused by human electromagnetic warfare, not by Earth systems acting in response to natural forces.

Skeptics about electromagnetic warfare provide a valuable service.

Let’s take this question from the Internet, asked by the EM skeptic inside all of us.

"Subj: Re: HAARP capabilities
"Date: 99-02-13 03:36:51 EST

"In a message dated 99-02-12 19:57:12 EST, you write:

> To begin, I haven't researched HAARP extensively but it has been my
> understanding that the applications listed in the second paragraph above
> are ALLEGED applications of HAARP, not confirmed."

Electromagnetic (EM) weapons, including HAARP are super-secret.


So no definitive conclusions can be reached, for sure. However, each of the five strategic forms of electromagnetic (EM) warfare - radar, weather, climate, tectonic, mind-control - are in the literature on design and application of Environmental weapons.

We'll do our best to urge the reader to a glass half-full reality about electromagnetic weapons and Earth changes. Maybe we can't. There is an epistemological issue here - has a full-fledged environmental weapons capability been deployed; or are there only "alleged" incidents. We find "alleged" (which is a legal and not a scientific term) to be hackneyed and used mainly by journalists as a copout.

After all, it was the prophet Michel de Notredame (Nostradamus for short) who first "alleged" that great earthquakes would be caused by terrible new machines, with properties that are chillingly close to electromagnetic weapons.

HAARP is just one of many environmental weapons systems That's important because the demonstrated or plausible effects we know of are attributable to environmental weapons other than HAARP.

The mind control capabilities of electromagnetic weapons are in fact the most fully documented, to the 1970s, with the Soviet "Woodpecker" series of electromagnetic attacks upon US west coast cities, notably Eugene, Oregon, and the micro-wave based MKULTRA mind control program in the United States.

Ironically, up until the application of Electromagnetic (EM) weapons against Gaia, environmental weapons had been mostly used as a mind-control weapon, both against foreign targets (the Soviet Woodpecker signals) and domestic populations (MKULTRA). The purpose of these mind-control weapons is to destabilize the population's mood and will. In the case of domestic mind-control, like MKULTRA, the electromagnetic bombardment of the target was reinforced by on-the-ground harassment carried out by disinformation security forces.

Those of us who have been affected by environmental weapons in the US can attest to these tactics. When targeted on a group, environmental weapons tend to break up group thinking, and induce interpersonal paranoia and fear. There is more documented information, beginning to surface, on the mind control aspects of electromagnetic weapons. Perhaps the most moving are the documented stories of the victims of electromagnetic mind control.

I have written about my own recovery from electromagnetic-induced mind control in Recovery: A Personal Journey.


Electromagnetic mind control is truly a stealth weapon. The electromagnetic attack is so designed that only the target knows that she or he is under electromagnetic bombardment. The underlying goal of electromagnetic mind control weapons is to isolate the targeted individual from family, friends, professional and financial support, and to destroy the target as a functioning social and economic entity. Electromagnetic weapons are military-intelligence anti-population weapon.

As you might surmise, electromagnetic weapons are currently a stated priority component of strategic weapons defense of the United States military. Environmental weapons are not a figment of conspiracy theorists. They are built into the design of many current U.S. military weapons and military equipment.

A good example of the military’s attention to electromagnetic forces are the design specifications for the E-4B, the U.S. Air Force flying emergency headquarters.


This description is from the manufacturer of the E-4B:

"The E-4B serves as the National Airborne Operations Center for the National Command Authorities. In case of national emergency or destruction of ground command control centers, the aircraft provides a modern, highly survivable, command, control and communications center to direct U.S. forces, execute emergency war orders and coordinate actions by civil authorities….

"The E-4B has electromagnetic pulse protection, an electrical system designed to support advanced electronics and a wide variety of new communications equipment. Other improvements include nuclear and thermal effects shielding, acoustic control, an improved technical control facility and an upgraded air-conditioning system for cooling electrical components. An advanced satellite communications system improves worldwide communications among strategic and tactical satellite systems and the airborne operations center."

Please notice that "electromagnetic pulse protection" is the first listed attribute of the E-4B. This may be protection from electromagnetic pulses resulting from nuclear warfare, or from electromagnetic (EM) weapons themselves.


Why not?

Or take the U.S. Army’s concern with electromagnetic pulse shielding for its buildings and structures:

"Dependence on electronic systems for military and other national security command, communications, control, computing, data processing, and intelligence continues to increase. The state-of-the-art electronics components used in most systems are susceptible to upset or damage from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), including the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) from nuclear weapons.


Further, to ensure communications security (TEMPEST), it is often necessary to prevent compromising emanations. Many defense-related facilities require EMI, EMP, or TEMPEST protection. Historically, a metallic liner or shield has provided protection by completely enclosing the electronics systems. The conservative designs typically provide more shielding than required and are very expensive to design, construct, test, and maintain."

Again, the U.S. Army’s concern may be protection from electromagnetic pulse forces resulting from nuclear warfare, or from electromagnetic (EM) weapons themselves.


Why not?

Actually, the destructive effects of electromagnetic pulses produced by nuclear warfare can be horrific, but they are a full quantum less devastating than Earth-changing environmental weapons like HAARP.


If the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force are concerned about electromagnetic pulses produced by nuclear explosion, they are undoubtedly concerned about electromagnetic pulses produced by environmental weapons themselves.

"High altitude explosions produce EMPs that are dramatically more destructive. About 3x10^-5 of the bomb's total energy goes into EMP in this case, 10^11 joules for a 1 Mt bomb. EMP is formed in high altitude explosions when the downwardly directed gamma rays encounter denser layers of air below. A pancake shaped ionization region is formed below the bomb. The zone can extend all the way to the horizon, to 2500 km for an explosion at an altitude of 500 km.


The ionization zone is up to 80 km thick at the center. The Earth's magnetic field causes the electrons in this layer to spiral as they travel, creating a powerful downward directed electromagnetic pulse lasting a few microseconds. A strong vertical electrical field (20-50 KV/m) is also generated between the Earth's surface and the ionized layer, this field lasts for several minutes until the electrons are recaptured by the air.


Although the peak EMP field strengths from high altitude bursts are only 1-10% as intense as the peak ground burst fields, they are nearly constant over the entire Earth's surface under the ionized region.

"The effects of these field on electronics is difficult to predict, but can be profound. Enormous induced electric currents are generated in wires, antennas, and metal objects (like missiles, airplanes, and building frames). Commercial electrical grids are immense EMP antennas and would be subjected to voltage surges far exceeding those created by lightning, and over vastly greater areas. Modern VLSI chips are extremely sensitive to voltage surges, and would be burned out by even small leakage currents.


Military equipment is generally designed to be resistant to EMP, but realistic tests are very difficult to perform and EMP protection rests on attention to detail.


Minor changes in design, incorrect maintenance procedures, poorly fitting parts, loose debris, moisture, and ordinary dirt can all cause elaborate EMP protections to be totally circumvented. It can be expected that a single high yield, high altitude explosion over an industrialized area would cause massive disruption for an indeterminable period, and would cause huge economic damages (all those damaged chips add up).

A separate effect is the ability of the ionized fireball to block radio and radar signals. Like EMP, this effect becomes important with high altitude bursts. Fireball blackout can cause radar to be blocked for tens of seconds to minutes over an area tens of kilometers across.


High frequency radio can be disrupted over hundreds to thousands of kilometers for minutes to hours depending on exact conditions."

Historically, tectonic warfare was based on a nuclear-explosion model. Researchers discovered that nuclear weapons tend to trigger off earthquakes, by releasing pent-up stain in tectonic plates.


The early 1970s model of tectonic warfare consisted of earthquakes triggered against enemies by means of hidden nuclear weapons.

"Decades earlier, seismographs had been installed at the site after
workers noticed a number of times when earthquakes followed
underground nuclear tests. From the data gathered by the
instruments, geologists determined that the quakes were triggered
because the explosions released natural tectonic stress.

"The U.S., however, wasn't the only country to make this
determination. In the 1970s, the Soviet Union not only understood
this, but took it to heart - by beginning a "tectonics weapon" research
project. Its goal wasn't just to induce tectonic activity, but to attempt
to direct it in a specific direction at a specific land target. In 1987, the
Communist government ordered a major effort to develop such a
weapon, which continued through the country's collapse and by
Russia until 1992. Only the economic crisis reportedly put the
program, first code-named "Mercury" and later "Vulcan", on hold
indefinitely. A few years later, its existence was exposed by 'Moscow
News', in an article titled ''Earthquakes Made to Order''.

In fact, the explosions from nuclear testing actually doubled the number of earthquakes above 5.8 Richter (moderate) and above in the last half of the twentieth century.


Moreover, there appears to be long range damage to the Earth’s magnetosphere resulting from nuclear explosions in the nuclear testing programs.

"At the 2nd Annual Conference on the United Nations and World
Peace, almost a decade ago, Gary Whiteford, Professor of Geology -
University of New Brunswick, presented results of a study that
looked at the long term effect. In his study, Whiteford looked at all
earthquakes in the 20th century with intensities greater than
magnitude-5.8 . He found that in the first half of the century, before
nuclear testing, quakes greater than 5.8 occurred on an average of 68
times per year. Between 1950 and 1988, the rate rose "suddenly and
dramatically" to an average of 127 annually. The U.S. military
chalked it up to "coincidence". Whiteford responded, "The
geographical patterns in the data, with a clustering of Earthquakes in
specific regions matched to specific test dates and sites do not
support the easy and comforting explanation of 'pure coincidence'. It
is a dangerous coincidence." With further analysis, Whiteford found
that, in the case of so-called "killer quakes" - those in which one
thousand or more people died - specifically those occurring between
1953 and 1989, some 62.5% of them struck within a few days after
a nuclear test.

I will state this very slowly.


The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) waves released in these nuclear tests may have been the factor that,

  1. triggered the earthquakes

  2. led to damage to the magnetosphere

Thus - nuclear weapons may actually have been used as early, primitive environmental weapons used to trigger earthquakes in tectonic warfare.


Electromagnetic pulse released by nuclear testing may have been an important causal factor for the resulting damage to the magnetosphere, and the increase in moderate and large earthquakes on Earth. We can now discern the impetus among U.S. military planners in the 1970s to expand the performance of electromagnetic (EM) weapons.


Read what two pioneer critics of the HAARP program have to say.

"In 1966, Professor Gordon J. F. MacDonald was Associate Director of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California, Los Angeles, was a member of the President's Science Advisory Committee, and later a member of the President's Council on Environmental Quality. He published papers on the use of environmental control technologies for military purposes.


MacDonald made a revealing comment:

"The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy."

World-recognized scientist MacDonald had a number of ideas for using the environment as a weapon system and he contributed to what was, at the time, the dream of a futurist.


When he wrote his chapter, "How to Wreck the Environment", for the book "Unless Peace Comes", he was not kidding around. In it he describes the use of weather manipulation, climate modification, polar ice cap melting or destabilization, ozone depletion techniques, earthquake engineering, ocean wave control and brainwave manipulation using the planet's energy fields. He also said that these types of weapons would be developed and, when used, would be virtually undetectable by their victims.

"Is HAARP that weapon? The military's intention to do environmental engineering is well-documented."

Environmental weapons can trigger Earth changes, and are effective weapons for creating weather and climate war, and for tectonic warfare itself. Ever since modern electromagnetic (EM) weapons have deployed we can document an increase in Earth seismicity.

Nikola Tesla (1858-1943), a Serbian born naturalized U.S. citizen, physicist, and electrical engineer discovered the theoretical basis for electromagnetic weapons.


Tesla researcher Tom Bearden describes Tesla’s status as an original inventor of electromagnetic pulse energy applications.

"By 1914 or so, Tesla had been successfully isolated and was already nearly a "non-person." Thereafter Tesla lived in nearly total seclusion, occasionally surfacing (at his annual birthday party for members of the press) to announce the discovery of an enormous new source of free energy, the perfection of wireless transmission of energy without losses, fireball weapons to destroy whole armies and thousands of aeroplanes at hundreds of miles distance, and a weapon (the "Tesla Shield," I've dubbed it) that could provide an impenetrable defense and thus render war obsolete.

"In my pursuit of Tesla's secret, it gradually became apparent to me that present orthodox electromagnetic theory is seriously flawed in some fundamental respects. One of these is in the definition and use of THETA, the scalar electrostatic potential. It is this error which has hidden the long-sought Unified Field Theory from the theorists…."

"In the 20's and 30's, Tesla announced the final perfection of his wireless transmission of energy without losses  -  even to interplanetary distances."

Tesla’s electromagnetic theories laid the foundation for the design of environmental weapons that trigger Earthquakes as a means of waging war.

"An Earthquake fault zone is such a scalar interferometer. Stresses and charge pileups exist in the plates on each side adjacent to the fault, with stress relief existing in the middle in the fault fracture itself.

"Since the rock is locally nonlinear, the mechanical stresses and electrical currents in it are also locally nonlinear. This results in the generation of multiple frequencies of THETA-4-waves from each side of the fault interferometer, yielding two complex Fourier expansion patterns of scalar potential waves."

Tesla’s theories also provide the foundation for electromagnetic (EM) weapons’ application to weather and climate warfare.

"[Tesla] theorized that 10hz of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) beams bounced through the Earth and up into the ionosphere would start electron resonance 50 kilometers above the Earth. This would effect thunderstorms by causing a dielectric breakdown above the clouds and forcing them to release their energy and water in a non-natural way.

While the U.S. Navy applied Tesla principles in World War I communications systems, after the end of the war, Tesla research was not pursued. Tesla-based devices such as the Moray amplifier, however, became a central component of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons developed by the then Soviet Union in the 1970s.

"Today the [Tesla-based] Moray amplifier is a standard component of many of the Soviet secret super weapons and Tesla weapons."
[Reference: The Tesla Howitzer]

Parapsychologist and Tesla expert Dr. Andrija Puharich reports on the deployment of Soviet Tesla-based electromagnetic weapons.

"On July 4, 1976 the Soviet Union unleashed a new weapon on the world. Nikola Tesla had shown in 1901 that a person could transmit power across the Earth through the ground. The Russians were emitting an 11 Hertz signal (cycles per second) across the world. This powerful signal upset radio communications everywhere. Many nations protested.


The U.S. Air Force identified 5 different frequencies in this compound harmonic the Russians were sending through the Earth and the atmosphere. The intention was to affect a change of consciousness in mankind. The Extreme Low Frequency waves will penetrate anything and everything, the specially shielded Faraday cage, the ocean. Nothing stops or weakens these signals…."

"Dr. Puharich and Robert Beck designed receiving equipment which could measure these waves and their effect on the human brain. Their experiments proved that a signal of 6 Hertz easily penetrated the copper walls of a Faraday cage. So could a rate of 6.6  -  one of the rates being used by the Russians. This caused depression.

"Dr. Puharich revealed that the Soviets used ELF waves to experiment with weather control in 1976 and 1977, using an 11 Hertz wave sent round the world; but even when they stopped their transmitters, they couldn't stop the waves!

"It took a year for the 11 Hertz wave to diminish in strength, causing a terrible winter. Since the Russians turned on this signal, they have had three crop failures in a row, as well as great floods. America had great heat and drought.

"About 1980 they began to realize more fully what they were doing; so they built more transmitters, in Siberia and Latvia, to send beams around the world. They created a great arc over Canada to Cape Cod, 42 miles in width. Soviet attaches', from the embassy in Ottawa, were going out to villages to determine the effects."

O.K., so your "pattern-recognition warning lights" may not have activated as to the reality of environmental warfare applications, using the Earth’s system as its weapons.


Let us explore a very suggestive series of milestones, tracking some of the apparent effects of environmental weapons reported since the 1970s, when mega-power electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons were first deployed in weather, climate, and tectonic warfare.

One Environmental weapons researcher has documented this history of the applications of Environmental weapons since the mid-1970s.

"July 4, 1976 Soviets turn on their Tesla Magnifying transmitters with a primary [EMP] frequency of 10hz and start Weather Modification experiments. These are monitored by the U.S. National Security (NSI) which listens to all radio frequencies that originates in Russia.

"June 5, 1976 The New York Times described the great Earthquake, which destroyed Tangshan China and killed 650,000 people as: "Just before the first tremor at 3:42 am the sky lit up like daylight. The multi hued lights, mainly red and white were seen up to 200 miles away. Leafs on many trees were burned to a crisp and growing vegetables were scorched on one side as if by a fireball."

These electrical effects are tied to electromagnetic plasma and ball lightning which result from Tesla style and HAARP like transmissions.

"July 4, 1977

Exactly one year after the start of the Russian experiments, the U.S. Government conducted an ELF experiment that created an enormous downburst of rain in six counties of Northern Wisconsin. Winds of up to 157 mph devastated a wide area and the ELF generated storm destroyed Phillips, Wisconsin, destroyed 350,000 acres of forest and caused $50 million in damage.


The Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) Newsletter described the storm:

"Downburst activity has been described as occurring when the top of a thunderstorm cloud topples over bringing with it masses of wind straight down. The U.S. Government's transmitter sent about 1.2 million watts of energy into the ground. The ground connections are at each end of the antenna and up the other end, forming an antenna loop. Signals are sent by shifting the frequency.


The antenna began transmissions at 13:00 hours by shifting from 76 hertz to 72 or 80 pulsed at a rate of 16 times a second. The action of the [EMP] transmitters in setting up a resonant Circuit duplicates the process that occurs in nature during thunderstorm activity."

"October 1977

The United Nations Security Council investigates the possibilities of Weather modification and agrees to a ban of utilization. (C.N. 263. 1978 treaties 12)

"November 1977

U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) declassifies a report describing how vast advances in Soviet psychotronic technology can create the ultimate Big Brother Society by using electronic mind control against populations to implant ideas and thoughts into the heads of unsuspecting victims using ELF transmissions.

"January 1978

Specula Magazine described the Russian ELF effects: "An electromagnetic signal of certain frequencies can be transmitted through the Earth which, depending upon the frequency used, focusing, wave shape, etc., one can induce a variety of effects such as earthquakes induced at a distant aiming point, severe disturbances in the middle and upper atmosphere over the target area and anomalous weather effects. This is called the 'Tesla Effect' originally discovered by Tesla."

"January 1978

Dr. Andrija Puharich, M.D., LL.D. of Russia issued a detailed research paper titled, "Global Magnetic Warfare - A layman's View of Certain Artificially Induced Unusual Effects on the Planet during 1976 and 1977." Describing early Soviet work with Tesla's method of "Controlled Earthquakes," he stated "Of the many great Earthquakes of 1976 there is one that demands special attention - the July 28, 1976 Tangshan, China Earthquake."

"January 30, 1981

"The world sustained 71 significant Earthquakes during 1980, up from 56 the previous year and the world death toll climbed to 7,140, five times the 1979 figure, the U.S. Geological Survey said. Coincidentally with the increase in Soviet and U.S. ELF transmissions during 1980, there was a sharp increase in Earthquakes around the world."

"June 1981

P.A.C.E. NEWSLETTER reported that Dr. Ralph Markson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Suggests that if a atmospheric variations do affect the weather, the appropriate use of ELF and VLF radio waves might do the same trick." "It is known the VLF radio waves such as those induced by lightning can destabilize plasma in the magnetosphere. Experiments to cause such effects have been conducted from the space shuttle."

"August 9, 1983

The Washington Post reports, Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, nuclear engineer and leading U.S. Tesla researcher lectured to the U.S. Psychotronics Association explaining how the Tesla wave generators worked said,

"The U.S. had been working with ELF generators but found that the foundation of Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) transmitters were much more effective than standard ELF transmitters. The GWEN transmitters are being erected around the United States to continue our communications during a nuclear war."

"March 1, 1987

The New York Times reported: "Col. Paul Hanson, GWEN program director for the Air Force said the GWEN towers will not help wage a nuclear war because they would be destroyed in any protracted confrontation. Currently 54 GWEN are operational at a cost of $235 million. The Government is planning to build 29 more units at a cost of an additional $11 million each.

"August 11 1987

Patent Number 4,686,605 issued to Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund, a physicist whose design promoted the U.S. government building on a mammoth electromagnetic weather engineering system. The patent was assigned to APTI Inc., a subsidiary of Eastlund’s then employer, the Atlantic Richfield Oil Company (ARCO).


The patent states,

"Large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpected high altitude. Weather modification is possible by for example altering the upper atmosphere wind patterns and that the Earth’s magnetic field could be decreased or disrupted at appropriate altitudes to modify or eliminate the magnetic field."

"March 1988

OMNI Magazine carried an article about Dr. Eastlund’s invention: "As he did his computations, Eastlund realized that the amount of energy he was dealing with was enormous. He calculated that by lifting parts of the atmosphere the charged particles could reflect sunlight, heat parts of the Earth and manipulate local weather patterns. Richard Williams, a physicist at Princeton, stated that he thinks the Eastlund HAARP device,

"might become a serious threat to the Earth’s atmosphere and could cause irreversible damage. Effects in the atmosphere cannot be localized. The language of the patent indicates that it is clearly intended to provide effects on a global scale."

"September 12,1988

The New York Times reported that each GWEN unit utilizes about 2,000 watts of power and are "relaying brief test messages every twenty minutes."

"November 1988

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reported that GWEN involves a network of 299 foot high towers that "uses low frequency radio waves that hug the ground."


"September 12, 1989

The Washington Post reported that during 1989, World Bank President Barber Conable made a speech in Tokyo at a conference on: "Global Environment" in which he revealed the long range goals of the international bankers.


He said that,

"while higher temperatures may cause a number of disasters they might also warm cold and unproductive lands in the North into productivity."

This candid admission described the real reason that the Soviets and the New World Order bankers have secretly promoted continuous weather engineering over the Northern hemisphere since the early 1970’s.

"November 1989

The bulletin of the Atomic Scientists listed some of the GWEN tower locations. Of extreme importance were GWEN units directly in the middle of the high rainfall area of the 1993 flood in the Upper Mississippi Valley. The operating and planned GWEN units are at: Ledyard Iowa, Chelsea Wisconsin, Shepard Minnesota, Curryville and Dudley Missouri and other units in Colorado and Montana whose range could influence the magnetic fields in neighboring states. The resulting enhanced constant precipitation levels killed hundreds and destroyed billions of dollars of property.

"January 1990

Because of the publicity about the weather engineering aspects of the Eastlund Arco patent, the U.S. Government suppressed all further news about the invention’s weather engineering features and the invention has been disguised as a device for conducting "atmospheric research.

"June 1990

Progressive Magazine reported that each GWEN tower will have "a hundred copper wires, each 330 feet long, that will fan out from the tower a foot underground...The major environmental issue is Electromagnetic radiation...GWEN towers emit ionizing radiation, and they do so all of the time, with test signals broadcast every hour."

"July 1990

CROSS CURRENTS: "The perils of Electropollution," by Robert O. Becker, M.D.;

"GWEN is a superb system for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population. The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place to place across the United States. Therefore if one wished to resonate a specific ion in living things in a specific locality, one would require a specific frequency for that location.


The spacing of GWEN transmitters 200 miles apart across the United States would allow such specific frequencies to be ‘tailored’ to the geomagnetic field strength in each GWEN area."

In response to the allegations that the GWEN system was built to enable the Government to continue communications during a war Dr. Becker countered,

"The GWEN hardware is transistor based; even if placed in hardened bunkers it would still be vulnerable to electro magnetic pulse. The real purposes of the GWEN system is being kept secret from the American people.


"March 29, 1992

The WASHINGTON TIMES reports the incidence of ELF signals associated with Earthquakes are continuing. Satellites and ground sensors detected mysterious radio waves or related electrical and magnetic activity before major Earthquakes in Southern California during 1986-87 and Northern California, Armenia and Japan in 1989."

How is your "pattern-recognition rate" functioning now? Are you beginning to discern a pattern of electromagnetic pulse deployment ranging from Tesla to the 1970s Soviet Union to the 1990s HAARP project in Alaska?

Does it not seem a reality that electromagnetic (EM) weapons are developed and deployed? That environmental weapons are deployed for Earth-systems warfare - weather and climate war, and tectonic (earthquake) warfare?

What other pattern-recognition would most easily account for all we have reviewed so far?

Some applications of electromagnetic (EM) weapons unleash an electromagnetic pulse blast (looking like a fireball) which can level a town or city.


Electromagnetic pulse researcher by Harry Mason, B.Sc., M.Sc., reports:

"These recent [EMP] fireball and other electrical events are highly anomalous and appear to pose a considerable danger to the population of not only Australia but much of the entire planet. Certainly, just one of the associated explosion/earthquakes could completely flatten a town the size of Broken Hill, Kalgoorlie, Mt Isa, Alice Springs or Canberra-with enormous loss of life. It would approximate a nuclear blast in intensity and "spoil the inhabitants' whole day…."

"Severe high-energy harmonic coupling would occur at the instance of the weapon's microsecond wave release of a concentrated EM energy pulse, and this would probably cause an explosive splitting apart of the inter-atomic-level bonding of the targeted material, e.g., below-ground rock, above-ground building structures, or in the gases of the 'air'. This would create a huge explosion and a 'regular' Earthquake, probably quite indistinguishable from a 'normal' quake; or, in the air, an 'air quake' would result.

"Such an explosion would probably be quite similar to a low-level nuclear fission blast and would involve essentially similar but EM-initiated inter-atomic processes that affect the atomic nucleus and its bonding with neighbouring atomic nuclei. It would probably create some minor residual radioactivity as a by-product of the process, due to the production of a number of exotic isotopes.

"This mechanism is probably the reason for Russian use of the code-word "Ellipton bomb" whilst referring to these types of EM weapons. ("Right-wing KGB presidential candidate" Vladimir Zhirinovsky was quoted using this term whilst apparently threatening Bosnian Muslims with annihilation.) Rapid on-off alternating electrostatic EM field coupling would cause a Mohr stress ellipsoid oscillation in any material by effects on interatomic bonding.


If powerful enough, this energy input would ultimately lead to very fast explosive material rupture of the interatomic bonds-i.e., a major explosion of nuclear-force levels and/or the creation of an apparently normal-looking earthquake."

Researcher Harry Mason also concludes that an electromagnetic (EM) weapon, in an act of tectonic warfare, may have been used to intentionally trigger the destructive 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan.


Independent scientific evidence may provide some further basis for corroborating Mason’s conclusions.


Because of the unusual nature of Mason’s analysis, I’ve included his entire report.

"On 17 January 1995, the Japanese city of Kobe was struck by a massive Earthquake that devastated much of the city, killing over 5,500 people and injuring many thousands more. Shoko Asahara, the leader of the Japanese Aum Supreme Truth (Aum Shinrikyo) sect, had surprisingly predicted, in a Tokyo radio broadcast on 8 January 1995, that a major quake would soon occur at Kobe.


Asahara went even further and stated that this quake would be initiated by a "a foreign power" utilizing an electromagnetic (EM) weapons system.

"Aum's Science Minister Hideo Murai later stated at the Foreign Press Correspondents' Club in Tokyo on 7 April 1995 that, "There is a possibility that the great Hanshin [Kobe] Earthquake was activated by electromagnetic power or some device that exerts energy into the ground."

"Asahara would undoubtedly have preferred his great predictive powers to be thought of as due to a highly developed and superior spiritual ability to examine the future time-track (thus attracting more gullible followers after this quake event). It is far more likely that he was fed warning intelligence re Kobe by Aum's Science Minister Murai, and/or Japanese Intelligence operatives who themselves were forewarned by Russian KGB officials.

"In his pre-Aum days, Hideo Murai had worked on highly advanced microwave and gamma/cosmic-ray physics applications for cold molding of steel at the Kobe Steel laboratories. This laboratory complex was located at the near-exact epicenter of the great Kobe Earthquake. Japanese investigative journalists believe that this Kobe laboratory was one of several research facilities (located at Osaka, Tsukuba and Tokyo universities) engaged in top-secret research and development of EM weapons technology-under the cover of Kobe Steel industrial research and/or environmental "desert-greening" studies.

"The Aum's deputy leader, Kiyohide Hayakawa, in his pre-Aum days studied at Osaka University in the Landscape Engineering section of the Environmental Engineering department. His thesis is highly confidential and not available to the public, but allegedly contains only landscape engineering studies.

"For several days prior to the great Kobe Earthquake there were reports of glowing orange-red and pink lights and spherical forms hovering over and along the Kobe fault line. Such Earth stress lights have been observed over major quakes in many parts of the globe since the 19th century, but the number and intensity of those that developed in the January 1995 pre-Kobe quake days appear to be highly anomalous.

"The existence of geophysical weapons capable of creating or triggering earthquakes in highly stressed crustal regions has been discussed privately by geophysicists for a decade or more. Rumors have abounded over certain huge earthquakes of the 1970s and 1980s in the Central Asian republics of the former USSR.


Some writers have suggested that these were caused by Israeli, French or American EM weapons systems used in retaliation for Soviet EM weapon strikes on the West. US scientist Tom Bearden contends that the Soviets brought into service an intercontinental-range Tesla EM weapon in 1963 during the Khrushchev era.

"The evidence that Kobe was not a natural earthquake is slender and is based primarily upon Asahara's prediction that was later proved so horrifyingly correct. However, one cannot be certain about actual cause, and quite possibly I am totally incorrect in suggesting this event could have been caused by a sentiently controlled and directed EM energy weapon.


There would appear to be some supporting evidence of an indirect nature involving political considerations and other more recent events. However, taking into consideration the entire Kobe and Aum Tokyo scenarios together with the earlier, possibly Aum-related, fireball-explosion-earthquake events of 28 May 1993 at Banjawarn, Western Australia, one is left with a very strong impression of a serious fire underlying the visible "dark plume of smoke" that rose over Kobe.

"But what motive could there possibly be for such a major city- busting weapon strike? Why choose an exotic EM weapon system?

"It is quite possible that the EM strike was directed at the secret Kobe Steel EM weapons research laboratory and that the motive was in part to destroy this facility and cause such a resounding blow to the civilian population. Similar in scale to the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, [this EM strike would signal] that the Japanese oligarchic powers behind the scenes [should] think long and hard before attempting to continue their EM weapons project.

"If the USA (or a covert international power group based therein) were the belligerent party that struck down Kobe, then the motive would most likely have included a 'big stick' warning to the Japanese powers. To do what they were told with regard to the New World (economic) Order, or face the consequences.

"It would appear from subsequent events that the Japanese oligarchy did not grovel under this attack but in fact, after some further provocation, went on the offensive with its own (or a friend's) EM weapon system."

Other scientists have reported animal behavior just prior to the Kobe Earthquake, apparently induced by electromagnetic fields. These electromagnetic fields may be associated with the natural processes of the Earthquake itself.


An open question is whether electromagnetic weapons in any way induced the electromagnetic pulse fields preceding the Kobe Earthquake.

"Sea lions, hippopotamus and crocodiles in the Kobe-Oji Zoo were reported to have shown seismic anomalous animal behavior (SAAB) before the Kobe Earthquake. Crocodiles at the Izu-Atagawa Banana-Alligator Garden were observed to have cried before volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the Izu area.


Critical electric field intensity, which causes a field-avoidance behavior, has been estimated for these animals and some reptiles. Behavioral responses to seismic electric pulse stimuli due to the emerged pulsed charges or electromagnetic waves were tentatively attributed to the cause of SAAB. Seismic field intensities prior to the Kobe Earthquake were estimated from the electric field effects and citizen's statements on SAAB are shown in a geographic map with the number of statements.


The anecdotal reports of significant animal disturbances at the epicenter were entirely consistent with the electric field effects. An attempt was made to observe natural electric pulses prior to earthquakes with a digital storage oscilloscope conforming to geophysical theory, also at the time of lightning and by electric discharges.


Some electric pulses were detected simultaneously occurring in a laboratory with startled movements of eels as well as with fighting and grooming of hamsters known as anomalous behavior caused by electric field effects.

In many ways, HAARP represents a new generation of environmental weapons systems, following on three decades of electromagnetic weapons development.


HAARP researcher John A. Quinn concludes that HAARP has multiple agendas:

"The acknowledged, publicized applications for potential applications of HAARP technology are primarily: Enhancement of or interference with communications, as well as development of new types of radio transmissions

"Investigation" of effects on weather patterns Earth-penetrating tomography - an X-ray like function which can reveal, for example, the existence of underground installations as well as oil or mineral deposits

"Some of the other principal yet unpublicized goals [of HAARP] are:

  • Weapons-related (physical/psychological disablement) and mind control uses

  • Large scale tampering/modification of global weather patterns via ionospheric disturbances

  • "Pushing the envelope" in terms of pumping electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere, just to see what happens

"It bears emphasizing here that any such references to HAARP being used for EM mind control come directly from numerous internal documents and repeated references therein to HAARP's capabilities as electromagnetic mind modification/manipulation technology and intentions to so implement HAARP. "

One of the dominant, covert agendas of HAARP is the waging of tectonic warfare.


In this guise, HAARP may form the basis of an environmental weapons system, used to trigger destructive earthquakes against a targeted enemy. Under certain conditions, such as extreme solar electromagnetic activity, environmental weapons can trigger cataclysmic Earth changes.


These Earth changes would be a cataclysmic scale which human prophetic traditions have foretold.

"One of the more covert of HAARP's seemingly countless agendas is that HAARP transmissions can be used for detecting and monitoring electromagnetic or "plasma" phenomena which are precursors of seismic activity and tectonic movement. Indications are that HAARP transmissions can be (and conceivably are being) used to activate or trigger exactly these same electromagnetic conditions which can cause tectonic movement - in other words, HAARP potentially has the ability to cause earthquakes!

"Certainly such a capability is equally as disturbing as nearly everything else about HAARP, and judging by how other of the technology's capabilities have been applied, it will also likely be applied in a similarly malevolent manner. I don't really even want to follow that line of thinking too far, but the implications are clear - and very frightening. Think we have "a problem" here? Well, I sure do.

"It seems that HAARP signals are being picked up by weather radar systems as referred to above. This has been noted in conjunction with some unusual Earthquake activity as well. Notably at the China Lakes Naval Air Warfare Center in Southern California, where the quakes have been numbering around 100 per day for weeks now and radar images have often shown what seem to be major weather disturbances. Yet concurrently the weather satellite shots of the area and local weather conditions reports prove that the skies at these times have been generally calm and clear!

"Something similar occurred on Easter Sunday in the Carolinas. It looked from the radar shots as though the area was being pounded by massive tornadic activity, yet the skies were clear and the atmospheric conditions generally calm. The next day, however, guess what - a sizable and unarguably rare Earthquake hit this exact region!

"Yet one more item on the list of HAARP's covert agendas and applications:

Detection of electromagnetic seismic activity which may precede Earthquakes - and triggering of such activity.

It is becoming very apparent that the radar systems are picking up electromagnetic perturbances which not only don't correlate to observed actual weather conditions but display totally unnatural formations like perfect circles (often concentric), perfectly straight lines, etc.


This same phenomenon, often in conjunction with tremendous and historically unheard-of rainstorms, has also been observed in Western Australia, where the concentric electromagnetic energy pulses accompanying the fronts have been so severe as to totally knock out the power grids in the region. Exactly what happened in Aukland, New Zealand earlier this year, when the entire heart of the city was without power for months after their electrical grid was literally fried by these EM pulse waves.

"It bears repeating here that some scientists believe that HAARP, especially at it's current extraordinary levels of power, is quite capable of generating such highly advanced, esoteric phenomena as gravity waves; the ability implement interdimensional/time bending, distortion, shifting, rifting and the like would be along the same lines.

"More and more, the emerging picture of HAARP is that of an extremely severe and very disturbing threat to our wellbeing here on Planet Earth; currently perhaps on of the very biggest threats technologically. This really seems to be their Big Gun, capable of being applied in nearly every imaginable and exceptionally undesirable way.

"HAARP technology appears well suited in general to enforcing a host of the more oppressive and malicious goals and agendas of the evolving "New World Order."

"The more complete list of primary intended uses of HAARP now reads:

  • Enhancement of or interference with communications, as well as development of new types of radio transmissions

  • Manipulation of weather patterns

  • Weapons-related (physical/psychological disablement) and mind control uses

  • Earth-penetrating tomography  -  an X-ray like function which can reveal, for example, the existence of underground installations as well as oil or mineral deposits

  • Detection of electromagnetic seismic activity which may precede Earthquakes  -  and triggering of such activity

  • Generation of [gravity] waves, inter-dimensional/time "portals" and other highly esoteric, relativistic phenomena

"Pushing the envelope" in terms of pumping electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere, just to see what happens."

Now that we are aware of environmental weapons, the greater challenge may be the monitor of their hyper-secret tests and demos, and discerning the intentional environmental weapons attacks.

Accurate information about environmental weapons events will be needed if we are ever to report on them in terms that a secular audience will understand. If we are ever to raise a critical mass of public opinion against environmental weapons, and legislative action to stop the madness.

We need a vocabulary with which to communicate to skeptics of environmental weapons, as well as to a civilian population that may not have a clue they are at risk themselves. That is a crucial question, because the military reality of environmental weapons is that they are hyper-secret.

The issue is not HAARP alone, which is one prototype weapons system.


The deeper issue is the whole reality of Environmental warfare itself, and the perversion of the Earth’s natural systems into instruments of war, and the possible cataclysmic outcomes of human military folly - as the prophets have foreseen.


Chapter Five - Traditional Forecasts of Environmental Warfare

Michel de Notredame (Nostradamus) provides the best precognitive evidence that electromagnetic (EM) weapons may cause prophesized Earth changes for our era.


High psychics provide pre-cognitive visions of possible coming cataclysm. In turn, we can use these visions as working hypothesis against which we can evaluate emerging patterns in the Earth sciences and in the public interest evaluation of Environmental warfare. In a word, we can use the prophets’ visions in present, real time to help us gauge reality.

This evaluation of precognitive information in the light of empirical data conforms to the classic scientific method.

How are prophets and psychics different? Not significantly, really, except by nuance. Psychics and prophets are persons who can access accurate information about the future (or the past), from the present. They possess the faculty of precognition (or retro-cognition, in the case of information about the past).

When does a psychic become a prophet? It is all a matter of degree.


Prophet is a social term, generally bestowed when a psychic is proven correct about multiple future predictions; when the information the psychic predicts about the future is momentous; when the psychic is of a religious, social or indigenous tradition. A prophet is a psychic with cache, an historical persona and stance.

Besides modern prophet Edgar Cayce, a cluster of prophets from diverse traditions - secular, religious, traditional - have converged in their visions, and foresee an era of Earth changes occurring at the end our cycle of human history. Some of the prophets - secular and indigenous - date these visions to our own era. The millennial predictions of religious prophets, when interpreted, appear to be speaking of our era as well - the first two decades of the twenty-first century.

Prophetic visions about Earth changes tend to contain outcomes, rather than specific causes of Earth changes.


Edgar Cayce’s Earth changes visions of a classic example of how prophets are outcomes-oriented. Cayce provides a verbal picture on the nature and extent of specific cataclysms (for example, landmasses broken up, rising or sinking).

With notable exceptions, Cayce does not generally provide the specific causal factors in the Earth’s natural system by which these predicted events are to occur. The exceptions in Cayce’s visions relate to psychic information describing possible astronomical influences, and Earth system interconnectedness acting as causal factors in predicted Earth changes.

OK, let’s go back to the Internet on some basic prophet-issues.

Subj: Re: Atlantis
Date: 99-02-14 15:10:06 EST

"In a message dated 99-02-14 11:25:26 EST, you write:

> It's weird to be replied to by someone who is into science and proof,
> on this of all lists. This is a prophecy list. Do you look for
> scientific proof in prophecy? and how do you place any more stock in
> Ruth Montgomery than in Zetatalk? How do you deal with Edgar Cayce,

> or the Hopi's, or Chet Snow, or Robert Ghost Wolf, or Ed Dames, or any

> of the others we talk about on this list? What is it you are looking for in
> "prophecy"?

It is possible to rank the relative accuracy of high psychics by measuring the fulfillment of specific psychic predictions they make.


The higher the fulfillment rate, the higher the accuracy, the more reality one can place in their prophecies as a vision of possible future events. At least three studies have so evaluated Cayce's Earth changes predictions and found the fulfillment rate to be high.

Conversely, it is also possible that a future event that a prophet like Cayce foresaw could be transformed before it occurs.


That is the nature of the multidimensional universe we are in. Time and space are not static; time and space can be molded and transformed - they have the plasticity of thought forms.

So! Even if Cayce, Nostradamus, and the prophetic traditions say we may have Earth changes and global war, it is still possible to transform the future and avoid all this destruction? Especially so, since the destruction would be primarily caused by human negativity and warfare. Human negativity and warfare can itself be transformed, as an outcome and legacy of our era.


The dedication of our spirits and politics, by Love and Light, collective inspiration, and a good measure of public interest counter-intelligence can transform human negativity and warfare.

Talk about volatility! I have found that even mentioning that environmental warfare may cause prophesized Earth changes to be a polarizing trigger for extreme reactions. One cluster of reactions has an "Aha!" experience, and wants to know more. Another cluster of reactions goes into contraction, denial, and negative projection. Invariably, after a measure of time, conversation reverts to civility.

There are many, interactive layers to the volatility of reactions I get when I trying and correlate electromagnetic weapons, and prophesized Earth changes. Science minded people might think the proposition to be unscientific. Other-directed people might think it unfashionable, to be avoided. On the whole, reigning scientific and academic opinion finds the notion that traditional prophets and psychics could have accurate precognition about the future to be a superstition.


Try and have a decent exchange of opinion with a person who is uninformed about parapsychology and you will certainly hear Nostradamus, and by extension yourself, trashed.

There may be many reasons for these cultural filters. We have no formal place in contemporary "scientific" society for the visionary, the prophet, or the oracle. In some traditional societies, the oracle has a central social function.

Each of the three inter-linked concepts - prophecy, environmental warfare, and Earth changes - are buzzwords that in most of contemporary science, journalism, politics, finance, law, and government mean lunatic fringe. The cultural bias against prophecy may be more a remnant of the scientific revolutions of the nineteenth century, and its linear constructs of time and knowledge, rather than of the on-going scientific revolution in knowledge and physics of the twenty-first century.

Now, let’s flip the issue over and look at some reactions of the community of believers in prophecy and Earth changes.


Strange dynamics are at work in this flavor of volatility. The strangeness comes from an unspoken assumption that Earth changes, if they come, will be the products of natural causes, not human interventions like electromagnetic pulse warfare. This mindset may go into compression when confronted with the real possibility that Earth changes may be actually avoided by stopping human environmental warfare - weather warfare, climate warfare, and tectonic warfare.

A truism of modern hermeneutics is that prophets’ visions tend to be about outcomes, not causes. A prophetic vision, for example, may contain a prediction of specific Earth changes, without ascribing causes. Our first instinct may be to conclude that prophesized Earth changes will take place "naturally." The mind habitually thinks of Earth changes as being caused by specific natural mechanisms.

Yet there are cases on record of successful intentional human intervention to fulfill a specific prophetic prediction. A case in point of intentional human intervention in the fulfillment of prophecy is that of Edgar Cayce’s prediction that remnants of the Atlantis civilization would be found in 1968-69 off the coast of Bimini, Bahamas.

Let’s tale a look at the significant issue of human intervention to fulfill or forestall prophecy. It bears directly on the credibility of our core thesis that environmental warfare might trigger prophesized Earth changes. Prophet Edgar Cayce made a specific prediction that ruins of Atlantis would be found in 1968 or 1969. Having read the prediction in advance, an expedition of individuals led by Dr. Manson Valentine intentionally set out in 1968 to fulfill the Cayce Bimini-Atlantis prophecy.


Dr. Manson succeeded and apparently may have done that in 1969.

The expedition succeeded in finding a series of underwater temple and wall structures, ruins lying in shallow waters off of Bimini in the Bahamas. Their discovery came in 1969, and the expedition was by a group of individuals who were intentionally seeking to fulfill Cayce's prophecy that Atlantis would rise in ‘68 or ‘69.

I interviewed the finders at the time as part of research on The Age of Cataclysm. Underwater photography showed a series of temple structures, with fluted columns, which were dated more than 10,000 BC, one supposed date for the Atlantis cataclysm. The stone for the temple structures was the same as stone indigenous to the Andes mountains - quite a distance from Bimini.

Remarkable coincidence or synchronicity as Jung would say. Psychic Edgar Cayce predicts in the 1930s that ruins of Atlantis could be found in shallow waters in 1968 0r 1969. A small group of explorers, reading the Cayce prediction intentionally sets out in 1969 to discover the ruins. In 1969 they discover ruins dating back to the alleged time of the Atlantis flood.

Human conscious intention was a crucial factor in the fulfillment of the Cayce prediction. The explorers were consciously motivated to fulfill the prediction. The presence of conscious human intention to fulfill does not invalidate the prediction. It makes fulfillment of Cayce’s Bimini prophecy possible.

Exploration on the Bimini findings has lain dormant in recent years. However, if the Bimini findings are in fact ruins of an Atlantis-like civilization, this case demonstrates that intentional human intervention can a direct causal factor in fulfilling psychic prophecy. By extension, psychic prophecies can presumably be forestalled or prevented by intentional human intervention as well.

In the same manner as the Bimini case, human intervention - in the form of environmental warfare - may trigger prophesized Earth changes, fulfilling psychics Earth changes prophecies for our era. The intervention of intentional environmental warfare as a direct cause of prophesized Earth changes does not invalidate the accuracy of prophecy, or the integrity of the prophetic process.


Environmental warfare becomes the specific human instrument by which Earth changes prophecy is fulfilled.

On the face of it, discussion of environmental warfare as a possible cause of coming Earth changes would be an easy one for a mindset that is already cognizant of Earth changes prophecy.


Questions from the Internet suggest that may not be the case.

"Subj: Re: Staying On-Topic
"Date: 99-02-06 19:32:14 EST

"In a message dated 99-02-06 16:03:01 EST, you write:

>Perhaps the discussions of government conspiracies does not fall into
> this category; although I tend to think that something like the government

>using black ops to stall or change the upcoming ascension (i.e.: world

>changes) should be considered.
> If shifts in consciousness and the lifting of veils between dimensions
> doesn't have to do with Earth Changes then what your


To exclude human-made causes from a discussion on Earth changes would render the discussion absurd.


Face it - there does not now appear to be an asteroid on the way to create another K-T event. Seismological trends show that Earth’s seismicity is relatively stable - we have more earthquake damage because of denser human settlements and chaotic human governments, but the Earth relatively speaking is not of itself facing cataclysm.

In fact, it is reasonable to surmise that any increase in earthquake seismicity may be due to electromagnetic pulse influences from nuclear testing, and from environmental warfare weapons like electromagnetic pulse generators.

Environmental warfare has become the leading edge of human warfare, through climate and weather war, and tectonic warfare. Therefore to evaluate the possibility of coming Earth changes, one must repair to the science of environmental warfare, however psycho-pathological that war science may be.

When we go back into Michel de Notredame (Nostradamus); when we go back into Edgar Cayce; when we go back into traditional Earth changes prophecies - we find they all talk about outcomes, not causes of Earth changes. We can postulate a possible cause in environmental warfare as a fulfillment of the prophecies. That environmental warfare is a human agency does not invalidate it as an agency of prophetic fulfillment.

Putting the focus back on human environmental warfare as a possible cause of prophesized Earth changes really opens up the social dimensions of our discussion. In the abstract, some may feel we cannot interfere with cosmic processes and attempt to forestall Earth changes prophecies. But if it's environmental warfare that will cause Earth cataclysm, then we have a moral obligation as Gaians - inhabitants of the Earth - to stop that war. Putting arbitrary secular limitations of the discussion appears senseless.

Let’s analyze some of the Earth changes prophecies and visions in the light of the effects of environmental warfare.

We start with the prophecies and visions - psychic precognitions - of Michel de Notredame, known as Nostradamus (1503 - 1566). Nostradamus was an esoteric scholar, a physician and astrologer at a time when the Inquisition was rooting out erudition. He survived the Inquisition by becoming adviser and astrologer to the Court of France, and coming under royal protection of Catherine de Medici, Queen of France.

In his latter years, Nostradamus spent the bulk of his time in psychic precognition about the future. His predictions he wrote in quatrains or four line poems, which he shrouded in obscure allusion because of political and religious dangers with the Inquisition. Nostradamus almost never used proper names, and described the precognitive visions he had in symbolic language. Around Nostradamus’ quatrains has grown a body of interpretive literature.

The quatrains are a written coded versions of visions which Nostradamus had, in which he self-reported time-traveling to times and places in the future. Nostradamus apparently composed each coded quatrain to be a synthesis of multiple such psychic time-travels. The art of interpreting Nostradamus visions is subjective, involving correlation of language and events.

Nostradamus’ coding of his quatrains was a survival skill. Were it known to the Inquisition that he was employing psychic powers to predict the futures religious and political events, he may well have faced the death penalty. Hence the camouflage and disguise around which the quatrains are structured. Conversely, our challenge in accessing the content of his psychic time-travel is made more complex.

On the rare occasion where Nostradamus used a proper name, it is possible to verify the accuracy of his predictions, objectively from the content of the quatrain itself.


In quatrain I-25, Nostradamus predicts the discoveries of scientist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) by name, as well as modern medical developments that will challenge Pasteur’s assumptions as the twentieth century draws to a close.

Quatrain I - 25
Perdu trouve, cache de si long
Sera Pasteur demi Dieu honore:
Ains que la lune acheve son
grand siecle,
Par autre vents sera deshonore.

English translation:
The lost thing is discovered, hidden for
many centuries. Pasteur will be
celebrated almost as a god-like
figure. This is when the moon
completes her great cycle, but by
other rumors he shall be

Nostradamus reports a number of accurate precognitions in this quatrain.


Foremost is the literal, accurate naming of scientist Louis Pasteur, several hundred years before Pasteur’s birth. Pasteur’s rediscovery of the germ theory of disease gave him demi-god status in the medical community for most of the twentieth century. Pasteur’s doctrine contended that microbes that invade the body cause disease.

A contemporary scientist to Pasteur, Andre Beauchamp, contended that disease was not caused by microbes, but by changes in the terrain of the blood and immune system within the body. Beauchamp’s theory, which Pasteur secretly embraced on his deathbed, has been vindicated by recent research. It is as though the entire Pasteur-inspired twentieth-century view of disease has been proved wrong.

The Pasteur quatrain illustrates a unique aspect of Nostradamus precognitions. His quatrains can foresee quite complex events and developments in human history, and the development of human science. Nostradamus’ quatrains are multi-dimensional precognitions, not just single dimensional visions of future events.

Of all the psychics focusing on Earth changes, Nostradamus most explicitly predicts the role of new generation of experimental weapons much like electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons in triggering destructive Earthquake.

Quatrain IX-83 has been focused on by some interpreters of Nostradamus as containing his prophetic visions about environmental warfare.

Sol vingt de Taurus si fort
Terre trembler.
Le grand theatre rempli ruinera,
L’air ciel & terre obscurcir
& troubler
Lors l’infidelle Dieu & sainctz

English translation:
Sun twentieth of Taurus the Earth will tremble very mightily,
It will ruin the great theater filled:
To darken and trouble air, sky and land,
Then the infidel will call upon God and saints.

Now comes the real fun. One Nostradamus interpreter indicates that this is a quatrain with multiple meanings.


Earthquakes happen on the Earth with cyclical frequency, and the quatrain may refer to more than one set of Earth events. That Nostradamus interpreter is claiming this is a channeled intelligence claiming to be Nostradamus himself.

Why do I rely on the purported channeled intelligence of Nostradamus as a resource for the interpretation of Nostradamus himself? I mean, is that not adding subjectivity onto subjectivity?

Not really. The channeled intelligence identifying itself as "Nostradamus" is so substantively aware of the structure of the Nostradamus quatrains, and of their application to historical, contemporary, and future events that if "Nostradamus" were human, he would qualify as an expert witness in any court of law.

So I just take "Nostradamus" as my expert witness - not a perfect, infallible witness - but a suggestive, refreshing, and expert one. What does it matter if this intelligence is disembodied? The substance of his interpretations is masterful.

Our expert witness "Nostradamus" says that the true interpretation of the prophetic quatrain is about environmental warfare.

"Earthquake will be triggered by a weapon that is currently being developed in secret underground laboratories. He [Nostradamus] cannot put across images of how this weapon works; for the concepts are not in his vocabulary….It apparently will be working on some scientific principle recently discovered that has not been really developed yet."

Psychic predictions are not of themselves proof of a future event.


Psychic information is suggestive of what may happen in the future. In evaluating the possible accuracy of Nostradamus’ precognitive quatrain as applied to environmental warfare, we should keep in mind that the degree of accuracy of any given psychic prediction is relative.

Prophetic accuracy may depend on the proven ability of the individual psychic; on whether the subject matter is one about which the psychic normally predicts; on whether the time period over which the psychic makes a prediction is their normal time period. Some psychics predict events a day away; others a year away; others centuries away.

The accuracy of any specific psychic prediction may also depend on whether alternative futures may have come into effect. A future event predicted by a psychic may be a conditional event, subject to future transformation before it occurs. Predicted futures can be changed, transformed, forestalled. Time is a fluid dimension, and we can exercise free choice in deciding on alternative possible futures.

Certain parts of a psychic prediction may be accurate, and others inaccurate. While individual psychics may converge on a vision of cataclysmic Earth changes, they may differ on the specific dates during which the changes will occur, and on the specific nature, extent and causes of the Earth changes.

Their over-all predicted pattern might be the same - cataclysmic Earth changes. It is the over-all pattern of future events that most likely contains the higher degree of psychic accuracy.

In this way, prophecies of coming Earth changes can be viewed in the context of alternative futures. We can choose the prophesized cataclysmic events; or we may choose an alternative, peaceful future which avoids environmental warfare, and forestalls prophesied Earth changes.

In other words, in the same way that the Cayce Bimini prophecies were intentionally fulfilled, we can intentionally choose to avoid fulfilling the prophecies of Earth changes. How? Stop environmental warfare.

Our reality is multi-dimensional, and not just a three-dimensional reality. Modern Earth sciences now address only the empirical facts of a three-dimensional reality. Psychic information provides us access to the dynamics of other dimensions of our reality. Theoretically, we can use psychic information to travel backwards and forwards in time, and change a cataclysmic future before it occurs.

There is one core reason for accessing psychic information about future Earth changes. Prophecy and precognition can inform us about possible future Earth changes that conventional Earth sciences may not yet be able to discern.

I am not using the Nostradamus prophecies to try and prove that environmental warfare will cause Earth changes. Nostradamus provides suggestive psychic "field theories" or working hypotheses about the Earth change capabilities of electromagnetic pulse and other environmental weapons. Conventional scientific and policy analysis can use these working hypotheses in helping it evaluate the Earth changes threat of electromagnetic pulse warfare.


That scientific proof of environmental warfare’s negative impacts will be up to the Earth sciences and public interest analysis.

As a prophet, Nostradamus tended to create complex, multi-dimensional visions of future events. His psychic visions of earthquakes induced by human experimental weapons fit the profile of the type of geo-political events he typically foresaw. Nostradamus’ Earth changes quatrain foresees that the weapons causing predicted earthquakes are themselves based on an experimental technology, which is not yet fully developed. Electromagnetic pulse weapons - and environmental warfare weapons in general - fit this profile, and are scheduled for deployment in the first part of the twenty-first century.

According to "Nostradamus" channeled interpretation of the Earth changes quatrain, the environmental weapons are secret, and developed underground - either a literal underground or a figurative reference, meaning under governmental secrecy.

The channel "Nostradamus" tells us that the original Nostradamus quatrain does not have the concepts or vocabulary with which to describe these new experimental weapons, for that principle did not exist in his time, and is only now being developed. "Nostradamus’" insight is consistent with the profile of electromagnetic pulse and other environmental weapons as well.


The development and deployment of electromagnetic pulse and other environmental weapons is hyper-secret. Some electromagnetic weapons are based on energy principles first developed by Nicola Tesla, themselves not generally understood.

One function of environmental weapons is climate and weather modification, using electromagnetic pulse energy.


According to the "Nostradamus" interpretation, one Nostradamus quatrain predicts weather and climate modification, and the ensuing damage that will occur following a malfunction of secret environmental weaponry.

Quatrain I - 22
Ce que vivra & n’ayant ancien
Viendra leser a mort son artifice:
Austun, Chalan, Langres & les
Deux Sens,
La gresle & glace fera grand

English translation
A thing existing without any senses
will cause its own end to happen through artifice.
At Autun, Chalan, Langres and the two Sens
there will be great damage from hail and ice.

Nostradamus explicit reference to "artifice" in the quatrain plausibly fits the profile of HAARP, which is operating under the artifice of a scientific experimental installation studying the Northern Lights.


In the case of this quatrain, the electromagnetic pulse weapon succeeds in creating destructive weather modification, even as it masquerades as a scientific device.

Interpretation of psychic prophecy may be analogous to the interpretation of fragments from an archaeological find. An interpreter must engage in a good deal of educated guesswork, until an over-all pattern emerges, and the significance of individual shards and pieces begins to fall into place.

Nostradamus researcher Goro Adachi’s analysis suggests that environmental warfare may be a central component of Nostradamus Earth changes visions.


Century II - 48
La grand copie qui passera les monts.
Saturne en l'Arq tournant du poisson Mars:
Venins cachez soubs testes de saumons,
Leurs chief pendu a` fil de polemars.

English translation
The great force which will pass the mountains.
Saturn in Sagittarius Mars turning from the fish:
Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,
Their war-chief hung with cord.

Adachi applies this quatrain to HAARP. I include his analysis, whole-cloth, as it correlates the predictive content of various quatrains, all of which seem to converge on environmental warfare weapons, such as HAARP, causing Earth changes.

"Surprisingly, there seems to be more hidden meaning to the third line of the same quatrain, II-48. In this case, the "poison" is not from the nuclear explosions. It is the Tesla-related technology, infamous HAARP (High-frequency Active Aurora Research Project) and the like.


If you still don't know about technology like HAARP, it is basically a joint project of the US Navy, Air Force and University of Alaska which is under construction in Gakona, Alaska.


It is a research project that will manipulate the ionosphere (which I talked a lot about in CWN Analysis-2) by emitting powerful EM energy into it. The real purpose is not very clear, but some scientists are claiming that the project is very dangerous.


The HAARP facility should be in full operation by 1997... coincidentally, the year of Hale-Bopp's closest approach to the sun/Earth. Radiation, atmosphere, 1997, and Hale-Bopp... it sounds to me like it should be included in the quatrain/prophecy, II-48.


And I believe it is subtly implied in the third line:

3rd line:

"Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,"

"As you know, Alaska (where HAARP is located) is often associated with salmon. And again we can replace "heads" with "tests". The new translation would be:

"Poison hidden under the tests of Alaska"

"Therefore, the line *could* refer to HAARP (or similar projects), and the word "poison" is indicative of its bad effects on nature/Earth.

"The following is an excerpt from an article…which talks about the danger of HAARP and other related technology. Notice how similar the alleged consequences are to the ones caused by a (hypothetical) nearby pulsar/neutron star (CWN Analysis-2):


"::: A Grave Danger to Earth :::

"Demonstrating the grave danger to this planet's geomagnetic stability, the 1987 Eastlund patent (which is the basic design for the HAARP project) stated that "The Earth's magnetic field could be decreased or disrupted at appropriate altitudes to modify or eliminate the magnetic field."

"Quoting the 3/88 OMNI Magazine article, "Richard Williams, a physicist at Princeton, stated that he thinks the Eastlund (HAARP) project might become 'a serious threat to the Earth's atmosphere' and 'could cause irreversible damage...effects in the atmosphere cannot be localized...the language of the patent indicates that it is clearly intended to provide effects on a global scale."

"Quoting the 2/94 Cook Inlet Monthly Bush Blade, "The late geomagnetic researcher Lloyd Zirbes strongly opposed the technology utilized in the HAARP system. He wrote, 'Disruption of the Earth's magnetic field will complete damages to the planet's balance done by the government nuclear bomb blasts in the natural radiation belts above the ionosphere. Earth's magnetic field keeps the planet in balance with the moon and sun. Disrupting the field will be the last straw in sending Earth into the sun or out into space."


The combined effects of these transmitters, including the Russian Woodpecker, the new HAARP system, together with all the other ELF and VLF systems (such as those in Michigan and the GWEN towers), are very dangerous. When operating simultaneously and during times of geomagnetic storms, they present a severe threat to the entire planet.

"The disruption of the Earth's internal dynamo, and the disruption and alteration of the upper atmospheric magnetic belts (which constitute the external part of the Earth's natural dynamo system), can create a premature reversal of the magnetic poles, worsen the newly discovered wobble of the Earth's spin and possibly create a total polar reversal or Earth shift.

The 1/78 Specula Magazine described Woodpecker effects: "An electromagnetic signal of certain frequencies can be transmitted through the Earth which, when introduced into the Earth at certain multiples of 30degrees, will form standing waves in the Earth itself. In certain incidence angle cases, the standing wave also induces a strange phenomenon: coherence to the standing wave is formed in the molten core of the Earth itself, and a tiny fraction of the vast, surging electromagnetic currents of the liquid core begin to feed into and augment the induced standing wave.

"At this point, one has established a sort of giant triode: the inducing signal one is putting into the Earth is the grid signal, and the vast energy in the molten core of the Earth is the cathode and power supply. The established coherence serves as an amplification factor for the grid signal, and much more energy is now present in the standing wave than the minuscule amount being fed in from the Earth's surface. By interferometer type techniques, multiple 'giant resonance' waves of this type can be combined so that a 'beam' or focused effect of very great energy exists inside the Earth."

"Depending on the frequency, focusing, wave shape, etc. one can... induce a variety of effects such as Earthquakes, induced at a distant aiming point, severe disturbances in the middle and upper atmosphere over the target area...and anomalous weather effects. This is called the Tesla effect."

"Unlike earlier periods, the Earth is now much more vulnerable to outside astronomical influences. Today, powerful transmitters are interfering with, overriding and blanking out Earth's natural magnetic field. For the first time in human history, an ever-increasing number of artificial ELF and VLF vibrations are disrupting Earth's natural internal and external electromagnetic systems (which help to maintain planetary rotation, balance and stability).


The newly discovered planetary wobble and sudden, abrupt slowdowns in rotation are only the beginning. The chances are now greatly increased that any asteroid or meteorite that hits the Earth could set off such a destructive resonance that the planet could split (as Tesla predicted) or suffer a total polar shift.

"The severe threat to global stability created by the combined effects of the Woodpecker, HAARP, other ionosphere-heating ELF, long wire ELF and GWEN tower systems was demonstrated in T.E. Bearden's book, "Fer-de-Lance":

"Any large collection of nuclei-such as a star or a planet-is a strong absorber and radiator of scalar wave radiation. The Sun is a particularly strong source of scalar wave radiation. This radiation penetrates the Earth deeply, interacting more and more with the deeper layers, which under greater mechanical stress are more nonlinear.


Most of the heat in the molten core of the Earth comes from the dephasing of a portion of this absorbed scalar radiation from the Sun, liberating ordinary electromagnetic energy as heat.

"The Earth also re-radiates scalar wave radiation back to the Sun. The Sun and the Earth are thus coupled into a scalar system in equilibrium or near-equilibrium. Each body in the couplet possesses both a feedforward and a feedback loop."

"Describing large electromagnetic weapons (such as Woodpecker and HAARP-like systems), Bearden said:

"’If significant scalar effects are produced on Earth in a 'pulse' mode, pulsed disturbances of the Earth-Sun and Earth-Moon systems result. Here a danger exists that one or more natural resonances of the coupled systems may be excited. If too much or sharp stimulation occurs on Earth, the coupled resonant response from the Sun could be disastrous.


The simplest Doomsday simulation would be for a violent expulsion of solar electromagnetic energy and particles to occur. If this were due to resonance, the expulsions of solar electromagnetic energy and particles would continue during some decay time. In that case, the fiery destruction of the Earth, strongly indicative of Biblical prophecy, would result. Particularly sensitive are the resonances of Sun-Earth, Sun-Moon and Earth-Moon systems.

"’Note the abnormal influence of the Moon on tides-tides of both the Earth's tectonic plates and oceans. If the Earth-Moon resonant system were overstimulated, one might expect VIOLENT Earthquakes of extraordinary magnitude, and tremendous tidal waves hundreds of feet in heights.


(The potential connections to legends of Earth-destroying floods, scientific evidence of extreme water levels in mountains, and legends of ancient cataclysmic destruction of supposedly advanced technological oceanic cultures is obvious). [Atlantis]

"’Use of huge scalar electromagnetic weapons" (including US devices which interfere with God-given protective Van Allen and other external magnetic belts) "is a double-edged sword. Unless carefully employed, use of the weapons could cause a terrible backlash to the user" (as the Soviets discovered when the main power source for the Gomel Woodpecker transmitter at Chernobyl exploded in 1986), "as well as the victim, and even cause the destruction of Earth itself.

"’With scalar electromagnetic weapons, the consequence of a relatively simple electronic failure can be catastrophic; not only for the local nation but for the Earth as a whole.


If an electrogravitational pulse discharge happens to tickle the Sun's and Moon's [natural scalar electromagnetic] feedback loops the wrong way, you'll get convulsions on the Earth, and a violent increase in the interior heat of the Earth's molten core, with a concomitant eruption of that core right up through the Earth's mantle.’

(END of excerpt)

"Now, I believe the following predictions/insights from Conversations with Nostradamus (CWN) are very relevant to the EM technology that was discussed above (HAARP, ELF, etc.).


Although I'll present the associated quatrains, please remember that the connection between the quatrains and the "interpretations"/predictions is not necessarily important.


The focus is here is more on the predictions themselves that were received through various subjects under hypnosis by D.Cannon:


Century I-22
Ce que vivra & n'ayant ancien sens,
Viendra leser a` mort son artifice:
Austun, Chalan, Langres & les deux Sens,
La gresle & glace fera grand malefice.

A thing existing without any senses
will cause its own end to happen through artifice.
At Autun, Chalan, Langres and the two Sens
there will be great damage from hail and ice.

"Key Points:

"1) Some devices to moderate the weather "will accidentally cause the
weather to misfunction so as to cause a great deal of damage
through unseasonal ice and hail."
2) "If one tries to force the weather to do one thing for too long that
the natural pattern will finally overcome the interference and
perhaps cause some unseasonal weather in the process of trying to
get things back in balance again."

Century I-46
Tout aupres d'Aux, de Lestoure & Mirande,
Grand feu du ciel en trois nuicts tumbera:
Cause adviendra bien stupende & mirande,
Bien peu aupres la terre tremblera.

Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.
The cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous;
shortly afterwards there will be an Earthquake.
(CWN vol.I p.243-4)

"Key Points:

1) Scientists would be researching into the powers of the various
energy fields of the Earth.
2) When they finally started doing direct experimentation, "they will
accidentally rupture one of the Earth's fields in such a way that a
beam of energy will shoot out into space and draw a stream of
meteorites toward Earth. This will happen around the North Sea."
3) This rupture in the energy field "throws everything out of balance."
4) "In the process of trying to repair the damage there is an
Earthquake soon after when the stress has built up."
5) This incident will appear as a natural phenomenon and that's how it
will be recorded.

"I get the feeling that the two predictions above (I-22 & I-46) both refer to the same incident, especially because both indicated that the climax of this would be during the "repair" operation. One of HAARP's rumored objectives is to "lift" the already unstable ionosphere.... if this is the case, we don't have much time left before the prediction is fulfilled. It is also significant that Key Point #2 of I-46 above states that "this will happen around the North Sea." This agrees with the location of HAARP (Alaska) or perhaps other similar projects in Russia.

"In CWN Analysis-1, there were many references to the coming weather changes. Here is an excerpt from the "Event List":

‘(Around 1997, when a comet is in the sky...)


‘D) Major geological upheavals (world-wide drought, Earthquakes, etc)

‘1) Some kind of atomic (electromagnetic?) device will affect the
planetary climate, and will hurt people's eyes.
a) World weather changes will cause hailstorms to
destroy agriculture of the U.S., Russia, Central
America, and Australia.
‘2) Something big (like an Earthquake, assassination, or
nuclear disaster, etc.) will happen in April ('96-'98)
‘3) Drought / weather changes will occur in relation to the
Earth changes around 1998 (implied).
a) There will be warnings before this drought takes
place, but will be ignored.
b) The world-wide drought will start in Italy ‘


(end of excerpt)

"One of the quatrains/interpretations that brought up the weather-changes event in association with the appearance of a comet (Hale-Bopp) was X-70 in CWN Analysis-1. The key points of the prediction were:

Century X-70
Lœil par obiect fera telle excroissance,
Tant & ardente que tombera la neige,
Champ arrousé viendra en decroissance,
Que le primat succombera à Rege.

Through an object the eye will swell very much,
Burning so much that the snow will fall:
The fields watered will come to shrink,
As the primate succumbs at Reggio.

"Key Points from X-70 (vol.I p193):

1) Some kind of atomic (electromagnetic?) device will affect
the planetary climate, and will hurt people's eyes.
2) The climate out of balance will then affect agriculture.
3) This will take place when the (next) pope dies at Rege/Italy

"Does this refer to both the nuclear explosions AND the experiments like HAARP? The answer becomes clearer when you read the following prediction: (CWN vol.I p.195)

Century X-71
La terre & lair geleront si grand eau,
Lors qu'on viendra pour Ieudy venerer:
Ce qui sera iamais ne fut si beau,
Des quatre parts le viendront honorer.

The Earth and air will freeze so much water,
When they will come to venerate Thursday:
That which will be never was it so fair,
From the four parts they will come to honor it.

Key Points:

1) The "atomic device" which was mentioned in X-70 (analyzed in
CWN Analysis-1) "will throw everything out of kilter."
2) The Earth and air freezing is another effect of the same device.
3) "All manners of solutions will be tried to counteract what happened
but they will not be successful, in spite of the fair words of the
governments to their peoples to try to keep them from panicking."

"Key Point #1 above connects X-71 with X-71 (i.e. same incident). And #2 and #3 coincide with I-22 and I-46:

  • X-71 KP#2 = I-22 KP#1 ("damage through unseasonal ice and hail")

  • X-71 KP#3 = I-22 KP#2 & I-46 KP#4 (unsuccessful repair operation)

"Therefore, it seems like the weather changes mentioned in CWN Analysis-1 (X-70) is the same weather changes caused by HAARP/energy field experiment/weather control device (I-22 & I-46).

In other words:

  • X-70, X-71, I-22, I-46, and II-48 all of which I presented in this section are all connected."

You may find yourself in a struggle between pattern-recognition, and skeptical rejection of Nostradamus quatrains.


This struggle is understandable. These four Nostradamus quatrains seem to the surface eye to be so ambiguous; capable of any interpretation the bias of a particular reader might want to project.

Remember, however, that the quatrains are not random poetry, written from the literary imagination of an aging, psychic genius. They are the coded reports of real-time visions, in which Nostradamus accessed events in the future. There is a content to them, beyond the literary - they are a report of time-travel.


Nostradamus specialty - his focus as a psychic - was large scale geopolitical and Earth changes events. Nostradamus focuses on the cusp of the millennium as an era of mega-changes. It is not at all surprising that he would have witnessed environmental warfare during his time-travels, and reported it back to us in these four quatrains.

Researcher Goro Adachi’s analysis concludes that environmental warfare may well be the cause for the Earth-changes visions Nostradamus was admitted to.

"So, in summary, it seems to be the combination of nuclear testing and the powerful EM [electromagnetic pulse] devices that would affect the weather and throw everything out of balance. It's amazing how these predictions/quatrains are interconnected in many different levels."

A contemporary psychic channeler - described as "the best since Edgar Cayce" - derives his psychic Earth changes predictions through channeled visions.


Michael Scallion’s Earth changes predictions exhibit a high degree of accuracy in predicting earthquakes apparently caused by alignments of the Earth with other planets, such as Jupiter.


His channeled visions in July 1994 predicted deep earthquakes of 100 miles or more along the Circum-Pacific rim, during a period from 24 hours from the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 through the end of 1995. The comet impacted Jupiter from July 16-22, 1994. Scallion lists nine deep earthquakes during that period following the comet’s impact that he attributes to predicted planetary alignments with the Earth.


Scallion’s visions predict a period of major Earth changes during a period culminating in 2012.

Scallion’s visions and his discussions with his channeled guides describe an interactive, dynamic model of the Earth’s natural systems. A shift in the Earth’s plasma core in turn is creating shifts in the Earth magnetic field, shifts in the Earth’s weather, and an increase in weather disturbances. These Earth-surface shifts in seismicity and weather are exacerbated by solar flares.

Interestingly, Scallion has reported that his channeled guides have warned him about the triggering effects that environmental warfare might have on these Earth change and weather processes. Using environmental warfare may well accelerate the Earth changes.


Scallion has noted publicly that environmental warfare devices may now have advance to the point where they are space-based, and more lethal than the Earth-based antenna systems like HAARP.


Scallion’s channeled guides urged that environmental weapons must be stopped, and mankind turn toward a more spiritual approach.

That planetary alignments may set the conditions for Earth changes is a theme of the Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus visions as well. In this model, it may be that environmental warfare may well accelerate or trigger Earth changes made more probable by the forces of planetary alignments.

As you may recall, Edgar Cayce addressed the issue of whether planetary forces influence Earth changes in a trance reading in January 1936.

QUESTION: What is the cause of Earthquakes?…

ANSWER: The causes of these, of course, are the movements about the Earth; that is internally - and the cosmic activity or influence of other planetary forces and stars and their relationships produce or bring about the activities of the elemental of the Earth; that is the Earth, the air, the fire, the water - and those combinations that make for the replacements in the various activities….

This Cayce reading addresses the possible planetary and celestial causes of earthquakes, although his readings themselves do not tie predicted Earth changes to planetary or celestial forces.

Let’s look again at the Nostradamus quatrain (Quatrain 9-83) we first analyzed for information about environmental warfare.


The quatrain explicitly cites planetary configuration as a condition of Earth changes.

Century IX-83.
Sol vingt de Taurus si fort terre trembler,
Le grand theatre remply ruinera,
L'air, ciel & terre obscurcir & troubler,
Lors l'infidele Dieu & saincts voguera.

Sun twentieth of Taurus the Earth will tremble very mightily,
It will ruin the great theater filled:
To darken and trouble air, sky and land,
Then the infidel will call upon God and saints.

Nostradamus’ quatrain seems to have a double meaning.


At one level, Nostradamus suggests that the specific alignment of the sun and planets within the constellation of Taurus may be one of the operative factors causing Earth changes. By standard interpretation, the quatrain suggests that Earth changes may be caused, perhaps, by the combined effects of planetary configuration and environmental warfare.

However, the quatrain also appears to give a specific date for the Earth change - May 5, 2000. In the quatrain, Nostradamus reports a time-travel vision of a possible specific window in time for these Earth events - when the sun is in 20 degrees Taurus.

It may be that the Nostradamus vision is correct about Earth changes events, and displaced in the precise timing of the event. Down deep, Nostradamus’ psychic information contains a vision about an era of Earth changes. It is plausible under modern Earth sciences that Earth changes could be caused by planetary configurations. Conversely, the specific dates predicted by Nostradamus’ psychic information might themselves be displaced in time.


Psychic predictions as to specific dates diverge widely, as many psychically derived predictions of Earth events have been shown to be.

Such might be the case with Nostradamus’ quatrain [Century IX-83] containing a prediction as to timing - "Sun twentieth of Taurus." The standard astronomical-astrological interpretation of this quatrain is that the predicted Earth changes might occur during a window during May 1-10, in the year 2000, when our sun is in twenties degree of the constellation Taurus.


One prophecy observer notes that the Earth’s moon, the planets Mercury, Venus, our Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be aligned with the Earth on May 5, 2000.

Another Earth-changes interpreter speculates that the planetary alignment highlighted in this Nostradamus quatrain might significantly increase the centrifugal momentum exerted on the Earth's crust. This momentum could send gigantic quantities of polar ice and water sweeping over the surface of the Earth, fulfilling Nostradamus prophecy of Earth changes on or about May 5, 2000.

I want to stress that Nostradamus quatrains also place great earthquake and land masses shifts for Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading, a position occurring next on November 25, 2015; then on November 23, 2016; and again on December 7, 2044. Hence, an interpretation that "Sun twentieth of Taurus" means May 5, 2000, is not at all a certain one. That specific timing may be displaced in psychic space, and hence inaccurate.

So also, the scientific evidence from a recent planetary alignment in the 1980s casts some doubt as to whether the imbalances in the Earth’s momentum in the year 2000 will result in such a cataclysm.


Two US physicists, John Gribben and Stephen Plagemann, in the mid-1970s argued that the great California Earthquake might be triggered by the alignment of the sun and the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus in 1982. No great earthquake was produced by the planetary alignment. Earth sciences are at its infancy regarding the mechanisms by which planetary and galactic alignments might influence Earth events.

Let us turn now to the prophetic theme of cycles.


A consistent theme of prophetic traditions - such as that of the Mayan civilization - is Earth exists within a dynamic of interacting cycles around which the cosmos is structured. Our Earth may now be entering the end-stage of large scale cosmic cycles, both astronomical and spiritual in content. These prophetic themes hold that the end-stage may bring large scale Earth changes, as well as an evolutionary transformation of the human experience.

One mechanism for triggering prophesized Earth changes may be the effects of celestial and planetary configuration of this end-cycle. Environmental warfare may be a trigger for accelerating the end-cycle Earth changes.

The Mayan Calendar provides insight as to end-cycle Earth changes that may be caused by solar and galactic alignments. Under the Mayan calendar, a significant celestial alignment is scheduled to occur on December 21, 2012. This date marks the end of one great cycle of the Mayan Calendar, and the beginning of another.


The day is delineated in the Mayan calendar as KIEJEB' AJPUU.

Scholar John Major Jenkins describes the complex galactic alignments that will take place of that day.

"The ancient Maya apparently understood that the future alignment Would have apocalyptic effects, and designed their World Age mythology to remind us of something essential. Myth, legend, or ancient message, whatever it is, clearly, it means we must all remember where we come from, where everything comes from: Mother…."

"End of the Mayan Great Cycle: December 21st, 2012 A.D.

"Scholars today are recognizing that Mayan mythology is intimately related to the celestial movements of stars, the Milky Way and certain constellations. The sources of Mayan mythology are found in the sky, and the timetable of Creation Day is pinpointed by the end date of the Mayan Great Cycle. My research into the nature of this date reveals that a rare celestial alignment culminates on it.

"Generally speaking, what occurs is an alignment between the galactic and solar planes. Specifically, the winter solstice sun will conjunct the Milky Way, which is the edge of our spinning galaxy as viewed from Earth. Furthermore, the place where the sun meets the Milky Way is where the "dark-rift" in the Milky Way is - a black ridge along the Milky Way caused by interstellar dust clouds. This is a feature of the Milky Way anyone can see on a clear midsummer's night, away from the light pollution of industrial society.


At dawn on the winter solstice of AD 2012, the sun will be right in this dark-rift, and the orientation is such that the Milky Way rims the horizon at all points around. Thus, the Milky Way "sits" on the Earth, touching it at all points around, opening up the cosmic sky portal. The galactic and solar planes are thus aligned.


"Sky portal" is just a term to describe the "opened sky" scenario apparent when the Milky Way rims the horizon. This is not to be confused with the "dark-rift" itself."

The end of a great Mayan calendar cycle - December 22, 2012 - may usher an age of massive Earth changes, brought on by vast solar electromagnetic disturbance, in reaction to cyclical galactic electromagnetic beam-waves.


This date is, by Mayan calculations, the end of a Long Count cycle of 1,344,560 days, as well as a 26,000-year cosmic cycle for the Earth. Earth changes may occur at the regular intervals along this Mayan cycle.

Some perspectives on the end of this great Mayan calendar cycle hold that the accompanying planetary alignment will bring an expansion of human consciousness, and of what it means to be human. The Mayan calendar suggests here may be many alternative futures available to us. Conceivably, an expansion an expansion of consciousness occurring at the end of the Mayan great cycle could help forestall cataclysm and usher in a peaceful future.


Conversely, the Earth changes of the Mayan great cycle shift may be needed transform an eco-cidal human culture by shattering it.

"Whether we call it Mayan or millennial, we are living today in the shadows of a rare celestial juncture which parallels the increasing interest in "New World Orders", "post-historic" thinking, and a major shift in world economic structure and what it means to be human. The Mayan myth seems to remind us that all life springs from the Great Mother.


The transformation of cosmic recreation is already occurring. Perhaps we should look closely at this celestial alignment, imagine its meanings, and determine what this transformational shift means for future humanity.


For the ancient Maya, on the far-future Creation Day which for us arrives soon, First Mother and First Father join forces to engender a new World Age."







Earth Changes - A Spiritual Approach

My first temptation is to launch into a political analysis of the public measures necessary to finally defeat the use of environmental warfare on our planet.


The underlying actors and disciplines in the possible planetary debacle of environmental warfare are, after all, quite secular. They consist of military and para-military organizations, military-industrial complexes, geo-political interests, all gaming for perceived dominance on the chessboard of Earth, with environmental warfare as a cutting-edge weapon.

In some cases, political mobilization of an aroused body politic has been effective in stopping a particularly offensive anti-population weapons system. In the 1980s, nuclear cruise missiles stationed in Western Europe were removed largely because of an aroused European populace, catalyzed into action by the European peace movement. So why not rely on stopping environmental warfare with a secular, public interest political campaign?

These are not usual times for a politics-as-usual approach to halting environmental warfare. If ancient prophecies are true, the Earth is now approaching the culmination of a great cosmic cycle, perhaps 26,000 years in length. Earth is returning to a center point within our galaxy, the Milky Way. The significance of that return is profound.


The heightened spiritual awareness of Spirit and of the natural order that this returning end-cycle is said to engender may be a primary force in bring planet Earth and our community of human Souls back into natural balance.

A vast and deep shift in our collective, human center-of-being may be coming into play during the first decades of the twenty-first century. This shift in consciousness, in turn, may mean that the modalities for conflict resolution - in a word, war - which the human community found acceptable in the twentieth century, will no longer be acceptable as the end-cycle shifts in human consciousness develop.


The collective human mind, which found itself, willingly or unwittingly, manipulated into the twentieth century’s great wars - World Wars I and II, and the regional wars - may no longer allow war into its mid-space.

Before we venture into developing public interest action plans against environmental warfare, we need explore - and internalize - the deeper cosmic forces of the end-cycle we are entering on Earth.

The ancient traditions of First Nation indigenous peoples tell us our Earth is primarily an arena of the Spirit. First Nation civilizations see our Earth as humankind’s heritage and their roles as guardians of the Earth. We have turned to "Western" prophets - Edgar Cayce, Michel de Notredame - for visionary guidance on Earth changes and environmental warfare, that perversion of human technology.


Now we turn to First Nation prophecies, seeking guidance to bring Homo sapiens back into balance with the processes of our Mother planet, Gaia - the Earth.

The end-cycle prophecies of the Inca and the Maya - two legendary First Nation civilizations - contain guidance and epochal insight into shifts in consciousness and the natural order that we may anticipate for our epoch.

I confess a personal resonance and history with the Inca and the Maya. I often have wondered why I spent deep travel time in the 1960s, exploring and lingering amid the fabled ruins of the Inca and the Maya civilizations. I climbed the Mayan ruins and pyramids at Chichen-Itza and Uxmal; learned some rudimentary Mayan, wrote an article on the Mayans that at least one pastor in the United States read from the pulpit in his church.


All the while my peers were backpacking through Europe on the mainstream culture trail, I kept returning back into the realm of the Maya, seeking a signal, an understanding.

Later in the Sixties, traveling as a Fulbright Scholar, I underwent a powerful peak experience along the Inca trail in Peru. More as a pilgrim than a scholar, I wandered alone along the Inca path, linking ruins high above the Urubamba River. Caught in an ineffable transport of consciousness, I camped out for days in the ruins of the hidden sacred enclave, Machu Picchu (this was long before the Inca site became a regulated eco-tourist destination).


I reveled in the annual religious festivals at Cuzco, the ancient Inca capital city. I journeyed the purple plains of the Altiplano of Bolivia and Peru, the high plateau of ancient Inca civilization.

In the intervening decades, I reflected on these experiences, so profound a part of my early adulthood, and wondered why they were part of my life design.


The answers I received have been predictable. I was culturally drawn to the area because of my Latino heritage. I was acting out a culmination of past-life experiences. My sojourns in the ruins of Maya and Inca civilizations activated reincarnation memories, and I sought completion in my journeys in my present life.
Now, in the light of Earth’s end-cycle and the changes that it may bring, I see a new layer of significance to my Inca and Mayan sojourns.


This new layer is less focused on my personal process; more attuned to the cosmic messages that the Inca and Maya may have left us, embedded in time. I feel more confident in bringing you the Maya and the Inca insights because of my experiences with the Inca and the Maya.

I have an intuition that, during my peak experiences in the Sixties, I may have been admitted to some thought-dimension contained Inca and Maya prophecies. What I share with you now, are not only the workings of my intellect, but deep, wordless insights I acquired decades ago. There are other First Nation traditions of Earth changes prophecy. I am drawn to the Inca and the Maya, and my insights about their prophetic traditions are what I am meant to communicate to you.

Tawantisuyu ("land of the four quarters") held the broad reach of the Inca realm of six million souls, stretching along South America’s Andean Mountains, highlands and coast. As a formal empire, Tawantisuyu was short-lived, lasting about a century, starting at about 1438 AD, when Inca Pachacuti began the military annexation of regions surrounding the Inca heartland of Cuzco. The vicious and duplicitous assassination of Inca Atahuallpa by Francisco Pizarro on July 26, 1533 triggered an internal collapse of the formal state structures of Tawantisuyu.

The Inca had no formal written language, and their largely oral traditions impacts our access to their prophecies. Formal records and measurements were kept in quipus.


Inca communications relied on systems of quipu messengers who traverse 32,000 miles of roads and paved trails.

"A quipu is an assemblage of colored knotted cotton cords... The colors of the cords, the way the cords are connected together, the relative placement of the cords, the spaces between the cords, the types of knots on the individual cords, and the relative placement of the knots are all part of the logical-numerical recording."

With the tools of quipu and frequent quipu messengering as communication tools, the Inca built and administered a state structure and economy in a geographical area roughly the size of the United States of America.

"The Incas can be characterized as methodical, highly organized, concerned with detail, and intensive data users. The Inca bureaucracy continuously monitored the areas under its control. They received many messages and sent many instructions daily.


The messages included details of resources such as items that were needed or available in storehouses, taxes owed or collected census information, the output of mines, or the composition of work forces.


The messages were transmitted rapidly using the extensive road system via a simple, but effective, system of runners... The message had to be clear, compact, and portable. Quipu-makers were responsible for encoding and decoding the information."

While these were the communication tools of the Inca economy and state administration, the Inca spiritual and prophetic tradition appears to have been largely oral.


Unlike the Western and other prophetic tradition, there appears to be no single text, calendar, and hieroglyph of standard reference for the Inca prophecies (There are rumors of a prophetic Inca book that may appear in the Inca end-times).

In the place of text, there are the living Q’ero Inca prophecies.

Researcher Brad Berg has documented the moving story of how the Inca prophecies of Mosoq - the time to come - emerged into our contemporary world with the Q’ero Inca shamans.


Following a 1949 earthquake in Peru, there was exposed the Golden Temple hidden under a Christian church, a prophetic sign of their re-emergence from intentional isolation since the times of the assassination of the Inca Atahuallpa.

"Dr Alberto Villoldo described how an Earthquake in 1949 underneath a monastery near Cuzco, Peru, had rent the ground asunder, exposing an ancient Inca temple of gold. This fulfilled a sign that the prophecies of Mosoq, the "time to come", were now to be shared with the modern world. Dr Villoldo, a psychologist and medicinal anthropologist, has lived among and trained with the Q'ero shamans and has played a key role in bringing their ritual and prophecy to the awareness of the modern world."

[Reference: Brad Berg, Four Winds Society, Share International, January/February 1997]

In isolation since the collapse of the Inca civilization nearly 500 years ago, the Q’ero preserved their sacred prophecy of great change - pachacuti - a virtually turning inside out of human society, ending chaos, restoring the harmony and balance that had been lost to our civilization.

"The Q'ero are the last of the Incas  -  a tribe of 600 who sought refuge at altitudes above 14,000 feet in order to escape the conquering conquistadors. For 500 years the Q'ero elders have preserved a sacred prophecy of a great change, or 'pachacuti', in which the world would be turned right-side-up, harmony and order would be restored, and chaos and disorder ended."

The Q’ero made their dramatic re-entry into Andean culture at the annual Feast of the return of the Pleiades in 1955. An assembly of 70,000, including shamans, welcomed them with the words,

"We have been waiting for you for 500 years."

"The Q'ero had lived in their villages high in the Andes in virtual solitude from the world until their "discovery" in 1949. In that year, Oscar Nunez del Prado, an anthropologist, was at a festival in Paucartambo, in a valley on the eastern slopes of the Andes in southern Peru, when he met two Indians speaking fluent Quecha, the language of the Incas. The first Western expedition to the Q'ero villages then occurred in 1955.

"Four years later, at the annual Feast of The Return of the Pleiades taking place in the Andes, the gathering of 70,000 pilgrims from South America (many of them shamans) were awed and the crowd parted to let the Q'ero, unannounced and wearing the Incan emblem of the sun, make their way forward to the mountain top to make known that the time of the prophecies was at hand.


They were welcomed by the assembly and told: "We've been waiting for you for 500 years."

In fulfillment of their prophecies, the Q’ero shamans in November, 1996, traveled to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, and performed a ritual which had not been performed in 500 years.


The 500th anniversary of the murder of last Inca in 1533 will formally occur in 2033.

"…Q'ero elders journeyed to North America in fulfillment of their prophecies. In November 1996, a small group of Q'ero, including the tribal leader and the head shaman, visited several cities in the US, including New York, where they performed a private ceremony at the Cathedral of St John the Divine.


The shamanic ritual had not been performed for 500 years. But in the very home of those who symbolized the former conquerors of their Incan ancestors they shared their ritual and knowledge, not only with interested Westerners who were learning their ways, but also with the Dean of the great cathedral, thereby symbolically and spiritually linking the two continents of North and South America.

The ancient Inca prophecy holds that our era is the time of mastay - the reintegration of the peoples of the Earth, guided by munay, love and compassion. A prophetic maxim,

"When the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly together again," evokes the cooperative movement in rebuilding the Earth.

"According to ancient prophecy, this is the time of the great gathering called the 'mastay', and reintegration of the peoples of the four directions. The Q'ero are releasing their teachings to the West, in preparation for the day the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South (the Americas) fly together again. They believe that 'munay', love and compassion, will be the guiding force of this great gathering of the peoples.

"The new caretakers of the Earth will come from the West, and those that have made the greatest impact on Mother Earth now have the moral responsibility to remake their relationship with Her, after remaking themselves," said Don Antonio Morales, a master Q'ero shaman. The prophecy holds that North America will supply the physical strength, or body; Europe will supply the mental aspect, or head; and the heart will be supplied by South America."

According to the Inca prophecies, the Spanish conquest in 1533, nearly 500 years go, as the beginning of the last pachacuti, or great change. Interestingly, pachacuti means "cataclysm" or "destroyer" in the Incan tongue.


Now, the prophesized signs, including the discovery of the Golden Temple, have indicated the next pachacuti is beginning.

"When the Spanish conquered the Incas 500 years ago, the last pachacuti, or great change, occurred. The Q'ero have been waiting ever since for the next pachacuti, when things that were turned upside down would be set right and order would emerge out of chaos.


For the past five centuries they preserved their sacred knowledge, and finally, in recent years, the signs were fulfilled that the great time of change was at hand: the high mountain lagoons have dried, the condor is nearly extinct and the discovery of the Golden Temple has occurred, following the Earthquake in 1949 which represented the wrath of the sun."

The Inca prophecies are life-oriented. They refer to the end of time as the start of a new way of being and relating to nature and the Earth.


They speak of Earth changes and deep shifts within the human psyche, and human spirituality.

"The prophecies are optimistic. They refer to the end of time, as we know it  -  the death of a way of thinking and a way of being, the end of a way of relating to nature and to the Earth. In the coming years, the Incas expect us to emerge into a golden age, a golden millennium of peace. The prophecies also speak of tumultuous changes happening in the Earth, and in our psyche, redefining our relationships and spirituality.

"Pachacuti also refers to a great Incan leader who lived in the late 1300s. He is said to have built Machu Picchu, and was the architect of an empire the size of the United States. For the Incas, Pachacuti is a spiritual prototype  -  a Master, a luminous one who stepped outside of time. He was a messiah, but not in the Christian sense of the only Son of God, beyond the reach of humanity. Rather he is viewed as a symbol and promise of whom we all might become. He embodies the essence of the prophecies of the pachacuti, as Pacha means 'Earth', or 'time', and cuti means "to set things right."


His name also means "transformer of the Earth.

"The prophecies of the pachacuti are known throughout the Andes. There are those who believe the prophecies refer to the return of the leader Pachacuti to defeat those who took the Incas' land. But according to Dr Villoldi, the return of Pachacuti is taking place on the collective level. "It's not the return of a single individual who embodies what we're becoming, but a process of emergence available to all peoples."

The Q’ero have described how their prophetic knowledge is transmitted through the Star Rites, or Mosoq Karpay, which connect into the collective ancient energies of their tribal mission.


No single individual can access these energies and prophetic knowledge, but only a collectivity.

"The Q'ero have served as the caretakers of the rites and prophecies of their Inca ancestors. The prophecies are of no use unless one has the keys, the rites of passage. The Star Rites, or, 'Mosoq Karpay' (The Rites of the Time To Come), are crucial to the practical growth described in the prophecies.


Following the 'despachos' (ritualistic offerings of mesa, or medicine bundles) at the recent ceremony in New York City, and after a medicine cleansing by the wives of the shamans, the shamans administered the Mosoq Karpay to the individuals present, transmitting the energies originating with the ancestors of their lineage.

"The transmission of the Mosoq Karpay is the ceremony representing the end of one's relationship to time. It is a process of the heart. This process of Becoming is considered more important than the prophecies themselves. The Karpay (rites) plant the seed of knowledge, the seed of Pachacuti, in the luminous body of the recipient. It is up to each person to water and tend the seed so that it can grow and blossom. The rites are a transmission of potential; one must then make oneself available to destiny.

"The Karpays connect the person to an ancient lineage of knowledge and power that cannot be accessed by the individual  -  it can only be summoned by a tribe. Ultimately, this power can provide the impetus for one to leap into the body of an Inca, a Luminous One. (In this sense, the Inca referred to is the Self-realized man).


That person is connected directly to the stars, the Incan Sun of cosmology."

The Inca prophecies are themselves a gateway for self-transformation.


And that transformation of self is an integral part of the establishment of the next pachacuti or era on Earth.

"According to Dr Villoldo, the Incas believe that we must die to the old models of spirituality and go through the rites of self-renewal, becoming midwives of a new kind of thinking.

"These pathways, paths of the shaman, the individual who walks with beauty and grace in the world, are available to all of us today. We need to de-mystify them and learn to honor and respect our Mother, the Earth, and our Father, the sun, and the heavens  -  and to learn from everything and everyone around us, and to seize those instances of power so that we may take a quantum leap into who we are becoming, all of us together.

"The Q'ero believe that the doorways between the worlds are opening again  -  holes in time that we can step through and beyond, where we can explore our human capabilities. Regaining our luminous nature is a possibility today for all who dare to take the leap."

The Andean shamans have no Christ or Buddha to follow.


Rather, they say:

"Follow your own footsteps. Learn from the rivers, the trees and the rocks. Honor the Christ, the Buddha, your brothers and sisters. Honor the Earth Mother and the Great Spirit. Honor yourself and all of creation."

"Look with the eyes of your soul and engage the essential" is the teaching of the Q'ero."

According to the Q’ero, the next pachacuti has already begun, and will in the end deconstruct the soul-eating paradigm of Western civilization.

"The next pachacuti, or great change, has already begun and it promises the emergence of a new human after this period of turmoil….The paradigm of European civilization will continue to collapse and the way of the Earth people will return."

Let us assume that the Q’ero shamans are in fact the historical guardians and messengers of the ancient Inca prophecies. We know that the Inca’s had no formal written language, and there are good reasons to believe the Q’ero’s spiritual authenticity.

The Q’ero traditions speaks of Earth upheavals as the transition from one pachacuti to the next occurs. But Earth upheavals are not central to the prophecies. Spiritual transformation on Earth is the core of this prophetic transmission.


What the Inca prophecies say is that Earth changes and social upheaval may accompany the pachacuti, but the central reality will the be inauguration of a new spiritual knowledge and understanding among human kind, a new way of relating to the Earth, to their fellows, and to the cosmos.

What might be the mechanisms by which this new cosmic understanding of the new pachacuti will be facilitated? Well, let’s explore a few hints the Q’ero give us.


The Q’ero elders speak of "a tear in the fabric of time itself," permitting us to see what we are becoming.

"Even more importantly, the shamanic elders speak about a tear in the fabric of time itself. This presents an opportunity for us to describe ourselves not as who we have been in the past, both personally and collectively, but as who we are becoming."

Years ago - in 1977 - I had the opportunity to seek the advice of Jacques Vallee, a scientist and thinker on the issue of the intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon.


At the time I was a futurist at Stanford Research Institute (SRI), and I was developing a proposal for the Carter White House and the U.S. National Science Foundation to re-open the government investigation of the UFO phenomenon, then closed by Project Blue Book.

In the course of a conversation over lunch at SRI, it became apparent to me that our views of UFO intelligence shared a great deal in common. Jacques views were in print, and my own book on UFO the nature of UFO intelligence had not been published. The essence of my view was the intelligence behind UFOs was dimensional, not necessarily extraterrestrial in a "spaceman" formulation".


UFOs were more in the nature of four-dimensional psychological dream-like phenomena, which served as peripheral cues. The intelligence behind UFOs was psychologically reinforcing human kind to the existence of a higher intelligent form.
"Very good," I remember Jacques saying when I summarized these views.

After reading the Q’ero prophecies, it occurred to me to return to Jacque Vallee’s insights into the nature of UFO intelligence. My purpose is to see if the Q’ero reference to "a tear in the fabric of time itself" was somehow a reference to UFO intelligence as a dimensional phenomenon, conditioning mankind into a more evolved mode of being. If in fact, the Q’ero prophecies give us some well-founded insight into the nature and function of UFO intelligence, that insight may in itself permit an acceleration of the pachacuti process of spiritual transformation here on Earth.

So is this Vallee version of UFO intelligence consistent with the doorway in the fabric in time the Q’ero prophecies speak of?

"The UFO Phenomenon exists. It has been with us throughout history. It is physical in nature and it remains unexplained in terms of contemporary science. It represents a level of consciousness that we have not yet recognized, and which is able to manipulate dimensions beyond time and space as we understand them."

Compare this representation of UFO intelligence - manipulation of time and space - unrecognized level of consciousness - been with us throughout history - with the characteristics described by Q’ero shamans.

"a tear in the fabric of time itself. This presents an opportunity for us to describe ourselves not as who we have been in the past, both personally and collectively, but as who we are becoming."

Both Vallee and the Q’ero shamans seem to me to be describing a similar phenomenon, which can manipulate time and space, travel the lines of ordinary history, and intervene in our present time as a kind of consciousness mirror, psychologically and spiritually conditioning and cueing humankind.

Vallee further amplifies the evidence that the UFO intelligence may be intervening on a psychological reinforcement schedule.

Vallee: A new computer analysis of historical trends, compiled in the 1970s, led me to plot a striking graph of "waves" of UFO activity that was anything but periodic. Fred Beckman and Dr. Price Williams of UCLA pointed out that it resembled a schedule of reinforcement typical of a learning or training process: the phenomenon was more akin to a control system than to an exploratory task force of alien travelers.


There are many control systems around us, and some are a part of nature: ecology, climate, etc. Some are man-made: the process of education, the thermostat in your home. If the UFO phenomenon represents a control system, can we test it to determine if it is natural or artificial, open or closed? This is one of the interesting questions about the phenomenon that has never been

Vallee states other aspects of the view that the intelligence behind UFOs may be dimensional, a psychological and spiritual conditioning mechanism for humankind.


His words are, again, consistent with the pachacuti phenomenon prophesied by the Q’ero shamans.

"Vallee: You can get a consistent representation of reality if you look at the world as a collection of events, or 'instances' (as the philosophy of Occasionalism did in the eleventh century), rather than as a collection of material objects moving in 3-dimensional space as time flows.


In virtual reality, of course, you can't tell the difference.


In the real world information and energy are actually the same physical quantity. In a universe viewed as 'informational events' you should expect coincidences, telepathy, time travel, multiple realities - all those things that seem impossible in the 4-D energy universe. To me that's why puzzles like UFOs are interesting. I don't have a personal theory to "explain" them, but I see them as an opportunity to pose new questions.


If it's true that information resides in the questions we ask, coming up with novel problems may be more important than having answers, at this stage of our very limited understanding of the universe."

Among Vallee’s insights, I found the inevitable hedge, the view that the UFO phenomenon, is not the product of a dimensional intelligent, but of electromagnetic energy.


An entire category of UFO flaps and encounters can be explained as the interaction of electromagnetic energy along earthquake faults. Close human encounters with UFOs can be hypothetically explained as created by electromagnetic effects on the neural systems of the UFO "contactees."


Some researchers have convincingly analyzed UFO abductions as intentional disinformation experiences, induced by MILAB (military abduction) technology.

"Vallee: There is a [UFO] phenomenon. We don't know where it comes from. It's characterized by its physical [traces]. Eighty percent of all the cases have trivial explanations. But I'm talking about the core phenomena. It seems to involve a lot of energy in a small space; it seems to involve pulsed microwaves, among other things.


There isn't much that is known about the effect of pulsed microwaves on the brain, so it's quite possible that some of the stories that you get from people are essentially induced hallucinations in sincere witnesses - the witnesses are not lying. They really have been exposed to something genuine but there is no way to go back to what that thing was, based on their description, because their brain has been affected by proximity to that energy.

"Having said that, I have plenty of colleagues in science and technology I respect who tell me this could be a natural phenomenon - this could be an undiscovered form of energy in the atmosphere. We don't know much about the effect of electromagnetic fields on the nervous system. We're going to be discovering that as we go. So, it's quite possible that there could be a phenomenon like that, a very spontaneous thing.

"Or it could be artificial. If it's artificial it could come from another form of consciousness, which may or may not be extraterrestrial. It's a big universe out there. Who are we to say where it comes from?


We can only speculate on that point."

Much is speculation as to the nature of the UFO phenomenon.


To me, the intelligence behind UFOs may well the tear in the fabric of time referred to by the Q’ero Incas. Indeed, could not a dimensional intelligence use the electromagnetic energy of the Earth environment to create and guide the "upper theater" or evolutionary levels of the UFO phenomenon?

The "lower theatres" of the UFO phenomenon could be the disinformation of the bogus "UFO abductions," for example, where military abduction technology (MILAB) use electromagnetic energy to create devolutionary experiences for humankind. MILAB’s purpose may be to confuse humanity, thus blocking the upward spiritual evolution which the Q’ero Inca prophesies foresee.

The role of "upper theatre" of the UFO phenomenon, if guided by dimensional intelligence, may be to accelerate humankind’s moral and spiritual evolution. This view places the UFO phenomenon within the conceptual framework outlined in the Q’ero Inca prophecies.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should note that a 1994 scientific article by Jacques Vallee debunking U.S. Navy experiments in the early 1940s on stealth technology (the "Philadelphia" experiment) was criticized in a June, 1998 article as an alleged scientific hoax. However, I do not believe that case, which may have been a scientific lapse involving a fraudulent witness, detracts from the substance of Vallee’s insights into UFO intelligence.

Jacques Vallee also wrote about me in Messengers of Deception, in the context of UFO cults and political power.

"The goal of the manipulation [about UFOs], according to Parnov, is to frighten American citizens into approving the growth of defense spending and to use "the specter of flying saucers to fan the Cold War."

"In a press release dated March 29, 1976, futurologist Alfred Webre and contactee Philip Liss predicted that the present world political order would be transformed into an economically integrated, largely capitalist society. Such phenomena as UFOs were messages from higher intelligent beings signaling the peaceful political transformation of Man, they said. (2)

"This history of the interaction between flying-saucer contact and politics goes way back, to the early California contactees. In those days many occult groups linked to power-hungry organizations were extremely active. Right after World War II, when a branch of Aleister Crowley's O.T.O. (3) flourished in Los Angeles, two of the most ardent members were Jack W. Parsons, a propulsion engineer, and L. Ron Hubbard, a science-fiction buff.


Jack Parsons met a Venusian in the desert in 1946, and went on to be one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and of the Aerojet Corporation.

I have dealt with the connections between cult behavior, political power and higher intelligence in Journey I: Recovery, and Vallee has never spoken to me directly about his comments - even though we met in his capital venture office, shortly after their publication.

If the Inca left us oral prophecy embodied in the Q’ero shamans, the Maya left us the celestial precision of the prophecies embodied in the Mayan calendar.

The Maya also left a paucity of written records because of the destruction of Mayan writing by the Spanish conquest.

"The Mayan civilization was the height of pre-Columbian culture. They made significant discoveries in science, including the use of the zero in mathematics. Their writing was the only in America capable of expressing all types of thought. Glyphs, either representing syllables or whole concepts, were written on long strips of paper or carved and painted on stone.


They are arranged to be red from left to right and top to bottom in pairs of columns….They wrote detailed histories and used their calendar to predict the future and astrological events. Fray Diego de Landa, second bishop of the Yucatán ordered a mass destruction of Mayan books in 1562 and only three [or four] survived.

"An elaborate system of writing was developed to record the transition of power through the generations. Maya writing was composed of recorded inscriptions on stone and wood and used within architecture. Folding tree books were made from fig tree bark and placed in royal tombs.


Unfortunately, many of these books did not survive the humidity of the tropics or the invasion of the Spanish, who regarded the symbolic writing as the work of the devil.

"Four books are known today:

  • The Dresden Codex

  • The Madud Codex

  • The Paris Codex

  • The Grolier Codex"

One Mayan artifact to which we have access is the Mayan Calendar, which antedates the Mayan civilization, and stretches out into a distant future.

The formal history of the Mayas encompasses their Classic Period (300-900 AD) and their Post-Classic Period (1000-1500 AD).

"Most artistic and cultural achievement came about during the Classic period 300 - 900 AD. The Maya developed a complex, hierarchical society divided into classes and professions. Centralized governments, headed by a king, ruled territories with clearly defined boundaries. These borders changed as the various states lost and gained control over territory.


Mayan centers flourished in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. The major cities of the Classic period were Tikal (Guatemala), Palenque and Yaxchilán (Chiapas, Mexico), Copán and Quirigua (Honduras). For most of this period, the majority of the Maya population lived in the central lowlands of Mexico and Belize.

The themes of the Post Classic 1000 - 1500 AD Post Classic period were growth and ruin.

"[At the beginning of the Post-Classic period] the Maya migrated to the Yucatán peninsula. There they developed their own character, although their accomplishments and artwork are not considered as impressive as the Classic Maya. Chichén Itzá (near Valladolid), Uxmal (near Mérida) and Mayapán (west of Chichén Itzá) were the three most important cities during the Post Classic period.


They lived in relative peace from around 1000 - 1100 AD when Mayapán overthrew the confederation and ruled for over 200 years. In 1441 the Maya who had previously ruled Uxmal destroyed the city of Mayapán and founded a new city at Mani. Wars were fought between rival Mayan groups over the territory until the region was conquered by the Spanish."

To understand the Mayan prophecies, we must first delve into the Mayan Calendar. It contains the Maya’s most sublime science, based on an advanced astronomical knowledge such as knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes.


Researcher John Major Jenkins observes,

"As it says in the Popol Vuh: ‘by sheer genius, by sheer acuity, they got it [the Mayan Calendar] done.’"

"Based upon these simple facts, ancient skywatchers in Mesoamerica were apparently aware of a subtle celestial process, the precession of the equinoxes. Knowledge of that process, and the fact that a major alignment in that process culminates at the end of their Great Cycle, strongly suggest a cosmological understanding which modern yet to explore.


While today the conjunction is hidden behind the rays of the solstice sun, to early skywatchers the future convergence would have been the focus of intense calendar calculations and eschatological myth-making. As it says in the Popol Vuh: "by sheer genius, by sheer acuity, they got it done." People interested today in the scope of ancient Mesoamerican knowledge Inescapably must incorporate these recent findings into their thoughts.


In doing so, we can better appreciate the profound scale of the cosmological understanding possessed by ancient New World cultures, to which millions of present-day Indians in Middle America are heir."

The differences between the Mayan calendar and its Western counterparts are profound.


The Mayan calendar is multi-dimensional, based not solely on the orbital travel of Earth around its Sun.

"The European calendar mandated by Pope Gregory in 1583 is the only world calendar that did not intercalate at least two celestial cycles. The Hebraic calendar acquired by Enoch after he was translated in a beam of light intercalated solar and lunar cycles in a fashion similar to the Maya. The Dogon in Africa were given four calendars by visitors from Sirius B: Solar, lunar, Venusian, and civil.


The Tibetan calendar is so similar to the Mayan that traditional scholars now speculate that they share a common origin. The Vedic calendar is based on cosmic cycles, or Yugas. An ancient Hindu astrology used 27 houses of 13 degrees 20 minutes, which are key numbers in the Mayan calendar…"


"In the 1950s, Euro-American astronomers ran headlong into the stunning reality that Native Americans were masters of a sophisticated astronomy previously unrecognized. Since the New World was conquered, the Europeans had believed that Native Americans were ignorant of astronomy. In fact, the Native American concept was completely different than the European and thus not recognized.


Where European astronomers tracked large objects, such as the sun and moon, in direct courses, the Native Americans tracked small objects relative to large objects, a far more complex and accurate system. The two systems perceived the heavens from such radically different view points, that the Europeans did not recognize the Native American system as astronomy."

The Mayan calendar prophesies an era of great shift in human consciousness and civilization, and calculates the cycles of time within which these rebirths of consciousness will take place.


As a general observation, Earth changes and disruptions usher each rebirth in human consciousness.

"The ancient Maya noticed that the winter solstice sun was slowly moving towards the Milky Way. Two great markers in the sky were converging, presenting a rare celestial juncture. Their calendar accurately tells us when this will occur, and it meant more than the birth of a new solar year.


It meant the beginning of a new Great Cycle of time, the resetting of the great celestial star-clock of precession and, perhaps, an unprecedented shift in the nature of human consciousness and civilization."

The Mayan calendar can be thought of as a combination Star Gate and mind map, a multi-leveled tool for navigating life as a coordinate of time-space-energy channels that open and develop with the mechanics of celestial movements.

"The Maya understood 17 different Calendars based on the Cosmos. Some of these calendars go back as far as ten million years and are so difficult that you would need an astronomer, astrologer, geologist, and a mathematician just to work out the calculations. Lucky for us we only need to work with three of these calendars.


The calendars that are most important to beings of Earth are the Haab, the Tun-Uc and the Tzolk'in. The Tzolk'in is the most important and the one with the most influence."

Celestial within cycles - cycles around our Sun and around our galaxy form the basis of the Mayan calendars.


The calendars were a precision tool for divination, based upon the architecture and movements of celestial bodies.

"The Tzolk'in is the Sacred calendar of the Maya and is based on the cycles of the Pleiades. The cycle of the Pleiades uses 26,000 years, but is reflected in the calendar we are using by encompassing 260 days. It uses the sacred numbers 13 and 20. The 13 represents the numbers and 20 represents the sun/glyphs.


The Tzolk'in has four smaller cycles called seasons of 65 days each guarded by the four suns of Chicchan, Oc, Men and Ahau. There are also Portal days within the Tzolk'in that create a double helix pattern using 52 days and the mathematics of 28. The traditional Maya is still using this sacred calendar for divination all over the Yucatan, Guatemala, and Belize, and Honduras.

Now what does the Mayan calendar say about Earth changes in our era? Would it surprise you that the answer is very similar to the Inca prophecies, only more precise?

According to the Mayan Calendar, the Mayan Long Count end-cycle occurs on December 22, 2012.


The Long Count end-cycle also coincides with the end of a larger 26,000-year galactic cycle of the Mayan calendar. Mayan cosmology holds that cataclysmic Earth changes, as well as endowment of human cosmic consciousness will accompany these end-cycles. A possible mechanism for predicted Earth changes is the vast distortions of the Sun’s magnetic field, brought on by density waves emanating from the core of our galaxy (the galactic "Sun").


Human environmental weapons could exacerbate these Earth changes.


Contemporary science holds that galactic density waves may have been responsible for creating our Sun, but lacks the sophisticated understanding the Mayans possessed about galactic cycles. The Mayan calendar predicts that Earth and the solar system will enter these galactic beam-waves around the 2012 AD end-cycle.


The Mayan calendar predicts that the coming galactic density beam creates Earth changes, as well as a new era of expanded cosmic consciousness on Earth. The age ushered in by the Mayan end-cycle in 2012 AD may finally transform our war-like and eco-cidal human culture into an enlightened civilization.

The train of discovery and insight responsible for decoding the Mayan prophecies is a moving one.

"In 1880 a brilliant, German scholar, who was working as a librarian in Dresden, turned his attention to this codex. By a process of extraordinary detective work he cracked the code of the Mayan calendar making it possible for other scholars and explorers to translate the many dated inscriptions to be found on buildings, stele and other ancient Mayan artifacts.


He discovered that the Dresden Codex itself was concerned with astronomy providing detailed tables of lunar eclipses and other phenomenon. These were so accurate that they put our own calendar to shame. He also found evidence for a curious magic number- 1,366,560 days, which could be factor[ed] in a number of ways and which harmonized the cycles of Venus and Mars with two yearly cycles also used by the Maya: the sacred Tzolk’in of 260 days and the Haab of 365 days.


However, he also found that they had another system of counting the days relative to a starting date, called the Birth of Venus and now known to be 13 August 3114 BC. This calendar was divided into months or uinals of twenty days, years or tuns of 360 days and longer periods of 7200 days, the katun and 144,000 days, the baktun.


The number 13 was magically important to them and they believed that, starting from the Birth of Venus, after 13 of these longest periods, or baktuns, the world would come to an end. Working from their start date this Mayan Prophecy points to a date in our own time, 22 December 2012.

Researchers Gilbert & Cotterell have done us a great service in correlating and deducing a possible mechanism by which cataclysmic Earth changes could take place.


As the Mayan calendar predicts, Earth changes may be triggered during a transition window around the end-cycle date, December 22, 2012.

That mechanism is electromagnetic energy, emitted by solar activity in sunspot cycles, and their devastating effects on the Earth’s magnetosphere - and consequently on the Earth’s weather, climate, and seismicity - of the Earth. The electromagnetic effects of sunspot cycles can actually cause a shift in the magnetic fields and poles of the Earth, unleashing great earthquakes, climatic and weather shifts.

Think of sunspots as mammoth electromagnetic generators, aimed at the Earth’s magnetosphere and magnetic field.

What Gilbert & Cotterell have postulated is that the cycles of the Mayan calendar may be structured around the cycles of destructive sunspot storms, and the destructive effects of the electromagnetic energy they release on the magnetic field of the Earth. As certain Mayan cycles end and new cycles begin, the Earth may suffer cataclysm caused by the electromagnetic energy of storms on the surface of the Sun.


Cotterell found evidence of a larger sunspot cycle of 1,366,040 days, exactly two tuns smaller than the Mayan Long Count of 1,366,560 days. Cotterell proposed that the Mayan and the sunspot cycles are related.

"As expected his model predicted that there should be a sunspot cycle of roughly eleven and a half years, closely corresponding to what has been observed over several centuries. However, he also found graphic evidence for longer cycles including a period of 1,366,040 days. His work took a new turn when he read about the Mayan super number from the Dresden Codex: 1,366,560 days.


This was exactly two 260-day cycles larger than his theoretical sunspot period. He therefore proposed that the two were related. As his earlier work on what he called Astrogenetics indicated that human fertility was dependent on the presence of sunspots, he now had evidence that the Mayan calendar was not arbitrary but was based on a knowledge of the effects of sunspots.


This explained the near obsession they had for long cycles of time and their belief in the rise and fall of four previous ages of man."

If these correlations are at all factual, the end of the 1,366,560 day mega-cycle Long Count may be related to a 1,366,040 day sunspot cycle.


If the end of the Mayan Long count is in fact high in sunspot activity, an indeterminate window around December 22, 2012 may well be a period of cataclysmic Earth changes.

Cotterell describes the mechanism by which sunspot activity twists the electromagnetic field of the Earth, ultimately triggering Earth changes.

Solar radiation is also clearly the most important factor in climatic changes…correlating radio carbon levels with solar activity, the European climate, and the advance or retreat of alpine glaciers…. When the sun is very active it generates a large number of sunspots, and these in turn cause large numbers of charged particles to be thrown into space.


This means that there are clouds of charged particles between the sun and the Earth, and there is a thickening of the Van Allen belts.

There is a direct mechanism between electromagnetic solar activity and Earth changes.


The Maya calendar’s prediction of four prior Earth changes and a fifth destruction in 2012 AD may correlate directly with the five field shifts in the Sun’s magnetic field during the Long Count, beginning on 14 August 3114 BC, and ending on December 22, 2012.

"When the sun’s magnetic field shifts direction, it tends to twist the Earth off its axis. The tilting Earth is subjected to earthquakes, floods, conflagrations, and volcanic eruptions.

"The sun’s magnetic field shifts five times every long cosmic cycles. This would seem to be the reason that the Maya and others believed that the Earth has been destroyed four times in the past, and that destruction at the beginning of the 21st century in this, the fifth age of the sun, will follow in the same way."

Cotterell concludes that the end of the Mayan Long Count may well be accompanied by a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field, caused by solar activity (sunspots). This magnetic reversal of axis may tend to twist the Earth’s magnetic field, inducing tilt in the Earth itself.


The outcome may be Earth changes on a cataclysmic scale - mammoth tectonic events; earthquakes; ocean flooding a tsunamis; volcanism.

"…the Mayan prophecy for the end of the fifth Age concerns a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field. This and its associated cataclysm, he believes, will occur around 2012 AD."

Cotterell correlates the Mayan calendar cycles with the Edgar Cayce prediction that remains of Atlantis would be found off Bimini, Bahamas in 1968 or 1969.


As I did in 1974, Cotterell concludes that the submerged temple or sea wall structures, discovered by the 1968-69 Dr. J. Manson Valentine expedition, represent an intentional fulfillment of the Cayce prediction.

Now we can speculate with Cotterell on very the near-miraculous source of the knowledge behind the Mayan calendar. The date the Edgar Cayce precognitive information places on the cataclysm which sank this Poseidia portion of Atlantis was 10,500 BC. Cotterell argues, that following the cataclysm, the Poseidia-Atlantis survivors made their way by sea from the Bimini area (Poseidia may have been an island the size of Cuba), carrying their advanced cosmological knowledge to the Yucatan - Palenque area, where their culture transformed itself over the centuries into the Maya.

That Atlantis is possibly the original source for the cosmological knowledge of the Mayan calendar may be supported by references in the Popol Vuh and other sacred Maya texts. If the line of reasoning suggested by the precognitive Cayce information and the analysis of Mayan sacred texts is a correct one, the advanced cosmology of the Maya calendar may be a direct legacy from a pre-cataclysmic Atlantean civilization.

An Atlantean origin would go a long way toward explaining the mystery of how the Mayan, who had relatively simple agricultural technology, acquired such advanced astronomical and cosmological technology as the calendar. The Mayan ruler and priestly castes would have preserved and transmitted the calendar’s technology and knowledge over the generations.

The Inca and the Maya prophecies appear to have yet another function in common - providing a dimension of deep meaning for the intelligence behind UFOs. Let’s revisit the statements of the Q’ero shamans that our era a would see "A tear in the fabric of time itself," allowing humanity to see what it was becoming.

This time-tear, we suggested, could refer to a dimensional opening by the higher intelligence behind UFOs, using the UFO phenomenon to subliminally cue and condition humanity to become the advanced beings we can be in the future.

The Mayan cosmologist formerly know as Jose Arguelles correlates a July 11, 1991 UFO flap over Mexico with Sixth Sun prophecies made by Mayan priests in 755 AD.

"Mayan cosmologist and scholar Jose Arguelles reports a wave of confirmed UFO sightings over Mexico starting on July 11, 1991, the date of the "Sixth Sun" total solar eclipse predicted for that date in 755 AD by Mayan priests using the calendar. The Mayan prediction was that an era dominated by two life-altering events "cosmic awareness and Earth changes" would commence with the Sixth Sun eclipse. The 1991 UFO flap drew international attention and rigorous analysis by UFOlogist from a number of countries, including Japan.

"Equating an end-date for the Mayan calendar round with a date in the European-based Gregorian system has been a heartbreaker for astronomers. Since the European and Native American systems are so different, the only truly accurate method of synchronizing the two was to identify a significant astronomical event, such as an eclipse, recorded on both calendars.


This has been impossible due to differences in locations and calendars until July 11, 1991. ‘In 755 AD Maya Priests prophesied the total solar eclipse of July 11, 1991 would herald two life altering events for humankind: cosmic awareness and Earth changes. Shortly after 1:00 P.M., on July 11th, the prophecy began unfolding...’

"Beneath the eclipse of the century, that Mayas had labeled 'The Sixth Sun',a silvery disc shaped object hovered silently above the world's largest city. [Seventeen (17)] different people, unknown to each other, in deferent locations of Mexico City, videotaped the structured ship...Cosmic Awareness had begun.

"The wave of UFO activity continued in the skies over Mexico and, due to the video camcorder, became the most documented mass sighting ever.

"For months, a team of international investigators from the U.S., Mexico, and Japan followed the trail of the UFO sightings through the volcano zone to Mount Popocateptl, the fourth largest volcano in the world... Once dormant... Now awakening..."

Richard G. Gall of Scotland’s Skywatch International has published a report of the July 11, 1991 Mexico UFO sighting, reviewing the documentation and computer analysis of video taped images of the UFO craft-shaped objects in the sightings.


His report includes multiple images of the UFO craft-like object, taken by different civilian observers and a computer enhancement analysis of the images themselves.

"Millions of people in the huge metropolis, Mexico City held their breath on the afternoon of 11 July 1991 as the moon eclipsed the sun, turning day into night for over six minutes. But as stunning as this eclipse was, an even more fantastic event occurred which managed to steal the attention of the thousands of onlookers.


At exactly 1:22pm, a shiny metallic object darted down from the skies and hovered silently to the left of the eclipsing sun. It stayed suspended in the sky for a full half-hour, long enough to be video-recorded by 17 different people, all in separate locations throughout the city.

"Analysis of these tapes later confirmed that this was a metallic craft, spinning on its own axis. (See Images).

"In the ensuing months, Mexico became gripped with what Jaime Maussan - one of the country's most respected TV journalists and host to the popular news program '60 Minutos', has described as 'UFO fever'. Maussan first became involved shortly after the eclipse when he appeared on TV asking the public to send in any videos they had taken of the UFO. The response was overwhelming, and his office was inundated with spectacular footage of both day and nighttime UFO activity filmed since the eclipse.

"Maussan, who previously had no real interest in UFOs, said, "I am a journalist and, as such, I only wish to deal with the facts. However, since I became involved with this, along with the rest of Mexico, I have seen overwhelming evidence that convinces me that my country is being visited regularly by a huge number of extraterrestrial craft. The is no other explanation."

"Maussan had collaborated with the US husband and wife PI team Lee and Brit Elders in producing three documentaries, 'The Messengers of Destiny’ series, which have been widely praised by the UFO community for presenting some of the finest UFO footage ever seen by the public or researchers. For many UFOlogists, the footage collated in the video series provides firm evidence that whatever the objects are, they cannot be a product of any known terrestrial technology.

"For example, in one video sequence, a UFO can be seen gliding through cloud. While sceptics argue that the object could be a bird, or a plane (yeah right), or even a meteor (YEAH RIGHT), computer analysis of the image clearly shows that it was a solid, metallic structure shaped like a hockey puck. Computer enhancement of the footage also allows researchers to magnify the individual pixels from which the images are composed, revealing details that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.

"An analysis also revealed the presence of two other, smaller craft below the main metallic structure - something not visible on the video. (Images available).

"Computer enhancement has also high-lighted the incredible manoeuvrability of the objects. For instance, in dozens of videos, UFOs are initially recorded as a single circular object that slowly splits into two distinct craft. In one remarkable sequence, a UFO is seen to split into five distinct objects. Other craft are seen accelerating at enormous speeds, moving at impossible speed as they shoot from one part of the sky to another. Analysis shows that the UFO blinks out of sight in a single video frame - less than a 60th of a second!

"Despite this compelling video evidence, the Mexican government has so far remained tight-lipped on the UFO issue. Maybe one of the reasons why, is the concern expressed by airline pilots for the safety of passengers flying into Mexico's airports. This was dramatically illustrated by a series of worrying events that began in the summer of 1994."

"On the evening of July 28, flight 129 was making its final approach into Mexico City airport. The crew and 109 passengers of the DC9 were all expecting a routine landing when suddenly they were involved in a mid-air collision with an unknown object. The pilot, who was a man named Raymond Cervantes Ruana, was forced to take emergency measures and later stated "I've never felt an impact so strong. When we checked the plane we discovered that one of the shock absorbers had been ripped off."

"Ruana managed to land the aircraft safely and rushed to the control tower. "They told me that as I was making my final turn there were two UFOs on their screen. I probably crossed my path with theirs. This is when I declared an emergency." Air traffic controllers confirmed there were no other civilian or military aircraft in the vicinity during the landing.

"Only a month later, another near catastrophe occurred when Flight 304 from Acapulco was attempting to land. The captain later stated "A big silver object came out of a cloud. It was metallic and circular. We clearly saw the object. It passed directly under the plane and we were forced to make a very difficult maneuver to avoid a collision." On landing, the furious pilots confronted the controllers and demanded why they received no warning.

"According to Maussan, these and numerous other events involving passenger aircraft had resulted in a major public outcry. Can you imagine what would happen if there had been a head-on collision with a passenger jet over densely populated Mexico City? How would they explain an accident like this to the general public? Probably the same as TWA Flight 800, cover up the truth.

"Maussan was requested by the Mexican Pilots Association to present two lectures about the UFO wave to assembled pilots. [He] knows how worried they are, they don't care if they are UFOs or identified, they just want to avoid an accident…."

"The Mexican wave was provided many researchers with vast amounts of solid evidence supporting the extraterrestrial hypothesis. The aerial activity recorded on video goes way beyond the fleeting glimpses of UFOs seen in many previous cases and, as yet, denies any terrestrial explanation. Initial efforts to explain the UFOs as the planet Venus or meteors have been scientifically rejected, and sceptics have avoided investigating the Mexican material, even deep down they know, just to ignorant to admit it."

Images from Mexico July 11, 1991 "Sixth Sun" UFO Sightings


Mexico UFO July 11, 1991
"At exactly 1:22pm, a shiny metallic object
darted down from the skies and hovered
silently to the left of the eclipsing sun. It
stayed suspended in the sky for a full half
hour, long enough to be video-recorded by
17 different people, all in separate
locations throughout the city. Analysis of
these tapes later confirmed that this was a
metallic craft, spinning on its own axis."

Mexico UFO 7-11-91 Computer enhancement
"Computer enhancement of the footage also allows
researchers to magnify the individual pixels from
which the images are composed, revealing details
that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.
An analysis also revealed the presence of two other,
smaller craft below the main metallic structure -
something not visible on the video."

Mexico UFO 7-11-91 Puebla sighting
"On 11 July 1991, this bright object was
filmed by one of the many Mexicans who
lined the streets of the town of Puebla to
watch the solar eclipse. The pulsating,
disc-shaped craft moved slowly and
silently through the sky, and was
mistaken by many for a planet. On the
same day, dozens of other witnesses
throughout Mexico video-recorded the
mysterious craft."

Mexico UFO 7-11-99 Puebla videos
Other video-cam recordings of the same Puebla craft

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Going over the documentation and analysis of the Sixth Sun UFO sighting, it is reasonable to conclude that real phenomena took place that day.


Yet, what were the Sixth Sun phenomena, and how might the phenomena relate to the Maya prophecies? Each entity that has reported on the Sixth Sun UFO flap, has reported it from its own institutional perspective.


Reuters News Service’s wire report, dated 5 December 1997, on a UFO conference studying the Sixth Sun flap is typical of the tongue-in-cheek approach the news business has taken:

"ACAPULCO, Mexico (Reuters) - Mexico has long faced resentment in the United States for exporting illegal aliens, but since 1991 the country has faced its own alien invasion  -  by extraterrestrials, that is."

UFO researcher Richard G. Gall explores another possible hypothesis - that the Sixth Sun UFO flap was an intentional disinformation event, staged by secret (probably U.S.) military UFO-aircraft, in fulfillment of the Mayan prophecies.


Gall notes that the silence of the Mexican military around the flap could be interpreted several ways. He also notes the similarity in profile of the Sixth Sun UFO craft to craft sighted near Area 51 Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

"Despite the threat posed by unknown craft - whether alien or not - appearing along civilian air routes, the Mexican air force has only rarely scrambled fighters in an attempt to intercept the objects. This policy of non-intervention has led many researchers to assume that the government does not regard the UFOs as a threat, and may even be welcoming them. Alternatively, the authorities may know exactly what the objects are, but unwilling to discuss it…."

"In 1995, security-camera footage taken at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, was smuggled out and presented to UFO researchers. The video shows a pulsating metallic craft climbing through the sky and has been authenticated by a number of military and defense analysts, including Bill Sweetman, a leading Stealth-technology researcher. In 1996, researchers from the US TV program 'Sightings' compared the craft at Nellis, with the object filmed in Mexico during the eclipse. Some researchers concluded that the two were identical, and suggested that the UFOs over Mexico could be part of a secret US military program…"

Gall himself leaves us with one key question - why did this very large exhibitionist UFO flap occur in Mexico?

"Despite the strength of the evidence, one question remains. Why Mexico? Jaime Maussan speculates that the population is being tested to gauge its reaction towards the presence of extraterrestrials. He believes that such overt and seemingly deliberate exhibitionism can only be explained as a prelude to something greater."

He answers his own question with a personal conclusion that the July 11, 1991 Mexico UFO phenomenon can be most creatively seen in the context of the Mayan prophecies, specifically the Sixth Sun prophecy.

"One of the most intriguing aspects of the current UFO wave in Mexico is the fact that this and other events were prophesied accurately over 1000 years ago by the country's ancient ancestors, the Maya.


The decoding of the Dresden Codex, a stone tablet depicting Maya cosmology, revealed that the ancient civilization was able to predict the cycle of solar eclipses with great accuracy. According to the Maya, during the birth of the 'sixth sun' (the period following an eclipse in 1991) the 'Masters of the Stars' or 'Messengers of Destiny' would return.


The prophecy continues 'In the era of the sixth sun, all that is buried will be discovered, truth shall be the seed of light and the sons of the sixth sun shall be the ones who travel through the stars.' (Us?) For many UFO researchers this is strong evidence that the objects over Mexico are definitely from another world."

Let’s retreat for a moment to the science of communications. Context functions as an interpretive framework within which a communication is made. A communication’s context is its single most effective component that enhances the definition, depth, and message content of the communication.

How do the Inca and Maya prophecies function in the Sixth Sun UFO flap?

They provide a high-definition context for the UFO flap itself. The UFO flap becomes a communication within the backdrop of the Maya and Inca prophecies of cosmic awareness and Earth changes.

If a UFO flap occurs on a date predicted by the Star Gate and mind map that is the Maya calendar, all of the referents of the Maya cosmology become part of the UFO flap’s communication. Specifically, Maya references to Earth changes culminating in 2012 AD. Specifically, Maya and Inca prophecies of the sixth world to come - an age of cosmic awareness among humankind.

The Maya calendar and Inca prophecies place UFO phenomena in full context, as a "tear in the fabric of time." Whatever the nature of the UFO phenomenon might be - dimensional, extraterrestrial, electromagnetic, human-military - the context of the Maya and Inca prophecies surround it with the deepest referential meaning.


The Sixth Sun UFO flap, acquires a fullness of communication precisely because if occurs as a fulfillment of Maya prophecies of cosmic cycles. Without the Maya calendar context, a UFO flap over any major Western city would be remarkable, to be sure, but the information communicated by the flap would less rich, more superficial and ambiguous.

A typical, Western UFO sighting would be wrapped in a thinner, more secular context without a living, rich, ancient cultural and prophetic reference. Perhaps that is why Western cultures find the UFO phenomenon puzzling, irritating and fractious - they lack a cultural context and grounding for interpreting the phenomena, as modern-day Mayan and Incan-based cultures may have.


Native American medicine man Robert Ghost Wolf alludes to this lack of cultural reference for UFOs in North American culture.

"Why is it that they have news about these (UFOs) in Mexico, but they don't have news of them here? Why is it that people in other countries can sit down and have intelligent conversations about what's going on, while we don't have them here? We are ridiculed and called madmen and heretics…"

These observations about the relationship of Mayan prophecy and UFO flaps may have been borne out by Mexican UFO flaps following the 1991 Sixth Sun flap.


Gall reports formations of UFO craft-objects flying in formations that look like astronomical constellations.

"Whatever their purpose, the strange objects above Mexico continue to be witnessed and filmed. The latest footage appears to show groups of up to 40 of these UFOs forming into patterns which many researchers have taken to be constellations. Could this be an obscure attempt at communication, as some researchers believe? Let’s wait and see."

In parsing these reports, I realize the temptations and the pitfalls of over-projecting anthropomorphic views onto the UFO phenomenon.


In prior theoretical work on UFO content analysis, I suggested that UFO encounters could be analyzed and interpreted using the disciplines of dream interpretation, because many UFO reports were structured almost as dreams, with conscious and subconscious content.

Taking that approach, it would seem that the constellation pattern would constitute a deliberate communication, assuming the UFO phenomenon has intention and intelligence. If the "formation" reports are erroneous, well the reports are just more data. As an intentional communication, however, the UFO formation might mean a simple signal - "outer space"; "we are from a constellation."

Remember, however, that the Sixth Sun UFO flap occurred within the context of a Calendar prophecy that Mayan priests had made in 755 AD. It seems more reasonable to assume that, as Mayan calendar may have been the context for the Sixth Sun UFO flap, so follow-on UFO flaps may also have been designed within a Mayan calendar context.

The Mayan calendar itself is structured around the celestial clockwork of constellations. Therefore the reports of formations of UFO craft arrayed as a "constellation" may be an intentional communication in the context of the Mayan calendar predictions. The content of the UFO communication could be its context.


By the principles of dream interpretation, one interpretation of the "UFO formation-constellation" content is:

"The Mayan prophecies are now operative."

I am sure you yourself can develop a whole list of alternative interpretations of the Sixth Sun UFO formation-constellation message.

We can analyze the 1991 Sixth Sun UFO flap as a phenomenon which is meaningfully related to the Mayan calendar prophecies. What is more, our Mayan calendar analysis is consistent with any of the alternative Interpretations of the underlying UFO phenomenon itself, as a dimensional, extraterrestrial, electromagnetic, or human-military phenomenon.

For example, suppose the intelligence behind the 1991 Sixth Sun UFO flap is on the order of a mega-intelligence that is multi-dimensional. That UFO intelligence could create the UFO flap through advanced electromagnetic technology, and use the 1991 flap as a peripheral cue to condition humankind into the concepts of cosmic consciousness and Earth changes.


Alternatively, if the intelligence behind the UFO flap were extraterrestrial, it would use its UFO craft as peripheral cues for the same purpose of psychologically reinforcing cosmic consciousness and Earth changes awareness.

Suppose the UFO flap is a purely physical phenomenon, created by random electromagnetic energy, perhaps related to the total solar eclipse. Still, the UFO flap would be an example of synchronicity, and related in meaning to the Maya calendar. The concept of synchronicity, as articulated by psychologist Carl Jung, holds that meaning is a dimension in the universe, much as other dimensions such as space and time.


Even if the 1991 UFO flap were created by random electromagnetic energy, it may nevertheless be related in time, space, and meaning to the Mayan calendar, if the context and content of the UFO flap and the Mayan calendar are integrally linked. Prophecy may be fulfilled by random, meaningful events.

Finally, suppose the 1991 UFO Sixth Sun flap were actually a disinformation operation using secret military craft (this seems doubtful, if reports of 40 UFOs flying in constellation formation are accurate). This would assume that the military intelligence directing the UFO secret craft had designed a flap in fulfillment of the Mayan Sixth Sun prophecy. It would also assume that the military intelligence behind the UFO is Gaia-conscious, which may well not be the case.


As we have seen, intentional human action can fulfill prophecy, as in the Edgar Cayce-predicted Poseidia findings off of Bimini in 1969. If the 1991 Sixth Sun flap were in fact a secret military operation, this intentional human intervention would still be the functional equivalent of a fulfillment.

Whatever its actual origin, the 1991 Sixth Sun UFO phenomena are a living confirmation of the Maya calendar and its prophesized events, vividly activating and quickening our collective consciousness of humankind’s twin path - cosmic consciousness and Earth changes.

We now can come full circle back to where we started - prophesized Earth changes brought about by environmental warfare.

Well, the effects of destructive electromagnetic energy on the Earth’s systems may trigger the Earth changes predicted by the Mayan calendar for the end of the long count in 2012. The Mayan age of Earthquake which starts in 2012 AD may result from the electromagnetic energy released by solar activity (sunspot cycle), and the electromagnetic energy released by Environmental weapons and nuclear explosions.

Mayan cosmologist Jose Arguelles has developed an advanced theoretical framework for understanding both the UFO phenomenon and the effects of Environmental warfare, within the context of the Mayan calendar.


Arguelles integrates the cycles of evolution of the Mayan calendar with concept that the intelligence behind UFOs may be actually a dimensional being.

"Extraterrestrials, UFOs, the "space brothers" - these are not alien entities, but emanations of /being/ itself. And being is, in its essence, light, radiant energy. During the time that we have spun our historical tale, we have been participating in the unfoldment of a larger being. But by the very nature of the phase of the 5,125-year/5,200-tun galactic synchronization beam in which we have been involved, we have lost sight of this fact.

"Spun through the increasingly accelerated phases of the thirteen cycles of this beam (called "baktun" by the Maya), our planet has arrived at an advanced stage of conscious synchronization of component elements. This has been brought about by the most complex forms of DNA, inducing an artificial leap - the sprawl of civilization - which in actuality had one goal - the quickening of the transformation of matter. This is the critical significance of the 13th cycle, Baktun 12, A.D.1618-2012.

The first detonation of atomic energy in the Trinity Test of July 16, 1945 is a watershed event within this last baktun cycle. The Trinity Test both releases the first of a literal flood of destructive electromagnetic energy into the Earth’s environment, and triggers a process of polarization of consciousness in our human species.

"Once this critical transformation of matter was attained on July 16, 1945 [Trinity Test - date of first testing of atomic bomb at Trinity, New Mexico], two basic processes were set in motion. One involved the materialist aggrandizement of power represented by the entrenchment of the prevalent global industrial-social order; the other involved the dissonant quickening of the resonant field of the planet resulting in a wide spectrum of effects from UFO sightings to increased psychism to tectonic plate shifts and terrorism.

"The reason for the intense subjective effects experienced by the human psyche lies in the overall impact of radioactivity and electromagnetic pollution on the infrastructure of DNA, causing increased randomness and entropy of behavior. But this response of DNA experienced as socially disruptive behavior in the human realm, inclusive of rises in the incidence of cancer and new diseases like AIDS, is actually only a complement of what is occurring in the larger host organism, Earth."

Arguelles describes the Earth-system mechanisms by which destructive forces predicted by the Mayan calendar can ultimately cause cataclysmic Earth changes, including "a shattering of the planetary form." Electromagnetic energy is a central mechanism to these prophecies.


These destructive forces include electromagnetic energy from nuclear explosions and environmental weapons.

"The resonant body of Earth, the vibratory infrastructure that literally holds together the sense-perceptible body of Earth, is in a condition of intense ‘fever’ called resonant dissonance. Remembering that the planets function as gyroscopes holding the frequency pattern of their particular orbits, we see that environmentally impact full events since 1945 have actually set in motion a dissonant vibratory wave affecting the overall spin of the planet.


If the dissonance were not checked, then, similar to an uncontrolled nuclear reaction, the end-result would be the development of a wobble in the spin and a consequent shattering of the planetary form.

"In order to accommodate the increased dissonance of frequency, wave adjustments are set off at the crystalline core of the Earth until a new harmonic resonance of slightly higher frequency is attained, thus accommodating the dissonance and stabilizing at a new level of resonance.


If this new level can be attained before further destructive impacts are inflicted upon the planetary field - whether as increased CO2 or further nuclear testing - then the planet will have successfully charted the 5,200-tun synchronization beam."

Maya calendar scholar John Major Jenkins has criticized Arguelles’ attempts to derive a modified Dreamspell calendar based upon the original Mayan calendar itself.


I do not believe Jenkins’ criticisms, which are directed at the modified calendar, diminish Arguelles’ insights into the significance of Earth changes and of UFO phenomena predicted by the original calendar.

"Dreamspell is a perfect example of how indigenous handiwork gets appropriated, misrepresented and distorted. This has been a controversial issue: the opportunistic and disrespectful selling of sacred indigenous traditions.


The key words here are misrepresented and disrespectful. In Dreamspell literature, now widely available on the World Wide Web and thus influencing people around the world, the unique and creative perspective developed by visionary channeler Jose Arguelles is being promoted as the Mayan calendar.


As some kind of measure of authority in these matters, he claims to channel the spirit of the great ruler of Palenque, Pacal. If Jose’s new perspectives were presented as new perspectives, derived from Mayan tradition, there would be a lot less to complain about here. However, it is simply deplorable that Dreamspell is spewing its distorted derivations around the world and labeling them the real thing. This is bad enough, and it gets worse."

I do not feel competent to judge these issues. I myself was co-host and producer of a live radio program, broadcast to public radio stations in the U.S., meant to celebrate the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17, 1987, an important prophetic date on the Mayan calendar, according to Arguelles.

Arguelles’ observations about the effects on the Earth system of electromagnetic energy released by nuclear warfare and testing since the advent of Trinity Test on July 16, 1945 are consistent with public interest research data showing that Earth seismicity has significantly increased in the nuclear age.


The mechanism of this increased seismicity is most probably electromagnetic energy released by nuclear explosions. Nuclear explosions release electromagnetic energy, which distorts the magnetic fields of the Earth, twisting them, tilting the Earth, and causing tectonic activity.


There may be resonant frequencies activated in the Earth’s surface as well, activating tectonic shifts and contribute to increased seismicity.


Earth Changes
The Mayan calendar suggests two outcomes of the end-beginning cycle starting December 22, 2012. These are Earth changes and cosmic consciousness. Both of these may be the outcomes of the same set of forces, converging simultaneously on our Earth.

Remember the principle we have may have discovered: Human intervention can fulfill prophecy, of itself or in concert with other forces.

Let’s evaluate the electromagnetic forces that may converge to the trigger cataclysmic Earth changes predicted by the Mayan calendar for the end-cycle of the Long Count, starting in 2012.

Solar activity (sunspot cycles) is one of the forces may create a critical field of Earth disturbance. Mini-cycles of solar activity (sunspots) occur approximately every 11.5 years, and the next sunspot cycle scheduled following the 2001-2001 cycle occurs during 2012.

"As the current solar cycle ('Cycle 23') ascends, as part of an 11-year cycle estimated to peak between mid-2000 and early-2001, so does solar activity such as sunspots and solar flares.

"Solar flares, an intense temporary release of high-energy particles (from visible light to radio waves, and gamma- and x- rays), usually occur near sunspots, and may be associated with 'coronal mass ejections' (or CMEs). Flares are categorized into three groups, the lowest being the C-class flare. A M-class flare, which usually produces shortwave fadeout in the daylight hemisphere of Earth, is between the C-class and the X-class flare. X-class flares are very energetic events that definitely produce a shortwave fadeout in the daylight hemisphere of Earth.

"CMEs, which can also occur independently, are streams of gas and magnetic fields that can contain a billion tons of matter, accelerating at several million miles per hour into interplanetary space…

"Scientists have found that magnetic disturbances are more probable around the equinox months.

"About 15% of incoming radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere, and the potentially most dangerous gamma- and x-rays are mostly absorbed by the ionosphere. Ultraviolet radiation is generally absorbed by the Ozone layer, although what UV rays do get through contribute to such things as skin cancer and it is believed they affect a diversity of life, including plants, amphibian eggs and even single-celled organisms."

Prophecy researcher Peter Petrisko notes that the mini-cycles of solar activity (sunspots) have been plotted for the last 300 years and none has triggered Earth changes of a cataclysmic scale.

While some have prophesied an all-encompassing, life-ending flare or ejection, a few points should be noted. First, in the 300 or so years of recorded solar activity, no such event has occurred (not even during the most intense 'Cycle 19' of the late 50s). Lastly, at known levels, even if in an aircraft at extremely high altitudes, the amount of radiation one would absorb would be akin to that of an x-ray machine at the doctor's office.

However, solar electromagnetic activity can disrupt and twist Earth’s electromagnetic fields, in turn leading to seismic activity. This linkage between increased solar activity, twisting of the Earth’s magnetic field, and increased seismicity is a potential mechanism of Earth changes.


If the effects of solar activity on the Earth’s magnetic field, and on tectonic structures are large enough, Earth changes of a large scale could occur.

"If directed at the Earth, these solar materials can buffet the planet's magnetosphere, which results in geomagnetic activity. This activity is a natural variation in the Earth's geomagnetic field, and is classified into quiet, unsettled, active and storm conditions. A geomagnetic storm may occur 1 to 3 days after a large solar flare, and CMEs may be associated with a disturbance in the planet's magnetic field or ionosphere.

From the perspectives of the Mayan calendar, and of some observers of solar activity, the sunspot cycle of 2012 AD may be vastly different in nature and scale from the 11.5-year sunspot cycles that have been observed for the last 300 years.

Researcher Maurice Cotterell has analyzed the patterns of sunspot cycles going back for the 18,139 years of the grand solar cycle. He notes that the sun’s magnetic field has shifted five (5) times during this grand cycle.

"This means that the [Sun’s magnetic field] shifts five times during every 18,139-year grand cycle. The sun’s magnetic field shifts after 3740 years, again after 3553 years, again after 3553 years, and again after 3740 years, and finally for the fifth time after 3553 years during the grand cycle."

The Sun’s magnetic field shifts for its fifth and final time around 2012, the end of this grand solar cycle.


This shift in the solar magnetic field corresponds roughly to the end of the current grand cycle of the Mayan calendar on December 22, 2012. This fifth sunspot cycle is approximately 1,366,040 days long. This end-cycle of the Mayan calendar is almost conterminous with the solar activity (sunspot), and is 1,366,560 days long, when corrected for calendar variances.

Cotterell notes this correlation in end-cycle shifts in the Sun’s magnetic field and the Mayan cosmology that Earth changes at the end of each Mayan calendar Long Count.


He speculates that this end-cycle shift in the Sun’s magnetic field may be the mechanism for the Mayan account of the four prior destructions of the Earth, and the possible fifth destruction, starting in 2012 AD the end of the current Long Count.

"It was this last period of 1,366,040 days [the sunspot mega-cycle] that was in Cotterell’s mind when he first read about the Mayan super-number of 1,366,560 days [the Long Count cycle) recorded in the Dresden Codex. It seemed too similar to be a coincidence. What is more, his division of the greater period of reversals of the sun’s polarity seemed to mirror the Mayan conception of earlier ages.


They like his data, indicated there had been four earlier ages before our own. It seemed what they [the Maya] were talking about was the shifting or reversal of the sun’s magnetic field. Could this be the mechanism behind the collapse of one age and the start of another?

So, what does this mean in relation to predicted Earth changes?

It means that we have identified a possible mechanism for Earth changes as prophesized in the Mayan calendar - a reversal in the magnetic field of the Sun, somewhere in a time window around 2012. A reversal in the Sun’s magnetic field can be predicted from the larger solar sunspot end-cycle to occur in the 2012 time window.


The Mayan calendar indicates the end of the Mayan Long Count cycle is also in 2012.


If Cotterell’s speculations are correct, the four prior reversals of the Sun’s magnetic field the current grand solar cycle may correspond to the four prior "destructions" of the Earth held by the Mayan cosmology. The end of the Mayan Long Count on December 22, 2012 may coincide with a reversal of the Sun’s magnetic field, which has occurred four times earlier during the end of a sunspot mega-cycle.

Now we can see a basis for reasoning that the effects of solar activity occurring around 2012 AD may be of a vastly different scale and degree than the effects experienced during the "normal" 11.5 year sunspot mini-cycles we have been measuring for the last 300 years. If the Sun’s magnetic field is greatly disturbed or does reverse during the 2012 AD time window, the impact of the Earth’s magnetic field could be such as to create Earth changes of a cataclysmic scale.

One mechanism of these Earth changes could be a devastating distortion and twisting of the Earth’s electromagnetic field by the Sun’s reversal of magnetic polarity. This twisting of the Earth’s magnetic field in turn would tend to tilt the Earth, throwing its tectonic plates out of balance, and triggering large-scale tectonic activity - Earth changes.


Conceivably, the Earth changes could include changes in surface landmasses and ocean. If the surface distribution of Earth mass were to shift significantly, a shifting of the Earth around its core would be theoretically possible. A reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles is also possible, and has occurred historically.

Cotterell integrates (1) the science of solar magnetic field shifts and (2) the cosmology of cyclical Earth destruction under Mayan calendar.

"When the sun’s magnetic field shifts direction, it tends to twist the Earth off its axis. The tilting Earth is subjected to Earthquakes, floods, conflagrations and volcanic eruptions.

"The sun’s magnetic field shifts five times every long cosmic cycle. This would seem to be the reason that the Maya and others believed that the Earth has been destroyed four times in the past, and that destruction at the beginning of the 21st century in this, the fifth age of the sun, will follow in the same way."

Is Cotterell’s brilliant breakthrough correlating great solar cycles with the Mayan Long Count end-cycles science or pseudo-science?


I say it is science. I say the burden of proof now lies on the Earth sciences to show cause why we have not been warned about the possible Earth changes of the 2012 AD time window. If such cataclysmic changes in the Sun’s magnetic field and on the Earth itself may occur sometime after the 2012 AD time window, why is modern Earth science so oblivious to the possibility of this scale of destruction? Rudimentary principles of risk assessment would require that a vulnerability analysis of the impacts on Earth of a possible reversal of the Sun’s magnetic field.

That has not occurred? Why?

One answer may lie in the perceptual blinders of the modern scientific method. Perhaps our civilization will shed its perceptual blinders with the cosmic consciousness of new Mayan cycle. But we get ahead of ourselves. Let us return to the subject of Earth changes and human warfare, that prime economic activity and technological focus of our current human civilization.

There is a key question we must address in order to discover the potential meaning of contemporary Environmental weapons in the light of the Mayan end-cycle in 2012 AD.

That key question is a matter of simple logic.

What can be the Earth changes effects of environmental, electromagnetic warfare in the period leading up to, and during intense electromagnetic shifts brought about by a possible reversal of the Sun’s magnetic fields around 2012 AD?

Aha! Welcome, skeptics and seers alike, let us reason together.

We have seen that there is a strong correlation between nuclear weapons testing and deterioration in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. The mechanism of this deterioration is most probably the electromagnetic energy released into the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetosphere. Nuclear weapons, in fact, function as environmental electromagnetic weapons, and may have been consciously used as such by nations testing them.

Now, let us turn to the possible Earth changes effects of new generation of Environmental weapons. These are weapons designed to deliver highly charged electromagnetic energy for designated purposes. Some electromagnetic weapons are designed for "mind control" purposes.


"Environmental weapons" are those using Earth systems such as weather and climate to inflict destruction upon a military enemy. Both mind control weapons and environmental weapons employ electromagnetic energy, and may trigger Earth changes consequences for our planet.

With regard to environmental weapons, researcher and activist Dr. Nick Begich notes:

"Over the last several years Earthpulse has been investigating the latest developments in technology. We explore subjects related to improving the human condition and expose projects which we believe are risky and unnecessary. This essay is about some of the science being developed and contemplated by military planners and others that could profoundly effect our lives. The intent of this essay is to focus discussion on these new systems by bringing them into the light of day.

"Is it possible to trigger Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or weather changes by man-made activities? Is it possible to create and direct balls of energy at lightning speeds, to destroy an enemy? Is it possible to manipulate the behavior, and even the memories, of people using specialized technologies? The United States military and others believe that this is the case. Many of these systems are well on their way to being used in the battlefield."

Dr. Begich specifically describes environmental weapons:


"Manipulating the Environment
"There has been a good deal of speculation about the possibilities of creating artificial weather and of controlling the weather. This is not new and has been the subject of on-going military research for decades. Moreover, in 1976 the United States signed international treaties calling for a ban on "geophysical warfare".

"The use of new weapons is not limited to governments and sophisticated science laboratories. In April 1997, the United States Secretary of Defense, William Cohen made the following comment:

"’Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter climate, set off Earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.’

"This is not new either but has its roots in 1960-70's era research by American scientists and continues to appear in numerous articles and reports. The idea of creating artificial weather including cyclones is being explored. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal it was reported that ‘a Malaysian company, BioCure Sdn. Bhd., will sign a memorandum of understanding soon with a government-owned Russian party to produce the Cyclone.’


The deal with the Russians was set up so that if the technology did not work the Malaysians did not have to pay for the attempt. There have been other reports of Russian research into this area.

"Photon Torpedoes
"What else might be on the way? In a 1989 patent a most interesting bit of science is revealed. The development of new energy weapons has occupied the imaginations and resources of our national and private laboratories. One such weapon idea is owned by the United States Department of Energy.


It is a new kind of weapon that allows electromagnetic or acoustic energy to be focused into a tight package of energy that can be projected over great distances without dissipating. When scientists think of this energy being projected through the air it was always assumed that the energy would dissipate, dispersing at such a rapid rate that no weapon's effect could be realized.

"What has been discovered is that there is a way to create such a system. In a U. S. patent the following summary appears:

"’The invention relates generally to transmission of pulses of energy, and more particularly, to the propagation of localized pulses of electromagnetic or acoustic energy over long distances without divergence….’

"The patent describes the energy effect as ‘electromagnetic missiles or bullets’ which could destroy almost any object in their path."

Probably the most well known environmental weapons system is HAARP, operated by the United States military.


In submitting their comments for the Environmental Impact Statement for HAARP, major U.S. environmental groups stated, in 1996, that new developments about HAARP had come to light, requiring an expanded statement.

Functionally, these new developments relate mainly to HAARP’s potential for Environmental warfare:

"If there remains a "major federal action" to occur, and if the new information is sufficient to show that the remaining action will "affect the quality of the human environment" in a significant manner or to a significant extent not already considered, a supplemental . . . [impact statement] must be prepared.

"II. Factual Background
"As you know, in late 1993, the Air Force, in cooperation with the Navy, began construction of HAARP in Gakona, Alaska. The main element of HAARP is a large radio wave transmitter which "utilize[s] powerful, high frequency (HF) transmissions and a variety of associated observational instruments to investigate naturally occurring and artificially induced ionospheric processes that support, enhance or degrade the propagation of radio waves." ROD at 1.


Construction of the HAARP facility is currently scheduled to be completed within six or seven years and presently it runs at about ten percent of projected power levels. See O'Harra, HAARP's Mixed Signals; Solid Research Or Menace To Alaskans, Anchorage Daily News (April 7, 1996).

"As the Air Force originally explained, HAARP is aimed at studying the ionosphere, ‘with particular emphasis placed on being able to better understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civil and defense purposes.’ FEIS Vol. I at iii. As an example, one touted potential military benefit from the project is the development of a communication system for use with submerged submarines.

"The Air Force, in the FEIS, detailed its view of the impacts of the project. The Air Force focused almost exclusively on the local and regional impacts of HAARP, primarily on things such as impacts to animals, degradation of air quality and vegetation loss due to construction activities. FEIS at 3-1 to 3-165.


The Air Force deemed HAARP's effects to the atmosphere and biological effects to be non-existent or insignificant. See id; see also ROD at Table 2.4-1. The only admitted potentially significant impact is ‘interference to radio communication systems and electro-explosive devices during transmitting periods.’

"In the years since the EIS process was completed, several groups and individuals have raised questions concerning the uses to which HAARP will be put and the likely effects flowing from those uses. Some of these assertions are set forth in a book, published in1995, called "Angels Don't Play This HAARP".

Manning, Begich

Earthpulse Press (1995)

In this book, the authors set forth a detailed and fully-referenced description of HAARP and its potential uses and effects.


During the course of their research for the book, the authors found that, rather than the innocuous project described by the Air Force, HAARP represents a technology which could lead to a new class of weapons that could change our world profoundly - an all-purpose military tool. If misused, the tool could mess up the weather.


It could be used against humanity in a way that would change what people think, believe and feel.

[HAARP could]:

  • manipulate global weather

  • hurt ecosystems

  • knock out electronic communications

  • change our moods and mental states

"A detailed recitation in this discussion of the assertions and facts contained in "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" would serve no useful purpose; the book stands on its own as a question mark affixed to the Air Force's contrary description of the uses and effects of HAARP.2


As set out below, this request is based upon questions and concerns about HAARP raised by facts surrounding both the Air Force's current intended uses for the project and scientific evidence raising questions about HAARP's effects."

HAARP was not developed in isolation.


Dr. Rosalie Bertell of Toronto, Ontario, concludes that HAARP was developed by the U.S. military as part of an established program of electromagnetic weapons, for application in Environmental warfare.

"It would be rash to assume that HAARP is an isolated experiment which would not be expanded. It is related to fifty years of intensive and increasingly destructive programs to understand and control the upper atmosphere.

"It would be rash not to associate HAARP with the space laboratory construction which is separately being planned by the United States. HAARP is an integral part of a long history of space research and development of a deliberate military nature.

"The military implications of combining these projects is alarming. Basic to this project is control of communications, both disruption and reliability in hostile environments. The power wielded by such control is obvious.

"The ability of the HAARP / Spacelab/ rocket combination to deliver very large amount of energy, comparable to a nuclear bomb, anywhere on Earth via laser and particle beams, are frightening.

"The project is likely to be "sold" to the public as a space shield against incoming weapons, or, for the more gullible, a devise for repairing the ozone layer."

Because of its implications for influencing predicted Earth changes, I think it is useful to thoroughly review the history of the development of environmental warfare.


Dr. Bertell’s review of the 35-year history of environmental weapons development preceding HAARP is a chilling one.

"Prepared by Military interest in space became intense during and after World War II because of the introduction of rocket science, the companion to nuclear technology. The early versions include the buzz bomb and guided missiles. They were thought of as potential carriers of both nuclear and conventional bombs.

"Rocket technology and nuclear weapon technology developed simultaneously between 1945 and 1963. During this time of intensive atmospheric nuclear testing, explosions at various levels above and below the surface of the Earth were attempted. Some of the now familiar descriptions of the Earth's protective atmosphere, such as the existence of the Van Allen belts, were based on information gained through stratospheric and ionospheric experimentation.

"The Earth's atmosphere consists of the troposphere, from sea level to about 16 km above the Earth's surface; the stratosphere (which contains the ozone level) which extends from about the 16 to 48 km above the Earth; and the ionosphere which extends from 48 km to over 50,000 km above the surface of the Earth."

"The Earth's protective atmosphere or "skin" extends beyond 3,200 km above sea level to the large magnetic fields, called the Van Allen Belts, which can capture the charged particles sprayed through the cosmos by the solar and galactic winds. These belts were discovered in 1958 during the first weeks of the operation of America's first satellite, Explorer I. They appear to contain charged particles trapped in the Earth's gravity and magnetic fields.


Primary galactic cosmic rays enter the solar system from interstellar space, and are made up of protons with energies above 100 MeV, extending up to astronomically high energies. They make up about 100 percent of the high-energy rays. Solar rays are generally of lower energy, below 20 MeV (which is still high energy in Earth terms). These high-energy particles are affected by the Earth's magnetic field and by geomagnetic latitude (distance above or below the geomagnetic equator).


The flux density of low energy protons at the top of the atmosphere is normally greater at the poles than at the equator. The density also varies with solar activity, being at a minimum when solar flares are at a minimum.

"The Van Allen belts capture charged particles (protons, electrons and alpha particles) and these spiral along the magnetic force lines toward the Polar Regions where the force lines converge. They are reflected back and forth between the magnetic force lines near the poles. The lower Van Allen Belt is about 7700 km above the Earth's surface, and the outer Van Allen Belt is about 51,500 km above the surface.


According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Van Allen belts are most intense along the equator, and effectively absent over the poles. They dip to 400 km over the South Atlantic Ocean, and are about 1,000 km high over the Central Pacific Ocean. In the lower Van Allen Belt, the proton intensity is about 20,000 particles with energy above 30 MeV per second per square centimeter.


Electrons reach a maximum energy of 1 MeV, and their intensity has a maximum of 100 million per second per square centimeter. In the outer Belt, proton energy averages only 1 MeV.


For comparison, most charged particles discharged in a nuclear explosion range between 0.3 and 3 MeV, while diagnostic medical X-ray has peak voltage around 0.5 MeV.


Project Argus (1958)

"Between August and September 1958, the US Navy exploded three fission type nuclear bombs 480 km above the South Atlantic Ocean, in the part of the lower Van Allen Belt closest to the Earth's surface. In addition, two hydrogen bombs were detonated 160 km over Johnston Island in the Pacific. The military called this "the biggest scientific experiment ever undertaken."


It was designed by the US Department of Defense and the US Atomic Energy Commission, under the code name Project Argus. The purpose appears to be to assess the impact of high altitude nuclear explosions on radio transmission and radar operations because of the electromagnetic energy, and to increase understanding of the geomagnetic field and the behavior of the charged particles in it.

"This gigantic experiment created new (inner) magnetic radiation belts encompassing almost the whole Earth, and injected sufficient electrons and other energetic particles into the ionosphere to cause worldwide effects. The electrons traveled back and forth along magnetic force lines, causing an artificial "aurora" when striking the atmosphere near the North Pole.

"The US Military planned to create a "telecommunications shield" in the ionosphere, reported in 13-20 August 1961, Keesings Historisch Archief (K.H.A.). This shield would be created "in the ionosphere at 3,000 km height, by bringing into orbit 350,000 million copper needles, each 2-4 cm long [total weight 16 kg], forming a belt 10 km thick and 40 km wide, the needles spaced about 100 m apart." This was designed to replace the ionosphere "because telecommunications are impaired by magnetic storms and solar flares."


The US planned to add to the number of copper needles if the experiment proved to be successful. This plan was strongly opposed by the Intentional Union of Astronomers.

Project Starfish (1962)

"On July 9, 1962, the US began a further series of experiments with the ionosphere. From their description:

"one kiloton device, at a height of 60 km and one megaton and one multi-megaton, at several hundred kilometers height"

(K.H.A., 29 June 1962).

These tests seriously disturbed the lower Van Allen Belt, substantially altering its shape and intensity.

"In this experiment the inner Van Allen Belt will be practically destroyed for a period of time; particles from the Belt will be transported to the atmosphere. It is anticipated that the Earth's magnetic field will be disturbed over long distances for several hours, preventing radio communication. The explosion in the inner radiation belt will create an artificial dome of polar light that will be visible from Los Angeles"

(K.H.A. 11 May 1962).

A Fijian Sailor, present at this nuclear explosion, told me that the whole sky was on fire and he thought it would be the end of the world. This was the experiment that called forth the strong protest of the Queen's Astronomer, Sir Martin Ryle in the UK.

"The ionosphere [according to the under-standing at that time] that part of the atmosphere between 65 and 80 km and 280- 320 km height, will be disrupted by mechanical forces caused by the pressure wave following the explosion. At the same time, large quantities of ionizing radiation will be released, further ionizing the gaseous components of the atmosphere at this height.


This ionization effect is strengthened by the radiation from the fission products... The lower Van Allen Belt, consisting of charged particles that move along the geomagnetic field lines... will similarly be disrupted. As a result of the explosion, this field will be locally destroyed, while countless new electrons will be introduced into the lower belt" (K.H.A. 11 May 1962).


"On 19 July... NASA announced that as a consequence of the high altitude nuclear test of July 9, a new radiation belt had been formed, stretching from a height of about 400 km to 1600 km; it can be seen as a temporary extension of the lower Van Allen Belt" (K.H.A. 5 August 1962).

"As explained in the Encyclopedia Britannica: ‘.. Starfish made a much wider belt [than Project Argus] that extends from low altitude out past L=3 [i.e. three Earth radiuses or about 13,000 km above the surface of the Earth].’


Later in 1962, the USSR undertook similar planetary experiments, creating three new radiation belts between 7,000 and 13,000 km above the Earth. According to the Encyclopedia, the electron fluxes in the lower Van Allen Belt have changed markedly since the 1962 high- altitude nuclear explosions by the US and USSR, never returning to their former state.


According to American scientists, it could take many hundreds of years for the Van Allen Belts to restabilize at their normal levels. (Research done by: Nigel Harle, Borderland Archives, Cortenbachstraat 32, 6136 CH Sittard, Netherlands.)

SPS - Solar Power Satellite Project (1968)

"In 1968 the US military proposed Solar Powered Satellites in geostationary orbit some 40,000 km above the Earth, which would intercept solar radiation using solar cells on satellites and transmit it via a microwave beam to receiving antennas, called rectennas, on Earth. The US Congress mandated the Department of Energy and NASA to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment on this project, to be completed by June 1980, and costing $25 Million.


This project was designed to construct 60 Solar Powered Satellites over a thirty year period at a cost between $500 and $800 thousand million (in 1968 dollars), providing 100 percent of the US energy needs in the year 2025 at a cost of $3000 per kW. At that time, the project cost was two to three times larger than the whole Department of Energy budget, and the projected cost of the electricity was well above the cost of most conventional energy sources.


The rectenna sites on Earth were expected to take up to 145 square kilometers of land, and would preclude habitation by any humans, animals or even vegetation. Each Satellite was to be the size of Manhattan Island.


Saturn V Rocket (1975)

"Due to a malfunction, the Saturn V Rocket burned unusually high in the atmosphere, above 300 km. This burn produced "a large ionospheric hole" (Mendillo, M. Et al.,Science p. 187, 343, 1975).


The disturbance reduced the total electron content more than 60% over an area 1,000 km in radius, and lasted for several hours. It prevented all telecommunications over a large area of the Atlantic Ocean. The phenomenon was apparently caused by a reaction between the exhaust gases and ionospheric oxygen ions. The reaction emitted a 6300 A airglow.


Between 1975 and 1981 NASA and the US Military began to design ways to test this new phenomena through deliberate experimentation with the ionosphere.


SPS Military Implications (1978)

"Early review of the Solar Powered Satellite Project began in around 1978, and I was on the review panel. Although this was proposed as an energy program, it had significant military implications. One of the most significant, first pointed out by Michael J. Ozeroff, was the possibility of developing a satellite-borne beam weapon for anti-ballistic missile (ABM) use.


The satellites were to be in geosynchronous orbits, each providing an excellent vantage point from which an entire hemisphere can be surveyed continuously. It was speculated that a high-energy laser beam could function as a thermal weapon to disable or destroy enemy missiles. There was some discussion of electron weapon beams, through the use of a laser beam to preheat a path for the following electron beam.

"The SPS was also described as a psychological and anti- personnel weapon, which could be directed toward an enemy. If the main microwave beam was redirected away from its rectenna, toward enemy personnel, it could use an infrared radiation wavelength (invisible) as an anti-personnel weapon. It might also be possible to transmit high enough energy to ignite combustible materials. Laser beam power relays could be made from the SPS satellite to other satellites or platforms, for example aircraft, for military purposes.


One application might be a laser powered turbofan engine that would receive the laser beam directly in its combustion chamber, producing the required high temperature gas for its cruising operation. This would allow unlimited on-station cruise time. As a psychological weapon, the SPS was capable of causing general panic

"The SPS would be able to transmit power to remote military operations anywhere needed on Earth. The manned platform of the SPS would provide surveillance and early warning capability, and ELF linkage to submarines. It would also provide the capability of jamming enemy communications. The potential for jamming and creating communications is significant. The SPS was also capable of causing physical changes in the ionosphere

"President Carter approved the SPS Project and gave it a go- ahead, in spite of the reservation which many reviewers, myself included, expressed. Fortunately, it was so expensive, exceeding the entire Department of Energy budget, that funding was denied by the Congress. I approached the United Nations Committee on Disarmament on this project, but was told that as long as the program was called Solar Energy by the United States, it could not be considered a weapons project.


The same project resurfaced in the US under President Reagan. He moved it to the much larger budget of the Department of Defense and called it Star Wars. Since this is more recent history, I will not discuss the debate that raged over this phase of the plan.

"By 1978, it was apparent to the US Military that communications in a nuclear hostile environment would not be possible using traditional methods of radio and television technology (Jane's Military Communications 1978). By 1982, GTE Sylvania (Needham Heights, Massachusetts) had developed a command control electronic sub-system for the US Air Force's Ground Launch Cruise Missiles (GLCM) that would enable military commanders to monitor and control the missile prior to launch both in hostile and non-hostile environments.


The system contains six radio subsystems, created with visible light using a dark beam (not visible) and is resistant to the disruptions experienced by radio and television. Dark beams contribute to the formation of energetic plasma in the atmosphere. This plasma can become visible as smog or fog. Some has a different charge than the sun's energy, and accumulates in places where the sun's energy is absent, like the Polar Regions in the winter.


When the polar spring occurs, the sun appears and repels this plasma, contributing to holes in the ozone layer. This military system is called: Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN). (See The SECOMII Communication System, by Wayne Olsen, SAND 78- 0391,Sandia Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 1978.)


This innovative emergency radio system was apparently never implemented in Europe, and exists only in North America.

Orbit Maneuvering System (1981)

"Part of the plan to build the SPS space platforms was the demand for reusable space shuttles, since they could not afford to keep discarding rockets. The NASA Spacelab 3 Mission of the Space Shuttle made, in 1981, "a series of passes over a network of five ground based observatories" in order to study what happened to the ionosphere when the Shuttle injected gases into it from the Orbit Maneuvering System (OMS).


They discovered that they could "induce ionospheric holes" and began to experiment with holes made in the daytime or at night over Millstone, Connecticut, and Arecibo, Puerto Rico.


They experimented with the effects of "artificially induced ionospheric depletions on very low frequency wave lengths, on equatorial plasma instabilities, and on low frequency radio astronomical observations over Roberval, Quebec, Kwajelein, in the Marshall Islands and Hobart, Tasmania" (Advanced Space Research, Vo1.8, No. 1, 1988).


Innovative Shuttle Experiments (1985)

"An innovative use of the Space Shuttle to perform space physics experiments in Earth orbit was launched, using the OMS injections of gases to "cause a sudden depletion in the local plasma concentration, the creation of a so called ionospheric hole." This artificially induced plasma depletion can then be used to investigate other space phenomena, such as the growth of the plasma instabilities or the modification of radio propagation paths.


The 47 second OMS burn of July 29, 1985, produced the largest and most long-lived ionospheric hole to date, dumping some 830 kg of exhaust into the ionosphere at sunset. A 6-second, 68-km OMS release above Connecticut in August 1985, produced an airglow that covered over 400,000 square km.

"During the 1980's, rocket launches globally numbered about 500 to 600 a year, peaking at 1500 in 1989. There were many more during the Gulf War. The Shuttle is the largest of the solid fuel rockets, with twin 45-meter boosters. All solid fuel rockets release large amounts of hydrochloric acid in their exhaust, each Shuttle flight injecting about 75 tons of ozone destroying chlorine into the stratosphere.


Those launched since 1992 inject even more ozone-destroying chlorine, about 187 tons, into the stratosphere (which contains the ozone layer). Mighty Oaks (1986)

"In April 1986, just before the Chernobyl disaster, the US had a failed hydrogen test at the Nevada Test Site called Mighty Oaks. This test conducted far underground, consisted of a hydrogen bomb explosion in one chamber, with a leaded steel door to the chamber, two meters thick, closing within milliseconds of the blast.


The door was to allow only the first radioactive beam to escape into the "control room" in which expensive instrumentation was located. The radiation was to be captured as a weapon beam. The door failed to close as quickly as planned, causing the radioactive gases and debris to fill the control room, destroying millions of dollars worth of equipment. The experiment was part of a program to develop X-ray and particle beam weapons.


The radioactive releases from Mighty Oaks were vented, under a "licensed venting" and were likely responsible for many of the North American nuclear fallout reports in May 1986, which were attributed to the Chernobyl disaster.

Desert Storm (1991)

"According to Defense News, April 13 - 19, 1992, the US deployed an electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP) in Desert Storm, designed to mimic the flash of electricity from a nuclear bomb.


The Sandia National Laboratory had built a 23,000 square meter laboratory on the Kirkland Air Force Base, 1989, to house the Hermes II electron beam generator capable of producing 20 Trillion Watt pulses lasting 20 billionths to 25 billionths of a second. This X-ray simulator is called a Particle Beam Fusion Accelerator.


A stream of electrons hitting a metal plate can produce a pulsed X-ray or gamma ray. Hermes II had produced electron beams since 1974. These devises were apparently tested during the Gulf War, although detailed information on them is sparse.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, HAARP (1993)

"The HAARP Program is jointly managed by the US Air Force and the US Navy, and is based in Gakona, Alaska. It is designed to "understand, simulate and control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance of communication and surveillance systems."


The HAARP system intends to beam 3.6 Gigawatts of effective radiated power of high frequency radio energy into the ionosphere in order to:

  • Generate extremely low frequency (ELF) waves for communicating with submerged submarines

  • Conduct geophysical probes to identify and characterize natural ionospheric processes so that techniques can be developed to mitigate or control them

  • Generate ionospheric lenses to focus large amounts of high frequency energy, thus providing a means of triggering ionospheric processes that potentially could be exploited for Department of Defense purposes

  • Electron acceleration for infrared (IR) and other optical emissions that could be used to control radio wave propagation properties

  • Generate geomagnetic field aligned ionization to control the reflection/scattering properties of radio waves

  • Use oblique heating to produce effects on radio wave propagation, thus broadening the potential military applications of ionospheric enhancement technology.

Poker Flat Rocket Launch (1968 to Present)

"The Poker Flat Research Range is located about 50 km North of Fairbanks, Alaska, and it was established in 1968. It is operated by the Geophysical Institute with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, under NASA contract. About 250 major rocket launches have taken place from this site, and in 1994, a 16-meter long rocket was launched to help NASA "understand chemical reactions in the atmosphere associated with global climate change."


Similar experiments, but using Chemical Release Modules (CRM), have been launched from Churchill, Manitoba. In 1980, Brian Whelan's "Project Waterhole" disrupted an aurora borealis, bringing it to a temporary halt. In February 1983, the chemical released into the ionosphere caused an aurora borealis over Churchill.


In March 1989, two Black Brant X's and two Nike Orion rockets were launched over Canada, releasing barium at high altitudes and creating artificial clouds. These Churchill artificial clouds were observed from as far away as Los Alamos, New Mexico.

"The US Navy has also been carrying on High Power Auroral Stimulation (HIPAS) research in Alaska. Through a series of wires and a 15-meter antenna, they have beamed high intensity signals into the upper atmosphere, generating a controlled disturbance in the ionosphere. As early as 1992, the Navy talked of creating 10-kilometer long antennas in the sky to generate extremely low frequency (ELF) waves needed for communicating with submarines.


Another purpose of these experiments is to study the Aurora Borealis, called by some an outdoor plasma lab for studying the principles of fusion. Shuttle flights are now able to generate auroras with an electron beam. On November 10, 1991, and aurora borealis appeared in the Texas sky for the first time ever recorded, and it was seen by people as far away as Ohio and Utah, Nebraska and Missouri.


The sky contained "Christmas colors" and various scientists were quick to blame it on solar activity. However, when pressed most would admit that the ionosphere must have been weakened at the time, so that the electrically charged particle hitting the Earth's atmosphere created the highly visible light called airglow. These charged particles are normally pulled northwards by the Earth's magnetic forces, to the magnetic north pole.


The Northern Lights, as the aurora borealis is called, normally occurs in the vortex at the pole where the energetic particles, directed by the magnetic force lines, are directed.

Others speak of the proliferation of environmental weapons.

"But with (HAARP's) beam-steering, the pulsing capabilities, and maybe some instigation from secret organizations or counter-proliferation groups within the U. S. government, there could be some bad effects."

The adverse human health effects of environmental weapons are also a concern.

"Possible effects of future HAARP fields on living systems is a concern that should be discussed, Dr. Flanagan told the committee. "One of the purposes of HAARP is to develop ELF (extremely low frequency) capability, for transmitting high-energy ELF waves, from .001 HZ all the way up to 40 Kilohertz, as described in (the military's) literature."

"In the meantime, new research by other scientists shows that ELF signals may have profound effects on living organisms. Dr. Flanagan cited the example of known effects of ELF on the Circadian rhythms, which is the biological clock, of all living organisms including humans.

Importantly, an international constituency against environmental weapons is beginning to build.

"Individual members of the European Parliament are among the growing number of people worldwide who have been startled to hear about HAARP. Voices expressing various levels of concern are being heard in many countries.


For example, in contrast with the cautiously worded comment of Dr. Bertell, a Germany-based researcher in the field of quantum electrodynamics, Al Zielinski, paints an apocalyptic word-picture. (He says HAARP technology could trigger a disaster with a global impact - electromagnetic waves causing destruction "when interacting with protective layers of the Earth and its gravitational field".)

Two historical newspaper (New York Times) interviews with inventor Nicola Tesla - one in 1915 and one in 1940 - set a prescient theoretical vision of the forces now driving the development and deployment of environmental weapons.


Tesla is quoted in a New York Times article of December 8, 1915:

"Nikola Tesla, the inventor, has filed patent applications on the essential
parts of a machine, possibilities which test a layman's imagination and
promise a parallel of Thor's shooting thunderbolts from the sky to punish
those who had angered the gods...Suffice it to say that the invention will
go through space with a speed of 300 miles a second, a manless ship
without propelling engine or wings sent by electricity to any desired point
on the globe on its errand of destruction, if destruction its manipulator
wishes to effect."

'It is not a time,' said Dr. Tesla yesterday, 'to go into the details of this
thing. It is founded upon a principle that means great things in peace; it
can be used for great things in war. But I repeat, this is no time to talk of
such things.'

'It is perfectly practicable to transmit electrical energy without wires and
produce destructive effects at a distance. I have already constructed a
wireless transmitter which makes this possible, and have described it in
my technical publications, among which I refer to my patent number
1,119,732 recently granted. With transmitters of this kind we are enabled
to project electrical energy in any amount to any distance and apply it for
innumerable purposes, both in war and peace. Through the universal
adoption of this system, ideal conditions for the maintenance of law and
order will be realized, for then the energy necessary to the enforcement
of right and justice will be normally productive, yet potential, and in any
moment available, for attack and defense. The power transmitted need
not be necessarily destructive, for, if distance is made to depend upon it,
its withdrawal or supply will bring about the same results as those now
accomplished by force of arms.'

Tesla continues this theme in a second article in the New York Times, on September 22, 1940:

"Nikola Tesla, one of the truly great inventors, who celebrated his
eighty-fourth birthday on July 10, tells the writer that he stands ready to
divulge to the United States government the secret of his 'teleforce', with
which, he said, airplane motors would be melted at a distance of 250
miles, so that an invisible Chinese Wall of Defense would be built around
the country..."

"This 'teleforce', he said, is based upon an entirely new principle of
physics that 'no one has ever dreamed about', different from the principle
embodied in his inventions relating to the transmission of electrical power
from a distance, for which he has received a number of basic patents.
This new type of force, Mr. Tesla said, would operate through a beam
one hundred-millionth of a square centimeter in diameter, and could
be generated from a special plant that would cost no more than
$2,000,000 and would take only about three months to construct."

"The beam, he states, involves four new inventions, two of which already
have been tested. One of these is a method and apparatus for producing
rays 'and other manifestations of energy' in free air, eliminating the
necessity for a high vacuum; a second is a method and process for
producing 'very great electrical force'; the third is a method for amplifying
this force and the fourth is a new method for producing 'a tremendous
electrical repelling force'. This would be the projector, or gun, of the
system. The voltage for propelling the beam to its objective, according to
the inventor, will attain a potential of 50,000,000 volts."

"With this enormous voltage, he said, microscopic electrical particles of
matter will be catapulted on their mission of defensive destruction. He has
been working on this invention, he added, for many years and has
recently made a number of improvements in it."

Let’s go back to our key question on Earth changes and Environmental weapons.

What could be the Earth changes effects of environmental, electromagnetic warfare in the period leading up to, and during intense electromagnetic shifts brought about by a possible reversal of the Sun’s magnetic fields around 2012 AD?

A possible mechanism between the electromagnetic effects of environmental weapons and the triggering of Earth changes seems relatively straightforward, based on what we know the effects of electromagnetic energy emanating from nuclear testing has been. It is not scientifically credible that environmental weapons have no significant effects on vital Earth event systems, like its electromagnetic fields.

Environmental weapons may likely continue to distort and twist the electromagnetic field of the Earth. They may likely continue to increase the Earth’s seismicity, its proneness to Earthquake. Electromagnetic energy from environmental weapons may, if of sufficient strength, induce significant Earth events on their own, by distorting the Earth’s magnetic field and inducing tectonic tilt, or by inducing resonant and disruptive frequencies in the Earth surface itself.

Environmental weapon’s harm to the Earth’s magnetic field and to its tectonic balance may be cumulative. These weapons may cause a gradual and accumulating structural and dynamic distortion, building up as Environmental weapons are used over the years approaching and subsequent to the Mayan end-cycle.

We can think of three ways that environmental weapons may cause Earth changes predicted by the Mayan end-cycle for 2012.

One way - Human Environmental weapons may gradually distort the Earth’s magnetic field, and exacerbating and predisposing the Earth changes triggered by a reversal of the Sun’s magnetic field around 2012.

Second way - Human Environmental warfare during the Mayan solar magnetic reversal may itself trigger the prophesized Earth changes.
Third way - The Sun’s magnetic field does not reverse or distort around 2012 AD, but human Environmental weapons themselves induce Earth changes, by distortion of the Earth’s magnetic fields.

An aggravating factor in each of these scenarios would be Earth’s collision with near-Earth-objects, such as asteroids.

What is a common element in each of these three Earth changes scenarios?

Human intervention is the common element. In each of these scenarios, human intervention in the form of environmental weapons is a causal factor in fulfilling the Maya prophecies of cataclysmic Earth changes.


Cosmic Consciousness

Let’s delve more deeply into the possible linkages among Earth changes, Mayan end-cycle solar activity, and human intervention. Perhaps these linkages may lead us to insight into the second prophesized outcome of the Maya end-cycle.


The new cosmic Mayan cycle is to bring the endowment of cosmic consciousness upon our historically war-like human race.

Well, what is the mechanism triggering solar activity? If the Earth sciences say solar activity triggers Earth magnetic disturbance, then what triggers solar magnetic disturbance - what triggers the Sunspot mini-cycles and its megacycles of magnetic polarity reversal?

Answer - Solar activity cycles are triggered by electromagnetic disturbances emanating from the core ("Sun") of the Milky Way Galaxy itself!
Oh, you didn’t know the Galaxy has a "core or center" which functions as an "Sun", emanating frequencies of electromagnetic energy?

Well, any school student could have told you, if only they had been so taught.

It’s okay! We’re only an entry level intelligent species anyway.

How do we know the electromagnetic disturbances affecting the Sun come from the Galactic center?

One reason - they are so regular, and come in cosmic-clockwork cycles. Another reason - the Mayan calendar, a most advanced piece of work, has the foresight to tell us so.

Do you really think all human knowledge develops as modern science advances?

No - some knowledge develops as modern humans recognize it already is available.

Every 11.5 years or so, solar activity (sun sports) flare. Every 3553 years (approximately), the Sun’s magnetic field reverses. That is no accident. That’s the Galactic center at work in our cosmic clock.

Oh, there’s lots of science to be discovered, believe me. Lot’s of denial to let go of. And it gets better. At the end of every Mayan Long Count, and the end of every Mayan mega-cycle of 26,000 years or so, a cosmic Mayan cycle ends and a new cycle starts.

At that end-cycle moment, electromagnetic beams from the Galactic center swing into our quadrant of the Universe, into our solar system.
The electromagnetic beams from the galactic center may disturb the magnetic fields of the Sun twist the magnetic fields of the Earth, and trigger Earth changes.

The same electromagnetic beams from the galactic center may trigger an onset of cosmic consciousness on Earth. The process of changeover at Mayan end-cycles is one big electromagnetic phenomenon, emanating from the galactic Sun. The Mayan calendar is both an astronomical and a spiritual galactic map, and can help us access Spirit’s orientation in this coming transformation.

So what are these galactic beams through which Maya cosmology say we are passing?

Cosmologist Brian Swimme tells us in The Mayan Factor, that prophetically key vision crafted by the cosmologist formerly known as Jose Arguelles, now Pacal Votan, King of Palenque, Yucatan in the Seventh Century AD.

Galactic beams, and their effects on the dynamics of our Sun, are not unknown to recent science.

"…modern science has never spoken of such a beam in the way the Maya do. But physicists have recently become aware of ways we are influenced by beams passing through the galaxy, and this is by itself new. Current astrophysics describes these beams as density waves that sweep through the galaxy and that influence galactic evolution.


For instance, our Sun’s birth was a result of this wave. The density wave passed through and ignited a giant star, which exploded and evoked our sun’s existence.

"In fact, all star formation is due primarily to these beams sweeping through our galaxy. We can begin to formulate the notion of the galaxy as an organism, one involved in its own development. We speak of the "self organizing" dynamics of the galaxy. Or, from a more organismic perspective, we speak of the galaxy as unfolding - the births of stars are pictured as part of the galactic epigenesis. The Sun, then, is seen as activated by dynamics governed by the galactic center; just so the eye of a frog is seen as activated by dynamics governed by its own organismic center.

"The obvious question is this: Just how far does the galactic dynamism go with respect to the development of the Sun and its evolving planets? That is, do the galaxy’s dynamics have only to do with the ignition of the Sun after which the Sun and the Earth are on their own? Or is the galactic beam involved with the evolution of life?

Swimme affirms that galactic beams have been integrally involved in the dynamics of Earth in the entire 4.55 billion years of the Sun’s existence.

"First, it can be said quite simply that the galaxy is continually involved with the evolution of Earth and its life. The galactic density beams have swept through the galaxy over the entire 4.55 billion years of the Sun’s existence, and whenever these [beams] pass through the Sun, they alter its dynamics and thus alter the radiant energy that bathes the Earth.


I have no doubt that, as evolutionary begins to reflect on this, they will articulate the ways in which the development of life on Earth has been shaped by these dynamics."

The limitations of the modern scientific method itself has restricted is knowledge about the existence and nature of a galactic beam such as the Maya describe.

"We need to recognize that it was simply impossible for modern science to notice the existence of a galactic beam such as the Maya describe. Modern science focused on material, on its change of position. All qualities - colors, smells, emotions, feelings, and intuitions - were termed secondary, and dismissed. That is, we committed ourselves from the beginning to a mode of consciousness that was never going to recognize the galactic beam."

The disciplines of modern science and of Mayan cosmology, however, provide us with complementary insights into the galactic beam, a unitary phenomenon that triggers both Earth changes and cosmic consciousness. Contemporary science focuses on the beam as a physical phenomenon, accounting for Earth changes.


Mayan cosmology focuses on the same galactic beam as a psychic phenomenon, enabling the evolution of human consciousness.

"The Maya were a people intoxicated with a different cultural aim which required an entirely different development of consciousness. Where the modern scientists have been able to detect experimentally the physical effects of density beams sweeping through the galaxy, the Maya were able to detect experientially beams with different efficacies, beams that influenced not the birth and functioning of stars, but the birth and functioning of ideas, of visions, of convictions.


Or rather, what I myself think is the case: both the modern scientists and the Maya respond to the same beams. The modern scientists developed a mode of consciousness enabling them to articulate the physical effects of these [Galactic] beams; the Maya developed a consciousness enabling them to articulate the psychic effects of these beams."

What is more, there may be galactic "seasons," eras that favor a particular type or quality of activity in the galaxy. At the physical level, for example, hydrogen atoms appeared at a specific time in the creative cycle of the galaxy.


There may be as well, seasons for the creation of cultures, ideas, and thoughts - human consciousness.

"The question immediately surfaces in the western mind: ‘There may be seasons for the birth of atoms, or of galaxies, or of primitive cells. But what about my thoughts? What about human culture? Are these affected by galactic times?’"

Mayan cosmology spoke, then, of interaction with the Galactic Mind, much as Maya culture interacted consciously with the mind of our Sun.


Through the Sun, the Maya accessed the deeper will of the galaxy, the organism of which we are part. The modern science of consciousness - paraphysics and parapsychology - now informs us that thoughts, feelings, and ideas, like photons, can be transmitted.

The galactic core can transmit cosmic consciousness, as well as physically disrupting Earth, planetary and Sun changes, through its beams,

"…here we deal with the deepest reaches of the western psyche’s repression. The Maya felt they were engaged with the mind of the Sun, which manifested for them the mind and heart of the galaxy. The Maya felt that the galaxy had desires. Modern scientists heard that and relegated the Maya to the ‘fairy tale’ bin. But our rejection of their wisdom only reveals our dangerously lopsided psychic condition….

"Our difficulty stems from our cultural mistake in thinking of hydrogen atoms and stars and so forth as "just physical", and ourselves and our psychic life as transcendent, as utterly disconnected from the universe….

"Within this perspective, ‘feelings’ are not fabricated in the transcendent human mind. Instead, feelings are transmitted, just as photons are transmitted. This is really the most ordinary experience. A person standing in the presence of a magnificent granite cliff is suffused with all sorts of feelings; these are the feelings that the mountain has transmitted to the human.

Jose Arguelles gives us the insight that the Maya culture was galactically informed.

"Precisely, because it is based on the principle of harmonic resonance, a civilization such as the Mayan can be described as galactically informed. That is, by the principle of harmonic resonance, there is a two-way information wave that ripples to and from the individual being to the collective or planetary mind, and from the planetary mind through the Sun to the galactic core."

Arguelles integrates the sciences of communication and cosmology in illuminating the mechanisms by which the Maya may have exercised their own cosmic awareness of the influence of the galactic core, known as "Hunab Ku" in the Mayan cosmology.

"The sole purpose of the continuous emission of intelligent wave-formation from Hunab Ku, the galactic core and cosmic radio station, is the superior coordination of the member organisms, the star systems…

"The capacity to maintain direct communications and to continue to establish and extend realization of the whole is the conscious attainment of harmony. The end of the process may be nothing more that a transcendent passing of the entire galaxy into an inconceivable stage of harmonic synchronization.

"To be a diviner of harmony, a Maya, would then be to know directly the harmonic frequencies of a level or stage of being, and, in a manner of speaking, to be able to tune into and even take on the qualities of that level or stage of being.

"Because of the attainment of such knowledge, one of the powers of Maya would be that of resonant transduction. Through direct knowledge of wave harmonics and frequency changes, resonant transduction is the ability to apply this knowledge and pass directly from one condition of being to another, from one star system to another.

One aspect of the Mayan end-cycle cosmic consciousness, then, may be humanity’s opening sensitivity to the psychic components of the galactic beam-wave. Our civilization may learn to re-acquire the sort of conscious sensitivity to the mind and will of the galaxy that the Mayas may have possessed.

The end of the 26,000 year Mayan/Galactic cycle during the 2012 AD time window has, according to Arguelles, a dominant goal of the quickening and transformation of our universe.

"Spun through the increasingly accelerated phases of the thirteen cycles of this beam, our planet has arrived at an advanced stage of conscious synchronization of component elements. This has been brought about by the most complex forms of DNA, inducing an artificial leap - the sprawl of civilization - that in actuality has but one goal - the quickening and transformation of matter.

Remember again the significance of the Trinity nuclear bomb test on July 16, 1945. This was the first release into the Earth’s environment of high-level electromagnetic energy.


According to Arguelles, it was also the start of a bifurcation of human endeavor into global aggrandizement of power, and increased psychic sensitivity.

"Once this critical transformation of matter was attained on July 16, 1945 [Trinity Test - date of first testing of atomic bomb at Trinity, New Mexico], two basic processes were set in motion.


One involved the materialist aggrandizement of power represented by the entrenchment of the prevalent global industrial-social order; the other involved the dissonant quickening of the resonant field of the planet resulting in a wide spectrum of effects from UFO sightings to increased psychism to tectonic plate shifts and terrorism."

A powerful example of how the influences of the galactic beam may work in integrating this bifurcation between the forces of death and the forces of life affirmation involves the present day Maya and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.


It has been reported that the CIA may have been an architect and funder of a genocidal war against the Maya from the 1960s through 1996 in Guatemala. If this genocide is a covert operation on a classic CIA model, the genocide of the Maya may have been undertaken to deny the Guatemalan rebels a safe haven among the Maya.

At a deeper death-force level, the CIA’s Mayan genocide may have been undertaken to destroy the last living culture practicing the Mayan calendar. If the Maya were killed off, this would functionally weaken the cultural base within which the Mayan calendar still functions. The Mayan calendar, however, may be a gift left for us in time by galactic wisdom, so that humanity may more intelligently navigate the 26,000 end-cycle.


If the CIA had been successful in totally obliterating the Mayan culture, the death-force would have been more successful in ensuring that our world would end in cataclysmic Earth changes rather than cosmic consciousness.

The New York Times of February 26, 1999, one day after the Traditional Quiche Maya New Year, reports

GUATEMALA CITY - A truth commission report has concluded that the United States gave money and training to a Guatemalan military that committed "acts of genocide" against the Mayan people during the most brutal armed conflict in Latin America, Guatemala’s 36-year civil war.

The report of the independent Historical Clarification Commission, which was released on Thursday, contradicts years of official denial about the torture, kidnapping and execution of thousands of civilians in a war that the commission estimated killed more than 200,000 Guatemalans.

Although the broad outlines of American support to Guatemala’s military have been known, the nine-volume report confirms that the CIA aided Guatemalan military forces.

The commission listed the American training of the officer corps in counterinsurgency techniques as a key factor "which had a significant bearing on human rights violations during the armed confrontation."

The commission, established as a part of a United Nations-supervised peace accord that ended the war in 1996, concluded that the government or allied paramilitary groups were to blame for more than 90 percent of the 42,000 human rights violations, 29.000 of which resulted in deaths or missing persons. That attributes a somewhat higher percentage of deaths to the government and its allies than a report last year by the Roman Catholic Church that examined human rights abuses.

The commission specifically named military intelligence as the organizer of illegal detentions, torture, forced disappearances and executions, and it said that many massacres were a direct result of government policy. It stopped short, however, of identifying individuals responsible for various massacres.

As the conclusions of the long-awaited report were read at a solemn ceremony at the National Theater, human rights workers, relatives of victims and others among the more than 2,000 people broke into standing ovations, sobs, shouts and chants of "Justice! Justice!"

The outbursts repeatedly interrupted speeches as the president and cabinet members sat silently on the theater’s first row.

While the scope of the bloodshed had been generally known, the report is the first by an internationally supported panel to lay out the extent of the violence and pin it on the government and its military allies. In unexpectedly strong language, it describes the Guatemalan policy at the height of the war as a policy of genocide.

The report’s estimate of more than 200,000 deaths is slightly higher than previous figures, and the number of documented massacres substantially exceeds figures used in previous examinations.

The war, which began in 1960, pitted a rightist military-controlled government against a classic Latin American left-wing insurgency. Largely a rural war carried out in the hinterlands where Mayan Indians lived, the military assumed that the Mayans sympathized with the insurgents and provided them with supplies, intelligence and shelter.

As a consequence, entire Mayan villages were attacked, burned and inhabitants were slaughtered in an effort to deny the guerrillas protection. The report said the Mayan population paid the highest price, when the military identified them as natural allies of the guerrillas. The result, the report said, was an "aggressive, racist and extremely cruel nature of violations that resulted in the massive extermination of defenseless Mayan communities."

Christian Tomuschat, the German jurist who led the commission’s 18-month investigation, said, "The results of our investigation demonstrate that in general, the excuse that midlevel commanders acted with a wide margin of autonomy - an excuse used in an attempt to justify what happened as "excesses" and "error" not ordered by superiors - is unsubstantiated and totally lacking any basis."

The commission recommended a national reparations program for victims and exhumations of "hundreds" of clandestine cemeteries. It called on President Alvaro Arzu Irigoyen and the ex-guerrilla commanders to assume responsibility in the name of the state and ask all Guatemalans for forgiveness.

The three-member commission and an international staff of 272 workers made extensive use of declassified documents from the United States. American assistance fortified the Guatemalan armed forces with aid and training in its anti-Communist campaign. On Thursday, Tomuschat said the commission’s investigation also found that until the mid-1980s, American companies and government officials "exercised pressure to maintain the country’s archaic and unjust socioeconomic structure" and that the CIA supported illegal counterinsurgency operations here.

Besides Tomuschat, the commission members were Edgar Balsells, a lawyer, and Otilia Lux Coti, a leading Mayan educator, both of Guatemala.

The commission did not give specific names of human rights violators, the result of military opposition during the peace negotiations to pointing fingers at specific people.

But some victims’ families said no true reconciliation can be achieved in Guatemala without judicial accountability.

"There has to be an end to impunity," said Helen Mack, whose sister, Myrna, was stabbed and killed in 1990, it is believed, for her research on the refugees driven from their homes by the army. The case resulted in the only conviction yet of an army official for human rights violations, and Ms. Mack is pursuing the trial of three other officers for her sister’s murder.

On Thursday, the weight of nine years of struggle with Guatemala’s ineffective judicial system seem to fall on her as she broke into tears at the National Theater as the commission’s conclusions were read.

"We the victims feel vindicated,’ she later said. "No one can now tell us we’re following lies or ghosts anymore."

Guatemalan officials said on Thursday that they would have a response after they have studied the report.


The army leadership has remained defiant, accusing international and national "actors" for their roles in the violence and insisting the military acted under a constitutional mandate to defend the state from communism.

Asked about the accusations against the CIA by the commission, the spokesman for the intelligence agency, Bill Harlow, said,

"Since we have not seen the report, it would be inappropriate for us to comment."

Donald Planty, the U.S. ambassador, said,

"I believe that the report’s focus is appropriate, that these were abuses committed by Guatemalans against other Guatemalans - the result of an internal conflict."

Defense Minister Hector M. Barrios, who has promised his own report on the war dead and injured, said Thursday,

"I see as positive any effort that is made on behalf of peaceful co-existence in Guatemala."

Arzu left without comment after shaking hands with members of the commission and those formally receiving the report - Alvaro de Soto, a senior U.N. official, and representatives of the Guatemalan government and the ex-guerrilla group, Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity.

Aides said protocol prevented the president from personally accepting the report, but that decision was seen by many here as intentionally distancing the government from the commission’s findings. At several points on Thursday, people in the theater shouted for the president to get up on stage and receive the report.

Foreign Affairs Minister Eduardo Stein said the government was already implementing some of recommendations, including compensation for victims, judicial reform and changes in the military. Political repression has greatly been reduced in Guatemala, by most accounts, and the guerrillas have regrouped as a political party.


There has also been a rise of Indigenous rights and human rights organizations - the changing times were underscored on Thursday when scores of Guatemalans openly confronted government officials in angry outbursts.

But the country is still wrestling with its transition to a full democratic state. Stark poverty and economic inequalities remain. Despite a requirement under the peace accords that the army’s size and role be reduced, experts monitoring the progress say that there has been checkered compliance and that the army still has a hold on internal affairs, rather than being focused solely on the defense of the nation.

And just how fragile the peace is was shown last year when a Roman Catholic bishop and leading defender of human rights, Juan Jose Gerardi, was beaten to death with a concrete block just days after making public the results of a three-year investigation of human rights abuses during the war. That report, sponsored by the Catholic church, identified specific military officers and guerrilla groups, and church and human rights groups say they believe the killing was meant to pressure them into renewed silence.

The most heartfelt applause at the National Theater Thursday came when the bishop’s name was mentioned as yet another political victim.


Many here feel the truth commission’s report can help the country’s efforts toward change, but only if it is etched into the public consciousness.

"This is not the end of the work," said Feliciana Macario, a board member of a survivors’ group called National Widows Committee, which seeks reparations for the loss of homes and land and "moral damages," such as the psychological trauma suffered by orphaned children. "To us, this is the beginning of another struggle."

If you still believe the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (and its cousins in the intelligence community) to be antiseptic guardians of the truth, please refer to the written works of former CIA agent James Agee, such as CIA Diary.


There is little doubt that the profile, methodology, and utter depravity of the CIA’s genocide of the Maya is the same as CIA covert operations which Agee describes taking place in developing nations over the last four decades. James Agee has called for a worldwide repudiation of the CIA, which he describes as the single source generator of human war on the planet.

The coming to public light and recognition of the Maya genocide may be illustrative of the workings of the Galactic beam-wave in the realm of human politics and war, particularly environmental war. The Maya genocide story publicly surfaced in February 1999, at the height of the galactic core alignment.

The influence of the psychic content of the galactic beam-wave may have brought the Maya genocide to public light. In the same way, the effects on human consciousness of the galactic beam-wave may deconstruct the global war-like mindset behind Environmental warfare, and disassemble its global weapons systems.

What is striking about the Mayan cosmology is its awareness of the pervasive influence over human affairs of electromagnetic energy, which can simultaneously produce physical events in the Earth environment, and induce consciousness into new levels of universe appreciation.

"According to the Mayan Factor, we live at the bottom of an electromagnetic ocean. What we call the physical plane Earth is itself the ocean floor, while we, like squids or semi-blinded denizens, swarm about our little ways; only dimly aware that we swim and move across the bottom of a vast, multi-dimensional electromagnetic ocean.


How odd we must seem to those who swim and delve in currents far above us, and what can we say about those beings who are beyond the surface? What must they see?"

Mayan cosmology and concepts of the galactic beam-waves of electromagnetic energy work integrate the Earth sciences and psychology with the traditional mystical outlook that all things are alive and think.

But if the galactic beam is to create both Earth changes and cosmic consciousness, is that not almost a contradiction in terms? Why would not our civilization regress to anarchy in consciousness as our planet is violently restructured?

One Mayan cosmologist analogizes the cosmic transition of Earth to an upgrade of computer hardware, and a coming "online" to galactic consciousness.

"Before the end of the year 2012, the ‘program’ we call civilization will be complete. A new galactic program will be ‘opened’ at that time. The ‘upgrading’ of the Earth’s ‘hardware’ called by some "Earth Changes" and the new ‘operating system’ will be put to the test.


The Earth will be ‘galactically on-line’ by the year 2013. What will happen after that is beyond our ability to imagine. Can a baby in the womb imagine what life will be like after its birth?

This insight suggests there is a trade-off between Earth changes and cosmic consciousness.


If our human civilization experiences the increasing effects of the galactic beam-wave with resistance and death-force, then our devastation becomes greater. Conversely, if our civilization reacts receptively to the galactic beam-wave, the outcomes may be more consciousness transformation rather than physical destruction.

At the microcosmic, personal level, the same may be said of individuals as we enter the galactic beam-wave. If our individual mind-set is toward greed, aggression, separation, we may experience greater personal disintegration during these end-cycle times. If we attune ourselves to the cosmic frequencies of the galactic beam-wave (call it the "Mind of God"), we may evolve into a more cosmic personal consciousness and transform into a new being in a new era. One can have a personal "doomsday," or a personal transcendence.

Consciousness is functional and practical and mystical at once.

What time is it in galactic time? Well, recent advances in astronomy suggest that our alignment with the galactic center or equator has actually begun, occurring in the 1998-2001 time window. This is a scholarly quibble with ancient Mayan astrological calculations.


The end of the Mayan Long Count, and if its 26,000 year mega-cycle still occurs on December 22, 2012 (some say December 21, 2012).

These subtle re-calculations mean that the effects of the new Galactic beam have already begun, and will be effective across a time window of several decades on either side of the 2012 AD date.

"The present alignment began with the September equinox in 1998. The first "phase" of the alignment with is complete with the June solstice in 1999. The "complete" alignment is comprised of thirteen equinoxes and solstices from September 1998 through September 2001.

"The disk of the Sun, at the exact moment of the December solstices, began to align with the galactic equator around the time of Harmonic Convergence in 1987. This event was also indicated by the Maya Calendar, a useful tool for measuring the flow of galactic energies.

[The Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987, was according to Arguelles, the date on which humanity received the "Galactic imprint".]

"The disk of the Sun, at the exact moment of the December solstices, will be completing the alignment with the galactic equator at the December solstice in 2012. This is recognized as the ending date of a profound Maya Calendar cycle

"These astronomical alignments between the solstice Sun and the galactic equator suggest the timing for the "reception" of galactic energies and codes into our system. Accessing these codes and frequencies can be done with the proper use of the Maya Calendar.

"There are two popular misconceptions regarding the Galactic Alignment. One of these is that the alignment is with the Galactic Center. It is not; it is actually with the Galactic Equator.

"The other example of misinformation is that the galactic alignment occurs in 2012 and this is why the Maya Calendar ends then. There are two problems with this. The alignment occurs a good thirteen years before 2012. The Maya calendar is not off by this many years. This thirteen-year difference is actually accounted for in the Maya calendar. This information is available to those who have been initiated into how the Maya Calendar really works.

"The 2012 date for the galactic alignment suggests that the Maya Calendar is based on an astronomical alignment that ONLY takes place from the Earth’s perspective. The equinoxes and solstices are Earth events. This implies that the Maya calendar is Earth based. This also implies that the Maya Calendar only works on the Earth.


This view reveals a lack of appreciation and understanding regarding the true "galactic" nature of the Maya calendar."

The Mayan calendar is a cosmic tool for navigating our way through a Galactic reality.


Prophetic traditions, including the Tibetan, the I Ching (Terence McKenna), the Egyptian, the Aztec, the Judeo-Christian and many others, seem to converge on an end-cycle transformation of our human experience. Each tradition has its variations. As a whole, they point to a unitary truth.


The Aztec calendar, for example, may be based on the Pleiades, rather than on the galaxy as is the Mayan tradition. The eternal universe cycles in each tradition may represent the ongoing tension between Light and darkness, which propels our evolution.

What will the new age of cosmic consciousness look like?

Pacal Votan, formerly known as Jose Arguelles, offers some pictures of the Solar Age on Earth. The Solar Age will have its scientific and perceptual breakthroughs and evolution in human psycho-sensory resonance.

Prophecy commentator Peter Petrisko suggests that if you are unsure how reversing magnetic fields can affect the human mind, think of trying to "re-boot" your brain, as though it were a computer.

"The effect of a magnetic reversal on humans is less known. Confusion might reign, and some theorize a complete 'reboot' of the human mind - the brain IS known to contain magnetite - might occur. However, as the field decreases (before a 'reversal'), one could surmise what may happen by looking at a recent experiment by Dr. Valerie Hunt.


Hunt had a room constructed in which the magnetic field intensity could be varied. The following, as spelled out in her book, ''Infinite Mind'', was observed

"When ‘the magnetism was decreased, gross in coordination occurred. The entire neurological integrating mechanism was thrown off. Subjects could not balance their bodies; they had difficulty touching finger to nose or performing simple coordinated movements. They lost kinesthetic awareness.’

Could our bodies adjust as a much more gradual, long-term but worldwide decrease in the magnetic field intensity occurred? That may be doubtful, and if so then at what point near the conclusion of this pre-reversal descent would such in coordination sweep over the human race?"

A "Solar" rather than a "Galactic" perspective on the influence of the galactic beam-wave, and the cosmic consciousness it may bring may constrict Peter Petrisko’s suggestion, however.

Pacal Votan, formerly known as Jose Arguelles, reaches for a vision worthy of our evolutionary occasion as the great Mayan cycle inaugurates the Solar Age.


Our inauguration may mean,

"At last, Earth will be ready for the emergence into interplanetary civilization."


"Instead of going to a job at nine o’clock every morning, we shall prepare each day for the celebratory task of ritual sensory attunement to solar galactic pulsation’s. Through sensory fusion - bringing together of various senses into the experience of synaesthesia - we will realize a synergistic amplification of energy and enjoyment.

"The leisure for doing so will be the natural result of having divested ourselves of an unnecessary military economy and the production of wasteful and even toxic consumer goods that were in total disregard of the reality of the light body. Nourishing ourselves as simply and as locally as possible, we shall turn our surplus wealth into the research, education, and artistic production necessary for the establishment of a healthy organism in resonant attunement with the Sun and, through the Sun, with the galactic core, Hunab Ku…."

"Then it shall be ready. The unique moment, the moment of total planetary synchronization, on the beam, will arrive - the closing out not only of the Great Cycle, but also of the evolutionary interim called Homo Sapiens.


Amidst festive preparation and awesome galactic-solar signs psychically received, the human race, in harmony with the animal and other kingdoms and taking its rightful place in the great electromagnetic sea, will unify as a single circuit. Solar and galactic sound transmissions will inundate the planetary field. At last, Earth will be ready for the emergence into interplanetary civilization.

"Then, as if a switch were being thrown, a great voltage will race through this finally synchronized and integrated circuit called humanity. The Earth itself will be illumined. A current charging both poles will race across the skies, connecting the polar auroras in a single brilliant flash. Like an iridescent rainbow, this circumpolar energy uniting the planetary antipodes will be instantaneously understood as the external projection of the unification of the collective mind of humanity.


In that moment of understanding, we shall be collectively projected into an evolutionary domain that is presently inconceivable."

What then is the ultimate meaning of diverse prophecies of cataclysmic Earth changes and cosmic consciousness?

One answer is - it all depends on us. We are responsible for co-creating cataclysm and/or enlightenment on a collective basis and in our individual realities.
The Mayan cosmology suggests that a war-like, heavily armed military industrial complex, intent on destroying key parts of its Earth system and exporting warfare into outer space may not fare very well as the galactic beam-wave intensifies.


Earthly military-industrial civilization may self-destruct, or suffer meltdown, or gradually wither away. That war-like civilization may implode as human consciousness lifts or as Earth changes make shards of its economic and political base.

That’s the good news.

The bad news may in the end be good news also.

What Earth changes may occur, if any, is indeterminate. The psychics and the prophecies suggest cataclysmic outcomes may be possible. If Earth changes do come, perhaps they may be the only mechanism by which our terrestrial eco-cidal culture finally reaches death knell. We can only hope that an evolution in our consciousness triggered by the galactic beam-wave will deconstruct environmental warfare before it can do harm.

The wisdom of the Galactic Mind is such that if we humans had been cooperative, evolved, peaceful, eco-centric, enlightened, no Earth changes may have come at all. The galactic beam-wave would meet no resistance from the collective human psyche. It is the resistance of the war-like segment of the human mind to cosmic consciousness that may probably itself create chaos and cataclysm on Earth.

Our history, to paraphrase, is a riddle wrapped in an enigma. As a species, we subject ourselves to repeated cycles of war, destruction, rebuilding, only to fall again into war and destruction. The cosmic reasons for these cycles have not yet registered in our collective consciousness.

We can only hope that this Mayan end-cycle may be the last time around unbroken cycles of collective violence. In cosmic consciousness, perhaps we can stabilize ourselves in an unbroken cycle of conscious evolution.

Advice for Earth changes? Try receptivity, centered prayer, meditation, Love.


We may actually turn the tide toward Light.



The sustaining will come as people give of themselves;
survival will come through the preparation and the sustaining....
channeled by Rev. Mary

The Earth changes that are coming to this world also have a corresponding link with internal changes that will be taking place in each and every person.

Just as the tides rule the oceans, people sometimes feel similar effects inside their bodies, like when there is a full moon. You see, natural occurrences have a corresponding link internally in the soul of man. These effects will be strongly felt with the coming upheavals  -  they will be to such an extent that the people will not be able to ignore them because of the connection in their soul.


They will feel these greatly, both psychically, and emotionally. What is going on in different parts of the world will be felt on a soul level. It won't be as easy as turning off the television and ignoring it. People will be feeling the currents, so-to-speak, internally. That is the internal connection.

Therefore, people need to know and understand that it is not just external Earth changes, that the Earth changes are internal as well on a soul level for people.


They must now begin to connect with the Light and not to only be focused on the flashy external changes, because that is what is interesting; but to do their work, their inner work, their prayer work, their connection to the Light and to God  -  NOW  -  before these things take place. Because that will be their anchor, and their solid ground or foundation to hold onto during the Earth changes.

We are going to address how to prepare, sustain, and survive these internal changes that are, and will be, going on simultaneously with the external changes.

We recommend prayer and meditation everyday.


We recommend spiritual reading, whether it would be from the Bible, some psalms (the 23rd psalm is really good), or some other spiritual reading that is uplifting, positive, and helps the people to connect with God.


It should be something that is enriching, not just flashy things  -  but something that has a deep spiritual meaning, something that helps people to grow, and something that feeds their souls. We are not talking about more intellectual predictions, but deep, rich, spiritual food that can enrich the soul. There are many, many books like these.

Prayer, meditation, spiritual reading, and when the you hear about disasters in the land (U.S.) or somewhere else in the world, send out prayers and positive thoughts to these people, to these areas.


Ask God to bless the people in these areas. This is this point.

Keeping balanced during the Earth changes. This means that the people must maintain balance  -  NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND THEM.

We realize that this is extremely difficult when all seems to be falling apart, extremely.


They can do this through prayer and meditation. They can do this in prayer with their family. There are prayers that can be prayed. Family prayer is very powerful. They can do their own private meditation. They can send the Light and the Love to the people. But the main thing is for them to remember that these changes are necessary for the growth of the people and that nothing is ever done as punishment, that all is done for the greater development of the soul.


No matter what disasters may befall the Earth, they should keep in their minds that this is for the eventual highest good. Even though there are hardships and even death during the changes, ultimately, it is for good. And ultimately, on a soul level, it is for the highest growth and development of everyone going through this.

The people who cross over during this time will, in a sense, have it easier than those who must stay and watch and observe and walk through it. Many people think that they will not be affected because they do not live in a dangerous area. The people who survive because they are in a safe area will have a harder road because they will be aware of all the destruction.


But it is also a very great opportunity for these people in sustaining and maintaining their objectivity because they will be able to hold the Light and to be Light houses, so-to-speak, beacons of Light. People need to make sure that the those around them are not in panic, through their own strong anchoring in God and in The Light and in prayer. We cannot emphasize enough  -  the power of prayer.


And if they will but do this, they will help to maintain the emotional balance within their families, plus aid the people actually walking through these hard experiences.

Surviving the Internal Changes
This is not something that most people have even considered.


People have not considered internal changes as part of the external. Surviving these internal changes has greatly to do with the preparation and the knowing that they are coming. Knowing that they are coming and preparing for them, will invoke in people a strength of character and of soul and of knowledge.


Their survival will be based on the experiential, not the intellectual. People cannot plan this all ahead of time because right now  -  to date  -  they do not know exactly what will happen. They know there will be upheaval but they do not know exactly what. We can tell you only it is of such a magnitude that people cannot imagine. There are many things that will be happening, some of which have not been determined yet because it will be like a chain reaction of events.


One thing happening will trigger the next, and the next, and the next.


Each one will seem more bizarre than the previous one  -  to a point where people will be very surprised and think that they cannot be shocked anymore and then the next event like a chain reaction will be triggered and occur and they will say:

"That is even more bizarre than the one before."

Their survival will depend on the preparation and the sustaining and people beginning enough in advance to prepare a solid foundation of Light within themselves.


People need to know and to recognize that they must have a corresponding amount of growth WITHIN. The knowledge cannot just be learned on the outside in the intellect. One has to grow in the heart and in the soul and in the spirit, for that is where the real strength comes. It is an inner strength, an inner knowing, an inner Light. It cannot be learned in a book.


It cannot be found in a lecture. It cannot be found in a movie. It has to come from within each person during prayer and meditation time, uplifting spiritual reading, sending out Love, Light, prayers, and positive thoughts to the people who are going through the disasters.

The sustaining will come as people give of themselves. The survival will come through the preparation and the sustaining.

The first two steps will ultimately determine the outcome of the third. People MUST have compassion in their hearts and FEEL for the plight of their brothers and sisters, to FEEL that they are brothers and sisters of the people in the different areas going through these hard times, and that they are all one, and that they CAN help each other, because that is the spiritual law, and people need to know that these are not just Earthquakes, or disasters.


They are Earth changes and their results will be felt throughout the U.S., throughout all the countries. NO ONE will go through this time unaffected. No one is in a totally safe area. But, this can be a joyous time, a joyous time of great growth and expansion of the soul. It is an opportunity, at this point and time, to really accelerate one's growth through the right conditioning of the body, mind and soul.

There will be times when people will just have to stay inside in the shelter of their homes. Then, they can help each other and their families and their neighbors, plus the people walking through the hard times, through the disaster times, by forming prayer circles of Light and Love, sending energies, and prayers and Light and Love out of the group to the affected areas.

People can begin to organize now; this is part of the survival. They can begin to organize these groups and if they live in a close proximity to each other, that is good. They can do it that way or they can have a telephone prayer line, but groups in person are the best. They can begin discussions on how to set up these prayer groups now.


These Light Workers, these prayer and meditation workers can send out the Light and the Love to the troubled areas. This is how they can organize. Then, when a disaster strikes, the people can come together and pray and send Light and Love as a group, to pray from the heart, to pray with High and Holy Intentions to help.

We have told you that NO ONE will escape the Earth changes because the ultimate growth of the soul is for EVERYONE. Some people will experience these changes in harsher ways because they will actually have to live or die through them. The ripple effect will be felt by everyone because there will be many things that happen that will affect those people in the safer areas. EVERY ONE will feel the effects.

People's survival will depend on their cultivation of deep spiritual discernment. There are many saying many different things and people need to learn deep spiritual discernment in order to find out what is the truth for them.

One thing that a person is saying will not be correct for everyone. There will be many different people saying many different things. Those listening can pray and ask for deep spiritual discernment to know exactly what to believe and what action to take.

People will have to find out through their own volition, in their own way, in their own timing, WHAT is truth for them.

In so far as timing for the Earth changes is concerned  -  we feel that within the next five years it will be completed, beginning in 1998. The time is approximate because it depends on man's free will. If things continue as they are now, we see the time duration to be about five years.

All time is subject to plus or minus from this side; but we feel 1998 will be a year of reckoning  -  for the planet  -  for the people  -  for the United States. We feel, now until then, many things will be starting economically, worldwide as well for the country, but that the next five years are very crucial for people to decide which way their lives are going, to whom are they serving, and what direction they want to take with their lives and for their souls.

There are some things that will not be able to be changed and there are some things that can be made softer depending upon what mankind does.

It is not, like you say, "One size fits all." Each soul is allowed its free will  -  to pass or fail this test. Many people feel they are just here to help. NO ONE incarnates just to help. EVERYONE has their own karma to work through  -  their own lessons to work through. NO ONE is here just to help. EVERYONE is here to grow.

People focus more on the external than the internal.


We are all here because we have lessons to learn. We have growth to be attained. We have mistakes to be atoned for and that is what karma really is  -  experiencing the other side of the coin  -  so the soul knows and the soul grows. Nothing is ever done as punishment. Everything is for the further development of the soul. There are no free rides. Everyone is here because they have work to do within themselves, and people need to know that THIS is the power.


This is how they will be able to sustain and survive the Earth changes by going inwardly and becoming VERY, VERY strong. Looking at our faults, looking at our weaknesses and asking for help to turn them into strengths, this is the key. We need to master our own self FIRST. This goes hand in hand with the Earth changes. This is why it is extremely important for people to have a very strong, strong, inner foundation.

As these things are happening externally, the things that people have not looked at, or have buried internally, WILL be coming to the surface. This is the inner Earthquake  -  the inner Earth changes that have not been addressed. That is why there is really no escape because the energy that will be coming to the planet at this time is designed to uncover all that has been hidden in darkness, to expose to the Light everything that is not of the Light.


And that includes all individuals, and ALL individuals will not be able to bury these feelings any more. They will not be able to do this.


Many people numb themselves through drugs and alcohol, hours and hours of mindless television and movies. They delude themselves. They waste their time. When this energy hits  -  it will be of such a magnitude that none of these things will suffice. They will NOT be of comfort. They will NOT divert the mind because it will be like an inner explosion, and this is VERY GOOD.


People need not be fearful of this. They need not to worry. The people who will be greatly affected will be the ones who have never thought about internal growth. The ones who have never tried to look at themselves, have never meditated, have never prayed, have never searched for the truth, have never tried to be close to God, or to learn about God, the material people, the people who think that material things are all that there is, THEY WILL BE THE ONES who will be greatly affected for the most part.


However, EVERYONE will feel it. The spiritual people will have an inside track; forewarned is forearmed. These are some of the major changes that Edgar Cayce talked about when he talked about the new millennium and being in the Light. There is no way that the people will be able to carry their old baggage into the Light of the New Millennium!

It is something that MUST be pushed through  -  must be worked through. People will not be allowed to accelerate to a higher degree of consciousness with their old "stuff," their old hang ups, and everybody has them. NO ONE here on the Earth is without their own karma  -  or they would not have had to incarnate at this time.

This is not doom and gloom. This is a message of hope. This will be a time of rejoicing because what will be happening to the Earth and its people is that people will no longer be allowed to get away with their games. It is going to call forth a degree of honesty and integrity that has not been seen before on this Earth plane.


THAT is the rejoicing. THAT is the good news. People do not want to hear that they have to go through any hard times to get the growth but, unfortunately, that is the way of this particular transition must play through. The people who are here at this time on the Earth have KNOWN about this on a soul level and begged and pleaded to be allowed to be incarnated at this time, even knowing what they would have to walk through, because this is the time of VERY, VERY great soul growth.


Those who can make it and those who can walk through this experience with faith and love, and joy in their hearts  -  knowing that all is taking place for the highest good  -  WILL ACHIEVE GREAT, HIGH, GROWTH. This will be growth that would not have been possible at any other previous time period. It is an extremely great blessing to be alive at this time.


People should not look at this time with fear and dread, but with anticipation of good things coming and to do all they can do to prepare on an inner level.

Many people are preparing by stock-piling food and other supplies. It is good to be prepared for an emergency. However, we tell you right here and right now that you cannot stock-pile inwardly unless you do the things that are necessary to bring your soul into accord with the Light of God.

Not everyone will appreciate this message because it is not flashy. It is not celestial music and cosmic lights, but that is okay. The few that will hear, the few that this message will touch their hearts and their souls, is all that we care about. If the majority of the people do not like this message, that is fine.


This is for the few who want to listen, who want to grow, who want to survive, who really want this connection with the Light of God. THAT is what is important.

Many have studied these things for years. They know it is coming. It is a time of waking up. It is a time for soul growth. Many of the things that are going to happen are karmic in nature. The United States is not being singled out alone, it is the world.


It is going to be world wide. It is a cleansing, a purification, a heightening of energy.