extracted from "The Shift of the Ages"

Our objective in chapter 12 was to show how the Becker/Hagens grid "cracks the code" of the planetary energy systems that we have been going through. We now can see quite clearly how the combined effects of all the dimensional frequencies and their geometric counterparts affect our physical sphere.


In this grid, everyone is satisfied, from:

  • Hoagland and his tetrahedron

  • Cathie and his cube/octahedron

  • Sanderson and his icosahedron

  • the Russians with their icosa/dodecahedron

Now that we have seen beyond any reasonable doubt that this grid exists, it also makes sense that others would have known about it before. This would be especially true with the existence of an advanced technological society such as Atlantis or Lemuria. A whole new area of inquiry stems out of this, and it involves looking back to the past.


These lines and vortices have powerful effects on human consciousness as well as gravity, and are capable of causing time-space dilations and spontaneous shifts in spiritual consciousness. Now, we will see that the people who lived around them put a lot of energy into determining their precise locations. With the proper constructions in place, the energies of these lines could be harnessed and utilized directly for effects such as levitation and planetary balancing as well as experiments in human consciousness.

So if the Ancients were keeping track of these lines in any form, how would we know about it? The most obvious answer would be that they would mark them and build on them, in order to keep track of where they were. These marks and sacred constructions occur along what is commonly referred to in Europe as "ley lines."


The idea of "ley lines" throughout the European countryside is a very old one indeed, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of dolmens, menhirs, standing stones, earthworks and great stone circles in England, France and other areas, including Avebury and Stonehenge. What many people are not aware of is that these "ley lines" were also actually carved into the land itself.

Serious attempts were made those who were aware of these lines to make them easier to follow. In the huge field of ley line research, covered well in John Michellís The View Over Atlantis and other works, we can see how ancient architects actually carved the lines as "dips" into the valleys and mountains so that you could sight them from far distances.


They also erected standing stones to mark their passage. Invariably, places of worship would be built on these lines, and they were also used for their fertility in planting crops. Alfred Watkins, the modern "discoverer" of these ley lines, was privy to a trance vision where he stood on a mountaintop and was actually able to see these lines as luminous energies crisscrossing the Earth.

According to an article by Joseph Jochmans in Atlantis Rising magazine (Issue 7, Spring 96) entitled "Earth: A Crystal Planet," the case for human mapping of ley lines goes far beyond just the English countryside.


Says Jochmans:

In Ireland they are remembered as fairy paths, and in Germany as holy lines. The Greeks knew them as the Sacred Roads of Hermes, while the ancient Egyptians regarded them as the Pathways of Min.

The Chinese today still measure the Lung Mei or dragon currents which affect the balance of the land, as practiced through the ancient art of Feng-shui. Much in the same fashion as the application of acupuncture needles in Chinese medicine helps the flow of Chi or life force in the human body, so the placement of pagodas, stones, trees, temples and houses in the environment was regarded as a way to heal the Earth.

Jochmans goes on to describe "dream paths" followed by Australian aborigines, and "te lapa" being observed by Polynesians as "lines of light" in the ocean that could be used for navigation!


He then goes on to say the following:

[The Incan Empire organized itself into] wacas or sacred centers situated along ceque lines which all converged at the Coriconcha or Temple of the Sun in ancient Cuzco. Similarly, the Mayas of the Yucatan interconnected their pyramid-sancutaries by means of Sacbes or raised white roadways that were built in dead-straight segments through the jungle swamps.

We can also note here that in William Becker and Bethe Hagensí article in Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, they make the comment that the Piri Reis map of 1513 has a series of lines that are practically identical to the current placement of the UVG 120 gridlines. In the book, they actually trace over the Piri Reis map to make this demonstration, and then take that portion of the grid and highlight it on the larger "Earth Star" grid as a whole.


We remember that this map and others like it had to have been drawn up at a time when Antarctica had no ice; and thus, it is obvious that these ancient Atlantean mapmakers were well aware of the same Grid that we have been looking at. In Jochmansí article, it says that over 3,300 ancient sacred sites have been found along the lines of the Russiansí icosa-dodeca grid that we mentioned above.

Slightly later in the article, Jochmans mentions
the Hopi Elders describing the Earth surface as being similar to the back of a spotted fawn.

As the fawn grows, the spots move and change number. Similarly, every time the Earth Mother sings a new song or enters a new vibrational shift, Her power centers also change to a new configuration, interconnected by a more complex sacred geometry.

Jochmans then describes the Buckminster Fuller-inspired experiments that we have already discussed, where a balloon submerged in dye and vibrated at certain frequencies will show distinctive "grid patterns." He then says,

When the frequency was turned higher the original dye points first quickly dissolved and then a greater number of dye points began to slowly form, joined by lines in a more complex configuration.

So, Jochmans is telling us that we can expect that the Grid itself to expand and metamorphose as a result of the higher-frequency planetary cycles that we are now involved with.


In this book, we have attempted to show in quite some detail exactly how these cycles operate. But if the Grid really does expand from one form of geometric order to another, how could we ever know about it? Is it possible that we could find proof for this as well? You bet!

Jochmansí article is of vital interest to us, as he demonstrates unique pieces of evidence to suggest that the Earth has already made serious changes from one geometric form of organization to another.

A study of map projections and world-wide geological patterns conducted in 1976 by Athelsan Spilhaus, consultant for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOM), revealed that when the super-continent Pangaea first broke apart approximately 220 million years ago forming the rudiments of our modern-day continental masses, the breakup occurred along equidistant lines forming the edges and points of a tetrahedron…

Based on the research of Hanshou Liu of the Goddard Space Flight Center, who analyzed stress lines in the Earth caused by polar and land movements over the last 200 million years, Spilhaus found that what was next outlined in the planetary structure was a combination cube and octahedron.

It is very interesting that this cube / octahedron shape, which is obviously many millions of years old, still appears to be in great use by the UFOs that we now see, according to Bruce Cathie.


Perhaps this Grid was plotted and designed from a realm outside of linear time, and this "historic" example was greatly studied and calibrated as a result. More importantly, the work of Spilhaus appears to be showing us that our planet gradually has been moving through areas of higher and higher "density" of harmonic energy. As these areas are moved through, the frequency of the Earth cannot be held back from expanding, and the Grid changes accordingly.


With the work of Gregg Braden and others that show us how much energetic stress the Earth is going through at this time, we have every reason to believe that this is going to happen again - and we will look at the time cycles involved in this when we move into Part Three.

At this point in the article, Jochmans discusses material that we have already presented here, regarding the team of Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov and their icosa-dodeca grid pattern; this could be construed as the next, or most recent formation of
the Global Grid.


Jochmansí list of the various planetary elements that this grid contacts is the best that this author has seen, and so we will repeat it here:

  1. High and low barometric pressure areas in the Earthís atmosphere, where storms originate and move along the crystal lattices.

  2. The center-points for major ocean currents and whirlpools.

  3. Areas of highest and lowest solar and electric influx, along with regions of highest and lowest geomagnetic gauss strength.

  4. Points of magnetic / electric anomaly, which serve as gateways into other dimensions.

  5. Major planetary fracture zones, where the tectonic plates come together and create seismic and volcanic activities.

  6. Major concentrations of ores and petroleum.

  7. Planetary hotspots where the internal magma surges closest to the surface.

  8. Migration routes of land, air and sea creatures.

  9. Locations of major life breeding grounds and genetic pool regions, where new species have originated.

  10. Concentrations of human population centers, both past and present.

  11. Birth-places for human religions, philosophies, sciences, arts and architectural forms.

It is important to note here that this material was printed in Atlantis Rising as an excerpt from Jochmansí book, then still in progress, called The Earth Grid: Re-Discovering Gaia as a Living Evolving Energy Structure.

So, when we think about the power that these lines have, it becomes very clear to us that the effects on human consciousness can be profound and almost unbelievably fantastic. If you include the
Bermuda Triangle/time shifting effects as well, then we can start to see that these sacred constructions may have actually served as time machines as well. Therefore, if you stay within the sacred structure at the proper moment of time, you might just be in for the ride of your life!

These feats of sacred engineering obviously would not be squandered, if they could be used for positive and spiritual effects. It is for this reason that the question of the French cathedrals such as Chartres is especially interesting. France was the home of the
Mergovinian kings, a group that some authors claim to be the direct descendants of the bloodline of Jesus Christ.


Sir William Spencer, who tackled the question in Bloodline of the Holy Grail from his own access to the records of the Knight Templars, recently covered this enigmatic story. The famous book that most people are aware of concerning this subject is called Holy Blood, Holy Grail. From studying this material, it is clear that the Templars were another offshoot of the original Atlantean priesthoods and their secret knowledge, which was preserved down through the ages.


What we actually see is that the cathedrals themselves might have been a function of very "advanced" technology indeed.

There are many ways to see how this would have been possible. The stained glass windows in the cathedrals visually expressed the sacred ratios of phi and square root of two, as well as other forms of crystallized music, or sacred geometry. Lawlorís book and many others make this point very clear, and we have an image of this on the next page - in this case, from the main stained glass window in the cathedral of Chartres, with added lines drawn in to indicate how it is connected to "
sacred geometry."

The music that was played within the cathedrals was Gregorian Chant, which is very tonal and pure.


So, right away you are visually seeing a mandala to organize your visual centers into the sacred proportions, and hearing the sacred intervals in your ears as sound. Then, the actual structure of the cathedrals was sized in direct proportion to the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza!


This also might have helped to preserve the harmonic properties of the pyramidís structure, as well as paying homage to,

"a complete set of records of sacred mathematics encased in stone."

Finally, the domed ceilings of the cathedrals directed the natural spirals of energy back downwards and into the gathering.


In The Law of One - Book Three, Ra discusses how there are many different examples of this type of energy harnessing being done, including the use of the teepee and the pyramids. Ra told Elkins et al. that these constructions will dramatically speed up an entityís spiritual growth process as it uses them, and that it is therefore important to exercise extreme caution when experimenting with such structures.


The reason for caution is that the more personal issues one needs to "burn off" to further their spiritual growth process, the harder it would be for them to work in such a structure. The heightened energy that would come to them would make their "blockages" dissolve much quicker. In the long run, this is for the best, but in the short term it is very stressful - and this is exactly what the Solar Cycle that we will be discussing is doing to all of us right now.


Wilcockís readings along with most others of similar quality will repeatedly address this point.

Another example of this sacred technology being put to use by various secret societies is in the construction of the United Nations Meditation Room.


This is written about in the very one-sided and Fundamentalist Christian-slanted book called The Cult of the All-Seeing Eye by Robert Keith Spenser, published in April 1964 by the Christian Book Club of America in California. The book takes ceaseless "pot-shots" at almost everything and everyone imaginable in the field of international government and metaphysics or esoterica.


For example, at one point they zero in on the gentle Thomas Sugrue, who wrote the well-known book There is a River, which exponentially increased Edgar Cayceís popularity in the few remaining years prior to his death. Their attack was based on an esoteric symbol that he placed on the books in his library. Sugrueís symbol was designed from his initials TS, the T being the "Tau Cross" and the S being the "serpent of wisdom," which to Spenserís team could only mean the Devil!

Even though this book is alarmist, conspiratorial and fundamentalist, we actually can pick up some interesting information along the way. It is important to note here that we are not necessarily condoning all actions that have been apparently undertaken by secret societies throughout time. There are clearly going to be opposites in these groups, just as there are in people. (For example, Adam Weishauptís "Bavarian Illuminati" certainly appear to have all the hallmarks of highly self-serving or "evil" intentions.)

We feel that it would be foolish to simply make a blanket assumption that all secret society members in positions of power are part of some vast, evil conspiracy.


Remember that we briefly said that The People of the Secret by Ernest Scott focuses on the positive aspects of these groups, in their ongoing communication with Higher (or extraterrestrial) Intelligence to direct humankind towards greater spiritual awareness.


What we do see in All-Seeing Eye is specific data regarding a room that is built with all of the same harmonic specifications that we have just discussed in relation to the cathedrals. The simple existence of this room directly implies that the United Nations has maintained at least a fair portion of the knowledge of these secret traditions.

First of all, the Meditation Room has a very bizarre-looking mural within it, and in All-Seeing Eye they demonstrate that this has a great deal of ísacred geometryí and ancient symbolism in its construction.


The builders insisted that it did not have any specific symbolism, but Spenser paints a dark and foreboding image of a massive cult that seeks to subvert Christianity into a larger religious faith steeped in pagan traditions. This group committed the unpardonable sin of wanting to unify the spiritual beliefs of the world so that everyone could agree with each other.

So, letís look at the picture of the room and its mural for starters:

The seats in the room are in the back, where the photograph was taken.


The room itself is built in the shape of a truncated pyramid, which is certainly a "sacred shape," as a function of Pyramidal geometry. This truncated pyramid shape was worked into the mural in several different places, as was the full pyramid with capstone as well. We can also see that the geometric form of the altar in the center of the room is preserved in the mural through rectangles that are of the same size and proportion.

The very geometric and colorful mural helps to organize the meditatorís visual centers with sacred geometry, just as we have seen with the Chartres image on the previous page. Music piped into the room helps to organize the meditatorís mind, again duplicating the effects in the cathedrals.


And last but not least, what is that big stone altar doing in the middle of the room? Surprisingly enough, it is a piece of naturally magnetic metal or magnetite, and is indeed the largest natural piece of magnetite ever mined. Even more interesting is the fact that its foundation goes straight into the bedrock of the Earth underneath the floor of the room.


(According to All-Seeing Eye, the lodestone was the largest of its kind ever mined, and was given to the United Nations by the Swedish in 1957. The public does not have access to the room underneath.)

If we look closely, we can see that the circle in the middle could be construed as the Earth, with its tilted axis clearly visible. What is then interesting is that once again we see a spiraling energy, this time in the diagonal line from the bottom right to the top left that has a snakelike curve in it.


And furthermore, there are three large rectangles that can be made out in the diagram, and they are undoubtedly in a spiraling pattern with relation to each other - one being left to right, one being diagonal and one being top to bottom. This does certainly look like the phi spiral is being implied herein. Other symbols are hidden within this mural as well, including the circle with a dot in the center, the astrological symbol for the Sun.

Obviously, the architects of the UN Meditation Room had this harmonic system down to a science. A minor grid line not visible on the Becker/Hagens map directly overlies Geneva, Switzerland, so that satisfies the global energetic location requirements. We have the proper room structure, the proper visual structure and the proper musical structure. We then have a gigantic piece of natural magnetite, which obviously has a tremendous magnetic field.


Why would the architects of the UN Meditation Room wish to import such an expensive material if it didn’t "do" anything? Wouldnít it make a lot more sense that this magnetite actually helps to harness and enhance the natural spiraling magnetic Earth energies in the room?


In our next book, Convergence Book One, we will see that magnetism is the primary means to harness aetheric energy, just as we can see with the Earthís magnetic field. We can definitely start to see that by those who know, this technology was indeed never "lost," only kept hidden.

By meditating in a room with a giant magnet in it, the natural hyperdimensional energies from the Earth are greatly enhanced. This certainly explains why the architects made sure that this "altar" had a foundation that went straight down into the bedrock of the land below. Who knows what remarkable functions of consciousness could occur in this room with a properly-tuned group of meditators at the proper time of the year?


We may not know the answer to this question, unless we can afford the trip to Switzerland to go and check it out for ourselves.

And now we come to the most interesting part of all of this - the famous All-Seeing Eye that is printed on the reverse side of every American dollar in circulation, as well as on the cover of this book in modified form. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams adopted this symbol after they were given the task of creating a seal for the United States of America on July 4, 1776.


A French West Indian portrait painter named Eugene Pierre Du Simitiere, who was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson, rendered the original design.

The All-Seeing Eye is unanimously agreed upon as being a "Masonic symbol." There are voluminous materials available to show that the founding fathers of the United States of America were all Masons. Freemasonry is a "fraternal order" that traces its origins far back into antiquity.


The work of Manly P. Hall covers the subject of Freemasonry quite considerably, especially in his incredible "encyclopedic overview" entitled The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Those who are familiar with this book, or with any of Hallís work, should be well aware of the gigantic amount of information that is available on these and other "secret societies" throughout time.

An environment of such secrecy is perhaps the only way that such a daring American Revolution could have been organized in the first place. Many different sources point out that the Boston Tea Party was a Masonic-driven event.


This historical event protested against Britainís tea tax, where a large group of men dressed as Native Americans boarded a British ship in the harbor and dumped out all of its onboard tea boxes into the ocean. In the Time-Life book Secret Societies from the Mysteries of the Unknown series, there is a reprint of a picture that someone had sketched of the Masonic meeting hall that night.


For some inexplicable reason, the building was empty, even though the scheduled meetings were normally kept with almost religious observance.


At the bottom of the sketch, the artist writes:

"We all went out for a cup of tea."

What is particularly interesting to us is the obvious connection between the All-Seeing Eye within the triangle and the basic form of the "consciousness units" that we have discussed so frequently.


If we look back at illustrations such as the Barbury Castle crop circle (right image), we can clearly see that the predominant design is a triangle with a dot in the middle. As we now know that this dot represents the One, or the Octave, we can understand why it would be given the symbol for Deity, or the All-Seeing Eye.

Now, if we look back to the United Nations Meditation Room mural, we can see that this same symbol was carefully and secretly encoded within it:

What we see in the image is that the central circle, divided into quarters to symbolize the four elements, is directly framed within a triangle.


Although this triangle is extended, the image is the same. Furthermore, when you continue the circular line to the left of the central circle as we have done, you can see that this forms a larger circle that precisely circumscribes the smaller one.


This is the classic astrological symbol for the Sun. By putting a line through the central circle on the exact same diagonal angle of tilt that is implied by the surrounding shapes, we can indeed see that it represents the Earth, tilted away from the Sun with one half illuminated with daylight. And then, to top it all off, we have the suggestion of a spiraling line that is at work on the central circle.

So, we can see that there is a definite reference to the circle within a triangle, the universal symbol for the "consciousness unit" that shows up in many different ways, including the crop circles. We can see that the mural implies a spiraling quality to these consciousness units, which we have now discussed in great detail. We can also see that the consciousness unit is also indicated as being the Earth.


So, this is obviously a symbolic construction, although the UN Review of 1958 simply referred to it as having been designed,

"to conform with the purity of line and color sought, for what Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold has called ía room of stillnessí."

Interestingly enough, the harmonic numbers that we have been studying are worked into its construction as well.


Spenser tells us that there are 72 geometric figures in the diagram altogether. 72 would obviously be half of 144, which we have now seen over and over again to be fundamentally related to both sound and light and the Great Solar Cycle - remember that there are 144,000 days in each baktun. The spiral in the diagram has nine sections, and this is also a fundamental number, the "building block" of the entire Gematrian system of frequencies.

So, if we look back to the symbol on the dollar bill, we can see that it is comprised of a truncated pyramid. Interestingly enough, if we count the blocks on the pyramid, we will discover that there are 72 of them altogether - again, the "cornerstone" frequency number.


The All-Seeing Eye and its positioning in the Great Seal refers to the symbolism inherent in the Great Pyramidís construction, which we will read about in Chapter 20 when we discuss Peter Lemesurierís epic work, The Great Pyramid Decoded.

According to this number series, the number "six" indicates preparation or incompleteness. The message of the Pyramidís inner passageways has entirely to do with humanityís motion through incompleteness towards spiritual perfection, completeness or
Ascension. This is symbolically accomplished when the Pyramid is turned into a five-sided, instead of a six-sided object. This is done quite simply, as the Pyramid as it now stands has a flat top, which makes it a six-sided object.


When the capstone is put back in place, it becomes a five-sided object, and five indicates perfection and initiation.

So, what we have here is a symbolic glyph for the instreaming fourth-dimensional energy used as the "capstone" for a Pyramid with 72 blocks! It is actually a quite ingenuous symbol when you really think about all the information that it contains.

Clearly, the sum total of knowledge that could be achieved from a continent such as Atlantis is indeed vast. We have seen evidence that much of this knowledge has been passed down age after age. The work of de Santillana and von Dechend, as we will see in Part Three, shows us that in almost every culture in the world, a "flood myth" exists which preserves all of the crucial "frequency numbers" responsible for the Earthís wobble, known as precession - a number that is of fundamental importance to us.


The standard "precessional number" of 25,920 years is also a Gematrian number, an expression of the same frequencies we have been discussing as the speed of sound vibrations per second in our atmosphere. (It reduces to 2592, which is a higher harmonic of the same octave-based number set.)

When we look to the Maya, we can see a culture that might very well have preserved a great deal of Atlantean knowledge over time. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their amazing preservation of a system of precise data regarding Sunspot cycles.


The work of Maurice Cotterell will give us the hard science to back up the Mayan numbers.


So, when we learn from Mayan codices that their Calendar cycles chart the beginnings and endings of ages, the pieces do indeed start fitting together very nicely. The Maya had a system of mathematics so exact that we are still trying to catch up to them today, and figure out exactly how they came about all of this information.

Now that we are looking at the data regarding the Great Seal of the United States, we must ask if it is possible that the knowledge of this same Great Cycle was preserved throughout the Western civilization and its secret societies. If this were so, we might better understand why the Pyramid symbol was placed on the Great Seal of the United States.


What we can see is that this Pyramid eloquently combines the "frequency number" of 72 with the diagram of the "consciousness unit" of the upcoming fourth dimension, also seen in the Barbury Castle crop circle of 1991 and many hundreds of others. And finally, we have the clear-cut metaphor of the re-establishment of the Pyramidís capstone, which symbolically refers to the Ascension of the human species.

It is very interesting to point out here that the Egyptian Board of Antiquities, spearheaded by the efforts of Dr. Zahi Hawass, has now said that they will place a golden capstone on the Great Pyramid on the night of Dec. 31, 1999. Even though most people donít really understand the symbolism of this, we can certainly see it now. This piece of information makes an even greater case for the knowledge within the secret circles that we are at the end of our present age, and ready for Ascension or a hyperdimensional shift.

So, if the Great Sealís symbolism is not a coincidence and the American founding fathers did indeed have this knowledge, there should be some other glaring clues.


One of these clues is in the pattern of stars above the Eagle in the obverse side of the Seal. If we look closely at this pattern, we can indeed see that it is fashioned as the Star of David. And, we have already seen how the Star of David is a two-dimensional diagram of the star tetrahedron within a sphere, the energetics of the Fourth Dimension. We are also told in All-Seeing Eye that the national bird for the US was not originally the Eagle, but the Phoenix, symbolizing the death of the old and the rebirth of the new.

And that is certainly not all. Almost everyone has seen the Latin words that surround the symbol of the Great Pyramid on the dollar, but very few actually understand what they mean.


The words are "Annuit Coeptis" and "Novus Ordo Seclorum."


Both of these are quotations from Virgil, a Greek mystic and philosopher. The first statement, "Annuit Coeptis," means "He [God] has looked with favor upon our beginnings." We can see the physical counterpart of this in the foundation of the United States being "spiritually blessed," but we can also see a larger, more metaphysical explanation that would have to do with the origin of humanity as a whole, as a Divine species.

But now, letís look at the bottom portion: "Novus Ordo Seclorum."


The meaning of this phrase is given to us in Spenserís book through a quote from C.A.L. Totten, a 1st Lieutenant in the 4th artillery of the U. S. Army, who communicated his views on the seal to Charles J. Folger, Secretary of the Treasury, on February 10, 1882:

The All-Seeing Eye is one of the oldest hieroglyphics of the Deity. The triangle also is a cabalistic symbol of the most remote antiquity…

The descent of the mystic eye and triangle in the form of a capstone to this mysterious monument [the Great Pyramid of Gizeh] of all times and nations, is to us as a people most pregnant with significance. The motto, Novus Ordo Seclorum, is a quotation from the 4th Eclogue and was borrowed in turn by Virgil from the mystic Sybylline records.

The entire quotation is as follows: íThe last age of Cumaen song now comes. (Novus Ordo Seclorum altered from Magnus Soeclorum ordo), A mighty order of ages is born anew. Both the prophetic Virgin and Saturnian kingdoms now return. Now a new progeny is let down from the lofty heavens. Favor, chaste Lucina, the boy soon to be born in whom the iron age shall come to an end, and the golden one shall arise again in the whole earthí.

This passage is indeed quite revealing.


What we learn is that "Novus Ordo Seclorum" does not mean "New World Order" as many conspiracy theorists would claim, but actually "A mighty order of ages is born anew."


When we think of a mighty order of ages, we immediately think of the precessional cycle, comprising of the 2,160-year ages of the Zodiac. Then, if we think of this "mighty order of ages" as being "born anew," we could well expect that this would be signified by the ending of the entire cycle, which we are making a very strong argument here as being related to Ascension, or the Shift of the Ages.

But does this statement from the 4th Eclogue and Virgil back up the idea of such a shift?


Read carefully.

The last age… now comes. A mighty order of ages is born anew… Now a new progeny is let down from the lofty heavens.

Exactly what is this new progeny? A new life, a rebirth, an entire group of Ascended human beings? It certainly would appear to be that way, in the same sense that the Cayce Readings said that we are about to form the fifth "root race."

We then go on to read the statement,

The boy soon to be born in whom the iron age shall come to an end, and the golden one shall arise again in the whole earth.

Since we could certainly argue that we are still in an "age of iron" and machines even now, it is not hard to see that this passage refers to the end of our own age and the beginning of the New Age, an age of light or "enlightenment."

Furthermore, the fourth-density souls are indicated here as looking "golden." There are numerous spiritual sources that attest to the fact that this is indeed how an Ascended being would look, the most obvious being the Bible indicating the appearance of the ascended Christ.


Now, with a source of guidance such as the Cayce Readings, we can see a comprehensive study of the true meaning of the Christ Spirit, which is that Divine spark within each person. The Second Coming of Christ is actually the rebirth of this Christ Self within each individual entity, and the Shift of the Ages represents the "completion" of the same curriculum that Jesus patterned for us.


So, this notion of the "golden one" arising in the whole earth certainly could be an Ascension metaphor.

Perhaps what is even more interesting is that this passage suggests that extraterrestrial forces are involved in all of this as well.

"Both the prophetic Virgin and Saturnian kingdoms now return."

We are told in Spenserís book that Saturn was the father of Osiris, and that the All-Seeing Eye is the symbol of Osiris. As this was the highest god in the Egyptian pantheon, we can certainly wonder if there might be an extra-terrestrial connection to all of this.



One thing that we do know from the work of Robert Bauval, including The Orion Mystery and
The Message of The Sphinx (co-authored with Graham Hancock) is that the three pyramids of Gizeh indicate a precise "terrestrial map" of the constellation Orion in the sky.


Bauval also tells us that to the Egyptians, the Orion constellation was the symbol of Osiris. Furthermore, we can see from Bauvalís work that the only time that the terrestrial, pyramid-based Osiris and celestial, star-based Osiris could have been in perfect alignment was 12,500 years ago. And as we will continue to see, we are at the end of yet another precessional cycle, which Osiris has been carefully marking out for us year by year.


By Dec. 22, 2012, we will have completely entered the next cycle.

So, it is possible that the "Virgin and Saturnian kingdoms" could also be a coded reference to Osiris and the passage of the ages. But, if we choose a more adventurous approach, it could also mean that two different extraterrestrial "kingdoms" return to Earth at this time. If this is what it means, then certainly the evidence is all around us, as UFO sightings and "leaked" information continues to build up on all sides.


We may never know exactly what this quote was really trying to tell us, but we can certainly see how all the major clues are laid out for us to see.



The next bit of "historical" information worth covering in this chapter is the notion of the Hall of Records. This was referred to in the Cayce Readings as a set of written records as well as technological artifacts from the Atlantean civilization.


The readings said that we would find a room under the right paw of the Sphinx that would lead to the Hall of Records, and since the late 1980ís the existence of this room has been confirmed. Numerous groups have used advanced technology such as ground-penetrating radar to prove that there is very much indeed a room present down there.

Even more recent "secret" bulletins authored by Graham Hancock and others have suggested that there appears to be an entire complex of underground tunnels and rooms beneath the Gizeh plateau, including one room that is the "size of a giant cathedral." Some of these passages and rooms were actually admitted to exist on the Fox TV special, The Opening of the Tombs.


In this March, 99 broadcast, Zahi Hawass gave the world its first glance at what was believed to be the Tomb of Osiris, contained within a room tunneled over 100 feet below ground. The program also suggested that other passageways could lead out from this one, although it was not directly confirmed. Many people, including Wilcock, feel that this is only a small portion of the knowledge that is actually available at this point in time.

If Cayceís readings are indeed accurate, then there is much more waiting for us under all of that Egyptian sand. When skeptics lash out against Cayceís idea of Atlantis, they forget the simple fact that Cayceís readings had unparalleled accuracy in the medical arena, far beyond any possibility of chance.


Many of us are far too quick to pick and choose among what these or other readings may say, only accepting what we want to accept and refusing the rest. If we take the Cayce Readingsí validity on faith, then we indeed have proof of the existence of Atlantis.

However, all of that might now be changing. We remember that Cayceís readings said that the Hall of Records would be opened in 1998. We will suggest that this actually DID happen, just not in Egypt, even if very few people are aware of it. We DONíT have to take Cayceís readings "on faith," as a group of people have actually come up with hard, physical evidence to prove that his readings were right.


And furthermore, those who have unearthed this evidence have apparently already made very significant discoveries that will change our idea of life on Earth forever once they are released.


In short, it appears that someone really DID find the Hall of Records "on time!"

Although very few people seem to be aware of this fact, Aaron Du Val, Director of the Miami Museum of Science Egyptology Society, claims to be in close contact with a group that has indeed discovered the lost records of Atlantis. This work stems off of the work of a Professor Scott, who apparently discovered an amazing series of submerged pyramidal structures in the general area of Bimini off the coast of Florida.

Cayceís readings had said that early signs of Poseidia, one of the last islands of Atlantis to sink, would "be seen to rise" in this area in 1968. And indeed, it was in this same year that Dr. J. Manson-Valentine was flying over the area and noticed rectilinear structures in the water. Dr. Manson-Valentineís findings included what has come to be called the "
Bimini Wall," a gigantic set of cyclopean stones that were assembled into what must have been a gigantic seawall to protect a coastline at one time.


Obviously, we can now tell that it didnít hold up against the rising tides. Many other megalithic stone discoveries also suggested a lost civilization of some sort, although this material has been largely ignored since the 1970s.

Dr. Scottís discoveries seem to have gone well beyond those of Dr. Manson-Valentine. Dr. Scottís pyramidal structures apparently have painted maps of our Solar System that are still visible inside, as well as a veritable treasure trove of other archeological discoveries. The group of researchers that has continued to work on these findings has released very little information about the site, and for good reason.


They fear that treasure hunters and plunderers would immediately dive in and try to steal everything they can, were they to know the location of the area. And, they are quite possibly correct in assuming this. So, we are left with the uneasy position of "trusting" that this group is indeed going to eventually release this material on their own.

Since early 1996, there have been the occasional Email messages from Mr. Du Val, indicating the progress of the group. All of this seemed very low-key, and there were few, if any, radio appearances or publication of these possible findings. The group had been planning to release a good portion of their material in the summer of 1998, and those who did know about this work obviously got very excited.


According to Du Valís letter, there were personal injuries and sickness, threats and intimidation, and they ended up backing off completely. The conference never happened, and thus Cayceís prophecies for the Hall of Records being opened in 1998 "failed!"

Wilcock had basically lost interest in the group after they failed to present their findings as they had promised. Since they had released so little in the way of concrete information about their findings, the most common reaction was simply to dismiss them out of hand. Wilcockís readings had indicated that this groupís findings were indeed genuine, but he really hadnít paid much attention to that fact.


It is certainly interesting to note that this group has now been studying this site since 1995, and has steadfastly refused all offers of big money or mainstream publicity about these findings due to the gravity of the discoveries that they are making. If they were truly "faking it," they certainly donít seem to have a motive for profit or fame!

By December of 1998, this author had been seriously wondering what had ever become of Aaron Du Val and his crew.


The thought came to him quite spontaneously one day while he was working on transcribing his readings at the computer. Only one day later, he received an Email directly from Aaron Du Val that literally "blew his doors off." In the letter, there was a summary of all 1998 mailings from the group, none of which Wilcock had yet read.

The most interesting fact that came out of the study of these bulletins is that Du Valís group has apparently found two of the three sets of the Hall of Records!  


Edgar Cayceís readings indicated that there was a set in Egypt, a set in Bimini and another set in the Yucatan. Du Valís mailings indicate that they were able to decode the messages from the findings at the Scott Stones site, which in turn led them to discover a set of records in Egypt.


This was not the Hall of Records referred to by Cayce, but it was indeed something that was equally interesting.


Says Du Val:

23 May 1998

…‘There’s a lot of talk these days about the possibility of finding ancient records, especially around Giza; but everyone seems to have forgotten about the original records of Sais.’


The explorers say they’ve identified the long-lost chronological records used by the priest of Sais, who first informed Solon, back in the sixth century BC.

“The existence of these records was confirmed, as you may know, following the days of Plato; but, they subsequently fell into obscurity."

The explorers say they’ve located and deciphered these very records; and that these Egyptian records correlate with the records found at the Scott Stones! 


The record is THE SAME, they say, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE OCEAN! and the Sais/Solon/Plato-account for the end of the Atlantean Empire can now be INDEPENDENTLY CONFIRMED!


Obviously, if this is true, it is highly interesting, as it puts Cayceís prophecies for these records being discovered in 1998 into a whole new light.


We can then skip ahead to the next bulletin, and see how the findings of this group continued to gather tremendous weight throughout that same year:

30 September 1998

…We are extremely happy, today, to be able to report that another MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH HAS BEEN MADE.

On the 23rd of September, by carefully following guidelines laid out by Professor Scott, the explorers were finally able to vault a formidable barrier, making it possible to begin deciphering an ancient form of writing which apparently goes all the way back to Atlantis itself! The explorers say they are “thrilled, awed, and humbled” by the information they are recovering. They warn, however, that there may be many who will see this information as quite “shocking or up-setting.”

The explorers also say that the unthinking and inconsiderate attitudes of some, to both the relevance and the fragility of these discoveries (not to mention the inevitable complications involved with governmental entanglements) leave them little room to reveal much more at this time and still insure the responsible protection of these sites.

It is for this most obvious reason that the exact location of both of these sites MUST, for the time being, remain a secret; pending the institution of proper protection and supervision.

Obviously, this Email was another very tantalizing piece of bait, whetting the appetite of almost anyone with an interest in lost ancient civilizations such as Atlantis.


The next relevant Email produced even more significant leads:

30 October 1998

…As progress continued in translating an ancient form of writing found in Egypt, it was realized, to the surprise (and joy) of the
explorers, that at some point in time, a SIMILAR SET OF RECORDS had actually been carried to the area of the Yucatan!

A full explanation of how this was determined from actual records in Egypt will have to wait. But the important news, for now, is that by matching the available clues, the explorers were able to locate (on the 23rd of October) a MATCHING SET OF RECORDS IN THE YUCATAN AREA!

This latest find is very exciting; and the explorers say that as translations continue, it may be possible to locate other sites with matching records, as well.

Records which have been translated, so far, deal with prophecy, historical events, dimensional shifts in time, and the religion of Atlantis.

It is estimated that a full translation of records found, to date, could take years to accomplish. But the fact that the very same information is found in both hemispheres can only be seen as a RESOUNDING VERIFICATION as to the authenticity and intention of these records!

What these researchers are proposing here is that the Hall of Records that they discovered had to do with, in their exact words, "dimensional shifts in time!" One has to wonder exactly how these records were able to discuss such things, and have it understandable enough that these researchers knew what they were looking at.


Even though we might automatically throw this out, since we just have to "take Du Valís word on it," the material in this book starts to make this idea look a lot less preposterous, even obvious in hindsight.

It becomes quite clear, then, that we are seeing another possible confirmation that the Atlanteans knew exactly what this Great Cycle of the Solar System would do. We will soon see that de Santillana and Von Dechend in the book
Hamletís Mill showed us how the precessional numbers were encoded throughout almost all cultures on Earth, through mythology.


We have also seen the Maya as possible inheritors of Atlantean calendrical cycles that precisely charted out these Sunspot and precessional cycles.


And now, if Du Valís information is correct, we can see that the Atlanteans must have been very well aware of the effects of this Cycle. It is our contention that the information in this book will help this group of researchers greatly in understanding their findings.

The next Email update also included new information that makes the entire situation even more compelling.


This update suggests that the findings of this group of researchers are precisely dovetailing with the results in the Edgar Cayce Readings.

21 December 1998

…What’s more, the explorers (although independent and having no connections whatsoever with the A.R.E.) are saying that:

“It cannot even be debated (probably much to the rancor or chagrin of some) that the actual INFORMATION contained in these records DOES POSITIVELY CONFIRM things which Edgar Cayce supposedly saw, including: startling new information concerning a predicted RETURN!”

Exactly what do they mean by this return?


It is hard to tell, as there are at least three different possibilities.