On the night of March 7, 1999, just one day prior to the final completion and publishing of the original manuscript that would become this work, David suddenly received startling new information that changed the whole picture. It was his first big clue that the geometric / harmonic cycles were affecting time directly - but by that time it was too late to do anything except mention it in the conclusion. (He would only hear about Cowan in the months following the publication of the manuscript.)


The timing of this information disclosure lent an even greater hand in showing the processes of Divinely guided synchronicity at work -- it had to get in before the manuscript was finished. The author was attending a birthday party in his honor, and David Steinberg, the host of the party, presented him with his unpublished English translation of a work by a French author named Francois Masson. The translation was still in typed manuscript form on yellowing paper, as no American book company had ever actually printed it.

Masson had adopted a method of making prophecy forecasts that worked off of a few basic signposts. He only used those prophets that demonstrated repeated accuracy, such as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, and he never advanced a prediction unless he found a minimum of a three-way cross-validation for whatever event was forecasted. The book was written in circa 1974, and we can already see examples of his predictions that have accurately come to pass. Massonís true specialty is in cyclology, or the study of cycles.


And indeed, the master number that all of his prophetic calculations are derived from is our precessional / solar cycle number of 25,920 years! Masson draws off of the work of another French author named Michel Helmer, who wrote Cahiers Astrologiques in 1960. Masson says the following about this work, which we have italicized in certain places:

So events do repeat cyclically, but it is never the repeating of the same events but more like an ascending spiral; the similar events manifest in an entirely new context, but their deep roots are identical.

In France, Michel Helmer was the first to reinstate and successfully apply this ancient theory, aided by his discovery of the number Phi=1.616 whose use enables him to locate the peak times within each cycle. (!)

Surely, this adds great weight to our theories of harmonic time. As Massonís book makes abundantly clear, there are rigidly documentable connections between the precessional number, our own "harmonic numbers" that underlie all things, the phi ratio and all major events in human society. It appears as though these same harmonic numbers in years act as a sort of macro-astrology, having an unseen and yet very potent effect. History continues to repeat itself in these harmonic terms for no apparent reason.


Masson then tells us about math professor M. E. Bindel at the Waldorfschule in Stuttgart, who published The Spiritual Elements of Numbers in 1958, and wrote the following monograph in 1969:

In the Cahiers Astrologiques of 1960, M. Helmer presented his theory on the cyclic repetition of events, a cycle based mainly on using the Ideal Pre-eminent Number 25920 and its factors. Applying his theory enabled him to make many exact predictions both economic and political.

In his account, he gave a special place to the Ideal Number, 25920 years. Here is an excerpt of his thesis: he begins by saying:

"Each of the three astrological phenomena that we know are signs in the sky of coordinates of three Space-Times:

a) The Earthís rotation on its axis equals the Space-Time of the houses (in Worldly Astrology, themes of nations, regimes, political leaders), these themes being like the second hands of the cosmic clock.

b) The Earthís revolution around the sun equals the Space-Time of the heavy planetary cycles. It is like the minute hand of the cosmic clock.

c) Finally, the Precession of the Equinoxes, which has 25920 as its symbolic number. The numerological rhythms of this number give us the hour hand of the clock."

We now know that the Precessional number is not by far the extent of the picture -- it expands out into three cycles, into the Constant of Nineveh and finally the Wilcock Constant, the entire harmonic movement of the Galaxy itself. In the following chart, we indicate the numbers for some of the cycles that Masson has already given us, and their corresponding effects on planetary societies.


We will also briefly fill in what we know from our own work in the first four entries and the entry for 288:

a)   25920-year cycle: Grand Solar / Precessional Cycle, marking out great ages of human civilization.
b)   12960-year cycle: Major division of ages within each cycle.
c)     5200-year cycle: Mayan Calendar.
d)    3440-year cycle: Sunspot shift cycle.
e)    2160-year cycle: Cycle of a civilization or a religion- one Zodiacal age or precessional passage from one constellation of the Zodiac to the next.
f)     1080-year cycle: The cycle of empires and civilizations, opposing what was created in the 2160-year cycle.
g)      720-year cycle: Cycle of spiritual changes.
h)      539 (from Biblical cycle 7x77) or 540-year cycle: Mass movements of peoples.
i)       360-year cycle: Cycle of changes of regime and internal ideology.
j)       288-year cycle: Cycle of new creation in society, discovered by physicist Tony Smith.
k)      180-year cycle: Cycle of political change of regimes.
l)    22 and 11-year cycle: Cycle of sunspots, determines placement of events before and after their peaks in other cycles.

And now, letís excerpt one section from the book that begins to explain Massonís accurate prediction regarding the collapse of the Soviet Union. Remember that this was written circa 1974:

Now, there is no a priori relation between this 1:7 ratio and the cycle of 25920 years with its subcycle of 2160 years, presented at the beginning of this chapter -- except for the facts that the French Revolution of 1789 ended in December 1799, and applying the ratio tells us that the Soviet regime will end in late 1990 or early 1991 - and these three dates show up on the chart of the precessional cycle marking the start and finish of mass movements.


This date of 1990/91 also comes out of Nostradamusí figure of 73 years 7 months for the Russian revolution - a duration very close to the 73 years 1 month 7 days that our ratio yields. (*Adoption of the year VIII Constitution 25 Dec. 1799, 10 years 5 months 11 days (after 14 July 1789) x 7 = 73 years 1 month 7 days.

Since the precessional Golden Number 25920 contains in its permutations all the outstanding dates of human history, there must be a closer cyclic relationship, but the author has not yet found any. One point worth noting: the parallel is much more accurate for political facts than for military actions.

Exactly why the amount of time for events to unfold increases by a factor of seven is not yet understood at this time; but there are interesting harmonic qualities to the number 7, including the fact that the Nineveh Constant is 70 multiplied seven times by 60. Another arcane point that may have possible meaning is seen with the icosahedron. First, assign a length of one to each side of the icosahedron.


Then, if you draw a line from each of the twelve tips of the icosahedron back to the center point, that inside line will be .695 in length, compared to the length of each outside line – and that figure is very close to being seven tenths. Regardless of how this is being done, others with historical knowledge should easily be able to duplicate this research for the present. It appears that a comparison of modern times to Rome is particularly useful – and elsewhere Masson made a direct connection between Emperor Cato of Rome and the politics occurring at that time, and President Carter of the USA and the events occurring at that time. (Once we gain access to the book again we will post a precise reference on this point.) Since even the names of the two are very similar, it shows us how far this science could potentially go!

We do remember reading from Maurice Cotterell that the sunspot cycles, including the larger permutations that he himself discovered and correlated with the Maya, show us many remarkable and concrete connections between the intensity of these energies and the rise and fall of civilizations. Obviously, with the work of Cowan we have now seen the true geometric effects of time that we would be looking for. And with Massonís work, the theory is truly made complete. We can now see that these harmonic principles, embodied in the spiraling, octave format, truly guide the mass consciousness of humanity through its paces. The rise and fall of nations, ideologies and spiritual faiths all occur according to this mysterious, harmonic principle, which underlies all things.

So our next question is this. The study of cyclology reveals that there is more to be known about the nature of events in time then simply whether people are going to buy or sell in the stock market. In a large-scale form of astrology, similar events emerge repeatedly in time, in an ever-expanding spiral. Many of the ancient cultures possessed a piece of the Atlantean secret inheritance and had written of these harmonic cycles in time, but unfortunately this information is so obscure that very little data has been found by this author, despite intensive research devoted to searching for it. As we learn more about these cycles, it probably will not be necessary to find it, as we will be able to re-derive it based on simply studying history and following the harmonic guidelines.

So, what we are suggesting is that the Atlanteans were very well aware of how to use this system of harmonics to predict events in time with great precision. It is this basis that then explains the enigma of the Pyramid Timeline -- how a massive stone structure could have precise historical events built into it with such certainty.


Clearly, no one could have come in at the "last minute" and changed these measurements, as they were integral to the construction of the edifice itself. In order to better understand this, we will take a closer look:



We are reminded that the Mayan Calendar was carved in stone, and stands as one of humanity’s oldest sources of prophecy. What many people are not aware of is that there is yet another prophecy in stone, far more specific in details than the Mayan calendar.


This would be the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt. It may come as a great surprise to many readers that a complete timeline for the evolution of humanity spanning the last 4000 years and extending 1000 more into the future, is written, in stone, directly into the internal passages of the Great Pyramid. This is not written in words, but rather through the use of a comprehensive numerological system. Understanding this system may at first seem difficult, as it is not a "typical" way of doing things, but the method is quite internally consistent and extremely mathematical and logical.

The most important aspect of generating a mathematical code would be to make a symbolic ‘alphabet’ to work off of, which all other measurements could then use. In order to do this you would assign each number 1-12 a specific meaning. Certain other numbers related to various mathematical functions could also be used. In order that your code may not be lost, you would carefully preserve its memory within the culture, in this case the Egyptian priestly caste, and thereby introduce your number system into many myths worldwide. We can see that similar numerical encoding was done through the work of Santillana and Von Deschend in Hamlet’s Mill, which we already covered.

Then, through skillful combination of numerology, geometry and symbolism, it would be possible to turn these symbolic numbers into a language. You would actually read the passages in the Pyramid themselves as time, counting the years as you traveled forward. The keys to unlocking the meanings in the timeline would then become the height and width of the passages, the degree measurements of the various angles inside, the general direction the passageways travel in, and the basic quality of the stone that the passages are made with -- either granite or limestone. All of these measurements, except the direction and the material used, can be expressed in numerical fashion.

A passage going up and / or to the right would represent progress, while a passage going down and / or to the left would represent decline. Hard granite would represent the spirit, soft limestone the physical body, and physical world. Years could be counted off in Primitive Egyptian Inches, carefully measured as we travel through the narrow passageways. The height of the passage suddenly rises, say at 3 AD, and you would make the new height just the right measurement in inches to convey the massive symbolic explosion of progress that had just occurred.

There are additional ways to refine your mathematical code. Each horizontal layer of blocks that make up the entire structure of the pyramid could be counted from the ground up in courses, and their numbers worked in to the meaning. By using the courses in such a manner, the new height discussed in the previous paragraph could tie in to a symbolic angle measurement, and then the course number could be added to provide even greater detail.

We must be reminded that mathematics is the only true universal language. If you use 360 degrees to measure a circle, a 33-degree angle will always read the same no matter what historical time period you are in. You could write all the predictions you wanted in obscure hieroglyphics, but without something to decipher them, they are useless. We could then say that the Pyramid code itself could be in danger of obsolescence, but mathematics is different than an alphabet of letters; the laws remain constant.


The author of Great Pyramid Decoded, Peter Lemesurier, takes the time to carefully explain how this code naturally arises as you count forward, emerging from the basic symbolic meanings of each number. A more metaphysical explanation would say that the number meanings themselves are etched into the collective consciousness of humanity, and existed as universal truth long before we built our structure. Then, even if all records were lost, the answers would still come to the initiate in dreams and visions.

Interestingly, Edgar Cayce spoke of this timeline while in a trance state, despite the fact that he was uneducated and obviously had no interest in the symbolic significance of the Pyramid, coming from a strict Fundamentalist Christian background.


Here is his reading from June 30, 1932 that explains the point, with special emphasis added by the author.

Then... there began the building of that now called Gizeh... the Hall of the Initiates... This, then, receives all the records from the beginnings of that given by the priest... to that period when there is to be the change in the earth’s position and the return of the Great Initiate to that and other lands for the folding up of those prophecies that are depicted there. All changes that came in the religious thought in the world are shown there, in the variations in which the passage through same is reached, from the base to the top- or to the open tomb and the top. These are signified by both the layer and the color [and] in what direction the turn is made.

This, then is the purpose, for the record and the meaning to be interpreted by those that have come and do come as the teachers of the various periods, in the experience of this present position, of the activity of the spheres of the earth...í

Even if we are loath to acknowledge that something like this could really be a fact, the timeline still exists, and many authors have shown that it has already targeted many events with amazing precision.


Furthermore, Cayce’s reading again hints at the ‘present position of the Earth’ in terms of the ‘activity’ of its ‘spheres.’ The word ‘spheres’ is plural, not singular, meaning that there is more than one sphere. We can infer from this, when combining it with the other readings in question, that these spheres represent different energetic or dimensional levels surrounding the Earth’s physical sphere.

Cayce also states that the Pyramid was built to triangulate upon ‘the time when the Earth shifts its position,’ which as we have already seen appears to be coming up very soon, as a product of the Sun’s activity. Again, Cayce has this date at 2001. Cayce also speaks of the Solar Cycles, correlating it with the rise and fall of various civilizations, including Atlantis.

For starters, in case anyone tries to attack the starting date of the Pyramid Timeline as being open to interpretation, we can show that it is quite definite. The start date was precisely fixed through a very rare conjunction where the Scored Lines, a set of vertical lines in the Descending Passage near the entrance, aligned with the Pleaides star cluster directly overhead. This was also timed to coincide with the star Alpha Draconis shining directly down into the bottom of the Descending Passage.

This alignment has many similarities to the popular alignment discovered by Robert Bauval, where he demonstrates that the three pyramids of Gizeh are the same in relative size and orientation to the stars in the belt of the constellation Orion. Bauval goes on to show that the entire Egyptian plain was built as a physical map of the heavens. The proximity of the Nile River to the three pyramids is precisely the same as the proximity of the Milky Way to the stars in Orion’s belt.


This is becoming almost "common knowledge" now in many metaphysical circles, being frequently covered in such areas as documentary programs seen on The Discovery Channel.

Bauval derived his time code is by finding out when the physical pyramid layout of Gizeh was directly lined up with the heavens. Through the drifting action of the precession, which we have already mentioned, there is only one time per cycle that the celestial Orion could line up with the terrestrial Orion, and that was around 11,450 BC. Amazingly, Edgar Cayce’s readings said that the pyramid was built from 11,490 to 11,390 BC, so it is clear that Bauvalís information triangulated perfectly with Cayceís.

The dating for the Pyramid Timeline is equally intriguing, as it also uses a precise astronomical alignment modulated by the precession in order to encode its time. Bauval showed in his own work that all the ‘air shafts’ in the Pyramid line up precisely with certain stars in the sky, but only within a time period usually considered to be the mainstream Pyramid Age. This time period is also in sync with the Pleaides / Alpha Draconis lineup. Thus, once we have the start date, all we have to do is start counting in the basic measurement unit for years, which is the Primitive Inch.

The point is, one can attack the prophecies of Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus all they want, but we will see that they can’t attack the Pyramid’s timeline once it is properly explained. The principal Pyramid book we will draw off of for this timeline is the impeccable Great Pyramid Decoded by Peter Lemesurier. In a sense, with unbelievable numbers of diagrams and exceedingly minute scientific detail for those who choose to read all the footnotes, his book has essentially become the Bible of the Pyramid Timeline.

In order to get an idea of the effect that it has had on established critics, Lemesurier cites a quote on the back of the book from Anthony Smith, from the BBC Kaleidoscope.

...I find it a very, very remarkable book. At the end of reading it I felt that either I should throw it out of the window, or that I should throw every other book in my room out of the window and keep just it.

This is an erudite statement of the massive effect that this book has on the reader’s mind. The author remembers well the tremendously epic feelings that he experienced as he walked down the street on a bright sunny day, knowing that the Timeline was real. It was pure ecstasy, as it proved that such visionary feats were possible.

Lemesurier’s book essentially proves that somehow, the builders could see a crystal-clear picture of the future, and with even the most conservative dates for the Pyramid’s age at 2,500 BC, this becomes an incredible proof that such future predictions can occur.

A variety of predictions in the past have been made with the Great Pyramid Timeline, and these include the following. First we have the date, then the encoded prediction, followed by the events in society:

  • BC 2623 (summer solstice): Entrance of passage system -- Construction (?) of Pyramid begins during reign of Pharaoh Khufu.

  • 2141 (spring equinox): (Scored Lines aligned with Pleiades) -- (Datum-year for Pyramidís chronograph)

  • 1453 (30th March): Inception of new upward path -- Jewish exodus from Egypt.

  • 797-765: Formative period of favorable development -- 13th Israelite Jubilee?

  • 592-559: Formative period of adversity -- Early Babylonian captivity of Jews and destruction of Solomonís Temple. Decline of Egypt. Era of darkness immediately preceding the sudden dawning of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and, in Europe, the Pythagoreans.

  • 384-352: Favorable formative period -- Era of Plato and Aristotle.

  • 2 (27th Sept.): Birth of central Messianic figure -- Birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

  • AD 29 (14th Oct.): Preparation of Messianic figure completed (?) -- Baptism of Jesus of Nazareth (?)

  • 33 (1st April): Achievement of full enlightenment by Messianic figure: inception of path of the enlightened -- Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.

  • 46 (March) - 58 (April): Mission of lesser Messianic figure -- Missionary journeys of Paul to the non-Jewish world. Birth era of Buddhist notion of salvation by faith in a boddhisatva (savior.)

  • 58-82: Period of physical death and destruction -- Era of Nero, Vespasian, Titus. Jewish revolt and war.

  • 70: Central event of period -- Sacking of Jerusalem by Titus.

  • 152: Separation of discarnate path of the enlightened from the static path of physical rebirth -- Final break between Nazarenes, official Judaism, and Christians.

  • 1223-28: Man begins to "come of age": return to the basics of the Messianic teachings: first steps towards establishment of hell on earth -- Death of Francis of Assisi: Franciscan and Dominican reform. Thomas Aquinas. Tentative establishment of modern scientific principles: Bishop Grosseteste, Friar Bacon.

  • 1440-1521: Crucial events leading directly to the age of hell on earth -- Invention of printing-press in Europe; fall of Constantinople; the Renaissance; the Reformation; re-discovery of America; circumnavigation of the globe.

  • 1767-1848: Idealistic time of physical turbulence -- American War of Independence; French Revolution; Napoleonic Wars, further revolutions in France, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy. Marxism founded.

  • 1845: Initial steps in the foundation of the Final Age -- Spread of effects of Industrial Revolution; railways; invention of telegraph; rapid development in all branches of science; in the arts, the Romantic era; dawn of Orientalism in Europe.

After 1845, a peculiar thing happens before we reach the Kingís Chamber. There is an element known as the "Great Step," and no one seems to know what to do with it. Lemesurier assigned a mathematical transformation to the length of the timeline at this point, and at first glance it appeared quite valid. In previous editions of this book we commented on some of the interesting synchronicities that this modified timeline seemed to predict. However, the key period of February 1999 came and went with no fanfare, certainly nothing of the sort that would need to be etched in stone for all future generations to see.

We believe that the original reason for why Lemesurier did not want to accept the typically-used dating system is that it ended too quickly. He simply thought this was "illogical" and thus applied his Great Step transformation to buy us more time, thus reducing the length of the counting unit. However, in the process a bias was introduced into the data. On the other hand, if we actually go back to the Edgar Cayce readings, he gave í58 to í98 as a general testing period. This length of time is 40 years, or two J-S conjunctions. We remember the Biblical connections to the 40-year period of time. And when Cayce was asked directly about the time period signified by the Kingís Chamber, which is essentially the end of the entire Timeline, he said, "í58 to í98." In other words, it appears that we are now in the final stage of this entire timeline, which has already predicted so many other events accurately in the past - most noticeably the Ascension of Jesus, when the Grand Gallery suddenly comes into play, dramatically raising the height of the roof in the aptly-named Ascending Passage.

In the Kingís Chamber there is an empty tomb, and this is the symbol of no more death. We then also have two shafts that have been shown by Bauval and others to directly triangulate on stars in the Heavens. And thus, the ultimate message that the Pyramid Timeline seems to give us is of the Harvest. The starting date was set, the ending date is now and the only place that we have left to go is through the star-shafts. Death is transcended, life is renewed and the capstone is returned to the top of the Pyramid. The formerly incomplete spiritual nature of humanity, symbolized by the six-sided pyramid without a capstone, is replaced by the five-sided pyramid in its new perfected form, representing the final renewal of humanity in a "New Order of Ages." (Novus Ordo Seclorum.)

However, something that most researchers never consider is that the star-shafts also could symbolize those who would travel from the stars to the Earth, to assist us through this time where normal death is transcended -- just as Jesus underwent in his own Pyramidal initiation and subsequent self-transformation. Clear evidence has shown that the image on the Shroud of Turin appears to have been burned in by an incredible source of Light. With a dimensional shift of this magnitude coming our way, it is foolish for us to assume that something like this might not happen. However, Davidís readings have informed us that for most people, there will be a "pick-up" at the moment that the critical threshold is released, and only after this Exodus within a super-high-tech form of Noahís Ark is complete will the Pole Shift happen. In short, we have nothing to worry about, and should not underestimate the power of the higher forces when they are around us so consistently at this time in history. And even if you donít believe that it is going to happen this way, if "they" do show up at your door, donít hesitate! Donít ask to bring anything with you, donít worry about anything. This is your moment. This is your day. Enjoy your graduation, and walk down the aisle of the wedding of flesh to Spirit without fear or reservation. You will be returning to an Earth that is the home we have all wished for.



And so, we have arrived at our point of conclusion. Ra claims to have given this Pyramid to humanity, and we can see that the harvest was built-in to the design. Rather than struggling with the incredibly complex specifics about the timeline, (since it takes an entire book to properly explain,) shutting down because the weight of evidence is too intense or just denying the entire batch of evidence in this book with a satisfying, arrogant laugh, let’s look at the big picture. If we really expect to get anywhere, we need to act like we’re watching a movie, and stop the small I, or the Ego, from raging inside of us.

The Ego demands that everything must stay the same – we work five days a week, hang out on weekends, and stare at a fast-moving, brightly colored glass box for recreation. Perhaps something like God is out there, but it remains forever hidden and veiled, as we just become a cold lifeless corpse at the fearsome time of death, our consciousness forever expired. Our neat little world is perfectly explained because “they say” it is, and therefore nothing this fantastic could ever really happen.

That is precisely why very, very few are prepared for the Harvest, according to Ra. These forces would dearly love to teach us the very simple steps that we need to take in order to make the cut. They dearly want to teach all of us how to prepare for this, the most fantastic moment we will ever experience as third-density beings – GRADUATION. This event represents the end of the suffering that the third density provides; it is a final, beautiful entrance into Utopia. It is the “Heaven” so often written about by prophets and mystics, and it is very real. The abilities we will have far outstrip our wildest stretches of imagination.

The reason why so many Earth Changes have already occurred before the event itself is that we were not capable of learning any other way. We needed to be practically destroyed as a civilization to be slammed out of our perpetual slumber. Our lives are giant dreams, where the only things that matter are the transient issues that surface day to day; money, relationships, work, paying the bills, et cetera. None of this matters one iota, except for its effect on how we treat others. We cannot deny the fact, though, that for now we must continue to go through the motions to preserve our physical bodies.

What will matter the most in the near future of our physical world is how prepared we are for the continuing Earth Changes when all of these systems have dropped out from under us. These events will help us to respect that something much bigger than we had imagined is at work. Many of us will suddenly know the forces of change that we have brought about ourselves; almost all will cower in fear at the apparent “wrath of God.” In actuality, this is natural karma, compassionately applied with never the slightest bit more than we need for balance, and designed as a learning tool.

Indeed, it becomes quite clear that the Shift of the Ages is the name of the game, the whole point behind all of the physically hopeless situations. Much of this book has been designed to show us how the millennial event horizon is the opening of a vortex through space and time – a vortex that we can pass into. When the time is right, we will embark on a personal adventure more fantastic than anything we could have ever dreamed of. Indeed, no movie sequence or artist’s vision could possibly match the joy, beauty and peace of what will be. That, dear friends, is the joy of the Harvest.

As we can see, the information in this book is not a story of, “Oh well, I guess this is it, we’re all going to die.” What you, the reader, actually have here is the opportunity to take part in the most historic single moment of evolution in this planet’s history. But if you don’t want to know about it, you can choose not to. Again and again, these sources have emphasized that it is your own free will, your universal right to be protected from truth if you do not want to know the truth, that stops you from being clearly forewarned.

So let’s say you do want to know the truth. What we are talking about here is evolution of your true Self on the energetic, harmonic and light levels, or Spiritual Growth, as is so commonly talked about. Spiritual growth must, by nature of its design, involve your own choices every step of the way. It is not the will of the One to force you into preparing yourself for Harvest. If you continue to resist, and in fact miss the whole thing, you must be allowed to make that choice. It is possible that you might be unaware that it ever even happened afterwards. Without your freewill choices in place, there is no growth; you would be an automaton who would never really learn anything, just going through the motions.

This evolutionary leap is as much personal as it is planetary, and that is the essential focus that most people are failing to see when examining the issues surrounding the now-obvious Earth Changes that are occurring, as predicted. This is a step that we must make within ourselves, and in fact the conditions of the larger world are not to be looked at as outside events, but rather as motivators for us to become ever more highly engaged in our own personal growth process.

The crux of the growth process that we are referring to here is the acceptance of other people, and of a desire to help them; a desire to act on behalf of others around us before taking actions that would be for our own individual gains. When we begin understanding the way the universe truly works, that it is a universe of Oneness, we may then realize that helping others is in fact attending to our own One Being, meaning ourselves, the others, the entire planet and in essence, the entire Creation.


It is only in our illusory feelings of being separate from the One that we would act, in fear, for our own interests first.