by Mike Adams

the Health Ranger
May 20, 2011

from NaturalNews Website


You've probably heard the news that the Biblical 'Rapture' is supposed to happen tomorrow (Saturday), May 21, 2011.


A minister from the group Family Radio Worldwide has raised a lot of attention lately, campaigning from city to city with the message that the Rapture is coming this Saturday. Those who have accepted Christ will ascend to Heaven, the narrative goes, while those who have not will be "left behind."


It's all supposed to happen this Saturday.

There is truth to Minister Harold Camping's message, but the date is wrong. The collapse of modern civilization and the spiritual enlightenment of humanity isn't something that will happen in one day or even one week. Rather, it's something we are already living through right now.


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Over the weekend, the spiritually-advanced are not vanishing into Heaven. You'll see all the same people still here on Monday morning (unless they decide to go out in some other way, of course). And the world will still be pretty much all jacked up on Monday morning, too.


While it would be nice if the Rapture happened in one instant, the frustrating truth is that we are all witness to the long, drawn-out transition in human history that will see the collapse of evil (corporations, rogue governments, etc.) and a new awakening in the human mind and spirit.


The story of Rapture

The story of the Rapture is, I believe, a metaphor for the actual events we will witness with our own eyes.


Much of the Biblical scripture is, of course, written in the form of a metaphorical lesson. What is meant by accepting Christ is, in a larger sense, the idea of embracing love and compassion in your heart rather than pursuing greed, destruction and selfish desires.


Most of the human world today operates on principles of greed and destruction. That's the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, the chemical manufacturers and even how most of the top CEOs clawed their way to the top of the corporate ladder.


That system of exploitative self interest will not last. It will sooner or later collapse along with much of what we now call "modern human civilization." The truth is that we are living through the collapse right now. It has already begun, and it will continue for quite a few more years before there is a real awakening.


From observing the state of our world today, I have no doubt things are going to get a lot worse before they begin to turn around and get better.


Humanity needs to grow up

Today, the human race is an infant race with very little wisdom and no maturity.


It is a race of arrogant little children who play with nuclear power (and nuclear weapons), who rape the planet of its resources and who endanger all forms of natural life on the planet. These are the traits of an infant race that hasn't yet learned how to act like adults.

The great awakening that is coming will see the human race advance a bit. From catastrophe comes wisdom... if anyone is paying attention, that is. And there is a lot of catastrophe coming our way soon. Much is it is truly Biblical in its scale.

We're already seen the unleashing of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes in just the last few months. Many of those events exceed what would normally be expected to occur over 500 years or so. Perhaps even a thousand years.

But that's only the beginning. Now we have to deal with the genetic contamination of our food crops that has been unleashed through the pursuit of GMOs.


We also have to deal with the mass chemical contamination of the human race, the oceans, the waterways and virtually all the agricultural land in the world. We have deforested the Amazon, ravaged ocean ecosystems, burned through most of the world's petroleum supply, and crippled basic human rights through oppressive governments. In the eyes of God, human civilization has so far proved itself to be a wretched bunch of little children with virtually no understanding of the true nature of the universe (and no respect for life).

Heck, to this day, most of the conventional scientific community still obscenely denies the existence of the human soul, the mind, free will and even consciousness!


The Rapture is a time of great transition, not a weekend event

A sudden Rapture would sure be convenient if it did take place on Saturday.


In one Biblical moment, all the good people ascend to a higher realm of spirituality while all the evil people are left to suffer with each other on the material plane. It has a kind of poetic justice to it. But I'm afraid that very little in our universe is so instantly gratifying.


The Rapture is simply not a weekend event. It is a transitional time when human civilization goes from being a moronic infant race of mindless destroyers to a slightly wiser, more adult race that begins to truly embrace the deeper truths about life, spirit and reality.

And by the way, just because someone goes to church doesn't mean they would be automatically included in the spiritual ascension promised by the Rapture.


There are more than a few false christians running around these days - people who go to church on Sunday but betray their fellow man Monday through Saturday. They treat their own bodies like junk food repositories, violating one of the most important tenants of religious instruction, which is to treat your body as a temple, not a chemical playground.

If there is a Rapture, it's going to be based on who you truly are, through your actions and thoughts, not the fakery that far too many people put forward in public. Just clocking in your attendance at church is not a free pass to anything in the spiritual realm. You actually have to live with love and compassion in your heart and act upon that in your daily life.

Even if there were a Rapture, I wouldn't mind sticking around here on planet Earth for a while.


I enjoy the berries, for one thing. And I don't mind spending another few years inhabiting a physical body. It might also be amusing to sit back and watch all the lower morons of humanity try to figure out what to do as a Biblical transition unfolds. Plus, on top of that, I've got plenty of zombie ammo.


Shooting zombies does not violate the Ten Commandments, I've been told, because they are beings of darkness.

I say this in jest, of course. Because there won't be a Rapture this Saturday anyway. As I've already explained, the Rapture is really more of a metaphor for a time of tumultuous transition, and the duration of it is far longer than one day.


Metaphor as teacher

The Bible has a lot of valuable lessons to teach about morality, ethics and spirituality.


But the language of the Bible is sometimes a riddle. It's not always a literal explanation. Adam didn't necessarily take a bite out of a physical apple, for example. That Garden of Eden story was allegory for a far deeper overview of good versus evil. The "forbidden fruit" was almost certainly not a piece of fruit.


The "Tree of Knowledge" was probably not a physical tree. Although many people can certainly interpret the Bible literally (and some choose to do so), it is readily apparent that its teachings hold far deeper meanings and lessons that are not readily evident if you take every word literally.

Even then, there's nothing in the Bible that literally says the Rapture will happen on May 21, 2011. Even that is a somewhat far-reaching human interpretation of some of the Bibles passages.


As you will surely see by Sunday, May 22, that interpretation was a misinterpretation of the scripture, not something plainly written on God's calendar.


We are spiritual beings

This sudden publicity of the Rapture, however, is a useful reminder that we are all spiritual beings experiencing a temporary life as a physical human, and that in this lifetime our actions matter.


There is a judgment, or a "karma" if you will, that stays with us beyond this earthly lifespan. The decisions we make - to honor life or destroy it; to assist others or betray them; to help others versus only helping ourselves - become part of our "galactic record." And the impact of those decisions will no doubt come back to us many times over, either positive or negative, depending on what we have chosen to pursue.

This is why I have no hesitations serving my role as NaturalNews editor, working hard to teach people about healing, about freedom, and about moving human civilization forward to a brighter future.


The protests of the soulless science skeptics, the criticisms of the mainstream journalists and the threats by all the pharma and chemical companies who we have called out as destroyers of life on our planet are but minor distractions in the bigger picture. Those sad souls will have to answer for their own sins against life. And the Hell they are creating for themselves is a Hell I would not wish upon any being.

What I know is that I continue to act, each and every day, in the protection of life on our planet - through articles, videos, cartoons and even music. To serve the protection of life and the advancement of meaningful knowledge in our world is, in a very real sense, to serve a higher purpose and a higher power. It is, quite literally, to serve God.

That why, Rapture or no Rapture, I'll be here on Sunday and all next week, continuing my efforts to fight against the diabolical evils of our world while promoting the higher truths of life, consciousness, free will and personal responsibility.


And I'm not afraid to call out the mindless, soulless agents of evil in the scientific community, or government, or the corporate world. I'm not afraid to tell the truth because I know that we will all ultimately be judged on the truth, not the fictions some people attempt to weave. For however long I am blessed with life on this planet, I intend to use it wholly in the protection of other life on our planet.

I think that's all we can ever do. If we live a life with purpose that serves a higher good, then it hardly matters whether the end of life as we know it comes today, tomorrow or in fifty years.

As far as this weekend's plan goes, I have some seeds to plant and baby chickens to take care of.